Ramakanth: Pranam Swamiji, is there any technology in Vedas then please make me know in which mantra?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In this regard I paste one of my articles-

In Vedas, there is description of all the matters of universe which are known when an aspirant, sincerely listen to Vedas from the learned acharya.

The entire team of ‘Ved Ishwareeya Vanni’ magazine has been trying relentlessly to spread Vedas’ knowledge (including science) amongst the public.

The article also contains the subject of science which already exists in Vedas.

So, the writer has also very well stated about the sun. Sun is the most important source of deriving renewable energy i.e., wind, tides, plant growth, geothermal energy etc., take the energy from the sun.

It is unfortunate that due to the lack of knowledge of Vedas, human-beings are not aware of the fact that Almighty God has already preached us about several matters of universe including science, in Vedas. Here, the subject of only “energy”, is being highlighted which has also been explained explicitly by God in Vedas. As the present science states above, God has already preached in Vedas that sun is the main source of energy. However, it shall not be out of place to mention here, that sun itself gets energy from Almighty God, the Creator. Yajurveda mantra 8/40 preaches us about three types of fire (agni) viz:-
(i) Sun
(ii) Electric discharge in clouds
(iii) Corporal fire used for cooking etc.

Sun deligates its power to its rays. Further, the rays reaching at every little space of the world, spread the power of sun everywhere (Samveda mantra 267 refers). It is quite evident that it is the sun along with other two types of fire which enlighten all the matters of universe, making them visible to us. You’ll appreciate that the same subject is being taught right from school to university level as the chapter of “light”, at present.

But very few know that it already exists in Vedas and was known from Vedas, in the past.

Based on Vedas, Prashnopnishad states that, God creates the universe wherein He creates two powers in the shape of Sun and moon. Sun increases consumption power whereas moon increases the power of the matters which are to be consumed. For example we take food- so to consume the food, we’ve digestive power/fire of stomach that digests food (jatharagni), which is being increased by the sun. Now, the power of food i.e., power of milk, vegetables, fruits etc., is increased by moon. If moon does not increase the power of food then food will be devoid of power in the shape of essential vitamins, minerals, juice etc. Therefore, whatever the present science is telling is correct that the main source of renewable energy is sun. Vital airs (prann) are subtlest matters. Sun is the visible form of vital airs. Whatever is being stated by present science, God has already explained it in the eternal knowledge of the Vedas.

I mean to say that entire science already exists in Vedas and therefore source of gaining the knowledge of science are Vedas alone. So, we must admire/praise the present science which tallies with Vedas, being the gift of God to humanity. Let the science also research (let us see if present science has already researched) about the source of growth of baby.

In this connection, Rigveda mantra 10/27/17 and 10/27/20 state that as soon as the soul enters the womb of mother, immediately God provides him with ten vital airs. Thereafter the development of organs begins and thus the body is completely developed.

The prann and apaan airs start their function and start moving within the body.

Sun gives energy to the universe, as a result, the rain is caused (Samveda mantra 187 refers). Rain further facilitates the production of crops, food grains, vegetables and provides water to living beings to survive. Thus, the sun increases the consumption power and as a result, the rayee i.e., all food materials and air, ocean, biomass, bio fuels, hydrogen etc., are formed and exist in the universe. The fire, quoted above, always exists in all matters of universe, being omnipresent. So, we can say the sun, being source of energy and all other renewable sources of energy are the base of human life.

The energy system has been made and developed by the God. Again God has preached in Vedas to make use of the same, which the writer has explained very well in her article.

Yajurveda mantra 12/66 also preaches that God has created all the matters of universe from Prakriti for the benefit of human-beings .Mantra states that the human beings should scientifically make use of it. Yajurveda mantra 13/45 also advises us that the fire which comes out of the earth, secondly which is generated from the sun, protects us; system of protection being made by God. Therefore the fire which is available from the earth, from the sun or from the electric should be scientifically known by us to make its best use.

Yajurveda mantra 33/8 educates us that the fire/energy exists in sun, achieved in earth, water, air. So, the mantra inspires us to produce and know the said fire/energy/electricity and use it in several electrical appliances. This mantra and several other ved mantras also tell us to produce electricity from sun.

God in the above mantras, has advised us to use Solar energy which is more beneficial to human beings than the conventional source of energy.

So, it is a matter of pleasure that science is progressing in the matter, which already exists in Vedas.
I mean to say that Yajurveda inspires human-beings to attain progress, both in worldly matters (including science), deeds etc., and simultaneously in spiritualism as well. So, you see, although present science is progressing but spiritualism is not being reflected in this progress, failing which, present science or any matter of the world will never succeed in giving us peaceful long, happy life.
So, we should follow Vedic path to get progress in said two paths simultaneously for benefit of human beings.

Lalit: Maharaji Pranam 1. It is said that havan is done only with ved mantra as they are god created. But as taught by you in the havan book , there are mantras that are not from vedas. Why is that?
2. Is it necessary to do mantra where we offer some sweet or fruit. I have been doing the full havan without this particular mantra.
3. Who have selected the mantras? Did our ancestors thousands and lakhs of years back offered the same mantras? Can we add other vedic mantras to the sandhya mantras. Respectfully Yours Lalit.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
(1) Yes, hawan is performed with ved mantras, chanting stuti, upasana and prarthna mantras and offering every aahuti with ved mantras but aachman and other process can be performed from Brahmin granth.

(2) Yes, mishthan aahuti is offered. It can be offered daily or occasionally as well. Mantra is mentioned in both books –
(1) Sandhya mantra book and
(2) Yajyen karma Sarvashreshth Ishwar Pooja.
With meaning as under –
“Yadasya Karmanna………….
(3) Mantras can be selected by any Rishi. Being ved mantras, yes our ancestor also did so. Mantras can only added or deleted by a Rishi.

Again, my blessings to you.