Anonymous: Pranam Swamiji. Swamiji I am currentlystudying higher education. My parents want me to sit in civil services exam. I want to lead a life according to Vedic way as told by you in pravachans. For this I want to live in Himachal. Please guide me Swamiji. At present I only do naam simran and listen to Vedas from you on Mixlr. I am demoralised by my college environment. Please help me Swamiji, there is no one except You to whom I can express my inner problems. I always will remain grateful to you. At the end of my sadhna, I pray to God for Your long life and good health. Though I do not do havan , will God listen to my prayer.
Swami Ram Swarup: An aspirant must always try his level best to leave the pride, anger, attachment, etc. When he tries to destroy the same, then in this process, God also helps him. I mean to say when as aspirant is trying to leave the pride, etc. then does it matter if public, college environment, or anybody else insults him or the public do bad deeds before him. He must neglect all those activities by controlling his mind and intellect. One day he gets success. Otherwise the public would ruin him. You see, lotus blooms when sun rises and comes back to the original state when the sun sets, while living in mud. See that lotus has no concern with mud to live with pleasure, but sun. Similarly, an aspirant should have no concern with the bad people and their comments but God and Guruji.

As regards civil services, this is not an obstacle in the spiritual life. You can live anywhere but make always contact with Guruji and through Guruji automatically the contact is made with God while discharging daily moral duties towards family, society and nation.

In fact, all persons must follow Vedic preach wherein it is clearly mentioned to do daily havan. So please try to do havan daily. It will give you more knowledge, peace and long, happy life.