Shivanshu: Pranam Swamiji. Swamiji you have advised me to stop watching films,t v shows , etc as they have bad affect on mind and people unconsciously starts to imitate them but I find quite hard to leave these worldly things, I am doing Havan as told by you and do some exercise also but still I am finding hard to leave these things please guide me Swamiji. I hope you have received my payment for the book.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Dear son, about T.V., I mean to say that only news and good shows which give some education and pious worldly knowledge can be seen. If a person would see sensual scenes then surely the scene makes bad effect on mind and intellect.

Shivanshu: Pranam Swamiji. Swamiji sometimes when I am not able to solve some question I think hard and sometime later(in one case even at night) some idea comes to my mind which leads me to solution of question , is this idea act of God. Does God rewards me for my hard work(thinking about question and trying to solve it) by that idea that strike in my mind or brain. Thanks for your eternal guidance.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Idea which generates within you is the idea from soul and not from God. If the idea is favourable then it generates from soul and if idea is harmful then it generates from mind.

JJ: Maharaj ji namaskar. Mai kam se kam 2 saal se according to aarye samaj daily 2 time hawan kr rha hu. maine phele bhi aapeko likha tha . mera ek dost mujhse naraz hai. daily subah sham me ye he mangeta hu usese ek br bte ho jaye . but wo ku ni puri hoti wish. thak chuka hu mai aur din din mera yakeen tutene lga hai. ek choti se wish meri hawan se puri nhi hui. to aur kya mangu life mai . meri prb ko solve kr do plz maharaj ji..
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Agar aapka friend aapse baat karna nahin chahta, aapne bahut koshish bhi kar lee to aap ab sab koshish band karke kam se kam six months ke liye shant ho jao. Agar aapke friend mein aapke prati pyar hoga to weh aapse khud baat karega. Ya phir aap six months baad ussey baat karne kee koshish karna. Parantu six months tak shant rehna avashyak hai.

K D Gupta: Swamiji pranam the word tat twam asi we find in vedas so if soul is brahman why to worry about other bodies it takes and also atma is un effected by any pain or anything then the liberation world has meaning BUT where you find this word liberation in vedas, please explain.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Tatvam Asi are not the words from Vedas, please. These are Upnishad words. Second, soul can never be Brahma. I paste my article in this regard as under-

Tatvam Asi

The correct word is “Tatvam asi”. It has been mentioned in Chhandagya Upnished 6/8,9,10 the study of Vedas and Upanishads reveals that whole non-alive universe/world is like a body of God and God is omnipresent within every matter of the universe. It is stated in Yajurveda mantra 40/1 that there are two types of world. First, non-alive world made from prakriti in which sun, moon, air, water, bodies, jungle etc, etc, come. Second world is of souls, which is alive. So God is present in non-alive as well as alive world. Therefore the meaning of the “Tatvam Asi” has been stated by the Rishi that whole non-alive world is the body of God and God resides in it. Similarly, second alive world is of souls and God also resides in the souls. So quoting several examples, Rishi told his son “Shwetketu” that just as God resides within the non-alive world so are you. i.e., “Tatvam Asi” i.e., “YOU ARE LIKE THAT” i.e.,GOD ALSO RESIDES WITHIN YOU i.e., WITHIN SOUL and YOU ARE SOUL AND NOT BODY”.

Yagyavalkya Muni in his Shatpath Brahmin Granth also states – “Asya Atma Shareeram “. We must learn about God and soul. That both are separate, by considering also- “Asya Atma Shareeram”, meaning of which is “O MAN! PRESUME THAT SOUL IS LIKE A BODY OF GOD WHEREIN GOD RESIDES”. So meaning of “Tatvam Asi” which is often told that ” Soul is God” is against the Vedas and Upanishads.

Three eternal and everlasting matters:-

Several persons explain its meaning that there is only on God and nothing else i.e., except God there is nothing. They tell that there is neither prakriti nor soul and not even the creation which is being seen. Learned of Vedas do not accept it.

Eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanates direct from God only preaches “Traitvad”. In Traitwad, there exist three matters:

(1) God(Ishwar)
(2) Souls( Jeev)
(3) Prakriti(Prakriti)

God and souls are alive whereas Prakriti is non-alive matter.

From Prakriti, all the matters of universe are created. But neither from God nor soul any matter is created. Soul can never be God being unchangeable and God can also never be soul being unchangeable. Soul due to the attraction towards prakriti is indulged in illusion and forgets his original form of immortal peace, purity etc. and has to face the birth and death again and again.

But Almighty being the commander of the souls and prakriti, is never attracted towards prakriti. He always remains purified. So, God cannot forget his original form and is never indulged in any kind of illusion. Therefore, everything like tree, tube light, stone, electric fan are made of prakriti and hence can never be God.

So, the meaning of Eko Brahma Dweetya na Asti will be, there is only one God equivalent to whom no other God exists. Besides this, Yajurveda mantra 27/36 states-‘Na Jataha Na janishyate’ i.e., there is only one Formless, Almighty, immortal God and equivalent to this, neither any other God was born, nor shall be born.

Atma (soul) has taken the human-body to face the result of previous lives’ deeds. (Rigved mantra 10/135/1, 2 refer). So, Atma (soul) through the body experiences pain, sorrows, tensions, diseases etc.