Alvin Lal: Pranaam Guruji, I know that you have studied various religious texts in detail. As such, I would like to get your views on Taoism and how it compares with Buddhism and Vedas.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Taoism sect does not tally with vedas, please.

Gurupreet: Sir, I am given to understand that a man acts as God wishes him to act. So if someone doesn’t remember him that is also God’s wish. Is it that a man also has free will to act and based on that he is judged. I never wanted believe astrology however I saw surprisingly accurate predictions about my behaviour weakness etc. So if planetary position do not allow me to concentrate then I am already handicapped before even I start trying to meditate on God. I definitely believe that almighty is very powerful and very creative however I feel very scared when I read that I have to take rebirth to attain perfection. The process appears to be quite painful. Please help.
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. According to Yajurveda mantra 7/48 we all human-beings are free to do pious deeds or sins but the result is awarded by God in the form of happiness and sorrows respectively. If we would do the good or bad deeds desired by God then God would never blame us and would never give sorrows, tensions, sickness etc., to face the result of our bad deeds i.e., sins etc.

Yes, present astrology is not according to Vedas so learned do not accept it. To tell about behaviour etc., by astrologer does not mean that he is correct. It may be due to collection of some data from elsewhere. Nobody can declare the rebirth and especially that in next birth somebody will gain salvation etc.

What happens that total number of pious deeds and sins of a life are counted at the time of death by the power of God automatically. I mean to say there is no counting but power, deeds and knowledge of the God are natural. So, naturally the counting occurs and naturally at the time of leaving of soul from body the total number of deeds comes and based on the grand total number of present deeds (kriyamann) and balance of the past lives’ deeds (Sanchit) next birth is decided by the God’s power. So, how before death can somebody’s next birth be earmarked and how is it too that it is for his liberation. In the next birth also, the counting of kriyamann karmas remains in action which further enable a soul for salvation or otherwise. Who can change this law of eternal knowledge of vedas which emanates direct from God?

Satinath: HINDU LAWS as enforced by Govt. of India are still beyond the knowdge of many husbands and many wives. How should we bring them to the light ACTs, RULEs, ORDERs and BIDHIS OF SANATAN DHARMA?
Swami Ram Swarup: Hindu laws enforced by the government must be spread through out India through media, TV, radio and other sources. However, we must also know about the laws framed by God in Vedas, Vedas being sanatan dharma. So, government and intellectuals should work hard to spread the knowledge of Vedas through school, college, media etc. As stated in Vedas that human-beings must get progress in both paths i.e., spiritualism as well as worldly matters (pious) like science etc.

Otherwise, only the laws made by man are not enough to maintain the peace, to destroy the sins and to enjoy long, happy life. It is sad that nowadays sanatan dharma (Vedic path) which was universally applicable, is and shall always remain universally applicable has been ignored and hence illusion is prevalent and in turn corruption, dishonour to women, blind faith, tension, unnecessary wars, diseases, theft, problems are in vogue. It is our duty also to spread the knowledge of Vedas to those who desire to seek the knowledge. I can also send my Vedic books on fifty percent rebate for such a pious deeds.