Sri Vivek: Swamiji.. I have already posted 4 questions. Please consider this has the 5th. What is REBIRTH? Is it true? Do you have Scientific Evidence? I am still not able to conceive the ATHMA theory. What does the VEDAS say? I can conceive body, mind and Buddhi (also 5 senses). BUT WHAT IS ATHMA? What proof do we have to the KARMA THEORY? Please take your own TIME. Now, I am reading UR Book Vedam in Tamil. Dhanyawathaga,
Abhi Sathyam.

Swami Ram Swarup:

Soul residing within body is an eternal, immortal, indestructible matter. It is the body which perishes, is subjected to death and decay and finally burnt in the flames of pyre. But soul abandons the body on death and enters another body according to previous lives’ deeds (karmas). Atharvaveda mantra 7/6/67/1 and 5/1/1/2 say about rebirth. The mantras further say that if a person does pious deeds according to Ved, shastras and holy books, then he gets again human life with all happiness to continue worship. Geeta shloka 13/8 also enumerates birth-death, old- age, disease as sources of sorrow. Yog shastra sutra 2/9 too states death to be the biggest cause of sufferings and distress. However, with the grace of GOD, man has taken birth to mitigate and finally remove all sufferings and distress.

It is not possible to explain such topics here. However, I paste one article below-

Attachment (about Soul & Body)

Relationship is always made at least between two matters which are always separate from each other. One says that this is his house. So house is separate and person is separate. Another says that this is my house, my son, my wife etc. So person is separate, his house, son and wife are also separate from each other. That is why the relation was made.

Similarly when someone says that this is his head and leg, ear and eyes etc., so here also it is clear that the person who is making relation with head, eyes etc., is separate and the said organs and the whole body are separate. Otherwise relation cannot be made. No one on the earth says that he is eye, he is head, he is leg, he is body etc., but always says that all the organs of body belong to him. So naturally question arises that who, “HE” is to say that this is his head.

Here “HE” means “SOUL” who resides in the body. Rigveda mantra 1/164/20 says that this body is like a tree. Tree is destroyed one day. So body made by prakriti’s five matters (earth, air, water, space, fire) is destructible, prakriti being non-alive. In said tree, God and soul also reside and both are alive matters.

God is omnipresent but soul is not omnipresent and resides at only one place at one time. Suppose we are sitting in a dark room in the night then we are unable to do any task like studying but in the light of electric bulb we are able to do job. Similarly human body only works when the soul resides in it. That is soul works like an electric bulb otherwise we daily see so many deaths of youngsters also whose healthy body is there but does not work, eye can not see, ear can not listen etc., so which matter (tatv) had left the body. Yes, it is only soul.

Especially Yajurved, please. Study Yajurved which is proof of karma theory.

Sushma: Guruji I have completed my graduation but I m confused about my further study that which field should I select and i n that field I well succeed or not I m totally confuse about my studies.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Confusion makes a person lazy and poor with disturb mind. So, a student must be brave and should study with full concentration, devotion and dedication being his moral duty. I paste my articles below-

Building interest in studies

It is a moral duty of a student to concentrate on hard study and to look after his health. Avoid bad society always concentrate on your Brahmacharya. Awake early in the morning and after bath- brush etc., do holy name jaap of God at least for 15 minutes. Go for morning walk and light exercises daily. Take plenty of water i.e., at least 15 to 20 glasses in a day. Always respect your parents, elders and teachers. Must be soft spoken, avoid TV so as not to see bad scenes, films etc. this all will help you to concentrate in your study. Whatever you study and learn, try to write on rough book a lot without seeing books etc. I have written a book on Brahmacharya in Hindi, that can be sent free of cost to you. The book is specially meant for students.


In every field duty is the most important deed but moral duties are discharged only when hard efforts are done. Otherwise, efforts will be of no use if the person is not aware of the duties entrusted to him by God, society and parents etc. So, please note that it is a moral duty of a student not to be nervous and pay his full attention to his study. Attention would also be of no use if hard-efforts of daily study are not made. Mostly, weak students start thinking that the study, questions, problems etc., are difficult and he would not be able to solve. Then he becomes nervous. This shows his laziness and forgetting his moral duties. So, all students must be aware of their moral duties like paying attention towards their daily study. If any question or problem cannot be solved or any subject seems to be difficult then he should take more interest on the same, doing hard practice daily. First of all, he should take great pain and interest to overcome difficulty and nervousness, if still his practice goes in vain then he should take assistance of any teacher, lecturer or professor who will sure help him. To become nervous, is student’s blunder mistake and great sin which make his/her future dark and is cursed by all. Such students also waste the hard earned money of the parents and shatter all their dreams.