Raju: Thanks for replying my previous doubt…. But why There is killing of animal in name of god ex. kali puja, if it is wrong then how it comes in existense & why any one have not put objection on it??? Thanks _ _ _ _ _ with regard
Swami Ram Swarup: You are welcome, please.

As, I’ve already told in several situations that intellect (buddhi) is purified by listening to the eternal Vedic knowledge in which any kind of violence is not permitted, being a sin. I’ve written a book named –“Protect The Holy Cow, Say Vedas” in which the matter has been very well explained in detail quoting several ved mantras. You are advised to study the book please.

K Guruprasad: Pranam Maharajji. Forgot to mention to you in my earlier mail. Today, Anu has gone to that uncles house to request to do the Part V book translation before the exhibition so that we can publish 2 books, with your blessings. Crores of pranams at your lotus feet. Your son, Guruprasad.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my son.

I heartily bless you both and loving little baby for paying personal attention on Vedic pious deeds. Again, my blessings to you.

Anonymous: Pranaam Guruji, I have been made redundant in my job for two months now, due to company re-structuring. I have tried my best to get new role in two months but have not been successful. Too qualified, not exact skills are the usual responses. I have been doing hawan as per the vedmandir method weekly, with family. However am not getting any success in JOB department. I am wondering what karma I have done in past and present life to affect jobs situation. In the previous job as well, it was full of trouble due to manager. Please suggest some more solutions. Bahaut Dhanaywaad Guruji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

At any stage, one should not loose patience.

Be brave especially in present circumstances and try to seek job. Also, please try to perform hawan daily both times. God will help you.