Manish Goswami: Pranam pujaye swamiji, mujhe Rigveda mandal 3 mantra 31/1-2 ke bare me janna h.saare shabdho ka arth. Aur is mandal me kis ke liye kaha gaya h. Mera marg darshan kijiye.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessing to you. Mantra 1 ka bhaav hai ki jaise Pita ke dwara kanya utpann hotee hai waise hee surya ke dwara prataha kaal kee vela utpann hotee hai aur jaise pati apnee patni mein garbh ko dharann karta hai waise hee kanya ke samaan vartamaan prataha kaal kee vela mein surya kirann roop veerya ko dharann karta hai aur ussey diwas roop (din ke samaan) putra utpann hota hai. Doosrey mantra ka bhaav hai ki jaise mata santaan ko utpann karke unkee vridhi kartee hai, waise hee agni ko utpann karke uskee vridhi kare aur waise hee pratyek istree santaan kee vridhi kare. Aap vedon ke in bhavon ko yadi samajh jayein to theek hai anyatha aap dobara prashan kar sakte hain kyunki bahut zyada busy hone ke karann main in mantron ke pratyek shabdon ka arth nahi kar paoonga. Phir bhi yadi aapko kuchh samajh na aaye to dobara prashan karein, main samay nikal kar arth bhejne kee koshish karoonga. Mantra mein seedha hee agni ke gunnon ka varnnan kiya gaya hai, mata dwara santanon kee vridhi karna aur pati-patni dwara santaan utpann karne ka gyan diya gaya hai, jo ki amaithuni srishti kee utpatti ke samy aur bhi adhik avashyak hota hai.

Surinder: Pranam Guruji. Guruji I am in a dharam sankat. I have brothers and sisters. My mother is past retirement. My mother is a very unfriendly and trouble causing person. She has already seperated the brothers, she even caused alot of trouble to her husband. Now I am married I have children. My children are studying are in important phase of life. But it seems that she consciously breaking the peace of my house. My wife tries a lot (since marriage) but she is always Irritating my wife and even my children.

I know I have duties towards my mother acc. to vedas and I m ready to do them. But we have been trying our level best to tell her to mend her ways, I even tried to tell about vedas, to focus on GOD in this state ,she listines but again back to how she was.

She has a seperate home also where she usually lives and when ever comes to my home she will talk about other people and insult them. And then will talk about us in other’s homes etc.. She seriously affects our peace and she apparantly enjoys all this. We are afraid of taking any strong action like telling her not to come to our house( esp. till my children’s career is set) and stay in her own house I’ll pay for the expenses. She can come when sick etc.

Guruji can we do this. Can a son ask her mother to in ancestral house as she has become cause of trouble in my married house that she is not willing to let be in peace. After breaking brothers she wants to break peace of our married family too. Please Guide.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Mother is mother, Vedas clearly preach to serve the mother and father with whole heart. Nobody is allowed to insult the parents whether the parents are learned or ignorant. If she has separated three brothers then three brothers along with you and father could object and could deny the mother but insult is not allowed.

Vedas tell that injustice should not be accepted. So, why do you all have separated three brothers and why three brothers obeyed unjust decision of mother. Secondly, nowadays in the absence of the knowledge, mostly united families are broken, based on property and other issues. Therefore, if in their separation, your three brothers, your father and you are happy, then it is O.K. otherwise, still your brothers can come back, by taking the help of police without creating trouble to your mother.

In this matter, why your father could not take justiciable decision if he was not agreeing to separate his three sons. I am sorry, I have given Vedic decision. Now, it is upto you all whether you agree or not.

If you feel that your mother is breaking the peace of house then you, your father and your wife can politely ask your mother not to interrupt in such a way that peace is broken and you all should not agree with such decision of your mother.

You may approach also to the mature, old persons who are your mother’s relatives.

You all may also take the advice from learned advocate but not take the matter in court etc. you all must also look after yourself that you hate, have jealousy with your mother, which should not be there. If you three are united then your mother can do nothing. Again, I advice you that there must not be any kind of jealousy, anger, insult etc., against your mother but injustice is not allowed. If she comes to your home and starts backbiting etc., then for same period i.e., one or two years you may strictly but politely tell your mother not to enter your house stating that she should leave back-biting etc. yes, you can do it to save your family from breaking the peace. Again, My blessing to you.