Anonymous: Pranam Guruji. Actually I was very eager to take your darshan and have noted all things which I wanted to learn on Vedas. Now since Ishwar wants me to come at later date i fully respect Him and your advice guruji. Till that time I will continue swadhyay and manan of your bhagwat geeta and we will continue our daily worship. I am also eager and want to speak to you on phone. Please advice when can i give you call. We hope all are fine at ved mandir and convey our regards to all. With pranam and charan sparsh at your pious feet.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my son. Yes, there is an acute epidemic of viral infection in Himachal. I’ve also been suffering from same from last 15 days and now recovering. You all are welcome, here. Again, my blessings to you.

Anonymous: Pranam Guruji. Our dandwat pranam at charan sparsh at your pious feet. We are obliged to you for your affectionate reply and blessings. My wife had infection in eyes. She used to wear contact lenses but during the night of her fathers death she forgot to remove it. It should be removed after 8 hrs but that day it was for approx 24 hrs. Also she was weeping and also rubbed eyes and hence the infection as informed by doctor. Now she has taken proper medical treatment and approx 75/80 % vision is obtained and she has to take medicine for further 2 weeks and then eyes will be perfect as before. Now she will never wear lenses. Guruji, besides medicine, this relief has mainly come due to your blessings only. We are obliged to you for this. Guruji, we hope now you will be fine and relieved from throat infection. Pranam guruji, with charan sparsh.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my son. You are always welcome, please. It is happy news that your wife has recovered from her ailment. Now, remaining twenty percent will also be obtained soon. My blessings to you all, Yes, now I am hundred percent O.K and have started my spiritual writing work concentrating mainly on writing Bhagwad Geeta-III along with music practice.

Guruji, here one thing I want to understand based on divine Vedas since it is said that aspirant should clear all doubts coming in mind. Please guide. Guruji we know you are samadhi prapt mantra drashta rishi. As we know during samadhi all previous karma gets destroyed and new chit develops. Also three gunas of prakriti stops their functions on him. i.e. his mind is always pure and speaks/follows truth. Now guruji as far as I know with GOD’s blessings till date you have not met with any illness. As we said prakritis guna does not affect you/rishi does that mean that even samadhi prapt rishi can fall ill. I mean to say after samadhi all karma/deeds done by you does not bind you in pap or punya then also whether illness is possible. Why GOD decides like this to face even small illness. Guruji please pardon me for this question but I want to understand this concept based on Vedas. Please enlighten and guide.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. You are always welcome, please. Yes, I have also been preaching here for the last several years that Samadhi prapt yogi till leaving his body suffers, bodily because he lives in society. Actually, I have been mostly living in jungle where due to that atmosphere and pure herbs and water, body is never affected. In a society, where nothing has been left pure, in case of food, naturally the body has to suffer and this fact has already been mentioned in Sankhya shastra. So, though the body of a Yogi is a divine body and it has been named as “Turiya body” in Vedas. Yet it has been clarified that if something impure will be consumed in the body then it shall have its bad effect on the body. Actually, either Yogi should live in a jungle or will have to face the consequences if he lives in society. Suppose, a Yogi is given poison, then definitely body will be harmed accordingly and Yogi will have to leave the body. So, Yogi is the pure soul and not body. That is why, it is said that it is the body of a yogi. So, if Yogi has to face any kind of disease even then he (soul) never feels any problem like severe pain or demoralization etc. He is a Yogi and remains always indulged in Almighty God where there is no problems, sorrows etc. My blessings to you.