Prija: Namaste Swami Ji,
1. When we perform havan or a Aryan/ Vedic Vivaah Sanskaar, do we need to place coconuts in 4 lota’s around the havankund? Do we also need to put tilak on our forehead? We live in Holland and there are a couple of Acharya’s who are telling us, we need the coconuts and tilak.
2. Does the Arya Samaj believe in Vastu Shastra?
3. In Satyarth Prakash I read that Maharishi Dayanand Ji refers to Manusmriti. But why? Because Manu has also told us a lot of rubbish, that is against Vedas.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji.
1.) Actually, the coconuts can be placed but in poornna aahuti, coconuts are offered in the burning fire of havan kund/bedi which is a pious deed. Tilak is not necessary but if it is told to be put on forehead, it makes no difference. So, if one does not want to offer the coconuts in the fire then he may omit it also.
2.) No, please. Vaastu Shastra matter does not exist in Vedas. So, it is not required to adopt in life, being against the Vedas.
3.) Manu was a Rishi and therefore he was learned of Vedas. So, he can never be blamed. However, present Manusmriti has some falsehood in it which has been inserted by some arrogant to destroy the Indian culture and I am sure you are talking about the shlokas which have been inserted by the arrogant. So, I would also advise you to purchase the Vishudh Manusmriti available with M/S Govindram Hasanand, arya sahitya bhavan, Nai sarak, Delhi.

Sachin: Namastey. There is a magician who shows his magic tricks which are unbelievable but they are true. He crumples the bottle of glass, puts mobile in in bottle in front of the viewer. How he is able to do these magic tricks?
Swami Ram Swarup: Magicians have their own right path to do hard work to excel in magic. So, they know their task better, please. It is their good deed to perform to entertain public.