B: Namaste swami ji, is it important to take sanyas after realization of God (samadhi)?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. After Samadhi, sanyas can or cannot be taken. It depends on the wish of samadhisht Yogi. But one thing is clear that sanyas is taken to do hard practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy- Atma Yajyen, to get Samadhi and attain salvation. When the said Samadhi has been achieved then taking or not taking sanyas makes no difference.

Anonymous: Pranam Guruji, Our dandwat pranam & charan sparsh at your pious feet. Guruji, my relative has expired recently. We had briefly discussed about him when last time his wife came to Ved Mandir. At end of havan we have prayed GOD for his soul to rest in peace. Guruji, his wife has kindly requested you to please chant ved mantra for him with ahuti if any for soul’s peace. Further, my wife has got some eye problem (in right eye) from last two days and doctor has advised to take care otherwise she can have permanent vision problem. She is mainly concerned that it would affect her vedic sadhna which she is doing daily. We will take care of medical advice but also Guruji, we need your blessings so that her eye gets cured. I will seek your advice for care when I come to Ved Mandir next week.

Further, as per their social custom, we will have to do rituals of 10th/11th/12th/13th day etc. and as per their bhrahmin pujari cost can be approx Rs. 25000 to 30000. However, now since she also follows vedic path she has refused to do it and now we know, after cremation of body no further rituals are to be done since this is all manmade and against Vedas. However, only to avoid stiff resistance from relatives, she may do short ritual with very small expenditure. After death of my relative, I have briefed Vedas knowledge to his son and today we are going to give this knowledge to her wife also. By giving this knowledge to them Myself and my wife hope that if they implement it in their life it will be beneficial for their family. But we don’t know whether they will implement or not but we know our duty that we must spread Vedas knowledge then it depends on person whether he follows it or misses this rare opportunity given by GOD. As informed I will reach Ved Mandir as scheduled. I am waiting for this day to take your darshan. With Charan Sparsh at your pious feet from all of us.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my son. I’m sorry to listen about demise of your relative. May God blesses him. Yes, every member of Ved mandir would offer aahutis in Yajyen praying God to bestow peace on him.

Yes you and your wife, both should take care of her eye because eyes bear lot of importance in our life and daily routine deeds. Could you tell me what type of disease has been diagnosed.

My heartiest blessings are with you all. Yes, present rituals are mostly against the Vedas and Vedas deny to perform any of such rituals. It is everyone’s duty to spread the Vedic knowledge, say Vedas.
Again, my heartiest blessing to you all, my son.