Surendra: Namaste Guruji, aap ko koti koti pranam. Guruji, I am leaving in UK and here most of the asian are vitamin D deficient. I have been in contact with Vaidya who lives in USA and he is doing lots of ayurvedic product. I ordered vitamin D rollon from vaidya and found out that it contains Cod liver oil in it. I asked Vaidya that how come you are using non veg ingredients in his products. Vaidya responded that main source of his wisdom is from charak samhita which recommends lots of non veg ingredients. For Vit D, vaidya didn’t find any vegetarian source.

Guruji, I don’t feel like to use that Vit d rollon, because I think vaidya mishra/charak samhita is not correct to use non veg ingredients for the mankind. Please enlighten me if I am wrong. Danyawad Guruji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. Groundnuts have Vitamin D. If a person sits daily in sun rays especially in morning then the deficiency of vitamin D can be fulfilled. Vitamin D3 sachets are also available in the market which is free from cod liver oil. Advice from allopathic Doctor can also be obtained.

Subrat: Swami JEE charan sparsh. Main jab kewal 4 wars ka tha 1972 me tab muje pehle boor kisi ke mirtyu ka jankar bada jigaysa Hui this aur man bahut byakul rehne laga tha ye prasn 4 saal ki umr me hi aya tha andar se ki theeek hai humara sarir khatm ho gaya lekin mai kaun hu sayyad mujhe aatmbodh using samay ho gaya tha,lekin us time pe koi batane wala guru nahi tha.akhir itni chore age me kisi KO ATM bodh ho sakta hai kya?
Swami Ram Swarup: Mera tumhein aashirwad. Aatmabodh ka arth hai ki yeh shareer jad hai, naashwaan hai, issme chetan jeevatma rehtee hai aur chetan jeevatma mein Parmatma niwas karte hain.Toh Atmabodh ka matlab hai ki kisi sadhak ne ved ka adhyayan kiya fir Yajyen, Yogabhyas aadi upasana kisi vidwan ke ashraya mein rehkar kee aur vedadhyayan, yogabhyas, Naam jaap, Yajyen aur Brahmacharya ka paalan karte hue usey jeevatma aur Parmatma ka anubhav ho gaya isliye aisa atmabodh achanak bachpan mein nahi hota. Han! Maut (mrityu) ke baare mein zaroor janana chahiye. Yeh subject kaafee lamba hai isliye yahaan nahi likha jaa sakta. Ved mandir se mrityu par ek hindi mein pustak prakashit hui hai yadi aapkee ichha hai toh usey aap mangakar avashya padhein. Aap apna postal address bhej dein toh pustak bhej dee jayegee.

MAG: Respected Swamiji, if one commits the sin of abortion and repents, feels severe guilt and regrets badly later, what is the advise for that person now? Will that person be devoid of human body for many lives as a consequence of this sin? Is there any advise to get rid of such or other dreadful
Consequences that can occur in future or this life? Thanks and regards.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, abortion is a great sin. If a person really repents means he would never repeat it again in the life then it is Ok. Yet, God sure gives punishment. As regards rebirth, when sins and pious deeds are equal then the human body is awarded by God. However, God has preached in Vedas that if a person follows the Vedic path under the guidance of a learned acharya of Vedas and Yog philosophy and starts performing daily agnihotra from ved mantras, name jaap of God and practice of Yog philosophy, listens Vedas, maintain Brahmacharya then God destroys his sins.