S M: Swamiji I am glad that i found you. I am happy that i can ask you any question , no matter how ridiculous it might be. Thank you. Your presence has really made a difference. Swamiji, I am scared of speed. When ever I am in a local bus or even when in a car i get super scared. My legs and hands become cold. My heart starts sinking. I feel suffocated and feel like crying specially when the driver of the vehicle ( in which I am sitting) over takes the other vehicle especially trucks But i don’t understand why do i get so scared. Secondly I am also scared when my brother goes out for tution. Or for that matter any body of my family. How do i get rid of this blockage? Because this is affecting my daily life. All the time i ask the driver- dheeray challo . But even I know from the meter of the car that vo dheeray chala rahay hai. My next question is that do every individual have guides( angles) which guide us and help us in our bad times and help us to choose right path in life? Iam asking you this in regard of Reiki. What do u say about it? I even see some dots moving to the left or to the right. As if they are talking to me. Please shower your blessings over me Swamiji so that I clear my UGC Net exam in one go and get a good job as a lecturer next year. I even want to again start writing poems. Bless me that i get time and energy to put into my art and stop worrying about stupid things and be more confident about myself and my life. I even have a bad habit of biting nails. I want to get rid of it but unable to do it.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. You are most welcome, please. Whatever happens with you in bus or car is due to lack of courage. Nobody should ever lose patience in any situation and therefore only he is called a brave person. So, please try to be brave daughter. So, you should have full confidence in you. First, you will have to do hard work to gain confidence and courage. This will be your hard work only. But as stated in Vedas and other spiritual granths, the hard work gives full result when we do daily worship. So, please daily sit both times to do name jaap of God and in addition, if possible then try to do daily hawan with Gayatri mantra and chant Gayatri mantra along with pious name ‘Wahe Guru’ daily. If hawan is not possible then chant Gayatri mantra along with its meaning.

Please tell me whether whatever you see is seen in a dream or in an awakened stage?

Please, prepare yourself well to appear in UGC net examination and my blessings are with you. As you know, God helps those who help themselves. So, your hard work to study and prepare yourself for exam is necessary. To write a poem is a pious deed which I would advise you to start it again. You see, even I’ve written several spiritual bhajans and shayari which has been published in the form of books and ACDs. So, please always try to write poems which will also assist you to gain concentration. It is very much necessary to leave the bad habit immediately. The moral duty of son and daughter is to do the pious deeds which give pleasure to the parents and benefit to the society.

Anonymous: B.r.ambedkar ke samadhi
Swami Ram Swarup: Shri B.R.Ambedkar was cremated in Mumbai but his memorial is situated in 26 Alipore road, Delhi.