G: Thank you Swamijii for your answer. From my school days onwards I am doing gayathri mantra which I learned form my father. As you said have given importance to family life than studies. When I was with hiusband I devoted only 2-3 days in a week for studies and the rest for my personal life with husband. He utters my parents and brother in front of me. He never respects them. Since my marriage I never did so to my-in-laws if I found any thing wrong I question them directly, that also I did in anger because of my husband only but even in laws don’t understand and they say I a wrong as his son is male he can do any thing. But how far it can be considered. My husband dont respect my parents and will not be to my parents moreover wants me to be to his parents. though they insulted many times I was to them but still they are not satisfied, I adjusted till now but I lost my patience and decided that I shouldnt be to them until my husband mingles with my parents but however I respected and taken care of in-laws and I do it infuture as I respect my parents. Even my in laws are so that they wont tell my husband to be to my parents but still encourages them that he should not go as he is son-in-law. Since 2years he did not step to my parents home. In want of ego satisfaction he has sent me out and says my parents and I should be to his parents and ask them excuse. But to speak truly we did not open our mouth of them. His parents doesnt talk with my parents also. Then why should we say sorry. I want his attitude to be changed and take me as he has sent me out of the house two months ago. Please suggest me what I can do for that. I value the marriage relationship and I want this married life to sustain. Does our astrology predict that we will live together or will be divorced? How long these evils are present in our married life.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. You are welcome, please. You are lucky that you learnt Gayatri mantra from your father. Remember that Gayatri mantra should be chanted while sitting on a suitable asan with closed eyes and concentrating between two eyebrows. It should be chanted along with its meaning, word by word. If you want to get more benefit then also try to do daily havan with Gayatri mantra.

It does not look nice that your husband should speak badly with your family whereas mostly the in-laws are kind hearted towards son-in-law. In several houses, this bad practice has been seen and it is only due to lack of knowledge of Vedas, Shastras or other holy Granths. Vedas always tell to speak sweetly. As stated in Rigveda mantra that “Vacha Vadami madhumat” i.e., Oh! God, bless me, so that I may talk sweetly in the society.

You are a responsible house lady and I appreciate that you never utter bad words towards your in-laws. Everything can be solved in happy and loving atmosphere easily. I would not advice you to remain separate from your in-laws. Instead, I would advise you to save your married life that your parents should not come to you till the problem is solved by you through your loving efforts.

Yes, as you know the value of married life then keeping in view this fact, you obey your husband to satisfy him. It will make no difference in your life. Instead, it will help you to make the family life strong. I again advice you my daughter, to request your parents not to come to you till the situation is controlled. If his parents do not talk to your parents, it should not be made an issue. Even, it is good that they do not talk with your parents since it will end the dispute. However, from your statement, I could not judge the reason behind for your in-laws not to be on talking terms with your parents and your husband abusing your parents, husband asking you to beg sorry.

Present astrology, tantrikism, kaal sarp yog etc., are not mentioned in Vedas and hence these are self-made stories and have no effect on life.

Effect on life is only due to our previous lives’ bad deeds which give us sorrows. The said sorrows i.e., bad effect of previous lives’ deeds are destroyed by a devotee by doing daily Vedic worship of formless, Almighty God. You may start daily havan with Gayatri mantra and must read Vedic literature which will give you immense knowledge and peace. My blessings are always with you my daughter. Always be brave and don’t loose heart in any situation. God will help you. Vedic literature is also available here which can be sent to you free of cost if your parents are not able to pay. Otherwise Fifty percent rebate can be even given. But it is all on your own discretion.

Cross Word: Guru Ji Namaskar, Mera question ya hai ki Jab ensan metiu lok ka liya parsan karta hai tab sab-log ” RAM nam satya hai kahata hai.. Per satya to shiv ko bhi kahata hai? easia kyu ??

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Satya ke vishaye mein ved is tarah samjhate hain ki nirakar parmeshwar jisne srishti rachi hai aur hamaree palanaa kar raha hai, doosra jeevatmain, teesra prakriti aur chawtha Ishwar se utpann Charon ved yeh hee satya hain. Issee mein Ishwar ka vedon mein kahey kai naam Ishwar ke aatey hain jo ki satya hain. Satya ka arth hai, jo is srishti se pehle bhi tha, ab bhi hai aur jo is srishti ke khatam honey ke baad bhi rahega. Yahi sab padarth jo upar kahe hain, yeh hamesha rehney wale hain isliye satya hain. Shiv naam bhi vedon mein nirakar parmeshwar ka hee hai.