Lalit: 1.Swamiji only human beings can do good or bad karma and not animals or bacterias. So how could a soul which has taken birth as a lion improve its status? What are the rules and procedures for animals?
2. You said earlier that Yudishtar followed Vedas but he had to gamble because the king ordered him. How could Yudishtra who had knowledge of Vedas agreed to it? He should had refused even if it meant punishment as the rules of Vedas are supreme. Today if the head of state say that drinking alcohol is ok than should we do that? Is it possible that Yudishtra was habitual of playing chuasar, may be he had this one weakness?
3. Why does Vedas give knowledge of weapons and artillery. Does this not encourage violence? What is the purpose of Ashvamedha Yagya and does this not provoke other countries into fighting. Is it advisable today that India or USA does this yagya?
Swami Ram Swarup: (i) No soul except that of human-beings is entitled to improve his status. Animals, birds insects etc., are therefore called “Bhog Yonis” i.e., such souls only face the result of their past lives’ deeds and cannot do new deeds whatsoever. That is why, such souls cannot improve their respective status. Whereas, human beings face the result of their previous deeds and simultaneously can do new deeds (Kriyamann karma), at their own discretion i.e., whether pious deeds or sins can be done but result is awarded by God in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively.

(ii) Nowadays, indirectly head of the State states that drinking alcohol is Okay by distributing the license to sale the alcohol openly. In Vedas, it is clearly mentioned that public should obey the king. However, protests may be there. In Yudhishthir’s case, Yudhishthir obeyed the order of the king because he knew that disobeyance or protest will go in vain due to the policy of Duryodhan and at that stage five Pandavas could have been arrested, with the result unrighteousness could have spread freely by Duryodhan and even five Pandavas in prison could’ve been sentenced to death illegally. Yudhishthir was a learned of Vedas and therefore adopted the path to save himself and his brothers and to fight against the culprits in future.

(iii) It is a matter and discretion of Almighty God that He gives the knowledge of artillery etc., which is eternal and justiciable why? Because, God is omniscient and is the Lord of souls and universe. He knows that every soul is not out of the effect of illusion and those souls who are out of illusion, they have been awarded salvation. So, the liberated souls have no concern in experiencing harm of attack of weapons etc. but what about those souls who’ve taken birth in human-life possessing the nature of devils and causing harm to others. God knew, knows and shall ever know, being Kavi i.e., Krantidarshi. Kavi means God is the witness of all events of unlimited creations. Its nursing and destructions and again creation and this process is eternal. So, in the future creations , Almighty God will always remain witness. So, He knows that after creation, due to the ill effect of illusion in the minds of devils etc., the earth will be divided into several kingdoms and even when monarch would rule the whole earth, rebellion against the state could take place, as took place in the shape of Ravanna, Duryodhan, Kansa and even in the shape of Napolean, Alexander etc. so knowledge of weapons has been given in Vedas to protect the nation from such bad elements outside and within the country as well. Similarly, Vedas teach to organize army, police, maintain peace, law and order and impart justice to everyone. You see, without weapons and artillery, it is not possible to do so.

No, Please Ashwamegh Yajyen never provokes fighting among countries. Ashwamegh Yajyen means to show the power of king to make the people understand to obey and remain loyal and under the control of law and order of the king in the country (not outside country) and if anyone does not accept the rules of the king, he can fight against the king. So, it is a matter of the country and not related to other countries. Second meaning of Ashwamegh Yajyen is – Ashwa means Rashtra i.e., Yajyen is arranged at a large scale where public including kings and dignitaries assemble and sit to offer the aahutis from Ved mantras in the burning fire of havan kund/bedi for the benefit of the public. Such Yajyen are always organized and had earlier been organized by kings only and not by public, for the benefit of all human-beings of the country.

So, India and U.S.A should organise Ashwamegh Yajyen independently for the benefit of their public. Otherwise, joint Ashwamegh Yajyen by India and U.S.A. may create jealousy by other countries and provoke weapon’s race.

Aneel Kumar: Can on have more than one gurus? That is, one for physical training, other one for reading the books of as guidance…. Please, answer this question this question, I am confused.
Swami Ram Swarup: First guru is mother. Then, there may be several gurus who teach us worldly matters. Guru means he who preaches but as far as spiritualism is concerned, there remains only one guru but still preaches or good talk can be heard and collected from anywhere, if it is based on Vedic knowledge. You see, Sri Ram had one guru named Guru Vasishth. But he listened to preach of Rishi Vishwamitra, Agastya Rishi and others as well. So, in spiritualism there remains only one guru from whom disciple takes deeksha and is called dwij.