Anupam: 1) Was Gita advised by Krishna to Arjun in the battle field of Kurkshetra? How it possible?
2) How could Sanjaya described the war accurately though he was not in the battle field? Is it logical or scientifically possible?
3) Is the war of Gita outward war or inner war of heart between good or evil?
4) Is Gita an interpolated part of Mahabharat?
5) Was Krishna himself the speaker of Gita or God?
6) Is Gita accept the bodied form of God?
7) What is Bishwarupa?
9) Enlist every word of battlefield, Is it possible?
9) Is there any anti Veda sloka in Gita?
10) Who is Krishna?
11) What is avatara? (Gita4 .6-8)
Swami Ram Swarup:

Bhagwad Geeta – an extract of Bheeshma Parv

Geeta Shloka have not been uttered while being between two armies in the battle field and I’ve been preaching and stating the said facts in my books also for last twenty years. However, the authentic shlokas of Mahabharat epic written by Vyasmuniji are 4500 and thereafter 5500 shloka have been written under the guidance of Vyasmuniji by his disciple. So, only 10,000 shlokas of Mahabharat are true but until now the Mahabharat epic contains about one lakh, twenty thousands shlokas i.e., one lakh ten thousand shlokas are false, say all the learned of Vedas on this earth. Logically the said fact of false shlokas being added is also true because the way of writing one lakh ten thousand false shlokas does not tally with Vyasmuniji’s way of writing. In the ten thousand true shlokas, there is a Bheeshma Parv of Mahabharat. The extract of Bheeshma Parv containing eighteen chapters has been arranged to be printed separately by somebody and the collection of such shlokas printed in the shape of book has been named as Geeta.

2.) According to Bhagwad Geeta 18/75, the story of Mahabharat was told by Vyas muniji to Sri Krishna Maharaj, in presence of Sanjay. After listening the story, Sanjay told it to King Dhritrashtra.

3.) Yes, it was war between Kauravas and Pandavas on the ground in the battle field of Kurukshetra and this has been very well clarified by Vyas Muniji in Mahbaharat epic.

4.) Gita is an extract of Bheeshma Parv of Mahabharat epic.
5.) Mostly, Sri Krishna Maharaj was made to tell Geeta by God.
6.) No, Gita do not accept the body form of God.
7.) Vishwaroop means Almighty, omnipresent God.
8.) Not, possible to enlist every word of battle field, busy in routine spiritual life.
9.) In my knowledge, there is no anti-Vedic shloka in Geeta.
10.) Sri Krishna maharaj was a king Yogeshwar.

MeiKam: Dear Guruji, What kind of insects at home can be eliminated but not violating the principle of non-violence? Thanks!
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. All kinds of dangerous insects can be eliminated from home. This action does not violate the Vedic principle of non-violence.