JK: Ved k anusar ishwar ka koi bhi kaam nishphal nahi hota hai…to mera ye sawal hai k jo rasteme anavashyak ghas ugti hai, uske bareme aap kya kahte hai…..kya usme bhi aatma hoti hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Ved ke anusar manushya jaati dwara kiya koi bhi kaam nishphala nhin hota hai jaise ke kisi nein punnya kiya to usey uska phal punnaya milega aur agar paap kiya to uska phal dukh milega. Aur bhagwan ke sab karma to swabhavik hote hain jo sabke kalyann evam nyaye deine ke liye hote hain.

Ghas mein peid podhon mein to atma hottee hai lekin anavashyak ghas jo hamaare swasthaye ke liye haani karak hai usey kaatne ke liye hee kaha gaya hai.

Agar nahin kateinge to makkhi machchar kitaanu , saanp aur bichchu jaise keedey aadi paida he jaayengey jo swasthaya aur jeevan ke liye khatra hoga aur manushya ka jeevan saanp bichchu ghas se adhik keemti hai.

Navin: I read Mahabharat katha from several learned and known person but non of then has answer kunti, madri matterwith surya, indra, aswinikumar as such aim confused.According to your narration vyas muni wrote 5500 shloks and rest 4500 written by gemini under his advise but when you say that others has tampered it to make 125,000 shloks, how do people know this, some one should come forward and give actual knowledge to uneducated people other wise like my self every body will raise the same question as I raised. Our land is of rushi, sant sadhu and also several learned historians they also do not find what is the truth or they keep quite for what?they are the people who shows right path to lead us to god and if they keep quite means people mind is lead to distraction way, where they lack to give proper direction, our land of sankracharya, acharys, they all says the same story so what is right and what is wrong . I will be leaving for dwarka on 20th of this month and will discuss with a religious leader there if appointment is finalized
Once again pranam and Jai Shree Krishna
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

You are welcome, please and you should never worry if my answers do not suit you though I reply totally accordance with Vedas. Secondly, you should be rest assured that I never feel bad but I inspire to come back with query again and again without hesitation. This is the Vedic path wherein it is clearly preached by Almighty God that everyone must put forth questions till the time satisfaction is achieved. Bhagwad Geeta also tells that truth wherein Arjun first was not satisfied and after putting forth several questions to Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj, at last he attained the Vedic truth. So, I would here also advise you to read my detailed explanation based on Vedic philosophy on each shloka of Bhagwad Geeta along with words and meanings in Hindi. The book is in Hindi worth Rs.400/- excluding postal charges. It may be sent to you on receipt of your postal address, if you desire.

You see, he is the learned person who speaks Vedic eternal truth, says Yagvalkya Muni in Shatpath Brahmin Granth. He says –“Vidwansa Ev Devaha” i.e., he is the learned who knows Vedas and he always tallies the views of Gurus, satgurus, preachers and all granths with eternal knowledge of Vedas. If the views tally with Vedas then those are true otherwise not.

Knowledge is gained when it is given by someone. Rigveda mantra 10/181/1,2 and other ved mantras also say that after final destruction of universe when the time comes to start new creation then non-sexual creation is brought into existence.

Vedas state that at that time neither parents nor any learned guru/preacher exist.

So, naturally the universe was devoid of any learned guru. We have to think when there was no guru to preach any man or woman at that point of time then how the knowledge regarding deeds, worship and science was achieved. It is fundamental law that knowledge is gained when it is given by someone. As present also, if a baby is nursed in jungle and upto any age like 10,20,40,50 years etc., if he is not given any knowledge, he will remain ignorant. Here, the Vedas throw light through several ved mantras like Rigveda mantras quoted above and Yajurveda mantra 31/11 that the knowledge of Vedas giving three educations i.e., science, form of deeds and worship emanates direct from formless God and is originated in the heart of persons of non-sexual creation who are called four Rishis and thereafter traditionally the knowledge is being attained till date. In this connection, I paste my article-

Vedas’ Philosophy

God has made universe and blessed us human body to do pious deeds only. He has not made any heaven or hell. All have to face the result of their deeds, good or bad here only, even by taking rebirth. (Rigveda mantra 10/135/1,2)

God has not only made universe but has also given knowledge of four Vedas where answers to your and everyone’s questions have been given. There are four Vedas:

1. Rig Veda – gives knowledge of science, matter of the universe like sun, moon, air body etc., etc.

2. Yajurveda – gives knowledge of all the deeds and duties to be performed by men or women, students, leaders, king, agriculturist etc., etc., etc.

3 Samveda – gives knowledge how to worship God who gives peace and long happy life etc. In this way, details of Yoga philosophy, qualities, supreme deeds and nature of the God are also given.

4 Atharvaveda – gives details of God, medical science and details of medicine etc.

Actually in four Vedas there is unlimited knowledge. Yajurveda mantra 40/8 says that God is everywhere, is Almighty, formless, devoid of nervous system, purest, away from sins and away to face any result of any karmas (deeds), knows every soul, knows what is in everyone’s mind, no body has made God, but God creates universe, has given the eternal knowledge of four Vedas and always gives the said knowledge at the beginning of every universe to know the science and deeds to all concern. Similarly four Vedas say about God that God is an omnipresent, omniscient, formless, beyond imagination and beyond calculation. Actually God has unlimited qualities. There is only one God who creates, nurses, destroys the universe and again
creates. Atharvaveda mantra 4/1/1 also says that God gives the knowledge of Vedas at the beginning of the earth to four Rishis of unsexual creation. And thereafter only public listens Vedas through Rishis Munis as yet and become learned. Rig-Veda gives knowledge of Almighty, Yajurveda gives knowledge of karmas (deeds), Samveda tells about worship-Yoga philosophy and Atharvaveda about medicines and God. Actually all Vedas commonly says about God also, so this is about Vedas in short. But the knowledge of Vedas is endless.

It is a fundamental law that knowledge is always given by somebody otherwise knowledge can’t be gained at any cost. If a new born baby is nursed well in a dense jungle and is not educated then he will not be able to gain any knowledge. So we have to think about the origin of the knowledge prevalent in the world today. In this connection all Vedas themselves say that God gives this knowledge to four Rishis. As has also been said by Rishi Patanjali in yoga shastra sutra 1/26, God is first Guru of the four Rishis. Yajurveda mantra 31/7 also refers. This is all in short about Vedas.

The Vedas are not a book, rather it is a knowledge originated in the heart of Rishis. At the time of beginning of the earth those Rishis preached Vedas by mouth and all others remembered the same by mouth at that time there was no pen, pencil, paper, etc. This process of studying Vedas by mouth remained till Mahabharata time. Muni Vyas too remembered Vedas traditionally by mouth. Then Muni Vyas first time wrote the Vedas on Bhoj patra about 5300 years ago. In 16th century when printing press came into existence then the Vedas were printed. Still Vedas are not those which have been printed but Vedas are those which are preached by mouth by an Acharya/yogi and the printed Vedas are called Sanhita.

Now if somebody worships a statue etc., i.e., its their own creation please but Vedas deny. According to Vedas the best worship of the God is Yajyen (Yajna) for which all Vedas are self-proof. Yajurveda mantra 31/16 says that the learned persons worship God by Yajyen.

So many people have asked me that most of the scholars/preachers of different religion state that their religion incorporates all matters of the world including science. What about Vedas? I wrote so many Ved Mantras describing science matters therein. For example, Yajurvaveda Mantra 3/6 states “Ayam Gauhu Swaha Pitram Puraha Prayan Mataram Prishnihi Aakrameet Asadat”.

Meaning= This earth revolves around the Sun in the space and it also rotates on its own axis. Vedas are eternal like God because Vedas emanate from God. Now, according to Vedas, this present creation is about 1 Arab, 96 crores, 8 lakh and about 53,000 years old. So are the Vedas but as said in Rigveda Mantra 10/191/3 the present creation is same as was the previous one and this process of creation is eternal. So are the Vedas which emanate from eternal God. This all concludes that Vedas are the oldest in this creation also and no other book of science, maths or pertaining to spiritualism is written before Vedas.

Like the above example of rotation and revolution of earth, the significance of whole present science is mentioned in Vedas. We can see that whatever is happening in the universe, is all according to the Vedas. For example, occurance of six seasons, actions of Sun, moon, process of death, birth, worship, yoga philosophy, atomic energy, agriculture, animal husbandry, knowledge of politics, administration, architecture, solar energy, knowledge of home appliances like mixer, grinder, business rules, about men, women, children, marriage, Brahamcharya, education, clothes etc., etc., i.e., knowledge right from a straw to Brahma is all in Vedas. God is Almighty and has unlimited powers. So through His power He is able to originate the knowledge of Vedas in the heart of four Rishis without pencil, paper, help of mouth or any other worldly assistance.

We, i.e., the whole world depends on Almighty God but God is forever independent. That is why, He is God. We are the souls who reside in human bodies. We need assistance of senses, perceptions, mind and body to do deeds but not God.

Nowadays, so many saints are writing books. What is the background to right their books? Background is clear that they have first studied or listened the preach from their Gurus, keeping aside the matter of truth or falsehood. And after studying or listening the same, they became able to write the books. So this is also fundamental law, based on which, the ancient Rishis first listened Vedas and when they became learned then only they wrote the Vedic books like Valmikee Ramayana, six shastras, Mahabharata (Bhagwad Geeta), Upanishads, etc., etc. So, first the knowledge of Vedas is initiated in the universe and afterwards other books come into existence.

Somebody may say that human beings have knowledge by their nature to create anything like books etc., but we see that the newly born baby who is nursed in a jungle, in the absence of knowledge of a learned person, he becomes incapable to do anything. Thus, he can’t be M.A, M.Sc, doctor etc. So there are two types of the words and meanings. First, eternal which are from Almighty God and second, natural made by human beings. Eternal word meanings are always from Vedas i.e., from God. After listening/studying Vedas, human-beings become learned and then too based on their own natural knowledge, they make their own words and meanings, literature etc. But it is very much clear that in the absence of knowledge of Vedas, no one can become learned. Nowadays, also people live in dense jungle and do not lead a civilized life because they are not learned as cited above. Vedas are not sects because they emanate direct from God and God is one for all human beings. God creates sun, moon, air, water, food etc., which are meant for the best use of all human-beings for their long, happy life. So are the Vedas.

So all human beings must accept Vedas as an eternal knowledge from God, for the benefit of whole creation.

I mean to say that Kunti and Madri got babies through natural course and not mere worldly ashirwad of any Rishi-muni etc., being unauthentic, unnatural and against the Vedas.

Secondly, the shlokas added in Mahabahrat are also against the science/Vedas which Vyasmuni could not even think to write, he being philosopher of Vedas. Vyasmuni has written Vedant Shastra also which is totally based on eternal knowledge of Vedas. So, we’ll also have to think that how Rishi’s views can contradict. I mean to say when vedant shastra is totally based on Vedas then the way of writing of Vyasmuni cannot be antagonistic to Vedas’ truth as is reflected in added shlokas

If any person if habitual to write letter to his father, mother or anyone then his father, mother or any other person would be familiar with his way of writing.

I also paste my article on Mahabharat epic as under and would advise you to read my books Vedas – A Divine Light part I to IV , in English worth Rs. 80, 121,100,100 excluding postal charges. It may be sent to you on receipt of your postal address, if you desire.

Rishis are those who after studying Vedas and doing hard practice of ashtang yoga, with closed eyes, sitting on meditation, see ved mantras within themselves otherwise the title of rishi is against the Vedas


Munis are those who do hard study of vedas and deeply reflect over the ved mantras.

The said definitions are totally based on Vedas, please.

Rishis and munis would naturally spread the knowledge of Vedas preach to do daily yajyen/hawan totally based only on ved mantras, Name jaap of God and to do hard practice of Ashtang Yoga mentioned in Vedas which is not being seen nowadays.

Secondly, Rishi-munis would never tell to do idol worship because idol worship is not mentioned in Vedas, please. Your views regarding tampering of Mahabharat shlokas are appreciated. Efforts have already been made by Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Arya Samaj to tell the truth about one lakh ten thousand false shlokas of Mahabharat. Presently, I’ve also been trying my level best to educate the people through my books, CDs and preach. Rest depends on the mercy of Almighty God because the saints etc., who are against the Vedas’ philosophy are large in number and have also been trying their level best to spread views against the Vedas.

I hope you will also try to spread the truth when you will first attain it.

I hope you would write to me with the outcome of your meeting with the religious leader.

Again my blessings to you.

Mahabharat that it has only 10,000 shlokas written by Vyas Muni ji which are true. Uptil now, Mahabharat has about one lakh twenty thousand shlokas i.e., about one lakh ten thousand shlokas are fictitious which have been added. I also paste here one of my articles —

There is a statement by King Bhoj in his book “Sanjeevini” about which Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati too states:

“Vyasji wrote 4400 shlokas of mahabharat to which another 5,600 authentic shlokas were added by the disciples of Vyasji. During the reign of Maharaja Vikramaditya another 20,000 shlokas were added. Further Maharaja Bhoj says that during the reign of his father 25,000 and during half of his life time 30,000 more shlokas have been added to the Mahabharat book. If this process of addition of shlokas continues then the time is not far when Mahabharat book would have to be compared to the burden loaded on a camel.”

There have been false additions to Mahabharat epic from time to time. Regarding this Kashinath Rajvade writes:

“The present Mahabharat is a corrupt and enlarged edition of the ancient Mahabharat. This ancient work has been diluted from time to time with all sorts of additions and has grown in proportion on that account.”