Lalit: 1.Swamiji could you please very briefly explain our history after Ramji’s end. We say that the most ancient civilisation was Harrapan. Who was the king after Ram and why is there no mention of any thing before Mahabharat, also there is no scientific evidence to suggest that human beings not only lived but had equally modern technology as today?
2. As per the Vedas a child should not be taken outside the house for a specific number of days after birth. But today because of advances in medical science there is no danger of infection like there must had been thousands of year back. So is it relevant today?
3. Does God has any control on an enlightened soul ,you said in a reply that a realised soul is free to take birth as and when it wants to? Can a yogi who has attained salvation cure an individual of a deadly disease if he/she wishes to? Can they fly, see the future?
Swami Ram Swarup: (1) Sri Ram after completing the fourteenth years period of exile, ruled over the world as monarch for several years. His kingdom was in Ayodhya. At the age of eighty years, Sri Ram left Ayodhya for jungles, to a lonely place, as was done by kings and public. After seventy-five years of age, as mentioned in Vedas, one must take sanyaas and the last time of his life should be spent in jungle; which Sri Ram did. He handed over the kingdom to his sons Luv and Kush and Mata Sita also remained with Luv and Kush. Thereafter, no history is available. Yet, I would like to mention here that such events which have occurred in the history will not give us peace but the pious deeds done by Sri Ram like –study of Vedas and Ashtang Yoga Philosophy in the ashram of Guru Vasishth, being obedient to parents, elders and Rishis , performing of daily hawan/Yajyen , to tell truth, worshipping of formless God in the shape of Yajyen and Yogabhyas etc., discharge of family duties faithfully, to arrange all comforts to public being king to maintain peace, to impart justice to everyone, to ensure respect of women everywhere etc., are to be maintained in our routine life which will sure make our nation strong.

Vedic period is most ancient and comes into existence right from the beginning of every creation. Actually, it is an eternal philosophy. When this universe will meet with final destruction, then in the new creation automatically the Vedic period shall start again. In this connection, my article is pasted below-

At the beginning of the earth, the knowledge of four Vedas emanates direct from God and by the divine power (because God is empowered to do so) and capacity of God, the knowledge of Vedas is originated in the heart of four Rishis of non-sexual creation. Here, it is to be understood that God is formless but without speaking He is empowered to make and understand the matter to universe which He wants. That is why, Yajurveda mantra 31/1 states that God has unlimited mouths. Therefore, without speaking or writing, the knowledge of ved mantras is generated in the heart of four Rishis because Almighty God is empowered to do it.

The Vedas’ knowledge is generated in the heart of four Rishis about one arab, ninety six crore, eight lakh, fifty three thousand years ago. Uptil Mahabharat war, i.e., before 5,300 years ago, the said knowledge was obtained traditionally, heart to heart. That is by listening from an acharya and was memorized by heart as well. That is why, Vedas are called ‘Shruti’ also. ‘Shruti’ means the knowledge was listened from the mouth of the said four Rishis by disciples, then disciples became Rishis and they spread the knowledge of Vedas and so on. So, uptil Mahabhart war, the said knowledge of Vedas spread heart to heart, by listening method and no book was published. Now, a great Rishi named Vyas Muniji, who also listened to four Vedas from his acharya and remembered it by heart, decided for the first time to write the knowledge of Vedas on Bhoj patra. Finally, he wrote the four Vedas on Bhoj patra, in his hand-writing. In sixteen century, the printing press came into existence and four Vedas were printed and produced in the shape of four samhitas.

So, he who studies Vedas has control on senses, mind and intellect, does daily yajyen and practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy keeps himself away from sins, is called “Arya” otherwise “Unarya i.e., devil. So, Arya did not come from outside. They were living right from the beginning of the earth. And Vedic period starts at the time of beginning of each creation. Now, most of the saints lack the knowledge of Vedas and have made their own path of worship that is mostly against the Vedas. So, how can they oppose the illusion. Only, Arya samaj has been trying but their efforts are like cumin seeds in the mouth of camel because rest of the saints and public do not know about Vedas.

Instead, they promote the foreign spiritualism and culture. They visit abroad and thus collect huge amount from there i.e., Indian future has been made miserable. I am not against to promote foreign culture but not at the expense of our own Indian culture.

Aryans, as I have stated above, never came from outside. As regards, the oldest book, most of the people are in dark (ignorant). As stated above, the knowledge of Vedas originated in the heart of four Rishis, but the sequence was first Rigveda in the heart of Agni Rishi, second Yajurveda in Vayu Rishi, Third Samveda in Aditya Rishi and fourth Atharvaveda in Angira Rishi.

Manusmriti shloka 1/23 And Rigveda Mantra 10/181/1,2 states that there was an aspirant who obtained the knowledge of four Vedas from the above quoted four Rishis and is called “Brahma”. Vedas state that he who has knowledge of four Vedas is always called ‘Brahma’. That is, the same law is applicable in the present also. Now, you please think that Brahma got the knowledge from the above four Rishis, it means the Four Rishis were alive at the same time, then it is baseless to say that most ancient book is Rigveda, infact we should state that four Vedas belong to the same time period. For example- Twins take birth and their time of birth can differ for about few minutes but it cannot be told that the first born baby was more ancient than the second one. Vedas are not book, it is a formless knowledge like God. The handwritten books by Vyas muni were also written in same time period, because writer was one i.e., Vyas muniji. So, the four Vedas

written by Vyas muni and the printed books of Vedas at present also, are not called Vedas but are called “Samhitas”. ‘Samhita’ means collection of ved mantras which have been printed in the shape of a book. Vedas are the preach which comes out from the mouth of learned acharya of four Vedas. The preach (voice) of the learned acharya is also formless and unseen.

Before Mahabharat, Manu Smriti (in Satyug) and thereafter Valmiki Ramayan (in Treta) had been written by Manu Bhagwan and Valmiki Rishi ji respectively wherein great events have been mentioned. Study of Valmiki Ramayan reveals that those days, the science was at much advanced stage then that of today.

(ii) No doubt, science is doing well but you see, several cases are there when mother or babies get medical problems. Yet, if somebody believes that due to science there is no problem then we have failed to understand spiritualism and difference between materialism and spiritualism. Materialism is science and spiritualism is Vedic path. So, when from Vedas, our Rishi-munis have told us to obey the rules and regulations of Almighty God mentioned in Vedas, then we must understand that its non-compliance creates problems in life. Vedic path is not a blind faith because Vedic knowledge emanates direct from God and is not man-made. So for our happy life, we must follow Vedic rules and regulations, preaches God in all four Vedas.

(iii) You see, liberated soul is equivalent to God as is stated in four Vedas like Atharvaveda mantra 4/11/7. So, such a soul is empowered to cure or do anything he wants. But it is at the discretion of the liberated soul, and I think no liberated soul cures such problems, diseases etc., therefore we must always worship/pray formless, omnipresent, Almighty God according to Vedas and do Yajyen/hawan, name jaap of God which gives hundred percent guarantee to liberate ourselves form any disease and problems. Moreover, who knows about the liberated souls and why will the liberated soul will be pleased to cure etc. Sri Krishna Maharaj took birth according to Atharvaveda mantra 9/10/11, at his own discretion , for the benefit of mankind and not merely for a single or few number of countable persons. Liberated soul is free from all kinds of binding, so is a free dignitary and the said freedom is according to the rules and regulations of God i.e., God has
given freedom, God has blessed the soul with salvation; that is why, the liberated soul has no binding and is empowered to do whatever the soul likes yet according to Vedas.

J T: Swamiji I just wanted to know who is our kuldevta? My grand father came to India after partition & they all settled down in Mumbai.

Swami Ram Swarup: The matter of Kul Devta does not exist in Vedas. So, there is no learned person to say about the same. In Vedas, there are only five Devtas to be worshipped i.e., are meant to be given respect and worship etc. those are mother, father, atithi, acharya and formless God who are now a daqs mostly not being praised , respected and nursed well. Vedas tell the fact and we’ll have to come back under the pious shelter of four Vedas. Under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedas and yoga philosophy, to overcome all problems, diseases etc., and to attain salvation.

So, according to Vedas, there is only one Ishta and Kuldevta of entire universe that is formless, almighty God who creates nurses and destroys the universe. Apart from this human beings have made their own path. If such people are not interested in the eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanates direct from God then they may go ahead, at their own, against the Vedas.