Arun Kumar: You have said that a yogi can listen and see things happening far. (Patanjal yog-darshanam, page number 314, sutra 2/43). Do you mean to say a yogi can hear a conversation which a normal person can not hear or see? How far one mile 2 mile or more?

Arun Kumar: You have said that a yogi can listen and see things happening far. (Patanjal yog-darshanam, page number 314, sutra 2/43). Do you mean to say a yogi can hear a conversation which a normal person can not hear or see? How far one mile 2 mile or more?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please such Yogi can listen and see up to a long distance i.e., thousands of miles. However, as
said in the sutra it is possible only when five senses, five perceptions, mind and intellect are purified by hard practice of ashtang Yog and Tap. Tap means, “SHRTUM TAPAH, SHANTAM TAPAH, DAM TAPAH, …….” As mentioned and clarified in sutra 2/11 page 157 of the comments on Patanjal Yog Darshan written by me.

Arun Kumar: I have a copy of Bhadwad Gita translated by you. The translation is consistent with all of your
teachings, but on its front-cover it has a 10 headed person (including Ganesha, hanuman etc.) That is not according to your teachings.
Swami Ramswarup: As I already mentioned, in one of my previous answer that by the grace of God I only write spiritual
books but books are printed either by my disciples or by others. So erroneously, the two books happened to be printed by others— one was, “Vedanta and Eternal Vedas’ Philosophy Pt 2″ in which the sign on the front was printed and secondly Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta. The said Geeta was printed also by an editor of daily who is till publishing my articles on Bhagwat Geeta regularly. I have now written up to 4th chapter and fifth chapter is being started. The editor prints an article a week which contains explanation of one shlok. This newspaper is very popular here. If you are desirous, and can send his subscription fees, the editor can dispatch his weekly paper ” PUNRVAAS” to you also to enable you to read. Explanation of one
shlok of Geeta in a week. Otherwise on completion of six chapters again Bhagwat Geeta shall be printed. So the editor is not aware of knowledge of Vedas in full. He himself printed the photograph which I objected when I saw the book first but it was at the time when my ticket was booked to fly to New York and only one day was left when I got the printed Bhagwat Geeta
which was to be given in USA. So nothing could be done please. Your objection is appreciated please.

Arun Kumar: I read this on one arya samaj web site that a disciple of Maharishi Dayanand saw him sitting on the
surface of water in Udaypur. Can a yogi attain such powers so that he can walk on water or sit in fire or sleep on ice etc. No yogi including you wants to display the power of yoga. But not everybody can be a yogi and most of the people believe only when they see things happening in front of their eyes. Why do all the yogi’s keep yoga a secret? Yajurved (26/2) says that everyone has right to study the Veda. But knowledge can not be gained until it is given by somebody. So it is the responsibility of the yogis to teach Vedas to the public and do the good for the society. Why do most of the yogis prefer to stay in the jungle and not come to the public and spread the truth? This question might sound stupid but I just want to
know how many true Yogies are there in India? Do you know any body else who you believe could be a true Yogi?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please, after doing hard practice of learning Vedas and ashtang yoga a Yogi attains eight Ridhis and siddhis as also enlightened in Yajurveda mantra 7/4. So one Ridhi is ANIMA i.e., to make the body most light weighted and can sit on water. I am sure about Swami Dayanand but it is sure the if he had attained this Ridhi then he could also do so. But Yogi can never sit on fire with anybody (suksham or sthool) Atharvaveda 1/1/ 2,3,4 clarifies that if aspirant invites a Yogi or Yogi asks the followers to come to him then Yogi (learned of Vedas) starts giving knowledge of Vedas and yoga otherwise not. i.e., in some other mantras of the Vedas it is mentioned that the knowledge is only given to an aspirant who so desires. On this point you can say it is secret because if the people are not desirous of gaining knowledge on the other hand a learned person is forcefully trying to give or to teach the knowledge then naturally it all will go in vain. So question is only of the aspirant who is deserving otherwise all yogis are having polite heart. People may believe
things which they see before their eyes, but actually this has no concern with the nature of perfect Yogi. In Bhagwat Geeta shlok 2/55 Shri Krishna gives answer to Arjuna that when a Yogi has controlled all his senses etc., and has killed his desires and has become satisfied with the source of soul only then he is called that his mind is stable in Brahma. So actually a Yogi has no desire but when somebody comes to him with desire then he serves the people with knowledge.
This site of was created by my loving disciple Kapil, he is computer Engineer and several times he requested to open this site by him. Once I agreed and now my services are available for all. I feel that I have never asked anybody to become my disciple. But when people come then I cannot deny. Yet I have refused thousands of people. I always say I will preach but I am not interested to make disciples. So what you will say in this matter for which I am also astonished. In Orlando the chairman of Hindu University of America tried his level best with others to make my stay even for a day but I preached for some hours and in spite of several polite gentle requests of all of them I could not stay there. And
immediately flew to New York and next day to India whereas my disciples in New York were Also left weeping. So this action is not of mine but natural. People can blame me but it will always remain natural and herein India also such instances are happening. But whenever a real aspirant comes to me then I cannot avoid him. So question is only of deserving aspirant. So this philosophy is not secret please.

It is the responsibility of learned of Vedas to give knowledge to all concerned but at the same time people must also be desirous. In the present time situation is not as was in ancient times i.e., in Satyug, Treta, Dwapur, i.e., about five thousand years back. Vedas say that actually it is the responsibility of king spread the knowledge of Vedas while arranging
learned of Vedas and a Gurukul (universities etc.) the ancient kings by order used to send the people to universities and in turn people became learned whereas nowadays on the matter of faith (spiritualism) everybody is free to adopt any religion and nobody can object. Yes some society may be organized who can try their level best like the king of ancient time to make arrangements to spread the knowledge of Vedas by learned persons. Jungle is a lonely place and it is only meant to do practice of ashtang yoga and study of Vedas etc. When the same is completed then jungle has no relevance to live in but due to bent of mind of Yogi (their nature) he may prefer to live in jungle. In Chhandogya Upanishad it is mentioned the Rakya Muni was a Yogi. King Janshruti came to know about Rakya Muni, he ordered his soldiers to locate the Muni. All failed in spite of their best efforts. King ordered them to go to jungle/lonely place. When soldiers were searching him in secluded places the Muni was found sitting on sand alone. It is a long story which can’t be mentioned here but in short Rakya Muni refused a lot, however, the king persuaded him with his services to bring the Muni from his jungle to his palace to
preach the Vedas and there so many such examples of such respected kings in our ancient texts. So any Yogi can be brought in university or in any place to preach if he is persuaded with gentle thoughts and requests. I have spent most of the time in dense jungles of Rishikesh (India) where in a cave Baba Bankhandi Maharaj ji used to live. He was a Yogi but now he is
not alive. No more Yogi I know who have attained Samadhi please. There may be but I do not know because as per Yog shastra sutra 1/2 the meaning of Yog is Samadhi, i.e., realization of God and not teaching of yoga asan etc. and Samadhi is attained only after practicing ashtang yoga studying Vedas and doing yajna etc., which are unluckily being ignored nowadays.

Sagar Anmalla: Aum Shamno Mitra Sham Varunaha Shamno Bhavatvaryama Shamna Indro Bruhaspatih Shamno Vishnu Rurukramaha
Namo Brahmane Namaste Vaayo Tvameva Pratyaksham Brahmaasi Tvaameva Pratyaksham Brahma Vadisyaami Rutam Vadisyaami Tanmaamavatu Tad Vaktaaramavatu Avatu Maam Aum Shanti Shanti Shantihi. Its meaning is written as: May the sun God Mitra and other Vedic Gods – Varuna, Aryamaa, Indra, Brihaspati and the all pervading Maha Vishnu and all the Devatas shower their
Blessings upon us. Salutations to Brahma. Salutations to Vaayu. You are the personfication of Brahma. I shall proclaim thee as Brahma. I shall always abide by Dharma (righteousness). I shall always speak the truth. May that protect us all. Aum Peace, peace, peace. swamiji these is a copy paste from a website does this mantra is in Vedas and if it is then bhagwan baba who is uttering this mantra is talking about vishnu and different Gods to shower blessings. Maybe he beleives that there exists diffferent Gods. Please correct me.
Swami Ramswarup: You have quoted shlok from Tetiriyo Upanishad shiksha walli 1/1 and its correct meaning is — SHANO = Sham+ NHAH i.e., Sham means who gives peace and pleasure, Naha means for us, MITRAH means God who gives all merriment to all concern, URUKRAMAH means Almighty i.e., God. so meaning is——- May Almighty God , the God (MITRAH) who gives peace pleasure to all. VARUNAH = supreme i.e., God. SHAM = may God give peace and pleasure to us. ARYAMA= Supreme Judge i.e., God, May give peace and pleasure to us. BRIHASPATI (BRIHAD+PATI) brihad means the biggest Vedas, pati means master i.e., God, May God give peace and pleasure to us. INDRAH = who gives wealth/fortune, i.e., God may give us peace and pleasure to us. VISHNUHU= omnipresent i.e., God. BHAWTU = May. So meaning is OMNIPRESENT God May bless us. The above mantras also come in Rigveda mantra 1/90/9 therefore, sense of this mantra is — there is none except God and a learned spiritual master who can give peace and other above quoted blessings to human beings. Other meaning—– NAMAHA BRAHMANA= OUR NAMASTE, Adore and respect to God. (Brahma means God). VAYO = God who is base of universe, TWAM = you (God), EVA= only, PRATAKSHAM = openly/direct BRAHMA = God ASI is i.e., God, you are only one Almighty God. TWAM = you EVA = are PRATAKSHAM = direct
BRAHAM= God AVADISHAM = is said i.e., I have said only you as Supreme God. RITAM AVADISHAM = I have said divine truth, SATYAM AVADISHAM —- I have told eternal truth, TAT MAM AVEET= the God has protected me. TAT VAKTARM AVEET = the spiritual Acharya protected me. AVEET MAM= protected me. AVEET VAKTARAM = protected the preacher. This requires still lot of description, which cannot be described here being lengthy. For example Vishnu word is made from Dhatu Vishlri Vyapatau. Vyapatau means omnipresent i.e., God who is everywhere. So all names mentioned in mantra/shlok like Varun, Indra etc., according to qualities are related to one God, who creates, nurses and destroy the universe, Who is omnipresent, Almighty, omniscient, formless, beyond calculation and beyond imagination and He is only adorable God and is realized in the heart of a Yogi who studied Vedas and did hard practice of ashtang yoga. The above meaning is based on Sanskrit grammar and eternal Vedic philosophy please, where as pasted meaning is against the Vedas because there is only one God and no the second God. Yajurveda says in mantra 27/36 that God is one and equivalent to God neither, other has been born nor will be born.

Anil Kumar Rana: In Ramayan It is shown that King Dashrath went to help Indra. Maghnath captured Indra. In Mahabartha,
it is said ARJUN went to SWARG LOK to learn and get weapons. How one can go to Haven (swarglok) with Sthul body. It is said that all Devatas have sukhasm sarira and cannot be seen with physical eyes. I don’t understand how above mentioned people went to SWARG LOK. There are so many other stories also, which reveal some time ASUR won the swarg lok and throne away the king INDRA of swarg and then BISHNU helped the DEVETAS. Is it true?
Swami Ramswarup: There are so many meanings of one word in Vedas and epic. For example-Rigveda mantra 1/1/1 it is said
“AGNIM EEDE ….. RATNAM DHATAMAM” so here Agni means Ag-Agrini i.e., the Supreme power who was before creation, i.e., God (eternal) was first. Then he creates universe and is only adorable but on the other hand, the worldly meaning of agnim is fire which is not applicable here according to rest of the mantra. So meaning is found according to the matter/devta of the mantra etc. For example in Sanskrit Sendhav means salt and horse also. When a master of the house is asking for sendhav when he is taking food then sendhav means salt and when he is prepared in a dress to ride horse then sendhav means horse. So here Indra means a warrior alive man who has controlled his all indriyan i.e., five senses, five perceptions, mind and intellect. There is no any existence of swarg lok in space everything is here o earth according to good or bad deeds to face. So the meaning of dev (devta) in Vedas is – who is a philosopher of Vedas and other meaning pertains to alive mother, father, atithi, Acharya and God i.e., He is dev (devta) who gives good to us. Asur means who does sins and who does deeds against the Vedas and holy books as also mentioned in Yajurveda mantra 40/3. I have written the meaning of Vishnu also in one
of the above mentioned question please read web site.

Kapil Muni: I don’t know what’s before life and what’s after life? If you can explain me? It will open my eye regards to the life science.
Swami Ramswarup: Even a newly born child of animal, birds and man is afraid of death. When the child has taken birth today then without experience of death why he is afraid and try to protect himself from death? Because the child has been experiencing deaths for the last unlimited deaths which he had been experiencing. So before this life there has been unlimited births either in human life or animals and birds etc., according to good or bad deeds and after this life there will be sure new birth. So one has to take birth then death, then birth and this process is only ended when soul gets
salvation based on tapsya, practice of yoga philosophy, and worship etc.

Rahul: You told me that in the Vedas there is only three lokas. No narak or swarg exist.. then you said that they are here in the earth itself. Is this mentioned in the Vedas? Can you please quote the line? I have read in some places that there are 14 lokas (atal, vital, sutal … below the earth and bhur bhuvar, swarg, maha, jana.. above). I agree that it
is wrong according to Vedas… then where is it mentioned that there are 14 lokas? Is it in any purana?
Swami Ramswarup: Like in other Vedas, in Yajurveda mantra 32/6, three lokas have been mentioned i.e., Dyulok (planets
emitting light), Prithvilok ( earth) and Antrikshlok (space). As regards Bhuhu, Bhuvaha, Swaha etc., it is mentioned in Tetiriyo Upnishad shiksha valli and not in Vedas. So Bhuhu means breathing i.e., God who is loving like breaths. Bhuvaha means the God who kills the sorrows/sadness. Swaha means God who has unlimited merriment, Mahaha means God who is Almighty. Janaha means the God who creates the universe. Tapaha i.e., God who gives punishment to the sinners and Satyam means God who is eternal unchangeable, unbreakable etc. So in this Upanishad, Mahaha has also been told as Aditya lok (Surya lok i.e., sun) which gives light to others. This Aditya lok already comes within Dyulok cited above.

Malar: I would like to know if women are allowed to chant Veda mantras – like purusha suktam etc, if not the reason behind.
Swami Ramswarup: I have so many times clarified this doubt on the web site please, That we are blessed by God with human bodies according to our past deeds. Non- alive. We are alive souls and not non-alive. We live in the body. All souls of human beings, animals, birds etc., who are alive have same qualities i.e., immortal, knowledgeable like a ocean full of merriment, always separate from illusion etc., but due to their deeds of the past several births, every soul has forgotten his eternal qualities and seems to be different from each other i.e., some are happy, some are unhappy etc. So
according to fundamental law of God in Vedas, the God is supreme judge and do not favour anybody. He has preached the Vedas to the souls and not bodies. In Rigveda mantra 1/90/9 God is said “ARYAMA” i.e., supreme judge. So how He will favour any soul. Therefore every soul of human being keeping aside the matter of bodies of man or woman is entitled to recite
Gaytri mantra and all mantras of Vedas. This fact has also been mentioned in other mantras that every human being keeping aside the genders, bodies and caste etc., is entitled to worship God according to four Vedas.

Rajat: How can I get talk with my relatives after death?
Swami Ramswarup: After death the talk with the relative is impossible please because the soul takes next birth
and God has made no provision for such talks.

Sandeep B. Yadav: I recentlly had a discussion with my friend, when I told him about soul that it is the base of life
infused inthe livings beings by the GOD, he rebutted that if so then even scientists are equal to GOD. As they can create a human & animal by cloning & where do they get a soul from?
Swami Ramswarup: God made bodies, sun, moon, air, electron, proton, tree, space etc., etc. Is there any scientist who can even make a leaf of mango tree or any tree then what to talk of other unlimited matters made by God. Science is respected because all science matters are emanated from Vedas and are useful to all human beings. At the time of beginning of earth God makes all human, animal/birds’ bodies first which are non-alive. Then He places the souls within the bodies according to previous deeds and this is done by God only and not by anybody else. Can any scientist create a body by cloning without taking genes from a body already made by God. and not only, clone, scientist have to take other measures also in which, the matters are taken by scientist which are made by God. Secondly only those genes will be developed which have soul. You see when soul is out from a body that body is to be destroyed because the body starts giving smell etc. Scientist cannot make genes or the matters used in cloning.

Sandeep B. Yadav: Even for sake of argument if you say that God infuses soul into the womb, then isn’t GOd working according to will of few humans?
Swami Ramswarup: God is not working according to any will of human. He is a commander and does not fulfill the
requirement of human as a servant. The knowledge and deeds of the Almighty God are natural. If one can devote time to study science then why he has no time to study spiritualism and wonderful acts of God which are beyond calculation and beyond imagination. A scientist works on cloning if by the grace of God the scientist has a mind, body and soul within it. A mad
can not be scientist and a scientist cannot make mind.

Lall: You said in some of your answers that the rishis who recieved the knowledge of the Vedas were unsexual, please explain. If you mean that they did not have sexual organs etc. When was male and female came in existance?
Swami Ramswarup: The rishis were married and had children also. For example Vyas Muni were married and son Sukhdev
Muni. But there are some quotations in the Vedas that if a rishi or a family member meets with wife at a particular time for pregnancy only then he will be deemed as Brahamchari. In that process Arjuna, Shri Krishna, all rishis Munis were called Brahamchari in family life.

Shaveta: What should one do when others face injustice?
Swami Ramswarup: When you have courage to fight for the others to give them justice etc., then that courage must also be utilized for your self also. You already know that to bear the injustice is also a sin. So everybody must seek the justice. However, these days are not good. Most of the public no doubt, worship God and go to the spiritual gurus also, but
very few are afraid of God. therefore it is not easy to help the others and seek justice. Daily newspapers and TV are giving reports for injustice overall. I am not telling you to be afraid of. One must be brave. But please do always that task which is in your power. Supreme judge is God. He always gives justice. But one thing is clear that one should never be

Dr. Vijayaharan: Is there any relations between agnihothra and medical disorders? If so is it reversible?
Swami Ramswarup: It is very clear for all of us that even in the case of death, no body stops eating to live upon. So is the case of worship that agnihotr, jaap, meditation must never be stopped in any case. Atharvaveda kand 4 sukta 35 says eating is a food of body and worship is a food of soul. Both must not be stopped. Agnihotr burns the sorrows, which are the result of past deeds. No doubt that problems always come to face the result of past lives’ deeds which are burnt only by agnihotr, jaap and yoga practice etc. So I will advise you to continue agnihotr immediately, please Agnihotr is to
be performed daily twice that is in the morning and in the evening. The process of agnihotr has been given in a book written by me.

Lavraj Kumar: In my opinion Brahamchaaris and Sanyaasis should not be allowed to perform sanskaars as he/she is a student (irrespective of the age) and to perform sankaars he/she will have to come in close contact with the opposite sex and this could have negative effect on their bramchaari status. Do you agree with this and if so please give some evidence of this rule in the Vedas or the Rishi granths?
Swami Ramswarup: Brahamcharis and sanyasi both do not perform sanskaars. However, sanyasi is seated therein. Sanyasi means he who spreads the eternal knowledge of Vedas and yoga philosophy and he is always in contact with public. Secondly sanyasi means who has studied Vedas and practiced yoga philosophy and has controlled all his five senses, five perceptions and the mind. And thus no illusion of any kind can touch the sanyasi from public otherwise, he is not a sanyasi. Sanyasi is
a spiritual father of whole community. When he gives knowledge then his aspirant takes new birth and in Vedas, he is called “Dwij.” In this connection Rigveda mantra 1/149/5 refers. Yajurveda mantra 19/39 says that the whole public becomes purified (i.e., illusion is over) by the preach of learned sanyasi (spiritual Guru). The relation of aspirant and the Sanyasi is said to be so nearest as is ray of light of sun which touches earth. Saamveda mantra 164 says that a sanyasi, rishi or a spiritual Guru who knows Vedas, yoga philosophy is just like a vehicle carrying the whole knowledge of four Vedas and when he preaches,
then only an aspirant becomes learned. However, the qualities of such sanyasi who are rishis, Munis, are vast, some of which are— he has controlled all organs as mentioned above, studied Vedas, did practice of ashtang yoga, attained Samadhi and has realized God.

Lavraj Kumar: In vivaha sanskaar we use the term “Kanya Daan”. In my opinion this term is misleading as this gives the impression that a daughter is an object that can donated to and owned by the husband. In the Vedas woman are given a very high status. So in my opinion “Kanya Daan” infact means “Kanya ke liye Daan” which is given by parents and relatives to assist the new couple to start off their married life. Can I have your opinion on this please?
Swami Ramswarup: I have been writing an article in short about sixteen sanskaars including Vivah sanskaar to be
performed in life according to Vedas which will be placed on the web site shortly which may kindly be seen. No doubt the status of woman in Atharvaveda is — “ISTRI HI BRAHMA BABHUVITH” i.e., woman is like Brahma who is creator (mother also gives birth to the children and is considered like creator). In Rigveda it is said that O God! You are above my father, my
brother etc., but you are equivalent to my mother. So a daughter will reach at the position of mother when she is married that is why in Atharvaveda mantra 2/36/2, a father of a daughter says that he (father), according to the rules of Vedas, gives his daughter to his son-in-law as a property of him (son-in-law). In another mantra it is said that father has nursed his daughter to denote to his son-in-law. And there are so many such mantras in all the Vedas, on this subject matter. But that is another knowledge in other mantras that if husband is not suitable after marriage the wife can leave him and if
wife is not suitable then husband can leave her etc., etc.But the daughter is donated to a suitable and the best husband according to Vedas. The donation for kanya is another subject. Because there are eight types of marriages and in some marriages the donation is not given which are considered, ” the best” marriages.

Lavraj Kumar: I do not believe that Deepavali originated when Prince Rama returned from the exile. If I am right, can you please explain how and when Deepavali originated. Does Deepavali coincide with prince Rama’s return from the exile? If not, how did the two get linked together?
Swami Ramswarup: Deepawali has been made a custom. Actually when Shri Ram returned in Ayodhya after capturing lanka
then the public of Ayodhya was delighted. Bharat gave order in happiness to decorate whole Ayodhya. Roads were repaired. Ayodhya city was decorated with colorful flags. A Yajyen (agnihotr) was arranged to be performed and was performed accordingly. In Yajna, the lamps are burnt. Valmiki ji in his Ramayan says that several Yajyen were performed on the arrival of Shri Ram which means several lamps were burnt. We may assume that now a days this process function has been named diwali at own accord and lamps were burnt but holy Yajyen is not performed.Crakers etc. were not burnt on the arrival of Shri Rama.

Parakaalan: Some people say that Vedas are having another name as Nigamas? Is it so? If it is yes please give me the meaning of Nigama? And what are agamas?
Swami Ramswarup: The meaning of, “Nigam” is way, path and Vedas too. The meaning of, “agam” is unattainable
inaccessible and deep.

Jeevan Singh: One word from all the Holy Book “JAAP” isn’t it strange that we humna whether we are Sikh, Hindu or Islam we never have time for this one word “JAAP” our 24 hours is booked with everything?
Swami Ramswarup: When people are only after materialistic articles of the world and duly indulged in illusion,
then it is quite impossible for people to have time for jaap. Jaap means to remember holy name of God repeatedly. I have several times written that materialistic articles of the world even food are meant to feed the non-alive body only whether it is building or bed, sofa-set, gold etc., etc. And the non-alive body will have to be burnt one day, this non-alive body actually is meant to do pious deeds like jaap, worship, Yajyen, practice of yoga philosophy etc., to realize God. so one should utilize this body to do jaap etc. Within our body there is alive soul (we are souls and not body). Soul needs
not a single materialistic articles which are not her (soul’s) food. When we do not give spiritual food to the soul naturally soul being hungry will always remains disturbed facing sorrows, problems, tensions, sickness etc. So one should give food to both i.e., to body as well as to soul. Otherwise it is very clear that either man of millions or poor, everyone in the
absence of spiritual knowledge is hungry and experiencing several difficulties and remains unhappy always.

Sagar Anmalla: I am getting confused about Krishna as yogi and Krishna as a God. When I was reading your book on Vedanta, I came across questions put about Krishna some answers from you saying that Krishna saying to Arjuna that you cannot see me with your normal eyes but can see only with divine eyes. As you have said that Krishna is just a king, warrior, a yogi than how can he say to Arjuna that he is the divine? To me I feel Krishna is a yogi not God he just like you because even you are yogi and got enlightenment in 1979 and practised ashtang yoga. I feel Krishna and you are the same as yogi. There are so many yogis who are practising yoga and have realised God. Please tell me the clear answer that Krishna is just a yogi. You have said that he is like God. How? Can someone who is a yogi can math Almighty’s qualities and be like him. Please clear my doubts.
Swami Ramswarup: Shri Krishna was a Yogi as avtar can’t take place as per Vedas which principle is true because Almighty God needs no assistance for doing anything in the universe. Almighty means the God has all powers and needs no help. Yajurveda mantra 6/5 – TAT VISHNUHU PARMAM PADAM SADA PASHYANTI SURYAH. MEANS a Yogi realizes God within him i.e., God is manifested in the heart of Yogi but the physique or the soul of Yogi is not God. However soul is indulged in Almighty God (light) in Samadhi. So Yogi is like God but not God. if any one says that this is his real father and he addresses to an elder also and says he is like my father so elder is not his father but like his father. As elder has no hundred percent qualities of his father. This question I have already replied on the web site also, please, When it was put by a gentleman. In Yajurveda mantra 31/11 it is also said that the knowledge of Vedas is uttered by an alive Yogi/rishi. But further Saamveda mantra 944 and Rigveda 9/96/6 say that wording s are from God manifested in the heart of Yogi. so somewhere when Shri Krishna says I am so, I am so, everyone (Devta etc.,) is worshipping me, it means it is the voice of God when Krishna is in Samadhi. This subject requires more clarification which is only possible when aspirant is present before a yogi but I think this
much will serve the purpose. Rigveda mantra 9/96/6 quoted above says Brahma means he who knows four Vedas, is above amongst all learned but God is above Brahma and whatever Brahma speaks he speaks from the knowledge of God i.e., four Vedas. Therefore in stage of Samadhi when soul of yogi is indulged in God then Yogi (soul) is entitled to say that he is Divine
i.e., the soul at this juncture is indulged in God and seems to be God but not God. But over all it is problem now a days that mostly people have denied Vedas and have started their own self made path wherein there is left no scope of Vedas study,
practice of ashtang yoga, Yajyen(Yagya) etc. But they say you fix your belief that you are Brahma and there is no need of any worship or pious deed etc., in this case it is impossible to understand that who is Krishna and who is Yogi/Rishi. Thus the real knowledge of Bhagwat Geeta will also not be understood in the absence of knowledge of Vedas and ashtang yoga. Because it is very clear that if Shri Krishna told Geeta or Muni Vyas has written Geeta, both pious dignitaries studied four Vedas, did practice of ashtang yoga. Realized God and then they preached Bhagwat Geeta whereas most of the present saints give preach of Geeta but do not know Vedas, Sanskrit and do not do practice of ashtang yoga. Then how can they speak truth about even a single shlok of Geeta. Shri Krishna did not preach Geeta he preached Vedas which he learnt from Sandeepan rishi and his preach has been Bhagwat Geeta. Now a person studies Geeta and preaches. So learned person must know whether Shri
Krishna first studied Bhagwat Geeta and then preached? Definitely no. so one should first study Vedas, practice ashtang yoga and after realization he must preach Geeta because Bhagwat Geeta name has been given by somebody. Actually Bhagwat Geeta is an extract of Bhisham Parv of Mahabhart epic and Mahabhart has been written by Muni Vyas ji. Therefore Krishna was a Yogi
and at present also anyone can be Yogi like Krishna, if he studies hard the Vedas, does hard practice of ashtang yoga under guidance of spiritual master and realizes God within him.

Sagar Anmalla: You have said that once the person dies the soul leaves the body and goes in the atmosphere after 13 days comes back into the vegetables and plants and then a man eats the vegetables and then it goes into his wife’s womb where again the soul takes birth. Here I would like to ask that how can a soul get into a body of a man who is alive i.e. two souls in one body. You have answered that a soul never enters a body of a crow when it is alive. I am bit confused. Please clear my doubt.
Swami Ramswarup: This is a fact that a soul which leaves the body at the time of death goes in to the atmosphere etc.
This soul takes birth according to the process made by God in Vedas (39th chapter of Yajurveda also refers) through husband and wife but this soul can’t enter direct. That is why , in 8th month of pregnancy , a mother has two hearts. One of herself and second of baby. We cannot go against the law of Vedas made by God himself. Secondly in the process of pregnancy when a soul enters she will have to take birth through mother whether lady, animal, or birds whereas it is false statement that soul comes in crow and in a body in the form of ghost etc.

B. Chandrasekhar: I have been advised that the skin of Arjun tree (arjun-ki-chhal) is very good for the heart and prevents heart attacks. I would like to know whether this is correct and I would also like to know how to use the same.
Swami Ramswarup: Yes, it is correct that skin of Arjuna tree is beneficial in the diseases of heart. It may be taken
direct by chewing a little portion thereof or a medicine from the same called arjunarisht is also available in market or you can take both twice a day. In addition one should have long morning walk and light exercises daily. He must also do yog asan and pranayaam to get best results.

Shiv Sharma: Some say that during Makar Sankranti the sun moves to some other direction and due to that big yaj or
things like weddings are not to be done. Is it true? Scientifically the sun does not move as far as I know, and the argument starts and we end up nowhere.
Swami Ramswarup: Sun never deviates from its axis. Movement of any planet has no concern with religious functions like
Yajyen (Yagya) etc. God is everywhere and becomes never absent. So at any time religious function can be organized. But mostly night is observed to take sleep. However some Yogi do hard tapsya, practice of ashtang yoga in whole of night also.

Shiv Sharma: Would you tell me How a person could be recognised as he/she is a unlucky person, though the person may be reach, or semi-reach or even poor?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually those persons are unlucky who are only after materialistic articles whether rich or poor
and have forgotten the real motto of human life to realize God. Therefore such persons are either rich or poor but never observe peace in life. Their lives are full of sorrows, problems, tensions and sickness etc. So money is nothing, if there is no peace in mind and happy, long, peaceful life is only attained when a person adopts spiritual path also while discharging
his moral duties of family, society and nation. Secondly luck is only based on present pious deeds and hard working with concentration, devotion and dedication towards right path. We have taken birth to face the result of our past deeds and now also we are free to do good or bad deeds but result is awarded by God in the shape of pious and sins respectively. So
one should listen preach and do pious deeds because God is everywhere and He awards THE RESULT OF DEEDS WHICH FURTHER MAKE our luck to face.

Ajay Kumar: There are so many great persons in our history. Then how did they accept the name ‘HINDU’ given by others. According to ‘SINDU CIVILIZATION’, how they get the name ‘INDUS’? What do you mean by this word? What is its meaning in Parsi?
Swami Ramswarup: Hindu word was used for whole of Indians without considering religion i.e., Hindu, Muslim, Sikh etc.
First of all Greeks and Unanis called us as Indus, thereafter Arabic, Persians started saying whole of population living on the bank of Sindhu as Hindi. Then after some period it was pronounced Indu and then Hindu. Indu and Hindi words were used for whole of population living on the banks of the river Sindhu, just as in America whole of population is called American irrespective of religion. Therefore whole of people who are living in India are Hindus/Hindustani, but now those study Vedas, Geeta, Ramayan they are called Hindus. In Farsi AAB means water and in Hindi Jal means water. So we will use Jal and not AAB.
According to our scripture Hindu means all those who live on the bank of river Sindhu it is rather surprising but no one can do anything that some people have started saying that those who study Geeta, Ramayan are Hindus only. The meaning of word Hindu is inferior, black, and thief etc. you are right that there were so many great people in our history at that time but now what can we do at this juncture that we are being called Hindus. Why the learned people did not object at that time? We were and are still arya which means a gentleman and a son of God. So why can’t we agitate to take our ancient name Arya?

Lt. Rashmi Sahu: What is the difference: yagya, yagna and havana?
Swami Ramswarup: In Hindi pronunciation is Yagya, in Sanskrit its pronunciation is Yajna. Actually, the yajna word of
Sanskrit is built from words,YA+JA+I/2 YEN+AA=YAJYEN. So correct pronunciation it as “Yajyen” but most of the people pronounce it as Yagya. Actually this word is from Sanskrit and most of the words in Sanskrit are used in Hindi also. As regards, havan, it is also called agnihotr. It is also performed by Ved mantras as Yajna. But in Yajna the presence of an Acharya (Guru) who knows all four Vedas is essential whereas in havan, it is not. He who knows the four Vedas is called alive Brahma. The most of the present saints who have not studied Vedas and even do not know truth/(Almighty God) have spread false statements stating not to study Vedas and not to perform holy Yajna which is against the eternal knowledge of Almighty God in the shape of four Vedas.

Anil Sharma: How can I find a qualified guru in plethora of impostors & cheaters?
Swami Ramswarup: The human body is blessed by God for worship and for doing pious deeds according to Vedas. Atharvaveda mantra 10/8/43 says that this body is called “PUNDRIKAM” i.e., to do only pious deeds to realize God. mantra further says that within this body, there resides “AATMENVAT” i.e., soul and this soul when worships, does yoga practice according to Vedas then realizes God who ( God) also resides in human body and is omnipresent too. This soul has so many
qualities including the quality that he realizes truth but under the bad influence of five senses and mind (mann) the soul forgoes the truth. So when anyone starts seeking a real Guru the soul within his body will tell himself the truth. So one should wander and try hard at his level best to search out a REAL Guru Which IS AN UTMOST REQUIREMENT OF A SOUL AS TOLD BY
Almighty God IN FOUR Vedas. Further, I CAN ONLY SAY THAT YOU MUST SPARE AT LEAST TEN DAYS TO ATTEND YOGA CAMP HERE COMMENCING FROM 25TH April 2005 and I think you will be able to realize some truth. Before coming, it will be most beneficial for you if you can study at least two books in English and three books in Hindi written by me based on Vedas.

Anil Sharma: Have you realised God ? If yes, how does it feel?
Swami Ramswarup: In this connection, the views of Ken Rishi in Ken Upnishad are very clear. In the Upanishad Rishis says to his disciple that after listening preach if you (disciple) think that you have realized God it means you have realized a little bit only. Therefore who has realized the God has no pride to say that he has realized Him.

Abhinav: What does “VIDHI” mean?
Swami Ramswarup: Vidhi means process, rule, manner, scheme and way etc.

Ramamurthy: What is the meaning of Anshul?
Swami Ramswarup: Word Anshul has been made from anshu and meaning of Anshu is “ray of light” or sun beam please.

Vidya: It is said in Bhavishya Purana that Lord Visnu’s presence returns from puri to vaikuntha after 5000 years of kaliyug. Also all nadidevis ganga yamuna return to vaikuntha is this why ganga is getting polluted .Is the saying that you will be rid of your sins if you have a dip in ganga true in this period?
Swami Ramswarup: This all is not true, according to Vedas please. In Vedas the name of three veins are “IDA, PIDA and SUSHUMNA” which have further told as Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati. When a Yogi does practice of yoga philosophy according to Vedas under the guidance of his spiritual master, his pran (concentration) then Ida, Pida goes to Saraswati, a place on forehead, in between two eyebrows (agya chakra) and then Brahamrandhar where the Yogi realizes God.

Sagar Anmalla: Tell me about Dwarka
Swami Ramswarup: In Mahabhart, holy Granth, there is a description of Dwarka Puri whose king was Yogeshwar Shri Krishna. In Mosal Parv of Mahabhart, it is mentioned that Dwarka Puri was handed over by Shri Krishna to Arjuna. So definitely there was Dwarka Puri. The meaning of Vishwakarma is an engineer and second meaning is Almighty God. So no doubt that Dwarka Puri was made under guidance of an engineer i.e., vishwakarma.

Ajay Kumar: I want to know that what is the meaning of the word hindu? According to Swami Dayanand Saraswati, it is a Parsi word which means black, devil.
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please. I have already explained so many times that Hindu word has been allotted to the Indians. Otherwise Indians were called “arya” and meaning of arya is God fearing gentleman or woman. India is on the bank of river Sindhu. The people abroad used to call us Indus and thereafter Hindus. But meaning has no value at all. Some ladies have name Shanti devi bur they quarrel. Some gentleman has his name as Kaudimal but they are men of million etc.

Raghav: Please explain me the religious way of living?
Swami Ramswarup: One should be in contact with a spiritual Guru who knows Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy. this spiritual Guru then preaches how to remember the name of Almighty God, he will, guide about pious deeds and to control five senses, five perceptions and mind and he will give lot of knowledge daily and time to time as and when needed. Then one will awake early in the morning, at about 4′ O clock. He will do jaap, asan, pranayaam and meditation, havan in the morning up to 6 O’ clock. Then he will do all the pious deeds for family, society and earnings etc., for full day. In the evening, he will also do havan, asan, pranayaam, mediation And naam jaap at least for one hour. He will do all pious deeds under guidance of his spiritual Guru.

Sumit Kakar: What kind of personality is which has strong mind but very weak soul and is always confused between real life and God?
Swami Ramswarup: Weak soul never has strong mind of alertness and wisdom etc., mind is made from prakriti and thus is
non-alive whereas soul is alive. But mind works in the light of soul.

Tatarao: Did Gandhari opened her blind fold ? If so in what occations?
Swami Ramswarup: On the basis of research it is clear that Mahabhart has only 10,000 shlokas up till, now it has become about 1,20,000 i.e., false shlokas have been added. As per some shlokas, it is mentioned that Gandhari asked her son Duryodhan to come before her because if see would see him then he would be immortal. But it is said that Shri Krishna pressed Duryodhan to cover his abdomen, and lower portion of the body to some extent. It is said that at this occasion Gandhari opened her blind fold, but all learned persons do not agree on this point being unnatural because no one can overcome death of body by any means.

Sagar Anmalla: Can a Yogi predict anybody’s future? Does astrology exist?
Swami Ramswarup: Astrology of present astrologer does not exist in Vedas please. I have never told to predict future of anybody else but could have said that a Yogi can tell a future but no Yogi used this power to tell the future of any body else. But Yogi means who is philosopher of four Vedas, has practiced ashtang yoga fully and has REALIZED Almighty God. and in the said category Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Vyas Muni, Kapil Muni, guru Vashisth come. But I think they have never told future of anybody an such Yogi never makes any jantri, teva etc., they have only supreme eye. Present astrologer are not Yogis etc. I have only replied that future is based on present pious deeds, worship, hard working, devotion and dedication towards right path. Even yogi tells future of any one. Then future will not be changed until person does true worship, pious
deeds etc. So Yogi never tells future. But inspires to do pious deeds etc.

Sagar Anmalla: I had been reading astrology books. Does the behavioral pattern of people depend upon their sunsign?
Swami Ramswarup: Long-long ago I read one instance I think, of USA that one killer entered in a train. A person was sitting in the train and when the person saw the killer, he immediately shouted that the killer has murdered the person recently. So on the basis of fundamental law of Vedas, a person can tell something about the future based on his previous life’s worship, tapsya etc. But I again say that nothing can be removed as to what is to happen in future until a person worships and does pious deeds etc. As regards planets, the life of human beings is connected with planets like sun, moon etc., if sun will not be there then no life will be there as sun is the cause of crops ripening, rain etc. and so is the moon, according to its qualities. But no planet is attached with the future of anybody.

Lavraj Kumar: I understand that there is no mention of idol worship and black magic in the Vedas. Can you please
explain what is wrong with idol worship and how this andhviswaas started?
Swami Ramswarup: God is omnipresent but a statue is not omnipresent. Statue is non-alive whereas God is alive.
God is purest one whereas statue requires purification daily etc., etc. Actually there are unlimited qualities of Almighty God whereas qualities of statue are limited that too of non-alive matter. God creates, nurses and destroys the universe and again creates at a stipulated time whereas statue can not. About 2000 years back first time Janis made a temple and statue
of Mahaveer Swami ji who was great Tapsvi. Before this there was no statue worship.

Lavraj Kumar: I am in absolute agreement with you that only the Vedas and Rishi granths are the only sources of
absoulte truth. Can you please tell me exactly when does a person becomes a Rishi and who gives him this upaadhi since he is way beyond ordinary people? Also, if I see a person dressed up as a Rishi how will I know that he is a true Rishi and not a bogus one (we have too many of these)?
Swami Ramswarup: Vedas are traditional knowledge please. Presently too one will have to go to a Acharya who
teaches Vedas. After competing about 12 to 14 years continuous study whatsoever it is, the aspirant also has to continue holy yajna and practice of ashtang yoga philosophy. when aspirant has attained full command on ashtang yoga philosophy that is yam, Niyam, asan, pranayaam,, pratyahar, dharna, dhyan, Samadhi and attains eighth fold path i.e., Samadhi then he
realizes Almighty God. then Atharvaveda mantra 4/30/3 says that who Almighty God Himself accepts, He (God) makes the aspirant Rishi. And in token God appears in aspirant’s heart with all four Vedas. That is why definition of rishi is Mantradrishta i.e., the aspirant who after the above said tapsya also realizes knowledge of four Vedas within him, he is rishi. So we
must be aware of self made false rishis who are at present earning money by their false statement. A rishi will never tell worship of any statue, devi-Devta, etc., accept one formless, omnipresent and Almighty God i.e., the God whose qualities are in Vedas, who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. A singer will tell always about song, a dancer- dance and instrument player about playing on instrument, a leader about leadership etc., etc. So a rishis in whose heart Vedas have been originated by God like Vyas Muni, Kapil Muni etc., he will always tell about Vedas.

Lavraj Kumar: Swamiji your teachings and views are exactly the same as Maharishi Dayanand. I have read his “Satyarth Prakash” and in my opinion it is one of the most enlightening books. I am more inclined to refer to this book as the seventh shastra as he was a Maharishi. What is you opinion on Rishi Dayanand, his teachings and his Satyarth Prakash?
Swami Ramswarup: Because the teachings of Maharishi Dayanand were based on four Vedas therefore no doubt the teachings
are hundred percent true. When anyone will try to tell any self made story or do dance, music etc., and will ever try to avoid philosophy of Vedas, his statement is almost all false one and Manusmriti directly says that such people and their followers experience sorrow, problem, tension in the life and too after death. Manusmriti shlok 2/168 in this connection is
“YOANADHITYA DWIJO VIDAMANYATRA KURUTE SHRAMAM SA JEEVANEV SHUDHRATVAMASHU GACHHATI SANVAYAHA” You see our past ancient rishis first studied Vedas then wrote shastras, Upanishads, Geeta etc., but present false saints preach Geeta etc., but without prior study of Vedas.

MB: My second question is about a Goddess. I am surprised by the amount of controversy Her figure raises among Hindus. Since I respect your opinion I would like to ask you Why do you think this happens?
Swami Ramswarup: In Vedas it is pleased that only five alive devtas i.e., mother, father, atithi, Guru, and almighty God is only to be worshipped. Secondly there are so many devtas and devi being worshipped by the people and naturally there will be controversy. But as per Vedas one should worship Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe.

Mahesh Kumar: Which are the most important asnas are for the common people?
Swami Ramswarup: Asan are several and I have a written asan on the web site several times. But asan, pranayaam, etc. is always learnt by a spiritual master in his presence, please.

Prashant Vora: We are expecting a child in month of March and I would like to know what name would you suggest for a boy or a girl from Veda.
Swami Ramswarup: For boy – Devesh, (who is learned of Vedas, and has all pious assets/ pleasure) Aditya (who is like light, and who is immotral), Somesh (pleasure full), Piyush (immortal), and for daughter-Sumedha (learned daughter 2who has pious and pure mind), Manisha (who deeply study Vedas etc., and is learned), Rishika (who has realized mantras after tapsya and who is a great learned), please.

Prashant Vora: Why humans are not satisfied in life and no one happy in life every body has some or the other problems is yug mien shahti kyu nahi hai swami ji?
Swami Ramswarup: Water is everywhere under the earth but a thirsty will be satisfied where tube well or any boring has been done or hand pump is established. So God is everywhere but is realized in human body and permanent peace is only attained after realizing God. So peace is with in us but mostly the people are searching the peace in wealth, assets, materialistic articles, pomp and show, anger, proud, ego, etc., etc. Before 5000 years back there was peace when people were worshipping God daily while discharging their moral duties also. So when this fact is not known by the people then problem, violence, illness, sorrows, etc., etc., are arisen. So this a deep and lengthy subject but must be known by everybody failing which no peace can be attained.

Anil Sharma: Is God a reality or just a concept of mind, how can I feel assured of his existence?
Swami Ramswarup: If your family member go out of station for any work then house will be closed. When you will return after a week’s time then the house will not be found cleaned, it means when you were living, then you were looking after the house. A Painting can not be made in absence of a painter, artist, pots are only made by potter. So it is very clear that models, pictures etc., are not made itself. The sun rises and sets at a proper time for the last many years and so is the moon. The seasons are changed at a proper time, birth and generations occur etc., etc. if there would have no power to control then mistakes could take place. Therefore it is rightly said that incidents being occurred in the universe are not taking place at their own. Can any scientist make even a leaf of a tree as made by God? So while we look towards whole universe where every deed is being done under stipulated rules and regulations then naturally we starts to say or we are bounded to say that some supreme power is controlling the universe. And that power is called, “Almighty God”.

Anil Sharma: Can I ever see or realise God, if yes? How?
Swami Ramswarup: God is realized when as aspirant goes to a
spiritual Guru who knows Vedas and ashtang yoga. And when the aspirant practice yoga philosophy and worship etc., then he can realize but date and births can not be fixed. Because it depends on struggle, tapsya of the aspirant.

Rajat: What happens after death? Does really Vishnoo comes to us during death to take us or Satguru comes to pick up to Vishnoo place? What we realised after death? Where our aatma moves after death on up or down? At my death time my aatma will move to east or west or where? How can
I get talk with my relatives after death?
Swami Ramswarup: In Vedas Vishnu means God who is omnipresent and being omnipresent God needs not to go and come. There is only one God who is formless, Almighty, creates, nurses, and destroy the universe. Under the said God only births and deaths take place. Nobody can make any interference in His command. So no Satguru, or any other Vishnu come to take soul. In Vedas it is said that air enters the body and takes the soul out of the body, this air enters under the rules and control of the Almighty God only. Almighty means God has all powers and needs no assistance. i.e., why God can allow anybody else to take out of the soul from the body. In that case God will be dependent which can never be in any circumstances. We are dependent on God but how God can be dependent on any body else being Almighty.

Lt. Rashmi Sahu: Is the fasting laid down in Vedas? What was the status of women in Vedas?
Swami Ramswarup: Fasting is not laid down in Vedas please. 2nd question in Vedic era women have enjoyed same status as men but do they were imparted with the knowledge in Vedas, in the same way as her counterpart in the ashrams. Yes the women and men were being given the equal knowledge -philosophy of Vedas. And Vedas authorize them as yet.

Rahul: A query has been bothering me for long. What is the
position of narak lok? We know that there are 3 lokas narak, ours and swarg. but in another sense there are 14. Narak is not mentioned in these lokas.
Swami Ramswarup: In Vedas there are three lokas, dwyu i.e., sun,
moon and shining planets, antriksh lok i.e., space and prithvi lok i.e., earth. And no narak lok or swarg lok exist. It is all her in the earth according to our
deeds to face.

Lavraj Kumar: Vedas place a lot of emphasis on cows, milk and ghee. Is it not stealing when we take milk from the cow that is supposed to be for the young calf? Can you please explain this to me using proofs from the Vedas or Rishi granths?
Swami Ramswarup: Atharvaveda very much say about the services of cow and to take milk. Atharvaveda mantra 6/59/2 says that while taking cow milk we must make our health good and ill free. As regards milk to calf it is given according to the rate which has been already fixed by Vedas and rest of the milk is used in family. So it is not stealing. Cow is also called our mother in Vedas. i.e., her milk is provided to newly born babies as per the instruction of four Vedas. Even human being has not been allowed by God to take food alone. But must be taken after distributing to others also, so is the
cow. She distributes her milk to the calf as well as to the human beings.

Amit: What person can do if he is stress desperately wanted to come out of that?
Swami Ramswarup: He must take advice first from medical authorities and for its permanent solution he must learn yoga philosophy from an experienced and learned yoga philosopher.

Ganpat Rai: What qualities need to be in a good person?
Swami Ramswarup: The quality of a person must be first to be God-fearing man who worship daily. Secondly he must be honest, sweet spoken, hard worker to a right path. He must listen philosophy of Vedas and shastras from a learned Guru. He must discharge his moral duties faithfully. Rest of the qualities will be known by listening of Vedas.

Honey Chugani: The recent tsunami disaster, during which so many people lost their loved ones, family and homes, really makes me wonder. What does this mean? Did God cause this to happen? If so, why? So many people, especially within Asia, are suffering now. Is it due to bad karma?
Swami Ramswarup: The universe is created by God and He is the
commander of all of us. Nothing can be done in the universe without His permission. Yajurveda mantra 7/48 says that we human being do deeds and God awards the result. So everything is under the rules and regulations of God and people are mostly unable to realize the supreme power of Almighty God. Secondly God is supreme judge and gives always justice. So it is not possible that he can do harm of anybody without reason. So we must always pray God about well being of universe.

Anupama: There are many example where kings and Rishis who followed Vedic teachings and had more than one wife (Dashrath, Shri Krishna, Arjuna, Yagyavalka etc). But there is Sri Ram also who married only once. Can you please explain based on your Vedic knowledge if it is allowed to have more than one wife and vice versa?
Swami Ramswarup: According to the true religion of Vedas, it is
true about having more than one wife but not for sexual or unreligious purpose. Valmiki Ramayan says that Dashrath had three wives but up till the age of 59 years he had no time to spend time with the wives to have children. How firm Brahamchari he was! He was always busy to look after the public, so is the case of Pandu. When Pandu was totally indulged to look after the kingdom then after some years his ministers made plan to send Pandu with his wives to jungle so that princes could be obtained. So wives and husband were totally Brahamchari and motto was to realize God and do pious deeds for public.

Rajesh: What is the philosophy of Hindu religion about
Human creation? Like Christians have Adams & Eve. What is your opinion about shivling?
Swami Ramswarup: Hindu religion is principally based on eternal
philosophy of four Vedas and not merely on Bhagwat Geeta, six shastras, Upanishads or Ramayana etc. You see that fundamentally knowledge can not be attained until it is given by anybody else. Can an illiterate be an educated B.Sc./ M.Sc. without coaching? So all the above said holy books are basically written by those learned rishis who already had attained the knowledge of four Vedas and therefore they have stated in their above said holy books about the source of knowledge from four Vedas. All Vedas says that Almighty God, at the time of creation, when human beings are also created, originates knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four rishis named Angira, Aditya, Vaayu and Agni. These rishis were of unisexual creation.

In Vedas there is no worship of any statue please. So shivling worship is not mentioned in Vedas and I have already stated above that Hindu culture is mainly based on Vedas wherein only a formless Almighty God is worshipped through Yagya, practice of ashtang yoga etc., which subject is also separate and vast. In India there became a struggle in the family of king Pandu and Kaurav with the result, a Mahabhart war took place with the result most of the young warriors were killed. Due to this heart breaking shock, the worship
according to Vedas which was in action on the earth up till Mahabhart war was stopped. Due to the same reason, new path of spiritualism/worship has been created and Vedas knowledge was made to be finished. So in Vedas there is no statue worship please.

Sriganesh: I would like to know about gayathri mantra for astadikpalas like indran, agni, vayu.isanian,niruthi,yama,varuna and kubera.
Swami Ramswarup: Gaytri mantra is in three Vedas. The meaning of Gaytri mantra is also placed on this web site please. I would request you to read the meaning thereof. God is one and not eight please. Yajurveda mantra 32/1 says that God is one but His names are several and in this connection Vedas further says: TADEVAGNISTADADITYASTADVAAYUSTADU CHANDRMAHA TADEV SHUKRAM TAD BRAHAM TAA AAPAH SA PRAJAPATIHI
So Agni, Vaayu, kuber, matrishva, shukr, Varun, aapah, etc.,, are the names of God according to His qualities because in the said different- different
names, superb qualities of God exist.

Chandrashekar Sasnoor: What is karam chakra?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually in Vedas there is no any karam chakra. However the philosophy of karmas to be faced is
there. Yajurveda mantra 7/48 says that we, the human being are always free to do pious deeds under guidance of a Guru who knows Vedas. Or we can do sins. but the result of pious deeds and sins is in the hand of God. And God only awards the result of the karmas in the shape of happiness and sorrows etc., respectively. So there are three types of karmas, sanchit, Prarabhadh, and kriyamann karmas (deeds). Suppose one soul has to take birth today when he has faced the total number of
karmas of his all previous unlimited births. And this total number of karmas is called “sanchit karmas”. Because the result of these unlimited karmas i.e., sanchit karmas can’t be faced in one birth only, of even 200 years of age . so God awards some karmas to face in the present life and these karmas are called Prarabhadh karmas(luck), then balance (i.e., sanchit
karma- Prarabhadh karmas) will still remain to be said as sanchit karmas and will be added in the next life. Then third karma is kriyamann karmas which are done in present life and are also called present karmas. To a learned man or woman, boy or girl, the kriyamann karmas which are done in our present life are important. So neither sanchit karmas nor luck is
important. Because if we do present karmas, pious under the guidance of a spiritual Guru then we can burn both i.e., our sanchit karmas and prarabhadh karmas and then there will be no sorrow, problem etc. But unfortunately now a days people are after the money, proud, materialistic articles, pump and show and other unlimited attachment of worldly affairs. And
this has got no time to realize God to get peace and to burn our bad karmas. Vedas say money is important, education, science and pious family deeds and welfare of society And nation is also important and must be progressed along with spiritual philosophy. Otherwise no peace will remain in the human life. However there are chakras in the body like Muladhar, Swadisthan, Surya, kanth, Hridya, Agya chakra etc., which are mentioned in yoga philosophy and I think at this stage you need not to understand the said chakras.

Nikhil Chandran R: What is meant by Uttarayan and Dakshinayan and how is it important to our Indian culture?
Swami Ramswarup: According to Manusmriti 1/66, from sun the days and nights are made. In shloka 1/67 it is said
that when sun is towards northern hemisphere then this time of six months is called Uttrayan and when sun is towards southern hemisphere then this time of six months is called Dakshinayan. During Uttrayan, the sun remains towards north of equator. This duration of six months is Magh, Phagun, Chetra, Baishakh, Jyestha and Ashaad having summer and spring season. And when the sun is towards south of equator then it is called Dakshinayan. It has six months of Shravan, Bhadrpad, ashwin, Kartik, Agrahaayan, Paush having rainy, winter season.

Braham sutra 4/2/21 is regarding death. It is clear by Vedas that soul leave the body one day and gets next body according to his good or bad deeds. The soul of a Yogi comes out through Sushmana Naadi and makes contact with rays of sun. se if a Yogi leaves the body in night it does not mean that there are no sun’s ray. The rays of moon are the rays of sun at the
night and until we are alive, the contact with the sun’s ray can’t be broken. Therefore there is no any question or doubt to leave the body in Uttrayan shukl paksh to get salvation etc. The salvation or the next pious birth is always based on pious deeds according to Vedas. This is the fundamental law of God and can’t be changed. So no question of Uttrayan or Dakshinayan.
The contact of the soul at the time of death with sun’s ray is to be in space and soul has to go to sun, moon, air et., etc., vide 39th chapter of Yajurveda. The Brahm sutra quoted above clarifies that the said fundamental law is applicable also for a Yogi. Yogeshwar Krishna clarifies this fact in Geeta shlok 8/23,24,25 that the people says the importance of
Uttrayan and Dakshinayan but in shlok 8/27 Shri Krishna clarifies that it is based only on self imagination but the yogi who knows the fundamental of karmas he does not worry about Uttrayan and Dakshinayan.

Shri Krishna maharaj is giving knowledge in shlok 8/23,24,25 about Uttrayan and Dakshinayan and concludes in shlok 8/26 saying JAGATAH SHUKLA—– KRISHNE i.e., the shukla or Krishna Paksh are the saying of Jagat. That it is being said in the Jagat— world-public i.e., not in Vedas or by Rishis Munis. So in next shlok 8/27 Yogeshwar Shri Krishna maharaj says
ETE SRITIJANAN i.e., the Yogi who knows about these two paths and its truth that these paths makes no difference in the matter of salvation KAH CHANA YOGI NA MUHYATI i.e., no any Yogi has any attachment or any doubt about he said two paths and salvation. So O Arjuna! SARVESHU KALESHU i.e., in all times (whether Uttrayan or Dakshinayan) you YOG YUKTAH BHAVA i.e.,
always renaming yourself a Yogi. i.e., if one has attained the salvation and has become Yogi so his salvation is meant for all the time without effecting Uttrayan or Dakshinayan. So from using the word Jagat Shri Krishna has himself said imagination that it is a world’s saying only and a Yogi is not attached with the world’s saying.

Meenakshi: What are mudras, black magic, etc.
Swami Ramswarup: Mudra is a matter of yoga philosophy and told always in person. On mudra the meditation is done and Yogi achieves a wonderful result in attaining Samadhi (realization of God). Meditation or holy name jaap of God is usually performed on sukh asan, siddha asan or padam asan to get quick progress, one should sit on selected one asan preferably siddhi asan for more than one and half hours. If you feel pain after one hour then you must forcefully sit for one hour and five minutes. One day you will not feel pain. Then extend it for one hour and ten minutes and so on. Gaytri mantra mala etc., as I already told you are okay but still require guidance in presence of a Guru. Medium practice is not true, soul once leaves the body remains unconscious under control of God and takes birth after minimum 13 days or more. And goes to another body. In Sanskrit from , ” KITNIVASE ROGAPANAYNE CHR” ketu word is made and meaning thereof is— who is omnipresent and gets away from diseases to a Yogi at the time of salvation. So ketu is the name of God. In Sanskrit from, ” RAHA TYAGE”
rahu word is made and meaning thereof is who is lonely i.e., in whose shape (formlessness) nothing can be mixed and who helps the Yogi from escaping culprits etc., so rahu is the name of Almighty God. Horoscope does not exist in Vedas and kal means time or death. Business or any pious deed can be started on any day because all days are pure but made bad due to our bad
karmas on the day. I have already said no black magic is in Vedas please. Empty hand Vibhuti and nine gems ring etc., are fraud please, Because we have to face the result of our own deeds— good or bad) being technique of magic. Now a days Star News TV channel is opening fraud of tantrik in its episode Sansani and all must see that the channel has arranged to arrest
so many tantriks to overcome the fraud and to give relief to the public.

Astral, ESP are not mentioned in Vedas. As regards telepathy it is automatically. One who is yogi a complete Yogi, attains Samadhi gets final liberation. About Kaliyug etc., I have already stated on web site and please study the same and there is no effect of any yoga on human being except it is effect of our own deeds. Mahabhart war occurred about 5000
years ago. But age of Shri Krishna is not mentioned therein. Shri Krishna left his body at his own wish and I have told about this on the web site already. Shri Krishna was present when the sari was being removed but Shri Krishna managed not to remove the sari. Dead body always decays until it is provided with special chemicals whether it is of Yogi or anybody that is why Yajurveda mantra 40/15 says, “BHASMANTAM SHARIRAM”, about immediate funeral.

God neither goes nor comes. He is eternal. The universe is destroyed and created again and again and this destruction and creation is eternal. The live is in all planets of different shapes etc.

Vedas say about moving of all planets. It is not a matter to know gurus of any age etc. But life is to realize God and to realize ourselves. A suitable, healthy, vegetable food, in a proper time with worship and yoga practice leads to healthy long life but when we fall sick, one must take immediate medicine as stated in Vedas.

Thoughts are controlled by virtue of yoga
practice, in presence of Guru.

xxxx: Is it true that Sri Ram jee during his vanvaas, turned a stone into a woman? Is he God?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. It is unnatural and can’t be true. In fact Valmiki ji in his Ramayan has given the true
position that mean Shri Ram and Lakshman along with Vishwamitr ji once went to the ashram of Ahilya who was doing tapsya there, due to the curse (shraap) then Shri Ram saw towards Ahilya but was not able to see her continuously because of her glamour(teja) due to tapsya and immediately Shri Ram and Lakshman bowed and touched her feet and it was according to Vedas because Shri Ram was Kshtriya and Ahilya was wife of Brahmin Rishi Gautam ji and Shri Ram respected.

P. D.: Husband and wife fights..
Swami Ramswarup: Atharvaveda mantra 6/42/1 says that husband and wife must be totally out of anger. In the next mantra
Atharvaveda says that we must keep the anger under a biggest stone that anger is not able to come out, i.e., we must suppress anger by our firm decision. We must never use bitter voice. It affects the children life also and neighbours make fun etc. You are a woman; Vedas say that woman is like an earth, earth bears everything. Earth is dug out, on earth we spread
pollution, smell, while taking bath, going to bathroom etc., but earth always bears happily means earth is dead. So is the role of woman is like earth. Actually I want to advice you that if one of two bears anger etc., then one day hundred percent peaces is maintained in the home. A lady must not think her insult in bearing anger of husband because such bearing will turn her husband one day and he will have to stop his anger as woman is earth and not husband.

Vinayak: Origin of Gotras – in all how many gotras exist?
Swami Ramswarup: History of Gotra is long and gotras can not be counted please. But to all human beings of all Gotras
only pious deeds, worship, and gentle thoughts give peace and not Gotras only.

Shiv Sharma: What is Sankrant? and why it only takes place between Dec – Jan, could you please provide a logical explanation. I have asked this Qs to most of the learned people in fiji but their answers have not fullfill the requirement.
Swami Ramswarup: The legend goes that the festival of maker sakranti is related to Mata Brijeshwari Devi. It is
said that after gaining victory over the demons, Mata brijeshwari was welcomed and worshipped by the Gods and the day of her victory over demons is celebrated as the festival of maker sakranti. Whenever she received wounds, devas applied ghee over it and the same custom is carried till date where ghee and butter is offered by the devotees over her idol. But this all
is not mentioned in Vedas and is not accepted by learned Yogis or Tapsvis/worshipper, who follow the preach of Vedas.

DP: I want a male child.
Swami Ramswarup: Actually there is no difference between girl and boy as per the preach of Vedas. King Janak had two
daughters-Mata Sita and Urmila and his daughters are now world famous. According to the previous lives’deeds we take birth. But this truth of ours in human body is precious in which we can burn our past sins and get long, happy life and salvation by true worship of God. This worship does not mean that we must leave the family but actually while performing family
duties, the path of spiritual becomes more convenient, you can say due to lack of worship, you feel a great shock in your heart of not having a son. If you still continue the worship under guidance of real spiritual master, who knows Vedas, then you will after sometime feel peace and hundred percent true love with your daughters. Question is not of a son/girl but real
question is that whether your girl or son are learned or ignorant and after illusion. In case of ignorance, sons can create problem and sometimes parents in old age definitely say that it was better if we did not have such sons/daughters. So parents must devote time to make their children wise and good charactered and such like girls too will give permanent peace to the parents and nation.

Sagar: For how many hours should one sleep?
Swami Ramswarup: Under 30 years must sleep for 6 hours is correct. And above 30 to 50 years one must sleep 5 hours and above 50 years 4 hours are sufficient but one thing more it depends on concentration and working. However, if a man is practising yoga philosophy then the sleep is controlled. For example up to the age of 50 years I used to take sleep for
only 2 hours in the night. And I took more rest and sleep in the day. Still I am controlling myself with the addition that sometime in the day after taking
lunch I take rest for half an hour. So in Yog shastra sutra 1/10 the sleep is a Vritti (effect on Chitta) and it is not a matter of soul. Souls never take sleep.
Otherwise in young age when I could take sleep for 6 hours but I used to sleep for 2 hours only. Now I am more than 64 years and yet feeling good health. So it depends on the firm decision and the way of living and practice of yoga philosophy to get sleep. It is heard that Napoleon used to take sleep in the war on horse or while functioning Top for a little time. But one must control on sleeping because it harms the life making it minimum.

Sagar Anmalla: You have said that Krishna is not God but a king who was a yogi, just like other yogis who practice ashtang yoga, do pious deeds and follow Vedas. But again, when I was reading your answers, you said that Krishna will be pleased if we read Bhagwatgeeta based on Vedas that Krishna is like God to please him. Krishna has practised yoga philosophy and studied Vedas like other Yogis. I think we can please only one Almighty. Please correct me.
Swami Ramswarup: Yes when a soul gets salvation he does not take rebirth. When we perform holy Yagya with Ved mantras then the souls listen and when a Yogi attains Samadhi then such souls come to the said Yogi as mentioned in Yog shastra sutra 3/32. So he who is Yogi in complete respect, according to the Vedas, he is not God but he is like a God. So there is difference between God and like God. As we say this is our father and if there is a elder gentleman there we will say he is like my father ( but not father).

Meenakshi Sundaram: What does Ganpathi mean?
Swami Ramswarup: The power of God is unlimited and remains constant and never varies. GAN SANKHAYANE i.e., from GAN dhatu, GAN Shabad is made. PATI means owner/master. Therefore he who is master of all alive and non-alive matters and nurses them, he is GANPATI. Therefore Ganpati means Almighty God.

Meenakshi Sundaram:In our daily life so many politicians are doing only bad things, lie, corruption, cheating, taking vengeance etc. but they are leading a luxurious happy life. Whereas with good heart and kind helping persons are in poverty. For these birth ill things one should get punishment in this birth only not next birth. Then only human beings also realize it. Am I correct Guruji?
Swami Ramswarup: Politicians and gurus do corruption etc., when
they do not follow the path of Vedas. So this problem can’t be solved till the knowledge of Vedas is spread all over India. Valmiki ji says in his Ramayana about the ministers of king Dashrath who were hundred percent honest and loved public like their sons because at that time Valmiki ji says the knowledge of Vedas and doing of holy Yajnas were being done in every family.

No daughter you are not correct. As per Vedas it is also mentioned in Bhagwat Geeta by Shri Krishna that soul is eternal and had been taking and has taken unlimited births. So in one birth so much deeds have been done. This philosophy I have mentioned on the web site. So when a death occurs the soul has to bear unlimited deeds and this queue of deeds is extreme, until a real worship is started and the deeds (karmas) are burnt by virtue of the result of real worship and pious deeds. So in the next birth a person has to face the previous deeds first, balance of which is called sanchit karmas. Therefore the deeds done in present life is not faced in next life but will have to wait and this philosophy has also been mentioned by me by the grace of God in Patanjal Yog Darshan.

Sagar Anmalla: Atharva Veda is primarily magical spells and
incantations. The line between prayer and magic and between white and black magic is usually drawn by ethical considerations. The bheshajani are for healing and cures using herbs to treat fever, leprosy, jaundice, dropsy, and other diseases. The Aryans looked down on doctors and medicine, probably because the natives were more skilled in these than they. Other more positive spells were for successful childbirth, romance, fecundity, virility, etc. Please explain.
Swami Ramswarup: Atharvaveda is not magic spell holy book. Atharvaveda contains knowledge of God, Yagya and specially medicines because there is no mention of any magic in Vedas. Vedas tell about only formless God to be worshipped and Vedas say a lot about science and duties of human beings and whole subjects of the universe. Bheshajani means medicine. Atharvaveda mantra 1/6/2, 3 even say, “APSU ANTAHA VISHWANI BHESHJA” means the water contain all medicines to protect from diseases and “APAHA BHESHJAM” water itself is a medicine to protect from disease etc. So several medicines have been advised in Atharvaveda which can’t be mentioned here being lengthy, as also mentioned by you in your question.

Devla: Do scriptures support inter-religion marriage like a marriage
between a Hindu and a Muslim? What’s the meaning of my name? Does extreme love also create tension?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes, Vedas say marriage between human being but according to their qualities, please. Hatred comes when somebody gives pain/sorrows etc., etc., and with the result hate arises. When extreme love is based on soul to soul and selflessly then no hate or any problem arises because true love is always based on happy scarification. First mental attachment is arisen and when it is fulfilled then it creates immediately physical attachment. Therefore if mental attachment is not fulfilled then tension is created because separation is not borne. Whose separation? Bodily
separation, talking, smiling, and laughing separation etc., which are activities of body. The meaning of Dev is a learned man of Vedas and la means to get. So Devla means who get knowledge from a learned Acharya.

Meenakshi Sundaram: What is the difference between Yajna (agnihothra) and homam, and yaham?
Swami Ramswarup: Yajna is performed in a presence of a guru (Brahma) whereas AGNIHOTR can be performed daily at home after getting Diksha. Yajna means Devpuja, sangtikaran and daan. Yajna and agnihotr are only performed with Ved mantras as mentioned in Saamveda mantras 382 and 1379.

Meenakshi Sundaram: Recently tsunami was happened in our state (Tamil Nadu) and other countries also. Is it only scientific reason only? Or, else according Vedas. Please clear my doubt Guruji.
Swami Ramswarup: Tsunami lehrein or any action occurs in the
universe is presided by God Himself. In this connection there are so many Ved mantras and being lengthy can’t be mentioned here.

Manoj: Can a women chant gayatri mantra? Or a mantra which has a “OM” with it because I have heard it from someone so! If the above is not then do you support mantras etc in cassettes & CDs? Does it have the same value as listening to the mantra live than in cassettes or CDs?
Swami Ramswarup: I have already told on this website that woman can chant any Vedmantra and Gayatri mantra is in three Vedas. So, she can also chant Gaytri mantra. Actually, salvation is given to soul by worshipping God by Ved mantra and doing yoga practice etc., and not to body. Body is awarded by the result of deeds but when the soul is awarded body of human being then soul is entitled to worship and to get salvation whether the soul is in man’s/woman’s body. This truth is mentioned in Yajurveda and other Vedas. If lady is not entitled to chant Gaytri mantra etc., then it means God gives favour to man which is not possible, God being supreme judge.

As a matter of fact, Ved mantras are listened from the voice of an alive guru with its explanation, please and Diksha is also necessary from a guru who knows Vedas but nowadays through books/e-mail study can be carried out. Yet fundamental law of God to make a guru is hundred percent essential.

Gayi: How does Shanti Mandir (temple of peace) worship?
Swami Ramswarup: I don’t know Shanti Mandir, please. So I can’t
give any comment. But peace is within human body and is attained through worship under guidance of spiritual guru (spiritual master who knows Vedas).

Yatin: Curious as to why when leather/skin products are considered to be impure in the presence of God & Saints, Deer skin is particularly
preferred as an asan.
Swami Ramswarup: The leather is obtained after violence but our
Rishis Munis never killed any deer. They used the skin of a dead deer after purifying with some medicine thinking that sitting in jungle on the skin of
lion/deer, it avoids from ants, poisonous insects etc.

Meenakshi Sundaram: I have heard there are two type of pooja; one is kamya and other is nishkamya. In kamya pooja there is some expectation and in nishkamya pooja no expectation. Is there any mention in Ved about this?
Swami Ramswarup: This is not called puja but it is called deeds (karmas). Yes holy yajna must be nishkaam or with good
and pious desires. But to do jaap or yoga it is always nishkaam.

Ganga: I have heard that rishis can tell when someone dies where he or she has gone to or born, could you kindly tell me who to contact or where these rishis are.
Swami Ramswarup: But no Rishi has opened this secret being not connected in the matter of worship. We have to think
for present pious deeds for ourselves and not to the relatives or others to know their rebirth etc., etc. because Vedas say always that present pious deeds burns the previous sins and make future bright. Then why to waste time in other matters.

Carthi: What is the meaning of the name Karthika or Karthi?
Swami Ramswarup: Kartik is a desi month which comes between October and November. Kartikeya means the son of Shiva, king of body, learned man.

Meenakshi Sundaram: You have told in your answer that Vishamitr was in the period of Sri Ram, this is previous to Mahabharata period. Did he have a long life?
Swami Ramswarup: No Vishwamitr had no so much long life. According to the Yajurveda mantra 3/62 life cannot be
extended more than 400 years. But Vishwamitr name can be awarded to any body else. Now also there are so
many Vishwamitr.

Meenakshi Sundaram: I have heard that the Mahans and Swamiji at the end of their life they will go to Jeeva Samadhi so that their body will not decay for many years and their soul will be remain for a long time. Is it true?
Swami Ramswarup: Soul is immortal and cannot be destroyed but
body is only destroyed and no such case has occurred of JEEVA SAMADHI because it is not necessary for a Yogi. The salvation is attained while alive. So no necessity is arisen for JEEVA SAMADHI because salvation is already there.

Meenakshi Sundaram: Someone says that due to Saturn plant so he is having lot of suffering. You have already mentioned in your answers to others there is no mention about astrology in Ved. What is my question is it true or not? That means can we see the forecast according to the planets position or not?
Swami Ramswarup: Future recast is actually not necessary because by doing present pious deeds the future is built bright only. And no alternative.

Meenakshi Sundaram: Someone is saying due to Kaya Kalpa, which that have taken, and that is the reason that they lived a long life. Is this statement correct?
Swami Ramswarup: Kaya Kalp becomes due to ashtang yoga practice and also by utilization of medicine. But age limit is 400 years.

Sagar Anmalla: Is there a place on the earth where our pious Vedas are kept, the one which are written by Muni Vyas on Bhoj Patras?
Swami Ramswarup: It is said that the Vedas were taken by British Govt. in original and some portion is lying in India also but it will have to be searched out please.

O Freeman: Medicine for Asthma, please.
Swami Ramswarup: Asthma actually is a typical disease. This can
be controlled by following methods but still there is no guarantee of its hundred percent cure. But it can be controlled. 1. Please take daily two spoons juice of onion mixed with two spoons of pure honey for one and half months. 2. Eat daily five pieces of garlic, empty stomach in the morning for fifteen days. 3. Boil equal quantity of each material together in water and take it daily i.e., Tulsi (along with leaves, soft stem, seeds), brahmidandi, saunth, kulthi and kateri. The items can be taken from Indian store at your
country. Take this for one and half months. Take the above medicines and inform about your progress after one and half months.

Sagar Anmalla: I say Ohm for few seconds and I don’t know any jaaps or mantras. Does God really listen to this? I am in a situation where doing havan or any other is difficult while going to work.
Swami Ramswarup: OM is the name of Almighty God who creates,
nurses and destroys the universe. He is formless. So the name of God, OM, must be recited in mind or by mouth. Every task is difficult but you see there is a motto of human life and its motto is to realize peace, ill and problem free, happy life and mainly to realize almighty God. Actually to earn money is a way to maintain body and to live for doing real worship of God to realize Him. If we earn and do not spare time for regular worship then utilization of money and materialistic article are of no mean except to create problem, sickness, tension in present and future life and in rebirth life. So one should understand the motto of life and every materialistic article even body must be utilized to realize God while discharging moral duties of family and nation. So for seconds/ minutes etc., will not serve the purpose in reciting holy name of God i.e., OM. It will have to be learnt from a spiritual
master properly.

Anil Jaura: I have experienced black magic on me. I was in my true senses at time and I have seen blood running from my mom’s finger suddenly from nowhere and alive bats in my bathroom. There was no entry or exit in the bathroom. There are some family feuds in my family
Swami Ramswarup: I may give you hundred percent assurance that there is no black magic. Yet the arrogant play tricks to spread fear in the public to earn the money. Yes so in of their tricks the blood flows, which I have also heard and seen here in case of girls and women but actually that is not blood that is chemical action and in some case it may be the blood of cock/animal etc. Bats themselves cannot enter in the bathroom, until they have been placed there or they had way to enter but how the culprit has made them enter is a question to solve. Mostly this care occurs when there is a problem in family or family feud. So I would request you, my daughter, not to be afraid but bravely face this problem and best way is not to worry. Let it
be done by them. In the end, you will win. I have solved so many cases like this and everybody won. And you can send your problem immediately as and when arises. However, you will have to be careful from the culprit because they try to give harm bodily by road accident, by giving poison etc., etc. but it is not black magic. It is a trick and fraud done by culprits.

Arun Kumar: Now a days I am reading Patanjal yog-darshanam written by you. And let me tell you this, I like this book very much. The way you have explained the each sutra is very neat. When I started reading this book , I did not find it interesting, but then I started reading it 4-5 pages every day and now I am liking it very much. I have read it untill sutra 46 of samadhi pad. However, I was not able to understand sutra 30 clearly. Could you please explain the difference between Satyaan, Pramaad and aalasya by giving an example of each of these?
Swami Ramswarup: I thank you for your heartfelt views about Patanjal Yog Darshan. Really you will get pious punya because in Upnishad, it is said, “Swadhyaya Tapaha” that is to study the holy book based on Vedas is a pious deed therefore it is tapasya. It will also give you real knowledge of Ashtang Yoga. I am totally busy in my daily life day and night. I have to write so many articles daily and have to perform 30-35 holy yagna in a week without fail since 1979. Yet I am trying to complete comments on Patangal Yog Darshan “Vibhuti and kevalya Paad” in addition, I am trying to complete Bhagwad Geeta also. The said holy books are purely based on eternal knowledge of 4 Vedas by the grace of Almighty God and my Guru Maharaj. I think with in 4 months, the work will be done in completing Patanjal Yog Darshan.

Satyaan is that particular obstruction in yoga practice wherein Chitta is undesirous of doing yoga practice. Chitta evades doing yoga practice on some pretext or the other. There is energy in the body to do yoga but the desire to do so, does not arise. For example after listening Vedic preach, it is understood by the person that one should perform holy havan, should recite the name of OM of Almighty God but he does not do so even after understanding it. Such person does not have real interest in true Vedic
deeds. Therefore basically Satyaan is that obstruction, under whose effect, a person does not want to do Yog sadhna. Chitta’s desire not to do karma, is Satyaan or it may also be said that incapability of Chitta to do Yog sadhna due to the effect of tamo guna is Satyaan.

Aalsaya (laziness) is that obstruction in Yog sadhna where heaviness is felt in body and Chitta. Heaviness means a bundle of worries or routine materialistic deeds etc. In this stage, there is no desire in the person to do yoga practice under the effect of tamo guna due to the heaviness felt within the body. For example people listen about yoga practice, that eight parts comprising ashtang yoga are there to be done, that Yog is defined as Samadhi that one should get up early in the morning and do yoga practice but the person refuses to forgo his routine privileges and comforts and does not carve out time for spiritualism in his daily routine to gain material benefits. To explain further, take the example where a person does not come out of his quilt in winters and continues sleeping in bed till 8 0’clock in the morning and in summer in AC. Even if he wakes up at 5 O’clock in the morning yet due to the ill effect of tamo guna in body he refuses to abandon the bed till 8 O’clock after which starts his daily routine which is totally aimed
at gaining material benefits like going to office etc this is what meant by aalsaya.

Pramaad means spending fun, enjoyment with worldly articles and talks, back biting etc., and such carelessness due to which one abandons yoga practice. When one indulges in daily sensual pleasures, anger, back biting, greed, pride of wealth, youth etc., spending fun in tour, vulgarity in singing, dancing, playing music which inspires sensuality and bad habit , hunting, gambling etc., dirty movies etc., etc., all this is included in Pramaad.

All this leads to wastage of time and as a result no time is left for yoga practice. As a whole, the nine obstacles are said to be obstacles which interfere and do not allow the person to continue yoga practice. But the family which discharges its duty well and like that of Shri Ram, ,Shri Krishna and ancient rishis Munis, are adorable. In sutra 1/15 and 1/16 of Samadhi Paad of Patanjal Yog Darshan, it is clarified that one will have to be ascetic like Shri Ram and will have to overcome these above stated obstacles in yoga practice. So no excuse in this spiritualism and yoga philosophy does not say to leave the family duties even.

Lt. Rashmi Sahu: Learning about Vedas.
Swami Ramswarup: I have been dispatching some spiritual books on Vedas written by me which will help you to make a wonderful ground to know Vedas further. Your study on the books will never go in vain. Saamveda itself says in mantra 1501 that O God! I listened/studied Vedas in my previous life, now I have again taken birth so please produce the knowledge of Vedas in my heart now without studying. So every materialistic study is only meant for earning and must be there even but will be wasted at the time of death. Only the study of Vedas from a Guru remains always with the soul to protect. Bal brahamcharini Gargi was a philosopher of Vedas and yoga and she was Guru of king Janak, Mata Sita, Madalsa, Ansuiya who were in family life, are being worshipped due to their holy knowledge of Vedas and yoga and I also have felt a pleasure that you are interested in Vedas like those dignitaries and the present dignitaries, who are connected through this
site being daughters also and getting knowledge of Vedas. According to the Vedas, we take first birth from parents but if we do not have spiritual Guru who knows Vedas, then our first birth goes always in vain but when we adopt a spiritual Guru like Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mata Sita etc., then we take second birth because in the second birth our father is our spiritual master. Then our first birth becomes also pious.

Manuel Bueno: What is love?
Swami Ramswarup: Love is inspired in Vedas and it a love either
to Almighty God or spiritual Guru and all human beings. The duties are discharged in family life both by husband and wife. So their love is also mentioned with duties in Vedas but fundamental is mentioned that love is based on good qualities and soul to soul with equal love combined and this type of love is everlasting whereas love with physical charm is finished when physique is deteriorated. In Upanishad, Yagvalkya Muni says to his wife that wife loves husband not by virtue of his physique but with his soul and also when husband loves his wife, it is because of her soul and not physique because soul remains immortal. Therefore with soul is immortal. Your feelings is due to deep thinking towards woman bur when someone loves then these type of feelings never comes. When a yogi starts love to God or his Guru maharaj then no such feeling occurs.

As regards ashtang yoga, in Atharvaveda mantra 7th kand sukta 79 and 80, the description has been given regarding Amavasya and Purnima wherein it is mentioned that both days are so pious to do spiritual activities with Guru Maharaj that it makes future bright, gives brave and long living babies and the assets which gives calm. So we have to follow the eternal knowledge
of Almighty God in the shape of four Vedas and not others. And I would request now to please send only spiritual questions, social, political and national level questions.

Jaikant Shukla: I want to study Vedas.
Swami Ramswarup: Study of Vedas is started first by listening or
study of Vedas from a spiritual master, thereafter, it may be studied at home. So first of all I advise you to devote some time, here in my ashram because it is fundamental and eternal law of God. Because in fact Vedas are not book. The mantras are in the shape of book and the book is called “SAMHITA” and not Vedas.

Vedas being formless knowledge originated in heart of rishis and then rishis utter to the disciple. It is eternal law. However now pen is there and books are being published even then we must not break fundamental law made by God. It is a great luck to you that you are interested to study Vedas which is a motto of human being.

Abhishek: If we see our thought and our sanvedna then we go to wards the atma in this way we destruct our mind what is the need to do so and what we got at that stage?
Swami Ramswarup: When a person takes birth then he has two
matters in which he is to be involved. First worldly affairs made by prakriti. Second Almighty God. In worldly affairs there can be considered two things.
Pious deeds i.e., good duties to be discharged and second bad deeds i.e., sin. The soul has a quality to be involved automatically. So most of the people may be involved in worldly affairs i.e., good or bad deeds. The result of which will have to be faced in happiness and sorrows respectively. And he who listens preach and is entangled accordingly in discharging pious deeds/duties and in spiritualism. He only feels permanent pleasure and gets out of sorrows, problems, tensions etc., etc. in which most of the people are
involved. It is also a fundamental that nobody wants sorrows and everybody wants happiness and peace etc. So to discontinue bad deeds/worldly affairs( not good duties towards family and nation etc.,) and to be indulged in worship and realizing atma is our own requirement because we all wants happiness and peace which will be only in preach, worship/spiritualism and
accordingly discharging our duties. And he who does not mix himself in spiritualism and continue to be indulged in worldly affairs only. He can never get peace.

Lt. Rashmi Sahu: I am Engineer by profession and also do Yoga daily.
Swami Ramswarup: In Yajurveda mantra 40/14 it is mentioned that one should get progress in worldly pious tasks (study, engineering, science, agriculture etc., etc.) simultaneously in spiritual. So both progress are required together and not one. These are your good sanskaars that you are going to pay your pious attention is spiritualism too after successfully becoming engineer. Though spiritualism is a subject to get right from the early age along with study like Shri Ram, Mata Sita and other dignities but still you’re lucky. My blessings are always with you to get success.

Chandrashekar: Homa or fire sacrifice to the mother Goddess of
ten wisdom – what things needed and is it good on full moon?
Swami Ramswarup: In Atharvaveda mantra 7th kand sukta 79 and 80, the description has been given regarding Amavasya and Purnima wherein it is mentioned that both days are so pious to do spiritual activities like Yagya (fire sacrifice) with Guru maharaj that it makes future bright, gives brave and long living babies and the assets which gives calm. So we have to follow the
eternal knowledge of Almighty God in the shape of four Vedas and not others.

SA: Should asans be stopped when a woman isn’t well?
Swami Ramswarup: During the said days you must sit on the easiest asan at your own like sukh asan, vajr asan and do naam jaap and one type of easiest pranayaam like Chandr Surya bhedi pranayaam but
breathing must not be stopped.

Siva: Who is he creator of this world. Somebody says that Vishnu & somebody says that Shiva. So please clear my doubt.
Swami Ramswarup: I have given answer to such like questions several times and would request you to read the same on the web site please. God is one, He is formless. And as also stated in all Vedas like Yajurveda mantra 31/2 that He only creates, nurses and destroy the universe and again creates, He is omnipresent, omniscient, immortal, does not take birth, beyond imagination and beyond calculation and Almighty etc., etc., etc. that is, have unlimited qualities. being Almighty He needs no assistant in creation, nursing or destruction of universe. He has several names of Him and Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma is His own names. When He is Almighty, how will he depend on others.

Sagaranmalla: Which direction should one sleep?
Swami Ramswarup: It makes no difference to have a sleep in any direction. But it is better to keep head on east while sleeping with the idea that sun arises from east and we will awake early in the morning when the rays of light will be coming from sun touching us. Light is a wisdom and darkness is ignorance. And all wisdom we keep in our mind (head).

Arun Kumar: Please explain the meaning of the following mantra Andham tamah pravishanti ye avidyam-upaste tato bhuya iv te tamo ye u vidya-ya ratah. (Ishospnishad 9)
Swami Ramswarup: This upnishad’s shlok is from Yajurveda chapter 40. I have already explained this Yajurveda mantra
The meaning of Yajurveda mantra 9 is — those who are only attached with materialism and do not pay attention in spiritualism they are always in illusion and those who are also only attached or do hard job only in spiritualism they are more effected with illusion. So both are experiencing sorrows, problems, etc., etc.

Manoj: We say that anything that happens is according to the headline (destiny) so when we pray means we are trying to change the destiny or are we trying to infuse something good? Because I myself in many instances during my childhood pray to God to give good knowledge, job, money, etc. but when everything is happening in accord to destiny. What is the real
meaning of prayer.. what happens when we pray?
Swami Ramswarup: According to Yajurveda mantra 7/48, human being do deeds and the result is awarded by God Himself. If
we do good deeds then we get result thereof in happiness and if do sins/bad deeds, then we are awarded sorrows/problems etc., etc. so luck is made based on our past deeds. So one should be clear that luck is not made by God Himself i.e., God does not
awards sorrows or happiness according to Him (God) but it is always based on our deeds. Secondly the bad luck based on our bad karmas can be turned into happiness of we arrange to burn our bad deeds by virtue of true eternal worship, yoga practice etc. So one should not blame others for bad luck, sorrows etc. Now a days most of the people are indulged in materialistic articles, proud, pump and show and after gathering money etc., leaving behind the eternal worship of God. Then what happens? We face our previous deeds in the shape of good or bad by experiencing happiness and sorrows etc. And we gather deeds of our present life (good or bad) to face in future births. So prayer gives good result only if we perform real eternal worship of God. And after doing prayer we do hard working with full concentration and devotion to get the result of the prayer will do
nothing. For example I pray God not to tell lie or any sin then I will have to continue real worship and will have to struggle, not to tell lie or to commit any sin. Then only God will help me. Otherwise the one will be getting the result of his previous lives’ deeds and on the contrary he may think that he is getting happiness, money etc., due to result of his

D. V. Kulkarni: Kindly send me details about Ved Shastra.
Swami Ramswarup: There are four Vedas. Rigveda which gives special knowledge of matters and science etc., including God. Yajurveda which gives knowledge of all kinds of deeds Yagya, God etc. Saamveda gives the knowledge of worship, yoga etc. Atharvaveda gives the knowledge of medicines and God etc.

Six shastras are separate from Vedas. These are — Nyay shastra written by Gautam Rishi, Yoga shastra written by Rishi Patanjali, Vedanta shastras written by Vyas Muni, Vaisheshik shastras written by Kannad, Mimansa shastra written by Gemini Rishi, and Sankhya shastra by Kapil Muni.

Shastras have been written by six rishis who first studied Vedas under guidance of their Guru, did practice of ashtang yoga and after realization of truth about God, they wrote six shastras of different subjects. The rishis were different who wrote shastras and they chose one subject in their shastras taken from Vedas. For example-Patanjali Rishi chose yoga philosophy and not more about deeds, prakriti etc., whereas Kapil Muni chose prakriti and not other subjects of Vedas. They knew whole subjects being philosopher of Vedas but they chose one subject only. So it is wrong to say that six shastras are contradictory to each other. So many present saints thus speak false on this subject.

Siddhartha Ganguly: I have heard that if one focuses ones attention on ones navel just before sleeping at night tremendous benefit follows. “Swane Padmanavam” as Hindu scriptures say – you know. I want to learn this procedure in details. Would you please help.
Swami Ramswarup: Concentration on any part of your body is beneficial, so the concentration on naval is also beneficial. Yet Vyas Muni IN HIS COMMENTS ON Patanjali Yog Darshan in sutra 3/1 says that three points are more beneficial i.e., on forehead between eyebrows which is called agya chakra with closed eyes, then tip of nose which is called nasagrye with half closed eyes. Then hridyaakash i.e., in heart. And concentration is made while doing meditation when we are awake.

R S: I would like to know the meaning of Swastika Symbol. What does it stand in the Vedic culture?
Swami Ramswarup: In Vedic culture there is no symbol please but there are, “Swastivachan” Swastivachan means the Ved
mantras which are full of prayer, praise and worship of God, giving blessings of God and Yogi which are to be recited while performing holy havan (Yagya). YAJ KARAM SARVSHRESTH ISHWAR PUJA contains Swastivachan.

Meenakshi Sundaram: Do idols fulfil wishes?
Swami Ramswarup: Wishes actually are not to be fulfilled but are to be controlled and good wishes to do pious deeds are fulfilled by performing holy havan and name jaap of God given by spiritual Guru who knows Vedas.

Meenakshi Sundaram: Our age or our life is calculated not by years but by number of breaths. If we control our breath by Pranayam, can we long for longer?
Swami Ramswarup: Pranayaam gives long life no doubt, but pranayaam is actually meant to realize God. Life will be automatically long but we must not concentrate on life and we must concentrate on our aim of life which is God because life will have to be left one day. If life could be immortal then there was no need of worship.

Meenakshi Sundaram: Our emotions, dullness, sorrowfullness, etc. are due to non-release of carbon dioxide from lungs. Is it correct?
Swami Ramswarup: No, please it is not a matter of non release of carbon dioxide. Its non release will make us sick. May give infection etc which can be removed by good treatment and daily morning walk etc. but emotions, sorrows, problems, tensions are only controlled by adopting spiritual path under the guidance of spiritual Guru only who knows Vedas.

Meenakshi Sundaram: How the swamis/yogis get brightness in their face (teja)?
Swami Ramswarup: Due to brahmacharya and continued practice of ashtang yog philosophy, a yogi attains teja and everybody is entitled for the same if he follows the Vedic yogic path.

Meenakshi Sundaram: Any mention about hand-mudras in Vedas?
Swami Ramswarup: No hand mudra please, but other mudras like khechadi, shambhavi are there.

Meenakshi Sundaram: Is there any mention about our recent scientific developments in Vedas?
Swami Ramswarup: People are now trying to know more about Vedas and even in foreign country too. I was also offered
appointment as professor of yoga in USA where I visited twice but I did not accept. Yet I saw their interest in yoga philosophy. but I don’t know more about TV etc. the real philosophy of yoga is to realize God because the meaning of yoga is Samadhi wherein God is realized. So it is a sad system that most of the present saints are earning money saying that yoga is meant for cure or for long life etc. There is no such mention in four Vedas. It is not professional game which has been made by most of present saints.

Meenakshi Sundaram: Is there any mention of four yugas in Vedas?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes hint of kaliyug, dwapur etc., is mentioned in Vedas and detailed explanation is in Manusmriti.

Meenakshi Sundaram: Are Vedas prior to four yugas?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes, Vedas are prior to four yugas being eternal.

Meenakshi Sundaram: Did God first make the souls and then humans and animals?
Swami Ramswarup: Soul, God and prakriti are never made by anybody. These three matters are eternal having no beginning and no end. The matter which is made has its date of birth and will be finished one day. But the said three matters are without date of birth and thus are immortal. so God has not made any soul. I would again say to read full website which will give you huge knowledge and satisfaction.

Meenakshi Sundaram: Are plans also having souls?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes plants have souls and according to karmas plants come in Udbhij Yoni.

Meenakshi Sundaram: How to do shradh of someone who has died. A person told me that one should feed a crow.
Swami Ramswarup: I have explained so many times in web site that no action is left after death except cremation. So shradh is not mentioned in Vedas. The body of crow already has soul so how another soul will enter in crow. Secondly according to 39th chapter of Yajurveda soul after 13 days of death gets rebirth according to karmas therefore when soul will come in crow then she will have to leave present body which will be dead. And there is no such rules in Vedas. And within 13
days soul remains unconscious like in comma and can do nothing. So soul never enters in any body and will never become ghost. So no such soul who has left body is able to listen. Relations are only till we are alive. After death every relation is broken forever and soul makes fresh relations in its rebirth. And such souls never remember past. You see when a baby takes birth, he knows nothing about past. Mother is first Guru, no doubt, further Vedas say when we take diksha from spiritual Guru who knows Vedas. He is our father because parents give birth but never takes towards salvation which is done by spiritual Guru only and Almighty God gives birth to the universe and all human beings. So He is the greatest and Yajurveda
says, “NA JATAH NA JANISHYATE”, i.e., nobody is equal to God and nobody will take birth in future.

Sagar Anmalla: I am deeply interested in mythological subjects. I have read the answers given by you to questions asked I am totally convinced about the Vedas. As per my knowledge if a moon by its centrifugal force can bring high tides in sea water which is 3/4 of earth then it definitely has influence on humans. If moon has influence on humans then definitely other planets like Jupiter Saturn, etc. must be having some kind of influence on humans. As you have said that this kind of astrology is not mentioned in Vedas, I am a bit confused. Please guide me.
Swami Ramswarup: Every planet has attraction towards each other and are moving also as also mentioned Yajurveda mantra
3/6. Earth is also revolving but you see human beings have no effect i.e., we are not effected and we are not feeling the revolution of earth. So God has created universe under some law, planets are meant for services of human beings. For example sun is meant for ripening of food grains etc., to make years, months etc., is also meant for heat, light, energy, etc.,
whereas moon is meant for conserving water contents in food grains to make them juicy, creation of tides etc., but planets never effect human beings in their life to make good or bad. It is only the deeds of human beings (pious or bad) to make life good or bad. The force of moon is meant for water and not meant for humans. Moon feeds us in other ways like making plants juicy etc., moon also gives so many other benefits to human life as mentioned in Atharvaveda.

Vishwapriya: Would like to know the relief work done by math in current earthquake, tsunami hit in Tamil Nadu. Please
advise. because in society image is that all relief work is done by church not by mutha. Please advise in detail so that we can send it to others.
Swami Ramswarup: We are planning to send money to PM’s relief fund for those affected in Tsunami earthquake but we
are not demanding from anywhere else. Please we are sending it ourselves.

Gordhan Das: I am a PhD Student at MUET, Pakistan. I am doing a research on enviroment and environmental effects.
Please tell me why hindus do burn their deads and what are the positive effects of it? What will happen i mean -ve effects if they will not burn the dead?
Swami Ramswarup: According to Hindu custom, the body is required to be burnt as is also mentioned in Yajurveda mantra
40/15, ” bhasmantam Shariram” i.e., on death body is required to be burnt. When body becomes dead, then germs are originated and may cause to spread the diseases. So the body is burnt.

Pallavi: How to be thin?
Swami Ramswarup: Please awake early in the morning for morning walk and light exercises, take at least 15 to 20 glasses of water daily, always avoid fatty food, all vegetables must be juicy and not dry. Please learn at least 10 yoga asans and pranayaam also. I am away and I can’t teach you. Please seek local, experienced, learned Yogi who can teach you.

Deepika: How to make parents agree on a dispute for matrimony issue?
Swami Ramswarup: It will be religious task if you make the parents to agree to get their blessings for which please try your level best and wait.

Shashi: Please give me the meaning of these names: Tarish and Usha.
Swami Ramswarup: Tarish means desire, thirst, ocean, sun etc. Usha means the earliest morning time when sun rises
and spreads its ray of light in the sky. Usha always gives pleasure to human beings. Rigveda states—that Usha comes to make God fortune of human beings so everyone must get up early in the morning.

Sagar Anmalla: Swamiji you have really opened up my eyes towards the truth of God. Thank you so much for your answers. Life is now so clean without any confusion, but there are some questions which are still bothering me. They are about that you said Vedas are direct from God to 4 rishis heart and then they were learned by brahma and then to manu and like it came to different rishis and these translations were from word of mouth upto Mahabharata time. From then different saints made their way and changed the whole concept of Vedas over the years. Similarly as the Vedas were translated from word of mouth to rishis to rishi over the ages I feel there is a possibility that while in translation some of the rishis might have changed the concept or might have not got proper and complete translation of Vedas as it was given by God originaly to 4 rishis as there is No written proof so word of mouth translation could have missed about planetary influence or Vaastu Shastra and other subjects which you said that there is no mention of these subjects. May be I am not clear in my question Swamiji but all U want to say is as there is no written proof of Vedas the rishis who transferred the knowledge over the years to their subordinates some topics which i mentioned above could have been missed by some negligence of understanding by a rishi and kept changing down the ages. Please widen my knowledge Swamiji.
Swami Ramswarup: Rishis are not in any stage of confusion because Rishi means MANTRADRISHTA i.e., who has seen Ved
mantras in heart and not in books and Rishi becomes Rishi when he not only hears or study Vedas but he practices ashtang yoga philosophy mentioned in Vedas, then he becomes purified by all means and when he becomes purified then he is accepted by God and the rishi realizes God in his heart along with Ved mantras. That is why Kapil Muni in his Sankhya shastra sutra 5/48 says that Vedas are undesirous voice which is originated, still at present, in a Rishis’s heart which are called Vedas. So books are not Vedas. Problems can arise when translation is made from Vedas but Vedas are still in heart of Rishi then there is no
doubt in purity. In this connection Bhagwat Geeta shlok 7/19 says that after so many births’ continued tapsya in any one birth, a yogi gets salvation. And Yajurveda mantra 40/6 says that when a Yogi after doing practice of yoga philosophy, realizes God, then there remains no doubt. So Vedas warn that we must listen the preach of rishi who always will speak truth
and we must not listen the preach which is based on study, listening only.

It is not a question of word of mouth translation etc. At present too, he is Rishi who has done hard practice of ashtang yoga under guidance of His Guru and thus has realized God and has seen Ved mantras within him and not translation etc. Rigveda
mantra 1/164/16 clarifies, “NA CHIKET ANDHSAHA” i.e., HE WHO IS NOT A COMPLETE Yogi, he is blind in respect of understanding or preaching the Ved mantras and Kapil Muni in Sankhya shastra sutra 3/81 says that if alive Yogi will not be there, then there will be tradition of blindness.

Muneet Vaman: What is the meaning of my name?
Swami Ramswarup: Muneet word is made from “Muni”. “Muni+ ta” and the meaning of Muni is he who does hard study of Vedas etc., and becomes philosopher of subject.

K.Viswanathan: Is it good for someone to die on a Amavasya Thithi? Is it good for someone to die on a day on which his birth star falls?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. Because everybody gets rebirth based on his deeds which he has done in the life and in the previous lives. Date and time has no concern.

PJM Rao: How to get rid of sins I have already committed? I am a religious person but due to vicarious pleasures I have committed wrong deeds in the past. I want to erase them by doing good deeds. What can I do? I want to rise above ego? Any mantra will help me? Please send me the reply.
Swami Ramswarup: First of all one has to know what is sin and what is not a sin for which a regular and long spiritual preach is necessary. Actually whatever we do, we do under the influence of five perceptions and five senses and mind which generally indulge us to commit sin. Sometimes, individual realizes and tries to get rid of sins but really it is temporary effort. If one has not done regular worship and tapsya, preach etc., under the guidance of a spiritual master by which the above said perceptions and senses are controlled. So the true way to get rid of sins is a regular eternal, worship etc., as said above. So in some cases like yours it is good to realize sin. Then first of all one must repent and must take a firm decision not to repeat the sin in future at any cost. The deed once done always gives its result to be faced by doer but long worship can burn the sins. the jaap of holy name of God and Gaytri mantra will serve the purpose.

Smita Agawane: I want to know abt Pitamaha Bhishma – his childhood days, who was his guru, etc. Something more about him, which will inspire me ,as I like him very much.
Swami Ramswarup: Father of Bhisham Pitamaha was king Shantnu. King Pratip did hard tapsya along with his wife to get a brave son. Due to calm nature of King Pratip he got the son Shantnu. Shantnu’s wife Ganga used to set afloat her sons and in this way she offered her seven sons in river. Bhisham was eighth. When he was born then with broken heart king Shantnu requested Ganga not to set afloat their eighth son. On this Ganga took Bhisham away from the kingdom and arranged for him to
study Vedas from Guru Brihspati and weapon training from Guru Parshuram. His childhood name was Devvrat. Once Devvrat was walking in jungle and both he and his father unknown to each other. Water was flowing a lot in river. Devvrat stopped the water by throwing arrows from bow with a special technique of a brave warrior. King suddenly came on the site and was astonished to see the astonishing action of the brave warrior. Immediately Ganga mother of Devvrat came there and told her husband that I have made your son a brave warrior and learned of Vedas. And now you can take your son and she went away because she was Tapsivini and Brahamcharini too in family life. Shantnu brought his son happily in the kingdom. Once
Shantnu while hunting in the jungle saw beautiful girl and he offered a marriage proposal to her father Dashraj. Name of girl was Satywati. But her father put condition that son of Satywati should be offered kingdom whereas next king had been declared as Devvrat. So king Shantnu returned with broken heart while denying the proposal of father of Satywati but he was shocked and used to remain alone with deep thinking and broken heart. When Devvrat came to know about the matter he went to Dashraj and requested him to give his daughter to Shantnu i.e., father of Bhisham again Dashraj put the same condition which Devvrat accepted and declared unbroken and firm promise that he (Devvrat/ Bhisham) neither would marry or sit on throne and automatically due to this typical promise his name became Bhisham (Bhisham Pratigya). TO BE CONTINUED.

Bpmuni: How should I motivate my son (studying in primary classes) to go to school?
Swami Ramswarup: Please love your son at your level best and then preach him to go to school. Tell him about the bright future of an educated man, God also to give your son inspiration and good mind. I think he will go and study. In addition, it will also be pious deed if you can start doing from Gaytri mantra daily.

Meenakshi Sundaram: What does diksha mean?
Swami Ramswarup: Diksha as per Vedas means to adopt brahmacharya, to tell truth, to do pious deeds, havan, jaap of holy name of God under the guidance of spiritual Guru who knows Vedas. It is not only a matter of getting name of God.

S Balasubramanian: In one sitting, how many times Gayatri mantra should be recited; is it 24 and multiples of 24 or 108 and multiples of 108?
Swami Ramswarup: Reciting of Gaytri mantra depends on the availability of suitable time. It may be 21 times and multiple of 21 but must be done both times.

Haresh: What is the future of Hindu people when minority become more powerful and hurt Hindu? Where will Hindu
go they do not have their own established country?
Swami Ramswarup: India is spiritual country since beginning. According to spiritual point of view, the future is based on hard working, devotion and dedication towards pious deeds and towards society and nation. Then automatically Almighty God inspires and saves us and there remains no ravages of hatred also. But what to talk when our leaders and spiritual gurus are corrupted as seen in newspaper and TV. Secondly spiritualism is eternal in Vedas and gives peace and spreads love to all human beings. So it is astonishing that what type of spiritualism is being preached by so called saints that peace is being finished and corruption is always there.

xxxx: If Shri Krishna Maharaj is not God, then why Meerabhai worshipped him? Who is Swami Narayan? Is the name related to God?
Swami Ramswarup: Worship may be considered of two types. One eternal worship, mentioned in four Vedas and second man made which has another so many ways but according to fundamental law of God placed in Vedas one has to adopt God made worship of Vedas. Yet Meera also adopted the eternal path learnt from Charpat nath Yogi, she sang a spiritual song also in respect of her spiritual m aster Charpatnath ji— YOGI MAT JA MAT JA YOGI, PANV PARDU MAIN TERE. Swami Narayan was a saint.

Manoj: Can a son do pithru karma when his father is alive for his uncle (mama)?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes a son, when his father is alive, can do even must do services towards the elder. But I may write
here that as regards shradh it is not mentioned in Vedas.

Abhishek: Why bhramcharya is needed in yoga and how it improves mind how it is related with diet what should we to take in diet? Is it make oj tej ? If we do not do then what happen I want to make my mind how it will help me?
Swami Ramswarup: Brahmacharya is fundamental base to learn and to practice yoga philosophy. Suppose a tank of water is used frequently and supply is less than use, what will be result? Definitely tank will be empty. If supply of energy is less than the use of the energy then automatically the strength essential to utilize will be finished and great weakness in the body as well as in mental stage will remain. The nervous system will be weak and will not be able to learn or practice yoga. Yoga means the way to realize God for which yam, Niyam, asan, pranayaam, pratyahar, dharna, dhyan, Samadhi— the said eight fold paths of yoga philosophy are to be practiced. In the absence of brahmacharya it is not possible. Brahmacharya is maintained without and with marriage. Brahmacharya is maintained by pious deeds, awakening early in the morning, morning walk and light exercise daily, listening good preach then digestive system remains always the best. Individual remain out of sickness. His organs eyes, ear, nose etc., works satisfactorily. Respiratory and circulatory system become hundred percent good, so naturally mind works satisfactorily. One should restrain completely from non-veg. food a void fatty food, fried food. If suits one should always take pure ghee, butter, fruits, chapatti, rice, dal and vegetables.

Assam Rao: I have heard that in Atharvaved(20:127:1,2,3) there is clear description of last prophet of God (Muhammad) of Islam so is it true or not? Also in other 3 Vedas his name is mentioned? So by which name he is mentioned I have
heard that for his name a word of NARASHANS is used so
is it right?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually the meaning in Atharvaveda mantra 20/127/1 o0f Narshansa is, “He who is praised by public” and naturally he is great who is praised amongst public.

Gurmeet: How do I do pranayaam? I wanted to know the correct method-detailed. and time to do it? For how long can I do it? What else can be done to control weight?
Swami Ramswarup: To control weight one should awake early in the morning to go for long morning walk and to do light
exercises. Avoid fatty food, take at least 20 glasses of water a day, try to do at least ten yoga asans both times daily. As regards pranayaam and asan this philosophy must be learnt in presence of spiritual master only. I am away and can not teach you so please seek a Yogi locally. Pranayaam must be done at least twice a day in the beginning three pranayaams are
enough but, “lom- vilom” pranayaam must be more and must be learnt in presence of a Yogi.

Nitin: Why were we created in the very begining? What was the need of the FIRST PROJECTION [creation]?
Swami Ramswarup: Need is there where there is wish. So creation, nursing and destruction is not a need because as per
shastras and Vedas it is eternal and automatic.

Arun Kumar: I read some where that Yajurveda has two different branches(krishna yajurveda and Shukla yajurved). Please explain it ? Which one is authentic?
Swami Ramswarup: Both shakhas are authentic because its name is Yajurveda.

Balu: Who authenticated you to answer queries of ppl? Are you sure you can answer anybody’s query?
Swami Ramswarup: I think God has blessed me to serve the people and I answer to my level best with the blessings of Almighty God.

Rupali: When a person has a strong faith in God all their life (vishnu, shiva, krishna, shrinathji, mataji), after the female gets married, is it compulsory to give up all the strong faith and follow the faith of her husband, whose religion is still part of hinduism. But, it is part of swaminarayn based rather then vishnu, shiv based?
Swami Ramswarup: In Vedas, shastras and the most ancient holy books there is only one God who is formless, creates, nurse and destroy the universe. He only awards the result of our deeds. He has unlimited qualities and therefore He is beyond calculation and beyond imagination. Up till the time of Mahabhart war only one God was being worshiped. And there was no any problem. Mata Sita worshipped the said God and when she was married with Shri Ram then no problem arose and so on. So first of all we must decide that there is only one God and His worship can be performed, everywhere, anywhere an d in any situation. Because He is unchangeable.

Sonu: What is Paap and what is Punya? How do we know what is what?
Swami Ramswarup: Constitution of world is four Vedas. He who has not listened Vedas by an Acharya and does deeds against the Vedas is sin and who doe deeds according to Vedas and shastras like Shri Ram ,Shri Krishna, Mata Sita etc., are pious and who does sin, his soul wants not to do first time and he feels afraid also which are symptoms of doing sin.

Manuel Bueno: Thank you for your kind answer. Your words are wise. It is true when you say that I cant speak of open
chakras if I feel a physical attraction. Thank you for pointing out my vanity. Why do some saints from India marry? Why did Lahiri Mahasaya or Sir Ramakrishna marry? Why did they have sons and daughters? Swamiji, explain this to me if you think I can understand. About doing tapsya. You say that to give pure love one should master senses, perceptions and mind, but this is not possible without a guru. However I havent met that person. What do I do until I find him or her?
Swami Ramswarup: You can open your chakras but under the guidance of a Yogi only, which is fundamental law of Almighty
God mentioned in four Vedas. Marriage is not a problem. In Manusmriti it is said by Manu bhagwan that the soul needs breathings in the body, to love upon. So is the case of Grihasth ashram (married family life) that married life is important like breathing because brahmacharya, Vanprasth and Sanyas ashrams are alive on one Grihasth ashram. But rules and regulations of the family life mentioned in Vedas and adopted by Shri Ram, Shri Krishna Mata Sita, Vyas Muni, Guru Vashisth and their public are to be followed, which at present are not mostly being followed which is a sin so there are so many duties in the family life like performance o0f Yagya, holy name jaap of God and services to learned Guru who knows
Vedas, respect to parents and elders, to earn money for family, to keep brahmacharya in family life also etc., etc., are thousands of pious deeds to be adopted which cannot be stated here being lengthy. Family life is either to produce good son and daughter for society (nation) or to indulge in Brahma by doing always pious deeds. According to Vedas there are millions of examples of brahmacharya in Grihasth since the time of creation but I mention here only one. Before commencement of Mahabhart war, Ashwathama, son of Guru Dronacharya came to Shri Krishna and requested him to give sudarshan chakra. Actually the sudarshan chakra was a great weapon used by Shri Krishna. In return Shri Krishna accepted the request and asked Ashwathama to take the same. When whole hearted power was used by Ashwathama to pick up sudarshan chakra, it was all in vain and Ashwathama could not even move it an inch up the ground. Shri Krishna at that time told to Ashwathama that this weapon can only be taken and moved by a neshthik or Grihasth Brahamchari and you are not of that category. Arjuna can also take it who is Grihasth Brahamchari. So the marriage of those rishis Munis was based on brahmacharya and pious deeds but I can not comment about the marriage OF OTHERS mentioned by you. So based on the said pious points, you can also marry. You must try your level best to seek a true Guru who knows Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy. And my heartiest blessings are always with

Assam Rao: What is the meaning of YUG like KAL YUG? and who many YUGs are there? And now which YUG is going on?
Swami Ramswarup: Manusmriti gives the proof in its chapter one that present time of the earth is 7th Manvantar up till now 6 manvantar have passed. Those are Swayambhar, Swarochisch, Ottmi, Tamas, Ryivat and Chakshash, nnow its 7th manvantar. 71 chaturyugi = 1 manvantar. There are four yug— Satyug, Treta, Dwapur and Kaliyug.
Satyug = 17 lakhs 28 thousands years
Treta = 12 lakhs 96 thousands years
Dwapur = 8 lakhs 64 thousands years
Kaliyug = 4 lakhs 32 thousands years

The total of four Yugas comes to be 43 lakhs and 20 thousands years which is equal to one Chaturyugi. 71 Chaturyugi i.e., 30 crore 67 lakhs and 20 thousands years equal to one Manvantar and 6 Manvantar have yet passed whose calculation comes to one Arab 84 crore 30 lakhs and 20 thousands years. This is 7th Manvantar and 28 Chaturyugi and the present Kaliyug has passed its time of 5002 years. So up till now the age of the earth and Vedas is one Arab 96 crore 8 lakhs 53 thousands and 2 years. Bhagwat Geeta shlok 8/17 also says about this fact.

Assam Rao: I have a question that in a DRAMA of Television Channel STAR PLUS named KYUNKI SAAS BHEE KABHEE BAHU THEE. The charactors of drama sometimes use the word “THAAKUR JEE” in sense of GOD. So my question is that who is that “THAKUR JEE” and what is his full name. Why dont they use the word of God?
Swami Ramswarup: There are two types of names in Hinduism. One which have been mentioned in Vedas by God Himself such as Agni, Varun, Om, Surya etc., etc. And secondly which have been made by present saints or men at their own like Thakur, Panduri, Girdhar, etc. etc., Meerabai was a famous saint of Rajasthan (India). She has written, “AALI MOHE LAGE VRINDAVAN NEEKO”, Neeko means beautiful. She says I feel vrindavan, a most beautiful place where Shri Krishna did his pious actions. Further she says,”GHAR GHAR TULSI, THAKUR POOJA DARSHAN GOVINDJI KO” that in every house there is a worship of Thakur (God). No doubt that the importance of holy name of God is in Vedas but in loving manner, some saints have named the God at their own. Full name is only Thakur, related to Shri Krishna Maharaj. Meera also used the name of God as Hari, Prabhu etc. But she has also used at her own, “Thakur”.

T. Anandi: I have told my story to one learned Acharya. He told me that to tell Rama nama more than thousand times. I have told rama nama 16 rounds daily In one round I have told 108 times. Please tell me what is secret way of telling nama japa. Last year I have seen your que & ans. In one que & ans somebody has asked that to look after parents how to earn. You have told that do havan and tell Gayatri Mantra 11 times when to put ghee to havan for small period of time. To look after my child I followed this principle. Instead of doing havan I put ghee in havankund (like Akal Vilaku) put two thread in
two sides (east and west) and lights on and told Gayatri mantra eleven times In 5 O clock and Eleven O clock and in the evening for one year. Is it correct?
Swami Ramswarup: Only to recite the name Ram will not serve the purpose of getting peace. Please recite Gaytri mantra
and do havan of Gaytri mantra. Please sit in the morning to perform havan. Havan must be in sunlight then it is more beneficial. Then half a bowl of fresh water with a tablespoon must be with you with small twigs specially of mango tree if possible, havan samagri , ghee, camphor and match box must be there with you. Please sit on sukh asan on four time folded blanket and blanket must be on mat. Sukh asan i.e., sit on duly folded feet in comfortable position. Then first close your eyes and concentrate between two eyebrows and chant Gaytri mantra three times within heart and not by mouth. Then open your
eyes. Take one spoon of water in right palm. Chant this mantra, OM AMRTIO UPASTRANMASI SWAHA and drink the water put in your palm. Then again take the spoon of water in right palm then chant the next mantra, OM AMRITA APIDHANMASI SWAHA, AND DRINK THE WATER. THEN AGAIN TAKE THE water in right palm and chant the mantra, OM SATYAM YASHAH SHRI MAYI SHRI SHRAYTAAM SWAHA, AND drink the water. Then wash the right palm while sitting, with the same water kept in bowl. Then put the twigs into havan kund with one piece of camphor and burn it. During this process chant the Gaytri mantra again and again till such time the fire is lighted sufficiently. Then chant the Gaytri mantra and at the last add the word Swaha and offer ghee with tablespoon, quantity equivalent to 4 to 5 drops. And if you are alone then also offer in fire pinch of havan samagri from your right hand’s finger and thumb avoiding forefinger. So this offering may be of 11 times, 21 times or 51 times as the time suits. It is the simplest way and I have not quoted the complete method of Yajna. I would like to mention here that I have written a book in Hindi named, “YAJ KARAM SARVSHRESTH ISHWAR POOJA”. It has complete Yagya method and mantras. Yagya will give you peace. Havan will have to be done please, being eternal philosophy, which is made by God and is never changed. You must recite the name of God, “OM” also. To do the havan is an order right from Almighty God in whole Yajurveda mantras and other Ved mantras also, being lengthy, I can not mention here but see little bit proof. Yajurveda mantra 1/2 says Yagya spreads purity etc., and maintains all three lokas. So O! Man/woman, — MA HWA TE YAJPATIR HWARSHEET” i.e., do not leave Yagya and learned disciples and gurus must not leave Yagya. In the last chapter of Yajurveda, God says “YAJAM KURU- YAJAM KURU” i.e., do Yagya, do Yagya. Whole Saamveda is appreciating the greatness of holy Yagya. I have written an article on Yagya published in newspaper and can be sent free of cost. So to do Yagya is an order of God and cannot be left. Cooking and other house jobs are duties and must be done faithfully but not by sacrificing spiritual path. Because everybody gets final liberation and peace through spiritual life and not through worldly affairs please. Even your whole family must worship daily which is the duty of all human beings.

Arun Kumar: Some people touch the feet of the guru or elders to show the respect. Is this the Vedic way also to show respect?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please. In Manusmriti shlok 2/47, it is also stated that one must touch the feet of Guru (who
knows Vedas and ashtang yoga) from right hand to right leg and from left hand to right leg. The feet of rishis are also washed with water when they enter the house of devotee. But when the rishi did the journey by foot and not by car or any vehicle because feet are washed to get rid of tiredness of journey. Secondly in Vedas and shastras there are four types of bodies— sthool, suksham, karan and turiya. First three are anyone but fourth is only of a Yogi which is pious one and must be touched.

Manish: I have started reading Bhagwad Gita (English version – Bhagwad Gita as it is). Some questions have arised and
I would like to consult spiritual master, so i cam here. As per my understanding uptil now, Gita emphasizes on getting over material pleasures and bonding. But then in my life i love,fame and money are my primary goals. How can i feel like living without thinking about these goals then ? I understand we have to serve our creator, almighty God. His orders come prior to anything else for us. But then i am really confused and dont understand how to live a happy life by leaving your goals and loved ones aside. Secondly , I also want to know why Arjuna was asked to fight when kingdom was a material thing to achieve ?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually up till now I have read so many Geetas but as it is, is not there. Geeta’s shlok are original in every Bhagwat Geeta, but translation by translator is made At THEIR own and beyond even the smallest
knowledge of Shri Krishna. For example-in one Geeta I read about pranayaam where Shri Krishna Maharaj told to do so but the translator said to the readers that there is no need of doing pranayaam. In chapter 3 and 4, of Bhagwat Geeta Shri Krishna Maharaj has explained the importance and greatness of holy Yajna but in 99.99% cases the translator (present saints
who are against the Vedas) says that there is no need of doing Yajna or yoga. So arrogant have made their own ways as stated by Tulsi Dass ji in Uttrakand. SHRUTI SAMANT HARI BHAKTI PATH SANJUT BIRATI BIB EK. TEHIN NA CHALIHIN NAR MOH BAS KALPHIN PANTH ANEK. Meaning— the bhakti is based on Vedas only by which we get knowledge. But unfortunately now most of the
people are not following the path of Vedas. But arrogant have made their own ways.

So Geeta is a preach by Shri Krishna based on four Vedas and nothing else. Secondly Geeta has been written by Vyas Muni and is an extract of Bhisham Parv of Mahabhart epic which is not being fully accepted by most of the present saints who are against the Vedas. They only say that Shri Krishna has told Geeta. I have also written a book explaining some shlok of Bhagwat Geeta and can be sent on receipt of your postal address if you are so desirous. And then you can also think about the truth yourself.

No please. Geeta does not emphasis as told by you otherwise Shri Krishna could not have told Arjuna to fight a religious war to attain salvation (in case of death in war) or to enjoy kingdom of whole earth (in case of victory) so Vedas say to get progress in spiritualism as well as in worldly field (pious deeds only) together. Kingdom means where citizens live, the citizen must be happy. They must gain justice and good holy atmosphere etc., the situation arisen by
Duryodhan was worst where the females were being insulted injustice and unreligious matters were being pursued worship Yagya, and Vedas philosophy were being harmed etc., etc. So to put an end to all above said things and to give justice to people war was necessary. That is why Mahabhart war was called Dharma Yudh i.e., religious war and not a war i.e., Mahabhart war was fought to establish justice, truth etc., and not a war to gain property etc. So as stated above one should progress in spiritualism and in worldly pious deeds like earning money etc., simultaneously because one sided progress is sin.

Jeevan Singh: I would like to know the meaning of “Krishna” and in one of my e-mail i have asked you a question about Mahabharat base on Karan i wish to know more than just that he is a son of Kunti…I don’t know why but i feel such a person like Karan he must knew from before already that Kunti is his mother even though Chopraji didn’t show in full is this true?
Swami Ramswarup: In Atharvaveda mantra 1/23/1 its meaning is a name of medicine which takes out the germs out of body. And in other mantra its meaning is attractive. Yes he was son of Kunti who gave him birth when she was spinster. Karan did not know for a long time that Kunti was his mother because just after giving birth Kunti thrown in water to set afloat.

Rajesh: I just want to say in one line that whom we should worship…which name…we should recite?
Swami Ramswarup: According to four Vedas we have to worship a formless Almighty God who is omnipresent, omniscient,
beyond calculation, imagination and He only creates, nurses and destroys the universe. His names are several in the Vedas.
But main is OM to recite or to do the jaap. But in this connection a spiritual master is needed who knows Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy. Under his guidance the name of God is remembered or recited etc.

Ravi: Do we have an answer for the question:”what happens after death”, yet?
Swami Ramswarup: Death is meant for human body and not to soul who is alive and immortal. We are soul and body. At the time of death the soul comes out from body and goes to sun, moon, air, etc., that is 13 non-alive Dev. And then comes back on the earth and is mixed in vegetables. Then a male member where the soul is to take rebirth takes through vegetables and through husband and wife, the soul takes rebirth according to his deeds.

Errol: How did Buddha’s teaching affect India’s way of living? Compare and contrast Buddhism and Hinduism? What do you find most appealing about Buddhism?
Swami Ramswarup: It is well known fact that as is a king so is his subjects. If poor people will come forward with a fact, that can’t be accepted easily and speedily but in case of king, it is accepted. King Ashoka attacked Kalinga and even now but his heart, due to effect of past life, could not see the destruction and huge blood shed of public. In this situation, everybody wants peace and in reality, he seeks peace from anywhere. According to the situation, he turned towards Buddhism. King Siddhartha was also a prince. So the preach of Mahatma Buddha spread and king Ashoka also tried his level best to spread Buddhism and it gave good result. In public, everybody was impressed that when a king has accepted Buddhism, then why can’t they. The situation was also warm because in Kalinga war, there was lot of blood shed and no one wanted violence. The teachings of Buddha are non-violence and therefore accepted vigorously in India. In Buddhism, there is appealing factor of totally Ahimsa, which must be spread. But Hinduism, based on eternal philosophy of Vedas, there is always Ahimsa and Buddhism also took Ahimsa from Vedas because the word ahimsa is in Vedas and in ashtang yoga there are eight fold paths— Yam, Niyam, asan, pranayaam, pratyahar, dharna, dhyan and Samadhi. There are five Yams i.e., satya, ahimsa, Astey, Brahmacharya, Aprigraha and Ahimsa is there. So there is no difference between Buddhism and Hinduism and must be spread together.

Ruthiran: I cannot understand my path. I had dreams about a spiritual leader and then I won a lottery. I have done sins in my life. If Guru comes in my life then the life will be bright. Please help me take the right path.
Swami Ramswarup: The path will have to be understood by yourself only. We are born to worship the God to get peace/salvation. Nowadays there are so many paths but it is on you to adopt the truth. The dreams are always come of the feeling which we have either listened or experienced earlier in present or past life but dreams have no link with our life. Suppose one sees a dream that he is a king but in the morning, he will remain as he was. Once some people were throwing stones on a bad character lady, who was sinner, it is said than suddenly Lord Jesus came and shouted with the voice that amongst those will throw the first stone on the lady to beat her, who is not sinner and who has not done sin as yet. Now everyone felt ashamed and slowly went away. So except a Yogi, everybody is sinner, even to tell lie daily etc. Therefore one must stop doing sins by worshipping God for which we have taken birth in human life. Do not care about the past sins but repent and promise not to repeat the sins. This will be a real prayer and worship to God. The true Guru can only enlighten the life of disciple and not false Guru. Secondly according to Vedas, God is Almighty. Almighty means God has all powers to create, nurse and destroy the universe etc. Therefore God needs no assistance being Almighty. Therefore God even does not take and can’t take any assistance to spread His worship. If it is a desire of God to spread the worship or to advice human beings to do only pious deeds then to spread the same is not a problem for God, being Almighty and he can spread Himself. On the contrary, God has created us and given the knowledge of Vedas. Now, it is up to human beings, whether they accept or not. So God does not want any manger or mediator being Almighty otherwise Almighty word will not be used respect of God.

Chaya: I would like to know the exact meanings of the vivah sanskaar specially about the solemn oaths that are read when bride and groom go around the sacred fire?
Swami Ramswarup:In Hindi ‘Vi’ means Vishesh i.e., special and
vahan means chariot. Therefore Vivah means special vehicle/chariot. In Vedas so many examples have been given of this chariot. The couple sits on this chariot which goes to Brahm lok i.e., towards God i.e., the path to follow to realize God. So the motto of marriage is to realize moral duties and while discharging duties, the couple has to realize God. Thus the couple does only pious deeds in family life by which peace while living and after leaving the body is maintained. I am writing an article on this and will be sent to you with all details soon.

Jeevan Singh: Thank you for your reply and a knowledge where you said we all need to have One Guru in order to attain salvation. Can you please share with me the knowledge of salvation? Please share with us any true story of how salvation is attained and which path to take.
Swami Ramswarup: Knowledge of salvation means the path to be adopted by which an aspirant realizes Almighty God. At this stage he feels all time merriment and has known that he is soul and not body and God is within soul. At the time of salvation, he (soul) is absorbed in God like salt in glass of water. This knowledge is deep and lengthy one but mere worldly knowledge will not serve the purpose. One will have to obey and follow the spiritual path in life practically. Now the saints say so many paths which they know themselves but I have experienced the Vedic path and the worship of formless God through services of parents, Guru, elders, donation to needy, Yagya and ashtang yoga practice. But one thing is common to all that services with whole hearted (tan, mann, dhan, pran) to a Guru and elders are essential. Our ancient rishi-Munis and sadhu (saints) attained the salvation. So this is in short, please and salvation is motto of human life. And is mostly attained in family life while discharging moral duties like Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Guru Nanak Dev, Kabir etc. But again, I would say that a Guru is needed to guide to the disciple, step by step. In Atharvaveda mantra 4/30/3 God says that God Himself gives the knowledge of salvation in Vedas and those who adopt the knowledge then God Himself makes them rishi and awards the best mind to realize God and to obey the path.

Gaitrie: I would like to know what the Goddess Gaitrie (Gayatri?) stands for?
Swami Ramswarup: Gaytri is a mantra, comes in three Vedas — Rigveda, Yajurveda and Saamveda. Mantra itself is not Devi, but its Devta (main subject) is Savita. Savita means God. In Gaytri, word ‘Ga’ means “Prann” and ‘Tri’ means “to cross over the world” i.e., “salvation”. So word Gaytri says that if anyone under the guidance of Guru does jaap of Gaytri mantra by pranayaam (to inhale/exhale with proper method) then he attains salvation. he kills all the sorrows etc.

Rajesh: Which is the first Ved to start reading?
Swami Ramswarup: Vedas translated in Hindi are available and can
be sent to you on receipt of your postal address please. It is better if somebody starts study of Yajurveda first in which mostly the knowledge of pious deeds is given. Then Saamveda, then Rigveda and then Atharvaveda. The names of Almighty God are several but mostly rishis and Munis give the name “OM” to do jaap. But in this way an alive Guru is required, who knows
Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy. Worship is done by Yagya, name jaap of God and practicing yoga philosophy and too in family life.

Sarita: Recently , I attended an engagement ceremony (mangnee) A learned person from India was asked to make a speech. He said that the word divorce does not exist in hinduism. Is this true? I found this exteremely shocking because it implies the rejection of many men and women who are divorced. This is against fundamental human rights. I wish you could give me your views because I found this extremely disturbing. In Mauritius, we try to follow the Sanatan Dharma the best we can.
Swami Ramswarup: Divorce word actually does not exist in Vedas. But the rules and regulations which prevail divorce are there. For example in Atharvaveda kand 2 sukta 14, it is stated that the wife who quarrels and breaks the family has anger, ego, etc., must be left and be got out from the house. Who is hard spoken ,over talks, obstinate, who is breaker of merriment in the house, must be got out of the house. Who is not spiritual
minded, do not donate money in the spiritual deeds. Who is habitual of backbiting and talking with other men baselessly etc., must be got out of the home. And there are so many other reasons also mentioned in Rigveda and other Vedas for which the lady can be got out of the house. So this action has been named divorce or talaak etc. This is also applicable for
men. Actually due to lack of knowledge of Vedas and real spiritualism the family life and social life has been a burden on the family. We must also devote time in spiritualism as well as in worldly/family good affairs like Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mata Sita and their public etc., who got progress in both sides, spiritualism as well as in worldly social activities.
When a learned person is concerned he will not give divorce unnecessarily. Many people say that Shri Ram got out Sita from palace, but it is totally false as per the authentic proof of Valmiki Ramayana, wherein it is stated that Shri Ram after killing Ravan brought Sita in his palace at Ayodhya and Luv and Kush were born in palace.

There are now two types of Sanatan dharma, one – God made which are in Vedas. Second – man made which are in several holy books against the Vedas. Sanatan means the religion which has no beginning and no end being eternal. So how the religion can be told sanatan whose date of birth is fixed. Sanatan is everlasting and man made will shortly or at least will be
destroyed at the time of final destruction of the universe. But Vedas being knowledge direct form God and God being eternal, will never be destroyed and in the new creation the Almighty God will again originate the knowledge of Vedas (as it is in the heart of four rishis).

Trinogen: Did you ever experience the Void? If you did, can you describe it in details to me please.
Swami Ramswarup: Actually from the early childhood and up to the college time I have been indulging, for most of the time, in spiritualism which requires loneliness. You see nobody remains alone. It is a matter, what you choose to love. There are two kinds of love – one materialistic articles, pump and show etc. Second – to love self and God. Self means soul. God has created the universe and has become omnipresent. God is everywhere and within all, please mostly, the love based on pump and show. Yet the newly married couple do not want any interference from outside and try to live alone (husband and wife only) then what to talk about a permanent love of a soul with Almighty God who is in within him and how a Yogi would actually like an unnecessary crowd of baseless talking, dancing, spending fun and untrue preaching (pravachan) of saints who are against the Vedas. Yet I preach but in short and too on request of devotees only because I think I am a lover of self and God and requires no interference of outside world. I am myself astonished that I never go to bazaar from childhood never went for shopping, never celebrated any festival, never attended any marriage or death ceremony etc., and always remained alone, alone and alone ( with self and God).

As regards questions and answers on web site, it was also on request of my disciples having a million ton of wait and again and again. Mainly Mr. Kapil who is handling and discharging his invaluable duties to open the site etc., and my disciple Prof. Veena Raj who donated me a computer. I agreed and the site opened by the blessings of God. Now also, I only dictate the
answers. I have no office, no worker but with a very few i.e., four disciples (of my family not paid employee) who work on this site to deliver the answer to all concerned. So I am alone and would like to remain alone.

xxxx: Who is lord Venkateshwara? Please say something about Tirupathi Devasthanam. Why people are going there to worship Venkateshwara swami? How you are able to answer to each and everyone’s question? My heartfull respects to you swamiji. You are doing great job.
Swami Ramswarup: I thank you and my heartiest blessings to you for a long happy life. In Vedas there is only one formless God. Vedas say that God ahs unlimited qualities. Out
of those some are— He is almighty, He creates, nurses and destroys the universe. For the last about 3000 years, people have made their own God based on some stories. And people go after listening the stories etc. for example— one devotee used to go to the temple of bhagwan Tirupatinath to offer Him milk. Once the devotee fell sick and could not go there. But bhagwan Tirupatinath Himself went to the devotee’s house and started milking the cow to take the milk. Suddenly the sick devotee saw that someone is milking the cow and he started beating the man (bhagwan Tirupatinath) with a stick and when he came to know about the fact, then he bowed. So this story shows affection of bhagwan Tirupatinath with His devotee
etc., and people go to his temple.

Sonu: What is the essence of brahmcharya ….and why mostly very unhappy people attain the pass of spirituality, while those happy dont….also i have seen people who dont do ne meditation or yoga but are always happy and aware.
Swami Ramswarup: Only a Brahamchari realizes God. Base of family life, Vanprasth and Sanyas is brahmacharya only. Otherwise a student life, family, Vanprasth and Sanyas life will have no peace etc. But Brahmacharya is maintained by those who are ascetic and real devotees. Unhappy or happy both actually do not worship God. He who is anxious and after doing services of a real Acharya has become able to understand the prakriti, soul and God through literal meaning (Shabad Brahm) and has become ascetic, he only worships God like Shabri, a poor lady and like king Harishchandra, king Dashrath, king Ram, the richest dignities. Unhappy or happy persons, if they are not ascetic, they worship their mind and not God. i.e., they obey the order of mind. The birth is based on result of the deeds, of previous birth. And therefore happiness may be attained due to the result of pious deeds of the previous life. But in this case, they are finishing their bank balance and may be bankrupt, if they do not worship..

Smita: Please tell me about dreams.
Swami Ramswarup: Dreams are always false. If somebody has become king in the dream, then in the morning when he wakes up, he will be in the same position as he was at the time of sleeping. Dreams are based on the effects of deeds on mind which we did in the past lives and in the present life. Some portion of the experience of our deed may be connected with another instances of the deed. When we see the dream based on the experiences of past lives, then we say that we have never seen this situation bit actually we have seen in the past life. However Vedas say that one should worship God to kill the dreams i.e., there should not be any dream in life. Whose concentration is good due to worship, yoga practice he kills the effect of karmas therefore either he sees very few dreams in or he does not sees any dream. So I hope that my daughter will meditate and she herself would be able to stop the seeing the dream. I have come to know about your dreams and would say that there are past feelings and have nothing to do with the present life.

Shiv Sharma: In our earlier discussions on Havan you had mentioned that havan should be performed in the daytime, becoz it has many benefits. Could you please lost down at least 5 benefits? Can the havan be done in the night? if no then why? Is it written in the Veds not to eat meat? If not then why most of the Hindus, i.e. Brahmins, Swamijis, Gurujis and
other learnared people abstain from eating meat.
Swami Ramswarup: I am sending an article by post for your study please. If we do havan at night then spiritual benefit will be got but not physical benefit. Yajurveda says that when we perform havan and after aahuti in the fire then the matters (ghee, samagri etc.,) are converted in the shape of atoms and from air and the rays of light of the sun, the atoms goes in atmosphere and even up to sun. then these atoms make air pure and every article of the house like bread etc., becomes purified. So I am sending an article and after studying them article you may send your questions again please.

Yes please about meat every Vedas warns not to take. Atharvaveda mantra clearly says that I am (God), looking that O! man you have given order to slaughter and now you have purchased the meat and you have prepared the same and now you are eating. Now you prepare to meet the worst consequences from me (God). Being lengthy the full details can’t be given here, but so many times I have given such answers on the website and would request you to please study the same otherwise you can put question again.

Mani Thakur: What is Sabar Mantra? Is it a mAntra created for a particular God or foe a particular purpose? Is it in Sanskrit and if so where can I find it? I have often heard people saying it is very potent. Some state that it does NOT have a Hindu origin. I am so confused.
Swami Ramswarup: I think there is no any Sabar mantra. But Guru mantra is there. It is eternal law that Diksha (name of God) is always listened from an alive Guru who knows Vedas. Then the Guru also brief the secret way of name-jaap etc. Automatically then the God protect the devotee because he do name jaap under guidance of a Guru daily both times. That is why Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, king Dashrath, king Harishchandra, Mata Sita etc., etc., and their public had always Guru (Acharya).

K. R. Shankar: I would like to know about candle tratak in detail. Please tell me about that.
Swami Ramswarup: This tratak is not mentioned in Vedas. As regards mediation, Yoga shastra sutra 3/1 says that concentration must be done on the part of our body only and not outside, especially on three spaces, hridya akash (in heart), Bhruvohomadhye (between eyebrows) which is called Agyachakra and Nasagrye (tip of nose). Realization of God is a true matter of inside (within body) and not outside. Eye, nose etc., are the senses whose work is only to see outside and if we concentrate on a place which is out of our body that process will sure keep our concentration outside and not inside.

Assam Rao: What is the logic of making TILUK on forehead with red color for men? And also for women?
Swami Ramswarup: This is not God made but it is a tradition made by some Gurus. Actually a Yogi who practices ashtang yoga philosophy under asan, pranayaam, meditation etc., feels really some extra ordinary warmness and dryness in body then the Yogi applies here the sandal wood paste which gives him some calmness and coolness.

Rupa: I went through you website and was impressed. I have a question. I come from a bengali brahamin family,where I was always told that a female should never recite the gyatri mantra. But I was never told why?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually we are blessed by God with the human body to get peace and salvation in our life. Gaytri mantra ins the greatest mantra in three Vedas i.e., Vedas are four in number but Gaytri mantra is in three Vedas, we are blessed with bodies like man, woman, birds, animals. etc., according to our past deed but we are not bodies. We live in the body and we are souls and always separate from the bodies i.e., body is separate and we i.e., souls are separate from the body. Souls are same and several alive matter. Souls are same means that every soul has same qualities like alive, immortal etc. So body is man or woman, bird or animal not soul. So preach of any mantra or Gaytri mantra is for soul and not for body. Salvation or peace is attained by soul and God has given the knowledge of Gaytri mantra and other Ved mantra to soul and not to body. So there is no prohibition to recite Gaytri mantra by daughter, son, married lady, mother, sister etc. We have to follow the path of Vedas and not the path which has been made by some Guru or by some saints which is against the Vedas. God is for all and he bless and preaches to all concerned, otherwise God will be bias which He is never. I have given the meaning of Gaytri mantra in detail on the web site, please and would request you to see the web site to read Gaytri mantra. A book on holy Yagya and cassette on pronouncing Gaytri mantra is also available , if you are desirous of please send your postal address.

Bhushan Haldankar: I am searching for happiness. Please guide me.
Swami Ramswarup: Happiness is a matter of inner side and not of outside. Our eyes, nose, ear tongue and skin always carry out concentration outside and thus if a person is a man of billion then to he would be unable to get peace. So please do daily jaap of holy name of God, learn yoga asan, pranayaam and meditation locally because I cannot teach being away. Control your desire, always speaks sweetly, awake early in the morning for long morning walk, respect your parents. And elders and everything will be okay.

Jeevan Singh: Who exactly is Bramhma, Visnu and Shiv? Do they have form? What we see Vishnu on the snake and Laxhmiji at his feet or Bramhma ji with four head sitting on lotus and shivji with snake around him. Does these form really exist if so then how could we say God has no form and he is Omipresent? Just wanted to know.
Swami Ramswarup: There are two paths in world – God made and man made. God made is the eternal knowledge preached by God in four Vedas and other holy books like Valmiki Ramayan, Bhagwat Geeta, shastras, Upanishads etc., which are based on Vedic philosophy i.e., have been written after studying the Vedas. In Vedas there is only one formless God to worship, who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. He is one but his names are several according to his unlimited qualities. Yajurveda mantra 1/164/46 also says, “EKAM SAT RUPA
VIPRA BAHUDHA VADANTI” and Yajurveda mantra 32/1 so Brahma or Brahama, Vishnu and Shiva are the names of one formless God and nothing else. According to Vedas, for example Vishnu word is made from “Vishlri” Sanskrit dhatu which means omnipresent. So Vishnu is omnipresent and formless. Brahma is made from “Bri” dhatu which means the greatest and the God is only the greatest in the universe. So Brahma or brahama is the name of one Almighty God, who is formless. Shiva means who is always beneficial and does welfare for
whole of universe and he is only one formless God. So these all words like dev, Devta, Devi or tirth etc., are mentioned in Vedas but the meaning thereof now a days mostly is against the Vedas.

Jeevan Singh: I have been watching Mahabharat very closely from many time already. Mahabharat has nothing to do with Hindu it has everything to do with human Karma. I guess that’s what Lord Krishna is trying to to teach all of us. I want to know more detail about Karan and his life. I feel from my personal feeling that he is a very holy person with full wisdom and he knew from before already that Kunti is his mother (sorry if I am wrong). I just want to know more about his life for he is the one who paid the most price in his life. Can you please advice any book in english about his life or any book regarding Mahabharat regarding karan life? I feel TV’s Mahabharat is still lack of many things that
we never knew although the making of Mahabharat really change me alot and brought a alot of knowledge in me.
Swami Ramswarup: Yes you are right. Mahabharat speaks to do pious deeds and to maintain eternal religion of human beings. Mahabhart of BR Chopra is having lack of knowledge and even some scenes are false also. Actually true Mahabhart has only ten thousand shlokas whereas now days it has more than one lakh twenty thousand shlokas i.e., about one lakh and ten thousand are false. Karan was son of Kunti and she gave him birth while she was unmarried. But once, he had told a lie to his Guru Parshuram ji from whom he learnt the philosophy of Brahamastr and his Guru gave him Shraap that he (Karan) will be killed by a great warrior in the war and he was killed by warrior Arjuna. The story of Karan is the lengthy one and therefore can’t be briefed here please. However you can read Mahabharat in Hindi written by Paramhans Swami Jagdishwranand Saraswati.

Jeevan Singh: What exactly we mean by sat-sangat?
Swami Ramswarup: There are two words sat sang and sangat. In short satya means which has no beginning and end i.e., eternal. In this category come the souls, God and prakriti. So satsang means he who attains the knowledge from spiritual master about almighty God, souls and prakriti is doing satsang because sang means to be attached. And sangat i.e., the devotees who come to gain the said knowledge is called sangat.

Jeevan Singh: There is a true story that I want to share on net for all my friends who visit your site everyday. At the river side once Guru Govind Sing was standing and playing with a stone in his hand, and suddenly the stone felt from his hand and went into the water, Guruji smile and asked the sikhs “can anyone tell me why did the stone fell into the water? Everyone had their own answer  some said: “Guruji the stone is heavier than the water that’s why the stone went into the water”  there were hundreds of answers on that day. One of the Guru True devotee folded his hand and answered  “Guruji those who are out of your hand will fall into the water just like this stone.”  This answer really amazes me. I belived that when ever we human slip out from our Guruji hand we often find ourself on the wrong path. The water in this story means (ocean of life) we all need to have one Guru in life. Whether we call Him in the name of Ram, Krishna , Mohamed, Jesus or the Sikh Guru.. We are human who are lost and we need to have Guru in life….Why Guru?  we human mind changes every now and then but in all time Guru is One His mind is still and He never change….Through the Guru God pass on His message. Without Ram I think Holy Ramayan would be impossible, without Krishna Holy Geeta would not exist, without Mohamed Quran would never be here and with Sikh Guru  shri Guru Granth would not be. I think Guru knows the best what we want. Many time we human go in serch of happiness in the Holy Book and we are happy with the answer. Let all not leave our Guru’s hand, hold His hand and we can never fall. Hold His hand and we can never get hurt. Happiness and sadness is part of every human life but the real sadness comes when a person die without finding The True Guru, and he keeps on coming back and again coming back to search for One True Guru.
Swami Ramswarup: Yajurveda says, “O Gurudev! Bless me and make me pious by removing sins from me.” Geeta says, “ O Arjuna! Go to Guru and get Brahm knowledge etc.,” Ramayan says, “ the knowledge is always given by Guru.” Guru Granth sahib says,” mann becha sat guru ke paas, tis gurumukh ke karaj Raas.” Similarly in every holy Granth, a need of spiritual master ( Guru) is told to be necessity. Without spiritual Guru, no one can move forward even an inch, towards a true path. The generation of a true spiritual Guru is really beyond description as also said by sant Kabir—“ sab dharti kagad karun, lekhni sab ban rai, saat samand ki masi karun, guru gun likha na jaye.” i.e., if one starts to describe the greatness of a true spiritual Guru on a paper like whole earth, pen made from all the wood of the whole jungles of the world and ink comprising of seven oceans of the earth yet he would not be able to describe the greatness in full.Without a Guru, one has to leave the human body and soul has to take the body other than human(animals, birds etc.). So your views are correct and appreciated too.

Narayan: As per our mythology, persons like Udadhav, Narad, Ashwathama, Parshuram, Vyas, Krupacharya, Hanuman etc still exist. Have you met any of them in person/trance? Could you give references of yogis / yatis who have met these people of higher order?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes, the soul of the said dignities exists. Actually we all person are soul and not body. And soul remains always being eternal. And takes birth, i.e., takes body every time according to their deeds (karmas). But the soul who has attained salvation does not get rebirth. To meet he dignities in person is another question. And can’t be answered but fundamentally a Yogi meets only with the souls who have attained salvation. As is also said in Yoga shastra sutra 3/32 wherein it is said when a Yogi concentrate in the middle of Kapaal then he sees the dignities (souls) who attain salvation.

Anu: Could you please define the words rishi, maharishi , muni , swami? How do they decide what to use for a particular rishi. for example Durvasa rishi, muni Narad, maharishi Dayanand, swami Ramswarup etc.
Swami Ramswarup: To come to the truth the proof of the Vedas are essential. so according to Vedas Rishi, Maharishi means mantradrishta i.e., he who after studying Vedas and practicing ashtang yoga philosophy has realized (seeing) Ved mantra within him, he is Rishi like Vyas, Guru Vashisth, Durvasa Rishi, Kapil Muni, Muni Narad, etc., etc. and may be Dayanand. But I can’t say much about myself please. This is to be decided by the others. Muni means he who study Vedas deeply is called Muni. The word swami is being used at present mostly for the present saints. Swah means unlimited merriment which is in soul or God and is attained by hard practice of Vedas, Yagya and ashtang yoga practice. I never used word Swami for myself. But long ago once my one of the disciple started saying me Swami Ram Swarup, Ved Acharya/Yogacharya and has become famous now. At present the divine words such as swami, Rishi, Maharishi, Muni are being used frequently by the saints and surprisingly by those saints who have never studied Vedas, do not preach Vedas, do not preach ashtang yoga philosophy but somehow they are against the Vedas by saying that the Yagya are not necessary and study of Vedas is hard job. This type of sayings have become dangerous and harmful to our nation because Vedas are not difficult and God has given us the knowledge of Vedas to study and not to leave.

Sanjina Ponte: What is the meaning of Ohm?
Swami Ramswarup: The word OM is made up of some Sanskrit Dhatu and one of them is, “AV RAKSHNE” dhatu. So the meaning of OM is, ‘ the power who protects us and that power is God.” So OM is the name of almighty holy God. The definition of OM is lengthy one and can’t be briefed here, please. For example —the word “OM” is having “Aa”, “Oo”, “Ma” and every alphabet has much meaning and ultimately shows the power of almighty God.

Ashok: Are you in line to Maharshi Dayanand as far as Vedas are concerned?
Swami Ramswarup: Yajurveda mantra 40/8 says that God is everywhere, Almighty, formless, nervous system less, purest, away from sins and away to face any result of any karmas(deeds), knows every soul, knows what is in everyone’s mind, no body has made God, but God creates universe, has given the eternal knowledge of four Vedas and always gives the said knowledge at the beginning of every universe to know the science and deeds to al concern. Similarly four Vedas says about God that God is an omnipresent, omniscient, formless, beyond imagination and beyond calculation. Actually God has unlimited qualities. There is only one God who creates, nurses, destroys the universe and again creates. Atharvaveda mantra 4/1/1 also says that God gives the knowledge of Vedas at the beginning of the earth to four Rishis of unsexual creation. And thereafter only public listens Vedas through rishis Munis as yet and become learned. Rigveda gives knowledge of Almighty, Yajurveda gives knowledge of karmas ( deeds), Saamveda tells about worship—Yoga philosophy and Atharvaveda about medicines and God . Actually all Vedas commonly says about God also, so this is bout Vedas in short. But the knowledge of Vedas is endless. It is a fundamental that knowledge is always given by somebody otherwise knowledge can’t be gained at any cost. If a new born baby is nursed well in a densy jungle and is not educated then he will not be able to gain any knowledge. So we have to think that the knowledge in the world today from where came first. In this connection all Vedas themselves say that God gives this knowledge to four Rishis. As has also been said by rishi Patanjali in yoga shastra sutra 1/26 that God is first Guru of the four Rishis. Yajurveda mantra 31/7 also refers. So this is all in short about Vedas. Now if somebody worship statue etc., i.e., their own creation please but Vedas deny. According to Vedas the best worship of the God is Yagya (Yajna) for which all Vedas are self proof. Yajurveda mantra 31/16 says that the learned persons worship God by Yajna. So everybody must be in Vedic line because the first Guru of our ancient Rishis, at the beginning of the earth is almighty God and thereafter our Rishis have been giving us Vedic knowledge which they have been receiving traditionally. I am not arya Samaji, but I always respect arya Samaj heartily.

Sivasakha: I want to know who i was in my previous life.
Swami Ramswarup: One must go ahead and not backwards. It is not a question to think that what we were in the past but actually, it is an important thought that one should concentrate in his present time and present pious deeds. Present pious deeds will kill the past bad deeds and will make our future bright, even Yoga shastra sutra 2/39 says that when we discharge our duties faithfully and do true worship of God, then our desires will be burnt and yet we could be able even to know our past and future birth.

Bharat: I have read in few of your articles that half knowledged people giving the conversion of Gita. Which book you think is better?
Swami Ramswarup: You can study Bhagwat Geeta written by Mahavidwan Shri Pandit Aryamuni ji (Vedic Geeta) and Vidyamartand Dr. Satyavrat Sidhantalankaar (Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta). I have also written some spiritual books and Bhagwat Geeta in Hindi.

K. Bharat: Is sleep necessary? How many hours is it advisable to sleep at age 17 or more?
Swami Ramswarup: Upto 30, six hours in the night and above 30, 4 to 5 are enough. But it also depends on the physical work.

Keerthini: I just want to know the meaning of ‘nanurvedh’.
Swami Ramswarup: The meaning of “NANU” is “not”, “sure”, “without any doubt”, etc. And the meaning of “VEDH” is to fix the location of planets.

Suruj Pal: All my childhood and young adult years I was told that Hanuman was never married or had any children because the sole purpose for this “Gyarawah Rudra Avtar” of Shiva was to serve Ram. Only men performed Hanuman pooja. I am now hearing from Pundits that Hanuman was married, had children. Please advise.
Swami Ramswarup: In Vedas there is no mention of any avtar please. Hanuman ji was really a Brahamchari and a learned dignity who learned four Vedas and did yoga philosophy, which fact has been mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana.

Anonymous: In a family, if husband wants to live life as mention is Vedas but wife doesn’t want then what should a husband do because in a family both husband and wife should follow path mentioned in Vedas. Please guide me. I am ready to anything to follow the path mentioned in Vedas.
Swami Ramswarup: Yajurveda mantra 23/9 puts question to the aspirants, “KAH EKAKI CHARTI?” i.e., “who moves alone?” and its answer is itself in the Vedas there. “SUN MOVES ALONE.” Here sun means a learned person. Like the sun in the sky the learned person moves alone to get the motto of the life i.e., realization of God through Vedas. But it does not mean that one should leave his responsibilities towards family. In this case, the aspirant must properly look after his family even with a more loving mood because in the path of Vedas there is no any way of hatred, ego, laziness etc. Here Yajurveda mantra 17/68 also says ” SWAHA YANTI NA APEKSHYANTE—— ” i.e., he who starts journey towards Brahma he needs no help except Guru. Yes, in Vedas, it is also mentioned to follow the path by both husband and wife. But this rule is not fundamentally imposed as briefed above in Yajurveda mantras. This is a Karam Bhumi and everybody has to face his own karmas whether wife, husband, daughter, son or any relatives etc.

Dayanand Shanbhag: Kindly advice on how many times the word Om is to be added in Gayatri mantra? Which is the correct and real Gayatri in the following: 1)OM BHUR BHUVA SWAHA OM TATSVITURVARENYAM…… or
Swami Ramswarup: Second one is correct please. This Gaytri mantra with its detailed meaning is placed on this web site and I would advice you to read the same if possible. OM is a holy name of almighty God in Vedas. The eternal philosophy to recite OM is before the mantra of Veda but also in the end of the mantra. But mostly OM is recited before starting the mantra only. But not in the middle etc.

Meena Gupta Seth: An astrologer after seeing horoscope has asked us to remove temple from home. Please guide.
Swami Ramswarup: Horoscope has nothing to do in the life please because Vedas do not tell for the same and we have to follow the Vedas being eternal knowledge direct from God. One has to face the result of his past deeds (karmas) and the karmas are finished by present pious deeds only. Therefore I advice you to recite in mind the holy name of God i.e., OM and Gaytri mantra. You will get peace early if you also start doing havan from Gaytri mantra daily. Secondly to remove the temple is not a solution please. However Vedas do not tell about temple but worship of a formless, omnipresent, omniscient and almighty, eternal God. So horoscope etc., is totally against the Vedas and are not accepted please. You need not worry. However removal of temple will neither add nor decrease anything from you.

xxxx: Can you say your opinion on Swami of Kanchi who has
been arrested by the police?
Swami Ramswarup: In this connection I can say nothing because court is already discharging its duties please. Yet, if Shankracharya is a true dignity then no power of the world is able to give him any harm otherwise it will be a bad luck of those all devotees who offer their good heart feelings in respect of Shri Shankracharya.

Ashok Uppal: Is it possible swamiji that we can travel anywhere in the universe with our astral body and also moon and stars,etc. I heard that astral body can go any where.
Swami Ramswarup: There are three types of bodies— sthool,
suksham and karan. A suksham body of the soul of yogi moves freely at his own desire as said by you and there is no existence of any other body except the said three above.

xxxx: As I am seeing now-a-days, people are worshipping God in the wrong way. According to Vedas, God is one. But In Hinduism, people worship some thousand crores of Gods. So, Swamiji what I feel is Islam is correct. They worship only almighty Allah. Certainly Vedas is the true knowledge given by almighty God but we are not following the same. We are not worshipping the only God who nurses, creates, destroys and again creates the universe. So, don’t you think Muslims are going on the right track in worshipping Almighty God?
Swami Ramswarup: Hinduism is based on Vedic philosophy. Indian
culture is ancient and Vedic culture is most ancient and the greatest culture that has flourished along the banks of river Sindhu which has provided most
congenial atmosphere for the prosperity of Sanskrit language along with its Grammar. This great culture has given birth to number of philosophical ideologies. The famous universities of Takshila and Nalanda were the main centers which were visited by the students from abroad for the intensive study of Indian culture and Vedic philosophy. The admirers of this culture identified themselves as residents of India now known as Indians through out the world. It is immaterial as to which group, caste or religious sect do the residents of India belong but these admirers have always considered themselves as Indians first. Greeks were the first to identify the people living along the banks of river Sindhu as “Indu”. After them, Arabs and Persians called group of people living across river Sindhu as “Hindu”. Therefore if Hindus worship Devi, Devtas which are against the Vedas then too they believe totally on Vedas and believe in havan and holy Vedic name of God
i.e., OM and they usually write OM in their notebook or starting any religious deed. And I believe that one day India will be awakened and will be back towards eternal Vedic philosophy as was in the past period, Yuga. So according to Vedas, you are 100% correct that one should always worship one God of whole universe who is formless, omnipresent, beyond description and beyond calculation etc. I have already told a lot about Islam, a pious religion and would request you to study the whole web site to choose the pious description of Islam therein.

Naresh: May I know to be born in Brahmin community in today world is inauspicious since now days everywhere you go its only Brahmin is being Bashed up?
Swami Ramswarup: I am also a Brahmin by caste. Actually mostly
we have forgotten the eternal knowledge of Vedas. Yajurveda mantra 31/11 says that he who knows Vedas and realization of God, he is Brahmin. Manusmriti also says that he who daily studies Vedas, performs holy Yagya, spreads the knowledge to others, has full control on his 5 perceptions, 5 senses and mind always speaks truth, awakes early in the morning to worship God, does ashtang yoga practice etc., he is a Brahmin. So Vedas deny caste system by birth only. Therefore if a Brahmin discharges his duty well, he can not be bashed up anywhere. But it is a sad news in India that
mostly the Brahmin have left the study of Vedas etc. Every Brahmin must again start study of Vedas and perform Yagya etc., as said above, then I think there will be no problem.

Vibhor Jain: What is the role the brain plays in getting enlightenment? I had read an article in the newspaper in which scientists had discovered all the experiences which occur during meditation to an individual is due to activation?
Swami Ramswarup: First we have to follow the eternal philosophy of four Vedas which are self proof. The whole yoga philosophy has come out from Vedas only whereas helmet etc., is not mentioned and thus totally false.
Meditation means, the aspirant is realising his motto, i.e., God. After meditation the next step is Samadhi. In meditation the Tapsvi forgets everything except himself and his motto. But in samadhi, the Tapsvi
forgets himself also, then what to talk about the functions of mind. Because at this stage all five perceptions, five organs and mind etc., become totally
silent because the realisation is not a matter of any indriye in which mind also comes and how one can purchase the knowledge of meditation or Samadhi (realisation of God) is the token of simple helmet only. To some extent, our indriye (5+5+1+1) helps us (soul) to do worship or yoga practice etc. But at one stage the indriyans become totally silent. Silence is called peace and when mind-brain is working then nothing can be achieved in the matter of spiritualism. Even by pranayaam, Yogi stops his breathing, then how can brain function?

Girish Bharadwaj: I am suffering from high cholesterol and hypertension. Please suggest a remedy.
Swami Ramswarup: Daily morning walk, oil free and boiled food, proper medical advice, will be beneficial for you. In addition it will be more beneficial for you if you please learn yoga asan, pranayaam and do practice thereof daily. I am away and can not teach you yoga philosophy. So please learn the same locally which will give you a long happy life.

Assam Rao: Swami jee when it is said that God is everywhere then why he is called “ooper walaa”? Why he is always considered living in the skys? When God create the universe and from where all Vedas came? Who were those people who were given Vedas? What was their name? And where are they now? What is the importance of astrology when every action is done by God?
Swami Ramswarup: Ooper wala means He is the greatest and sky means space. So God is the greatest and Almighty and live in the universe (space-because universe is in space) being omnipresent. Astrology has nothing to do with the people because it is not mentioned in Vedas by God.

Yajurveda mantra 40/8 says that God is everywhere, Almighty, formless, nervous system less, purest, away from sins and away to face any result of any karmas (deeds), knows every soul, knows what is in everyone’s mind, nobody has made God, but God creates universe, has given the eternal knowledge of four Vedas and always gives the said knowledge at the beginning of every universe to know the science and deeds to all concern. Similarly four Vedas says about God that God is an omnipresent, omniscient, formless, beyond imagination and beyond calculation. Actually God has unlimited qualities. There is only one God who creates, nurses, destroys the universe and again creates.

Atharvaveda mantra 4/1/1 also says that God gives the knowledge of Vedas at the beginning of the earth to four Rishis of unsexual creation. And thereafter only public listens Vedas through rishis Munis as yet and become learned. Rigveda gives knowledge of Almighty, Yajurveda gives knowledge of karmas (deeds), Saamveda tells about worship-Yoga philosophy and Atharvaveda about medicines and God. Actually all Vedas commonly says about God also, so this is about Vedas in short. But the knowledge of Vedas is endless. It is a fundamental that knowledge is always given by somebody otherwise knowledge can’t be gained at any cost. If a new born baby is nursed well in a densy jungle and is not educated then he will not be able to gain any knowledge.

So we have to think that the knowledge in the world today from where came first. In this connection all Vedas themselves say that God gives this knowledge to four Rishis. As has also been said by Rishi Patanjali in yoga shastra sutra 1/26 that God is first Guru of the four Rishis. Those four rishis are Agni, Vaayu, Aditya and Angira.
Yajurveda mantra 31/7 also refers. So this is all in short about Vedas. Now if somebody worship statue etc., i.e., their own creation please but Vedas deny. According to Vedas the best worship of the God is Yagya (Yajna) for which all Vedas are self proof. Yajurveda mantra 31/16 says that the learned persons worship God by Yajna. To know about Yajna I have written a book in detail which is available through this website.

Jeevan Singh: Due to the lack knowledge of religion, how do we know which is a false worship and what is a truth worship?
Swami Ramswarup: You have put the deepest question. In short I can say only at present that to come to the truth a proof of eternal philosophy of spiritualism is required. Vedas, shastras, Guru Granth Sahib, Bhagwat Geeta and so many other holy books are the proof. We must not go against the holy books. But explanation of the subject or shlok, or mantras mentioned in the said holy books are to be listened always by a true, tapsavi and learned present saint. Otherwise wrong meaning can be interpreted.

Sunil: Jaisa ki kaha jata hai ki manushya bar bar janm leta hai kya yeha sahi hai agar hai to kaise siddh karoge ki oho pichhhle janm main kya tha?
Swami Ramswarup: har admi dukh yo maut nahin lena chahta. Bina tajurbe ke koi gyan nahin hota. Jab koi Manushya ya janwar aadi ka bachha janam leta hai tab agar use usi wakt jaan se marne ki koshish karien to who bachha maut se darker jaan bachhane ki puri koshish karega. Haemin sochna hai ki yeh bachha maut se kyon darne laga. Kyonki iska to janam abhi-abhi hua hai. Aur isne koi maut dekhi bhi nahin hai. Is se yeh pata chalta hai ki is bachhe ke sharer main rehane wali jeevatma (rooh-soul) pahle kai janmoin se maut ka anubhav, tajurba kar chooki hai tabhi maut se darti hai. Raha pichhle janam ka sawal, to iske liye aapko ya kisi ko bhi is prithvi ke banne se bhi anadi kal se chali aai shashwat (eternal) bhakti karne ki aawashykata hai,jiska fal Yog shastra sutra 2/39 main kaha hai ki jeev pichhle aur aage hone wale janam ko bhi jaan leta hai.

Sunil: Mujhe Shanti Kaise Milegi?
Swami Ramswarup: Shanti sharer ke ander hai. aur sharer ke ander surat (vrittiyon) ko sthir karne ke liye Ishwar naam jaap, yogabhyas aur pure gyan ko pane ke liye ek Guru ki jaroort hoti hai. Hamara dhyan aksar bahar ke sansaaar main faila hua hai aur hum bahari padarthoin jaise sone, chandi, rupya, makan, car, bangle aadi ko ikatha karne main sukh maan lete hain jo hamara ek tarfa faisla hota hai jo ki galat hota hai. Aur aisa faisla hi dukh ka karan hai.

Suchitra: I gave a birth to baby girl to on Deewali (Amavasya) day. Please let me know what type of shanthi I have to do. I am more worried on the day it was Amavasya and more over it was Deewali day.
Swami Ramswarup: Amavasya is pious, the best beneficial day for
doing Yaj and to obtain brave and intelligent baby. So your baby’s birth is accordingly pious and the best. It does not mean that other days are bad. Ved mantra’s say that the day amavasya is the best day to perform religious Yajna and by which one obtain the best baby. Due to lack of knowledge of Vedas the priest/ saint etc., who are against the Vedas starts saying the said
day as if it is of bad omens, but it is totally false. This day sun and moon remains together i.e., the quality of sun which is enlightened, glorious and
brave etc., etc. And the quality of moon In Atharvaveda mantra 7/79/1,2,3&4 it is clearly mentioned that the amavasya day which is of peace and calm must be in human being together. To perform Yajna on this day gives lot of assets for the family, peace and good luck etc. so we have to obey the eternal and immortal philosophy of Vedas knowledge which is given
by God Himself and not to obey the views of man or woman or pandit etc., which are against the Vedas. Happiness spread all over Ayodhya to receive Shri Ram on the pious day of Diwali. The days are made by God Himself as mentioned in mandal 10 of Rigveda (last mantras). So every day is pious being originated by pious God. However we are free to make any day worst
or pious by our deeds. So you need not to worry about the day. Your baby is great and you must make her great by giving her the best Sanskaar (influence) by you.

Shiv Sharma: Could you please tell my why Choolda Karan inother
words Mundan is performed only in the daytime not in the night?
Swami Ramswarup: To perform the Mundan ceremony, havan from Ved mantras is necessary. To get the full benefit of the havan, it is performed in day light when sun is shining. Because when we offer samgri and ghee in the burning fire of havan kund then the matters (ghee and samgri) is burnt and is converted into smallest particles that is atoms etc. Then the atoms through air and rays of sun are spread in the atmosphere and goes up to the sun giving number of benefit and it also helps to shower rain at proper time. If the havan is not performed in day light then in the absence of sun rays then the matter can’t spread and full benefit cannot be gained. So every havan should be performed in daylight.

Rupali: Who should be a guru for women? If i wanted to
find a guru, how do I know who to turn to, who the is
guru for me?
Swami Ramswarup: In this regard an answer to a question is
appended below please for your information. The Guru of Mata Sita was Rishi Shatanand. Shri Ram’s Guru was Muni Vashisth. Shri Krishna’s Guru was Rishi Sandeepan. They all were learned of Vedas and yoga philosophy. Even Bal Braham charini Gargi was the Guru of king Janak. Guru is necessary in the human life and you may choose your Guru on the lines of above answer.

Honey: How we control our indrias?
Swami Ramswarup: All Vedas specially Saamveda says that daily
havan with Ved mantras, naam jaap of almighty God, daily practice of yoga asans, pranayaam meditation and Vedic preach by a learned Guru are the eternal ways to control indriyan. Such spiritual is therefore, essential.

Navin Chandra: A number of times I have read on your Web Site that Vedas tell to worship the only GOD who nurses, creates and destroy and again creates the universe. I was recently listening to a Parvachan by a Swami who said that Vishnu is the God who does the mentioned above. Does this mean that we should reject everything and worship Vishnu alone.
Swami Ramswarup: Rigveda mantra 1/164/46 says that God is one and is Almighty but His names are several which are only recited by the learned Guru (Vipraha) who knows Vedas. So one name of the God is also Vishnuhu (Vishlri Vyapatau Vishnuhu) i.e., omnipresent. So Vishnu is the name of God who is omnipresent, formless, omniscient, beyond imagination and who alone creates, nurses destroy and again creates the universe. You are requested to see the web site where detailed explanation is given. Being Almighty God needs no assistance in His creation etc., i.e., God alone creates, nurses and destroy the universe. So braham, Vishnu, Shiv, Varun, Agni, Surya etc., etc., are the name of ONE God in the Vedas according to the situation of the Ved mantras. So we must gain the proof of the Vedas and against the Vedas it is all false, being eternal knowledge.

Navin Chandra: Can you please explain the meaning of the word “RAM”. Is RAM mentioned anywhere in the Vedas?
Swami Ramswarup: The meaning of Ram is pleasant, merriment, beautiful etc. The word Ram is also in Vedas but it is not a name of God. Actually it has been a tradition of our ancient and present Rishis Munis that while performing naamkaran sanskaar of a child they gives name to the child from Vedas. Shakuni, Arjuna, Sita etc., are also the name given by those Rishis to them so it does not mean that Shakuni, Arjuna, Sita etc., are the name of God. In Atharvaveda mantra 1/23/1 it is said,”AUSHDHE NAKTAM JATA ASI” means-O! medicine you are born in the night. It means the whole flora (vegetations) are feeded with flavour/extract by moon in the night. And therefore, “RAME KRISHNE (real word is Rama and Krishna but in Sanaskrit language saptmi Vibhakti has been used here stating Rame, Krishne. So please do not have any doubt because it is a fundamental law of eternal Sanskrit grammar.) ASIKNICH” means— your names are Rama, Krishna and Asikni. Rama means — gives beauty, Krishna means — you brings out all the defects/faults (bacteria, germs) and Asikni means — you puts away the white spots from the body. So here Rama, Krishna and Asikni are the names of medicine.

Shila: In choosing frabic, is there any specific colour that you should stay away from and why?
Swami Ramswarup: I think red and black colour are mostly avoided. Red is for sanyasi which is a sign of fire that always sanyasi think that his body is to be burnt in fire one day. Black colour absorbs all seven colours which is a significance of greed and selfishness. And night is also dark. And we mostly say that the person who is not wise is full of darkness. But overall we can wear any colour because it is not prohibited in Vedas.

Shila: Is direction really important when choosing a place to live?
Swami Ramswarup: No please, being not in Vedas.

Arun Kumar: Recently I got a chance to read Katha Upanishad. It is a Hindi translation written by Swami Harikrishandas Goenka and I found it on the Internet. I do not know much about Swami Harikrishandas Goenka, but after reading the book I have got a question about the yamraj mentioned in the book. It is written in there that Nahciketa’s father
sent him to the yamraj and he (Nachiketa) had to wait outside his (Yamraj) palace for three days. Could you please explain what the yamraj means? Can someone talk to him, like Nachiketa did? Does he live somewhere? Some where in a Palace? Or is Katha Upanishad is just an imaginary story?
Swami Ramswarup: In Atharvaveda yamraj word has been used for God please. Because God alone awards result of deeds to all. And hence God alone gives death and births to the human beings according to their karmas. So there is no any other yamraj who awards death etc., according to four Vedas which are eternal and knowledge of Vedas is direct from God as has been several times explained on this web site. So the story has the deepest spiritual meaning (figurative) and the meaning of words to word as stated by you is not true.

Vivek Arya: Are a follower of Arya Samaj?
Swami Ramswarup: Sorry please uptill this stage when I am 64 years old, I have never accepted Arya Samaj but I give regards to Arya Samaj as this is only the samaj who is following the only one true path of Vedas and Vedas being God’s knowledge which is eternal. But for the last 4-5 years I have been called so many times by Arya Samaj to deliver Vedic philosophy and preach which I always accepted and will be accepting. In so many Arya Samaj I have given spiritual lecture on Vedas and yoga and they always admires for which I am ever thankful to them. My way and the way of Arya Samaj are one and the same. So it makes no difference whether I accept Arya Samaj or not. I am a Yogi and through yoga philosophy I learnt four Vedas. And my totally faith now is only Vedas only but I regards all the religion.

Preetika: According to some a magalik cannot marry a non mangalik. Please help me.
Swami Ramswarup: Because in Vedas there is no mention about mangalik so you need not to worry on the said topic please. To know the truth our ancient Rishis have adviced to tally the matter with Vedas. Because in Vedas there is no mention of word manglik so you need not to worry. The people who are not mangalik are also suffering from the problems mentioned by you. Shri Ram married Sita after breaking the bow. And nobody saw shri Ram’s teva or ANYTHing. In Mahabhart Yudhistra married Draupadi by piercing arrow in the eye of a fish ( the eye was pierced by Arjuna the younger brother of Yudhistra)and there was no teva and manglik etc. Savitri married Satyavan at her own wish and no teva or manglik etc. Pandu married Kunti and Madri without teva or manglik etc. Teva means janam parti made by pandit i.e., horoscope. So according to Vedas these are not required and self made story. So please do not worry about manglik etc. future is based on pious deeds, hard working towards a right path and God helps those who help themselves.

Arun Kumar: You have read the Mahabharat written by Vedvyas. We hear that Karan was born with kavach and kundals but that hard to believe. Can you please explain that? How were the kouravas born? Is it possible that one woman can have 100 kids?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. Fundamental law of Almighty God cannot be changed therefore Karan took birth from his mother Kunti and not with kavach and kundals. In Vedas he gets shelter who do yajna by Ved mantra and this shelter (kavch is called Varm.) It is mentioned in Mahabharta that Karan also used to perform holy yagya daily. And that is why he was being secured by the result of pious deed i.e., yajna. He told lie to his Guru Parshuram ji and when Parshuram ji came to know about Karan’s false, then Shri Parshuram ji gave curse to Karan that he will forget to apply Brahmastr to his enemy in war and will be killed by the enemy. So in the war Arjuna killed Karan. No please. One woman cannot give birth to hundred children. Actually Dhritrashtra married with ten women and one lady servant. And therefore he got hundred and one sons.

Shiv Sharma: You are saying that there is no vart mentioned in the holy books, but I have been told that when Rama was trying to cross the ocean from India to Sri Lanka first he was told to do Vart for certain days, only then his mission will be completed. What do you have to say, please narrate the story fully and completely if possible?
Swami Ramswarup: To come to the truth it is eternal advice by
Vedas and ancient Rishis also that proof is required. In Yog shastra sutra 1/7 also Prataksh, Anumaan, agam proofs are to be given. In Agam praman Vedas come. Secondly the holy books written by Rishis are also proof. Valmiki Rishi has written Valmiki Ramayana. In that Ramayan which is a solid proof, neither vrat nor worship of Shiva is mentioned. So it cannot be
considered true that Shri Ram took Vrat, performed worship of Shiva or did any shradh or Shri Ram sent Sita Mata to jungle. I have written book of yoga in which details of proof is mentioned.

Irene: If it’s ok to practice Prayanam during pregnancy. Can you please also advise what Asanas can be done during that time?
Swami Ramswarup: Sukhasan, vajrasan, can be done if you do not feel any problem. No other asan must be done. Pranayaam must be stopped please.

Hariprakash: According to Hindu astrology how can I find
the word with which the name should start?
Swami Ramswarup: In Vedas there is no any rule of alphabet. Our
Rishis Munis used to tell the name of child by performing naamkaran sanskaar yagya. They choose the name from Vedas only.

Priti Duggal: Please give me the life of the (jeevani) Sandeepan rishi (guru of lord krishna).
Swami Ramswarup: In the ancient holy book like Mahabharta it is revealed that Sandeepan rishi was an acharya of the Gurukul and Shri Krishna Maharaj ji studied Vedas and yoga philosophy from Sandeepan Rishi ji with Sudama. No more history I know please.

Rupalli: Please explain in detail why is it so difficult to “always” do the right and nice thing when wrong is being done to you in any aspect of life. Why does God, who I believe in and have faith in, does not help things in your favor. I know karma plays a role in this, but how do you deal with injustice and still do the right thing. After all, we are mortals and spiritual knowledge does not help in those circumstances.
Swami Ramswarup: First of all we have to define about right and wrong according to spiritual knowledge of Vedas.
We must have the result of our worship to bear the bad behave of others even. But if the things against us are illegal and are tortourous then we will have to seek justice in the society. Because injustice is not tolerable. In this way two things are there to do, if we have power, money etc., to fight then we must fight for justice. Otherwise he must keep silence. Because our silence will sure be heard by Almighty God. And He will give us justice. But to get this result we must
be God fearing and must worship daily according to Vedas. God is the Supreme judge, does not favour anybody but He awards the result of our deeds which we have done at our own i.e., good or bad. Because to do the deed we are free from God side. But result is always awarded by God (Yajurveda mantra 7/48 refers). Actually in every step of our life only spiritual knowledge help us and nothing else. Spiritual knowledge only gives mental and physical strength to fight against evils.

Jeevan Singh: In sikhi we were told to do three things: Sat-Sangat, Sewa and simran. How are these three related to each other and what are each of these help us in our life? Regarding Sewa why is it I see people doing alot of sewa in Gurudwara, mandir etc. but in real world we could not find time to buy food for the hunger or serve water to the people who are thirsty The other day in bangkok someone raised this question. Can you please answer for all of us? Is sewa only done in Gurudwara? Is Guruji happy with us seeing us serving water in the Gurudwara to those who have alot to drink the whole day? Is the Guru happy to see us serving food in Gurudwara to those who have food to eat day and night? And how about those people
outside who need us and we don’t have time for them. What is Sewa afterall? Please be kind to answer me the question.
Swami Ramswarup: Satsang means to be with truth and truth means the power which is eternal, immortal etc. In this
matter the knowledge of Vedas and true vani of saints come wherein the worship of God, the duties of man and woman, motto of life etc etc is preached and is preached that without an spiritual Guru or company of saints no one is able to listen preach or to follow the true path. So to listen the preach of learned person or personal seva is necessary as told by all holy Granth. Then the learned person will guide the method of simran of holy name of Almighty God. Seva is meant and said for needy personals. If a tapsavi is doing tapsya naturally seva is required to feed him and his family. Hunger and needy personals require seva. The holy places where real worship is performed those places also require seva. So now it depends on
those needy saints personal or places or holy places that how much they require. Because this is not a way to fufill the banks or to collect unnecessary money of the public. Please read the article “Who should be considered next to GOD?” for more details.

Prashant: Could it be true that God is just the product of our insecurities, on whom we can lay our fears when things are not in control?
Swami Ramswarup: No please, because this type of self made God will not save us. Actually the human body is blessed
by God only to kill our past bad deeds and to get permanent peace i.e., salvation. Otherwise Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, king Dashrath, king Harishchandra and other unlimited richest person were born in a family where all facilities were available already but they adopted the path of worship. So we are born either in poverty or in the richest family, our motto is to
realise God otherwise the poor or the richest both will be suffered like Ravan, Duryodhan, kans etc.

Prashant: What do you think about the incidence of lord shiva family drinking milk few years back. Was this a mass hysteria or really that God was making its presence felt to all of us. “Rishi Patanjali in his Yoga Shastra sutra 2/39 suppose someone says that who has seen diamond then it does not mean that there is no existence of the diamond on the earth.” What i think is that a person will be right in saying that there is no diamond in the earth if no one has actually seen
it as is the case with God (almost all)?
Swami Ramswarup: Drinking milk etc., is not according to the philosophy of eternal knowledge of Vedas and hence is not accepted. God is one who is formless, omnipresent, omniscient, beyond calcultation and imagination, does not take any thing like food, clothes etc., but gives all facilties to the human beings. God only creates, nurses and destroy the unicverse at His own being Almighty and thus do noit takes any assistance from anybody. Otherwise He can n ot be called Almighty if
He takes any assistance of any Goddess or of any organs or matter etc. diamond is seen by eye whereas God is not a matter of perceptions, organs, mind etc.,,as is also stated in all Vedas and Yajurveda mantra 40/4. so it does not matter that if anybody does not see God from eye because God can not be seen by eye. In Bhagwat Geeta Shri Krishna also clarify
that O! Arjuna you can ‘t see me with your eye. To realise God one has to go under the shelter and guidance of a learned Guru who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy. If someone do not accept God then it is his loss of invaluable human body.

Sarita: We have named our first born son ashley . I’ll be most grateful to you if you could tell me the meaning of this name.
Swami Ramswarup: In Sanskrit, from Ish word adding UNN then Ash word is built which means relating to God. ley means
beginning or till. And Isha word is used in yajurvda mantra 40/1 which means the God who creates universe.

Arun Kumar: Can you please explain the marriage of Draupdi? Who pierced the eye of the fish? Was it Arjun or was it Yudhishter? We have been reading from our childhood that it was Arjun Who did this , but somewhere you have said in your
question/Answers session on your web site that it was Yudhishter. Was she really married to all 5 pandavas? Please explain.
Swami Ramswarup: It was Arjuna only who pierced the eye of fish. But according to Vedic philosophy the elder
son/brother/sister must be married first. Therefore I wrote that after piercing the eye of fish Yudhistra married Draupadi i.e., the eye was pierced by his younger brother Arjuna but elder brother Yudhishtra. Actually when Arjuna pierced the eye of fish then the father of Draupadi asked Arjuna for marriage but in between Yudhistra told Drupad that he (Yudhistra) is elder to Arjuna. Then king Drupad agreed to marry Draupadi to Yudhistra. These days the five Pandavs were living in jungle duly hidden. Their mother was alone in jungle and king drupad sent message to their mother of marriage. And when five brothers (Pandavs) reached to their hut to their mother in the jungle with Draupadi, the mother welcomed all. Because she
was already informed about the marriage. So it is false statement by someone to destroy the Indian culture that when they reached to hut then their mother without saying them told that share the begging within you all. How could they share if otherwise it could be begging even of food. Because the food is also distributed by mother or by wife or sister, whosoever is present there.

Amelia: What is the hindu holy book called?
Swami Ramswarup: Four Vedas, Bhagwat Geeta, Valmiki Ramayana/Ramayana, Upnishads, six shastras written by mantradrishta Rishis and some other ancient holy book which I have so many briefed on this web site please.

Erkko Immonen: I’m starting a band named Pranya. Does this word mean anything?
Swami Ramswarup: Pranya means marriage, friendship, faith.

Bharat: Who is said to be the ultimate or origin of this universe?
Swami Ramswarup: There are three matters in the universe— Almighty God, souls, both alive and prakriti, non-alive. Just like potter makes pots from clay, similarly Almighty God creates human bodies, sun, moon, air etc., from prakriti. God is one, the creator of the universe.

Bharat: How do you get complete control over your mind? On what concentrate is best during meditation?
Swami Ramswarup: It is only due to hard practice of ashtang yoga by which any aspirant can control his mind and perceptions and organs. There are three best places where an aspirant can concentrate — agya charka i.e., the point between eyebrows on forehead, nasagrye i.e., to see tip of the nostril with half open eyes, and heart. But the best is agya chakra. One should never concentrate any point outside our body. But this all must be learnt from a Yogi in person.

Girish: What is the importance of wearing janeoo?
Swami Ramswarup: According to the true Vedic philosophy the custom to wear the Janeyu is eternal made by God. Janeyu has three threads which are indication of Raj, Tam and Satv gunas. There is a knot in the thread which indicates and reminds every time that we have taken oath to bind the said three gunas because the gunas have proud, anger, laziness, greediness and various sins. Further the said three threads also reminds us to discharge duties towards Rishirin, pitririn and devrin. Rishirin means we have to serve the learned Rishis to obtain knowledge both worldly and spiritual. Pitririn means after completion of brahmacharya ashram our parents entered gristhashram (family life being married) and gave us birth. This tradition we have to follow and we have to serve the parents also. Devrin means after completion of gristhashram we have to enter Vanprasth ashram to learn and donate the knowledge to the society. In a Sanskrit shlok it is mentioned that the Yajopavit gives us long happy life.

Shila: Could you please explain the meaning of number 9, its advantage and disadvantage?
Swami Ramswarup: Any number in the life has no concern because we all have to face the result of our own deeds good or bad. Suppose someone say that 9 number is lucky for you and if the individual wears it and does not work hard and remains lazy then result will always bad to wear the same. Suppose one has to receive pain, sorrow or bad result due to his past deeds which are awarded by God, then also number 9 will do nothing. So it is our own efforts, hard working, devotion and dedication, pious deeds and worship which give us good result and permanent peace and change our luck also. So future is always based on hard deeds and is in our hands.

Sahil Arora: Why is being born in amavasya day considered unlucky?
Swami Ramswarup: In Atharvaveda kand 7 sukta 79, it is clearly said that amavasya day is the pious day and when we do holy yagya (Yajen), then we are blessed by God with brave and intelligent baby and money etc.,
for family and even salvation. So amavasya day is a declared pious day in Vedas. Due to lack of knowledge of Vedas this day is being treated as dark night and evil day etc., which is against the Vedas. As regards some problems or worries, the same are due to our own karmas (deeds) of past life which we have to face. But if we do regular worship like holy name jaap of God, daily havan of Gaytri mantra etc., and yoga abhyas then the all worries/problems are finished.

Dr. Vivek Arya: What is your view about Swami Dayanand Saraswati of Arya Samaj?
Swami Ramswarup: Swami Dayanand Saraswati was a founder of arya Samaj. He left his parents at very early age. His father was priest of Shiva Mandir. On the day of Shivratri in the night, he was sitting in the temple before shivling with huge crowd. In the middle of night when most of the people started sleeping, Mool shankar (his childhood name) suddenly saw that mice were eating ladoo, which were offered on Shivling. The child Mool Shankar thought that the Shivling of Shivji can not be a God. Otherwise shivling could escape himself from mice. When shivling can not escape himself from mice, how he can save us. And Mool Shankar after sometime left the house in search of God. He took Sanyas also and got diksha from a sanyasi Guru but still he was not satisfied because he had not realised God. He was fed up from all false worship and fictitious stories of Puran etc. He made a tour of whole India and once he met with his real Guru Virjanand ji, who was a philosopher of Vedas and ancient Sanskrit Grammar. After getting knowledge form his Guru he spread the knowledge of Vedas. Through out India and condemned all false worships, unbelievable stories, Pauranik stories, idol worship, etc., etc., etc. And I too accept his views.

Harsh S. Shah: I am having problems with life. Is my bad time going on and how to come out of it?
Swami Ramswarup: In the life we have to face the result of our own karmas(deeds). And here one should never be nervous. Life is a struggle and we have to face. When you are true then you will get success sure. One should never worry about any problem but bravely must
face to get success. If a boatman carry his boat in the sea and cross the sea without obstacle like storm etc., then he is not brave because he has not faced any trouble. Actually the brave boatman is he who face the obstacles bravely and then crosses the sea.

Assam Rao: Why Hinduism is just only in India? Why it is the religion of India and subcontinent only while islam is a worldwide religion.
Swami Ramswarup: Actually the name, “Hindu” has been awarded to us by the foreigners. We were all Aryans and Indian culture based on eternal knowledge of Vedas is ancient (eternal). Takshila and Nalanda international university were famous and students from all part of the world used to come here to gain knowledge. First time Greek and unanis uttered word Indu for us because we are on the bank of river Sindhu. Then Arabs and Farsi started saying us Hindu. That is all the personal living in a country on the bank of river Sindhu are Hindu whether they are of any caste or race. Now a days also in every country like USA all the citizen are called American whether they are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, British, Chinese or of any race etc., and this is good also. Later on the foreigners forcefully change the religion of Hindus also. And due to change of religions and by saying that Hindus are those who reads Geeta, Ramayana, and Vedas etc., the number of Hindus has been decreased. Otherwise up to Mahabhart period there is only one king of the earth which was called Chakrvarti Raja like king Dashrath, Harishchandra, Shri Ram and Yudhisthar etc., and the knowledge of Vedas was in existence. Now in India most of our Hindu Saints have started saying and have been saying for the last so many years, that Vedas are difficult, do not perform Yajna, do not do yoga abhyas (which is all in Vedas preach) on the other hand some Pujari/Brahmans have made caste system which is not in Vedas. This all has affected to the Hindus and most of the public has changed their religion for which again number of Hindus have been decreased. But for God it makes no difference.

Sahil Arora: I was born in the afternoon on Amavasya Day. Is being born on this day Inauspicious?
Swami Ramswarup:In Atharvaveda mantra 7/79/1, 2,3 & 4 it is clearly mentioned that the amavasya day is pious the best beneficial day for doing Yaj and to obtain brave and intelligent baby. So your birth is accordingly pious and the best. It does not mean that other days are bad. Ved mantra’s say that the day amavasya is the best day to perform religious Yajna and by which one obtain the best baby. Due to lack of knowledge of Vedas the priest/ saint etc., who are against the Vedas starts saying the said day as if it is bad omens, but it is totally false. This day sun and moon remains together i.e., the quality of sun which is enlightened, glorious and brave etc., etc. And the quality of moon which is of peace and calm must be in human being together. To perform Yajna on this day gives lot of assets for the family, peace and good luck etc.

Srishti: You have said many time that to prove the truth one should consult Vedas or ask a person who has done yoga and studied Vedas. Swami dayanand saraswati who I belive was a great scholer of Vedas and sanskrit language and had practiced astang yoga also, has clearly told in his book Satyarthpraksh that one should reject the Ramayan written by
Tulsidas. But you have made many reference to Tulsi’s Ramanaya. Please clear my doubts. Should I believe in Tulsi’s Ramayan
or should I reject it?
Swami Ramswarup: The views of Swami Dayanand Saraswati are hundred percent correct according to Vedas. Because if you have a bucket full of amrit (immortal-food of God) and someone mixes only one drop of poison then a learned person will throw the full bucket. He will never think that there is only a smallest drop of the poison in the bucket. Because the smallest poison drop mixed in amrit is always harmful to life and amrit will do nothing. But in my opinion iron is cut always by iron. Therefore if I mention the true chopai of Tulsi Ramayana which are always promoting Vedic culture, then the said chopai will give good effect to all concern. Actually we have remained slaves of Mughals for 800 years and of Britishers for 200 years, during which our culture have been changed. If you want to destroy a Nation, destroy their culture and the nation will be perished away at his own. So it may be possible that the false chopai have been added in Tulsi krit Ramayana. The authentic Ramayana is Valmiki Ramayana. Yet Tulsi Dass ji have mentioned in his Ramayana about Vedas knowledge a lot and I always mention his those chopai which have Vedic concern and not others, by which I want to give knowledge to mankind that Tulsi has also had tried to give the knowledge of Vedas in his Ramayana. But due to bad luck of us now a days most of the self made saints tells only those chopai which has no concern with knowledge but story which can never be faithful to public. Tulsi himself is almost all weeping in Uttrakand by saying that in this kaliyug mostly the saints are against Vedas and had made their own ways etc.,-etc. most of the saints say about this chopai that, “KALIYUG KEWAL NAAM ADHARA” and clarify at their own that everybody must take name of God from a guru and that’s all. That is, thereafter their followers have nothing to do but to attend their so called satsang and offer money etc., etc. So such Gurus at their initial stage had nothing and were poor but now have become man of millions. But such Gurus will never quote any chopai which is giving knowledge of Vedas or
Yoga. For example YOG AGINI PRAKAT KARI KARAM SHUBHASHUBH LAI. IE., WHEN AN ASPIRANT WILL DO YOGA practice then his all past sins will be burnt in the flame of, produced by yoga practice. And this is according to four Vedas. But the said Gurus deny yoga by saying yoga is not required and yajna is not required. Tulsi says that Dashrath brought Shringi Rishi to perform Holy Yajna by Ved mantras for performing pious deeds of garbhadhan sanskaar to get brave and intelligent sons which Shrigi Rishi did from Atharvaveda mantras. But the said present gurus clearly say that yajna is not required because it is only Karamkand. This type of sin is being done by such gurus. When Shri Ram or any king sat on throne then Rishis uttered Ved mantras, said by Tulsi but present Guru never say for Yajna. They even insult the ancient Rishis by saying so many false stories. So I think that some Vedic quotation from Tulsi Ramayan are quoted then public will sure give their attention.

Kushee Goburdhun: Can you tell me can we worship SHIV JI and GANESH Ji?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually in Vedas there is only one God who is formless, omnipresent, omniscient, immortal, never
take birth and beyond death, Swayambhu i.e., no one can make God. And the God has unlimited qualities which are beyond description and beyond calculation. This God only creates, nurses, and destroy the universe and again creates. And such action of God is eternal and natural.

Shridhar Purohit: How to make Life beautful?
Swami Ramswarup: God has blessed this beautiful human life to make it long, ill-free and the happiest. But incidentally God has given knowledge of four Vedas at the beginning of the earth to follow by human beings to get the
target. In the Vedas main thing is to discharge our moral duties according to Vedas, to worship, to perform holy Yajna and to do yoga practice daily. For this purpose Shri ram, Mata Sita,king Dashrath and ancient Rishis, several others and their public too did not leave family life. And were the happiest dignities. So please follow the knowledge of Vedas and
make your life long, ill-free and the happiest. In this way salvation is also attained.

Ashok Uppal: I read about near death experience some people died temporarily in hospital during operation,they had seen going through dark tunnel and they saw beautiful white light and some people saw their dead relatives. Is it true this happens when some one dies?
Swami Ramswarup: This is not true. Actually body has mann (mind), buddhi (intellect), chitt (faculty where various
effects are stored), Ahankar(ego). So whatever we see and listen, smell, taste and touch, the effect thereof is made on chitt. And at a proper time these effects are faced or seen in dream etc. So during that temporary death the personal see just a dream of which he had the effect on his chitt already. But those who have no effect i.e., have not listened the stories of dead body/yamdoot, dark tunnel or light etc., they will never see the said dream. These stories are generally listened in childhood from parents, grandfather and grandmother etc.

Vinod: Please explain why Om should be recited at the end of Shanti Paath.
Swami Ramswarup: Not only in the end but in the beginning also Holy name of God OM is recited. Our ancient Rishis
like Manu in his Manusmriti chapter 2 say that OM must be uttered in the beginning and in the end of Ved mantra. Otherwise the knowledge of Ved mantra will not be achieved properly and in full.

Dr. Raj Narain: I would like to know the best way of yoga assan to get cure diabetes and hyperstension and suggest me what are the effect yogas.
Swami Ramswarup: Ardhmatsendrya or puranmatsendrya asan is beneficial to cure diabetes. But still at least 10 yoga asan must be learnt. Shavasan is beneficial for controlling B.P. one should also control on diet. Must be awaken early in the morning for long morning walk and light exercises. Proper and regular medical advice is also necessary. However yoga philosophy is always learnt from an experienced spiritual master who knows Vedas also.

Shiv Sharma: You said vrat is not related to spiritualism and its not mentioned in the Vedas and shastras, then why do people do vart in the name of say shivji, sat narayan ki vart katha, vart for Devi durga Maa in Nav ratri, or sani graha etc?
Swami Ramswarup: There can be considered two ways of worship. First God made and second self made. At the beginning of the earth God always gives knowledge of four Vedas in which way of worship is fully mentioned specially in Saamveda. So in Vedas there is no any type of vrat. As regard self made worship they nhave made their own ways as also says Tulsi dass ji in his Ramayana, VARNA DHARAM NAHIN ASHRAMCHARI, SHRUTI VIRODH SAB NAR NARI i.e., mostly the people are against the Vedas in kaliyug. He again says, SHRUTI SAMVAT HARI BHAKTI SANYUT BIRTI BIBEK, TEHI NA CHLHINI NAR MOH BAS, KALPANHI PANTH ANEK. i.e., in kaliyug the people do not worship according to Vedas but have made their own ways.

Shiv Sharma: Swamiji what is Braham Bhoj? which takes place on the 13 day after death. and why on 13 day why not any other?
Swami Ramswarup: Atharvaveda mantra 8/2/1 and other mantras also say that when holy Yajna is performed by reciting Ved
mantras then the food made in the house is called YAJ SHESH AMRITAM, THIS IS ACTUALLY Brahm Bhoj in which one can also invite a learned philosopher of Vedas to take the food. Otherwise the family member are taking also. So one should do daily yajna and then must take food.

Shiv Sharma: Please comment on Karwa Chauth.
Swami Ramswarup: As mentioned above Vedas do not tell any kind of vrat which are mostly followed today. These are self
made and God does not say to do. As mentioned in Vedas life becomes long always by performing yajna and doing yoga practice and doing pious deeds according to Vedas. Worship of shiva- parvati is also not in Vedas please.

Manoj: I want to name my child with some ancient name. And as I believe names does have impact on our personality. Where can I get some reference and suggestions for a suitable name? Right now I was thinking of a name – Aambhi- the one who defeated Roman invader Alexander.
Swami Ramswarup: Ambah means — “to generate voice” and accordingly the meaning of Ambhi is he who generates voice. It has been a tradition (which is eternal one) that our Rishis Munis have been giving name to the child from Vedas, after completion of 101 days of taking birth. This process is called naamkaran sanskaar. Aditya (means – who cannot be broken and who is enlightened). Vishwjeet (means – he who wins the world). Akshay (means – who can’t be destroyed). Somesh (means- who is having peace and all kind of pleasures with assets). etc.

Shridhar Purohit: How to be successful in Spiritual Life?
Swami Ramswarup: In this connection an experienced Guru (who knows Vedas and ashtang philosophy is essential and the aspirant must quest for it eagerly. In Saamveda it is said that when the animal or bird in the jungle are thirsty, they themselves goes to the bank of a river to quench their thirst. So is the case of aspirant who is having thirst to realise God. Actually the human body is only blessed by God for worship and realisation of God which now a days human beings are forgetting the aim and thus the huge problem in lives.

Anonymous: What is the correct method of worshipping God according to Vedas?
Swami Ramswarup: Yajurveda mantra 40/8 says that God is everywhere, Almighty, formless, nervous system less, purest, away from sins and away to face any result of any karmas (deeds), knows every soul, knows what is in everyone’s mind, no body has made God, but God creates
universe, has given the eternal knowledge of four Vedas and always gives the said knowledge at the beginning of every universe to know the science and deeds to all concern. Similarly four Vedas says about God that God is an omnipresent, omniscient, formless, beyond imagination and beyond calculation. Actually God has unlimited qualities. There is only one God who
creates, nurses, destroys the universe and again creates. Atharvaveda mantra 4/1/1 also says that God gives the knowledge of Vedas at the beginning of the earth to four Rishis of unsexual creation. And thereafter only public listens Vedas through Rishis Munis as yet and become learned. Rigveda gives knowledge of Almighty, Yajurveda gives knowledge of karmas (deeds), Saamveda tells about worship-Yoga philosophy and Atharvaveda about medicines and God. Actually all Vedas commonly says about God also, So this is about Vedas in short. But the knowledge of Vedas is endless. It is a fundamental that knowledge is always given by somebody otherwise knowledge can’t be gained at any cost. If a new born baby is nursed well in a densy jungle and is not educated then he will not be able to gain any knowledge. So we have to think that the knowledge in the world today from where came first. In this connection all Vedas themselves say that God gives this knowledge to four Rishis. As has also been said by Rishi Patanjali in Yoga Shastra sutra 1/26 that God is first Guru of the four Rishis. Yajurveda mantra 31/7 also refers. So this is all in short about Vedas. Now if somebody worship statue etc., i.e., their own creation please but Vedas deny. According to Vedas the best worship of the God is Yagya (Yajna) for which all Vedas are self proof. Yajurveda mantra 31/16 says that the learned persons worship God by Yajna. Naam jaap is also essential to worship God told by Almighty God Himself in Vedas and it is learnt from a learned Guru who knows Vedas.
Then Vedas says about ashtang yoga which is also a great worship of Almighty God. Actually after studying the books personal diksha (knowledge)
is essential from a Guru who is learned of Vedas and yoga philosophy. Requirement of an alive Guru who knows Vedas is said by Almighty God in
all four Vedas.

Girish Chawla: What is the importance of worshiping a kul devi and a kul devta?
Swami Ramswarup: There are three words in Vedas (Yajurveda mantra 40/3 also refers) MANUSHYA (man), ASUR (devil) and DEVTA (deity God). When we take birth we are called man— mankind, when we study Vedas and discharges our duties doing pious deeds according to Vedas within worship and yoga etc., then we are called Devta (Dev) and Dev like Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Vyas Muni, Guru Vashisth, Kapil Muni and their public, and Devi like Mata Sita, Ansuiya, Madalsa, Bal brahamcharini Gargi who was Guru of king Janak etc. Thirdly if we are against Vedas worship etc., like Ravan, Duryodhan, Kans and their followers who were totally against the Vedas philosophy and Rishis etc., then we are called Asur i.e., devil. The Vedas says that the said Devta, Manushya and Asur are considered when they are alive. And those who have met with death cannot give knowledge or evils etc., because they have been dead and not alive. Their history is there to learn good or bad but they are not present to do anything. So according to Vedas there is no any Kul Devta as asked by you. But somebody has made customs on their own.

Prashant: I want to praischat what ever I have done wrong knowingly or unknowingly? How can I? How will it ensure that God had forgiven me? I also want him to guide me further so that I could stick to right path. Where is that path?
Swami Ramswarup: If a person really repents for the sin he did and vows not to repeat the sin in the life then it will be a true repentance (prashchit) and is accepted by God even. But the sin previously done is not forgiven and result thereof is to be faced. However regular worship according to Vedas, Yajna and practice of yoga philosophy burns the previous all sins also. So this is the right path and to please the God.

Prashant: It is very frustrating to see bad people prospering in their life and those indulged in good deeds are suffering, then we say they will get
results of their karmas in next birth. Who has seen next birth? Why can’t God makes his presence felt by punishing them right and then? If he does so
all will be afraid of doing wrong karmas why can’t he do so? If I have been so close to God as you are I must have requested him to do so.
Swami Ramswarup: Next birth system is eternal under control of Almighty God. If someone says that who has seen the God and next birth then it makes no difference for the law made by the God. So we people only have to think the main object of the human life because it will be beneficial for us and not for God or His law. By true worship according to the Vedas one becomes able to realise God and to know next and previous births also. As is also said by Rishi Patanjali in his Yoga Shastra sutra 2/39. suppose someone say that who has seen diamond then it does not mean that there is no existence of the diamond on the earth. So we will have to think over on our aim please. Without worship we have to face result of our deeds whether good or bad. Suppose one is rich or he is enjoying while committing sins like Ravan, then he will have to face in future and he is enjoying based on the result of his pious deeds of his previous births. So there must be no any malice, hate and jealousy from anybody else. Vedas say we can hate the culprit or atheist and sins but not the man who commits sin. Yajurveda mantra 7/48 says that human beings do deeds and result is awarded
by God. This law and other all laws made by God are unchangeable like God. If God will start stopping then human beings will not be free to do deed which is against the laws of God. The animals and birds are of bhog yoni and therefore they are not free to do deeds but human beings are not bhog yoni only. But are of bhog yoni and karam yoni both. Here we have to face the result of previous deeds being bhog yoni and we are free to do any good or bad deed being karam yoni, but the result will be awarded by God.

H. S. Rao: In Vedas is there any time tested and well proven method [a ritual, a kriya or an ajna] to maintain a long and healthy disease free life. If there is such a method can you teach me personally?
Swami Ramswarup: To perform holy Yajna according to Ved mantras, name jaap of God and practice of yoga philosophy is the best way to get away from all kind of disease, to be ill-free and to get good health.

Sona: What is the basic difference of ideology of Hinduism, and the ideology of Islam? Upnishad gives One God Ideology, it says , there is only one God, not a second, not at all, not at all, not in the least bit’. How may Gods Hindus have? Yajurveda says, no image can be made of God, he is imageless, no body of God can be formed. Then why do we worship Idols of Gods?
Swami Ramswarup: God is formless, omnipresent, omniscient, beyond imagination, beyond calculation and God only creates universe, nurses and destroys. God is one (Yajurveda mantra 40/8, Atharvaveda mantra 5/1/1and 3/15/8 and Rigveda mantra 7/32/23 refer). The said Rigveda mantra also says that there is only one God and no other God has been born or will be born in future. Therefore, many Gods can be self made according to eternal knowledge of Vedas which can’t be false. Because the knowledge of Vedas is direct from God and not from mankind, or any Rishi Muni. First the knowledge is given by God then Rishis Munis spread. Until we study the Vedas we cannot follow the truth.

Shiv Sharma: According to you no one should stop worshipping, and you said havan should be done all 13 days , but here in Fiji we read Geeta and do havan on 13 day which is called Braham Bhoj. Is it ok to
carry out havan everday, and if we do carryout havan which mantras we should recite? And pooja is not done at certain times by women. I do carry out my normal pooja but people say we are not supposed to carry out any havan or perform big pooja. Is it correct to do that? or we may do all types of pooja whatever the concern is?
Swami Ramswarup: In Bhagwat Geeta too Shri Krishna has preached that we are souls and not body. That is every individual is soul who resides in the body. Soul is eternal and is never dead whereas body is dead and burnt at the time of death. Soul takes another body according to karmas(deeds). That is why when Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu was killed then in spite of grief etc., Arjuna killed Jaydrath, during the war, the main culprit for the cause of his son. Because Arjuna knew that Abhimanyu was not dead being eternal soul but Abhimanyu’s body was dead. So there was no matter of so much grief. Shri Krishna already preached Arjuna that your relatives are not bodies therefore they can not be killed being souls. They did not leave havan-Yaj. Our Vedas says that when somebody is dead then body is decayed and starts giving bad smell with bacteria which are harmful, so the havan should be performed immediately and daily which also kill the bacteria and purify the place. The agnihotra was not left even at the time of death of King Dashrath as said in Valmiki Ramayana. Even Vedas say that cremation must be done by performing Yajna, which is worship and is also a mean to purify the atmosphere. Vedas say Havan —– Yajna is the best worship of God. So worship cannot be discontinued. But who has not knowledge of soul and body and makes their own custom then naturally then worship is discontinued, we have to follow the preach of Bhagwat Geeta also wherein it
is also said death is nothing but like a change of old clothes from body etc. Similarly the pooja must be done by woman because God is everywhere. Therefore God is also in our stomach where urine and faecal matter. God is also in gutter and septic tank but no any smell, germ or matter is able to touch the God and God always remains pure, just like sun ray also touch
the toilet or urine on the ground but the rays are never affected.

Shiv Sharma: Why we don’t eat salt while doing the vart?
Swami Ramswarup: There is no any philosophy of vrat in Vedas, shastras, Bhagwat Geeta and other spiritual holy Granths. So naturally it is custom made by people. So I think it is not related with spiritualism.

Shiv Sharma: How do we break the vart?
Swami Ramswarup: As stated above please. But vrat can be taken in case of any physical problem or to make the digestive system good. For that vrat is broken always by taking fruit, juice or lemon water.

Shiv Sharma: Why 16 sanskar is no more followed, instead its all over in 13 days after the death?
Swami Ramswarup: Sanskaar are not being performed due to lack of knowledge of four Vedas. As stated in Yajurveda mantra 31/7, the knowledge of four Vedas is originated in the heart of four Rishis at the time of beginning of the earth in unsexual creation. At that time no present
religions are in force. So naturally Vedas are not sects and is applicable for all human beings. Therefore everybody must perform the 16 holy sankars.

Shiv Sharma: What is naad?
Swami Ramswarup: Naad is a voice always generated in our body. There is everywhere space. The space is also in our body. So from space and air the naad is generated and comes from naval towards mouth. And further generates words. By closing both the ears the naad is also heard by an aspirant.

Sanjay Inamdar: I have read that even though we are performing the Karmakand in Navratri we should not cut / trim our hair or beard or nails. In short we should be completely in Brahamchari state for these 10 days. Please enlighten me on this issue with the reason for the above. Generally we should be performing any ritual karma in a clean clad.
Swami Ramswarup: The pious deeds, brahmacharya etc are to be performed daily. Suppose one perform in navratre then he will be given good result by God for the period of navratra only. Saamveda mantra 14 says that we must worship God and do pious deeds daily. Worship must be in the morning and evening both times. When we clean our house and body daily even after coming out from toilet, then why not we can cut beard and nails. Because such action is not mentioned in Vedas, so naturally it is a custom made by people and not by God.

Anju Trehan: Dharam wahi jo swarth aur lobh se bachay, udar bnay.
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please and that dharm in the Vedas,
shastras is called to perform duties towards family and human beings in accordance with the Vedas result of which gives peace and happiness here and after leaving the body also. (Vaisheshik shastra sutra ½ and
Yajurveda mantra 40/2 refer).

Shridhar: Where is God? How to find God?
Swami Ramswarup: God is omnipresent so He is everywhere. But is always realised within human body. He is not seen with the eyes but is realised within human body. He who, become ascetic after studying Vedas or spiritual books and preach of a true saint then he do yoga practice and when God himself accepts the ascetic for his pious deeds, worship, Yaj, yoga practice etc., then the ascetic realises God.

Vrindhini: If AUM is complete, and does not need anything. If GOD is all knowing, then why did he/she create the Universe?
Swami Ramswarup: It is a deep matter and I have also replied before on the web site so many times and would request you also to see the web site please. However in short, we are souls and not bodies. Bodies are destroyed but soul does not. Without body soul can not do anything. The bodies are of human beings or birds etc. Based on previous birth’s pious deeds we are blessed by God with human body in which we can realise God and not in other bodies. Suppose if God does not create universe then the souls will remain without bodies just like a patient in comma. But the creation, nursing, destruction are eternal and natural and cannot be stopped. The holy name of God is complete and the ascetic who do jaap of the holy name he becomes able to realise God. Everything in the world is known only by name so is the case of Almighty God. Therefore why the God has made world or what happens if he does not creates the world are such questions which actually have no importance because the creation is eternal and natural.

Harjiwan: As per Absolute Monism (Adveta Vedanta) of Acharya Shanker says “only One Truth, without second – ek meva
advitiya and ‘EKO BHARMAN DUVETO NASTIK’ than why following Six are called ‘ANADI” (without beginning and end) 1- Bharman
2- Ishawar 3- Jiva 4- Avidya 5- Their differences (Bhed) and 6- Their relationship (Sambandh).
Swami Ramswarup: The three matter are anadi— soul, Almighty God and Prakriti. Prakriti is non-alive whereas God and
souls are alive. There is only one God who creates, nurses, destroy and again creates the universe. God gives knowledge of four Vedas at the time of creation. All Rishis understood about the said three matters from the knowledge of Vedas. Rishi Patanjali in yoga shastra sutra 1/26 says God is first Guru of the four Rishis of unsexual creation. This all is truth and
must be realised through Vedas.

Kiran: What is the meaning of havisha. Can we put this as a name to a baby girl?
Swami Ramswarup: The meaning of havisha offering aahuti, Yaj and yoga philosophy. The meaning of havisha is also, “special love and faith within our heart towards God”. But also its meaning mostly is considered to offer aahuti in havan also. So you can decide yourself the name of your loving daughter please. Some Vedic names are Sumedha-means having best mind. Shruti means Vedas. Manisha means who studies Vedas.

Sweta: What is Aura? I want to learn about human Aura. Some times I feel that I have some sense tells me about doing or not doing of that particular work. I am very much intrested in yoga and meditation. How can I observed Aura with my eyes?
Swami Ramswarup: Practice of yam, niyam, asan and pranayaam and tratic give power as asked by you. But actually yoga
philosophy is only to realise God. You may learn yoga and do practice thereof please. Aura is a sort of telepathy and yoga philosophy is useful for the same.

Jagruti Kurup: Information regarding the study of the Vedas. How does one do and practise keval kumbhak? What does
one do exactly to attain keval kumbhak?
Swami Ramswarup: Vedas knowledge is gained in person by listening from an Acharya and thereafter can be studied in home. As regards kewal kumbhak it is the higest stage of pranayaam and is also learnt in presence of a Yogi. Because before learning kewal kumbhak many yoga asans, yam, niyam and pranayaam are learnt. Thereafter the stage of kewal kumbahk is attained.

Froshk: I have done something wrong around navratre. Will I be forgiven?
Swami Ramswarup: Sin is sin whether is done in navratre or any time. It is a fundamental that we are free to do pious
deeds or sin. But accordingly God gives the result thereof. So one should be alert always not to commit any sin because God is everywhere and is looking everybody everywhere.

Seema Chopra: Why people worship sun only in morning why not evening?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually the worship of sun is not mentioned in Vedas. Vedas tell to worship the only GOD who nurses, creates and destroy and again creates the universe. If someone worship sun, a non-alive matter then it is his own wish.

Peilin: What are the spaces needed for a perfect yoga practice?
Swami Ramswarup: Mostly the yoga practice must be done in a open air and greeny places, which are more useful. But while if family it can be done in a room and according to situation. But quite lonely place. Yoga practice while in family is sufficient two times. Early in the morning and in the evening. You may devote suitable time in the morning as well as in the evening which suits but not less than one hour.

Shiv Sharma: If someone in the blood family dies, people do not do any types of pooja for at least a year. Can you please explain the logistics
Swami Ramswarup: Actually in this matter there is no logic. It has been made a custom by particular race or religion.
For example in Mahabhart war daily warriors met with death but daily worship was done by Pandavs and Kauravas and so is in the case of Shri Ram Ravan war. Actually at the time of death specially Vedas say that worship and holy havan must be started from the same day continuing for further 13 days. Because it gives peace and kills the germs and is beneficial for all human beings. Actually worship and holy yajna is never stopped like food.

Chaya: How to solve problems of being a Manglik? I keep having a lot of problems.
Swami Ramswarup: To know the truth our ancient Rishis have adviced to tally the matter with Vedas. Because in Vedas
there is no mention of word manglik so you need not worry. The people who are not mangalik are also suffering from the problems mentioned by you. Shri Ram married sita after breaking the bow. And nobody saw shri Ram’s teva or ANYTHing. In Mahabhart Yudhistra maaried Draupadi by piercing arrow in the eye of a fish and there was no teva ans manglik etc. Savitir
married Satyavan at her own wish and no teva or manglik etc. Pandu married Kunti an dmadri without teva or manglik etc. Teva means janam parti made by pandit i.e., horoscope. So according to Vedas these are not required and self made story. So please do not worry about manglik etc. future is based on pious deeds, hard working towards aright path and God helps those who help themselves.

Anonymous: How to solve relationship problems in family and in-laws?
Swami Ramswarup: One should never be nervous but always must
think that life is a struggle which we have to face happily. First of all please locate the reasons as to why relation between the family are not good and then try to remove the reasons which will give you sure permanent peace because especially in family life the peace is maintained by excuse only. Proud and the question of dignity and status has no value but the pious deeds and good qualities serve the purpose. To discharge the duties towards family is one’s moral duty. And I will advice you to look after your family properly. With soft spoken and loving manners try to teach your wife not to be attached more with her parents. Because under the spiritual law even the interference from the side of parents of wife is the most dangerous. King Janak married his daughter but never went to know about her daughter to Ayodhya or to jungle or to Lanka. Vedas says that the marriage of a daughter must be arranged to a far distance where no frequent contacts are made from parents of wife. It will be beneficial to your wife and your children. Yes good advice from in-laws are appreciated. Not a single life is useless otherwise we could not be blessed with the valuable human body by the God. The human body is meant to get pleasure and long happy life without sorrows etc., and to realise God .So we must always worship. Please try to learn yoga asan, pranayaam and meditation locally. It will also give you mental and physical strength.

Smita: How should I pursue yoga? I am a student.
Swami Ramswarup: Actually in the student life one hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening is sufficent for yoga practice. Ten to twelve asans are sufficient for you daily which will take at more than twenty minutes. Then rest of 40 minutes for jaap, meditation and pranayaam. You can do asan after five minutes of taking water. But no solid food must be taken. I will advice you to draw your full concentration towards study. Take plenty of water daily which must be boiled. If possible please go for a morning walk. Avoid fatty, oily and fried food.

Saurabh Sinha: I want to take Sanyas. Please give me the information about the same.
Swami Ramswarup: Before taking sanyas you must see that you have discharged all family duties well and in full. Secondly, sanyas is meant for those who have by worship and yoga practice in family life, have become ascetic.

Shailendra Joshi: Please let me know about Yask Muni.
Swami Ramswarup: Yask Muni was learned and extraordinary Yogi and philosopher of four Vedas. He has written a wonderful book about Vedas named Nighantoo. Please purchase the book from the market and study.

Capt. Suresh Kumar Kapil: In search of a Guru, if a person dedicates himself whole heartedly to the sewa of a saint and later finds him more worldly and not following any Vedic rituals, should he be rejected even if he spoke of DIVYA DIKSHA (SHAKTIPAD)?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes Vedas say that he must be rejected. Secondly in Rigveda mantra 1/45/1 says that an alive guru who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy is required. Vedas are the knowledge direct from God and originated in the heart of four Rishis at the time of unsexual creation i.e., in the beginning of the earth whereas the worldly knowledge is man made and if it is against the Vedas then it is sin. Yoga shastra sutra 1/26 says that God is the first guru of our ancient Rishis and thereafter Rishis have been giving the knowledge of Vedas to us. This is eternal philosophy and can’t be changed as also said in Saamveda mantra 744.

Dinesh Upreti: What is the difference between ahankar and abhiman?
Swami Ramswarup: Ahankar and abhiman are same. In spiritualism Ahankar means SWABHIMAN i.e., to know own existence. At the time of creation from prakriti first matter is made which is called mind (Buddhi) and from Buddhi Ahankar is made. Then panch tan matra, panch mahabhoot and onwards. But in other meaning Ahankar means proud. The poorest man too has Ahankar of his status i.e., SWABHI MAN but man like Ravan, Duryodhan has Ahankar/abhiman of power or assets etc.

Dipali Sharma: I want to be really rich in my life, what should I follow, in tantrik vidhya to become rich really fast in my life?
Swami Ramswarup: There is no any kind of tantrik vidya in Vedas, shastras, Bhagwat Geeta and other ancient or present true Granths. You must struggle, work hard with full concentration and under advice of a richest man.

Anonymous: What is the significance of JANAYU? What is the objective and if somebody wearing it, what should be principles to follow?
Swami Ramswarup: According to the true Vedic philosophy the custom to wear the Janeyu is eternal made by God. Janeyu has three threads which are indication of Raj, Tam and Satv gunas. There is a knot in the thread which indicates and reminds every time that we have taken oath to bind the said three gunas because the gunas have proud, anger, laziness, greediness and various sins. Further the said three threads also reminds us to discharge duties towards Rishirin, pitririn and devrin. Rishirin means we have to serve the learned Rishis to obtain knowledge both worldly and spiritual. Pitririn means after completion of brahmacharya ashram our parents entered gristhashram (family life being married) and gave us birth. This tradition we have to follow and we have to serve the parents also. Devrin means after completion of gristhashram we have to enter Vanprasth ashram to learn and donate the knowledge to the society. In a Sanskrit shlok it is mentioned that the Yajopavit gives us long happy life.

Jaideep Johar: How to find the truth?
Swami Ramswarup: To get a true answer our all ancient Rishis like Vyas Muni, Sandeepan Rishi, Patanjali Rishi, Kapil Muni etc., etc., said to tally the answer from Vedas. Vedas are self proof. The knowledge of Vedas is originated in the heart of four Rishis of unsexual creation at the time of beginning of earth duly emanated from Almighty God. Therefore in Yog shastra sutra 1/7 Rishi Patanjali says and also Kapil Muni also says in his Sankhya shastra that, “PRATAKSHANUMAAMAGAMAHA PRAMANANNI” that is Prataksh, Anumaan and Agama (In Agama Aapt Rishis and Vedas) are the proof to know the truth. Bhagwat Geeta shlok 3/15 also says the Vedas emanates from God. So Atharvaveda mantra 7/80/1 says that there are sixteen kalas which are pran, shrdha, panch bhoot, indriye, mann, ann, viry, tap, mantra, karma, lok and naam. The said qualities are to be obtained by human beings to get salvation. But God has not sixteen kalas but God
has unlimited kalas (qualities) because God is having unlimited qualities and can not be bound to a limit by any means.

Gulshan Aggarwal: Kindly explain the concept of “akarma” of the karma theory.
Swami Ramswarup: Manusmriti shlok 2/6 says that all karmas are originated from Vedas and Vedas’ knowledge emanates from God. This fact has also been mentioned in Bhagwat Geeta shlok 3/15. in Van Parv of Mahabhart, Yask put question to Yudhisthar about the karmas and Yudhisthar answered that we have to follow the path of the ancient learned Rishis/forefathers. Otherwise it is deepest knowledge. In short there are three types of karmas—- 1. karma 2. Akarma and 3. Vikarma. Therefore the karmas are those which we do according to Vedas in which we have to discharge our moral duties towards our family, society and nation also but first we have to know through study that what are those pious deeds like honesty, to serve the elders, to speak sweet, to do pious deeds selflessly, to worship etc. So these are karmas which are automatically pious because of being mentioned in Vedas. To do karmas against the Vedas are Vikarma i.e., Vikarma are those which are prohibited in Vedas and shastras. Some karmas are of natural category like smile, laugh, to eat, to sleep etc. When a person does only natural karmas to live upon and being lazy, he avoids all the Vedic pious karmas then the said karmas are called Akarma.

Asar Bajaj: I wanted to ask you that what are the bad things in eating meat or chicken? If we take only vegetables they also have life it means we are also killing plants or vegetables? On which base we can differentiate these two things? Please solve my problem so that I can select my diet.
Swami Ramswarup: Veg. and non-veg. are two categories. Accordingly the construction of body i.e., teeth, small intestine and large intestine, and digestive system has been made by God. Human beings are in vegetarian category. Our teeth and digestive system always differ from cat, dog, lion etc. Some animals like cow, buffalo, goat, elephant etc., also come in Veg., category. We take water by sipping but the animals who are non-vegetarian i.e., meat eater they do not sip but lick. Whatever we eat that food makes our or develop our mind and body and creates natural behaviour. For example if we take a cub who is newly born and nurse him by giving milk and thereafter vegetarian food only and on the other hand to an another cub we provide him meat, then when they will be younger their habit will differ. The cub taking vegetarian food will be not so terror as the cub who took meat. Now medical science also say that the energy in vegetarian food is more than non-veg. vegetarian food gives long and ill free life. Vegetarian elephant is stronger than non-vegetarian lion. Nobody can take meat until he gives violence to animals or birds etc., which one is a sin. Our stomach becomes a graveyard where we gather meat by eating. As regards life in vegetarians it does not harm to them while plucking from plants etc. because every vegetarian plant has short life and is entitled to give food to the human life. But to us meat is not entitled. Science has recently told that non-vegetarians are more susceptible to cancer disease and teeth degeneration as compared to vegetarians.

Saroja: How to increase earnings?
Swami Ramswarup: He is always satisfied who becomes able to control his unnecessary desires. One must be satisfied within his earnings but must do hard work to increase earning for the family. But satisfaction is the best policy. It is good that you are worshipping daily and sure God will help you to increase your earnings.

Priyanka: What happens to soul when he dies suddenly I mean like someone died because of a murder. That was not a destined death then what happen to those souls?
Swami Ramswarup: Soul never dies. It is eternal. Body is dead i.e., when heart beating is stopped, the body is dead and soul comes out, which is a fundamental law of God. Any death is based on good or bad deeds. The result is awarded by God. When soul comes out from body, then soul takes next birth i.e., next body according to his karmas and not situation i.e., murder, accident or anything.

Devi: I have been reading all your questions and answers on your website for the past 2 months and this has changed my life in so many ways, Thank you. My question to you is about death, who takes us? Where do we go and do we have to return to this earth again?
Swami Ramswarup: This question is important and the deepest one. I have replied such questions so many times in detail. I would request you to please see the full web site if possible to know the answer. It will give you peace and lot of knowledge. However, in short I again describe here. A new born baby either of mankind or birds or animals etc., who has taken birth just now, is always afraid of death. Why he is afraid when he has not met with death at present and neither has he seen any death? The answer in the shastras is true that the baby has previously taken so many births and deaths and she has sanskaar (remembrance) of the death with her. This clarifies the rebirth. When soul comes out from the body it goes to 13 places according to Yajurveda chapter 39. These places I have mentioned already like sun, moon, Aditya etc. Then after sometime the soul comes on the earth and is mixed with vegetables where she has to take the birth according to her past karmas. The vegetable is taken by male remember and the soul comes in womb and takes birth.

J N Gupta: What is future of Hindu and Hindu Bharat because day by day Hindu Sanskriti is going to down side?
Swami Ramswarup: Future is always is in our hand. If we do pious deeds, then our future is bright otherwise dark. It has been a policy of foreigners that to destroy a nation destroy their culture and the nation will be perished away at its own accord. We have been slaves for 800 years of Mughals and then 200 years of British. During this time our Vedic culture has been destroyed. Aurangzeb burnt the famous Vedic culture of Takshila and Nalanda universities and the flames were continued for more than six months. If we want to save India then we will have to follow again the only path of Vedas otherwise our future is dark, Worshipping 33 crore devtas and following western culture. When we even can’t save our mother language Sanskrit and Hindi then what to talk of country.

J N Gupta: Vastu is approved in Ved?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. In Vedas hard working, pious deeds, discharging of duties, worship, science, etc., is mentioned. As regards constructions Yajurveda says to construct a house where air and light is obtained easily and not Vastu shastra of nowadays.

J N Gupta: I want a guru in Kaliyiog , it is possible? Through Guru I want darsan of God, without guru it is not possible, Bhakti is not possible. From many times I am trying to get the true Guru..
Swami Ramswarup: In this connection I would advice you to seek a
spiritual Guru like the Guru of Shri Ram, Shri Krishna etc., their adorable Gurus were Muni Vashisth and Rishi Sandeepan, who were philosopher of Vedas and ashtang yoga. Please try your level best and God will help you.

J N Gupta: Pap is big or Chama-yachna . I am not getting limit of Pap in my life.
Swami Ramswarup: Pap and kshama both have their own effect. Pap provides worries, tensions, problems, sickness and countless death etc. And kshama is a part of Dharma and gives peace. Yet these two matters are to be learnt in deep, then kshama is experienced.

J N Gupta: Please let us know about way of life according to Ved in kaliyug.
Swami Ramswarup: For this one will have to study/listen Vedas please.

Vijay: I have a mala from Haridwar for about 2 years, and every morning after doing my prayer I put it about my neck and take it off same time. Last night a mouse cut through the bag in which the mala was there and bit on the thread of the mala, and when I woke up in the morning, I see that the mala was broken from that part. I have tried to tie it, but was wondering is that a good sign or a bad sign?
Swami Ramswarup: Swami Dayanand Saraswati was a great saint,
rishi and a philosopher of Vedas. When he was under ten years of age he was sitting in a Shiva temple by order of his father on the occasion of shivratri. A crowd was present in the temple and singing bhajans. But in the mid of night the people in the temple were fast asleep. But Swami Dayanand, the child was carefully and cautiously looking towards shivling. Suddenly he saw rats wandering on the shivling and eating ladoo. The child (Dayanand ji) thought when the God can’t protect Himself from rats, then how the God (shivling)/Shiva will protect me? He stood and ran to the house. So mala and any shape is not God. We can do jaap from the assistance of mala and if mala is broken then God is not broken or nothing bad will happen. When you will go in deep then one day you will realise that no mala is required for jaap.

Ambuja: I do not perform daily religious activities comprising pooja arti. Sometime I miss them. Still I feel how can I become close to God? How can I become close to God? I always try to help people. But I am a having home and family I am not able to detach myself from them I know I cannot fully attain God. But at least I should feel he is near to me or he is happy with me.
Swami Ramswarup: Actually the human body is only meant to worship and to know God. But until our body is fit and healthy, we can not do pious deeds worship etc., to realise God. So, God has Himself said in the Vedas to earn the money etc., to live upon, and duties towards family. So if we earn and discharge duties towards family, mankind and nation, this is also a worship of God, if we also worship daily. Because whole the earning etc., must be meant to worship.

Mahinder Singh: I am in search of meaning of holy word ANU.
Swami Ramswarup: The meaning of word ANU is “afterwards”.

Aditya Verma: How Veda can contribute to science?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually every matter of science has come out from Vedas. Because it is a fundamental law that until the knowledge is given by anybody else, the knowledge cannot be obtained. Someone can say that by source of looking towards world activities etc., then the knowledge can automatically be obtained at our own i.e., without any assistance. Then why the backward classes still living in dense jungle have not become learned? That is why Rishi Patanjali too says in his Yog shastra sutra 1/26 that Almighty God is the first Guru of the four Rishis of unsexual creation just at the time of beginning of the earth. And Vedas already says (Yajurveda mantra 31/7 also refers) that the knowledge of four Vedas containing science, spiritualism is emanated direct from God. For example earth revolves round the sun which has been mentioned in Yajurveda mantra 3/6 which is about one arab 97 years before. Every medical science with medicine and surgery is mentioned in Atharvaveda. The poisonous snake and others insects have been mentioned in Rigveda. All types of animals are mentioned in Yajurveda. How to construct house and how to cook etc., is mentioned in Yajurveda also i.e., right from straw to Braham matters are mentioned in Vedas. In Rigveda mantra 1/164/11 720 elements have been mentioned whereas nowadays about 200 elements have only been discovered. Rest of them are still to be invented etc., etc. in Rigveda all ammunition for army has been mentioned. Mathematics is mentioned in Yajurveda and other Vedas too. So nowadays the requirement of study of Vedas is particularly required to be carried up. Then one thing is more, the detailed matter of spiritualism, yoga philosophy etc., is also mentioned in Vedas. Vedas are not sect and must be studies by all human beings even to promote brotherhood internationally.

Shri V. Krishna: What is the meaning of “jambuthvibam, barath varsham,baratha kanta..”
Swami Ramswarup: Jambu means tree of Jamun (Rose Apple). Barat Varsham means who showers food grains, i.e. who gives food to human beings.

Shri V. Krishna: Vedas mention the “Meru” mountain. Now where is that “Meru” situated?
Swami Ramswarup: Meru mountain is the biggest in all mountains and this reference is in Bhagwat Geeta shlok 10/23 which means that God is supreme in universe as Meri is supreme in mountains. Meru is not mentioned in Vedas.

S Kumar: Many of us know that shunning one’s ego to varying degrees, if possible fully, is the key to know the “supreme being” or “brahman”. It is by shunning ego one can truly submit to God. Some of the ways of shunning ego, in my view, are prayer, chanting, yoga, deep meditation, some yogasanas, saatvik aahar…….etc. But realistically speaking, in the present say objective world, where performance is the need for survival, it may not be possible for one to follow the above methods. My question is: are there other methods, strategies and thoughts to eliminate one’s self ego?
Swami Ramswarup: In Bhagwat Geeta, Valmiki Ramayan, six shastras, it is preached to finish the ego. But the said holy books written by the dignities first did tapsya i.e., study of Vedas, practice of ashtang yoga, performing yajna, prayer, stuti and upasana etc., by which they became able to control five sense, five organs and mind and then they overcome ego too and realized God and got salvation. The said path is eternal and can not be changed please because of made by God Himself in the Vedas. The fundamental, for example of oxygen to live upon is eternal and unchangeable and so is the spiritualism. Men have tired to make so many paths against Vedas and fundamentals of God which are not successful please. In this matter there is no any excuse.

Jaidev Sharma: I did Yajna 3 times to get a job but it didn’t get an immediate result.
Swami Ramswarup: My dear Jaidev my blessings to you and appreciate your deed to perform yajna. But Yajna must be done selflessly. Though Yajna fulfill the pious desires but time is not fixed. Every pious deed is done selflessly but prayer must be there. That is why God has made all types of the prayer in the Vedas. And we must follow the said prayers which will never give us nervousness. But due to lack of study of Vedas it has not become possible to follow the path of Vedas and most of the people makes there self made prayers and when it is not fulfilled then automatically nervousness comes. Please be brave and continue Yajna which is the best worship of the God. As regards job you try your level best to get the same and God always helps them who help themselves.

Sony: I like your website and found very useful and interesting. My question is when God is one, why people pray in different ways? The other question is when a Hindu get marry to Muslim, whom he/she should worship, to Allah or bhagwan? Please clarify my doubts.
Swami Ramswarup: No doubt God is one who creates, nurses, destroys and again creates the universe. This process is automatic and eternal. God is one but His qualities are beyond description. So we have to worship only one God whose description, power etc., has been mentioned in Vedas. He is formless, omnipresent, omniscient, beyond description, beyond imagination and beyond calculation etc. It is mentioned in the Vedas that worship the God who creates, nurses and destroy the universe, whose worship is done by a learned Yogi by means of ashtang yoga, and Yajna etc., and the said Yogi has realised God. But unfortunately most of the people do not go to the learned Yogi, (philosopher of Vedas and Yoga). The sun is one in the sky. When the said sun will rise then only darkness will be over and no other alternative to finish the darkness. Therefore when the knowledge of Vedas and philosophy of the yoga mentioned in the Vedas will be obtained from a learned Acharya then only one God will be worshipped. Because the darkness i.e., illusion will be automatically over. As regards marriage, this is personal matter to bridegroom or bride.

Jeevan Singh: Few day ago I was just wondering about cast system. After having a chat with someone I was told that the caste system started long time ago. If this is true then why didn’t anyone tried to stop this system. I am sure in all Holy Book in this world are against caste system, in sikhi the Guru themselves tried to stop the caste but still as I have heard in today Punjab there are a lot of cast system many people who are in love have to be separated since the cast didn’t match. Swamiji what exactly is
going on here, can’t the cast system be wash out from world society. I will really understand if two religion can’t be together but in one religion with
a lot of cast isn’t that a sad new. Swamiji I think caste is a blind faith where people get separated please Swamiji bless us with the knowledge that religion make us one and cast ruin all humanity. If I am wrong somewhere i am really sorry please help me on the right path.
Swami Ramswarup: Dear son the universe is created by Almighty God who is one. God is complete in all respect whereas man is not. That is God has every knowledge and therefore He has made some rules and regulations in Vedas. In Vedas, like God there is complete knowledge in all
respect right from straw to Braham. So caste system is also mentioned in all Vedas and also in 31 chapter of Yajurveda mantra 11 but in this mantra it has been clearly mentioned that human being is only a caste. Further four categories have been made based on own deeds and not by birth. These categories are 1.Brahman, — who is a tapsvi, has controlled his five senses and five organs and mind and donate the knowledge to the public etc., 2. Khashtriye — who has power, strength etc., to save poors and nation. 3. Vaishay (Mahajan) — who has power to do business and to distribute the articles to live upon, to the nation on proper cost. And 4th is Shudr— who could not study etc., and serves the people. So the caste system is not by birth. By hard working, Tapsya etc., a shudr can be Brahman and by bad conduct Brahman can be shudr. But the knowledge of Vedas which is direct from God and originated in the heart of four Rishis at the time of creation is not being spread and hence the problem. The caste system now made by selfish person for the last more than 2000 years, is I think not possible to finish due to lack of knowledge but mainly due to selfishness and proud etc. To finish the same the knowledge of God will have to spread door to door. But the human being is nowadays busy in pump and show and materialistic articles etc., and thus has no time to serve the humanity.

Arun Kumar: In almost all of your books you have used the word Bhagwan Ram, Bhagwan Krishn, Bhagwan Manu etc. But they all were human being like all of us. In sabka janam hua and maritu bhee hui. But God
never born and never dies. We all know they all were great person and they are respected by all. But Is it appropriate to use the word Bhagwan before
human being?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually it is also a knowledge in the Vedas
(Rigveda mantra 7/41/5) that Bhagwan can be anybody but not Braham. Because braham is one who is formless, do not take birth etc., etc. in the word Bhagwan there are two words Bhag + wan. “Bhag” means all pleasures
spiritual plus materialistic. You will see that Shri Ram was a Yogi as also mentioned in Valmiki Ramayan Bal kand sarg 1. With the power of yoga God (Braham) blessed Shri Ram with all happiness, pleasures like palace, gold, diamond etc., etc., so he who has bhag i.e., all pleasures (spiritual and worldly articles) but remains ascetic too, he is Bhagwan. “Wan” means who possess (in Hindi Wan means wala, therefore Bhagwan means bhag wala i.e., sampurn ashwarya sampan wala). So in upnishad like Prashnopnishad Piplaad Rishi has been addressed Bhagwan Piplaad and so on. But the Rishis and such dignities are soul and Brahamleen but not Braham and cannot create universe.

Mojgan: Why do Hindus have millions of Gods?
Swami Ramswarup: God is only one for whole of the universe and he only creates, nurses, destroy and again create the universe. I know about myself as well as you know about yourself very well. Until you or I tell about us to any unknown person, nobody will be able to know about us. That is why interviews are held for appointment etc., where individuals himself say about them. Then the interview holder knows the bio data of the applicant. Similarly God has told his qualities etc., Himself in Vedas, and in all four Vedas God has told that He is formless, omnipresent, omniscient, beyond calculation, beyond imagination and He is one, etc.-etc., because God has countless qualities which are beyond calculation and imagination. It is our bad luck that most of the people do not study Vedas but goes to the present false saints.

Samraat: Please tell me the Vedic marriage.
Swami Ramswarup: Thank you and my blessings to you for a long happy life. It is a long knowledge which cannot be described here. It is mentioned that there is only one process which is eternal and has been mentioned in Vedas which is called, “Vivah sanskar” amongst 16 Vedic sanskars. The name of 16 Vedic sanskar I have quoted on the web site.

Shri V Krishna: Mahabaratha explains the Lord Krishna’s leelas.
I accept Rama & Krishna were not like to show themself as a avtar of lord Vishnu, but the Rama avthar is correct one to the peoples who are like to follow .,but lord Krishna perform lot of doings which are beyond the societies discipline system,[like love with women, rasleela]. So please explain me why
the sanyasis are performing the pooja to lord Krishna [I think Rama pooja is best one]. Please clear my doubt.
Swami Ramswarup: In Mahabharta there is no mention of leela’s of Shri Krishna as being described now a days, however it is not out of mention here that originally there are 10,000 shloks in Mahabharat written by Vyas Muni ji and his disciple Veshampyan. But now there are more than one lakh shloks which have been added and not written by Vyas muni ji. This is our bad luck that now a days we are studying most of the literature which are against the Vedas and shastras. So the Shri Krishna ‘s leelas which you have also mentioned in your question was never performed or even thought by Yogeshwar Shri Krishna. Learned saints or people who knows Vedas and original Mahabharta (which are proof in token) never accept such leelas. Actually such leelas has made bad image of Yogeshwar Shri Krishna Maharaj.
So is the case of avtaar for which I have written a lot on the web site and would request you to see the web site for the deepest knowledge. God is only one for whole of the universe and he only creates, nurses, destroy and again create the universe. I know about myself as well as you know about yourself very well. Until you or I tell about us to any unknown person, nobody will be able to know about us. That is why interviews are held for appointment etc., where individuals himself say about them. Then the interview holder knows the bio data of the applicant. Similarly God has told his qualities etc., Himself in Vedas, and in all four Vedas God has told that He is formless, omnipresent, omniscient, beyond calculation, beyond imagination and He is one, etc.-etc., because God has countless qualities which are beyond calculation and imagination. It is our bad luck that most of the people do not study Vedas but goes to the present false saints. That is in Vedas there is no mention and no scope of avtaar because God is almighty (have all powers) and does karmas of creation, nursing and destruction without any assistant. We need an assistant being soul but not God. So to kill Ravan, Kans etc., how God will take assistant of body of Shri Ram or Shri Krishna or further assistant of bow and arrow or sudershan chakra etc. So avtaar is needed not please. If still somebody agree for avtaar it is his own belief please. So real worship is of Almighty God.

Shri V. Krishna: Please tell me “how many samhithas in Veda? and what is the meaning of samhitha?
Swami Ramswarup: The meaning of samhita is collection of poetry
or stanza. So there are four samhitas i.e., Rigveda samhita, Yajurveda samhita, Saamveda samhita and Atharvaveda samhita, in which there is a collection of several mantras.

Shri V. Krishna: Recently I read an article that mentioned that there are 4 yukas. In the first yuka the height of the man was 24 ft ., then in the 2 nd yuka the height of the man was 18 ft., as the same in 3 rd yuka 12 ft and now in kaliyuka our ordinary height ft is 6 ft. Please tell me “In which Veda contain this information?”
Swami Ramswarup: This is all false as there is no mention same of in the Vedas. In treta there is description of multi storey building in Valmiki Ramayan, so if we consider 18 feet then at least one room will be considered
minimum height of 21 feet. Then five storeys will of 105 feet and then there will be also problem of stair to reach on the storeys.

Shri V Krishna: Please tell me the meanings of sangalpa sloka “suklam baratharam vishnum…”
Swami Ramswarup: Sankalp means firm good thoughts/pious thinking. Shukalam means shukal paksh and second is Krishna paksh according to rising of sun. If it is rising in the northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere then due to this rising Shukal and Krishna paksh are made of six months duration each. Bharthram is made from word bharthah which means a Rajrishi 2. agni, 3. diety 4. God. Vishnum means omnipresent God.

Abhinav: What are the possible ways to stop hair loss?
Swami Ramswarup: Ardh shirshasan and shirshasan will give you
benfit but the asan and pranayaam must be learnt from a learned Yogi in presence. Your digest system must be okay. You should take plenty of water daily. Please awake early in the morning for long morning walk and light exercise. Try to be happy always.

Amit Goswami: What is “KARAM”? Agar Karam pradhan hai to karam alag alag kyon bateeye hue hai?
Swami Ramswarup: There are three kinds of karmas sanchit, prarabdha and kriyamaan. Vedas tell to discharge our duties (karmas) according to Vedas as also mentioned in Bhagwat Geeta 3/15 which says that karmas are emanated from Vedas. Sanchit karmas means the total number of karmas of the previous births at the time of taking birth. Prarabhadh karam means the karmas taken from sanchit and are to be faced in present life (good or bad). Kriyamaan karmas ,means the present life’s karmas. From present pious karmas we can burn all past karmas good or bad and can get salvation. So the importance actually is of present pious deeds according to Vedas.

Devi: I have asked you for advice before and I thank you for your guidance, I wanted to ask you a question about people who have a disability
or are handicap, is this because they are special or because of their bad karma? It hurts me to see people suffering and not living life like the majority of us.
Swami Ramswarup: Vedas say that God is Supreme judge. He always give justice. So happiness or sorrows are according to our own karmas as also mentioned Yajurveda mantra 7/48 please.

John: I am lost and confused and have sadness that seems to return. How am I to liberate myself?
Swami Ramswarup: A firm decision, devotion, concentration and hard working help the devotee, Please. And God helps always those who helped themselves. Regular advice and worship is necessary. One should never be nervous. Then he will sure get success. Please be brave and go
ahead. Forget past to make the future bright.

Nari Sobhrajmal Shahdadpuri: According to you grah cannot harm then why mandirs of shani were build there is one in near delhi in village name osla. Besides that their are many magazines are printed saying which stone to worn to avoid bad effect of star please enligten me I am confused they also talk about rudraksh and effect of it differrent faces?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually what I say or anybody say has no importance, importance is of view which are tallied with eternal proof i.e., four Vedas. Vedas are eternal knowledge direct from God and originated in the heart of four rishis at the time of beginning of the earth in unsexual creation. So rishi Patanjali in his yoga shastra sutra 1/26 has clearly stated that almighty God is the first Guru of the four ancient rishis. Then the rishis have been our Guru onwards. So whatever Vedas say is eternal truth otherwise false. Therefore our every view must be tallied with four Vedas as also stated in yog shastra sutra 1/7. In Vedas there is no mention about grah, shani worship. So need not to worry. I think now you will be satisfied. We have to obey the orders of our first Guru i.e., Almighty God.

Agnivansh: Everything can change with time except for the ULTIMATE CONCIOUSNESS…. char Ved, che Shastra Purana ~ bhatke jiva kahi paye na tikhana | jag jae sune prem ki vani ~ phir bhi koi hame na pahechani | na koi rup na koi bhesha ~ jab raha sat purush ke desha | aur kissi ko kya samjhae ~ samast bramand hami se praghatae| Why did I recieve knowledge without a Guru?
Swami Ramswarup: If you would have been in densy jungle since first day of your birth provided with every facility of food, medical etc., under care of one man with the instructions to him(man) not to talk with you till fifty years of age then could you be able to know Hindi, English or any language or any knowledge about anything please. So whatever you have gained it is with the blessing of your parents and surroundings and whatever you have gained about spiritualism (as you say) it is too be audited by a spiritual Guru being eternal law which can’t be changed please. And if you need not the same audit and think that without Guru you have attained salvation, then you must be pleased everytime without any worry, sorrows, problems, fear and worldly articles etc.

Devi: Please can you tell me the reason why girls/women cannot do certain things such as cook food, go near religious symbols/statues of God and sleep on the same bed as their husband, when they have a monthly activity.
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please whatever you have is prohibited at that time. On religious as well as scientific reason
because at this time harmful germs comes out of the body. But no religious function is prohibited because in every germs God is also there.

Devi: I wanted to know why can’t you offer food cooked with onions to God as prasad, as a daily offering of food. I believe all veg is acceptable to God but people tell me that its wrong to offer food with onions or garlic…please enlighten me….
Swami Ramswarup: Actually God gives food to all but He does not take being formless. Yet with faith every vegetable
food can be offered.

Lekh Raj Bhatia: When I was doing Jaap, I faced a problem, and when I asked my Guru, he said that the God is taking my exam , i said ok, from that day God is taking my exam, how Long the Exam of God goes? Will it take all my life?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually in Vedas there is no mention of any exam by God. Yajurveda mantra 7/48 says we do deeds (may be good or bad) and God awards result thereof accordingly. When we do only pious deeds like worship and family duties according to Vedas then our past deeds which are to give problems are burnt. And this fundamental law can not be changed being made by God Himself.

Anuj: Somebody tolds me that you have very less life time, by seeing my hand,& told me to do as much as worshipping of God, what should i do?
Swami Ramswarup: I think this is false. Life is given by God for hundred years which can be decreased and increased at
our own. Increased life is maximum for (four) hundred years vide Yajurveda mantra 3/62. if you do pious deeds like yajna, yoga practice etc., while discharging your daily duties then you can go up to for hundred years with brahmacharya.

Lara Poplo: What do the hindus believe about how the world was formed, and does ‘sin’ exist for you?
Swami Ramswarup: At the time of creation the knowledge of four Vedas emanates from almighty God and originated in the heart of four Rishis of unsexual creation. From the power of God the rishis become able to pronounce Ved mantras and knows meaning of each Ved mantras. Rigveda mantra 8/100/11 says that first time the Rishis recite the word and make understand to the public. Yajurveda mantra 7/48 says that human beings do the sins and God awards the punishment. However Vedas say when a person does ashtang yoga practice, study of Vedas, Yajna and pious deeds then he attains Samadhi- salvation and becomes away from sins.

Madhuchhanda Mishra: What will be the right age to get married and to whom?
Swami Ramswarup: Boy must be 26 ;plus minimum and girl above 18 years. Boy must be good earning hand, educated and
girl must be educated and having good qualities of taking care of family etc.

Minakshi: Can you tell any mantras to improve my marriage life?
Swami Ramswarup: Please try to perform havan daily chanting Gaytri mantra. The said mantra is available on web site with its meaning. Method to perform havan may also be seen in this web site.

Narsireddy: How to prepare yoga and how to concentrate on yoga?
Swami Ramswarup: There are eight fold path of ashtang yoga i.e., yam, niyam, asan, pranayaam, pratyahar, dharna, dhyan
and Samadhi. But this yoga philosophy is learnt from an experienced yoga philosopher in presence.

Pritika: What was Sita’s right and responsibuility as a woman?
Swami Ramswarup: Sita studied Vedas a lot in her childhood and she was fully devotee to do the deeds according to Vedas because at that time there was no any other holy book except Vedas. Sita mata used to awake early in the morning and did havan and other pious deeds. When she left for Ayodhya from the palace of her parents. She never returned and served heartily her husband Shri Ram and Shri Ram’s relatives. To maintain he truth and duties she followed her husband to go to
jungle. So now also girls and boy both must discharge their duties and must do pious deeds according to Vedas and even shastras, Upanishads and Geeta etc.

Sudhagar: I want to be a yogi but my society pushing me into the family net. What should I do?
Swami Ramswarup: THIS ALL DEPENDS ON THE PRESENT SITUATION OF YOUR FAMILY. If they require your help then you must first discharge your moral duty towards family and while discharging duties you can do practice of ashtang yoga philosophy under guidance of a spiritual master.

Abhishek Shah: Swami ji, We have all been told that God holds all the powers. Without his wish a leaf cannot move. 1. Then what is the importance of “Karma”? 2. Do we have hold over karma? 3. Will this be right if I say that all the wrong deeds done was also a wish of the all mighty.
Swami Ramswarup: I have already written a lot about these questions on this web site and would request you to please go through the web site. However in the matter of human being God has given bodies to soul and has given freedom to do pious or sin deeds. God only gives the result of deeds but we are free to do good or bad deeds at our own accord. It is a wrong statement that we are under control of God in the matter deeds and God says to do good or bad deeds to us. We are free to do deeds as per Yajurveda mantra 7/48 and God gives only result of deeds. And God has given us mind and the knowledge of the four Vedas to consider. So naturally if we follow the Vedas then we will do pious deeds only. And if we are away from spiritualism then our mind will inspire us to do bad deeds.

Dr. Sweta Pandya: Which time is best for meditation? Which mantra we have to chant during meditation? What are the diferences between the mantras of Gayatri and lord Shiva?
Swami Ramswarup: Best time is early in the morning between four O’ clock to five. And in the evening before going to bed. During meditation we must chant the holy name of God and Gaytri and must reflect upon the same within mind only and not by mouth. Gaytri and OM are mentioned in Vedas by God himself please.

J U B Sastry: Is there any mention of astrology in Vedas?
Swami Ramswarup: There is no astrology of now a days in the Vedas please. But science matters are there.

Rajat Dhupad: Where is your particular Aashram?
Swami Ramswarup: Ashram is in Himachal please and I usually devote my time alone in Vedas and yoga philosophy.

K C Kapadia: Please advise where is SOUL located in the body.
Swami Ramswarup: While awakening soul is in left eye, in dream remains throat and while in sound sleep in heart. These
are the jagrat, swapan and sushupt stages.

Navin Chandra: The religious TV serials are causing so much confusions. “OM Namo Sivay” shows Shiv to be the supreme GOD, Shree Ganesh shows Ganesh while Vishnu Puran shows Vishnu to be the Supreme God. Do Brahma Vishnu Shiv, Ganesh as per Vishnu/Shiv Puran realy exist or are they imaginary. Please clear my doubts.
Swami Ramswarup: In this connection I have written a lot previously on the web site. And would request you to please go to whole web site. In Vedas, shastras and whole ancient books there is one God. In Rigveda mantra 1/164/46 it is clearly said that God is one but His names are many according to his qualities. And those holy names are mentioned in Vedas. Our ancient Rishis Munis and present too have been considering the said holy names of one God. For example Brihi Bridhau Brahm i.e., from Bri dhatu the word braham is made which means Supreme amongst universe. And He is God only. So Brahm is the name of Supreme God, who is one. Vishlri Vyaptau Vishnu i.e., from Vishlri dhatu of Sanskrit Vishnu word is made which means omnipresent and He is the Supreme God who is one. Shiv means he who looks after the universe for well fare and He is the Supreme God who is one. So all names are of single God.

Narasimha: Can we become rich by chanting manthras if so please give us that manthra and vidhana?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. Only mantra cannot make a person rich. A hard working, devotion and ability towards a right job along with worship of God serve the purpose.

Arun Kumar: I admire your knowledge of Vedas and Sanskrit language. I am a regular visitor of your website and I read it for at least 30 minute everyday. Please clear my doubt about the following question Can you please explain who is Indra mentioned in Vedas? Is he a person or Is he God himself? Did he kill his father? Please give details answer with proof so that after reading the answer I should be able to explain it to someone else. Please explain the meaning of following mantra in rigveda in your answer.
Swami Ramswarup: Thanking you please. There are many meanings of Indra in the Vedas according to the situation like
God, king, soul, learned person etc., but not as mentioned by you above. I have written about this in the above mantras. actually I thought that a booklet mist be printed of these mantras for the benefit if all aspirants which has since been published today and will be sent to you tomorrow without cost please. The above all mantras have been explained along with three new articles. And I am impressed about your interest on site.

V C S Reddy: What asanas will increase the functioning of pancreas?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually there are so amy asans like uttaanpad, vajr,ardhmatsendrya, paschimotaan, angushtpadan, tiddi,chakrasan etc., and even pranayamm too. But these are learned only in presence of a spiritual master who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy.

Naresh: Can a Manglik and non-Manglik marry?
Swami Ramswarup: There is no any mention of mangalik in Vedas. Therefore one should never believe on manglik etc. Shri Ram married mata Sita after breaking the bow. Yudhistar married Draupadi piercing the eye of fish, Savitri married Satyavan in first looking and nobody even their public knew the word manglik. So if you believe on Vedas without any misunderstanding then you can marry and it will all okay.

Jaidev Sharma: Besides the deeds of past birth,How a person can make himself/herself fortunate? is there any mantra,jantra or anythingelse through which we can gain the pleasure of God?
Swami Ramswarup: According to the eternal knowledge of Vedas there is no any existence of any jantar, mantar, one
has to face the result of his deeds only. But sure luck is in our hand. By real worship and hard working we can change our luck. God help those who help themselves. So one must be brave and must do hard work, pious deeds with concentration and devotion towards a right path which always make future bright.

Tapasi Samanta: What is aagya chakr?
Swami Ramswarup: The point between two eyebrows is called agya chakra and mostly Yogi sit on asan and concentrate on
this point.

Mahajan H V: Is it possible to live without fear?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please. But in this matter we will have to love with the fearless dignity. The fearless dignity
whose is in the every part of universe is Almighty God. When we pray, love, worship and surrender before HIM, HE takes care of us.

Gulshan Aggarwal: I would like to know whether we should do japam of only one mantra or different mantras meant for different purposes. Like Gayatri Mantra for wisdom, Mahamrutynjya for Moksha etc.
Swami Ramswarup: Where there is purpose there is no God. Therefore to realize God and to discharge the duties selflessly one should do the jaap of holy name of God. When the question of naam jaap arises then there are so many names of God now a days. But Yajurveda with other Vedas says, “Ekam Sadrupa Vipra Bahuda Vadanti”,(Rigveda mantra 1/164/46 also refers) i.e., God is one but the learned rishi Muni who knows Vedas’philosophy they recite and tell the name of God. In the mantra vipra means learned who know Vedas. In the said mantra the names of God have been mentioned as indram mitram varunam agnim yamam suparnaha matrishvanam. The same holy names have their own meanings which show the qualities of God but being lengthy are not being mentioned here. So the names are many like OM also. So one should take the advice of vipra (learned) to do naam jaap.

Sandeepan: What is the importance of each of the elements of the pancha mamabhutas?
Swami Ramswarup: Agni, Vaayu, aakash, prithvi and jal these are the panch mahabhoots from which the human body is made. Prithvi has quality of smell, agni is in our body as jathragni and our temperature is 98 degrees F. Jal is like flowing blood, there is space in our whole body, we breathes which is Vaayu. So if even one bhoot is less then body will be dead. But this subject is vast and cannot be mentioned here in full.

Shri V. Krishna: Now my question is, Why the sadhus use the tiger/deer’s skin to sit and perform the pujas? Actually so many rules to sanyasa in hinduism. As the same the sadhus are lead a very difficult life like with out any clothas except their only one kavi vasthra, Same thing they strictly follow the ahimsa & paap, punya. So How its possiable to use the skin of animals [that is not the matter how they get that after death or killing by others the animal] please clear my doubt.
Swami Ramswarup: In the ancient times i.e., before one arab eighty six crore years ago, there were not so much facilities of clothes, but the knowledge of Vedas were there. Secondly The Rishis Munis who left the cities and started living in the jungle then used the Bhagambar (tiger’s skin) and mrigshala (deer’s skin) of those who found naturally dead. But skin is used after purifying the same from chemical which has a quality also that mostly snakes, ants, scorpion avoid to touch the purified bhagambar and mrigshala.

Shri V. Krishna: What is the name of wife of Rishi Yagnavalkya? Then give me the details about Gargi the Vedic
Swami Ramswarup: Yagvalkya Rishi had two wives, 1. Matriye 2. Kautanyi Gargi was Brahamcharini viduahsi. She was Pradhan Acharya (Guru) of King Janak. She has shastrarth with Rishi Yagvalkya.

Pooja: Mujhy koi aisa yoga batain jiss se mere memory achi ho jai kyun ke main jo bhi kuch yaad karty hoon dosre din bhool jaty hoon plz mujhy kuch batain.
Swami Ramswarup: Aap subhah jaldi oothein, khali pet do glass pani piyein, lambi sair per jayin. Dinbhar jyada pani
piyin, yoga asan or pranayaam sikhen. Is se aap ko jaroor fayda hoga. Yoga asan or pranayaam samne bathkar hi sikhayin jate hain.nahin to galat hone ka dar rehta hai.

Gulshan Aggarwal: Can a household burn his karmas by practising ashtang yoga while doing all his household karmas?
Swami Ramswarup: Ashtang yoga practice is itself a worship of God. One should also perform holy Yagya daily. Naam jaap must also be done daily. Saamveda mantra 843 says that practice of yoga purifies man and Buddhi and Chitta which means burns the whole sin. Yog shastra sutra 2/16 says that one should kill the sorrows/sins before the same attacks and the same can be burnt by yoga practice. So it is very much clear and even it is an eternal truth that yoga practice kills the sins. And yoga practice is continued while performing family duties. But one should learn that the knowledge of pious deeds is only mentioned in four Vedas as also said by Shri Krishna in Bhagwat Geeta shlok 3/15. So everybody must ever listen Vedas in family life.

Vijay: What is the significance of choti in Hindu Religion? Why do some pundits/hindus have choti/shendi?
Swami Ramswarup: Choti is an actually indication that the person is learning Vedas and has adopted a special religious path. Choti is the place nearby brahamrandhar chakr where the realization of God is achieved. So the choti gives us reminder day by day to hard study of Vedas and practice of ashtang yoga during family life. However a sanyasi needs not the same because he wears saffron, which is indication of fire and reminds that the human body will be burnt in fire one day. And therefore sanyasi is always ascetic.

Ghanshyam: Why are onions and garlic forbidden?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually onion and garlic are vegetables but its effect on body and mind etc., is to raise excitement, but it is totally vegetable and to eat the same is not sin. But gives a healthy body. Those who are Brahamchari must avoid the same.

Neeru Kumari: What are the four Vedas?
Swami Ramswarup: The four Vedas i.e., Rigveda, Yajurveda, Saamveda and Atharvaveda have three knowledge. The knowledge of matter/science, knowledge of deeds (karmas) and knowledge of upasana i.e., worship and yoga philosophy. God creates the universe and at the beginning of creation He gives the knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis. God is Almighty, so by His power God originates the knowledge of Vedas in the heart of Rishis. God needs not to use pen, paper or speak etc., because He is Almighty and independent, so He needs no assistance. We are souls and need assistant. Whatever science is being seen in the world the same has been already mentioned in Vedas but even more science to invent from the Vedas is left. That is why Rishi Patanjali in his Yog shastra sutra 1/26 says that Almighty God is the first Guru of our four Rishis of unsexual creation at the beginning of earth. So we have to follow the knowledge of four Vedas to make our future bright and long happy life.

Manisha: When will be a good day to move in a new house, and what should I do?
Swami Ramswarup: In Mandal 10 of Rigveda it is clear that all days and time has been created by God. God is pure and loving so every day and time is pure and loving etc. However you can enter the house on Sunday being holiday. If possible then before entering a holy Yajna from Ved mantras may please be arranged to perform because the holy Yajna were done also by Shri Ram, Shri Krishan, Rishi Muni which gives a long happy

RS: Vedas have been imparted by God to 4 Rishis namely, Aditya, Angira, Agni & Vayu. Afterwards Bramha learned it from the four Rishis. However, at that time there were no paper or pen, knowledge was imparted by Shruti and this system of learning continued from one person to another for a long time. Swamiji, is it possible that at the time the Vedas were published, some information have been missed out or distorted?
Swami Ramswarup: There may be possibility as said by you but the four Vedas which were learnt by heart by Vyas Muni are written on Bhoj patr during Mahabhart period and the same were published from the Bhoj Patr during 16th century when press came into existence. So the Vedas still contains full knowledge. Secondly if a person study Vedas and do ashtang yoga practice then the Ved mantras are still originated in his heart. So printing book of Vedas is called samhita i.e., collection of mantras but in reality the immortal Vedas are those, which are still originated in a heart of Rishi and he speaks the knowledge of those mantras by his mouth. As also said by Kapil Muni in his Sankhya shastra sutra 5/48 and in Yajurveda mantra 31/ 11. So one must study the Vedas from a Guru and must do practice of ashtang yoga under guidance. The truth will be realized within his heart.

Vinod: Lord Krishna says in Geeta that all karma is in hand of the man himself and he himself is responsible for his own life. And if we are going through suffering then it is said that it is because of our past karmas and it is bound to happen then where does God come in the whole cycle?
Swami Ramswawrup: Whatever has been said by Shri Krishna in Bhagwat Geeta it is all from four Vedas. Shri Krishna with Sudama studied Vedas in the ashram of rishi Sandeepan and did practice of yoga philosophy, the he preached Arjuna. In Yajurveda mantra 7/48 it is stated that we do deeds and the result is given by God. As said by Shri Krishna that one must do pious deed only to be happy. So if God had not given the knowledge of four Vedas then human beings could not learned as is seen now. Every science matter has been taken from Vedas. Even of routine. Please remember the backward races who still live in densy jungle and know nothing because they have not been provided with the knowledge. Similarly if God had not given us the knowledge of four Vedas we also could not be
civilized. Secondly if God do not look after us to give result of karmas then a person having pious deeds could be awarded by bad deeds/sins of another person. So for justice God is there. If God part is not considered then there will no creation and justice etc., and there will be no any salvation etc. But this is imagination only in fact God is there and looking after whole of the universe by the grace and power of God only. The wind is blowing, sun, moon, stars are shining, the earth revolves round the sun and every action of the universe like seasons, death, birth etc., is being done with justification. Without God there is nothing.

Asha: Me and my Husband are planning to have our first baby, please give me a mantra to recite so that I have a healthy, happy baby soon.
Swami Ramswarup: Please recite Gaytri mantra twice a day in mind sitting on a proper asan. Gaytri mantra is placed on web site with its meaning. You must also study even one page daily of spiritual book to get the good result. The books written by me including Geeta are available and can be sent on your demand please.

Asha: I am starting a course on Past Life Recall, is it good to find out about our past life?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. Vedas do not say to think over the
past. But say to build a long happy life by doing pious deeds in the present. Because past is passed and the events which had been done in the past are of no use now.

Jaidev Sharma: I get angry while doing a jaap of Gaytri.
Swami Ramswarup: Gaytri mantra or any mantra of the Vedas always gives peace. If you take ice naturally ice will give cold otherwise that is not ice. Similarly the mantra naturally are full of wisdom, peace etc., therefore irritation is due to result of past births’ karmas (deeds). By Gaytri the said bad effect will automatically be burnt in near future please.

Gulshan Aggarwal: We hear, read and theoretically know that the present status of a person is due to his karmas. His karmas of all births are sanchit karmas and that he has taken present birth which will be regulated in accordance with prarabdh and present karmas. We have to rely on the statements given by gurus, astrologers, Vedas, shastras etc. Please clarify as to how and by doing which sadhna we can realise and know all these things on our own.
Swami Ramswarup: There is only path to realize all said by you that we must practice ashtang yoga philosophy and daily worship by performing yajna. For this one should adopt a learned spiritual master who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy. By doing the same we get the knowledge by which all karmas are burnt also.

Jai Narayan: I want to know that what is the meaning of “YAJAT” and how Lord Shiva is called with this name?
Swami Ramswarup: In Sanskrit Grammar Yaj word is made from Yaj dhatu. The meaning of Yaj is to be connected i.e., to be connected with God through yoga philosophy. And second meaning is to perform holy Yajna. The meaning of YAJAT is RITVIK and the meaning of RITVIK is he who performs Yajna.

Kailash Chander: Although each moment is said to be good as it is made by God. Even if we fix time for marriage, puja etc. Is there any good time for getting a good child, I mean any puja to be done, or any Nakshatra to be selected?
Swami Ramswarup: To achieve the good result pious deed is compulsory and that is why you have also told about the pooja etc. So we have always to face the result of our karmas (deeds-good or bad). Therefore each moment is made by God according to our karmas. So it is not fair to say that God decides at His own. So to get good child there is provision in the Vedas to perform Garbhadhan Sanskaar. King Dashrath went to Rishi Shringi to request to perform Garbhadhan Sanskaar. The Rishi went to the kingdom of king Dashrath and performed there the holy Garbhadhan sanskaar and the great sons i.e., Shri Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan were born. In the ancient time i.e., before 5000 years, all the sixteen sansakaars were performed.

PK: Once while meditating I saw very Cool light coming from very far near to me and immediately after that I was called by the family members and after that i never saw that light . I want to know that is it
progress in mediation or just foolproof . I also want whether i will get Param Tatav in this life or not if yes by what age?
Swami Ramswarup: If the light was experienced by you during meditation or naam jaap then it is a progressive stage and good omens. As regards realization of God the time and date can never be fixed. Bhagwat Geeta also says in shlok 2/47 that we have to discharge our duties but we must not think about the result because result is always in the hand of God. Bhagwat Geeta shlok 7/19 also says that the realization of God may be a deed of many births. In one birth he only can realize who becomes ascetic and practice yoga philosophy with his level best, yet the result is still in the hand of God.

S. S.: I have seen Lord Shiva few times in my dream. I have seen a cave where there is a pond and on Lotus I saw Lord Shiva in Dhyan. I would like to know, do dreams have any relevance with our real life?
Swami Ramswarup: All Vedas like Yajurveda mantra 40/4 clarify
that God is formless and can not be seen with these eyes and even away from five senses and mind. So God cannot be seen but is always realized by a Yogi or aspirants. Atharvaveda mantra say that there must be no any dream but good dreams are good. Dreams are caused based on previous lives or present life’s happenings/listening. So is with you please.

Aaron: For curing incurable diseases which mantra should one chant?
Swami Ramswarup: To awake early in the morning for a morning walk and light exercises is good for health. As regards incurable diseases the regular medical check up and advice is essential. On the other hand one should perform holy Yagya (Yajna). If the process of Yajna is not known then at the beginning one should do Yajna from Gaytri mantra. Yajna has a power to cure incurable diseases. Yajna gives long life. Yajna kills all germs of diseases. Yajna gives peace. If you are interested a spiritual book to perform complete yajna can be sent to you costing Rs. 150 excluding postal charges.

Piyush Arora: What is paranayam for a lane man and how efficiently he can work on it in his busy life?
Swami Ramswarup: I have already written about pranayaam on this website and would request you to please see the web site. However to do the pranayaam first one should do asan at least ten daily both times. Then after two or three months he should learn pranayaam. Asan, Pranayaam and other knowledge of yoga philosophy is always learnt personally from a spiritual master please.

Sankari: Will God come us to save us when we are in trouble?
Swami Ramswarup: God is everywhere so there is no need to come
from anywhere.

Sankari: What will be the next janam and whether it is related to our sins that we committed in this jananam?
Swami Ramswarup: The birth is based on karmas. So one should do pious deeds always.

P K: My Husband is addicted to drugs , I want to know that whether he will get rid of this bad habit or not?
Swami Ramswarup: Everything is possible please. Be brave and come forward to escape your husband. You must contact with medical authority and then everything will be okay.

Kumar: How can one progress spiritually in no time and attain moksha?
Swami Ramswarup: Everything has been set up by the God with rule and regulation in Vedas please. So there is no any time limit to get moksh. However hinds are there. For example Bhagwat Geeta shlok 7/19 says that it is a matter of many births. Modern false saints who are against Vedas, Yajna and Yoga, they many times speaks that King Janak rode a horse and whatever time the king took to ride over a horse this much time is required to realise God, which is hundred percent false and wrong according to Geeta and Vedas. Yoga shastra sutra 1/21 says the way of Tapsya of three kinds— 1. mild 2. medium 3. intense. And sutra 1/21 says the way of practice if is the highest then the aspirant can get moksh early also. But fundamental is this that God is everywhere and He is looking all over and knows our each action. When an aspirant becomes pure by following Vedas and doing Yoga philosophy, this is God who accepts the aspirant and selects the aspirant for giving award of moksh/salvation. So one should start worshipping but the result is always with God.

Sangita Pant: What is the remedy of Kaal Sarp Dosh?
Swami Ramswarup: It is a truth that there is no any existence of
kaal sarp dosh etc., otherwise it could be mentioned by God in Vedas. Vedas are our proof. So you need not to worry about kaal sarp dosh please. However we have to face our deeds (karmas) of past births’, which give us sometimes sorrows and sometimes pleasure based on bad and good respectively. So if you are able to perform a Gaytri havan daily, I think it will give you the best result to get happiness in the life. Way to perform a havan is mentioned on the web site please. However I have also written a book in Hindi to perform full Yagya. Cost of book is Rs. 50 Indian currency and can be sent on demand please.

Baalaamurugaan: Could you kindly show me a way to
attain special siddhis like sai baba?
Swami Ramswarup: SORRY PLEASE. Worship is not meant to gain to siddhi but it is to gain peace and realise truth.

Bharat: I would like to know more and more about Yoga and Veda. I want to retire from my routine life and devote my time to study and
understanding yoga and Vedant. Kindly guide me.
Swami Ramswarup: Your views are appreciated. In this connection a spiritual master who knows Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy is required. If you have time you can come here, otherwise you must seek a Guru at your own please. Because without a true Guru nothing is possible. Knowledge is only gained when knowledge is given by anybody.

Shri V. Krishna: Why the Hinduism has lot and lot of caste? I think this is the main reason to decrease the worship of God.
Swami Ramswarup: The time to create the universe has lapsed about one arab and 96 crore years. The almighty God at that time i.e., at the beginning of the creation originates the knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis of unsexual creation. Now very few know that Hinduism/Arya are based on the philosophy of Vedas by all means, i.e., for spiritualism as well as for worldly affairs/duties etc. This fact has been mentioned in all Vedas. And Rigveda mantra 10/68/3 and Bhagwat Geeta shlok 3/15 also refers. God uses to give this knowledge of Vedas for the happiness and welfare of all mankind. In the Vedas there is no caste system. I would request you to please see the web site of about one week back, where I have mentioned proof from Mahabhart and Upanishad and Yajurveda mantra 31/11, please study the same and write me again. So how we Indian will get happiness and about welfare of all human beings, when we are against the Vedas. The caste system I think has been made within 2000 years to command on the poor. As written in Valmiki Ramayana, Bal Kand, Pratham sarg that Shri Ram was, “VEDAJYA, SATYA ANDHASCH, PRAJANAAM CH HITE RATAH AND SAMADHIMAAN” i.e., Shri Ram had the qualities of knowing the real religion (duties) and truth. He used to take care of all public. And he had gained Samadhi. In next shlok it is written he is saviour of public. And knew the deepest knowledge of Vedas. Similarly it is written by Tulsi Dass from Valmiki Ramayana, “SHRUTI PATH PALALK DHARM DHURENDER” i.e., Shri Ram followed the teachings of Vedas and knew about the religion (dharma – duties). The effect of knowing the Vedas by king Dashrath and his forefathers and following generation was so nice that both the Ramayana says that the public was having long happy life and was not poor and no caste system etc. So to unite the nation again we will have to follow the teaching of Vedas and not the teaching of false sants who speak against Vedas, Yagya and yoga philosophy.

Shri V. Krishna: In Jainism, the Swami ji’s said that the Ramayana & Maha bharatha are from the Jainism, and it explain us about the Mahaveer’s historical heroisms. And also they said that our Mahabharatha as jaina bharatha. Please clear my doubts.
Swami Ramswarup: Jain Dharma has come into existence only within 2000 years where as Mahabhart was written by Vyas Muni about 5300 years ago. As regards Tulsi Ramayana it is written about 350 years back. But Tulsi had told in the beginning of Bal kand that he studied Valmiki Ramayana, Valmiki ji made a bridge on a river and I am simply an ant who has crossed the river from bridge. It means Tulsi says that the struggle to write the character of Shri Ram was done by Valmiki Rishi and Tulsi studied the Valmiki Ramayana and wrote his Ramayana. Tulsi was not a Jain and Valmiki Ramayana was written about more than 9 crore years back in Treta. So you can decide the fact now.

Arun Kumar: Is it true that in Satyuga we see many good soul whereas in kaliyuga so many bad soul? My understanding is that Kaliyuga is just the name of a time period. After every kaliyuga there is Satyuga, Dwapar and Treta yuga and this cycles repeats many times in one creation. Good and bad people are born according to their past karmas. Then why do people say that kaliyuga is bad. Please explain.
Swami Ramswarup: The time to create the universe has lapsed about one arab and 96 crore years. The almighty God at that time i.e., at the beginning of the creation originates the knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis of unsexual creation. Now very few know that Hinduism/Arya are based on the philosophy of Vedas by all means, i.e., for spiritualism as well as for worldly affairs/duties etc. this fact has been mentioned in all Vedas. And Rigveda mantra 10/68/3 and Bhagwat Geeta shlok 3/15 also refers. God uses to give this knowledge of Vedas for the happiness and welfare of all mankind. So in Vedas kaliyug, satyug, treta and dwapur etc., is a period of calculation of years. I have written about this on web site giving proof of Manusmriti. Actually every soul as per Yajurveda mantra 7/48 has to face the result of his deeds good or bad. Time, days, months, or years will do nothing. But we have forgotten of listening Vedas so are away from the truth. The false saints thus have got benefit of ignorance of the people and they have spread the said false story that due to bad impression of Kaliyug there is increase in sins. Whereas sins are increased by the personal who are away from the knowledge of Vedas/religion. Now most of the saints say to the people from Ramayana that, ” KALIYUG KEWAL NAAM ADHAARA”. BY QUOTING SUCH EXAMPLES THEY cheat THE PEOPLE that people must take the name of God from such Gurus and rest will be done by those Gurus. This is all against the Vedas. Why those sants do not say about the other verses i.e., “YOG AGINI PRAKAT KARI KARAM SHUBHSHUBH LAI” meaning— if one do practice of yoga philosophy and creates the fire of yoga within him then he becomes able to burn all the karmas. So Tulsi has told about the Vedas a lot in his Ramayana but the false saints never describe about the Vedic philosophy, reason behind that they do not know Vedas and want to hide their ignorance.

Anonymous: Can we find where is the soul of those who have left us? What can we do for them?
Swami Ramswarup: In present life also we feel that the incident occurred in childhood are mostly forgotten. If I am asked that from which vegetable I took my chapatti before 15 days, then really I will not be able to tell. God has made laws in Vedas under which after death everything is forgotten. Death or sorrows etc., are based on our past deeds only. That is why Geeta says that you have aright only to discharge duties but result is with God. After the death soul takes rebirth after 13 days according to karmas. So one should never repent or worried because it is a philosophy of Almighty God. Yes he must always remember those who left us for his good deeds.

Roopal: I have learned so much by the readings here and your philosophy. Thank you. I would like to know what pooja, mantra,.. should I do in the morning and at what time? I get busy in the morning, so is there a short version?
Swami Ramswarup: Every Ved say to awake at about 4 O’clock in the morning. So please try to awake accordingly because it will give you a long happy life. Then after going bathroom etc., one must sit on a asan to recite Gaytri mantra in mind with its meaning. Thereafter one must chant the holy name of God (OM) in mind sitting on the same asan. This process at the initial stage may take half an hour. Then it must be increased according to suitability of time. This process must be repeated in the night before going to bed even for 15 minutes. However this all knowledge is obtained in person from a spiritual master please.

Arun Kumar: Can you please explain the meaning of the following mantra from Rigveda 10.16.7, 10.68.3 and 10.85.13.
Swami Ramswarup: Meaning of mantra 10/16/7 = the cremation place must be such a lengthy with widths that the dead body is easily placed and the fire catches the dead body easily. And the whole flesh, marrow, and fat etc., burns completely. And while burning the said parts of body the parts are not thrown by fire either and thither. Meaning of mantra 10/68/3 = God gives the knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis at the time of beginning of creation. And the knowledge of Ved mantra are easily established in the heart of learned and generous Rishis. The said knowledge of Vedas are desirous of. The adorable and praiseworthy Ved voice are originated in the heart of Rishis by the power of Almighty God. Meaning of mantra 10/85/13 = it is related to marriage life. In this mantra it is stated that after marriage the couple must be desirous of getting wise son.

Subrahmanyam: Lord Krishna ,an embodiment of Dharma pressed Dharmaraj to say ‘ASHWDHAMA HATHAHA KUNJARAHA’ WHEN DRONACHARYA WAS FEROCIOUS WHILE FIGHTING IN KURUKSHETRA AGAINST ARJUNA. There must be an inner meaning in the words of lord. Was it against Dharma? Will you please explain?
Swami Ramswarup: No please it was not against the dharma. In Van Parv of Mahabhart it is mentioned, DHARMASY TATVAM NIHITAM GUHAYAAM i.e., the philosophy of dharma is very deep. In some places Shri Krishna inspired Arjuna or Yudhisthar to tell lie. If we speak lie to establish truth then it is not sin. In Mahabhart there is a story that a cow entered in the hut of a Rishi. After some time butcher came there and asked Rishi about the cow. The Rishi told truth and butcher took the cow. It is said that Dharmraj gave him punishment to tell truth in the said situation, where the cow could be escaped by telling lie. Moreover a liberated dignity is always away from the effect of any deed if he sets truth. Just see, that when Uttra, the wife of Abhimanyu gave birth to her dead son and Kunti, Draupadi, uttra and others started weeping and asked Shri Krishna to give life to dead son. Then Shri Krishna spoke loudly that if he (Shri Krishna) has never told lie and has never shown back in the war. Then the dead son must be awaken and he awoke. The first shlok og Geeta is, DHARAM KSHETREY KURUKSHETREY SAMVETA YUYUTSWAH i.e., in the religious war of Kurukshetrey. So to establish truth and to win the religious war the above words told by Yudhishtar were not sin.

Surend Raj: At what stage the Soul enters the body during
the Birth of Child?
Swami Ramswarup: The soul enters the body at the beginning that
the first day when husband and wife meets and womb is established accordingly. Then only body parts starts forming.

Anand: I want to learn the Vedas and the knowledge they contain. I would like to know of good Veda shastris teaching Vedas.
Swami Ramswarup: Your views are appreciated please. Because the birth of human being is given by God to listen and take the knowledge of Vedas. I am away and cannot teach you but in Bangalore if you will try to seek any Ved Mandir, Vedic place or Arya Samaj Mandir than you will sure get the learned man.

Navin Chandra: What happens to the previous sins of a person who is not vegetarian from birth. How can he be deleivered from the previous sins of eating meat. Please quote the verses from the Ved or Gita etc. while explaining.
Swami Ramswarup: In Mahahbhart it is said by Bhisham Pitamaha to Yudhishtar that who has left taking meat, I forgive him. This is also said in Atharvaveda

Govardhan Das: What are the mantras for the fire ceremony for the sannyasa, for a wedding, for pindha and initiations of bhaktas and brahmanas?
Swami Ramswarup: Sanyas is taken in religious function/Yajna for which full Yajna is performed with Ved mantras reciting stuti, upasana and prarthana mantras, swastivachan and shantikaranam mantras (all from Vedas). These are so many and cannot be mentioned here, you may refer to Yajna Karm – Sarvashresth Ishwar Pooja.

Guru Prasad: Is it by knowing all Vedas and following them will
give one enlightenment and eternal freedom?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please. Because this law has been made by God Himself in the Vedas. One should try to listen the Vedas at his level best. When people devote time to listen wordly affairs and other books also then why not one can get the time to listen holy Vedas.

Guru Prasad: Then what is eternal freedom or enlightenment, is it
an experience or is it a being by itself, can any body be enlightened and then live a normal life as usual?
Swami Ramswarup: Freedom means salvation i.e., final liberation.
Human being is bound to face the result of previous lives’ deeds. When one worship God properly under guidance of spiritual master then he is freed from those karams/deeds. Yes please the Rishis and Munis and kings like Dashreath, Shri Ram, and their public followed the path of Vedas. They enlightened while living in family life and got salvation.

Venkadesan: I am interested to learn Yoga and Vedas. If you are conducting any class here then please inform me.
Swami Ramswarup: Your views are appreciated but sorry I reside here and there is only one ashram of mine, no branches. But you are welcome here any time.

Paloma: Who were Dronachrya, Chanakya, Patanjali and Ved Vyas?
Swami Ramswarup: Dronacharya was a warrior, son of Rishi Bhardwaj. He learnt a lot about war philosophy and weapons and became Acharya of Panadav. In Mahabhart war he fought from the side of Duryodhan. Chanakya was a Prime minister of India when king Chandrgupt Maurya was his king. He destroyed the last king of Nand’s dynasty. Patanjali was a rishi who wrote Yoga Darshan, the world famous book. Ved Vyas was son of Prashar Rishi and his mother was Satyawati. He was a step-brother of Vichitrvirya and Chitrangad and Bhisham Pitamaha.

Sanju: Where is God?
Swami Ramswarup: God is everywhere. But is realized by Yogi,
Rishi who do worship, yoga practice, study of Vedas, etc.

Mandal ji: Please quote/write the Yajurveda Mantra 31/11, the Mandala, the page etc. Please expound on the Mantra as if you are teaching me Equable Vision (Samdrishti).
Swami Ramswarup: Yajurveda mantra 31/11 (chapter 31 mantra 11, page may differ) says ASYA BRAHMANAH MUKHAM AASEET i.e. that everybody must know that the learned man who is having the full knowledge of Vedas and has realized God is Supreme like a mouth of a body, in this world. From word Braham Brahmanah is produced. In Shanti Parv of Mahabhart Bhisham Pitamaha says that there are two types of Braham (though Braham is one) 1. Shabad Braham and second Par Braham. Shabad Braham means knowledge of Vedas and Par Braham means realized God. Bhisham further says that O! Yudhishthar he who has gained perfect knowledge of Shabad Brahm (Vedas) he realizes God. So brahamn caste is not by birth but is by pious deeds. In Mahabharta it is mentioned that once in the jungle the question was put to Yudhishthar by Yaksh that if a son of Brahman does not study Vedas and takes non-veg., wine and play gambling and a son of Shudra study Vedas, controls on his five senses and mind does always pious deeds then whether the son of Brahman and shudra will remain in their same caste. Yudhishthar replied, “No. The son of shudra will be Brahman and son of Brahman will be shudra.” The mantra further says BAHU RAJANYAH KRITAH I.E., that he who has power in his hands to save dharma, he is Kshatriya. MANTRA SAYS, YAT URU TAT ASYA VAISHYAH AASEET I.E., he who has power in his thighs to do hard work, to go here and there to establish business he is Vaishya (Business man). Mantra says PADABHYAAM SHUDRAH AJAYAT i.e., due to lack of education/qualities, so by doing services leaving proud one becomes shudra. So caste is not by birth but by karmas (deeds). So God is having equable vision because Ved mantras are the knowledge direct from God. In Chhandog Upnishad, there is story of Jabala and Satykaam. Satykaam was the son of Jabala. Jabala was a famous prostitute. Satkaam asked his mother about the name of his father because he wanted to go to Rishi Haridrumat to study Vedas. Jabala replied that she does not know the name of his father being prostitute. Satykaam went to Rishi Haridrumat. When Rishi asked the name of father of Satykaam then Satykaam replied that he does not know because his mother Jabala was a prostitute. On hearing the truth Rishi Haridrumat said except Brahman nobody can tell such truth. So Rishi accepted him as a disciple. And Satykaam became Brahman after getting complete Vedas knowledge. So Rishis were/ are of Equable Vision also.

Dr. J. Perumal: Prayers some times not working why?
Swami Ramswarup: Prayer only effects when we also work hard to become the same as per our prayer. Because God helps those who help themselves. Suppose we to be rich. Then we must work hard to earn the money and God will help us. Suppose we pray God to get good marks in exam being a student then we must study hard and God will help. Etc, etc.

Bharti Gupta: Can you please tell me how to perform Gayatri havan at home in a small copper havan kund. Please tell me in a very simplified way to perform this. I would like to perform this every week at home if possible.
Swami Ramswarup: Pease sit in the morning to perform havan. Havan must be in sunlight then it is more beneficial. I will try to explain it by post. Then half a bowl of fresh water with a tablespoon must be with you with small twigs specially of mango tree if possible, havan samgri, ghee, camphor and match box must be there with you. Please sit on sukhasan on four times folded blanket and blanket must be on mat. Sukhasan i.e., sit on duly folded feet in comfortable position. Then first close your eyes and concentrate between two eyebrows and chant Gayatri mantra three times within heart and not by mouth. Then open your eyes. Take one spoon of water in right palm. Chant this mantra, OM AMRTIO UPASTRANMASI SWAHA and drink the water put in your palm. Then again take the spoon of water in right palm then chant the next mantra, OM AMRITA APIDHANMASI SWAHA, AND DRINK THE WATER. THEN AGAIN TAKE THE water in right palm and chant the mantra, OM SATYAM YASHAH SHRI MAYI SHRI SHRAYTAAM SWAHA, AND drink the water. Then wash the right palm while sitting, with the same water kept in bowl. Then put the twigs into havan kund with one piece of camphor and burn it. During this process chant the Gaytri mantra again and again till such time the fire is lighted sufficiently. Then chant the Gaytri mantra and at the last add the word Swaha and offer ghee with tablespoon, quantity equivalent to 4to 5 drops. And if you are alone then also offer in fire pinch of havan smagri from your right hand’s finger and thumb avoiding forefinger. So this offering may be of 11 times, 21times or 51 times as the time suits. It is the simplest way and I have not quoted the complete method of Yajna. I would like to mention here that I have written a book in Hindi named, “YAJ KARAM SARVSHRESTH ISHWAR POOJA” cost Rs. 50 Indian currency, excluding postal charges. It has complete yagya method and mantras. The book will be sent if you so desire please.

Prashant Kulkarni: Why is there is needed to chant some mantras daily? If there is creator is giving all deeds and sins? Is it not some part of sunning towards the illusion? like Mokshya. How will man should act to get total satisfaction?
Swami Ramswarup: Total satisfaction is obtained by studying Vedas, shastras and holy books. After studying and knowing the truth then practice of yoga philosophy, doing Yagya and pious deeds mentioned in Vedas are to be done under guidance of an Acharya. The said path actually is obtained by only few and hence there is no satisfaction inspite of many type of worship. Secondly God has given us human body to do worship, pious deeds etc., as said. We are free to do sin or pious deed and God awards only the result of our deeds. God never compel us to do any deed. However God inspires us through Vedas’ knowledge to do pious deeds but he never compel. Spiritualism is not illusion but is light/wisdom.

Shardha Goburdhun: Will you help me to learn the Vedas and to be my guru?
Swami Ramswarup: At the time of every creation Almighty God gives Vedas knowledge and therefore God is the first Guru of the four Rishis to whom he gave knowledge. So every Rishi try to spread the Vedas knowledge since ancient time. So thereafter Rishis Munis have been our Guru as yet. There is only one God of the universe to worship. He is immortal, omnipresent, omniscient, formless, beyond calculation and beyond imagination etc., i.e., having countless qualities. But is worshipped and realized according to Vedas i.e., God’s own preach. Rigveda says that no one can get peace, ill-free and long happy life without worshipping God, but without Vedas nobody can know about reality of God. But Ved again says that in the absence of a Vedic Guru nobody can know Vedas. So conclusion comes that Guru teaches Vedas with its secret philosophy of yoga, preaches about God and then aspirant becomes able to realise truth/God. So teaching starts with first pious word of guru, “BRAHMCHARYA ASI” i.e., an aspirant must control his five senses, five organs and mind. Then second teaching, “ACHARYAADHINO VEDAM ADHISHAV” i.e., always be obedient to Guru and get full knowledge of Vedas with full concentration. So my dear daughter if you are firm in your decision of studying Vedas and learning yoga philosophy, then you are always welcome here in Ved Mandir. And your views of sanyas is also highly appreciated. Because only a sanyasi is capable to throw light to mankind. My blessings are always with you. God has given us human body, which is meant for knowing Vedas and accordingly doing pious deeds and worship etc. But now a days it has become very difficult to make understand the truth to all concerned. And I think you may make yourself capable to achieve the target of human life.

RS: I am very interested in doing Yajna at home.
Swami Ramswarup: Your views are highly appreciated. Yajurveda mantra 31/16 says,: DEVAH YAJEN YAJAM AYAJYANT i.e., learned person always perform yajna to worship God i.e., yajna is itself a Supreme worship.
Because we have taken birth and have been provided with human body and even our aim is to realize God, then we must devote time to perform yajna daily. Otherwise we will be thankless to God. If one earn, study to get appointment etc., to earn, take sleep, take food, get accommodation, wealth etc., etc., and is not remembering God, then he is feeding body only not to himself. Himself means soul. Soul is separate and body is separate. Soul is alive and body is non-alive. Soul is immortal whereas body will be destroyed one day. We are soul and not body. We are blessed with body to realize God. So by using all physique and worldly material to do pious deeds by discharging also moral duties, we have to realize God. So please devote time daily to do yajna. You can do yajna by reciting Gaytri mantra only. Gaytri mantra and its meaning is placed on please.

Priya: Please tell me about 3 kinds of karmas prarabdha, sancita, agami
Swami Ramswarup: I have explained about these karmas already on the site and would request you to please see the site. However in short— sanchit karmas are a total of all the karmas done in previous births. Suppose one has to take birth today then from the largest number of karmas, some karmas are taken which one has to bear in his present life and these karmas are called prarabdh karmas. Third is kriyamann karmas and not agami. Kriyamann karmas are those, which we do in our present life. The importance is of kriyamann karmas. Because if we do kriyamann karmas according to Vedas, shastras then he can burn our prarabdh karmas also which gives sorrows.

Jitendra: Could you please tell me reference for the shloka in Rigveda – “Gurur Brahma gurur vishnu, gurur devo maheshwara, guru sakshat parbrahma, tasme shri guruve namha”?
Swami Ramswarup: This is a shlok and not mantra. And has not been written in any Veda, then what to talk of Rigveda. However I think some agents and sants has written a guru Geeta in which you can find the said shlok.

Sirchand Bhagat: What are the other uses of Belpatra generally used in the Shiv Puja? Someone told us to eat one leaf on first day increasing by one to eleven on eleventh day, and then decreasing gradually to one leaf on 22nd day.
Swami Ramswarup: Take 10gm extract of leaves of bel, mix it with 1gm each of black pepper, sendha salt. Take the same three times a day at interval of three hours. It is useful in indigestion. Take soft and fresh leaves of bel, crush them in mixie and fry it in desi ghee and wrap it in a cloth which
must be warm. Touch it in the affected area of goiter and mums. There are so many uses of bel and its leaves, which cannot be described here being lengthy.

Rajesh Chopra: I want to know about the kapal bharti pranayam.
Swami Ramswarup: Actually pranayaam is learnt in presence of an
Acharya and I am very sorry, cannot be described here. In most of the books it is mentioned but one should not do pranayaam by studying books because it will be harmful.

Reena: With much respect to you or anyone, I can say today that I do not believe in God. I was never a devotee or someone who used to pray much. I just wanted to be the best I could. I started praying to everyone’s surprise and even used to do the hanuman chalisa and so on. I used to fast 3-4 times a week. Then why did I have to lose the only person who cared for me? I don’t remember of doing anything to deserve such a harsh punishment. I honestly cannot find the courage to pray coz I get so angry even thinking of God.
Swami Ramswarup: Dear daughter my blessings to you for a long happy life. I am very much happy that you have started believing and worshipping God. This is the main achievement in human life. But spiritualism is a vast and the deepest subject. First of all one has to know that who is God i.e., His qualities, Divine deeds and nature. Second the way of worship, why worship- the duties of human being, about the human body and the soul’s lives in human bodies etc.-etc. there is fundamental law of God which can never be changed that all the said knowledge can’t be obtained until someone gives. According to this fundamental law at the time of creation God has given every knowledge i.e., science, deeds (duties) and worship etc-etc., in four Vedas. As said in Yajurveda chapter 31 and specially mantra 7 with other Vedas also. Ancient Rishis got the (same), been mentioned by God in Vedas. To be a complete learned person the study of Vedas is necessary, like Shri Ram, Mata Sita, Shri Krishan and countless public and Rajrishis and rishis munis of ancient times. Because Vedas are the knowledge direct from God. Knowledge of Vedas and did give to others. In this tradition the knowledge is still on the earth. Patanjali Rishi after studying the Vedas and realizing the God has written in his yog shastras sutra 1/26 that God is the first Guru of our ancient Rishis of unsexual creation.

What I am to say that Vedas say that a person must know about God’s deeds (duties), science and worship etc., traditionally from Vedas and then must worship the only formless God who creates, nurses and destroy the universe. Due to lack of knowledge of Vedas most of the people are not worshipping the God whose qualities etc., are mentioned in Vedas and too by God Himself. Because Vedas are the knowledge originated in the heart of four Rishis of unsexual creation direct from God, in the beginning of the earth. So you must not be nervous and your faith must be strong day by day. Second theory is to be understood about karmas (deeds). Sorrows, problems, tensions, happenings etc., are always due to the result of our self done deeds of our previous lives which are called prarabhadh karmas. To remove/finish the past deeds a real bhakti mentioned in Vedas is required, which your are still fail to know. I would request you to go to an Acharya locally who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy. Now everyone says about Geeta, Ramayan, shastras etc., but very few know that if the Rishi could not study Vedas how could they write shastras, Geeta, Ramayan etc., these are our holy books but these holy books say about Vedas always. But very few knows about the same fact. This is due to one or the other reason. But selfishness, and misleading of the fact is there. Holy books are true but its translation and interpretation being self-made are against the Vedas and truth. For example Vedas say about five alive Dev. I.e., father, mother, Atithi (learned of Vedas), guru (learned of Vedas and yoga philosophy and fifth is Almighty God. Every person has to give honour and services and has to worship then said five alive deva and not dead. But now thousands of Devas are there.

Hemanth Kumar: Is there any size limit of God’s idol in precious metal for home worship, if so will there be any difference in pooja/prasad for larger idols.
Swami Ramswarup: God is formless please, so can’t be altered. God is everywhere omnipresent and omniscient. So who can measure the whole universe where God live and even beyond this universe. God is therefore beyond calculation and beyond imagination. Please think over
and in case of any doubt you are welcome again please.

Anupama: You mentioned many times that Ram followed the teaching of Vedas. My question here is that why did he go to kill Marich. Vedas cannot permit killing an animal (especially deer). And what was the purpose behind killing the Deer? Did he want to eat it? If yes this is also against Vedas teaching. Also not to forget his father Dashrath also killed Shravan, although by mistake, but Dashrath was there to kill some animal and by mistake he killed Shravan. Can you please explain?
Swami Ramswarup: The answer is very well written in Valmiki Ramayana sarg 26 of Aranya kand where Sita requests Shri Ram to bring the Mrig. Shri Ram and his whole family right from the beginning of earth were arya. And Arya never take meat, addiction etc., in those times as stated in the ancient holy books. Because in respect of every rishi Muni, king etc., it is mentioned that they used to take kand-mool ,and vegetables while living in jungle. If you will be able to study the ancient holy books, our culture then you will find that in case of destruction of public crops by animals and animals being man eater, the king used to come out with weapons to kill those animals to save the public. This happens nowadays also. So is the case of king Dashrath also.

Surendra Bhakta Shrestha: What is Hindu religion?
Swami Ramswarup: Hindus previously were arya living on the bank of river sindhu. Greeks and unanis started saying us first time sindhu, then indu, and then Hindu. So Aryans were only found of studying Vedas and doing yoga practice. They used to perform their duties according to Vedas. But before five thousands and about four hundred years ago a Mahabhart war took place and due to one or other reason the study of Vedas dropped. In absence of Vedas Tulsi in his Ramayana Uttrakand also says that arrogant have made their own path of religion. And hence so many paths are now.

Surendra Bhakta Shrestha:What does our four Vedas teach us and is it necessary to learn all this?
Swami Ramswarup: Vedas teach us —Rigveda about vast knowledge of matter/science. The science which is seen now is from Vedas but still much more science is to be learnt. Yajurveda gives knowledge of all types of karmas/duties to all concern like student, king, farmer etc., and for marriage, brahmacharya, business to perform yagna etc-etc. Saamveda tells about real worship of God and yoga philosophy. Atharvaveda about Brahm and medical science etc. To be a complete learned person the study of Vedas is necessary, like Shri Ram, Mata Sita, Shri Krishan and countless public and Rajrishis and rishis munis of ancient times. Because Vedas are the knowledge direct from God. Spiritualism is a vast and the deepest subject.

Surendra Bhakta Shrestha:To become enlightened is it necessary to have guru or through books also we can do it?
Swami Ramswarup: Bookish knowledge cannot solve the purpose please. The first Guru of four rishs at the beginning of earth is Almighty God. Thereafter rishis munis knowing the God given Vedas knowledge have been our Gurus.

Surendra Bhakta Shrestha: Do you have any branches?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. I have no any branch in the world
except here. I do my all duties myself. I have no office, no bearers/ staff and mostly live alone.

Anand Dengre: Please tell me the difference between lord & God.
Swami Ramswarup: Lord word is also used for God. But also used
for master, ruler, husband. God is always used for God, the creator.

Anand Dengre: What is dharma?
Swami Ramswarup: According to Vaisheshik shastra the pious deeds which gives us pleasure in present life and even after death, to do those karmas is called dharma.

Gulshan Aggarwal: Please clarify as to how far is it correct to do small/little bad deed, like telling lies, for overall good or spiritual work. For example I have to attend a spiritual duty for which I know that I will not get leave and I have to proceed for leave on medical grounds. I know that I was not sick but for achieving spiritual goal I had to obtain false medical certificate. Please also clarify the spiritual relevance of the phrase ‘Man proposes God disposes’ in the context that man is free to do karmas.
Swami Ramswarup: Truth is always truth and cannot even be used for spending fun that is why it is said in Vedas as well as Bhagwat Geeta that when we adopt truth to follow then in starting it is felt like a poison and after long time it is turned into divine/immortal. Kath Upanishad says— DURGAM PATHAH i.e., to follow the truth it is the most difficult path. It is said in Mahabhart that king Yudhisthar once told the truth in a twisting manner in the war. And he had to pay the penalty. Actually Shri Krishna Maharaj had a problem that Guru Dronacharya was not being killed. Guru Dronacharya vowed that he would throw the arms if his son Aswthamama will be killed. The society and Guru Dronacharya had a faith only on Yudhisthar. Shri Krishna Maharaj planned to have the benefit of Yudhisthar and he asked Yudhisthar to tell lie to Guru Dronacharya that his son Aswthamama has been killed. But Yudhisthar denied. Then Shri Krishna told Yudhisthar to say the truth but in twisting manner. In twisting manner Yudhisthar had to say truth that Ashwthama has been killed but he was an elephant. Because there was an elephant also there whose name was Ashwathama. When Yudhisthar told to Guru Dronacharya that his son Ashwathama has been killed then immediately there started a loud voice of drum, shankh,etc., that when Yudhisthar told, “but he was an elephant” then in the loud voice of drum etc., Guru Dronacharya could not listen about elephant. With the result Guru Dronacharya threw his all weapons on the ground and immediately Arjuna killed Dronacharya. So on this truth but twisted, Yudhisthar has to pay the penalty. If he could at first instance tell lie then he could win the war of whole of the earth with unlimited assets of the earth. But the truth was in his built and he denied. So what to talk about a sick leave etc., etc., which is not even a arab-kharab portion of straw in comparison of merriment of a kingdom of whole earth. So sin is always sin keeping aside whether it is small or big. So truth is itself a spiritual one. And it is also not fair to say that one who is interested to follow the spiritual path, he must tell truth and other who are in family affairs they can tell lie. No please, not allowed at all.

Gulshan Aggarwal: As I could understand, present life of a person is based on the prarabdh. By hard and good work, man can achieve any thing in life. But it is not always true. I have seen most of the sincere and hardworking persons, who always try to remain away from sin and do all kind of good work, suffering. I have seen that however hard a person works he may not get the desired results. After few efforts he stops trying and leaves everything on the destiny. Of course there are many cases where whatever a man thinks comes true by very little or no effort. I have seen foul players, liars, and wrong doers flourishing. Is it all due to prarabdha? In such a situation what a person should do?
Swami Ramswarup: This requires further clarification please that why a hard worker person does not get the required result. Actually there are two types of Vidya said in shastras. One is Vidya and second is avidya. Avidya means worldly knowledge science etc., and Vidya means spiritual knowledge as said in Yajurveda mantra 40/14. And one has to get progress in both the said ways simultaneously i.e., together. The obstacles and the result of Prarabdh karma which one has to face is finished by Vidya i.e., spiritual knowledge and practice thereof. And by studying and doing hard working and pious deeds one has to get progress in worldly life. So both ways are to be adopted together. For example, one does hard working like a poor labour but does not become rich and another one even he was first a labour and born in the poorest family, becomes the richest. So here is prarabdh. But suppose the poor labour who could not become rich, could start spiritual line also then by his spiritual deed (worship, yoga practice etc.,) he could also be the richest etc-etc. so karmas are finished by spiritual karmas and not merely by worldly karmas. So is the case of a student, of a businessman etc.-etc. As regards cheating and sin etc., the result thereof never gives peace due to lack of spiritualism. And one has to face the result thereof in next births. As you said about counter part etc., this problem is solved by only spiritual path where Shri Krishna also says in shlok 2/47 that one should do pious deeds/hard deeds but without having desire of its result. Secondly one should never have any jealousy or bad desire etc., against anyone. Because the counterpart etc., is also under administration of Almighty God. And that is why He is having special consideration etc., according to his prarabdh. Should anybody have any jealousy if anyone takes birth in king’s palace? Surely not because he has done as deeds already in his previous life the result of which he has taken now. There is no any such law in Vedas where God reduces karmas of anybody without his (man) spiritual struggle.

Mark Rongavilla: Duties of man towards his/her soul
Swami Ramswarup: His/her are souls themselves please. In body
soul resides. So the body is given by God to soul. Soul is separate and body is separate. Soul is mortal where body is destroyed one day. So soul has to
discharge the duties for himself for which God has given him the human body. So one should always do pious deeds for which he requires listening of good preaches and studying of holy books.

Bharti Gupta: It is not possible to come and neither to find a true
guru because anybody can call themselves gurus (how would I know?)
Swami Ramswarup: Yet a Guru will have to be searched by a devotee one day. So please try at your level best. And where you find it, will sure be your good luck. The fundamental law of God in the Vedas and shastras is to get guidance in person from a learned spiritual master. It is not necessary he may be a Guru but guidance are needed because through any media even book the hundred percent correct knowledge cannot be obtained. Same as hundred percent correct knowledge can’t be attained by a student due to lack of school, college or university where teacher gives the
knowledge in person. As regard true or false Guru this answer always give own soul of a true devotee. Because true devotee needs nothing except truth i.e., God.

Navin Chandra: BG 10.8 Krishna says “Aham Sarvasya Prabhavo, Mattah Sarvam Pravartate” – “I am the origin of everything. Whatever exists in the creation emanates from me.” Does this mean that Krishna is that ONE GOD who is mentioned in the Vedas by various names like Narayan, Shiv etc.
Swami Ramswarup: No please. Because as per Vedas true knowledge avtar is not possible. However Vedas say that God is originated in the heart of a Yogi and in holy Yagya. So Shri Krishna Maharaj did study of our Vedas and got knowledge of yoga philosophy from Sandeepan Rishi with Sudama Sakha. And with the result Almighty God originated within him. So the words used by Shri Krishna relates to the God originated within him. So Shri Krishna was, at that time, also equivalent to God but not God. Because every Ved like Yajurveda mantra 32/3 and 40/8 says that God is omnipresent, immortal, eternal, without body cannot take avtar, can’t be measured etc.

Capt. Suresh Kumar Kapil: Opinion on Tantrik vidya.
Swami Ramswarup: Almighty God has made this universe and He has also given knowledge of our Vedas. In Vedas there is no any tantrik vidya. God who creates, nurses and destroy the universe is only to be worshipped under guidance of an alive Guru. Rigveda mantra says that an
alive Guru is required who only can preach a disciple. Now it is up to you to search a true Guru.

Rubalan Balan: I’m a university student. I need to do an assignment related to Hindu. So I hope I will get some information from the answer you will give. Why God create human? What is the human status in this world according to the Hindu? What is the human responsible in this world according to Hindu? Why we are here means in this world?
Swami Ramswarup: You know inverter works automatically when the supply of electricity becomes off. Means inverter does not require any own switch to function, but works automatically. So according to Vedas the creation at a stipulated time is automatically. Because the deeds, power and knowledge of the God is naturally/automatically. There are three matters in the Vedas— God, souls and prakriti. God and souls are immortal and alive whereas prakriti which has raj, tam and satv qualities is non alive. God creates the universe from prakriti. All bodies are made of prakriti wherein souls reside. Suppose God does not create then the alive souls of ours will remain in unconscious condition like a lazy fellow. So they will be of no use. So the creation, nursing and destruction is automatic and eternal. The purpose of human body is to get salvation by worshipping God while discharging moral duties. We have to serve the people and spread brotherhood through out the world. The human body is the best birth amongst animal, birds etc. Because we can worship God and can get peace and salvation, whereas animal etc., cannot. We can serve the mankind, animals, birds etc., but the other births cannot. The human being is superior than others so is responsible to look after all. And we are here in the world due to the result of our previous births’ deeds under administration of God and when we worship as stated above we can finish the following births and death.

Arun Kumar: Who keeps track of the age of Srishti? How do we know that this many years have passed when Manu was born. Manu was born in the begining of Srishti then how can Manu smrity say that the age of Srishti is 1 Arab 97 caror years. Is there a system which keeps updating Manu Smrity with the most recent time?
Swami Ramswarup: I already gave a hint that every ancient knowledge is tradition i.e., heart to heart. The Vedas were also from heart to heart but Vyas Muni who also learnt Vedas and knew them by heart. Before five thousands and three hundred years back only he wrote Vedas first time on Bhoj patra. Similarly the Rishis wrote Manusmriti and all ancient knowledge on Bhoj patra, which now have been printed. But I wrote Yajurveda mantra 15/65 also where there is a hint of the said time. In jyotish shastra this period is being calculated by every generation of arya traditionally.

Sri Chand Bhagat: Why we should not feed to birds etc bajra, rice etc in our own homes, but outside?
Swami Ramswarup: You can feed but it will be taken by some selected birds and outside it will be taken by all.
And the prepared food may be taken by animals also which will be called Balivashv yagya as per Vedas.

Shweta: What proves hindu scriptures give on the concept that God is one and that God is light?
Swami Ramswarup: Yajurveda mantra 23/1 and mantra 40/17 give proofs that God is one and He is light.

Gulshan Aggarwal: The only thing which is still bothering me is that when we are free to do anything and God
simply awards results then, why is it said that “not even a single blade of grass is moved without His will”. How can we corelate this statement with the clarification given in your reply.
Swami Ramswarup: Actually the correct idea of a sentence is achieved after thorough study and preach from a
spiritual master. When one law is there to award result of deeds by God then it can not be omitted at anyhow. So the meaning of the above sentence is that whatever God awards the result of our deeds, those can not be changed because He is Supreme Judge. Otherwise if one does sin with the order of God then he cannot be made guilty. But this is 100% wrong. Because man
does sins due to effect of Raj, Tam and Satv gunas of prakriti and he by virtue of his tapsya, holy worship has not controlled his five sense, five perceptions and mind,those who worship and do hard deeds.

Devesh: What are the Aasans which will help Diabetic person?
Swami Ramswarup: Vajr, sidhh, padam, uttanpaad, paschimotaan and specially ardhmatseyndra asan.

Vijeta: Is it possible to know about the last births through yoga?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please. By practicing ashtang yoga and attaining even stage of APARIGRAHAH yog shastra sutra
2/39 says that one can know about such births.

Vijeta: My experencies made me believe in destiny rather then work or karma.
Swami Ramswarup: This is your view but after having the human body one has to learn four Vedas while discharging his
moral duties. Then we will find that the previous karmas are burnt by real worship and yoga philosophy. When we are not practicing yoga philosophy then our karmas cannot be destroyed. And we will have to face the result of the past deeds which is called luck. So the Question is to learn Vedas and practice yoga philosophy.

Vijeta: My kundali says that I won’t have any friends.
Swami Ramswarup: Truth is maintained on the basis of Vedas. Since there is no provision of modern type of kunadli in
thre Vedas. So it is null and void. Secondly in whose kunadli the chance of true friend is mentioned, then please check him and you will find sure that he has also been cheated by friends. Why? Because true love is based on good and pious qualities and honesty and not on kundali.

Vijeta: How to change luck?
Swami Ramswarup: One will have to learn Vedas and practice yoga philosophy to change the luck. In this matter hard
working towards right path is also needed. Luck is made by our own hard working, devotion, dedication, worship etc.

Vijeta: I think Krishna knew that the war was going to happen. Krishna said that the Kauravs have died already.
Swami Ramswarup: Destined is what we have not changed through our good deeds. Or destined is what we have changed by our good deeds, which will give us a good result in future. Yogeshwar Krishna knew that war will happen and Kauravs will die, and Pandavs will win.

Anonymous: I want to take sanyaas. frankly speaking,mujhe nahin lagta ki main is duniya ke liye banee hoon.
Swami Ramswarup: yeh apka apna vichar hai. Asl main app duniya ke liye hi bani ho tabhi duniya main aahee ho. Yahan aaker hamin shubh karam karne chahiye. Disturb mind, sanyas ke kabil nahin hota. Kewal varagyavann nar-nari hi sanyasi ban sakta hai. Baki ko to grisathashram main hi rehkar aur duty nibhate huye hi Ishwar ki bhakti karni chahiye. puja archana bina Guru ke gyan ke bekar hai. Atah please aap Vedoin aur yog Vidya ko jannewale ko Guru manker unse shiksha lein. Aap sanyas na lein nahin to pachtawa hi hoga.

Indravadan: Geeta Slok: Yatra Yogeshwar Krishna Yatra Partho Dhanurdharo. Tatra Shrir Vijayo Bhutirdhuva Nitimatirmama. Can you please explain what’s this slok try to tell us?
Swami Ramswarup: This shlok is actually a conclusion of whole Bhagwat Geeta. Sanjay is telling to Dhrishrashtra that where there is a Yogeshwar like Shri Krishna and a warrior like Arjuna then there is truth, fundamental law of eternal holy laws and victory on demons. And to know the Shri Krishna one will have to study Mahabhart (Geeta and specially Geeta’s shlok 10/22), which has concern with Atharvaveda mantra 10/7/20. And to know warrior Arjuna one has also to study Mahabhart. So we have to follow and attain the qualities of Shri Krishna and warrior Arjuna to maintain truth at present too.

Shirish Patel: I want to know about uses of neem tree. Please tell me.
Swami Ramswarup: There are plenty of qualities in Neem tree. The leaves of the neem and its extract are a medicine of snakebite. It is beneficial in all kind of fever. It is also a best medicine in malaria. Use of its bud is beneficial in eye diseases and cough. Its fruit is useful in piles, diabetes, its flower are useful in cough and to kill germs. Its stem (DANTHAL IN Hindi) is useful in cough, piles, diabetes and killing the germs. Its nut (GIRI in Hindi) are useful in leprosy. Its oil is useful in skin diseases. Its fruit (nimboli in Hindi) is useful indigestion and useful to purify the blood diseases. Its seed is useful by message of the part of body, which are numb. Its ten grams leaves crushed in water must be taken in indigestion. Dry sufficient leaves mixed with one small piece of sulphur (GANDHAK) if is put on fire then it is a medicine to get rid of bed-bugs and mosquitoes. There are thousands of benefit in neem, which can’t be mentioned here being lengthy.

Curtis: I have a problem with my brother.
Swami Ramswarup: It is really wonder of now a days that brothers and sisters are not maintaining eternal love according to the Vedas/ shastras as maintained by our
forefathers like Shri ram, Shri Krishna, Kunti, Madri, etc-etc., one should avoid always this type of sin. If you’re elder then forgive your brother and if you’re younger then still try to maintain peace. Because if one side is peaceful then the second side will automatically feel guilty one day and the love will arise.

Renu: Do we get the same life partner in each and every lives?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. Souls always come alone and go alone.
But spiritualism is there to fulfill the calm and pious desire.

Arun Kumar: 1. Who was Manu (The one who wrote Manu Smrity)? When was he born? Who were his parents? Did he get the knowledge from Vedas or from the God itself?
Swami Ramswarup: The knowledge of four Vedas is originated in the heart of four Rishis at the time of beginning of universe in unsexual creation. So first four Rishis were Vaayu, Agni, Aditya and Angira in whose heart Rigveda, Yajurveda, Saamveda and Atharvaveda originated. God is formless so He needs no assistance to do anything. So the knowledge of Vedas by the power of God automatically originated in the said Rishis’s heart. Then a man named Brahma obtained the knowledge of four Vedas from the four Rishis. Brahma gave this knowledge to his son Manu, Manu gave to king Kshipt and Vishipt and so on. The Manu was also the first of the world. So the Manu was born in satyug and he did not take the knowledge of Vedas direct from God. He wrote Manusmriti. He was forefather of Shri Ram.

2. As you have mentioned many times that the srishti was created one arab and 97 crore years before. I have read about chaturyuga and manavantra etc. Vedas cannot tell us how old they are. The only thing we know about Vedas is that they were created in the
beginning of srishti. How did manu arrive at this figure?
Swami Ramswarup: Because Manu born at the just time of beginning of earth so he knew from his parents. See that Rigveda mantra 10/181/1,2 says the name of four Rishis i.e., Vaayu, Agni, Aditya and Angira and also says that God Himself gave them knowledge of four Vedas. This was first creation of human being of unsexual universe.
Thereafter Brahma took knowledge and thereafter Manu, so it could hardly matter of seventy to eighty years (by assumption) to take knowledge from Brahma by Manu. It was also traditionally. So Manu did know being present at that time. You have read manvantar etc., so this calculation has been mentioned by Manu in his Manusmriti. So the calculation of srishti samvat is correct and authentic one and is now also available
traditionally like history of a nation.

3. Do Vedas say anything about satyug, treta, dwapar, kaliyuga , day of bramha etc.?
Swami Ramswarup: Yajurveda mantra 15/65 also says about a day/night equivalent to thousand chaturyugi. Geeta shlok 8/17,18 also clearly state about Brahma ka din. And Geeta is an extract of Bhisham Parv of Mahabhart written by Vyas Muni, which is an authentic one.

4. Are upnishad’s just explanation of Vedas or they are the extension of Vedas. If a person has read Vedas completely does he have to read upnishada. In other words it is always good to read as much as you can but what I am trying say here is that is there anything which is not in Vedas and we can found that in upnishada.
Swami Ramswarup: Vedas are from Almighty God. So the knowledge of
Vedas is always complete in all respect. Because God Himself is complete in all respect. That is why Rishi Patanjali like other Rishi of Upanishad/ shastras says in yoga shastra sutra 1/26 that the Almighty God is the Guru of the four Rishis of unsexual creation. The
knowledge can only be gained when somebody gives. If God could not give the knowledge of Vedas then how the Rishis of Upanishad/shastras could gain and could
write Upanishad. The Upanishad/shastra have been written only five to six thousand years back and the Rishis first gained knowledge from Vedas and then wrote the Upanishads and so is the case of Valmiki Ramayana, Mahabhart and Geeta etc. Yet the Upanishad and shastras contain a little bit knowledge of Vedas because every Rishi has to leave his body and they have no so much time to brief the Vedas in detail and in full. In ancient Shatpath Brahmin Granth Yask Muni has told a long true story about Kashyap Rishi who got his age up to three hundred years. The Rishi Kashyap used to be indulged always in study of Vedas and yet he at last told ” ANANTA VAI VEDAHA” i.e., the
knowledge of Vedas are unlimited, beyond description and beyond calculation. He could at last increase his life for hundred years more but he left the body saying the said words. So the Upanishad/shastras etc., written by the Rishis after getting knowledge of Vedas. So the same are based on Vedas but Vedas are not based on anyone except almighty God. So he who study Vedas he needs not to study Upanishad/shastras. But who study Upanishad he will have to study Vedas to be a complete learned dignity. That is why Vyas Muni, Atri Rishi, Guru Vashisth, Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mata Sita, Gargi, etc., were the complete learned dignities because they knew Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy. but they did not Upanishad and shastras, because at their time the Upanishad/ shastra were not written. The shastras/ Upanishad were being written in the time of Vyas Muni. And Vyas Muni also wrote Vedanta shastra in whose shlok 1/3 he has written that,” WORSHIP THE GOD FROM WHOM THE FOUR VEDAS ARE EMANATED.” So every Rishi has given the reference of Vedas in his Upanishad/shastras.

Srichand Bhagat: Is it ok to give Bajra , Rice kanki, or Jawar to Birds on roof of own house.
Swami Ramswarup: It will be better if it is given outside the locality in the morning walk. But one should also try to do Balivashv Yag i.e., after preparing food a
little bit portion of the food is taken on some paper and placed outside the door for the birds etc.

Omerta: Do non-vegetarian preferable? In what ways we can fulfill the diet rather than vegetarian?
Swami Ramswarup: Non-vegetarian food is prohibited as per Vedas, shastras, Upanishads and the all ancient holy books. I have written already on the web site and would request you to check the web site please. In vegetarian food a ocean of calories and vitamins is available by the mercy of God. Please check from a dietician about the
same. Because it is lengthy one and I cannot explain here. For example dal, is full of proteins, soybean has more protein than any non-veg. food, which has ability to inhibit cancer also. Where as non-veg not. In green vegetables like palak, methi, etc., are the
richest source of iron and vitamin A. so the case of milk, curd, rice, fruit, etc., -etc.

Karandikar Uday Pandit: How yoga abhyas will help to make social reforms and to make them happy in their life?
Swami Ramswarup: Through yoga practice a person gets ill-free long happy life. And if proper ashtang yoga is learnt then he gains huge good qualities, honesty, peace and spiritual qualities also. In this way he gets metal and physical powers. Then he is actually able to serve the humanity.

Laxmi Kumar: When can we be free of metal tensions?
Swami Ramswarup: A person must always discharge his duties faithfully. While discharging the duties there must be
no desire of getting reward in return. Then he is always in peace. Actually most of the people are indulged in this materialistic world. The people are after the money or enjoyment but very few know that the real enjoyment is achieved after controlling and minimizing the worldly desires. Secondly most of the people are not aware of about the moral duties to be
discharged faithfully by which the true peace is attained. In this case both wife and husband must serve the elder without any desire then one day the problem automatically be settled peacefully. Though this is a difficult task but the solution is only as said according to the holy books like Vedas, shastras, etc.

Vikas: What is karma and bhagya? Please tell me what is relevance of karma and bhagya in our life. And if everything is deliberately fixed by God then what is the important of karma in our life.
Swami Ramswarup: I have given the answer on this topic severally and would request you to please choose the answer from the web site. But in short I brief here also. There are three kinds of karmas in Vedas and shastras. Sanchit karmas, prarabhadh karmas, and kriyamann karmas. Suppose one soul has to take birth today. So the soul has an unlimited counting of karmas to face in the coming life. These unlimited counting of karmas are called sanchit karmas i.e., total karmas of several previous lives. The coming life is awarded by some karmas to face which are called prarabhadh karmas. These some karmas have been taken from sanchit karmas by God. Still balance of sanchit karmas
remains. You can say here about the prarabhadh karmas that these have to be faced but these are result of also those karmas awarded by God, which we had done in our previous lives. So God had nothing to do with our karmas. God has to award the result of Karmas only, the prarabhadh karmas (jise kismet bhi kahte hain) are the result of those karmas (good or bad) which we have done at our own decision and God did not inspired us.
So it is wrong to say that we are doing the karmas according to instruction of God. Thus if we commit sin then that sin has been done by us with our free will. And if we do pious deeds then the deed was also done at our free will. God has only to award the result of the said karmas. This is also stated in Yajurveda mantra 7/48 and in Geeta shlok 2/47. Otherwise we canot be blamed if we are under the God to do karmas. Now if prarabhadh karmas can not be finished then there is no charm of human life. But in reality the third karma is kriyamann which are done in present life. So when a man or woman, boy or girl go to good society/sat sang and worship, do yoga practice etc., while discharging is duty towards family, society and nation and thus he is doing pious kriyamann karmas in
present. Then with the result of these pious deeds he finishes the prarabhadh and built his future bright. Vedas do not believe on luck, teva, kunadli etc., the luck is in our hand and based on hard working, devotion, dedication, concentration and pious deeds we can make our future bright finishing our bad prarabhadh karmas.

Vikas: Can yoga help in loosing weight. What is the best exercise for it?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please. Yoga helps in loosing the weight. One should learn at least 10 yoga asan and pranayaam. Fried food must not be taken, plenty of water must be taken in a day, one should awake early daily for long morning walk and light exercises.

Neel Paudel: Where can I get the all alternative name of Ved?
Swami Ramswarup: There is no alternative names for Vedas. There
are four Vedas whose names are— Rigveda, Yajurveda, Saamveda And Atharvaveda. Vedas are knowledge originated always in the heart of four Rishis at the time of creation. Vedas are not book. Books are called samhita.

Arun Kumar: Swamiji, I learned about your web site today only and I found it quite interesting. While reading the question/answers page I found this quote about Swami Dayanand: “Swami Dayanand has written the meaning of Tat Ejati—“in the eyes of foolish God moves”. I have read his book Satyarth Prakash and I also found his words are very hard. But I think part of it is due to lack of his Hindi knowledge.
Swami Ramswarup: No please. Actually Murkh word of Hindi/Sanskrit used by Swami Dayanand, is applicable for those in Vedas who have not studied Vedas. This word has not been used here in insulting manner. Actually he who has not studied Vedas/Sanskrit he at first instance can think like this. Swami Dayanand commented on the mantra of Yajurveda 40/5, TAT EJATI TAT NA EJATI TAT DURE TAT U ANTIKE” that the ignorant people who have not studied Vedas think that God walks but being omnipresent the God cannot walk. So here ignorance (Moodh or Murkh) means he who has not studied the Vedas and nothing else. You can say Murkh means illiterate of Vedas.

Arun Kumar: Moreover he believed that truth is bitter but only for ignorant people. Do you agree?
Swami Ramswarup: Here is the only same situation. Suppose somebody worship statue for the last so many years. When a learned Acharya will preach that Yajurveda mantra 32/3 says “NA TASYA PRATIMA ASTI” i.e., there is no and can’t be a way to measure the God in inches, feet, yards or in one, two, three—– kilos. This is the meaning of Pratima in the mantra. The second meaning of Pratima is statue. So these preach will be like a poison to the ignorance people who do not know the Vedas at their first instance. But when these words will be told by Vishwamitr to Guru Vashisth then both will be happy and agreed because they were learned of Vedas. Actually the fundamental of the Vedas say that first Vedas’ knowledge is always attained from the mouth of an Acharya. Previously it was mouth to mouth and heart to heart that is why Vedas are also called Shruti. After listening then its study can give hundred percent correct knowledge. Because Vedas say “SHRUDHI SHRUT KARNAHA”, ITI SHUSHRAM DHEERANNNAAM AND ” BRAHMANOMUKHAMASEET” etc., etc., i.e., listen through ears, we have been listening traditionally from Rishis/Yogis.

Arun Kumar: He founded the Arya Samaj and he did a great job in teaching Vedas. But after his death all that good work either stopped or slowed down. It did not progress as it was during the time of Swamiji. What do you think is the
reason for that?
Swami Ramswarup: Still something is better than nothing. But in so many places and abroad too the Arya Samaj is doing well. However we all must discharge our duties at our level best to spread the eternal and immortal knowledge of Vedas all over the world to promote international brotherhood. This is our duty, says the Vedas.

Satbir Singh: 1. Kindly intimate me about Yoga Camp details
Swami Ramswarup: Two camps were held during Dec. 03 and April 04. The next camp will be during October or December. But individually everybody is welcome at any time.

Karuna: Please suggest a name for my daughter.
Swami Ramswarup: Sumedha, Shruti, Sumati, Shubhra, Shweta, Surbhi are the names which can be considered please. These all names are from Vedas.

Shirish Patil: Why are Prana, Tejas and Ojas called as master/subtle forms of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, respectively?
Swami Ramswarup: There are five kosh (cell) in human body. Anmaya, Manomaya, Pranmaya, Vigyanmaya and anadnmaya kosh. Pranmaya kosh means the main five prans, pran, apan, vyan, saman and udan function in the body. When there is disturbance in smooth functioning of the pran then vat, pitt and kaph disesases occur. From asan, pranayam etc., the pranmaya kosh runs smoothly, and generate oja and tej. But brahmcharya is the main consideration in this path.

Shirish Patil: In Ayuveda, what is need/purpose of making three forces Vata (space and air), Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (water and earth) when already we have
concept of Panchmahabhutas? In other words, why we need to group the 5 bhootas into 3 and create concept of Vata Pitta and Kapha?
Swami Ramswarup: Five bhootas construct human body. If a house is constructed but is not maintained properly then after some time the house starts deteriorating. That is why timely repairing whitewash etc., is done. So is the case of human body. So any addition, alteration or minimization make bad affect on the body for which medicine to maintain the proper ratio is essential.

Shirish Patil: I have read that Tantra is good for Kali Yuga and also Bhakti Yoga is good for Kali Yuga? Why these difference in opinions? Also, why is Tantra not practised and preached today (practices such as mercury preparations, yantra, etc)?
Swami Ramswarup: Tantra and bhakti philosophy is being spread a lot. But I would like to say that tantra philosophy is not mentioned in Vedas. And thus is not authentic one. Whereas Vedas preach about gyan (knowledge of every matter of the world), karam (preach about pious deeds) and upasana (worship and real qualities and shape of God). But now most of the people are not looking towards Vedas and present saints oftenly do not know Vedas and thus teach Bhakti mostly self-made and not the Bhakti preached in Vedas.

Shirish Patil: Earlier, Ayurveda and Astrology were practiced together by yurvedic physician? Can we trust the predictions of Astrologers of today based on various techniques/paths such as horoscope, palm, prashna, krishnamurthy paddthadti? Do you know any astrologer who have a very strong spiritual base?
Swami Ramswarup: The kinds of astrology mentioned by you are not seen in the four Vedas please and even not in six shastras, upnishads and Geeta also. So cannot be
considered faithful and authentic one please. Vedas and yoga shastra sutra 1/7 require proof in token that the views quoted by anybody else are tallied with Vedas for checking the truth or untruth. Vedas are self-proof being eternal knowledge comes out from Almighty God. It is seen that whatever we see in science or in daily routine or in the matters and articles of the God of the world sun, moon, body function, death and birth etc- etc., all are in accordance with Vedas. This is also a proof that Vedas knowledge is direct from God who is the Supreme commander of the universe.

Shirish Patil: Do you know any person who can say he has realised/seen God? Why anyone does not disclose that and show miracles such as taking the diseases of
people and their sufferings?
Swami Ramswarup: God is not seen with eyes etc., but God is only realized by a Rishi who knows Vedas philosophy and has practiced ashtang yoga philosophy. Geeta shlok 7/19 also refers. The Rishis have explained their experiences of realizing God and other benefits in their shastras/upnishads etc. And they have clarified in their holy books that they got the knowledge from Vedas traditionally in Guru shishya method. So now a days there may also be the Rishi of such kind. Now there is lack of study of Vedas, therefore people are totally unable to justify that who is the real Guru. When there is no sun in the sky then it is not possible to say that it is a morning. When sun rises then it becomes morning. So there is no any alternative of the sun to reproduce morning. Similarly in the absence of Vedas’ knowledge it is not possible to realize truth or even to justify the truth in any case. So is the case of Rishi or Guru. The people of ancient times used to study Vedas since childhood like Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mata Sita, King Dashrath, King Harischchandra, Yudhishtar And their public etc. etc. This all fact is mentioned in Valmiki Ramayan, Mahabharta and Brahmin Granths. So those public was
wise and who could justify on the basis of study of Vedas doing Yagya (Yajna) and practice of yoga philosophy while remaining in family life. But it is our bad luck that now a days the public is ignorant on the topic of four Vedas. And the present saint mostly
have done a work like offering ghee in fire by saying false statements that in Kaliyug there is no need of Vedas, yajna and yoga in family life. So it has become difficult to establish truth as is also said by Tulsi in His Ramayan dhoa 100 (b) i.e., in kaliyug the people do not worship God according to Vedas. But arrogants have made their own path. So the Rishis if have realized God at present they will never talk about the same direct because this is the matter to brief to those only who knows or study Vedas properly. Can any scientist brief his philosophy before a illiterate or literate even whose subject is Geography i.e., other than science?

Shirish Patil:Why is there difference in opinion/theories in various religions (Hinduism:Many Gods, Buddhism:No God, Christiam: Mono atheism) and within religions (In hinduism itself there is Vaishnavism, Saktism and also 6 schools of philosophies apart from one by Charvak) about universe?
Swami Ramswarup: The issue is same as briefed above. In Vedas there is only one God who is formless, the purest, Almighty i.e., needs no help for assistance, away from death and birth, gives knowledge of Vedas at the time creation, omnipresent, omniscient, beyond calculation, beyond description, He alone creates universe, nurses and destroy and again creates. God has unlimited qualities some of which are mentioned here. So the way of worship now created does not tally with Vedas please. And is not understood by a learned Rishi.

Shirish Patil: Why there are so may Gods in Hindu religion? I have heard that there are 36 crores (correct me if this is wrong). Is the list of names for this Gods listed
somewhere? In one upanishad (maybe Prsahna) it is mentioned that subtle form of food forms mind and that of water forms prana? How is that?
Swami Ramswarup: Upnishads say correct because upnishad have been made by Rishis based on Vedas philosophy. But as regards your remaining question about devtas etc., please see above quoted Vedic philosophy that these all are wrong according to Vedas. We must worship only one God mentioned above.

Nisha: Swami ji, can you please give me some good Vedic name for my newly born baby boy.
Swami Ramswarup: Aditya (meaning shape of unlimited light and he who can not be broken, Aditya is also a name of God in Vedas) Somesh (som+ ish = somesh i.e., som means full of happiness/merriment,ish means the God who creates universe, therefore Somesh means anandswarup Permeshwar or he who always remains in merriment) Manish ( he who study hard and thinks deeply, he who study and thinks deeply the Vedas). Piyush i.e., immortal. You may please select any one of these names. Actually name ceremony has a great concern. For whole of life whatever be listened it effects on chitta in the shape of good or bad. So when we pronounce the name of a baby then the pronunciation of the name makes the same effect as his name has. So the best names from Vedas effects in spiritual as well as in the best form of worldly matter for both who pronounces and who listens. And for whole of life the said best effect is achieved.

Prashant Bhatt: Please send me some information of yoga-asana which is useful in cardiac diseases.
Swami Ramswarup: The best asan is Gomukh asan but other asan are also useful and must be practiced like Vajr, sidh, padam, sarp, brahmcharya, ardhmatsendrya, uttanpad, and paschimottan please.

Tarun Sharma: I always work hard in my studies from my side but I am never succeedeing in getting good marks.
Swami Ramswarup: Exam is tough for those who are not brave. A hard working, full concentration, devotion and dedication makes every impossible/tough task the simplest one. But main thing/problem is that most of the students do not know that what is their moral duties. A moral duty of a student is to study hard with full concentration and to look after his health. Please awake early in the morning for a long morning walk and light exercises. Take plenty of water daily, avoid bad society totally. Do not waste time in T.V., wandering or baseless talk. Do not be afraid of the problems but work hard and try, try and try again to solve the same. Go to the teacher or take advice from anywhere of that subject daily. Do not keep the work pending for tomorrow. Whatever you listen and learn that must be written on the rough notebook without cheating or seeing. Then see whether it is correct or not. Increase writing power always.

Mani: As per your answer, even the egg is not fully formed where neither it
can cry or give any response, the same is for the sprouts that we eat which is a seedling which grows into a plant.. This is where I am having a problem. I believe that life is after
all a life. I do believe that wild animals are doing which their karma has for them so what they do is not wrong by killing.
Swami Ramswarup: The self-proof to justify the truth are four Vedas and religious holy books. Four Vedas never allowed to take non- veg or wine or any addiction etc. The animal body and teeth are made of such a nature that they can eat meat but we are not. When we see that the human being and cow who follow elephant etc., drinks water. Then their way of drinking water is in a sip but the animal who takes meat are different which can be seen while drinking water of a lion, dog, cat etc., that they take water from tongue. God has given us human body. But it was not enough for Him. God nurses also. So God has briefed in Vedas to take vegetables only by human beings to avoid violence. Because in spiritualism there is no any space of any kind of violence. The structure of our teeth is to take vegetarian and of lion dog, cat etc., is to take meat. We have been blessed with this body to do pious deeds while thinking deeply but not animals and birds etc., because those are in Bhog Yoni only and we are in Bhog Yoni as well as in karam Yoni also. That is, we are free to do pious or bad deeds, the result of
which is always in the hand of God whereas the animal and birds etc., are bhog Yoni and they have to follow the deeds which have been already decided. They are not free to do new deeds. So being human being we have to study Vedas and do worship and afraid of sins like non- veg., etc. In Atharvaveda it is said by God that I am seeing you have purchased meat, cooked, and eaten. Now please be prepare yourself to face the consequences that is,— I will give you punishment. Manusmriti says, “VARJYEN MADHUMASHAN CHA” i.e., meat, wine, addiction are prohibited for mankind. Anybody can say that if meat will not be taken then animals will be increased. But this is the administration of God and present king. It is mentioned clearly in the Vedas that the man eater animal and harmful men to the society must be punished by the king.

Amit Jagtap: What is sixth sense and how to improve your sixth sense?
Swami Ramswarup: There are only five senses i.e., eyes, to gain
knowledge by seeing ,and similarly the ears, nose, tongue and skin. When these are controlled by worship and yoga philosophy etc., then the mind power is increased to the extent then the person realizes God. But before realizing some extraordinary powers are
gained and the knowledge of the extraordinary powers extra can be considered as sixth sense. Otherwise there are only five sense in principle.

Rajeev: What are Rishis of particular mantras?
Swami Ramswarup: Rishi have not made or written any Veda. Vedas is a knowledge generated at the time of creation in the heart of four Rishis Agni, Vaayu, Aditya and Angira at the beginning of unisexual creation. Thereafter it has been receiving through Guru-shishya tradition by listening. That is why Vedas are called
Shruti also. So no Rishi has made any Veda. Rishi have studied and have practiced ashtang yoga philosophy mentioned in Vedas and then they realize God. The particular Rishi who opened the secrecy of the particular mantras have then called the Rishi of those mantras please.

Rajeev: There are great souls like you in the world. With your power, can sorrows go and satyug come back?
Swami Ramswarup: The duty of a real saint is to give knowledge to the public to get away from ravages of hatred, sorrows, sufferings and illusion etc., then only the public can get peace. But there must also be desire to get the knowledge from aspirants. Otherwise the preach will be of no use. Actually the human body is only meant for doing pious deeds according to the Vedas and holy books which are obtained under guidance
of spiritual master but due to attraction in materialistic articles only the most of the people becomes failed and get rebirth to face the consequences. So everybody must be alert.

Maganlal Jain: About yoga.
Swami Ramswarup: Yoga philosophy if learnt properly controls the senses, organs and mind, gives peace, finish tension, problem and sorrows and even hard practice gives salvation.

Parames: How to choose a good day?
Swami Ramswarup: God has made the days and times. God is the purest one so all days are pure. The days are bad when we meet with any bad incident which is also a result of our past life’s deeds. So you can choose any day but the day becomes happy day on which we do pious deeds like worship etc. So before doing something please perform worship. And if you can retain the same house then you can please. Because house are never bad the deeds of man are bad or good.

Sonali: What is the target of human’s life?
Swami Ramswarup: We are a soul which resides within body. The body of birds, animals also have the soul like us. There are similarity of four deeds in animals, birds and us i.e., to eat, to sleep, to have fears and to give birth. If we do also these four deeds then shastras say that you are also like animal. But difference from animal is that we can worship and get salvation whereas animal cannot do this. So our target is to attain salvation otherwise we are also awarded the body of birds and animals and the circle
of death and birth remains continued forever.

RS: Why is the path to attain God so difficult?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually there is no any difficult or impossible task for human beings if spiritual advice are got regularly and this is even a duty and motto of human life, which is usually forgotten due to attraction in materialistic articles. When education and hard study to fly aeroplane/ship, to climb on Himalaya, to fight against enemies, looks no difficult then why spiritualism. Because we have no interest in spiritualism and result thereof. And even we do not know its result. So the path to attain God is simple than the said paths but due to non-interest it looks hard.

Ankit: How can a student get rid of depression and get confidence?
Swami Ramswarup: Human body is blessed by God to do pious deeds, services to parents and old and services towards society and nation. So please do not be nervous. Awake early in the morning for a long morning walk and light exercises. Read daily newspaper in full. Read good magazines to increase general knowledge and to be in tact with national and worldly affairs. Then these affairs must be discussed first in home then in society. This will increase your confidence. When you will maintain your good health with a smiling face then people will naturally make contact with you. There is no place on the earth for a lazy, dishonest person. So we must be a hard worker, honest and of a helping nature. A student must always concentrate on his study and health. He must control on his eyes, nose, ears, tongue and skin that these should not be entangled in bad deeds to commit sins. If a student gets progress in his line, naturally he will be praised and everybody will give him respect. So please awake from illusion. And do good deeds to satisfy your parents also.

Sunita: How can we save ourselves from this ayana jana chakara?
Swami Ramswarup: I have already you about soul and body which are separate from each other. So when we will listen the preach of Vedas and practise yoga philosophy then we will know ourself i.e., soul. When a person becomes able to realize himself that he is not body but he is a soul then he also realizes God within soul. Then only the circle of death and birth is finished and the man gets salvation.

Sunita: How many Chakaras’ are in our body and where exactly they place and how can we activate them?
Swami Ramswarup: I have mentioned already about charkas on the web site and would request you to please search them in the web site. If it is not possible then send me e-mail again.

Sunita: Money- Money-Money what is this non sense?
Swami Ramswarup: Money or attraction towards materialistic articles is due to illusion please. A brave man or woman who does tapsya as I have told you above, only overcomes the same and get salvation.

Santosh P.What about human behaviour of control or observing of any person? Means what dependent nature of living and how?
Swami Ramswarup: Every person has taken birth based on his past lives’ deeds in which good or bad deeds are included. One has to face the result of those deeds in the
present life. So our behave mostly depends based on the said deeds. But when in present life we worship, do yoga practise and do pious deeds then our behaviour is changed and we can become polite and of peaceful mind, co-operative etc.

Mani: There are people who say that eating eggs is forbidden etc. but vegetarians eat sprouts etc, which also represents life?
Swami Ramswarup: Thanking you and I bless you for a long happy life. When you will scientifically analyse then you will find egg or meat have quite separate effect on body and the vegetables will effect the separate one. Nobody on the earth can say the similarity in egg, meat with vegetables. Otherwise a cow or an elephant could also eat meat. But most important views are of spiritual holy books like Vedas, shashtras and others wherein eggs and meat are prohibited for human beings and not vegetables. A vegetable right from the beginning till its end never cry, never shouts, never struggle to escape him because it is made to take by human beings whereas when egg grows it is turned into chick and before the chick takes his position we end his life which is a sin. On the other hand when lion, cat, dog takes meat they are not doing sin being entitled and being in Bhog Yoni whereas human being does sin while taking meat because he has to kill one’s life then he takes his meat and this is against the laws of God even.

Tina: How did the Hindu God Shiva die?
Swami Ramswarup: God never meets death please. And God is for whole of Universe and not for a particular religion. But he who takes birth he meets always with natural death.

Nijan: Please give detailed method of “Sankh Praxyalan”.
Swami Ramswarup: In this deed one has to stay in a river up to naval and trivalli is to got out and after washing it is taken back. It is called Praxayalan karam. But it is not done until the full knowledge is taken from a Yogi and must not be done.

Shirish Patil: Why are there so many yogas today such as Agni Yoga,
Kriya Yoga, Sahaja Yoga, Siddha Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Nada Yoga, Laya Yoga?
Swami Ramswarup: It is due to lack of eternal knowledge of four Vedas wherein only one ashtang yoga is mentioned.

Shirish Patil: In Ayurveda, a lot of emphasis is given to Prana, Ojas and Tejas. Can you please elaborate how these 3 are related? I want to to know specifically what is the form of Ojas (gross/subtle subtance/tattwa)? Where it is located in our bodies?
Swami Ramswarup: When brahamcharya is maintained in full then mazza is attained in bones which increases oja. And when further yoga practice is continued with full brahamcharya under guidance of a spiritual master then this oja can be seen on face which is called tej.

Shirish Patil: What is the form of Tejas and how it is different from Jataragni and other dhatu and bhuta agnis?
Swami Ramswarup: While practising yoga philosophy then jathragini is increased which maintain a good digestive syste. then only oja and tej is maintained.

Shirish Patil:What is bhuta agni and what is it’s purpose? How it is different from other agnis?
Shirish Patil: There is no any bhoot agni but agni is a one bhoot amongst five.

Shirish Patil: If gross body is made of 5 gross elements, then what is the substance of which mind is made up of?
Swami Ramswarup: Mind is made of with prakriti which is the first

Shirish Patil: Why is it said that one should have high Ojas, Prana and Tejas? What the specific techniques to build these three?
Swami Ramswarup: The high oja etc., is required to get salvation and these are attained by getting preach of Vedas and practising ashtang yoga philosophy.

Bharti Gupta: Is the priest(Pundits) in the Mandir good enough to initiate gayatri mantra?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. In this connection real spiritual master who knows Vedas is required. He may be pandit also if he knows Vedas.

Thusi: You stated that in order to chant the Gayatri Mantra, one must hear it from a guru first. Unfortunately, I live in a place where I have no access to a guru. Can
I hear a guru chant the mantra from an online source and then chant it, or do I have to hear the guru chant in person?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please, you can first hear on the online and thereafter in presence when it suits. And the Gayrti mantra must be chanted with its meaning in mind. I have given the detailed meaning of Gayrti mantra on the web site please. It is a fundamental law made by God in the Vedas that knowledge is only gained when somebody gives in person. So we cannot change the law. Only listening the Gaytri from tape can give us a way to chant but full knowledge is only given by a learned Guru who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy. Then only the full benefit of the mantra is achieved.

Sunita Chuttani: How can we get peace?
Swami Ramswarup: Peace is only within us because the peace giver i.e., Almighty God is within our body and this is a fundamental laws of Vedas/shastras that our worship must be of such a path that we control our five senses
and five perceptions and mind so that our vritti is controlled to be stayed within us where we realize God. And for this very purpose one should listen Vedas, holy books, preaches to obey and must do daily ashtang yoga practice after learning from an experienced spiritual master specially who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy. Then there remains no doubt that the person would get permanent peace.

Sunita Chuttani: How can we get rid of maya jaal?
Swami Ramswarup: The darkness is stayable only when there is no sun in the sky. Similarly the illusion makes its affect only when one has not got ray of light of
wisdom. This wisdom is gained from a learned spiritual master who gives preach of pious deeds, knowledge of non-alive and alive and worship from Vedas and gives knowledge of practicing yoga philosophy.

Sunita Chuttani: Who I am and for what I came here?
Swami Ramswarup: You have got your head, your eyes, your nose, your tongue, your ears, your hand, legs ,body etc., but you are not body etc., because the word “YOUR” to make relation between you and your bodies have been used, so it is clear that you are not body, eye etc. So in Vedas and afterwards our Rishis in shashtras have clarified that O! man or woman you are immortal soul. You have been blessed by God specially with human body to do pious deeds, worship, yoga practice and Yagya etc., to realize God within you. And this knowledge is given by a spiritual master who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy.

Shirish Patil: How much food a normal person should consume? How much food does a person whose Kundalini is awakened consumes?
Swami Ramswarup: If someone is doing practice of yoga philosophy then he must take food to filled half stomach, ¼ stomach must be filled by water and rest of the stomach must be kept empty always. The food must be vegetarian using pure ghee, butter, milk and fruits. When kundalini is awakened then there is no need of any guidance then it is taken or not taken and how much is taken becomes automatically. But awaken of kundalini is not an easy task as is being said.

Shirish Patil: How can I increase the fire/Jatharagni in my body and feel better day by day so that I can perform my daily activities fast and do meditation better?
Swami Ramswarup: It is only ashtang yoga practice under guidance of a Yogi which will fulfill your desire.

Shirish Patil: What is bhoota shuddhi and how to do that? Also, how to improve memory?
Swami Ramswarup: Bhoota shudhi may be considered a purification of whole body and veins, arteries etc., because it is made from five bhoot i.e., agni, vayu, jal, akash and prithivi. To improve memory one should awake early in the morning and must go for a long morning walk and light exercises and then he must do yoga asan and pranayam.

Amish Dargan: What is the Vedic meaning of following names and what values do they carry: ASMI, AMISH and RACHNA?
Swami Ramswarup: ASMI MEANS which is present and which is done. AMISH means materialistic articles which gives pleasure. RACHNA means creation.

Somnath Mohanty: If a person had changed his mind from past sin is he a good or bad man and how he can restrict himself from doing that sin again?
Swami Ramswarup: If a person changes his mind from past sins then he is really a good person but it is not possible until a person do worship, pray and practice of ashtang yoga under guidance. By this process only he does do sins again also.

Nijan: What is “Yama Sukta”? Please give chants.

Thusi: Do you have to be initiated by a guru to chant the gayatri mantra?
Swami Ramswarup: Gaytri mantra and any Ved mantra is first chanted by a Guru and listened by a disciple otherwise it has no affect.

Sagar: When will the Hindus understand that discrimination is against humanity as well as against the self-interest of Hindu religion. Will Hindus be ever live peacefully without any threat from non-hindus? Will India ever crush Pakistan for its continued atrocities against Indians & Hindus in Kashmir?
Swami Ramswarup: All the Hindus may not be blamed and all the other non-Hindus can not be blamed for discrimination. We all are brother and sister and some misunderstanding even occurs in a family also. So we must pray God for unity and our every action must be to serve humanity and promote international brotherhood. As regards Kashmir problem it is political one and will be solved by meeting. We pray God always for peaceful solution and not by war.

Ravi shankar: What is prajapati yantra? Where can I download the information?
Swami Ramswarup: In Vedas prajapati means Almighty God and His yantra is His all powers by which He creates, nurses and destroy the universe.

Ram Rana: The supreme Godhead dwells in every living things (life or breath). He is Creator also a Destroyer. There was nothing but dark and shuniya (Zero). There was naturally breathed God himself. And he is a Shiva. Is it true?
Swami Ramswarup: Rigveda mantra 10/129/1-4 says that before creation there was neither being nor non-being, there was neither atmosphere nor heavens above the atmosphere. What moved, and whither? And in whose care? Were there waters and the bottomless deep? There was then neither death nor immortality. The day was not divided from the night. Only one breathed in Himself without extraneous breath and apart from Him, there was nothing. There for the first time desire awoke within Him. (though God has no desire then here means Ikshan i.e., it is automatically.) This was the first seed of the spirit (God) the sages, full of understanding, striving within their hearts, discovered in non-being the link with being. There was prakriti and God made the whole universe from the prakriti, a non-alive matter. The body of human being made and the souls were put in, at last God Himself entered the universe. From the above description one can conclude that at the very beginning of creation, there was God alone with the matter (non-alive prakriti) secondly there was no death because there was no life, as death is only possible if there is life. Thirdly God created all beings like man, woman space, sun, moon earth, water, flora and fauna etc. All our ancient Rishis and saints too realized this truth and stressed the fact that Almighty God is the only creator of the entire universe. He is our Father, He was one, is one and remain one in future too as a commander of this universe. He created humanity and not specific nationalities or communities. In Vedas Rigveda mantra 1/164/ 46 it is said that God is one but His names are several according to qualities. So Shiva is also a name of God meaning being good fortune to universe.

Ram Rana: God’s sprit dewels in every living and non living things which is omnipresent. Is God’s sprit which is in every matters and every creature Bishnu? There ws a very vast and deep water where God’s sprit dwels in. All the sprit of devas came to water as a germ and came through the God’s sprit’s navel which is bhrama a God’s mind. is this true?
Swami Ramswarup: THIS ALL IS NOT TRUE ACCORDING TO THE VEDAS please. In Vedas God is called,” SWAYAM BHUHU” i.e., God is away from birth and death and nobody can make the God. God is Almighty and needs no assistance.
Vishnu is also a name of Almighty God as cited above. Vishlri vyaptau Vishnu. By this Sanskrit dhatu Vishnu word is made whose meaning is He who is everywhere i.e., omnipresent.

Ram Rana: If bharma is not a God’s mind or supreme designer of the universe or vishwakarma then what exatly is a bharma?
Swami Ramswarup: “Vri vridhau braham” by this Sanskrit Dhatu braham shabad is made and not brahama. Braham means the eldest—supreme and He is only Almighty God. So braham is also a name of God amongst several. So braham is creator and several names of God’s are the name of one God who is creator, nurses and destroy the universe and again creates.

Ram Rana: Vedas doesn’t believe in incarnation. But in Hindu there is a belief that there are nine incarnation of God’s sprit (bishnu) and most of the cultures and festivals are belongs to this incarnations and some non Vedic God such as ganesh chaturthi. so is this whole hindu culture came from blind faith or is there any connection between Vedas and puranas?
Swami Ramswarup: This has no connection with the Vedas please, as cited above Vedas are knowledge originated in the heart of four Rishis at the time of creation. Vedas are not a book and has not been written by anybody else. It was mouth to mouth—- heart to heart that is why by heart only. But before five thousands and about three hundred years back Vedas were written by Vyas Muni who also heard Vedas traditionally and knew by heart so Vedas have not written by anybody else. So it is a proof. And Vedas do not accept incarnation because it is needed not. There must be some reason behind for anything and for incarnation also. If someone says that Rama had to take avtar to kill Ravana then he will have to think that God had to take assistance of Rama’s body, bow and arrow which is not possible in case of Almighty God. Almighty means God has all powers and He needs no assistance. We are human being. We need assistance of eye to see, ear to listen and so on but not God. God has created the universe, nurses and destroy and in this case He needs no assistance. Then why He will take any assistance to
kill Ravana when without assistance He can kill unlimited Ravanas within no time like a final destruction of universe. And so is the case in every matter. So Vedas do not accept avtar.

Ram Rana: As I understand some extraordinary person can get salvation through yoga and meditation or from sacrifice(jesus).Those liberated souls are known as bhrama gyani or brhama and become an abode of God. Millennium after millennium when people in earth need help or need to establish the faith, then God send those liberated souls to the earth with certain mission. Do you think the lord Krishna was one of those liberated souls or a ascent of the sprit of God himself?
Swami Ramswarup: I have already told above that God has no desire but Ikshan. So why God will take any assistance to spread His knowledge. He has given the knowledge of four Vedas and it is at the discretion of man or woman whether he worships God or not. Suppose God has desire to spread His knowledge, worship or spiritualism or peace etc., then He will take no time to fulfill His desire being Almighty. Actually He has given us a freedom to do any good or right but result is in His hand. We must remember that in Vedas it is also mentioned that God has no mercy. He gives punishment to the sinners. Vedas teaches us to perform holy Yajna, services to parents and elders and acharyas who knows Vedas. And teaches ashtang yoga philosophy to
get salvation. There is no any swarg or narak and everything is here only to bear the result of deeds, say Vedas.

Ram Rana: I have a soul. It was before many ages and will be in future. Before I born, my soul was free and can travel very fast. He traveled to many devas and learnt Vedas. He is very spiritual and also divine. Then I came to my mother’s womb and God mix it with my previous good deeds’ fruit and five element and my coming birth is predestine means I’m manifested soul. After I born, I forgot my previous birth. I bounded
with this body. Now my body controls my soul. My body is free to do anything good or bad but the soul is only watching. But I have some spiritual feelings. I got this from my birth. I’m still spiritual but not spiritual enough and I can’t be yogi because I can’t sacrifice my family, or i have different background. In this life God want me to be little bit spiritual. then I have to take birth again in some spiritual family or in yogi’s, then i do more spiritual and ultimately liberated after many birth. After I liberated I know every of my previous birth and deeds, I have no illusion (maya) because I’m fully awaken. And
My soul has my identity. And those all of the liberated souls has their own identity. And I never born again. Is that true?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. Such like views have not been mentioned in the Vedas. My soul is not a correct word because there is a soul who lives in a body. Body is separate and soul is separate one. Body is non-alive and destroyed whereas soul is alive and immortal. So I myself is a soul and lives in body but I can not say my soul. When we worship according to Vedas then we (souls) get superior births in a tribe of Yogi. And our worship is continued from where we left in the past birth.

Ram Rana: Some people thinks the Siva is a non Vedic God. Because His every ansh such as ganesh, kumar, parbati etc not mentioned in Vedas. Vedas also don’t believe
in tantric cult, witch doctor, witch, bhootas pretas and pichasas. Because according to Vedas after death, souls travel freely until 12 days, and after 12 days he prepare to take his next birth. So his soul doesn’t remain as a bhoot. But ttanric cult, witch, witch doctor (shematism), bhoot are very widely popular in India. Some people has the divine sprit and he can cure some witch’s curse. This is also link to mahadev. Add this all sanskaras are coming from puranas (shiva mahapuran etc). So what is the links between this. If you don’t believe this what is your explanation about Mother shakti(maya, kali) and ganesh which is also the first worship God and the lord of muldhar chakras?
Swami Ramswarup: Because it is all not mentioned in Vedas so are not authentic please. Atharvaveda mantra 10/ 2/31 says about 8 chakras i.e., guda, swadhishthan, and up to agya chakra which I have ALREADY MENTIONED ON THE WEB SITE. But there is no mention of any devta etc.

Jaydev: Kindly explain how is midstuff matter as mentioned in Shri Patanjali Yogadarshan.
Swami Ramswarup: I think that no midstuff matter has been used in Patanjal Yog darshan. Rishi Patanjali studied four Vedas thoroughly, practiced ashtang yoga as per Vedas and then wrote the Patanjal Yog Darshan. It is based on four Vedas.

Ritesh Saini: What is the purpose of living?
Swami Ramswarup: The purpose of our living is to realize God to get salvation while discharging duties towards family, society, nation and while promoting international brotherhood please.

Shelia: I read an article about u on your Q&A where u did meditation in the jungle and yoga by your spiritual master, would u be able to say if a spiritual master is internal because I am taught yoga during meditation by an internal master in the science of the Universe. Please explain?
Swami Ramswarup: Dear daughter God has created the universe and has made rules and regulations for us also. God is within us. But God has said in Vedas that an alive spiritual master is needed to guide us. I have told in so many articles that the races who still live in densy jungle are not civilized. Because nobody has given them knowledge as yet. A newly born baby if is nursed in densy cave with full attention and if he is not given any knowledge or language then even after 60 years of age or more he will not be able to know about anything and will even speak because he has not been taught. So it is a fundamental law that knowledge is gained when somebody gives. Therefore a spiritual master is needed then only we go within us. Without a traditional spiritual master (who has link with Vedas the eternal knowledge right from beginning of earth) one can attain a little knowledge based on his previous births’ pious deeds and hard working in the present but he cannot check as to what is the fact/truth.

Shelia: I will be finishing my fasting the 1st week of June. Could you please explain?
Swami Ramswarup: Nowadays 50 days annual Yagya of four Vedas is going on here in ashram and people from different states are taking part. Yoga knowledge is also being given, the preach on Vedas is also being delivered five times a day. The atmosphere is full of spiritualism and pleasure. When yogi does hard practice of ashtang yoga then a times comes that automatically he starts leaving his food gradually minimisingly but I have not seen about any fundamental law of fasting. Yet some aspirants do. So I bless you that you will be gaining good experiences. One should always pray to God please.

Anupam Srivastava: I always admire swamis and gurus how they are having such a balanced and cool mind. How to develop positive attitude, overcome anxiety and to be perfect and patient?
Swami Ramswarup: One must know the motto of life. It is to realise God while discharging family, society and national duties. For this purpose an experienced spiritual master is needed to get advice. Daily worship, prayer and ashtang yoga practice makes a person able to control on five perceptions, five senses and mind to avoid bad evils.
Control on food is also needed. This all is done under guidance but it needs not to leave family. Then everything is attained. One should not be nervous. Life is a struggle to face bravely. Please try your level best to get success in your line time and again. GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. And therefore God will sure help you.

Swami Chinubhai: I want to know more information about your centers and about your mission.
Swami Ramswarup: I have only one Ved Mandir here and I always try to spread the knowledge of four Vedas, shastras, Geeta, i.e., all holy books to promote international brotherhood. I teach ashtang yoga also as per Vedas and Patanjal yog darshan. My spiritual articles in English and Hindi are being published in newspapers and so many magazines (civil and Govt.). I have written spiritual books on Vedas and yoga philosophy. It is all a service towards human beings. My five cassettes of spiritual songs have also been made. Some months back my preach was telecasted also by Sanskar channel. I have gone abroad also to spread Indian Vedic culture.

Anupama Raj: Whatever shlokas you have suggested must be good ones, but I just wanted to know does choice of shlok depend upon the direction of my house, of should it be selected depending upon whose name the house is? How to control anger?
Swami Ramswarup: Aditya Niwas, GYANDEEP BHAWAN. aditya means everlasting ray of knowledge. Gyan deep bhawan means the ocean of knowledge. In Vedas the sun is considered an ocean of light of wisdom. So the both names suits being the mouth at east while opening the door. But the name of residence may be also in the name of any family member please. As regards anger it is controlled by listening good preaches and practicing yoga asan, pranayam and meditation. The worst result, which is borne on health due to anger, is to be seriously considered and anger must be avoided.

Nachimuthu Mani: I kindly request you to select a suitable name for my
baby boy.
Swami Ramswarup: 1. Somi (meaning bunch full of pleasure) 2. Som (meaning full of peace like moon) 3. Somesh (meaning a structure full of merriment) 4. Aditya (meaning enlightened with wisdom like sun) and you can attach your caste and father name, please. These all names are from four Vedas. It has been a tradition that our Rishi Munis used to give the name of a newly born baby from Vedas while doing Naamkarann sanskar holding a holy Yajna. In this way the best affect on the chitta are made of the child who used to give a utmost peace and long happy life to him. But due to our bad luck
the procedure at present in not in force due to lack of knowledge of the Vedas. The pronunciation of such holy names of the Vedas also gives pious to the child when he listens and to the person who pronounces. Because these holy names also pertains to Almighty God being his qualities. There are 16 sanskars to be observed like this name ceremony but have forgotten.

Henry: What’s the exact reason women cut their hair for the God?
Swami Ramswarup: In Indian philosophy while taking sanyas it has been a tradition to cut the hairs based on the reason that the sanyasi has cut off all the relations, decoration, pump and show, materialistic articles and the bad evils. When a old man meets with death his one family member cuts his whole hairs showing that his old member has died. In sanyas it is also a proof that all the world’s bad desires have been made dead. In mundane ceremony it is preached that the black hairs are like black clouds over the sun, and when clouds are over then shining sun is seen. Therefore when black hairs are cut then the clean head is seen like a shining sun showing that the whole black clouds of illusion like anger, proud, greediness, unnecessary attachment, false knowledge etc., etc., have been cut off and a sanyasi is now reaching day by day to his motto of attaining salvation. But it is not compulsory because in the ancient times our Rishi Munis have beard and long hairs to it is upto the discretion of a sanyasi whether he cuts or retains. Because fundamentally a sanyasi or a family holder will have to struggle, study of pious books, tapsaya and hard practice of ashtang yoga, worship, prayer, control on five perception and five senses, etc., etc., to get salvation.

Anupam Srivastava: I am not a regular person. I can’t do meditation at the particular time, but when I feel like doing like sitting in front of home temple closing my eyes and chanting Om.
Swami Ramswarup: There is a motto of a human life to worship God by which one attains peace, long happy life and salvation. Otherwise one may be indulged in sins and result of which is to bear sorrows. God is everywhere and is looking everybody and awards the result of good or bad deeds. So we must avoid that deeds or sins. We must discharge our family and national duties faithfully to do so a concentration is required which is attained by worship and prayer and meditation etc. Therefore a firm decision is required to achieve the motto and accordingly one should do hard works thereon.

Nita: Our religion says atma never dies and we are born again and again. What is the proof? How we know?
Swami Ramswarup: A newly born baby either of man, animal or birds is always afraid of death. When he has not seen any death and he has not met with death then why he is afraid because fear is based on experiences. So this thing proves that the newly born baby has experiences of death in previous births.

Meenakshi: How to take criticism and bad remarks of others?
Swami Ramswarup: One should never be nervous because life is a struggle to face bravely. In your case there are two solutions first you can warn them to report the matter to the elders etc. and second one to keep silence. In second solution a tolerance power is needed. A wife of a President (I have forgotten the name) used to cry on her husband usually. But the president of the nation ever remain peaceful and happy. Once the president was sitting with some ambassadors and friends when his wife threw warm tea on her husband. But the president was still calm and happy. How strong was he. There was a saint named Tukaram who had two wives. He used to donate usually the things to the needy persons. Once when the field of sugarcane was cut and he was bringing the sugarcanes in his bullock cart to the home then in between so many people asked him to give sugarcane and he gave. At last there was only one sugarcane remained with him. He happily gave it to one of his wife who got angered and struck the sugarcane on Tukaram ji. The sugarcane broke into two pieces. Tukaram told his wife with a smile that you have solved my problem, I had to break the sugarcane into two piece to give you both, now please take yourself. So the tolerance is needed and one should never worry about these happenings. At last God helps and everything becomes okay.

Grzegorz: Are you with advaita philosophy?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. I am with tretvad i.e., God, Souls
and Prakriti as per the knowledge of four Vedas.

Beth: I am looking to find the meaning of a symbol. It is the Sanskrit letter “da” inside of the sun. I know the meaning of each individual symbol, I am very curious as to their meaning, coming together as one.
Swami Ramswarup: Inside of the sun the word “da” shows that the sun donates his rays to whole of the world to live upon. Because in Sanskrit “da dane’ dhatu produce the meaning donation. SIMILARLY IN Sanskrit DHA produces meaning dharna to bear. Otherwise please clear your question again.

Vinod Kumar Tripathi: Geeta name kaise para.
Swami Ramswarup: The meaning of word Geeta is, “which has been sung.” In Sanskrit the sense of Geeta pertains to poetry of religious books. So somebody has given the name of 18th chapter of Mahabharta book as Geeta. Because the 18th chapter of Geeta are an extract of Bhisham Parv of Mahabharta. And whole 18 chapters are in poetry.

Rupal: I thought that gayatri mantra can only be recited when surya is seen, daytime. Also, where do I find modern translation of the Vedas. Thank you, just reading your teachings on this site has taught me a lot.
Swami Ramswarup: In Gaytri mantra there is a pray, worship and praise of Almighty God. God is omnipresent and is listening us everytime day and night. So prayer can be done at any time as per the time suits. The meaning of Gaytri mantra in detail is available on this web site. And I would request you to see the whole mantra. Please intimate in which language the translation is needed.

Grzegorz: These true powers: Almighty God, souls and prakriti are One. Lord Dattatreya said that even Vedas not says completely about Brahman. I think that Absolute Truth about Brahman is always unknown. Please your comments.
Swami Ramswarup: The Ved mantras are the knowledge originated in the heart of four Rishis at the time of creation. In the universe only Almighty God is complete in all respect. So the knowledge from Almighty God is also complete in all respect. So first of all we must try to listen Vedas from a spiritual, learned master then only we can comment on Vedas. And after studying Vedas our comments will always be true and complete in all respect. I would request you to study 24 lectures of yoga philosophy on the web site wherein description of Vedas is also mentioned.

Caligrl: What are the main reasons that Hinduism does not agree with abortion?
Swami Ramswarup: In every religion the murder is an offence. Abortion is related with murder and in Hinduism where violence is not permitted, the abortion is not accepted.

Isabel: I had a strange dream about God being of a different form. What does it mean?
Swami Ramswarup: In dream, as matter of fact, we see our experiences of past and present deeds of life. Secondly the dreams are always false. Suppose I see myself a king in my dream then in morning I will not be a king, neither I was king at night. But I had listened, read or seen a king the effect of which was produced in my dream. So you have seen the dream of your experiences of past life please or you have read such like stories etc. But dreams are false. To see or to listen truth i.e., about God, even in a dream always gives peace. But you are feeling afraid which clarify the false about such dreams.

Anupama Raj Aggarwal: We have bought a new flat, I want to put a shalok on the entrance of my flat. Please tell me which shalok is best suited.
Swami Ramswarup: 1. ISHAVASYEM IDAM, (God lives everywhere and
2. SATYMEV JAYTE, (truth triumphs)
3. TAPSA TAPDHWAM, (always do hard work)
You can write Gaytri mantra also. Please select one of the same if suits otherwise send e-mail again.

Ali Hassan: What is beauty?
Swami Ramswarup: Which is destroyed and cannot be everlasting, is called beauty. But the beauty of the love based on soul and equal heart combined is everlasting.

Satish Sharma: In Geeta, in Chapter II, Shloka 20 onwards, Bhagwan Krishna talks about the “SOUL” which has been explained by learned Teachers as ‘consciousness’, which resides in the Heart and is indestructible and so on. Whether this “SOUL” carries the ‘Guna & Dosha’(good & Bad qualities) of a person to the next birth ? If yes – then in every new birth a bad person will carry its traits and do bad deeds only and I have observed that bad persons don’t try to read religious Shastras and amend their life even if you put the book in their hand. And if No -then a single life is not sufficient to reach the Almighty. After I die say after 10-15 years, all my Religious thoughts, learning, will burn out with my dead body. I should have raised this query only after reading Geeta fully but I am unable to stop myself because in my “Grihasth Ashram” I get very less time and am able to read hardly a few pages a week and mostly the old one is washed out till I reach the next ‘Shloka’. I will continue asking for solutions to the thoughts that emerge while going through the Scripture. Please bear with me.
Swami Ramswarup: Yajurveda mantra 7/ 48 says that we (souls) are free to do good or bad deeds but the result is awarded by God. This result is printed on mind (chitta) of human beings, which are called effects on chitta. So in previous births the total effects on chitta are Unlimited. These are also called karmas. In one birth these karmas cannot be borne. And are carried forward in next life. Also in the present life more karmas are done and are carried forward to be borne too in the next life. So effect of the good and bad deeds are borne bearing pleasure and sorrows. But in human life God gives a golden chance of real worship by which the previous deeds can be burnt and one can attain salvation. On the other hand soul is purified away from illusion but being indulged with illusion soul has forgotten his real shape. Therefore soul with mind and chitta carries the karma in next life to be borne. So this is the stage of a bad person who has carried with his chitta the bad effects of his karma of previous life which restrict him to listen preach or to do worship. So a spiritual master is required for such persons, to burn the bad effect on his chitta. We must never hate any bad person. But must hate from his bad deeds. The listening of Vedas and pious books and doing pious deeds i.e., effect of all the pious religious karmas also goes with the souls and helps in the next birth to continue the spiritualism. So it is not finished. But only study of Geeta or spiritual books in absence of spiritual master and worship etc., do not serve the purpose. In family life like Shri Ram and ancient Rishis and public we have to do real worship like yajna, ashtang yoga etc., under guidance of spiritual master and these deeds are carried forward in next life and never finished as is also said in Geeta 9/31. So the less time even serve the purpose in family life. Because it is carried forward and not goes in vain.

Saumy: In your “Origin of Hindu religion”, you claim about all “Satyug”, “Kaliyug” etc, each with lakhs of years of age and manavantar with crores of years of age. This is ABSOLUTELY inconsistent with the principles of Science, according to which humanity has come into existence, evolving from apes, only after 10000 BC. How can you believe in all these Yugas” theory in this age, and expect the modern youth also to believe in them?
Swami Ramswarup: It is very clear that until a knowledge is given by anybody to someone, the knowledge can’t be attained. Therefore a Guru, Prophet or spiritual master is needed. It is mentioned in Vedas and shashtras that at the time of creation of unsexual human being, the all men or women were not educated. Then who gave them the knowledge. Vedas say that Almighty God by His power (not by writing or speaking God being formless.) originated the knowledge in the heart of four men (Rishis) of unsexual creation. This knowledge is called four Vedas. So according to the Vedas the creation took place before one arab 96 crores 8 lakhs and about 53 thousands years. Now science has recently declared the age of sun about 10 billion years radiating 4X 10 raised the power 26 watts of power and before it was declared less. So hundred percent correct result of science can not be assumed fit. Science made refined oil and declared that it is beneficial for heart but now science declares that refined oil is not good for heart and health. And you see so many fundamentals of science have changed. You will be surprised to know that every real invention of present science like aircraft, atomic energy, medical science, botany etc., is mentioned in Vedas. And whatever has not been invented that too has been mentioned in Vedas.

Jeevan Singh: I have been told my some elders that in order to attain salvation one has to be in stag of timeless and formless..It seem quite deep to understand this stag since we are just a beginner but just wanting to know more about “THE STAG OF TIMELESS AND FORMLESS” What are these and how to attain them. When we have limited time in this world and we have form that’s what keeps us alive?
Swami Ramswarup: If the stag means, “for male only” then it is wrong. Because salvation is attained by soul and not bodies. God does not favours anybody, He is Supreme judge. So worship, knowledge, yoga, meditation etc., is always meant for men and women equally. Bal brahamcharini Gargi was the spiritual Guru of king Janaka. Otherwise please intimate the meaning of stag in Hindi.

Satish Sharma: In Bhagwat Gita Chapter-2, Shloka 20 onwards, where Shri Krishna talks about the SOUL, it is mentioned about its qualities in respect of its size, non-destructability, non-feelingness of pain etc. but nowhere does he talk about its “Guna (Quality) & Dosha (disqualities)” etc. I mean whether souls are also good & bad like the persons in whom they reside as consciousness ? If yes, then how do some persons are cool-minded, God-fearing, honest etc. since their childhood while others are just opposite to these qualities. If no – then from where the “Sanskara” come into a person ? But again if yes then how a micro part of the Almighty can be good and other bad? Swami Ji, Please clear one of my mis-understanding or rather non-understanding.
Swami Ramswarup: Soul lives in human body. Soul is always pure, alive, away from illusion, does not take birth or death, happiest, joyful, pleasure, full of merriment etc., by nature. It is also a nature of soul to be attached with. When soul takes human body then he has two matters for attachment. First God/ spiritualism and second prakriti made materialistic articles of the world. Mostly due to the result of previous birth deeds soul is attached with worldly articles and thus soul forgets his own qualities of merriment etc. in this situation soul is indulged with illusion. Illusion is anger, proud, greediness, etc., until and unless soul goes to a spiritual master to realize the truth, he is deemed to be a worried, full of sorrows, sick, takes birth and death etc. A piece of magnet has full power to attract iron piece but when the magnet piece is covered with some material like clothes etc., then magnet will not work. So is the case with soul. When soul is covered with illusion then soul does not realize his original shape of merriment etc.

Ramkumar: What is soma ras and from which plant it was taken? Is Indra really a powerful raja those days or God? If he is the most powerful why he seems to be downgraded as years passed (as of present)?
Swami Ramswarup: This is all has not been mentioned in Vedas and can’t be accepted please. There is only one Almighty God who creates, nurses, and destroy the universe and again creates. Almighty means that God has all powers completely. So God needs no any assistant to create, nurse and destroy etc. As regards som ras Yajurveda says in mantra 7/4 that, “MAGHWAN SOMAM PAHI UPYAAM GRIHITAH ASI” i.e., O soul, you do practice of ashtang yoga to save the SOM. After studying all the Vedas mantras conclude that when a Yogi gets salvation then he experiences the merriment of realizing God and this experience is Called SOM. The worldly meaning of Som also Anand. It is our bad luck that we do not study the eternal knowledge of four Vedas. And absence of which the arrogant have made their own path and meaning which are against the Vedas, said by Tulsi in his Ramayan in verse 100(b) of Uttarkand.

Sunita: What type of vibrations are created after the chanting of the mantra in our body?
Swami Ramswarup: Waves of merriment please.

U. J.: What is NIRVANA?
Swami Ramswarup: Nirvana means salvation.

Seema: Is Dhyan yog allowed in pregnancy? Will the kriyas affect the child? What do the Vedas say on this? Meditator is in Sahaj yog (as per a santji who knows details), married with two children, has had darshan of the Almighty has meditated two years and was pushed into it by some unknown shakti , meditator had no such background and did not understand for a very long time what was happening? Kindly advice.
Swami Ramswarup: Yes meditation (dhyan) is allowed during pregnancy and such ladies must also read spiritual books like Ved, shastra during pregnancy. It gives the best result to a baby for obtaining good sanskaar. But yoga asan must not be done during pregnancy. In Vedas there is only ashtang yoga please. The Almighty God is realized in heart of a ashtang Yogi. Darshan is not possible God being formless. Unknown shakti can be inspiration only from God due to past pious karmas.

Vineet: How can one realize existence of God? Is there a sure, 100% proven method that will satisfy one’s doubt about existence of God?
Swami Ramswarup: By hard practice of ashtang yoga, Yajna and listening of Vedas —spiritual books from a learned spiritual master, the God is realized. And God Himself gives the proof and soul is satisfied. But very few can do practice of ashtang yoga. We must do pious deeds without desiring result as is also said in Bhagwat Geeta. First of all one should be satisfied with the path of worship whether it is true or false.

Grengon: High Truth is advaita, but I think that this is only relative. In mystical vision there is not advaita nor dvaita. Lord Dattatreya in Avadhut Gita said that in Atman is neither unity nor duality nor unity-duality. I think that these concepts are only one from infinite possibilities of Brahman. Please your comments.
Swami Ramswarup: To come to the truth proof is required always. Vedas are eternal as a proof. In Vedas advait or dvaitwad is not mentioned please. Vedas says that there are three eternal true powers. Almighty God, souls and prakriti.

Jeevan Singh: Swamiji few days back I was going thought one of the guru Shabad where the guruji says “We should always meditate on The Lord day and night” If this is so please explain me what kind of meditation does The Guru mean cause half of our human day we spent in working and accepting our responsibility toward our family and society.
Swami Ramswarup: Meditation while sitting on asan is done twice i.e., morning and evening as per available time. But while discharging our duties we must remember always the holy name of God or God that God is everywhere and one should not do sins. So one should always remember the presence of God everywhere and this is just like a meditation that we are remembering God.

Siddharth: I do not know yoga but I wish to practice yoga to awaken the aagya chakra. Is it possible?
Swami Ramswarup: Yoga philosophy is always learnt from a spiritual master personally please.

Jonas: Has everybody a destination or a special profession in this life?
Swami Ramswarup: It depends on his deeds he does good or bad. Ram
and Ravan is an example.

Preety: I would like to know please, if someone is dead by accident or suicide, is it possible that his soul stay on earth to torment anybody, for example if he was living in a house and suddenly died, after death, can he live in a house and torment the persons in his house?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. Because fundamental laws of almighty God are there in four Vedas according to which death and birth are controlled by God according to the deeds done by us. Similarly according to 39th chapter of Yajurveda when anybody meets with death, then the soul comes out from body under law of God, remains unconscious that is shusuptawastha and after attaining the Savita, Agni, Vaayu, Aditya etc., takes rebirth after sometime. So question to torment or to be a ghost etc., does not arise. My blessings to you.

Judge Paul Mehta: Who are the avtaars mentioned in scriptures (e.g. Bhagwan Ram, Krishan). Whether they were God in body form or messengers of God. Why they call Bhagwan to Shiv Durga Vishnu Ram Krishna? Somewhere sun ganesh are also mentioned as God.namaskaar.
Swami Ramswarup: Further it is stated that everything requires proof for its truth. In spiritualism proof are four Vedas as also said by Rishi Patanjali in his yoga shastra sutra 1/ 7. Because there is no mention about avtaar and other devtas mentioned by you, as God therefore we must only worship one Almighty God who is beyond birth and death, is creating, nursing and destroying and again creating the new universe since eternity. He is shapeless, omnipresent, omniscient, Almighty i.e., needs no assistant to kill anybody or do anything. He is beyond imagination and calculation. This all has been mentioned in Vedas.

Girish Kumar: Can any mantra be chanted with pure heart and devotion by anybody irrespective of cast or religion or food habit?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please. The Ved mantra can be recited by any human being. Actually mantras are recited and worship is done to purify the mind etc., but there must be restrictions in food system to get the hundred percent good result because it is a matter of purification.

Abhimanyu “Arya”: Who is the God?
Swami Ramswarup: He who creates, nurses and destroy the universe and again creates the universe is Almighty God. Fire is in every matter of the universe but can’t be seen if not produced by efforts. For example there is fire but until we strike the match stick with the match box the fire can’t be produced, so is the case of God. God is everywhere and within human body too but can’t be seen without studying Vedas, worship and ashtang yoga practice, etc.

Varoon: I read the Bhagavat Gita written by His Divine Grace Acharya Bhakti Vendanta Swamy Prabhupada. I wanted to ask a question with reference to that.
His Divine Grace referred Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He also mentioned that worshipping DemiGods fulfills our material wishes and worshipping Lord Krishna grants us moksha. Is the above statement true? If yes, who are the DemiGods?
Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. So why is He regarded as the Supreme Personality of Godhead?
Swami Ramswarup: Our first spiritual Guru is Almighty God who is formless and never takes birth. He is beyond birth and death. He has given us knowledge of four Vedas in which Shri Krishna Maharaj has not been told God or Godhead neither there is any worship of Godess or DemiGods have been mentioned in Vedas. Vedas only say to worship one Almighty God who creates, nurses, destroy and again creates the universe. In Vedas there have been mentioned unlimited qualities of God. So existence of worship of DemiGods can’t be accepted please not being in Vedas.

Dev: Whenever I recite some mantra (e.g. 108 times) the mantra tends to stay in the mind for the whole day and can become annoying at times. It seems to be stuck
there. What do I do?
Swami Ramswarup: It proves that the mantra gives annoyance. But God and His holy name always gives peace and merriment. So please change the mantra and ask from a spiritual master, who knows Vedas, about the real mantra.

Unnikrishnan: Some sidhas materialiaze things .what is the principle behind this?
Swami Ramswarup: This is not mentioned in Vedas so can’t be considered authentic please.

RS: Are all the teachings of Swami Dayanand in line with what the Vedas say ? Can we follow the paths described in his books such as Satyartha Prakash and Sanskar Vidhi?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please, you can follow the said books’ principle because those all are based on four Vedas, the eternal knowledge of Almighty God. Swami Dayanand has said (based on Vedas) that the base of all knowledge (worldly and spiritualism) are four Vedas. And worship the God who creates, nurses, destroy and again creates the universe and He is only ONE formless God and does not take birth and beyond death too. The worship/yoga must be according to Vedas. So everybody must study Vedas.

Anjali Adarsh: Is there a mantra or a sanskrit verse or aarti that I repeat daily so as I have healthy happy lucky child?
Swami Ramswarup: Please recite always Gaytri mantra which has been mentioned in three Vedas. Please also remember its meaning. Gaytri mantra with its meaning can be seen in this web site please. Also recite the holy name of God “OM” while you go to bed for sleep, close your eyes and recite in mind only the pious gaytri mantra and take sleep while reciting. The reciting must not be by mouth but in mind only.

Vipa Shah: Whenever I study hard for test or anything I never get a good grade. Will you please tell me what should I do to get good grades?
Swami Ramswarup: First of all we must determine that a student is called only a good student when he concentrate on his study and health. Thereafter please try to learn all the subjects by increasing the writing power i.e., whatever you learn it must be written orally. In a week or two the whole subjects must be revised. Then you will get the best result. Please awake early in the morning for morning walk and light exercises. Take plenty of water daily.

Regitha: Can you please tell me the meaning of Yash – I’m so much fascinated with this name that I want to put this name for my future baby boy if God wills. Can you please suggest me some good names for baby boys / girl.
Swami Ramswarup: Actually the name of baby is cited after taking birth only. And I would advise to send e-mail just after giving birth to a baby. It is called NAAMKARANN SANSKAAR (NAME CEREMONY) . There are so many pious
names and will be intimated to you with meanings after receiving you e-mail. The meaning of Yash is fame or glory.

Gagan: Respected swami ji, I think in Hindu religion is full of dramas because there is no proof of the existence of their Gods to them they worship. It is only written in granth . Let if be consider that ok that all whatever is written in granths all is truth then those God must be like us like Gurunanak dev ji etc. Or we can say like a common human being. But as we see on TV that they have some kind of super natural powers. I think this is wrong. Am I right?

Swami Ramswarup: Shri Guru Nanakdev ji has also mentioned in GuruGranth Sahib about the God which can’t be seen with human eyes. Actually very few know that Hindu dharma is based on eternal knowledge of four Vedas. Four Vedas’ knowledge is originated direct from Almighty God in the heart of four Rishis of unsexual creation. Guru Nanakdev has also said , “VED KATEV KAHO AMT JHOOTHE, JHOOTHA SO JO NA VICHAARE” i.e., Vedas are true but he is liar who has not studied the Vedas and says that Vedas are false. So if I do not study science I can say science is false because I am ignorant, similarly an ignorant and arrogant can say that Vedas are false. But every ancient Rishi Muni like Vyas and Shri Ram ,Shri Krishna too knew the facts and have said in the ancient holy books. So also very few know that the science has come out from four Vedas and Almighty God in Vedas says that every human being must study the science as well as of spiritualism. I have written a lot about Hinduism and four Vedas on the web site too and will request you to please see the web site in full or choose the subject from index. As regard devtas and devis having super natural power and their worship mentioned in some Granths as stated by you, it is not mentioned in Vedas and thus not be considered authentic because Vedas contain full science with proofs.

Gagan: And swami ji is there any swarg aur narak?

Swami Ramswarup: There is no swarg or narak mentioned in the Vedas. Everything is on the earth according to the karmas. We are free to do pious deeds or sins but result is awarded by God. So we must always do pious deeds.

Gagan: Why do the science do not believe in God? Is science right?

Swami Ramswarup: So many scientists believe on God please. But one thing if whole of the world do not believe on the God then God has no anger and there will be no any harm to the God but to the human being.

Gagan: Swami ji I think this is pagalpan that to believe in something without even see that thing (God).

Swami Ramswarup: There are so many things in existence but cannot be seen. If I have headache then I cannot say that there is no any headache because it is not seen. So is the case of Almighty God.

Gagan: If there is God why doesn’t He come in front of us? As if he comes in front of you then from that time 1st there is peace in every corner of the world.

Swami Ramswarup: Air is everywhere and cannot come in front of anybody in total. Because in that case the air will have to be in one space leaving all world. Secondly, fire is in every one matter but can ‘t be utilized until it is originated. So is the typical case of the Almighty God for which a huge study of Vedas and practice of ashtang yoga philosophy is needed to realize.

Gagan: And everybody will start believe in God. This all means that if God is there then He will definitely come in front of us but this hasn’t happened till now so this mean there is no God. All this is rubbish or superstition.

Swami Ramswarup: The fundamental law of the God are mentioned in Vedas and it is also a law that He will never come before anybody but He is realized in the heart of an aspirant who becomes Yogi one day. And this has no concern in the case of Almighty God that one believes or not. But a learned person by seeing the creation like sun, moon etc., and human body with its system that there is a power who has created the same.

B. Gopal Reddy: Without leaving grihasti I would like to be a good person that is I would like to be an ascetic but at the same time also carrying duty of a good father , brother and a husband. Please show me a way.
Swami Ramswarup: The eternal knowledge of four Vedas and thereafter shastras and other religious books, never say to leave the family life. Even most of the highest dignities like Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Vyas Muni, etc., were in family life and were fully ascetic. But the religious education which is to be followed in family life is always attained from an experienced spiritual master who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy. That is why Shri Ram, Shri Krishna used to take advise from Guru Vashishth and Rishi Sandeepan who were philosopher of Vedas and yoga education. I will advice you to please spare sometime first to come here and take preach personally which is a fundamental one. Vedas says that a man has to get progress in spiritualism as well as in family duties, education and worldly knowledge simultaneously. Now a days most of the people are only after the materialistic articles, pomp and show and money matters etc., and hence the sorrows. If you are not able to come then please intimate me and I will try to advise you through e-mail. Please also intimate if you know Hindi because I have written so many books in Hindi and one of the books named MANAV DHARAM SHIKSHA is the best for you which will be sent free of cost please.

Vinod Tripathi: What is best yoga exercise to fit my mental and physical health?

Swami Ramswarup: Actually yoga is learnt in person. Uttanpada, vajra, paschimottan, ardhmatsyendrye, gomukh, sidh and padam asan are the best to practise then meditation is must on padam asan. I am away and cannot teach you, so please learn locally.

Chandra Shekhar: What is meaning of balancing Ida and Pingla and how it can be done?
Swami Ramswarup: Ida and Pingla are the nadis. These are also called surya and chandr nadi. One has to do yoga asan and pranayaam then the breathing is equalized in these nadis i.e., left and right nostril, but this all is to be learnt personally from an experienced spiritual master who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy.

Rashmi: What is Pita dosh is astrolog. How it affects one’s life?
Swami Ramswarup: Vat, patt and kaf these are three dosh in body. Astrology has no concern with these please. These require medical treatment or yoga practice to overcome.

Vaishali: I am not able to decide the goal of my life please help me.
Swami Ramswarup: The goal of human life is one i.e., to realize God, to get salvation but being attached with materialistic world and pomp and show, dignity, proud
etc., most of the people have no time to think over the same. To achieve the said target we have to live upon for which one has to get progress with hard working to earn money and to be educated. To get the target easily, there is a family life also. So when one listens spiritual talk of Vedas/shashtras/holy books and decides the target then he earns the money and discharges family duty and side by side he pray, worship and does yoga and pious deeds under guidance of spiritual master to realize God. So please be educated, enter family life, listen spiritual talk, do hard working and pious deeds always to achieve the target.

Unnikrishnan: Can sidhis be attained by sadhana?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please, but there are eight sidhis in yoga i.e., ANNIMA ,MAHIMA, GARIMA, ISHISHT, VASHISHT,
PRARKAMYA, LAGHUMA, PRAPTI, and are attained by practising ashtang yoga only. But the main object of ashtang yoga is to attain salvation. The study of Vedas and holy books, worship, and yoga practice give us real sidhi i.e., ARTH, DHARAM, KAAM, MOKSH.

Judge Paul Mehta: I am told that God is nirgun (formless) and sagun (in form ) also. He appears in avtars. What to be believed scriptures tell of both forms. If it is only nirgun. How to realise and in what shape form? And with what qualities it will appear?
Swami Ramswarup: It is a deep philosophy. But in short the God is formless, omnipresent, omnicient, beyond calculation, beyond imagination etc. Based on such like qualities, the God is formless but when we consider some other
qualities that God creates, nurses and destroy the universe, He gives results of deeds being Supreme judge etc., so He is called Sagun. i.e., having qualities is called sagun and can not be with eyes then also is nirgun. But being Almighty, He needs no assistant having all power within Him. So needs no avtar. Because there seems no reason to take avtar. Therefore avtar is not possible.

Shashi Kumar Datta: What is meant by Sankhya in Geeta? Please inform me about your next yoga camp in Delhi.
Swami Ramswarup: Yoga camp are always held here only and not anywhere please. Sankhya means understanding (vivek in Hindi). For example dust is mixed in wheat. So he who knows wheat and dust perfectly, therefore to understand or to know truth and untruth, knowledge and ignorance, alive and non-alive, separate-separate is called sankhya. I.e., vivek.

Rajeev Chhibber: Ek manventer me kitne chaturyug hote hain? Aur char ashramo ki vyavastha kisne ki thi?
Swami Ramswarup: Char ashramoin ki vyavastha Vedoin main hai aur manu smriti main bhi achhi tarh samjhaya hai jisme aaj ke dharmoin athva jativad ka varnan jara sa bhi nahin hai. Vahan char varan karmoin anusaar hain janam ke anusaar nahin. In main sab prani ek Ishwar ki santan kahi gayi hain.One manvantar = 71 chaturyugi aur ab tak 6 manvantar beet chuke hain, yeh satvan vaivasvat manvantar hai.

Fri: Many years ago I became one with the “river of Light” there was no longer need for ‘communication’ . All was one, yet the individual ‘I’ still was .. as a tear drop in the ocean… How why what many times I sought the wisdom of India….please explain….
Swami Ramswarup: River of light i.e., gyan Ganga, i.e., the soul merged with the source of enlightenment (gyan Ganga—River of knowledge i.e., God is light) “there was no longer need for ‘communication’ ” —- God is light and is everywhere, so needs no communication or assistance. “All was one, yet the individual ‘I’ still was .. as a tear drop in the ocean…” —– Before creation there was nothing except God, souls and the material by which the creation starts. The ocean means God and it is said that I (we) am like a drop of the ocean. Because before creation there was only God (ocean) in sense and nothing else. River goes to ocean. Here river can be considered a soul and ocean Almighty God. River is merged in ocean, water of river and ocean, being of same qualities, but soul is not merged permanently.

Dinesh Patel: I want to know the ayurvedic sanskrit slok for sleeping habit. In ayurved they recommend to sleep on left side while sleeping & there is a Sanskrit slok for that. Please send me the complete slok & meaning.
When the breathing system from Suyra nadi i.e., Pingla is going then a Yogi must take food and when Chandra nadi i.e., Eeda then, he must take sleep. This is mentioned in Shiv Samhita but not in Vedas.

Renuka: The Vedas say that there’s is only ONE God that is the creator, sustainer of all. But why is there mention of Agni, Indra, Surya etc as GODS ? Is it not contradictory?
Swami Ramswarup: This is not contradictory please because Agni, Vayau, Indra, Appah, Varun, Prajapati, Surya, Chandrma, etc., are also the several names of Almighty one God, who creates, nurses and destroythe universe. But these names are according to the situations mentioned in the Vedas.For example Rigveda mantra says AGNIM IDE PUROHITAM etc., the literal meaning of this mantra is that I worship Agni. But which Agni , which is Purohitam i.e., which looks after us, Hotaram who has provided us with food, air, fire, and all goods in the world. Ritvijim i.e., who creates the world and is adorable. Ratndhatmam i.e., who has all assets of the world to give. So the qualities mentioned in this mantra are of Almighty God and not fire. So is the case of other words like vayau, Indra etc. But when any mantra will say that there is agni in sun which gives us heat then in that mantra the meaning of agni will be fire.

Yukti: Where is God? Where we find him? I believe that God is everywhere, in our heart, in our mind? So why we go to temples if God is in my heart please tell me?
Swami Ramswarup: I have written a lot about this on the web site and would request you to please go through the web site. You are right God is everywhere and within us too. But God is always realised by worship, within our heart. The temple etc., have come into existence only within 2000 years. Before this period people used to do worship by performing Yagya and practising ashtang yoga. And the same must now also be practised. God is one who creates, nurses and destroy the universe.

Anonymous: I feel that religion has become a source of income. What is meant by Guru Kripa?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please, the religion mostly has been turned into a source of income and thus the same type of religion can not be beneficial to the public to give peace. So the worship or the talk of religion is huge but result oftenly is adversed. Actual the real meaning about Guruji ki Kirpa is, ” GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES.” That is if one starts going on religious path and acts accordingly then only he gets something good. But if we have mere talks only then we are deceiving ourselves and not God. Because God only awards the result of our deeds. Happy or non-happy life is based on our deeds good or bad respectively. Suppose one has to meet with any problem tomorrow. Problem may be of any kind like finance, accident, illness or death etc., because the same problem is due to the result of our past deeds, so the problem will naturally come to face. Now what is kirpa? If we have been worshipping, praying God and have been discharging our duty gently, under a guidance of holy granth/Alive Guruji etc., and if our path is true then the result of the past deeds coming tomorrow to face will be burnt and we will be safed. So this is the kirpa of Guruji at every step of life. Otherwise we will be facing our good or bad deeds naturally. To be rich or poor is also due to the result of our deeds and if anyone does pious deeds now he may become also rich in future. But to be a rich only is not a motto of human life. Because rich or poor both are seen worried. So worship is meant mainly to get permanent peace and realise God.

Kishore: Why is everybody running behind money?
Swami Ramswarup: The answer is very deep and full of Vedic eternal philosophy and most of the people are not trying to understand. Please try to learn in short. You say that this is your eye but you are not eye. Similarly ear, nose, mouth, body etc. So one should try to get the answer who is he? Because relations are always between two. When I will say this is my son then it is clear that I am separate and my son is separate. So is the case with us. When we say this is our eye or body then it is clear I am separate and eye, body etc, are separate. So I, we, means soul. We are soul and not body. When soul comes in womb then the soul takes body. The soul has several qualities with one quality of desire/attachment. According to the present atmosphere where the true spiritual knowledge oftenly has gone to an end then the soul with body when comes in the world automatically soul will have a desire and attachment. Due to lack of spiritualism the soul desires worldly articles. And hence the reason that most of the people are after money. But this is not the true path. And will never give peace. A true religious master is always required to teach the truth.

Pareshvar: Swamiji as you wrote that God had granted the years of age. Now with the deed it can be controlled. As per I understand Veda tells about the pious deeds? Do Veda states that this are pious deeds and this are not pious deeds or bad deeds?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please. For example to tell truth, to respect parents and old and services thereof to tell sweetly, to do Yajna, to do yoga practice, to discharge moral duties, to adopt education, science, to have courage, to forgive the poor, to control on five perceptions and five organs and mind through yoga philosophy, not to be a thief, celibacy, not to gather materialistic articles in excess to your requirement, to make the mind purified, control on anger, to study Vedas, to learn knowledge (gyan), deeds (karam) and worship(upasana), etc., etc., are pious deeds and to do against these are sins. So there are so many pious deeds for family, son, daughter, leaders, agriculturist etc. that is why Geeta shlok 3/15 says that all deeds have come out from Vedas and Vedas’ knowledge is direct from God.

Pareshvar: Does it specify the fructification that God will give for a particular kind of deed?
Swami Ramswarup: There is no any particular deeds but the fundamentals are mentioned in the Vedas about deeds.

Pareshvar: If a child does a bad deed , he who doesn’t have knowledge of Veda, which means he does in innocence still he is fructified for that?
Swami Ramswarup: With the reference of Vedas, Vyas Muni says in Mahabharta giving the example of Shmik Rishi that the sins done up to age of five are not considered. Because up to this age the child do not do sins intentionally. Yes in some cases please.

Pareshvar: What I understand is Does previous birth sanskars work behind this deeds?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes in some cases please.

Anchal Patel: I am looking for a house. Can you please guide where and when I
look for my new home?
Swami Ramswarup: God has created the universe and every place is therefore pious. You can purchase anywhere where you like but the locality must be of gentleman.

Pareshvar: Addition to this I would like to know are all this God worshippable? Do they provide and material world help or Moksha related help?
Swami Ramswarup: I always tell about one God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe and again creates. He is formless, omnipresent, omniscient, beyond description, beyond imagination etc., please. And the description of said God is in four Vedas.

Tiya: How to choose colors which bring luck?
Swami Ramswarup: Every colour has been made by God and with hard working and concentration you can choose anyone please. Because your concentration and hard working will give you the best result to you. Yet please avoid black colour.

Sukhbir: First of all I will ask you that I am mailing 1st time to any Devotional Sant/Mahatma jee. I want to know about my Varshphal and the details of the work, which I do in my Future.
Swami Ramswarup: This is the result of your pious deeds of your previous births that you have taken interest in spiritualism. I congratulate and bless you for a long happy life because the aim of human life while doing pious deeds and discharging moral duties, he has to worship to realise God. Varshfal and luck is always dependent on present pious deeds, hardworking, devotion, and concentration towards a right path. As regards right path, one has to make contact with a spiritual real master to know it. We must sit for meditation early in the morning first. We must awake early in the morning for a long morning walk and must do light exercises daily. We must be soft spoken, must respect elders, must avoid sins and bad society but we must not hate anybody. We must discharge our family duties and earn money for family. We must do daily worship and learn yoga philosophy. VARJYET MADHMASAM CHA i.e., addiction (liquor etc.,) and meat is prohibited. The vegetables must be juicy with water and must not be dried /fried. As regards Bhog to Devi/Devta there are five yagya (Yajna) in which Balivaisv dev yagya is also there stated in the Vedas. When we prepare food then a small quantity thereof on a small paper must be placed outside the home for birds, etc. This is real bhog to deva. Rest four Yajna for family life are 1. Dev yagya i.e., we must perform daily havan, 2. Braham yagya i.e., we must listen Vedas philosophy from our spiritual master, 3. Athithi yagya i.e, we must respect and do service of elder, learned persons and parents, 4. Pitr yagya i.e., the spiritual Guru who knows Vedas/shashtras etc., and the creation right from the beginning of the earth must be served faithfully to get spiritual knowledge.

Karthika Shan: I want to ask why we Hindhus put ‘tirunoor’ before or after we start praying? Is it compulsory to put tirunoor on our forehead if we start to pray?
Swami Ramswarup: This custom has been started within 2000 years and not more. Because its reference is not available in Mahabhart (Geeta), Valmiki Ramayan and other ancient holy books written by our ancient Rishis but they performed worship. So I think
real worship can be performed without or with Tirunoor.

Pareshvar: As you mentioned that God is the first Guru of Four rishis. Which rishis were they? Do they live First in Tibet (Earth)? As it is known that God comes in form Narayan who creates the universe and orginates Brahma, Shiva. Brahma creates man and devas. Where this devas lived? Was the place on earth or some other planet or it is different loka for them called swarg loka. Is the Almighty God we call is Narayana? But Shiv puran say it is Shankara. Devi puran says it is shakti? Does all this puran not evolved from the study of Veda? Does the people who wrote/created them have not knowledge in complete of Veda? All purans should say one God. Then we say all are Aryans? Then how we call Vaishnavas, Shaivis etc.
Swami Ramswarup: I have already written a lot about this subject but I think you will not be able to locate in the full web site. So, I in short will try to tell. However I
would yet request you to please even study one, two or more lectures of yoga at the top of the web site. Rigveda mandal 10 tells that there are three eternal matters— Almighty God (alive), Prakriti (non-alive), and souls (alive). In this connection learned Metterlic in his book, ” The Great Secret” has also written, “let’s once give ear to Rigveda, the most authentic echo of the most immortal traditions, let us note how it appreciates the formidable problem.”

“There was neither Being nor non-being. There was neither atmosphere nor heavens above the atmosphere. What moved, and whither? And in whose care? Were there waters and the bottomless deep?”

“There was then neither death nor immortality. The day was not divided from the night. Only one breathed in Himself without extraneous breath and apart from Him, there was nothing.”

“There, for the first time desire awoke within Him, this was the first seed of the spirit. The sages. Full of understading, striving within their hearts, discovered in non-Being the link with Being. (Rigveda 10/129/1,2,4)”

From the above description one can conclude that at the very beginning of creation, there was God alone with the matter (prakriti ) which was to be used to create the universe. The name of this prakriti in the following mantras is said ABHU and in Chapel Muni’s Samkhya shastra Prakriti.Secondly there was no death because there was no life, as death is only possible if there is life. Rigveda mandal 10 sukta 129 says that it was time of destruction (pralaya). So there were alive souls but without body and were waiting to
attain body (birth) in the following creation. Thirdly God created all beings like bodies of men, women, space, sun, moon, earth, water, flora, and fauna, etc. Almighty God is supreme judge as salso said in Rigveda ,”SHAM ARYAMA”. Aryama means Supreme judge. And God’s knowledge (gyan), power(bal), and deeds(karma) are automatically as also said in Shevtashawaropnishad 6/8. So after creating the universe i.e., bodies etc.,
the God selects four pious souls of the previous universe and provides them with human body. Manu Smriti shlok 1/23 refers which says “AGNI VAYU RAVIBHYASTU— ” i.e., to give the knowledge about all karmas i.e., Dharm, arth, kaam, Moksh the Almighty
God originated the knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis named agni, Vayu, Aditya and Angira. So as you asked the Rishis were not living before. And the meaning of narayan is Nar+ Ayana i.e., He who lives in human body i.e., God. I have written a book in English worth Rupees 16 and other yoga books etc., in Hindi. If you are interested you may ask please. that is why Rishi Patanjali has said in his yoga shastra sutra 1/26 that the Almighty is the first Guru of the above said Rishis. Thereafter those Rishis preached others and traditionally the knowledge of Vedas by mouth reached up to Vyas Muni who wrote first time on Bhoj patra and thereafter printed. God is Almighty so requires no assistant. So as per Vedas God Himself creates, nurses, destroy and again creates please. The proof of all truths is taken from four Vedas being the eternal knowledge direct from God. If anything is not in accordance with Vedas that is not accepted to be true by all previous and present Rishis-Munis.

Bal Arora: Are there any written instructions about food preparation, like; clean the kitchen, no shoes in the kitchen, bhog to Devas/Deities and other Do and Don’ts. I will appreciate if you can guide on that or where I can find this info.
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please. Every information asked by you fundamentally is mentioned in Yajurveda and Rigveda. Basically sauch is required, sauch means purification of whole body and even mann, budhhi. Otherwise JAISA KHAYE ANN, VAISA HOYE MANN. So the kitchen must be neat and clean also. The shoes etc., always carry bacteria, so it is even not allowed in the room what to talk about the kitchen. We must be always vegetarian as said in shashtra — VARJYET MADHMASAM CHA i.e., addiction (liquor etc.,) and meat is prohibited. The vegetables must be juicy with water and must not be dried /fried. As regards Bhog to Devi/Devta there are five yagya (Yajna) in which Balivaisv dev yagya is also there stated in the Vedas. When we prepare food then a small quantity thereof on a small paper must be placed outside the home for birds, etc. This is real bhog to deva. Rest four Yajna for family life are 1. Dev yagya i.e., we must perform daily havan, 2. Braham yagya i.e., we must listen Vedas philosophy from our spiritual master, 3. Athithi yagya i.e, we must respect and do service of elder, learned persons and parents, 4. Pitr yagya i.e., the spiritual Guru who knows Vedas/shashtras etc., and the creation right from the beginning of the earth must be served faithfully to get spiritual knowledge.

Pareshvar:As you told that “Suppose one soul has to take birth today, he has a bundle of deeds of past births called sanchit karmas. Now if he blessed a body for
hundredyears then he has to face the past deeds within hundred years, which arecalled prarabdh, but in human body the soul is also free to do pious deeds or bad deeds” then how one blesses his own(body) life as some number of years? Death is eternal and decided by God. How one can Decide?
Swami Ramswarup: Please try to study the views of Vedas at least in this web site in full. You will find that God has blessed us with minimum age od hundred years and maximum of four hundred years vide Yajurveda 36/24 and 3/62 ,but while doing sin in the present time one decreases his life. So Yajurveda mantyra 7/48 says we do deeds but the result is awarded by God. How increase or decrease occurs, for the same I have
written a lot on web site please. if you are not able to study website then please give me e-mail again.

Pareshvar:You wrote “Secondly Vedas as well as Geeta shalok 4/32 says about salvation after getting knowledge. And this knowledge is given by learned guru says Geeta shalok 4/34. ” But Geeta also tells about the bhakti yoga. A person who does bhakti to any God he trust ie Shiva or Vishnu or Kali or Ganesh… etc Does he gets
salvation? For bhakti yoga knowledge of Veda is not necessary? How he can control his good or bad deeds? Moreover to get knowledge on Veda a materialistic person would required a long period to understand? Remaining in material world how one would
control over deeds if he hasn’t have knowledge? Geeta doesn’t say to leave the material world ? It tell to be in material world and control on the deeds ie win over Moha,krodha etc.. Pl. provide and illustrative and elaborative answer
Swami Ramswarup: I have written several times that Shri Krishna learnt Vedas from sandeepan Rishi with sudama. Shri Krishna says in Geeta 3/15 that karmas originated by Vedas and Vedas are originated by God. Shri Krishna too says on this in shlok 10/22 that He is Saamveda amongest four Vedas. We have to know these meanings which are only possible if we study Vedas. All four Vedas says to discharge the duties and the orders of Vedas accepted by Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, mata Sita, king Harishchandra etc., and their public. So whatever Geeta says, Geta says on the basis of Vedas. Geeta is a preach of Vedas from Shri Krishna. Geeta has no its own name as Gveeta but somebody has given it and we heartily accept. But originally Geeta is an extract from Bhisham Parv of Mahabharta written by Vyas Muni, a philosopher of Vedas. So to control anger etc., one has to perform holy yajna and do practice of ashtang yoga philosophy mentioned in Vedas. When Shri Krishna in shlok 7/19 says BAHUNAAM JANMNAM ANTE —– that the salvation is matter of several life then we accept it. But we don’t accept to accept to study of Vedas for a long time. Please try to study the answer of one gentleman (question on advaitvad) just before you on the today.

Deen: Thank you so much for answering my question about Shri Krishna. I understand that he was always full of happiness. What I meant to indicate was that his whole family died in front of him in the fight at the Darbar. How can Shri Krishna, who did not commit a single sin in his entire life, get this “kalesh”(Abhinivesh) of seeing his family die before his eyes?
Swami Ramswarup: I think now it is clear to you please, thanking you. Otherwise please send me e-mail again. The salvation is a personal matter and not connected with a family.

Mahesh S. Hiranandani: I would kindly request you to please let me
know about how to do daily small yajna in home for our prosperous life on earth and latter after death. Please kindly suggest me.
Swami Ramswarup: Your views are appreciated as Yajna is a eternal, traditional and the best karma to worship God. But this philosophy is learnt personally otherwise there may be a mistake to pronounce Ved mantra. However it should be started from gayatri mantra. Please purchase a havan kund from market or may be prepared from
blacksmith. And after burning fire therein offer aahuti of gayatri mantra therein. It may be eleven, twenty one, at a time. Havan must be done twice morning and evening. But it is not proper way. You may please contact locally to a saint who knows Vedas and havan. I am away but if you can come here then it will give you a lot of knowledge. From 25th April a yoga camp and havan is being started. The Yagya-havan will be continued up to 13th June. But to do havan from Gayatri mantra will also give you a lot of peace
and pious but full knowledge must be learnt personally. In this web site I have given the detailed meaning of gayatri mantra which may please be studied.

Shrikrishna Purohit: I want to know about Yakhx. Where can I get the reference?
Swami Ramswarup: The word Yaksh has been mentioned in Kenopnishad
third khand and also mentioned in van Parv of Mahabharta please.

Adina: Tell me something for hair loss also plz.
Swami Ramswarup: Beti phele to aap ko subh jaldi uthker sair karni chahiye aur kuchh chhoti-chhoti exercise karni chahiyien. Is se sharir main takat aati hai jo baloin ko bhi majboot karti hai. Aap gaye ke kache dudh se sir dghoyein. Is se fayda hoga.
Nariyal ka tel 1kg
Nimbu ke chhilke 10
Amla 10 piece
Mehandi ke patte 100gm
Beri ke patte 100gm
Methi dana 100gm
In sab chijoin ko lohe ka dibba leker , nariyal ke tel main dalker ek mahine ke liye dhoop main rakh dein. Uske bad chhan lein aur roz istemal karein. Fayda hoga.

Deen: As I have heard, Lord Krishna and Balram had a very painful death. Lord Krishna was a Yogeshwar and in his whole life he did not even commit one sin. Also, he practiced hard ashtang yoga. Why did he suffer like this? Even Arjun faced extreme sorrows when he grew old (when he could not even use Gandiv to protect women from his family). Is this world never meant to give any pleasure to anyone? How do yogis face such extreme difficulties? What do they think and what gives them solace?
Swami Ramswarup: The death of Shri Krishna was not painful please. First Shri Balram left body happily at his own and thereafter Shri Krishna was also sat to leave the body happily at his own. But an arrow hitted him on his toe but Shri Krishna forgave the hunter saying that he (Shri Krishna) himself was leaving his body. So Shri Krishna practised ashtang yoga and brought best result thereof to be a perfect Yogeshwar and to leave the body at his own accord. Please see Moosal Parv of Mahabharta. As regards Shri Arjuna he was having so old and old body cannot get the good result of using Gandiv. This fact thereafter made known to the Arjuna by Vyas Muni ji and on the advice of Vyas Muni all five brothers (five Pandav) gave the kingdom to Parikshit, grand son of Arjuna and they left for jungle for tapsya. So wealth and health etc., is not for ever.

Resin.V.D.: I have heard about KUNDALINI. Is it a real? We are doing exercisees like shuttle batminton and running. Will yoga improve my performance?
Swami Ramswarup: Asan, pranayaam will sure improve. But full yoga is meant to realise God and to get peace. The function of Kundalini is there in yoga philosophy.

Christopher: Since Vedas teachs the beginning of all Spiritual, is there any explanation from Vedas about our seven major Chakras and Four minor chakars in our
Swami Ramswarup: The spiritual knowledge is given and it is right from the twig to Almighty God and not only beginning please. In Rigveda gyan (knowledge of whole world’s matter), in Yajurveda karmas (the philosphy of whole deeds of the universe), in Saamveda Upasana (worship— yoga philosphy— prayer etc.). Atharvaveda mantra 10/2/31 says ASHTACHAKRA NAVDWARA DEVANAAM PURYODHYA ,TASYAM HIRNAYAHA KOSHAH SWARGO JYOTISHA VRITAH. SO THIS MANTRA SAYS ABOUT MULADHAR, SADHISHTAN, ETC. ETC., EIGHT CHAKRA AND EAR, EYES ETC., NINE HOLES.

Preeti: I hate bhagwan.
Swami Ramswarup: Please, be alert that God will also hate you. The God who has created the universe and has blessed us with human body by which were are enjoying and has given whole articles of the universe to enjoy, is not a power to hate but to love. As regards fulfillment of our desires it depends on our past deeds by which we are bearing problems and the present pious deeds. If a calf dares to fight against a king of jungle i.e., lion, the result is automatic please. So Almighty God is king of Universe and we may not deny Him and even he is our like a Father. So please love the God.

Adina: Please suggest a remedy for white skin problems.
Swami Ramswarup: Beti adina, meri dua hai ki tum jaldi thik hogi. Aap ek kalchhi shudh sarson( i.e., in pure mustard oil) ke tel ko ubalein or usmainek chay wala chamach saaf pisi hui haldi dalien. Jab achhi tarah se haldi usmsin bhun jaye to us malham ko utarker thanda ker lein. Yeh malham thoda sa garam -garam yani bilkul mamooli garam jo skin ko na jalye, ise apne sir main vhan vhan lagayein jhan jhan patches hain. Yeh kam se kam ek mahina lagaker mujhe likhein. Dono vakt lagane
hain aur roz taza malham banana hai.

Dinesh Patel: I want to know Sanskrit slok, Vam kakshe Khukyat ?& meaning of this Slok. Send me the whole slok & meaning.
Swami Ramswarup: The meaning as under please— (Vam) opposite, crooked, reverse, left. (kakshe) in room. (Kukhyat) of bad repute.

Christopher: At times it appears that others may influence and lead to a total change in our life style, making us ask ourselves the question, ‘why should not we be
like others’? For what should we adopt this special type of living? I am afraid we may change! What is to be done now?
Swami Ramswarup: It depends that what type of changes occurs in life from anybody else. If we become gentle, polite, hard worker and religious even then its okay. Otherwise the changes of physical charm or materialistic articles are of no use. If we are on wrong path and anybody’s preaching make us to follow right path then such like changes are admired only. And such like teachings we may spread also.

Dinesh: What is telepathy and what sources done for telepathy please answer me in urdu languauge?
Swami Ramswarup: Telepathy ka malab hota hai ki jaise kisi ne koi bat sochi ho aur kisi dusre ne achanak who bat us se kah di ho to yeh aaps main ek dusre ki bat ka aaps main mil jana hi telepathy hai. Kuchh to yeh pichhle karmoin ke achhe karam se hoti hai lekin yadi hum chahein ki hum kisi ke dil ki bat jan lein to uske liye khas ibadat karne ki jaroorat hoti hai.

Rehan: I like to know what is cure for black magic in hindu religion.if any body got problem due to black magic then what he should have to be done in your
Swami Ramswarup: There is no mention of Black Magic in four Vedas. So we cannot even imagine the existence thereof. We do deeds and accordingly God awards result thereof. Please worship God who has created the universe. He looks after all.

Ganesh: Financial problem and enemies, lot of, mentally not yet peace of leaving too…please give remedy as possible…
Swami Ramswarup: At this stage first of all one must not lose courage/confidence on God. God always helps those who help- themselves. Please do hard deeds to earn the money to overcome the financial situation. To overcome the enemies one should do regular prays and worship of God both times. We must control anger. Then everything will be okay.

Yuke: Give me the meaning of the name “gopinathaan”
Swami Ramswarup: Its meaning is an epithet of Yogeshwar Shri Krishna, please.

Raj Aryan: What are the horoscopes? Are they related to our life and has any relation to Hindu dharm is there? Anything written in Vedas about these, how they effect our life I want the answer scientifically.
Swami Ramswarup: All four Vedas are full of every education including science. On the matter of karma Yajurveda mantra 7/48 says that we are free to do good or bad karmas, but result is awarded by Almighty God. Result is not in our hand. So first, we must always do pious deeds and present pious deeds make future bright only. Because the result is awarded by God. In Rigveda mantra 10/135/1,2 it is said that God has blessed this body to do present deeds for which the awards will given in future and secondly to face the past birth’s karmas. And in mantra 10/135/4 when soul comes under guidance of a spiritual master then soul attains salvation. So there is no any scope mentioned in any Ved about horoscopes etc.

Christopher: Dear Swami, is there any such sutra for invisibility, knowledge of other minds, knowledge of speech of all beings, knowledge of past and future, mastery over element?
Swami Ramswarup:Yes please. Whatever you have said and even million times more it has been mentioned in four Vedas. If someone study four Vedas then he gets worldly knowledge and become a learned. But if someone goes ahead and practices ashtang yoga then whatever he has studied, he experiences all.

Roopal: I would like to know if there is a religious basis for bad things or obstacles that come in the lives of “good, God fearing” people.
Swami Ramswarup: Religious is based on 100 % pious deeds. And to serve the humanity and to promote brotherhood at all level and the method live and let live etc. So there is no any space of bad things in the religion. Obstacles comes to face the result of previous birth’s deeds which can however be burnt by regular real worship. And one can attain a long happy life.

Atul Goel: I am interested learning yantra, mantra, tantra sastra please send me details.
Swami Ramswarup: In the eternal path of religion i.e., four Vedas, these type of path have not been mentioned please. in that preach it is taught to worship only one Almighty God, who creates, nurses and destroy the universe.

Sukalyan Swar: I have a really busy schedule and I am not able to come and learn spiritual preaching.
Swami Ramswarup: God has blessed us human body for doing pious deeds and to realize God. Here us means Soul. Soul lives in human body. We are soul and not body. Soul is alive and body is non-alive. Soul is eternal and immortal while body is destroyed one day. Body requires food, clothes, house and goods etc., for which one earns the money. But soul never requires food, clothes etc., but soul, is also hungry like body. The hunger of soul is Diksha and pious deeds and eternal preach from the mouth of a spiritual Guru. Until we ourselves feed soul, the soul always remained worried etc., inspite of having lot of money and all materialistic, even costly assets. Actually the whole world and its articles are only meant including body to utilise by soul to realize God, while discharging moral duties towards family, society, nation and all human beings. I always appreciate your views.

San: What is God and prayer is God?
Swami Ramswarup: He who creates, nurses and destroy the universe, He is God. God have unlimited qualities like creator, omnipresent, eternal, alive, omniscient etc., etc.

sukalyan swar: I want to learn some part of the spiritual world (it is very huge) by your dikha. I want to attain peace and power of endeavour tocontrol the desires and work for the world.. for the disabled, for goodness. Recently i felt
that without guidence I cannot walk. I want to get the Guru mantra from you if you consider me as a lucky person. I want to devote my rest life for the service ofdeserved people and for this beautiful creator of the universe. Please give a place
to sit in touch of the spiritual wisdom and love.
Swami Ramswarup: Your views are highly appreciated. This human life is meant to get progress in both spiritualism as
well as education/science/moral duties/to serve the human beings, and to promote international brotherhood simultaneously. Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, King Harishchandra, Mata Sita and their public did the same. Yes, a spiritual guidance is necessary in this regard. As told earlier a yoga camp will commence from 25th April 04 for seven days. But holy Yagya will be continued till 13th June,04. So you can attend the holy Yagya before 13 June any time, for holy Diksha.

Christopher: An spiritual question. How can I acheive spiritual travel out of mybody to experience a new dimension of life?
Swami Ramswarup: It is not easy but not impossible even. In this regard a spiritual master who knows Vedas and ashtang
yoga philosophy is needed please. Then right from Yam, niyam to Samadhi the philosophy is practiced and the motto can be achieved.

Lakshmi: I would like to know how to conquer ego,pride. It is human nature that one feels superior to a person who has less education, family values,civilization etc than him. Logically thinking, he is superior only. In such case, how he should behave with the low standard person. You may advice to educate the inferior person and improve his standard. But again possessiveness and ego come into play. For eg: why should I educate a person who is not originally blesed with all that. Even if we do also, the inferior person would learn all that is possible andstart behaving as though he is knowlegeable of everything before itself and starts preaching sermons to others. This attitudeis very irritating. Please give your advice on this. A devotee.
Swami Ramswarup: Daughter, it is not human nature but it is called vikaar (evil) originated from prakriti’s three gunas i.e., raj, tam and satv by which soul (we) are covered. There is no any other way except proper worship like Yajna, listening of spiritual talk based on Vedas etc., and practising of Yam, niyam, asan, prannayaam and meditation which enable us to overcome the vikaar (illusion). But now days it has been very difficult to follow the same path because most of the
people are after materialistic articles and pomp and show. Due to non-control on our senses in view of lack of said worship, the question of superior or inferior arises. Whereas worship gives satisfaction. So the present education or assets in absence of spiritualism, are hundred percent increasing ego, proud, anger, corruption, depression, diseases and early death etc. there remains no brotherhood, so it is clear in the Vedas and shastras that mere progress in education, science etc., will not promote peace and brotherhood and satisfaction. We need spiritualism also. So one should first become knowledgeable like a tree having fruit and is bowed and it is possible by taking spiritual knowledge alongwith education/science
etc. And when he will preach others then any comments or taunt will not bother him. Secondly the knowledgeable person will shower his preach to only those who are capable to achieve.

Devla: I feel the world is not the place to live. I’ve no interest in life. All relations are useless. Please guide me.
Swami Ramswarup: World is created by God and we have been blessed with human body to live peacefully and pleasantly here with a long happy life. But God has imposed some fundamental laws in the Vedas to adopt by which only the life is made happy. Here in the world the illusion in the shape of selfishness, materialistic articles, attraction, proud, anger etc., is also there which a soul sees and erroneously indulge due to lack of knowledge of spiritualism. And when a person is suppressed by all these then he is fed up. This is not good please. Please try to gain spiritual knowledge i.e., listening of preaches, learning of yoga philosophy, daily prayer and worship while discharging your moral duties towards family. Then there will be no any problem. Otherwise after death too the soul has to take birth (bodies) in the shape of birds or animals also. So there is no any end of death and sorrows till we worship and realise God in human body. Then why should we not use this human body for pious deeds.

Parveen Mittal: As a student, should I spend my time in studies or yoga? I am very keen to join yoga path.
Swami Ramswarup:Shri Ram was a great warrior and politician who was the best public saviour also as a King. He studied in Gurukul about all subjects’ alongwith spiritualism. He served parents and discharged all moral duties of the family. He was the best knowledgest of four Vedas and yoga philosophy as said in Valmiki Ramayan in Balkand sarg 1. So this is the tradition of a family member to maintain. So please carry on your duties alongwith yoga philosophy, because it is also said in Yajurveda mantra 40/14 to get progress in worldly pious deeds and science and spiritualism i.e., both simultaneously.

Imran: I am from Pakistan. I am Muslim. I want to know about Hinduism, basics, and that why Hindu people worship fire, trees, animals, idols and so many Gods and Goddesses. I hope you will not mind my questions, with due respect I would like to know about Hinduism, so please tell me in detail. Who is God, is he a man or woman or what? And why onion and meat and eggs are not allowed to eat in Hinduism?
Swami Ramswarup: I have written a lot about this. I would request you to please go through the web site if possible. In human life also some proofs are required to come to the truth. So the Patanjali Rishi who wrote yog shastra, says about four proofs vide sutra 1/7. The main proof is stated four Vedas which is called self-proof. Vedas are eternal and is a knowledge originated direct from God in the beginning of the universe in unsexual creation. From the said creation four Rishis are chosen in whose heart the knowledge of Vedas are originated by the power of Almighty God. So in four Vedas it is preached that there is only one God who creates, nurses, destroys and again creates the universe. We are free to do pious or sin deeds but result is awarded by God accordingly.
God commands on whole universe, So we have to worship only this God. But for this a spiritual master is necessary for guidance. The India is situated on the bank of Sindhu River. Before thousands of years the India was called by the Greeks and Unanis Sindhu i.e., the personnel living on the bank of Sindhu. Thereafter it became Indu and then Hindu. The creation started about one arab 97 crore years back. So the knowledge of the Vedas traditionally was coming from mouth to mouth. Suddenly about five thousands and three hundred years ago a war called Mahabharta took place. It was a thundering war and met with unlimited killing of the warriors. The remaining people were mostly ladies. And they with broken heart and sad could not continue the knowledge of the Vedas to gain, by which only one eternal immortal omnipresent, omniscient, beyond description and beyond calculation God was being worshipped. Now the time of Indian Saints came and they have made the path of worship please. But the God is only one as stated in four Vedas.

Sukalyan: If I want to take diksha from you can u give me the way to practice of remembering the Almighty all the time. I want to start walking in your path. I believe I will get the right answer.
Swami Ramswarup: Your views are totally religious and highly appreciated. In shastras there are two types of births, first from parents and when a person gets Diksha he is called DWIJ (DW means second, J means janam i.e., birth) so it is a fundamental law mentioned in all Vedas, shastras to be a Dwij. After getting Diksha, then first birth from parents is also beomes pious. In Saamveda mantra 1776 it is mentioned that YEH AYAM DWIJANAMA SAH VISHWAH VARYANNI DADHE i.e., he who becomes DWIJ SAH attains all pious goods, pious path, peace and moksh and salvation etc. However it is better if the Diksha is attained personally. So from 25th April of this year, a seven days yoga camp is being held here. Please try to attend otherwise write again for any other alternative.

Kumar Alok: Due to my busy schedule, I could not do Gayatri Japa in its formal way. So I simply do Manas-japa ten times and offer it to Gayatri mentally. I do it without
doing Awahan, Visarjan , Viniyoga or showing Mudras . Is it fine or I must do it formally?
Swami Ramswarup: Formally is the best and one should sure spare time for the same because human body is blessed by God for the pious deeds only while discharging family duties. Gaytri jaap with pranayaam is the best. Manas jaap is also good.

Kumar Alok: What is the minimum japa, that must be done to realise the Mantra-Shakti quickly?
Swami Ramswarup: If this jaap is done maintaining pious deeds only and asan with pranayaam, meditation then it gives early good result. But this all is to be learnt first. One will have to learn about dharna, dhyan also.

Kumar Alok: What is the significance of formal worship? Is it more effective than manas japa?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually prayer, stuti through Yajna and then above quoted jaap is the best.

Rajesh: What about murti puja should we commit it is it not a blind faith. Ringing bells in the temples and singing with loud voice, by these can we meet the God?
Swami Ramswarup: The eternal knowledge of four Vedas says that there is only one God of the universe who creates, nurses, destroy and again creates. Human beings do deeds and God gives result. Death and birth are under command of God even whole universe is functioning under HIS (one God) command only. He is Almighty and thus needs no assistant. Thus Vedas says, we have to worship the one God only who is beyond birth and death and has no shape etc.

Deen: Are the asans and pranayaam taught in the yoga camp by your divine self enough for salvation and liberation from karambandhans if an aspirant practices them every morning and evening?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please, yoga philosophy burns the karmas and gives salvation.

Dr. Dinesh Kahtri: What is the significance of Vinyasa system in Astanga yoga, and how it is done for breathing improvement. Does it should be on even no or should be like 1:4 and how does our diseases can be overcome through the Yoga and Yoga Chikitsa. I read Swamijis articles in TOI and I met with legend Astanga Yogi also. Pl. narrate how to over come on particular disease.
Swami Ramswarup: Ashtang yoga starts from Yam, niyam in which satya, ahimsa, asteya, brahmcharya, aprigrah and sauch, santosh, tap, swadhayay, Ishwar prannidhanani comes. So these ten qualities are so pious if any aspirant after listening in details try to practice in life then tension, weakness, depression, exertions, laziness, bad deeds, corruption etc., are automatically avoided and finished even. But mostly the religion and this yoga philosophy has been turning to a business point. So full knowledge is not being spread and thus is not being adhered to. Only asan, pranayaam will do nothing if we are lack of basic and most solid and important knowledge of yam and niyam. Then comes on asan which makes our body flexible and gives alertness. Digestive system and nervous system is also purified. Asan helps also to purify the veins which further helps to control breathing system which further gives us a long happy life because pranayaam purifies all arteries and veins. Not more, but one of my disciples Mr. Gulati, retired as Engineer from Military Engineering Services, was a heart patient with duly blocked arteries. He was under treatment of late Dr. Col. Chopra. I advised Mr. Gulati all yam, niyam, asan, pranayaam etc., in detail which he carried continuously for about six years and his all arteries are clear and he is now hundred percent fit. Yogeshwar Krishna thus very truly says in Bhagwat Geeta shlok 6/17 that,” yoga kills all the sorrows,” I cannot give brief description here, being lengthy, but proper yoga practice gives a long, ill-free, happy life. However in Vedas it is not mentioned that one should practise yoga practice to overcome the diseases. I think, he who will practise yoga, the diseases will be overcome automatically. But yoga philosophy is only meant for attaining salvation. And it is said that the main object of the yoga philosophy is being forgotten. Suppose we are doing yoga practice (and too not correct and in full) so it is clear that we are looking towards our charming skin and body which one day automatically will be deteriorated inspite of doing several asans or pranayaam. And naturally, I think, this process will promote or is promoting perhaps, the love towards pyhsical charm, proud and loose character also. Because the aim of yoga is to maintain Brahamcharya etc., and to serve the people and parents and old etc., and to realise God, is finished by doing only asan, pranayaam and baseless meditation. So the definition of yoga mentioned in Patanjali Yoga shastra sutra 1/2 is very deep which says that yoga means Samadhi i.e.,salvation. So we must practice yoga with the aim to control senses, organs and mind , to do pious deeds for family, society and nation and ultimately to realise God as used to do by our previous Rajrishis, like king Harischchandra, King Janak, Yudhishtar, and their all public. They made the nation strong and now mostly the yoga teachers are earning money from the public of the nation.

Mahesh: Which should the front side of temple? Please give details for different common Gods.
Swami Ramswarup: Sorry please. God lives within us and this human body is the best temple of HIM. Secondly God is everywhere, so you can build temple at your own wish please.

Sukalyan & Santoshi Singh: How to attain peaceful life with fulfilling your social duties without being attached or detached from world? We all are human beings and the in this whole universe we are very tiny in existance. How to saturate with the whole universe, or which is the best way to grow up the sixth sense in our conscious mind? If some body wants to realise the energy of the spiritual world which practice is necessary or can we get this saturation of stability in our mind by normal life?
Swami Ramswarup: There are two kinds of people God fearing and atheist.
Similarly the citizens may be divided — who obey law and order and those who do not obey. Those who do not obey can enjoy like anything but will always be feeling fear and cannot get sound sleep and peaceful life. So is the case with world. Almighty God has
created universe and has framed law and order in four Vedas at the time of beginning of the earth. These laws are to obey by all human beings. Under the command of God, the sun, moon, earth and other planets are revolving between a stipulated time and place as
per Vedas’ law. But most of the people have denied and hence problems. Vedas say that Brahamcharya ashram, Griasth, Vanprasth and Sanyas are the ways to spend long happy life. If sanyas can not be adopted then at least the base of griasth ashram is Brahamcharya. Due to lack of knowledge of Vedas it has not been taken seriously in the life by students which results problem onwards. Yet whenever we start our faith then while living in family life too we must listen Vedas and must start practice of ashtang yoga philosophy. Daily prayer and jaap of holy name of God both times one must do. This gives us mental and physical strength and then only we start living in the world like the lotus in the mud. Lotus is always attached with sun to blossom but its roots are always in mud for which the lotus has no concern but to take food only. Similarly our pleasure and everything will be from spiritualism and we will deal even world faithfully without problem. So one should always be God fearing and must listen good preach, must do daily prayer and worship and practice of yoga philosophy while living in family too and doing duties.

Abhishek: What is the duration and fee of the camp? Are such camps also organised in Delhi? Do u teach advanced hath -yog and help attain samadhi?

Swami Ramswarup: This ashram is not attached with Govt. fund etc., it is private. And yoga camps are held here only. There is no any fee for the same. Duration is of one week from 25th April this year. I preach ashtang yoga and not Hathyog.

Sudarshan Dharankar: Thanks for your previous answers and blessing me with
some knowledge. In Bhagvad gita in chapter 14 sloka 14 bhagwan shri krishna talks about the swarga. Can you please shed some light on this. What is swarga? How is it different from earth? Do the people who go there have a body (sharir)? If so what kind of is it similar to what we have here on earth?
Swami Ramswarup: At the time of creation Almighty God blessed four Rishis the knowledge of four Vedas which are self proof. Shri Krishna studied Vedas in the ashram of Rishi Sandeepan with Sakha Sudama. So the preach of bhagwat Geeta is based on four Vedas and the meaning of the shlokas must tally with Vedas as a proof. Because in the space there are so many planets like earth, but there is no any swarg or narak there. One has to face the result of good and bad deeds awarded by God here only in so many karmas. The meaning of swarg is to get the best birth where all goods merriment etc., are available. And narak means the result of bad deeds gives birth where problem, poverty etc., exists or the birth in animals yonis. Somewhere the meaning of swarg is salvation also.

Jaya: My boyfriend has been possessed by black magic and now he is even not visiting his mother nor keeping in touch with me. To destroy the power of black magic is
there any mantras or prayer to help him to overcome it? At the sametime is there anyway to protect him from being a victim of black magic in future? Please guide me in this matter as I feel that no one has the right to destroy a human’s life.
Swami Ramswarup: Actually no one has any right to destroy any one’s life. So please always remember this all is in the hand of God based on the deeds done by a person i.e., good or bad. No black magic is on the earth please. This is only blind faith.

Yuke: Can you give the meaning for my name? ‘Yukeshan’ is my name.
Swami Ramswarup: Yu means to mix up keshan means hair. So Yukeshan means thick hairs. But yu means desire and keshah means ray of light. So Yukeshan means a desire of ray of light (knowledge).

Poonam: Unfortunately I am very poor in Hindi. Can you please tell me in details about the BRAHMIN (GOSAAIN) and MAHAJAN (VAISHYE) and also about their differences. Is it possible for Vaishye to get married to Gosaain? Looking foward for your reply.
Swami Ramswarup: In Vedas, shastras there is no any caste system but the category based on deeds like brahmin, kshatriya, vashiye are there but these categories are not by birth. Brahmin means he who study four Vedas, perform yajna from Vedmantras, does yoga practice, speaks truth and gives preach to all concerned. Khashtriya means he who protects nation, poor, cows, etc., by his power. Vashiye means he who does business faithfully according to Vedas and distribute the articles at all place in the nation smoothly and honestly. As regards marriage it can be based on good qualities.

Raja: Swamiji, your answers are very soothing and very true. I beg for another answer. I had sent a question to a website, regarding the death-penalty of murderers (is death-penalty correct?). The answer was as given below. I’d like to hear the truth from you:”We don’t have any clear idea about anything in the universe. What we do in our lives is sort of ‘unsupervised learning’ (in Artificial Neural Networks parlance).
Swami Ramswarup: According to Yog shastra sutra 1/7 and Samkhya shastra and even Vedas.. The self proof are four Vedas to give the answer because Vedas are the knowledge direct from God and originated in the heart of four rishis at the time of first unsexual creation (Yajurveda chapter 31 and mantra 7 and others also refers). Taitreeya upnishad valli 1 anuvaak 11 shalok 2 too says if you have to settle any problem then go to a wise person who knows Vedas. So we have clear and authentic idea to solve the problem from Vedas/learned person. Ideas of those who are lack of knowledge of Vedas are only based on unsupervised learning. Actually most of the people being indulged in the materialistic world and also due to wrong advise not to study Vedas the problems occur. Vedas are eternal. Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Guru Vashisth, Rishi Vyas and several Raj Rishis and their public did pious deeds always according to the Vedas.

Raja: We are never presented with what is wrong and what is right – we just assume them.
Swami Ramswarup: So we must tally our deeds with the Vedas to discuss with a learned person having knowledge of Vedas. Because Bhagwat Geeta shalok 3/15 also says that all karmas are originated from four Vedas and Vedas are originated direct from God. Manusmriti shaolk 2/6 also says the same truth. So we have authenticated path to come on the truth. So no matter of assumption remains.

Raja: If it seems that what we assumed fits the equation for the time being – we take that as right/truth. The ‘equation’ here can be loosely defined as “living in a society.”
Swami Ramswarup: No please. Because we have to settle the problems according to Vedas. Shri Ram and Shri Krishna even used to go to their acharya to settle the problems and to come on truth.

Raja: Since our definition, of what’s right and what’s wrong, changes with respect to time, situation and persons..
Swami Ramswarup: As said in Bhagwat Geeta (na abhawah vidyate satah means truth is eternal) 2/16 that truth cannot be changed i.e., truth was before, is present and will remain in future also. So the fundamental law of nature cannot be changed. Atharvaveda mantra 1o/8/1 says that he who was in the past and is in present and will remain in the future ever we bow to the God only.

Raja: It’s difficult to keep a lot of people under one umbrella (society) for a long time without using some special means.
Swami Ramswarup: Special means arise when we are selfish and to kill the selfishness and do benevolence we have to get the knowledge from Vedas which is equally applicable to all human beings as is applicable air, water, sun, moon etc.

Raja: These special means are law and other punishment-reward schemes (like God, hell & heaven, ….).
Swami Ramswarup: God has framed laws in Vedas as said also in Yajurveda mantra 40/8 applicable to all human beings. And he who breaks gets the punishment direct from God.

Raja: We have assumed that loving is a good thing, killing is bad. Mere assumption – to buttress our original assumption that we have to live.
Swami Ramswarup: Nobody has wish to take birth and to get death, it is under the control of God only. So we get birth according to our past deeds and get death accordingly. So problems are due to our own bad deeds. So the question of mere assumption etc., does not arise. Lovings are of so many kinds but God has preached only one love, which is love with soul to soul and selfless. Love to truth. Physical charm is not
Everlasting and creates pride and attachment also, which may carry us in bad deeds up to murder even. But true love (soul to soul) with equal heart combine is never dying love. Physical love will die one day also because the physique will be de-shaped and destroyed one day.

Raja: You may love to love people and someone else may love to kill. No one is wrong – since there’s nothing ‘wrong’.
Swami Ramswarup: Soul, when a man starts stealing first time immediately warns the mind and compel the mind to think that stealing is a bad deed. If mind overcomes the soul then only soul orders the organs always to continue the stealing and thus the justice and truth is covered with the shadow of sins like the shadow of black clouds, which covers the sun. But sun has never lost its power and light. So sin is sin and pious is pious. Right is right and wrong is always wrong. But as I told above we do not care about our eternal culture of Vedas and learned persons and hence problem to decide truth.

Raja: Neither is there anything ‘right’. But, since we all want to live (due to whatever reason);
Swami Ramswarup: Reasons are our past birth karmas (deeds) otherwise we could get salvation. And there could be no reason of living.

Raja: We need to restrict the ones who threat the lives of others. Whether capital punishment is apt for a murderer or not, is debatable. But if living in a society is a basic assumption, he should get some sort of punishment, at least. Two wrongs can never make a thing right, but can certainly lessen the probability of future happenings of similar crimes.
Swami Ramswarup: What is wrong and what is right has already been preached in Vedas please. See the tribals lives in dense jungles they have no any law. But our rishis have taught us law from Vedas to follow. Worships are of also two kinds–1. According to Vedas told by God. 2. Man-made. So the laws are also of two kinds- man made and God made. But supreme judge is always God who is unchangeable and unchallengeable. So justice must always be there according to Vedas. God does not shower any mercy.

Raja: I don’t wish to kill anyone, nor do I preach universal love – though I’d choose the latter over the former. No reasons for that. I don’t mind letting a murderer go scot-free. Neither do I shout at the one who hangs the murderer till death.”
Swami Ramswarup: If we will follow the path of Vedas, naturally there will be no any murder or sins etc.

Srikanth: I believe that anybody who commits a sin will receive punishment very soon for his acts and it is my experience as well. I regret for what I did. I want to correct myself and do not want to commit any sin again. I am injecting self suggestions that I have strong will power and I am not going to commit any sin in future. I am confident I would be successful. At the same time now I do have guts to face the
punishment for the sin I committed last. Isn’t there any way that I can communicate with God and beg his pardon and get his forgiveness?
Swami Ramswarup: It is good that you have realised the sins and repented. In Vedas there is no any forgiveness by God, but if one pray God and has a firm decision not to repeat the sin and do holy yagya with Ved mantra then only one can easily bear and even by getting the knowledge from a spiritual master, who knows Vedas, the sins are burnt.

Anwesha: I heard about you from a friend and felt you could be a guide for me in times of distress. Please tell me how to combat stress.
Swami Ramswarup: You need a long preach. I would advise you to please contact locally a spiritual place, which must be true knowing Vedas and yoga philosophy. Please study daily some spiritual books and pray God with worship. Asan, pranayaam and meditation will give you 100% relief if are learnt properly and practised. Please try to attend the yoga camp with your parents, which will 100% suit you.

Shobhit: Who is God?
Swami Ramswarup: I have written a lot on this topic and would request you to please study full web site and send me e-mail with your views. However in short God is almighty who creates, nurses, destroy the universe and again creates. We are free to do deeds good or bad but result is awarded by God. So we must always do pious deeds because God is omnipresent and is seeing all activities of everybody all times.

Kumar Alok: While doing Gayatri Japa, should we pronounce “Varenyam” or “Varenyan” i.e. should we pronounce “Anuswar” or “Ma halant”?
Swami Ramswarup: Please pronounce varen+yam because in Sanskrit alphabet ana is half pronounced then yam and ma halant. I have written this mantra on web site with full meaning and details and to pronounce the mantra with pranayaam also. Please locate from site and do accordingly. It will give you the best benefit.

Kumar Alok: I have experienced appearance of “brahmvarchas” to a certain extent on my forehead a few years ago, but after 3-4 years, somehow I lost it. Was it the effect of daily Gayatri Sadhana? If yes, then how much japa is required to regain it very quickly? Is there any particular type of conduct that accentuates and sustains the gain of Brahmvarchas?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes it was only due to reciting the holy gayatri mantra. Please now recite as advised above. I think you will get the good result. But practice must be daily both times. It will be more beneficial if you start havan also from gayatri mantra.

Kanisha: Parnam Guruji, I would like to know how to relax the mind the best
way and also how to tackle the problems that comes and goes?
Swami Ramswarup: When we take sound sleep then we always feel relaxation. Similarly if we attain the stage of mind at awakening stage also then we get natural relaxation. But this stage comes after learning and practising ashtang yoga philosophy. Please learn and attain. After attaining this stage we too get physical and mental strength to face and solve problems happily. Actually most of the people of the world are after materialistic articles, pomp and show etc., and do not therefore get time in spiritualism. This is the main reason of sorrows and problems. We have to get success both in worldly pious deeds/responsibilities and in spiritual like Shri Ram, Shri Krishna.

Kanisha: I am also suffering from joints pain and would like to know the best prays and yoga to cure or to control the pains.
Swami Ramswarup: Yoga philosophy is learnt personally from a spiritual master who knows Vedas and ashtang yoga. I am away and cannot teach you. So please learn locally. Asan, prannayaam will give you relief but do not forget medical advice also.

Salim Juma: Out of personal interest I am doing research in the giving of tithe (religious dues) often 10% of ones income in various faiths. I would be very grateful if you can direct me to any specific verses in Veda regarding this. I am particularly interested in Rigveda as this is the oldest scripture that we have access to. I look forward to hearing from you.
Swami Ramswarup: I heartily appreciate your views please. Vedas are not books but it is a knowledge originated in the heart of four rishis at the time of beginning of the world direct from almighty God. First Rigveda knowledge comes so the Rigveda is the oldest then Yajurveda, Saamveda and Atharvaveda respectively. Rigveda mostly gives the knowledge of matters including spiritualism too. Yajurveda gives knowledge of pious deeds, Saamveda preaches how to worship almighty God, who is one and formless. Atharvaveda says the acceptance of three said Vedas and in addition preaches about God and medical science.

About donation every Vedas gives preach. Rigveda mandal 10 sukta 117 mostly says about donation. Mantra 1 of the said sukta says — the hungry does not only meet with the death but he who is rich and has /have all kinds of foods also receive
Death. So one has to go leaving this body. We can take with us only the result of pious deeds like donation and mantra says— he who donates food, money etc., then his donation never goes in vain.and his assets does not decrease even. But those who do not donate, they never get satisfaction, peace and never realise God. In the next mantra too it is said— those who are rich having food, money etc., but do not donate to the needy, poors and hungry etc., they never get peace and never realise God. In the next mantra 3 it is said that— one should always donate to the poor, needy personnel. In the next mantra 4 it is said that —the richest must help the others. The next mantra 5 says —the assets never remains to one person only. Assets ever goes hither and thither like a bullock cart. So one should donate. Next mantra 6— says that the money and food etc., must be respectfully donated to a spiritual learned, true saint otherwise if a richest utilise his property for his own and eats for his own then he is sinner and eats sin. The next mantra 7 says— a farmer if cultivates from plough then he gets crops but the farmer who has facility of plough etc., but does not plough then he cannot get crops and thus is not wise. If one has the facility of cart/cars etc., then he uses otherwise not. A learned saint is superior to those learned saints who do not deliver preach, similarly those who are richest with all foods, etc., and donate are superior than those who are richest and do not donate. So one should always Donate. Mantra 9 says— a man has two arms but both arms do not discharge equal duties. If a baby is being nursed by two wet nurse (dhaiyan in hindi) then they do not feed the baby with equal quantities of milk. Twins have no equal strength. Two rich members of a family do not feed from food and money to an authorised person equally. Therefore the donation must not be based on competition etc., but it should always be based on faith.

Paresh: I have gone through topic of Origin of Hinduism. Now the India of Today was the Aryavrat of Mahabharat then what was there In European Countries, Arabian Countries, African Countries? Do they follow Hinduism? I would like to know that how the different dharmas came into existence from Only one dharma (Hinduism-Vedic Dharma).
Swami Ramswarup: This is a deep and vast history. Before one Arab 96 crore 8 lakhs and about 53 thousand years ago this universe came into existence. Yog shastra sutra 1/26 says that God is the first guru of our four rishis and gave the knowledge of four Vedas to them. Based on Vedas it is mentioned in Manusmriti that, “aryah ishwarasya putrah” means Aryans are the sons of God. At the time of creation all human beings were called Aryans. Aryan means he who is gentle, doing always pious deeds. And Anarya means he who does bad deeds. The first time the universe created in Tibet as said in Vedas and Manusmriti. Thereafter our forefathers, after long long time came to the jungles and after cutting the jungles etc., they made here a country named Bharat. So Aryans did not come from outside. The aryans lived on the bank of river Sindhu in Bharatvarsh and were studying Vedas and doing all pious deeds according to Vedas like yajna, hard working towards duties etc., etc. Greek and Unanis first time started saying us Indu because of the word Sindhu and thereafter Hindu. Originally we are Aryans. Vedas have no caste system up to the period of Mahabharat i.e., before 5000 and about 300 hundred years back. There had been only one emperor of the earth, says Manusmriti and Mahabharat. At that time holy preach of four Vedas was only in force. And there were no other religions. Even present sects etc., were originated after Mahabharata war. Our prophets have made religions in force within two or three thousands years according to suitability of time. But originally Vedas are still applicable to all human beings as Vedas knowledge is not a sect being originated direct from God. Every person must therefore listen the Vedas too along with their sects.

Paresh: Bhagvad Geeta Tells that Human tastes the fruit of sanchit karma, what I mean that had been done in “Purva Janam”. Now Person doesn’t know what fruit does he got on what sanchit karma. Some says whatever paap done in purva janam for that God gives the bad sufferings as fruit. If he doesn’t know what paap he has done in purva janam how he can save himself from repeating in the current janam in this kind of kaliyug?
Swami Ramswarup: Actually sorrows or pleasure is based on bad or good deeds done in the past births’. Suppose one soul has to take birth today, he has a bundle of deeds of past births called sanchit karmas. Now if he blessed a body for hundred years then he has to face the past deeds within hundred years, which are called prarabdh, but in human body the soul is also free to do pious deeds or bad deeds. Yajurveda mantra 7/48 says that we are free to do deeds but result is always awarded by God. If someone wants to know about the philosophy of deeds (karmas) he will have to study the Vedas then he will only be able to know about the karmas philosophy. The problem is this that nobody goes to a learned spiritual acharya who knows Vedas to study the Vedas and hence the darkness. Secondly Vedas as well as Geeta shalok 4/32 says about salvation after getting knowledge. And this knowledge is given by learned guru says Geeta shalok 4/34. Shalok 4/19 says that all past and present karmas are burnt by the fire of spiritual knowledge. Yajurveda mantra 40/ 2 says that by doing present pious deeds according to the Vedas, its result gives us a healthy life of hundred years and keeps away to bear any past or present karmas. So main problem is this that being busy in only materialistic world, the people mostly have no time to realise the truth. Otherwise every knowledge to know the past karmas or present karmas etc., etc., is available in the religion.

Deen: You said in Yajna that even God cannot change the Parishwamdharmi quality of soul. If that is so then how can anyone ever get detached from this mortal world? We stay in body created by Prakriti. Will we always remain attached with prakriti and other souls? How can we free ourselves from this
entanglement? Can soul be attached to God instead of prakriti and other souls?
Swami Ramswarup: The soul has parishwangdharmi quality and rightly even God cannot change it because God has no sankalp-vikalp. His all actions are swabhavik (automatically— see Shewtashwaro Upnishad 6/8) but soul has his free choice always either to attach with God or prakriti that is why the shruti have told shrey and prey (good and bad two paths). Soul has no fundamental quality to be attached with only prakriti please.

Deen: You also said that mann is sinful and cannot ever take us to the right path. I think you are very right. You had also given a tip by Bhishma Pitahmah that before one starts getting a thought in mann, the soul can come to know and can divert mann to a holy path. Why do we pray that “tat may mana shiv sankalpam asto”? Can’t we control mann through “abhyasen varaagyen tan nirodhah”? I try to fulfil all my duties and daily make a sustained effort as per your preachings. I seek your blessings to help me to be free from karmbhandans.
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please we (soul) can control mann by practice of ashtang yoga. And with the pray i.e., “tat me manah shiv sankalpamastu”. Mann is made of prakriti. Prakriti has raj, tam, satv qualities which are always in mann being made of them (sat ahankaar). Please study 24 yoga lectures at the top of this site and send me e-mail. It will help you. If you are desirous I can also send spiritual books written by me which are more faithful for an aspirant.

Sanjith: I consider myself to have a good spiritual quotient. So, here goes my question. By the Srimad Bhagvatam… We don’t we all sing and praise the lord and lead our lives that way (like Lord Sri Caitanya). Why do we have to be bound to materialistic pleasures?? Why??
Swami Ramswarup: Because Geeta, the holy book, has written by Vyas Muni who learnt four Vedas and practised Ashtang Yoga philosophy whereas the preacher of Geeta are those who do not know about Vedas and do not do practice of Ashtang Yoga, after which only the qualities of pious deeds are originated not mere on study and preach and listening.

Sanjith: And as per Adi Sankaracarya, is Aham Brahmasmi true?? If that’s true then why dont we all start realizing our true self and go in search of that inner self which is the Brahman and thus acheive ultimate salvation. Why all this trouble and tensions of daily life??? Does this mean that your birth itself is a curse as you automatically become bonded to your parents and to the materialistic pleasures of the world?? Boy… I am confused here… Help, I need somebody!!!!
Swami Ramswarup: The philosphy of aham braham asmi may be personal view of Adi Shankracharyajee. But four Vedas do not accept and even did not accept in past three yugas, according to Valmiki Ramayan, Shastras, Upnishads etc. In this connection I have written a book also. Please intimate your address to post the same if you are so desirous.

Jeevan Singh: Does love really exist? I mean how is it that two strangers meet and out of nowhere the feeling started between both of them. Actually this is not my story but I always sit and think what is love? What are the feeling that takes place and why did it have to take place? I do understand that people asked you about religion problem but what I am asking you is just a thought from my side.
Swami Ramswarup: Soul resides in body. Body and all world made by God is attractive one so most of the love is based on attraction of prakriti, i.e., based on physical charm only. Suppose we have seen a beautiful garden with plenty of the best flowers and attractive scenes there, then we will come back to home and will enjoy by describing the scene and flowers. But the scene or flowers will not disturb our peace of mind. Similarly if we are not heartily attached with anybody else then his or her beauty will not disturb us. But in case of man or woman where soul resides and have millions times more attraction than the flowers and scenes, then we are disturbed only. So we must avoid this attraction of physique like physique of flowers and scene. Because when physique will be destroyed then our love also will have no existence. True love is based with soul to soul.

Shelia: Thank you sooooo much for taking the time from your busy schedule to enlighten me and spread the word of God to bring peace to the Globe. Yes, you are perfectly correct, there are many Temples and Disciples here in Ontario. Personally, I feel strongly that my temple is in my heart and there are many unanswered questions! When one meditates, during meditation, practice yoga does this cause any harm to the path of self realization?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. Actually real yoga philosophy in the eternal knowledge of the Vedas is called ashtang yoga, which is actually helpful in realising God.

Shelia: If so, what is being done to clear that Chakra? How do you determine that that Chakra is block and which one? Please expand. Corresponding with you in India makes me feel connected and closer to God and is looking forward to visiting.
Swami Ramswarup: There are muladhar (guda) chakra, swadishtan (pedu) chakra, mannipur (nabhi) chakra, anhad (heart) chakra, vishudh (kanth), agya (between two eyebrow) chakra, shestra sar (kapaal), which are to be described. But there is no problem of the chakra. Actually the aspirant has to concentrate mainly on agya chakra and all chakras are known automatically. Three days back I have given long answer on web site about advaitvad and would request you to please study for knowledge.

Devla: Actually I am following a spiritual guru. One of my friends told me that she has been told by God to direct me to a different path.
Swami Ramswarup: Nobody as yet has talked with God since the creation.

Devla: Actually this friend of mine has been blessed with some divine powers, I started seeing the spiritual guru she directed me towards. I felt a tremendous change in myself, towards the better. But now when I meditate I feel suffocating as my concentration doesn’t work well. Also I feel disinterested towards everything in life such as wearing good clothes, talking to people, not affected by relations, etc. I feel the world is useless, no studying, no enjoying is
of any use. The world is running after useless things. People don’t know that one day everything is going to finish. This realisation of the truth of life doesn’t make me happy but sad and uninterested in life. I always pray myguru to call me towards him, because I cant tolerate living in this useless world. And I can’t tolerate being away from God because I love him so much. What should I do Swamiji? Please advice me.
Swami Ramswarup: These all feelings are because of lack of concentration and eternal knowledge. You have taken birth and thus the soul (yourself) has been provided with body, mind, organs etc., to discharge duties and do pious deeds and side by side to do worship etc., to realise God. Really to achieve the motto a spiritual guru is needed. Our past advices us that Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mata Sita, Rishis, Munis lived in family, discharged their moral duty, did worship/tapsya while living in family and achieved the motto the world is not baseless or false because it is not said in any Veda or shashtras but it is said that the bad deeds/sins of the world are false and have to leave. Yajurveda mantra 40/2 clearly says while discharging duty, doing hard work to a right path, only it is possible that we will have not to face the result of karmas. To avoid the world or to say that world is not the living place etc., etc., is also a result of bad karmas or bad society. Yajurveda mantra 40/1 advises not to deny the world but discharge your duties thinking that everything is of God and not
ours. So please be alert about your above feelings which are against the Vedas. You have also taken birth in a family in the world and have enjoyed a lot as yet but now to deny the world is not according to truth. Please do hard job and get progress in the world and pay full attention in spiritualism. Try to listen the Vedas, do jaap of holy name of God, perform Yagya (Yajna) and learn yoga philosophy. Please be aware of false prophets.

Raja: “One may put it like this – God is an ‘assumption’ – something that you accept as true without question or proof.
Swami Ramswarup: God is not an assumption please. The power who has made our body and mind by which we assumes several questions, he is God, but God is not an assumption. Because God has unlimited qualities like the power of creation, nurses, destroying etc., and he is also beyond description, beyond calculation is the God cannot be assumed. God is realised by worship, meditation, tapsya and for this a real spiritual guru is required.

Raja: Why don’t you ask for proof? Because it is not possible to prove. But, if you accept it, a lot of problems seem to get solved, or at least seem to be clearer than what it was without the assumption.
Swami Ramswarup: God first is proved by studying Vedas and listening real preach. Secondly God can be proved by guess. Suppose there is a smoke in the air at a very long distance. So your guess is true that there is a fire. In the night we guess that there will be a tomorrow and sun will rise. So this guess is 100% true. Similarly if we guess that who has made sun, moon, earth, space etc., then first answer will be that we have not made. But really the world has been made by somebody. So the power who has made the world is called God on the basis of our guess. Then we follow the truth and one day we can realise the God.

Raja: From the elementary school, people know about how the assumptions help in establishing scientific theories. No one comes up with a proof for an assumption. They just show that if you accept the assumption as valid, then some real-life things can be explained easily. The human mind seeks to explore the answers to some questions, which are not answered by science as yet. The scientists can tell you that the planet earth is just a point in the universe. Well, how big is the universe? Does it have any end? If so, what lies beyond it? Science is yet to tell us these things.
Swami Ramswarup: Actually science means to go deeply to know about the worldly articles only like sun, moon, planets, medical science, botany, zoology, leaving away the God. Actually Yajurveda mantra 40/11 says that the progress of science and spiritualism both must be there together. One-sided science or one-sided spiritualism is false and destroy the life. So science will never tell us about God or peace or truth because these are not the subjects of science. And that is why from the progress of science the human being never be happy being against the above said Ved mantra. Our ancient rishis actually were full scientist and complete spiritual master. The assumption is not baseless or false as cited above regarding assumption of rising sun tomorrow. Actually problem is this that most of the human beings have no time to learn or discuss the truth for a long time being attracted in worldly affairs. Where as the motto of human life is only to realise God while discharging moral duties.

Raja: Mr. Newton could give you the value of the force with which two masses attract each other. But, why in the first place, two masses SHOULD attract each other? Who set these rules? No answer in science? Fine, let’s assume that there’s an almighty, or God, who set these.
Swami Ramswarup: I have several times given answer about attraction from Vedas. Because proof are Vedas and our rishis realised too. When husband and wife are alive, attraction remains. Death one of them finishes the attraction and nobody loves the dead body. So attraction is still not in bodies, earth, moon, sun or planets. God is everywhere. And the attraction is within God says Yajurved mantra 33/43. In this mantra it is said that sun and every planets etc., are attracted towards each other due to the attraction power of God within all. As regards dead body the attraction was of the soul. However we must not blame the science because science is also from Vedas and appreciated by God himself and everybody is enjoying with the science articles. So many saints not aware of the Vedic philosophy, insult the science and scientists, which is sin. They do not know at that time and rather thankless that they are preaching from loud speakers/mike, wearing clothes, having decorated platform, have so many cars and enjoy in palaces, have fridge, AC, etc., etc., all due to the blessings of scientists.

Raja: Religion is a way of life. This, too, has some basic assumptions. One of them is that people have to live in a society. To live in a society, there should be certain rules acceptable by all, rules which tell you what you should do (or what is good)
Swami Ramswarup: There are two things good or bad, true or untrue, light or darkness etc., etc. So rules are of two kinds man made and God made. From the ancient times the God made rules preached in the Vedas have been faithful in the life of human beings. So the rules must be according to Vedas in the society. God had created the universe and thus also has framed rules of the Vedas to be accepted by human beings. Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, King Janak and unlimited people of past three yugas accepted the Vedas and realise permanent peace in their family life.

Raja: And what you shouldn’t (what is bad). Like, one should not
kill others (excepting for some barbaric religions, others agree on it), you should be respectful to God etc. But why should a man accept these rules – unless he is tempted/forced to do so? So, God enters the scene. “You do something good and God will reward you. Do something bad, and God will punish you. Never mind who/which/what is God, he keeps an eye on you always.” This shapes it up well.
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please. Man proposes and God disposes.

Raja: The fear of unknown is the greatest fear. And, there’s a chance of reward, too, if someone stays ‘good’ throughout his life. God is really the Santa Clause for the adults.
Swami Ramswarup: God is God and cannot be considered Santa Claus. But we can take good advice of Santa Claus.

Raja: God is actually in your mind. You can do nearly as well without keeping him in your mind. But, in times of distress, it gives some relief to believe that there is a supernatural power from where you will get help.
Swami Ramswarup: God is everywhere, not alone in the mind.

Raja: This seems that only the stupid and spineless people, who don’t have faith in themselves, should have faith in God.
Swami Ramswarup: Yes please. Person must first realise himself by hard working and adopting a true path, which is eternal, right from the beginning of earth. So you are right that the stupid and spineless people who could not do hard job to know themselves they worship usually those Gods whose existence is not there or they deny the real God.

Raja: But even the most intelligent one can have periods of depression
and distress and believing in a supernatural help somewhat reduces the stress.

Swami Ramswarup: Because he is intelligent in worldly matters, study etc. like a scientist but not intelligent in real spiritualism. No please (on believing in supernatural help somewhat reduces the stress). Without the help of medical science depression is not controlled. However when medical advice and yoga philosophy are both taken into consideration then only the depression is over.

R. Gowrishankarr: What is rajayogam? How to get this level?
Swami Ramswarup: There is only one ashtang yoga, detail of which are mentioned in my yoga lectures at the top of this website and I will request you to go through the lectures please. Raj Yoga has not been mentioned in Vedas.

Rajesh: How does the Indian govt justify its silence over the Gujarat massacres? Although it has been pretended to make an enquiry etc nothing has really been done. In fact the Gujarat chief minister Mr. Modi is congratulated as seen by his re-election. This man should have been brought to justice. The situation in India as far as the minorities is concerned is disturbing. It is no more the India one knew. Instead of good values and true education the population, the younger generation especially, is being taught hatred and violence against minorities who don’t even know why this is all happening. The massacres in Gujarat are just the beginning of an ominous holocaust in this once great democratic society. What can be done to save this great country from the hands of a murderous, cunning regime who are even falsifying history to ‘prove’ their point?
Swami Ramswarup: Govt., is not totally silent please but still govt., has to pay more and prompt and special attention. No doubt that some of the leaders pay no attention properly and the administration thus works in influence of the leaders, but we must faith on justice. And justice will sure do the needful at last. Main culprits who burnt the train are not yet been arrested due to the one or the other reasons. But definitely one-day justice will do his own task. I ever pray God for the best solution to the innocent.

Satish: I have been cheated by many people so far and feel frustrated due to the same. Is there anyway I can KILL these people through some mantras, please let me know.
Swami Ramswarup: Main justice is in the hands of God and He, at a proper time, does the needful. Second courts are also there and one should get help of administration. But no such mantras are there in Vedas please.

In Patel: About Maharshi Maheshyogi’s detail about yoga & ayurveda please.
Swami Ramswarup: Sorry please. I do not know. But I know that he usually uses some words of Vedas on TV but still worship statue, which are not mentioned in Vedas. His agriculture plan from cowdung is, however, appreciated because it is in Vedas.

Mahesh Songirkar: Where should be the exact position of toilet?
Swami Ramswarup: According to Vedas, it must be in open or attached with room with flush system, somewhat away from kitchen. But today’s Vaastukala, etc. is not needed because it is not mentioned in Vedas.

Anesh Chandra: I want to become a very dedicated and good Shiv Bhakth. Please advice what puja I should practice daily and what else needed to be done.
Swami Ramswarup: In accordance with the Vedas, Shiva is the name of Almighty God. But in Shiv Purana etc., it seems that another Shiva is also there. I advice only bhakti of Almighty God, while performing Yajna and Ashtang Yoga, which is the best. Because two or three God are not there. There is only one God in the Vedas who is unchangeable, beyond description, immortal, creates the universe, nurses and destroy. He is Almighty God and thus needs no assistance. And does not delegate his powers to anybody else.

Shelia: If a person mediates on Mother Gayatri, or Lord Shiva, or lets say Mother
Durga and they become a yogi, do they have to choose a suitable time to leave their bodies in order to achieve a favorable destination? Are they protected by lord Krishna, or do they have to get guidance from a living spiritual master? How do they recognised a true Spiritual Master, is it the same as you have previously explained as a Guru and in your Lecture.
Swami Ramswarup: If a person chant Gayatri mantra, does Yajna and practices yam, niyam, asan, pranayaam, pratyahar, dharna, dhyan and Samadhi i.e., Ashtang Yoga then he attains salvation while he is alive. Salvation is got while living alive and not after death. This is all according to Vedas and shashtras. As regards Lord Shiva, Mother Durga etc., these bhaktis are not mentioned in Vedas. Because the salvation is attained while living so no question of choosing destination at the time of death. Salvation means realisation of Almighty God who never takes birth. And salvation means to be free from all bindings of all karmas, similarly as a prisoner is freed from a jail. So the God protects i.e., actually God gives freedom to the yogi. And the yogi’s soul gets merriment for ever i.e., parmanand. Yes please the guru must be the same as I have explained before.

S. Chandrasekaran: What is karma? How to get relieved from Karma? What are good things and bad things? What is the life of the soul?
Swami Ramswarup:
I have already explained about the karmas a lot on the web site and would request you to please choose the question-answer and go through. Then please again send me e-mail. However there are three types of karmas
1. Sanchit karmas — total karmas of all the previous births.
2. Prarabdh karma — some karmas are taken from sanchit karmas and soul takes birth (new body) to bear the prarabhd karmas.
3. Kriyamaan karmas — our present birth’s deed to get releived from karma a real worship of God i.e., study of Vedas and spiritual books, to perform yajna, and to practise ashtang yoga daily is necessary even while discharging family duties.

To do deeds according to Vedas and shahstras is good and against is sin. Soul is eternal. Life is of body only and not of soul. Soul changes the body according to karmas.

R.Gowrishankarr: How to attain Enlightenment? What are the different ways of attaining this stage? Please advice your views.
Swami Ramswarup: Actually there is only one God and the God himself has given the knowledge of four Vedas to get enlightenment. Ancient Rishis who knew full Vedas and ashtang yoga practically also gave knowledge in their six shashtras and thereafter Valmiki Ramayan, Mahabharta (Geeta), etc., so the ocean of the knowledge is four Vedas and thereafter the other shastras and holy books. Conclusion is that to realise God/enlightenment, one should do daily hawan/yajna, practice of ashtang yoga and discharging of moral duties towards family, society and nation according to Vedas. So daily prayer, yam, niyam, aasan, pranayaam, pratyahar, dharna, dhyan {meditation} and samadhi will serve the purpose sure. However nowadays so many religious paths have been originated but those are really true who are based on the philosophy of four Vedas.

Ram: Thanks for replying my questions about Cow. After reading some Indian Vedic philosophies, puranas, and upanishad for 6 month, I concluded that there are still different opinions and doubt about the Supreme Soul (The one God) and the creation of universe. Some say the Lord Shiva is the one, or some say the Lord Bishnu is the one. And some say the Shakti Mata is the one. And about the creation some say, Shakti creates 14 bhuwan before created the tri-dev (Barmah, Bishnu, and Siva) from her right hand and from her left hand she created the Lord Ganesh. So Ganesh is as powerful as tri-dev. And some say Siva creates 14 bhuwan before creates Isa, Isa created Rudra God of storm and breath, then from Rudra Bishnu and from Bishnu Barmah. And somewhere Bishnu created all. One upanishad say there was a Supreme Soul in the darkness, then he created the 14 bhuwan and adi shakti. Then he created one maya purush, God gave him breath and 5 organs. Then when God look at the maya purush’s eyes, he saw Himself and created Himself from the eye image. and that God is Sadasiva and maya purush is Bishnu. So if some Hindus look at this all information, they definitely will be confused. Right now, what peoples are talking is religion
and science must go hand by hand. If there was God existed, it should be proven by science. So for Hindu, it is a very old religion to proof by science but we have Vedas, puranas, upanishad and others sacred scripture that can shows some true information. If shastri like you put the real information about creation of universe very thoroughly. There shouldn’t be different opinions. And about the God, I also believe in only one God, and one God divided into many according to duties and time. But the confusion for most of the Hindus are which one is the Supreme Soul or the one eternal God. So there should be more detail on forming of tri-dev, from which ever they came from. So please can you write me in detail about the creation and the forming of tridev from supreme soul? After reading lots of Hindus scripture, I Just guess that the tri-dev are the one and Siva, Bishnu and Barmah are the soul (atma), body and five senses of the Supreme Lord. When compare to the men, a men has live force like atma, full Body and other five senses or brain. So for the God, siva a supreme soul has no
form, body as a bishnu, which is everywhere, and senses, knowledge ,brain and organs is a barmha. So as a brain or senses or 5 organs, bharma can speak as God bani, can be reproductive and has barmah gyan, like wise , bishnu is a body, he can protect all because he
is the real body, can incarnate. And siva is soul so he is close to every one with their sprit, so we know him as lord of the ghost also. I can be wrong but still I’m studying. So please can you justify my opinion?
Swami Ramswarup: Regarding the clearance of doubt always proof is required. First of all we will have to understand the principal that until the knowledge is given by anybody, the knowledge cannot be obtained. So really a spiritual master is required as per the proof of four Vedas and thereafter the proof of Yoga Shashtra and Samkhya Shashtra by Rishi Patanjali and Kapil respectively. Vedas are the supreme proof to know the truth i.e., if our views tally with the Vedas then it is a true knowledge otherwise false. First of all at the time of creation no guru is present. So in all Vedas and Yajurveda mantra 31/7 and Yoga Shahstra sutra 1/26 say that our first guru is Almighty God who preaches Vedas knowledge at that time. Now come to the point, according to Vedas and shashtras there is only one God. As regards Shiva , Vishnu and Brahma, Rigveda mantra 1/164/46 there is only one God but his names are several according to qualities. And those names are of the one God. Shiva means who is beneficial to whole universe, so he is only God who is beneficial to all universe. So Shiva is the name of almighty God only. Vishnu means who is omnipresent. So the omnipresent is the only God. So the Vishnu is the name of the said God. Braham means who is the biggest in the world. As the God is the biggest in the world, so Braham or Brahma is also the name of said one Almighty God. Vedas and shashtras give proof of the said statement. Whereas most of the people are not giving the references or proof of the Ved mantras. As regards creation by Shakti etc., it is not mentioned in the Vedas. One side everybody say that there is only one God who creates and on the other hand they also say that Devi, Devta or Shakti creates. See God is almighty and needs no assistance of anybody else to create, nurse and destroy the universe. God is independent and we people are dependent. My dear your views are appreciated. About the creation, I have written a lot on this web site and would request you to please first go through the web site and then send me e-mail. Your study of web site will sure give you a vast knowledge and also minimize my labour to make you understand about one God and creation by him only. I shall be waiting eagerly for your reply. This subject is interesting, huge and full of benefits to the mankind and therefore must not be stopped by you. Thereafter I shall give you the brief of the creation from Rigveda and Yajurveda. But you must yet know that except God there is nobody who has even a little power to make straw. As I have stated above with proof that Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma are the name of only one God and not soul, body and five senses. According to mandal 10 of Rigveda, God creates universe from prakriti and first creation of prakriti is mind, then ahankar, panch tan matrannni, panch mahabhoot, and thereafter sun, moon, bodies, five senses, five perceptions, etc. I will give you the whole details when you study the full web site and send me e-mail.

Sudarshan Dharankar:Are any yoga camps going to be organized in USA now or in future?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. I used to come though USA in New York but in the near future there is no program as I am busy to write spiritual book and another book of yoga.

Shelia: Thank you for your e-mail. I have been doing my prayer for world peace, I also pray for you, so that you can guide your children like myself to the right path of Self Realization. How do I meditate? Could you please elaborate? What type of breathing should I do? Do I have to say mantra with breathing technique?
Swami Ramswarup: Daughter, actually the yoga philosophy is always learnt in person. There are eight fold path of yoga philosophy i.e., yam, niyam, asan, pranayaam, pratyahar, dharna, dhyan and samadhi. Most of the people now a days starts from asan, pranayaam and then they jump to dhayan (meditation) which is totally against the eternal knowledge of the Vedas and hence no benefit. We are holding a yoga camp from 25th April for a week. Please try to attend if possible. Otherwise please go through the 22 yoga lectures at the top of the web site and send me e-mail. I shall try to give you knowledge of yoga through e-mail but best procedure is to learn the same in person.

Raj Aryan: If it is sin to have meat regarding it as a JEEV then what about the vegetables? Are they dead? Please give your opinion, according to Vedas, should we eat meat?
Swami Ramswarup: Shashtras say Varjayte Madhumasam Ch i.e., meat and the addiction are prohibited so first one should obey the shashtra. Again in Atharvaveda it is said that I am (God himself) seeing that you slaughtered the animals, I am seeing that you purchased the meat, I am seeing that you cooked, and I am seeing, you ate the meat. Now you prepare yourself to bear the punishment. So we must be afraid of the punishment of God. Generally the pious deeds are those which are according to the Vedas and shahstras and sins are those which are against the Vedas and shashtras. So we must not do the sin by eating the meat and obey the order of God. Now see the structure of meat eater and the vegetable eater. Vegetarians have the different type of teeth and intestines in comparison of meat eater like cat, dog, lion etc. Cow, elephant are vegetarians and they have same structure like man or woman. The vegetarians have the biggest power in comparison of meat eater animals. God has given us order of vegetables and not meat in the Vedas keeping aside the question of live or dead. And in opposition lion, dog, cat, etc., meat eater animals have been ordered to take the meat keeping aside the question of live or dead. So we must obey God and not man.

Sivasubramanian: According to astrologists that this is the last birth for my spouse? Will it be true? Please let us know about peoples re-birth again. There were few astrologers who were able to tell us that as what our ancestors (expired earlier grandma/grandpa etc.,) are at present if we present them their date of birth name and other details. Can we believe their answers and believing them can we offer good things to the persons ear-marked thinking that they are our ancestor.
Swami Ramswarup: Astrology subject is not mentioned in Vedas and hence not authenticated please. Future is always based on present pious deeds, hard working, devotion and dedication towards a true path. Then one gets salvation following the religious path and thus finishes future births otherwise rebirth is sure. Yes, rebirth is sure if one does not get salvation. Soul is eternal who lives in the body but body is destroyed. When soul comes out of body at the time of death, either the soul will not get rebirth (rebody) if soul has got salvation or final liberation. Otherwise soul will never remain in space without getting next body according to karmas and Vedas rule. This all (finding rebirth of ancestors through astrology) is false being unauthenticated as not mentioned in the Vedas and shashtras. At the time of death the body is burnt and therefore cannot be rebuilt.

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