Surya Prakash: I know that Gayatri Mantra is to be chanted in the morning, noon and dusk. Whereas, I am working in such a place that morning would not be possible, (I can do mentally without proper asana or sitting) as everybody sleeping in the same room upto 8am, which I do not find privacy rather I do not like to chant in that area. In the evening, we are at work and could not be possible to chant. Only the best time for me is in the afternoon between 1.30pm to 4.00pm (these are our lunch hours). Can I chant in this time?

Surya Prakash: I know that Gayatri Mantra is to be chanted in the morning, noon and dusk. Whereas, I am working in such a place that morning would not be possible, (I can do mentally without proper asana or sitting) as everybody sleeping in the same room upto 8am, which I do not find privacy rather I do not like to chant in that area. In the evening, we are at work and could not be possible to chant. Only the best time for me is in the afternoon between 1.30pm to 4.00pm (these are our lunch hours). Can I chant in this time? However, I continue to do chanting mentally, whenever the time permits. Of course, during night times, automatically, I am used to chant the mantra. Is it not right to chant Gayatri mantra other than the THREE TIMES? I request your advice – to keep the fire in me.
Swami Ram Swarup: Time will never permit us but we have to command on the time for which this golden opportunity of human life has been blessed by God. The whole duties are to be discharged faithfully but these are discharged only to worship God. See we are soul and not body. If body is maintained then the soul resides happily in the body and can continue real worship to realise God, which is our only motto. So to maintain the body we earn and must earn to wear clothes, to eat food, to live in house etc., etc. But see this money thus is only to maintain body and will be burnt at last. If we do not use this body to realise God then we have failed and will ever face sorrows, problems etc. Soul thus does not eat, does want home, clothes etc., soul is away from all these requirements because all worldly requirements are meant for only body. Soul is hungry only to listen pious preach about God. So please try to sit for meditation and chant on gayatri mantra, by hook and crook. You can go to garden early in the morning to chant and meditate there. However, to chant the mantra mentally is more powerful and you may chant mentally even while walking or in lying position. I have explained meaning of gayatri mantra on the web site. Please see and chant the mantra with meaning, which will give the best result. Two times are good but can be done three times also.

Lea: How did Hinduism have an effect on the American law code today?
Swami Ram Swarup: Because USA and our country are democratic. We respect all religions.

Makarand: There are various colours such as Red. Blue, Orange, Green, White etc.
etc……. and, these colours are related to human nature, behaviour, preferences etc. E.g. White relates to purity, Red relates to aggressiveness, fire etc, Green relates to peace, calm etc. In this way, do we find any such meanings to colours in our Vedas or, any literature?
Swami Ram Swarup: The sun’s ray has seven colours. There are two things in the world good or bad (holy and sin). Black colour is not appreciated mostly. Why? Because black colour sits by capturing all other colours. So if someone is selfish and gathering all articles, goods for himself only then he is not good and not appreciated being selfish and can be addressed black hearted. White colour reflects all other colours to all and that is why it is white. So when we respect other and leave goods for other to use also (donate) then we are of clear heart. This world is made of prakriti. So every colour and gold, silver and other brightness of the world attracts souls to be indulged for doing sins. On the other hand the articles also help to donate and serve the human being to realise God and to get peace. So colours are also attractive, the world is also an attraction but we have to make the same for the best. We must be clean-hearted and not black hearted.

Anu: How many sons of Bhim’s & Arjun’s and what are their names?
Swami Ram Swarup: Bhim had Ghtothkach from Hidimba, the only son. Arjuna had Abhimanyu from Subhdra, the only son. But this is history and we must remember it to make alive the culture to maintain the only good task in present life. Otherwise we must always recite and remember the holy name of God for getting peace.

Shelia: Thank your for your reply. What do one need to know when seeking a living Guru?
Swami Ram Swarup: Thanks. The eternal culture of the universe are four Vedas the knowledge of which is generated in the heart of four Rishis by God himself. But our bad luck that nowadays most of the so-called saints are preaching their own theory and against the Vedas, and thus people are attracted. For example, mostly saints say that Shri Ram and Shri Krishna did guru so you also take guru. Fundamentally this is wrong and unauthenticated because Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, King Harishchandra and several kings and public of those time did guru like Guru Vashishth and Rishi Sandeepan and those all gurus knew thoroughly the knowledge of four Vedas, yajna, ashtang yoga. I would request you to go through my 17 lectures of yoga at the top of this web site also. So a complete guru is he who knows four Vedas and ashtang yoga and complete knowledge of karma, upasana and gyan. In this connection Yog Shashtra sutra 1/26 also says that first guru is God and we must follow his knowledge of Vedas through present guru. The ancient Rishis were of simple-living whereas present gurus have long-long so many cars, assets, luxuries, etc., etc. Most of the present gurus say that money is nothing etc., etc. but they gather money in plenty of bags and enjoy. These mostly say that family is nothing and gathers all the families. They say son is nothing but he has been born as a son. This is all surprising because it is totally against the Vedas. Vedas have only produced King Harishchandra, Dashrath, Janak, Abhimanyu, Arjun, Yudhishtr and several others the warriors and justice and Vyas Muni, Kapil Muni, Guru Vashishth, Atri Rishi, Agastya Rishi and other several the knowledgest and Mata Sita, Ansuya, Savitri and several others and Bal Brahamcharini Gargi, the guru of king Janak. But due to our bad luck that we have forgotten Vedas and therefore rebirth of the said dignities are not being made visible, though the worship is lot in India. Our leaders and most of the gurus do worship but no peace, no justice, no brotherhood, no respect of women, etc., etc. So please be careful to find a real guru and beware of false prophets.

Aziz Alam: I am a student. I was among the competent students but for last two years I am facing absent mindedness, lack of concentration, laziness and tiredness of mentality. Is there any solution in yoga? If yes I will become your disciple?
Swami Ram Swarup: When our views are spread unnecessarily it produces mental disturbances and health also. A student is to concentrate only n study and health, being his moral duty. But the cinemas and TVs and other attractions of materialistic world have attracted students and thus the problem. Really if someone want to be a great man he will have to concentrate on his moral duties and pious deeds only. For this good preaches are required. One should awake early in the morning for along morning walk and light exercises. Must take plenty of water daily, must control five senses, five perceptions and mind that bad deeds are not done. To raise the power of concentration a student must learn 6 to 8 yoga asan, pranayaam and meditation. This will give a student mental and physical strength.

Vijay Mistry: I am Gujarati and we are called prajapati. I am trying to understand
how or which family tree is taking. Our gotra is Parshuram. Also want to know how do we know our gotra?
Swami Ram Swarup: The soul resides in our body is eternal. Soul changes the body only, which are called births. So naturally you were also in the previous universe and right from the beginning of this earth. This soul according to his past deeds takes birth in the shape of animals, birds and human beings, based on our karmas, suddenly with the kindness of God we get this human body and thus our tribe starts. No question arises that the tribe must be made continue. It means our son, daughters and following generations must always take birth of human body and not animal’s or bird’s etc., but when we do deeds against the Vedas, shashtras then our tribe one day is finished and souls take birth in other bodies but man or woman. So either we must take salvation or we must do such pious deeds that till salvation our rebirth must be in human life (man or woman).

Shanker Verma: Meri height 5″4 hai aur meri age 19 yrs hai kya meri height aur bar sakti hai agar hai to kaise?
Swami Ram Swarup: Height bardai ja sakti hai. Ya to aap yahan aane kee koshish karin ek yo do din ke liye nahin to wahin kisi se vajra asan, padam asan, pashchimotaasan, uttanpadasan, sarpasan aur khas taur per tardasan sikhein..Pashchimotanasan or tardasan aur rozana kee daur (race) her halat main aapke kad ko baradegee. Subha aur sham ground main daur lagayin.

Anna: Why does heart stop working?
Swami Ram Swarup: Due to blockage of veins or respiratory system.

Ekta: Tell me one thing why some times happen that why try our best for some special purpose thing when the purpose is also beneficial for us and our relations, that we do all efforts but also then it got delay and pending then what should we think our efforts are not complete or God doesn’t want it to happen?
Swami Ram Swarup: You have, I think, heard that man proposes and God disposes. Actually in Vedas, it is a fundamental law of God, also mentioned in Yajurveda mantra 7/48 stating we are free to every good or bad deeds but result is awarded by God only. Secondly we have to face the result of past births’ deeds (good or bad). So, if we do not want to face the result of bad deeds in the shape of problems then we will have to burn the deeds by real worship and yoga philosophy, which due to our bad luck, is not being brought up by those saints who are against the Vedas and are spreading unauthenticated man made views to earn money only. So to achieve the good target first, really a hard working/struggle is needed but too spiritualism is required. When both i.e., hard working and spiritualism both are adopted then Yajurveda mantra 40/14 says about sure success.

Vanitha: Can women worship Lord Shiva? Can we have him in our altar together with all the other deities? I am very much into this soul-searching and self realization. What I understand from my mother is that it isn’t advisable to have Lord Shiva in our altar for he will put us into many tests, which we might not be able to endure. Anyway, what I believe is God will never test us and whatever good and bad we go through now is our karmas from the earlier birth.
Swami Ram Swarup: The eternal knowledge is given by God in the Vedas only wherein only one Almighty God is worshipped who creates, nurses and destroys the universe and again creates. In Vedas there is no mention of the bhakti told by you please. Due to our bad luck the knowledge of Vedas and yoga is not being brought up by the most of the present saints who are against the Vedas. So people are not in touch of the reality. Yes you are right that good or bad is based on our past and present karmas. I would request you to please go through the 17 yoga lectures on this web site and then send me e-mail which will help you to know the only one almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe and again creates.

Anu: Tell me what is the name of Bhisma’s sons.
Swami Ram Swarup: Bhisham was neshthic brahamchari, did not marry and thus had no child.

Andy: Tell me the names of mahabharat characters.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is long process please like Pandu, Dhritrashtra, and their sons, five pandavas,— Yudhishthir, Arjuna, Bhim, Nakul and Sehdev and hundred and one kauravs like Duryodhan etc., and not possible to mention here being lengthy.

Jamnadass: My heart want to know about Bhakti Yuga and what are the steps to do it?
Swami Ram Swarup: The basic requirement is of a spiritual learned master who knows eternal knowledge of Vedas and yoga philosophy, then diksha is required. Brahamcharya is the fundamental requirement. Hereafter the real path is known. Brahamcharya means whether married or unmarried one must control his five senses and five perceptions and mind and the way is also taught by spiritual master.

Kasthuri Rangan: Ancient times Sivan and Vishnu were in good understanding where as now vasihnavites and sivaites are logger heads by this Hindusim may vanish in the ensuing decades. Kindly enlighten
Swami Ram Swarup: I would request you to please go through the 17 lectures of yoga philosophy at the top of this web site. It will make you understand the eternal knowledge given by the God himself in the shape of four Vedas. Shiva means he who does the best beneficials for the human beings and he is alone God. So the shiva means the name of almighty God. And not any other devta. Vishnu means he who is everywhere (vishlri vyaptau vishnu i.e., he who is omnipresent) and he is only alone Vedas it is said “ekam satah vipra bahuda vadanti” which means God is one but his names are several qualitywise. So according to the Vedas there are no any separate devta like shiva, vishnu or brahma but these are the names of one God. God being almighty needs no assistant. So God creates, nurses and destroys the universe and again creates himself only which in Vedas called ikshann. So we must find the truth from Vedas and shashtras. But our bad luck that presently the most of the saints are spreading poison in the soceity and have become totally professional and are totally against the Vedas, yajna and yoga philosphy. Yoga word is also being used to earn the money mostly. Because there are eight fold path of yoga philosophy preached by God in the Vedas i.e., yam, niyam, asan, pranayaam, pratyahaar, dharnna, dhyan and samadhi (please study yoga lectures as stated above). But alas! Only asan, pranayaam and meditation and too against the Vedas is being used keeping aside other five fold path. So it has just become a cut piece like a rat who cuts the cloth.

Satyanarain: Why does love happen?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is due to bad evils please. I have already written a lot about love with equal heart combined (love with soul) keeping aside the physical charm, which is finished one day and thus love is also finished. Please see the web site.

Subhas: I am looking for Ram Baan, just like the Hunuman baan. Does Ram baan exist? How can we payback God?
Swami Ram Swarup: We can pay back to God by remembering his holy name (daily jaap but first to be learnt from spiritual master), doing pious deeds and studying Vedas and discharging our duties accordingly. As regards Rambaan etc., it was a real pious history. The good preaches of Shri Ram will make our life happy and not baan.

Vijay Mistry: Can you tell us more on Prajapati?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, Prajapati means the supreme commander of whole of the universe i.e., Almighty God that is why while performing holy havan we say “Prajapatay swaha idam Prajapatya idan na mam”— meaning- this worship (aahuti) is for Prajapati (Almighty God), and this all is for God and not for me.

Latchman: How did you removed evil force that is being tied to you?
Swami Ram Swarup: How sun removes the darkness? Actually darkness has no power to be present before sun, either sun will be there or darkness will be there. So by tapsya, studies of Vedas, practising yoga philosophy and pious deeds and discharging duties towards family, society and nation, one attains the qualities like a sun. Where evil (illusion) has no power even to face.

premauppiliappan: I want to learn Vedic maths and I want to learn yoga asanas too. I am residing in Chennai.
Swami Ram Swarup: This requires personal presence before a spiritual master. I am away in north India hill station. A yoga camp is being held from 25th April this year for a week. Please try to attend if possible.

Anuj: Would you please tell me how to keep concentrated in a particular thing, e.g. studying, praying, and avoiding noisy environment around us?
Swami Ram Swarup: First of all a firm decision is required then practice of yoga philosophy specially asan, pranayaam, meditation etc., is required to be practised both times i.e., morning and evening. But time must be settled that daily routine of study, or business and discharging of moral duties are not affected. Spiritual advice is also essential from time to time.

Anil Mishra: Through yoga can we get material?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. But through yajna, prayer and pious deeds God fulfill the good desires.

Shrikant: Whether Vedmantras are related to our brain tissues?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please. Vedmantras gives vast knowledge based on three points—gyan (knowledge of matters in rigveda), karmas (knowledge of pious deeds in Yajurveda) and upasana (worship/yajna/yoga in Saamveda). When we listen all this and practice then it effects in brain tissues and in whole body even giving us mental and physical strength etc., etc.

Adina: I have skin problem, pimples and dandruff. Please tell me a solution.
Swami Ram Swarup:
Daughter my dua that you will become alright soon. Please prepare medicine as follows—
2. GYOL 4gm
3. AZWAIN 6gm

Make the powder of all items. Take one karchi used to prepare the dal, vegetables etc. Boil it in one and half litres of water for five minutes. Let it be cool and afterwards sieve it in sterilized cloth. Now take half cup of medicine and mix it with another cup of fresh water. Take daily one cup in the morning with empty stomach for three months. You must also take at least two glass of water in the morning with empty stomach. And try to take plenty of water daily i.e., at least twenty glass of water from morning to night before going to bed. Have a long morning walk daily. In sufficient pure oil of sarson mix half tea spoon of nimbu ras (lemon juice) and apply it in whole of the oil and head for 15 days. It will finish dandrauf. Do not apply soap to wash the hair but always apply multani meeti. After 15 days please let me know the progress. Allah will sure help you.

Ram Suri: Dear Swamiji. Namaskar. I am grateful for your reply. Swamiji! my earlier question was that if I am able to make karma zero, then do I born again or not. Scriptures apparently say that there is no birth for such souls. In that case, where will be my soul? Will it be near divine or will it become divine by dissolving in divine? Where are all those liberated souls currently present? I will be thankful for your answer.
Swami Ram Swarup: If the karmas become zero by doing pious deeds, worship, yoga practice etc., then there becomes no next birth because birth means soul is provided with organs like eyes etc., and legs etc., and body to face the result of past births’ deeds etc. When karmas become zero, then no need of next body and soul remains always in merriment with minute/smallest organs which are called invisible sukshm sharir in Hindi and this sharir remains in space. And such souls get salvation i.e., final liberation.

Ram Suri: Swamiji. Namaskar. I am very thankful for your kind answer. But I have some doubts from your reply. You have said that according to advaita, there is only one thing present. If we ask who this one thing is, then the answer is divine (not God). Divine is one, without second. The various names, like sun, moon, wind, etc you have mentioned, are not divine. They are prakriti. Prakriti is not divine, and therefore, it works under divine’s command. Because, the above terms are described in Vedas, it does not mean that they are also divine. If you agree that the above names, like wind, sun, moon etc are nothing but prakriti, then apart from prakriti who else is present? It is divine. Therefore, divine is alone, one without a second. Your own explanation supports advaita, but you say that advaita is wrong. Vedas may also have said that divine, souls and Prakriti are present. Souls, bonded in karma, are not divine. Similarly, prakriti is also not divine, because, it chages every time, while divine never changes. When dealing in spirituality, we have to consider only divine and souls, but not physical body (prakriti) because, once, it is dead, it goes into prakriti. But spiritutality is concerned with souls and divine. According to advaita philosophy, the souls that are out of bondage of karma is nothing but divine. Upanishads also support this claim, ‘Tat tvam asi’, ‘Aham brahma asmi’ etc. Here we need to understand that eventhough, all souls are divine, but because, they are entangled in samsar, they are not entitled to be called divine. Once, the soul is able to annihilate the karma to zero by sadhana, etc activities, all layers of ignorance and bondage are broken. This soul is liberated from birth and death loop for ever, and hence eligible to attain or merge in divine. The rope and snake example you quoted can not be equated in spirituality. Why? Because, This intrepetation of example ends at buddi, starting from world, karma indria, gyan indria, mind, and buddi. Beyond buddi is the paRamatma. If we aim for divine, we need to control upto buddi. Therefore, the above example, does not even talk about divine, and hence no spirituality in it. Spirituality comes beyond buddi onwards. Once, the mind is controlled thoroughly by practicing various methods, then the same mind will help for divine realization (an uncontrolled mind is an enemy, while controlled mind is a friend, – as said in Gita). Can you please make your position clear by giving a better explanation? Upanishads are a part of Vedas, and when they declare that a pure soul is nothing but divine, it is correct. Can you please give a better explanation. If you like, we can continue this debate. I have no bad feelings or opinion about you or anyone else. Please forgive me if you are hurt by my explanation.
Swami Ram Swarup: I do not say but the advaitvad says the remaining matter is God and not Divine because in advaitvad they say EKO BRAHAM DWITIYO NA ASTI. Its meaning, they say, — there is only one God and nothing else so the soul, body, sun , etc., all are God. But by misunderstanding like a snake in the rope these matters are being looked by an ignorant as sun, body etc. This does not suits from Vedas. I did not say that sun, moon, bodies etc., are prakriti but I told that these are made of prakriti. At the time of mahapralay these sun, moon ,etc., i.e., whole creation is merged in prakriti i.e., take the shape of prakriti and Prakriti is eternal like God and souls. Mud is one matter but pots made from mud take another shape. So sun, moon etc., are made from prakriti but not these are not prakriti. Hence the tretvad. So I do not ,even did not agree that sun, moon etc., are prakriti as you stressed above in your present question. I could not understand that what do you mean by Divine. If you consider its meaning God or like God then the answer will be changed because sun, moon are made from Prakriti and prakriti is non alive matter like mud and the matters are destroyed one day and cannot be God because God is immortal. So from prakriti God creates universe. Souls take bodies.

If there is only one God and there is no prakriti and no souls or souls and prakriti are God then how God is omnipresent and to whom God is commanding? If we say that for sometime God has been captured by illusion then again it is wrong due to the purest qualities of God mentioned in all Vedas and also said YajurVeda mantra 40/8 i.e., shukRam, akaya, shudham, apapvidham, samabhyahah, yatha tathyatah, arthan i.e., God is almighty and needs no assistance to create and command on prakriti and souls, God is bodiless, purest and there may be no any kind of illusion etc., in God or on God. God can not do any sin and injustice actually God does not face any result of any deeds (karmas) as also said in yoga shashtra suta 1/24 but soul bears, so the difference between God and soul, and at last it is said in this
mantra that God in real position has given the knowledge of every matters, prakriti, souls of himself by giving the knowledge through Vedas. My explanation do not support advaitvad but supports tretvad i.e., God, prakriti and souls according to Vedas. Samkhya shashtra of Kapil Muni and yoga shashtra of Patanjali Rishi clears that Vedas are eternal and are only the
proof on the world to know the according to all the ancient holy books we have to take proof of Vedas to know reality or the proof of the past Rishis like Vyas etc., who knew Vedas and yoga philosophy (please see yoga shashtra sutra 1/7— prataksh-anumaan-agamah pRamanani for proof). So the proof of Vedas cannot be ignored being eternal and direct knowledge from God originated automatically in the heart of four Rishis at time of creation. Please clear the meaning of divine as we consider its meaning in Hindi as Divya, pavitr etc.,so in original soul is divya and pavitr (divine) God is also Divya and pavitr. But soul is bounded with karmas and illusion whereas God not. Soul takes body whereas God not. Soul is present at one place only with his body but God is everywhere etc., etc., etc., the differences between God and soul. Prakriti is also eternal but the sun, moon etc., made from prakriti are not eternal. How you and I or anybody else (soul ) reads, laughs, studies and do deeds etc? Answer is from mind and body and organs and these organs are made of prakriti. You are giving question and answer through your mind. So how we will not consider physical body from which we are giving answer etc.?

Alone soul can do nothing. When soul goes out from body then neither soul nor body is able to do anything. So soul is dependent on body to react whereas God is independent. Without mind and body nothing can be considered what to talk of spirituality. We are thankless (in Urdu ehsanpharmosh) that we (souls) are using mind, eyes, nose, body, sun, moon, gold, silver, earth, fruits, water, air etc., etc., to live upon all made of prakriti and we are denying on the other hand. It means we take birth from our most respected learned mother and father and we are saying that their bodies are nothing. We do marriage, take pleasure, get beautiful bodies of children and become happy and again we say that these bodies are nothing and cannot be considered in spirituality. We study and take lecture from our teachers (souls) from their mouth and we are saying that there is no existence of mouth is not considered in spirituality. So the tretvad of Vedas is true but everybody is free to accept any VAD. Not I but Vedas don’t support advaitvad.

You have said that ,”Vedas may also have said — ” so it is clear that you have not gone through the Vedas. AtharvVeda says “PASHYA DEVSYA KAVYAM NA MAMMAR NA JIRYATI” it means we study the immortal knowledge of Vedmantras. Gurunanak Dev Sahib says,”VED ONKAAR NIRMAY i.e., Vedas are originated by Almighty God Himself. Again Guru Maharaj says,”VED KATEV KAHO MAT JHOOTHE,JHOOTHA SO JO NA VICHARE. It means Vedas are true so I would request you to please go through all the Vedas, the immortal knowledge of God. What happens that we listen the smallest part of Veda, Shashtra, Mahabharta, Upnishads etc., from the present saints which mostly suits them. In AtharvaVeda kand 12 sukta 5 , it is said that the thorough knowledge must be attained and not in cut piece or stolen, otherwise God will give punishment so we must respect our Vedas. I have written a lot about Vedas and yoga on this web site and it is again my humble request to you to please go through the whole web site and send me e-mail again. In holy bhandaras, we take food and how can we ignore that food is nothing?

In this connection, Kapil Muni also says in his Samkhya shahstra that , “NA KALPANAVIRODHAH PRAMAANDRISHTASYA”sutra 2/25 which means that when the truth has been defined in Vedas then it cannot be changed based on mere imagination like NA ASAT AH KHAYANAM NRISHRINGVAT SUTRA 5/52 means like horn on man ‘s head i.e., there is no horn on man’s head, it has proof of AtharvaVeda yet somebody says based on his own imagination that he has seen a man with horn on his head, so it is not acceptable being unauthentic. Soul as you said is bounded in karmas so not divine but soul is free from illusions and karmas in its original shape but being ignorant due to attachment with raj, tam, and sato guna of prakriti soul has forgotten his original shape and requires Vedas knowledge/spiritual knowledge through preaches to wash illusion like kaam, krodh, mad, lobh, ahankaar etc. Prakriti in original is never changed but the creation is made from prakriti , creation is not called prakriti as mud is not called pot (made of mud). Soul is called soul according to his qualities and divine is divine according to its qualities. And please define the meaning of Divine you consider.

In Brihadarnakyo Upnishad shalok 1/4/10,AHAM BRAHAM ASMI has been stated . Suppose somebody is telling that class is making noise but class cannot make noise, only students are making noise. So when a Yogi after studying Vedas and doing ashtang yoga practice attains Samadhi i.e., salvation, the soul from his body starts saying Aham (I am)Braham Asmi (absorbed in God) and this absorption is like salt in water because at every state the qualities of salt are separate from water. If soul is considered God then why cannot soul create universe? This stage comes in Samadhi only. For example one says that he (my friend) and I are one but in reality they are separate. Similarly when Yogi attains Samadhi/Salvation, he says AHAM BRAHAM ASMI but soul and God are always separate. So when somebody will say that God Himself is soul or sun, moon etc., and God Himself is doing this play, then it is wrong.

Now come to Tatwm Asi, In Chandoyogopnishad 6/2 it is said in the shaloka that (Rishi says to his son Shwetketu) God is to be known who is the smallest from soul and world and is Atma of world and souls. The said true God is Himself His Atma (i.e., God is Swayambhuh nobody has created God but God has created world from Prakriti ) then told TADATMA EKAH TAT ANTARYAMI TWAM ASI i.e., my son Shwetketu that God
is within you, so the meaning of Tatwam asi is as the God is Atma of all non alive creations (world )and too of alives (souls) , so O ,Shwetketu , you are the same that is God is also your Atma i.e., God is also within you like whole creation. So Upnishad does not support the claim.As you say that souls are entangled in Sansar they are not entitled to be Divine and once the soul is able to anihilate the karmas to zero by sadhna, all layers of ignorance and bondage are broken so he will have to go in deep that soul makes karmas zero by doing worship etc., and not God, hence the separation. A yogi goes beyond Buddhi only through
meditation etc., and takes the help of Buddhi. Without Buddhi he will be mad and learning of Vedas, shashtras, etc., is also based on Buddhi and organs. Yes, beyond Buddhi is Parmatma(God) and with mind (Budddhi ) the soul works, but in Salvation also soul has
mann, Buddhi, five perceptions, five organs and five pran and it is called suksham sharir as mentioned in four Vedas and other ancient holy Granths. Suppose in salvation soul has no suksham sharir then how will he enjoy the salvation, (Parmanand) so God is beyond mind
calculation and imagination but to realise God soul takes the assistance of mind etc. As regards the example of rope and snake it is always mentioned in advaitvad which I quoted and made it wrong based on Vedic theory of tretvad. Controlled and uncontrolled mind is applicable only for soul and not God. I am happy from your hard study and explaning your views and will request you to please continue .My heartiest blessings to you for your long happy life and would again request you to please go through the full web site where I have tried to explain more about advaitvad. Thanks a lot.

Jamal Nasir: I am really confused about the Lord Buddha’s theory of love towards all living creatures. I am very much inspired by the teachings of Buddha and wish to get narwana like him, but how can I love with people who are highly ignorant, have no sympathy to others and create torture to others. How can I love those people?
Swami Ram Swarup:
How the magnet attracts iron? Because magnet has qualities to attract. Mahatma Buddha first did tapsaya and finished ego, anger, proud, greediness etc., etc., which are the curtains on the soul. Soul is unlimited times powerful with divine strength in comparison of magnet. So one should first do worship, study of holy books traditionally, meditation etc., to clear the curtains of ego etc., and thereafter the people automatically will listen.

Sherry Marsalis: Could someone tell me what cats have to do with Hinduism? I was working on my computer and the sound of a cat came on with the meowing and scratching sounds. I am learning Hinduism and the first time something happened like this I went to India. I heard the Yoga breath and I am planning on going back in October or November of this year. Any advice would be helpful.
Swami Ram Swarup:
Cats etc., so many customs like ghost worship, nine planets worship, etc., etc., have no existence in Vedas hence false. Actually we have forgotten the eternal knowledge of Vedas given direct by God and we mostly follow the unauthenticated customs made by man and hence blind faith. In Ramayan it is said, Ved puran vashisht bakhanihin, sunoh Ram. It means Guru Vashisht used to preach of Vedas to Rama and others and they used to listen. Again “Shruti path palak” i.e., Ram followed the path of Vedas. Therefore we must follow the Vedas path and Bhagwat Geeta and Ramayan must be listened from those learned persons who are philosophers of Vedas and yoga like Vashisht Muni and Sandeepan rishi who were the holy guru of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna. They did not tell the story of now a days of puran etc., because these were not written at that time, they only used to tell Vedas knowledge with the result there was no blind faith or blind custom like cat etc. See YajurVeda says in mantra 7/48 that man or woman do the good or bad deeds and God gives the result respectively. So the circumstances comes based on the deeds we have already done and not by cat etc. That is why it is said man purposes and God disposes. In AtharvaVeda God inspires human being to love each other even to love jungle, animals and birds
And asks to take care of them. And in other hand due to blind faith and custom we slaughter cow and other animals and takes their meat and hate cats etc., which are totally against the Vedas. Live and let live. Vedas were originated by God in the heart of four rishis at the time of unsexual creation. In this earth too the Vedas were originated about one arab ninety six crore eight lakhs fifty three thousands years ago. At that time the present religion (majhab) like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian etc., were not in existence. Because Vedas are the knowledge direct from God and God being our father. So Vedas are applicable on all of us as were applicable in the past three periods (satyug,treta and dwapur.) Vedas are not sects. So everybody can adopt the Vedas with open heart whether he is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian etc. In Vedas there are three knowledge in detail given by God himself 1.knowledge of matters in RigVeda i.e., whole science which is available in force in electrical energy i.e, physics, chemistry, etc., etc. 2. How to worship God i.e., upasana kand in SaamVeda wherein asan, pranayaam, meditation i.e., full ashtang yoga is preached. 3.knowledge about good and difference between good and bad deeds and pious and sins in Yajurveda. So yoga knowledge comes out from Vedas and when we leave the Vedas and only do asan, pranayam and do meditation even leaving behind the best deed of yajna etc., so only this type of yoga has no meaning and has thus not given peace to human beings. So one should study Vedas from spiritual learned master.

Jeevan Singh: SAT SRI AKAALJI SWAMIJI. Isn’t life so strange? Sometime we expect things too much and we get nothing and sometime when we don’t expect things are on their way to us. What is the secret behind all this? Secondly I have came across Gurbani where Guruji says that In a way every soul here in this world is God. If this was the fact then why are we so lost into Maya and ego? Where is that connection where we can come across the Truth? Where is that place where we can sit and find God?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sat Shri Akaal and my blessings to you. It is fundamental that one must always desire to do pious deeds only according to holy preach of Vedas, Guru Granth Sahib etc., but without expecting result because result is always in the hand of God. I have already told so many times on the web site that if one good or bad deed is done today then its result is awarded by almighty God in the future births not in this life. This is the deepest knowledge, which I have explained before stating sanchit, prarabdh and kriyamaan karmas. Secondly man purposes but God disposes. So if without expectation we get beneficial or bad things this all is the result of our previous deeds. Guru Maharaj in Gurubani have preached a lot and specially preached to remember the name of God and worship and to do pious deeds. These are done by soul and not by God. If soul is God then why there is worry, sickness, problems, death etc., which is not a subject matter of God. God is called Akaalpurush which means God is beyond kaal (death). He is Ajuni i.e., God does not take birth like us. So soul cannot be God. Soul comes in birth and death i.e., takes body and body is of quality of birth and death but God does not gets body. There is only a place of satsang where only true knowledge is given without selfishness and that knowledge is eternal and not of self made, there only we can get the true knowledge and realisation of God which is the only aim of this human body. And in the absence of this fact most of the people are wasting time and body while indulging in materialistic articles, false merriment, ego, proud, anger, to eat, to sleep, to spending fun, in baseless sex etc., etc., like animals.

Darshana: What is the Hindi meaning of Gayatri mantra?
NAAM HAI AUR GAYATRI MANTRA BHI TEEN VEDOIN MAIN ARTHAT RIGVEDA,YAJURVEDA AUR SAAMVED MAIN ATTA HAI. BHUHU means prandatta, Ishwar hum sabko pran deta hai,BHUVHA ka matlab hai dukhoin ko dur
karnewala,Ishwar ki bhakti se dukh door hotein
hain,SWAH ka matlab hai sab jagah pragat aur anand
denewala yeh gun bhi Ishwar main hee hai. SAVITAH KA

Sammu: Do you believe in Allah?
Swami Ram Swarup: Allah has created this universe and is nursing. The Supreme power who creates the universe and nurses has got unlimited names according to his supreme qualities. He is Allah, God, Om , etc.,etc., so any pious name can be believed. These names are of the same supreme power who creates universe. I have written a lot about this fact on the web site and would request you to please go through the full web site also.

shradha: Can you please tell me which is best aasan for increasing the metabolic rate. I want to the name of the aasan & what time it should be done?
Swami Ram Swarup: Every asan will help you and one must therefore learn at least ten asan, but actually pranayaam and meditation will serve the purpose. Asan and pranayaam must be done within four o’ clock to six o’clock in the morning and in evening too at the time of sunset.

Shankur: Are there any mantras to improve intelligence power and self confidence?
Swami Ram Swarup: The jaap of gaaytri mantra and Om is beneficial but yoga asan and pranayaam must also be done.

Kameswara: What are ashta daridras (mentioned in Lingaashtakam)? What are ashta sidhis (the names of sidhis and what those mean)?
Swami Ram Swarup: Lack of courage mental and physical strength and to be a poor, due to lack of spiritual knowledge are the main daridrta (poverty) but sorry I do not know about Lingsashtakam. Siddhis are: annima, laghima, mahima, prapti, prakamya, vashishtav, ishitatv and kama vasayatv — satya sankalp.

Yogesh Mitra: How can be passions be calmed and controlled? Is indulgence such activities ill to health?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes ill to health and character too. These are controlled by real worship and ashtang yoga.

Iravati: Why God has made human beings? What was his purpose behind making us? Is there any end to cycle of death and re-birth?
Swami Ram Swarup: Death is controlled by obtaining salvation through worship, yoga practice under guidance of spiritual master. If God will not create the world then the soul will remain bodiless and just like in comma condition baselessly and again then what will be the use of God? Who will tell him God? Actually the creation is automatically under command and control of Almighty God because in unlimited qualities, the one quality of God is that his knowledge, power and actions are but natural (automatically at specific time).

Anonymous: How to know previous births?
Swami Ram Swarup: Everybody is afraid of death whether he is human being, animal or bird, or new born baby. So it clears that when new born baby has not yet met with death Then why he is afraid.actually he is afraid of death because he has been experiencing death for the last so many births and deaths. So rebirth is a law but death is overcome by worship etc., this is also a law. Actually we must worship God according to our religion (majjhab) to realise him. And not for other achievement like rebirth etc., the main motto of human beings is to realise God even while in family life, for which proper guidance is essential. Yet, there is process to know previous birth and the motto of present birth and what will be next birth. It is mentioned by Patanjali Rishi in his Yoga Shashtra Sutra 2/39 and in its comments Vyas Muni says that if the aspirant is ascetic and use only limited means to live upon and does not gather unwanted and unlimited materialistic articles then he knows about such births. But nowadays world is after materialistic articles with result who is he and why he has taken birth and what will be the next birth. But an aspirant, by virtue of worship, prayer and practice of yoga with meditation, controls his five senses and five organs even while in family life and becomes ascetic (faquir) then he can meet with the goal.

Indraneel: How do I cleanse the impure thoughts of our mind? And how to detach myself from the past which has been very impure and the guilt still haunts me? How do I work for a better tomorrow and be a nice human being whom I can love and be at peace
Swami Ram Swarup: First of all to attain all this a firm decision and hard working with devotion and full dedication is required. Then one must learn asan, pranayam and meditation from a spiritual master who knows Vedas and Yoga philosophy. Because yoga controls the various forms of effect (chitta vritti). one must study spiritual books of ancient times like Valmiki Ramayan, Mahabharta and Vedas then sure he will get success.

Harish Chandera Arya: When I had asked a question from you that when someone is abusing us then we should leave that we should not fight with him but we should make him to be understood. You tell me that if the God is not doing this then why should we do?
Swami Ram Swarup: God is supreme judge. He gives us justice. If anyone does crime or hurts somebody then God in return gives him punishment. And if anybody does pious deeds then God gives him pleasure. So this is the theory of good and bad deeds turning pious deeds and in. When somebody insults us then there are two ways. If we are saint we must bear it happily leaving the result in the hand of almighty God. And if we are general human beings then we must seek justice. However if we are able to bear then it is good.

Craig Procter: How do you think and feel the age of Aquarius is going to affect us generally and the way the Vedas will be perceived and because of that expressed. I know the Vedas never change but human circumstances will.
Swami Ram Swarup: Age of aquarius is nothing to affect us but fundamental of Vedas is that our own good or bad deeds effect our life in sorrows and pleasure respectively. Age of aquarius is non alive and does not give us any effect except sun shines and moon light, hot and cold weather etc., etc.

Zara: I have been told of something in yogic philosophy called “siddhis” and I beleive I have it in this life, I must have gotten it in a previous life and I cannot stop it, can I have info. on well, suppressing it?
Swami Ram Swarup: If this is your own experience then it is okay. However according to Yajurveda mantra 7/4 there are eight sidddhis attained by a yogi and those are — annima, laghima, mahima, prapti, prakamya, vashishtv, ishitatv and sankalp.

Lucienne: Can you tell me what the main colour of the Bagwan-reglion is?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yogi or saint in India bears saffron clothes of bhagva colour i.e., firy orange. Because this colour is firy orange that is why the saint feels that his body always is in fire and thus he maintains his asceticness. But there is no any bhagwan (God) colour. God is always bodiless.

Jeevan Singh: With Your love and Guruji blessing life here is fine. “LIFE” What is this word? Why this word? Swamiji people complain too much about their what happened if they never had one? Please bless us and be kind enough to tell us more on the word “LIFE” and also what does Guru Nanak Devji says about LIFE.
Swami Ram Swarup: My dear son Sat Sri Akaal and blessings to you for a long happy life. In short Shri Guru Nanakdev Sahib has told a lot in Shri Guru Granth Sahib that —
Bhai prapat manukh de haria, govind milan di ahu teri waria. Owr kaaraz tere kite na kaam, mil sadh sangat bhaj kewal naam. It means that the human body is blessed by God like a invaluable diamond because one can only realise God from this body only by doing worship and pious deeds etc. And except the pious deeds to realise God, the other deeds are nothing to do for us. So we must go to satsang/saints to know the real way of worship to realise God and to recite the holy name of God etc. So this is the meaning of Shri Guruvani in short but has the deepest knowledge, which cannot be described here because at least it will require minimum three hours to explain, yet it will be considered short. So the conclusion of all Vedas, shashtras and other holy books of other religions, is stressing human beings and alarming too to realise God during lifetime.

See that it is our head, hand, eye and other parts of body but nobody says that he is head, eye, nose etc. So it is clear that we are separate (soul) and body is separate. God has given us this human body wherein we (souls) live. We live in home and maintain it. Similarly, we (souls) live in body and we will have to maintain to live in. So to maintain the body some money, house, clothes and food are required and this is the requirement of the body only and not of soul. At last this body will be burnt. But soul is eternal and immortal and will get new body (birth) according to his karmas to face his karmas. So soul needs nothing. Soul does not eat, does not wear clothes and actually does not require anything worldly, materialistic articles etc., and that is why even after getting everything a richest man is not happy. Because richest soul in the absence of a real saint/satsang as told by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib above, does not know that why soul is not happy inspite of having the richest stage of the world. Actually soul is hungry of preach, satsang, the voice of God etc., and soul is not being fed by body. So the aim of human life is clear. Vedas say that we must get progress in both sides together worldly materialistic like education, science, industries etc_etc., and spiritualism. Nowadays most of the people are failed to understand the fact of human life and thus the problems.

Sachin: Is it required to pray God for getting good marks in exams? I fail last year can God minimise my sorrow, can he empower me to pass this year?
Swami Ram Swarup: Please remember that God helps those who help themselves. Simple pray will do nothing. Man purposes and God disposes. So the future is always based on present pious and hard working towards a right path. You are a student and it is your moral duty only to pay your full attention on study and health. Please go ahead, be brave and get success with the blessing of God.

Paul: Swami; will India retain the glory it had in 1700’s?

Swami Ram Swarup: You were better in position during 1700’s but not glorious. Our glory was upto about 5000 years back during Mahabharta time. And in future it is not possible due to corruption, woman’s insult, insult of old parents and people, un-education, blind faith, corrupt politics and huge lack of knowledge of real moral character, moral education and real God who is one. Human beings are after materialistic articles only and not towards reality.

Sanatana Dharma: Swami ji. Namaskar. I hear my friends saying some words like salvation. What is it? After salvation, do get I born again?
Swami Ram Swarup: Everybody takes birth to face the result of deeds done in the previous births and again does deeds in the present birth to face the same in the next birth. The counting of deeds are unlimited, which are called sanchit karm and from sanchit only few karmas are faced in the present birth and these karmas(deeds) are prarabhdh and whatever we do in the present these karmas are called kriyamaan. Therefore the circle of death and birth remains always continue and the eternal soul takes body according to his karmasseveral times. By virtue of the special knowledge and worship when sanchit karmas and present karmas and prarabdh karmas are burnt then the soul attains salvation i.e., gets final liberation and remains in permanent merriment.

Sanatana Dharma: Can you please tell me which is true: advaita philosophy or vishitadvaita philosophy? and why?
Swami Ram Swarup: Advaita means there is no another. So when we study new Vedanta philosophy then we makes its meaning that there is only one God and nothing other. Whereas Vedas say then world like sun, moon, bodies, air etc., made by prakriti, souls and Almighty God these three matters are there, but new Vedanta says that sun, moon, prakriti etc., is being seen by misunderstanding and soul is itself God quoting the example that in a rope a snake is realised but actually that is a rope and by misunderstanding the rope is realised a snake. So this is their advaitwad that everything is God and there is nothing except God i.e, God, souls and the world is one. Whereas Vedas say about tretwad that God, soul and prakriti are reality. In Vishit Advaita it is said that God, souls and world are always different from each other. Soul(alive) and world (non alive) both are smallest bodies of God in Hindi Sukshm. This is also not told by Vedas.

Annie: What does “OM SARVAMVAI POORNAM SWAHA” at the end of havan mean?
Swami Ram Swarup: The world is created by Almighty God and he is Puran i.e., he has all the powers and needs nothing that is why he is Almighty. The God has created world so world is puran, the God has given the knowledge of Vedas, so Vedas are puran therefore sarvam-all, vai-totally purnam-complete in all respect and swaha-our true voice. So complete meaning is that o, God I have been uttering the Vedas mantras with my true voice and thus doing yajna, therefore my every pray and all things at all level be puran-complete in all respect i.e., there may no deficiency and problems whatsoever in my life of anything i.e., either in worldly or in spiritualism to realise God. Worldly means good wishes and karmas according to Vedas. So in sarvam everything i.e., worldly progress and spiritual progress both are counted in full and at last we get salvation too.

Vinod: I am student and always think of future and competition. This constant thinking has caused worries and poor self-analysis. Please guide.
Swami Ram Swarup: This is your misunderstanding please. Vedas and shashtras clearly say that man does deeds and reward is given by God. So when we will make our mind firm to do pious deeds and hard working towards a right path then it is automatically that God will give us good award. We must not be a patient of inferiority complex. You may see that like you so many boys and girls did hard work and got higher position in several deptt. then why not you? So if thousands of people have not succeeded, they surely could not work hard and might be thinking like you. So please in race do not look back. Always look ahead towards the target to obtain. Please always remember that God helps those who help themselves. Please go ahead and make your future bright.

Vasantha: Can you tell me the Gayathri mantra? What is it for? Please explain.
Swami Ram Swarup: I have written about Gayarti mantra already on this web site and would request you to please see the web site. It has separate heading on the web site on the main display. Gayatri mantra has three parts. First to recite the pious and divine qualities of almighty God like bhuhu, bhuvh, swah, etc., second meditation stating dhimahi and third prayer like dhiyo yo na prachodyat. So please first see web site and send me e-mail again
for further clarification.

O: I don’t believe on this all things.
Swami Ram Swarup: When first time man landed on moon, nobody believed before, first and second world war did not believe before, death minor or old is not believed before, a
child will become old with so many diseases is not believed before, entropy law told by science say that the sun one day will be no more is not being believed now, everybody will meet with death is not believed before death, earth revolves around the sun is not
believed without getting education. During pregnancy what has come in mother’s womb and who has constructed eyes, ears, hands etc., and from where and from what is not known without being aspirant. So is about on this all things please. And thus you are quite right. One
must respect everybody’s views and so I respect you.

Nisha: I go regularly for satsang. I want to know, is meditation better than gyan?
Swami Ram Swarup: The eternal knowledge four Vedas say about gyan, karam and upasana together. Without gyan the right karam (deed) cannot be done. And if we do not worship (upasana) then gyan and karma are baseless. In satsang we only listen but we must first listen truth then we must do practically as said. Meditation comes in ashtang yoga so complete knowledge of ashtang yoga is essential before doing meditation, and meditation is superb.

Pradeep Mishra: I would like to know about the gaytri mantra, and procedure how to chant the gyatri mantra , if there is need to join yoga class for this , then please let me know when I can join the class and formalities for joining the class.
Swami Ram Swarup: I have already explained the meaning of gayatri mantra on the web site and would request you to please see the full web site. Yes the knowledge of mantra is required to be taken personally. There will be yoga shivir for seven days from 25 april and you can join here even for one or two days or as you wish.

Srinivasan: What is the reason for females to wear jewellery, is there any specific reason (scientific & sasthra) for wearing? Does Veda or sastra specifies about wearing jewellery and what jewels to be worn in which part of human body?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please Vedas say to bear the jewellery specially made of gold, which is beneficial for our body. Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mata Sita and so many others used to bear the jewellery.

Udhay Sharma: I am nine years old. I want to know who put water in the sea and why?
Where does the sun get the energy from?
Swami Ram Swarup: God is the creator and thus has made sea, water, sun, etc., for the benefit of human being. The sun takes energy from God because God is everywhere and even in the sun.

Ravi: Pranam swamiji, for GAYATRI MANTRA is it essential to take bath and wear washed cloths every time? Can’t we do it with fresh mind in the early morning. I’m new to pranayam. Can I sit in ardha padma asana since it difficult for me to do padma asana. And what are the benefits of doing Purak:Kumbhak:Rechak in 1:4:2 ratio?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Ved shashtra the necesity of purification is stressed essential. So to take bath early in the morning daily counts also towards worship but in unavoidable circumstances one can sit without taking bath or without changing clothes. But still face and mouth wash and to go bathroom is a must. There is no ardh padam asan but you can sit on simple sidhaasan or sukhaasan. Benefit of such pranayam is to have good health and control on senses, perceptions and mind besides there are hundred of benefits but pranayam or asan are learnt from an experienced and learned spiritual master.

Robin: With the help of what force the planets moves around the sun and how the gravitational force acts in the planets?
Swami Ram Swarup: According to modern science each planet have its own gravitational even magnetic force but according to Vedas Almighty God has unlimited power, attraction too and as God is omnipresent and has been controlling the universe so every planet due to the presence of the God has attraction and gravitational force.

Sanjay: In kundalani yoga what happens after the snake has reversed itself from between the eyebrows?
Swami Ram Swarup: This question requires lengthy preach and is always learnt in presence of a spiritual master.

Masud: Param Pugganiya Swamiji, Sadar Pranam I am honored with your reply on RAM TEMPLE issue. I actually couldn’t expect such transparent and clean reply on such BIG POLITICAL GAME from any other person. Please show me the way how I can reach the way of peace. At the end I beg your blessings and guidance all the time and pay my highest respect.
Swami Ram Swarup: Thanking you. I pray Almighty God for your long happy life. Daily worship according to pious Quran, pray, to feel sorrows or difficulties of human beings as of own, to serve the parents and love humanity, honesty, control on senses, perceptions and mind, respect to others, sweet spoken, hard working towards right path, stand for truth, live and let live, to discharge our duties faithfully, to awake early in the morning, to have morning walk and to do light exercises, to study only pious books are the teachings of our prophets to follow to serve the human beings being the right way to worship the God.

Salih Mohammad: Dear guruji, with due respects, after a long study and unbiased attitude I ultimately converted to ISLAM, which i feel is the only religion in the whole world which is worth following and is eternal. Why do you want to spend your time and resources in spreading a faith which teaches killing and burning alive of its enemies which is the worst form of barbarism ! Why do you want to spread this faith which itself keeps transforming and has no standards what so ever in history, today you’ll say something and tomorrow someone else will completely redesign hinduism and the foolish will keep following and sponsoring the barbaric people to burn down homes of other religions. C’mon open your mind to the truth, search for it, pray for it and I am 100 percent sure you wont go anywhere but be a muslim?
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear brother, you have taken your own decision and if you have been feeling peace which must be then it is good one. The purpose of human beings is to worship God which you, I and people of the world are doing. All Religions preach the right way, so in anyone religion one can get peace. Faith never teaches wrong path otherwise it can not be pronounced faith. I have studied all religions including Islam and have found good preaches in every religion for the benefit of the human beings specially promoting brotherhood/love. Doubt arises where a person being busy in materialistic/worldly articles only, have no time to study the holy books otherwise every religion is the best way to worship God.

Mission Peace: Well, no religion can be right which is altered, tailored, manipulated and suited for the needs time to time and the best example is, No other faith in the world has remained purest and unchanged to a dot inthe holy scripture except the Islam and holy quran. I am not telling all of you to become muslims, but dont be ignorant about the truth without ever opening a Quran, go today and research why … ISLAM IS THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION IN USA, ISLAM IS THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION IN INDIA, IN THE WORLD OVER, WHY , WHY AFTER SEP 11 ALSO ? BECAUSE people wll someday come to truth, whatever the world days. Be kind enough to explore it, God bless you
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear brother, I have gone through the pious Quran and all religious holy books and the conclusion of all holy religion is to promote brotherhood and love all over the world, LIVE AND LET LIVE, to serve the parents and human beings. To help the needy. To control on five perceptions, five senses and mind to use the same to serve the human beings. Secondly as you tell about alterations etc., then you will appreciate that four Vedas are eternal and even in this creation those are the most ancient holy books full with one science/knowledge, theory of deeds/karmas and secrets of worship and you will be surprised that the preaches of the Vedas are similar as mentioned in each holy and pious books and remains always unaltered. But the main problem arises that who can study the Vedas, pious Quran, holy Bible and other holy books of the religion together. If Islam is going fastest or any other religion is going fastest then it does not mean that God has stopped HIS mercy to the other religions, so this is not the question of faster or crowd, the question is this that everybody is worshipping God and the God is looking after everybody because God is the creator of whole universe and HE is only ONE. God bless you and my good wishes are with you.

Ekta: Shashtang namaskar Guru ji This is the first time m trying to contact you actually there r lot of questions in my mind, make me feel demotivate once in a month and i think u can make me free by giving the answers of these questions Guru ji on one hand there can always just be one of two sides of any happening… Good or Bad what is good on other hand our Vedas says that whatever happen in this world is according to God’s actions even not a leave can move without God wish if then bad Things are also Gods wish If our culture is affecting worst by west is this also God s Wish? Swami Ji i hope u l make me view clear about this
Swami Ram Swarup: Daughter, Vedas do not say that whatever is happening is according to God’s action. So please amend your views. In Yajurveda 7/48 it is told that we do deeds at our own and God gives only the result being Supreme judge. God has preached in the Vedas about the pious deeds but has also preached that it is upto us whether we follow the preach or not. God has to do justice by awarding the result i.e., good or bad. It is said in the shashtra that we are free to do good or bad deeds and accordingly the result is awarded by God. Suppose God has insisted us to do bad deed then it will be not our fault, so it is impossible that God will insist us to do bad jobs. I have already written a lot on this web site about this subject and would request you to go through the full web site. That is why it said that MAN PURPOSES AND GOD DISPOSES. Every person has taken birth to bear the effect of his past birth’s deeds as said in Rigveda mandal 10 sukta 135 and new deeds done in the present births will be faced in the next birth. In Rigveda mantra 1/164/20 it is clearly told that soul and Almighty God live in our body where soul bears the effect of the past deeds and God only see the soul’s deed. But on the other hand Vedas it has been made clear that if we discharge our duties honestly and faithfully according to the Vedas then our all deeds burn and we get salvation.

Anil: How this world came in to exist?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have written a lot about this subject on this web site and would request you to please go through the web site and send me e-mail again. However, God creates the universe from Prakriti, nurses and destroy and again creates and this process is automatically under the command of Almighty God.

Swami Ram Swarup: Please awake early in the morning for a long morning walk and light exercises. Take plenty of water, avoid the fried and fatty food, also please take medical advice. Yoga asan will give you good result.

Felix Sequeira: Rev. Swamiji, Thank you very much for your reply. As advised by you I will learn Asanas from some local Yogi. Till I get a Yogi in our area, I intend to do some Asanas from a few books. Please,therefore, advise me which Asanas I should do to overcome my problems.
Swami Ram Swarup: Siddhasan, if possible padam asan, uttanpadasan, pawanmukt asan, sarp asan, vajr asan, ardh matsendrya asan, pashchimotanaasan, are enough please. Therafter you can learn pranayam also.

vkopalle: Yoga exercises
Swami Ram Swarup: Yoga is not a exercise please. Yoga has eight fold path i.e., YAM,NIYAM, ASAN, PRANAYAM, PRATYAHAR, DHARNA, DHYAN AND SAMADHI. The last stage Samadhi is actually called yoga. And this one is salvation. Yoga philosophy is always learnt from a learned spiritual master who knows both Vedas and Yoga.

Suraj: Can you tell me. what is jeeven mirtu?, what is paap-puniya? what is indri?, what is satya?, what is zhooth? what is moha maya? what is sanyash? please describe in brife thanks suraj- new delhi
Swami Ram Swarup: There are three truth— Almighty God,prakriti and Soul. This world including our body is made of Prakriti. Every worldly article including body is destroyed one day. Soul is immortal. We are soul and not body. When soul according to his past births deeds comes into womb where he is blessed his body then it is called birth and when one day this body does not work and soul comes out then it is called death. Body is burnt but soul according to his deeds goes to next body called next birth. The deeds done according to Vedas, shashtras and holy books are called punya and against the holy books paap. This body of ours is provided with eye, nose, ear, tongue and skin to work for looking, smelling, listening, tasting and touching respectively. These are called five senses(indriyan) then mouth, hands, legs, rectum and sex these five indriyans works. Then mind. So these are eleven indries by which soul works. The power which was in the past even before creation, and is present now and will remain always in future also even after destroying the universe that power is called satya (truth). The truth is not made of anything. These truth are in three i.e., God, Prakriti and souls. The jhooth(false-illusion) is that which has no existence or illusion can be considered that it is not eternal it was born or made up and after sometime destroyed like trees, our body etc. But false has no existence for example if someone says that this man has horns in his head so it is untrue and was never before nor at present and never will be future. Mohmaya is the emotion or the deeds when we are attached with the worldly materialistic articles and spend our life with proud and with pomp and show and withe result we never try to realise truth. There are four ashrams in Vedas and shashtras— brahamcharya, grasth, vanprasth and sanyas. Sanyas is the fourth ashram in whcih a devotee break all the relation and emotion with the world and works only to realise God and preach to human beings.

Jens: I got an anwser about Vedas and scriptures and the anwser was are eternal. It’s also said that Vedas are eternal. No they are not:( They might be, but we don’t know. People say untrue things and santa claus is “true”, no he is not, but we don’t know if he was some time. It’s to be said that Vedas are eternal cause the have been kept by loyal gurus thru time. yeah? that doesn’t give me any anwser that Vedas are true or eternal, not even you. What I DO know is that Vedas and scriptures way of living has killed, and abused lotes of people, THAT is more true then ANY scriptures and Vedas! God is less real then your mind, isn’t he?
Swami Ram Swarup: I pay respect on your views. We have to worship only to the eternal power who creates, nurses and destroy the universe and again creates. That power is Almighty God for all human beings. From any holy book when we listen about this power only and we worship and pray the power and gets peace, promote international brotherhood, loves humanity, it means we are at the right path. The history of the Vedas in short is that this is fundamental law that untill and unless the knowledge is not given by anybody else then the knowledge can not be received or followed. Suppose a newly baby is kept in a cave and nursed with all kind of good management but the child is not taught or is not made any talk with the child, then even after 20 or 40 years of age he will be cosidered educated and he will not be able even to talk or understand any language. So from where we have learnt science, etc., etc., WE see when this universe was created who taught us because the educational personal of the previous universe had left the bodies and in new creation the man will be educated by science and spiritualism both when he will given the knowledge. So we can say that God is our first Guru who taught us Rigveda knowledge based on science (matters), Yajurveda based on pious deeds and Saamveda regarding worship. The Vedas knowledge is generated in the heart of four Rishis of first unsexual creation by the power of Almighty God who is empowered. Being Almighty God dose not require hands, mouth etc., and does not require any assistant so God needed not either to speak or write the Vedas. Vedas is a knowledge generated in the heart similarly as some views are generated in our heart/mind without listening or reading. So Vedas are not a book. It was from mouth to mouth and before about five thousand some years ago it was written only by Vyas Muni who heartily learnt traditioally from his Guru. Therafter in 18th century when press came into existence the Vedas were printed from hand written copy of Vyas Muni. So Vedas are not sects. In Vedas there is no history or story or abuse or violence. I have studied all Vedas and I realise that he who have not studied those innocent person may be misleading by giving incorrect meaning of the Vedas words. For eaxmple Saamveda VRISHABH MEANS BULLOCK AND MUST BE NURSED FOR GETTING GENERATION FROM COW, FOR MILK BENEFITS etc., but so many people made his own meaning that in Yajna the bullock must be killed. Second example in Yajurveda there is aprocess of NARMADH YAJNA which means when the man is dead his body must be burnt (funeral) but so many places it was called that while worshipping God through Yajna man must be slaughtered, this all is wrong interpration. Our Rishi, Muni, Saints, Lord Jesus too realised the eternal power and spread. I have written a lot about holy Bible, Kuran and would request you to please pay your valuable time to go through the full web site including 17 lectures of Yoga philosophy at the top of the web site and then please send me e-mail again. I shall be waiting eagerly.

Prashant Kulkarni: Why do human beings entering in the illusion of sansar? if the eternal truth is mokshya. is it needed to satisfy all human deeds. in the life? Which of them are most important?
Swami Ram Swarup: If the human being will not enter in the world then the soul will have to remain without body and in unconscious condition. Will it be okay or it is okay that the soul takes body and by doing pious deeds gets long happy life and even Moksh. We must love humanity and promote international brotherhood which one is a order of God and even sort of worship of God.

Masud: Respected Swamiji, Sadar Pranam. thanks a lot for your reply on Hindu religion, arrived in the indo-pak sub continent. Today I would like to know about the reality of RAM TEMPLE issue as well as your opinion on the said. I also request you to explain the militant role of some group on the subject is that sort ACTS recognized by any religious people or those acts are for only political benefit you think. I feel honored with your mail and paying my highest respect for your kind reply.
Swami Ram Swarup: Ayodhaya matter regarding Masjid and Mandir, is in my view totally religious which has been made political. In religion there is no place to harm the heart of any body else. Suppose I even come to you with clear pious heart and whole hearted brotherhood to beg something and if it is in your power then you can not refuse but based on my clear heart. So if our Muslim brothers and Hindu brothers who are whole heartily love the humanity and sit to solve the problem then I think there will be no problem. But the issue I think has become political and has raised so many problems. But one thing is clear that Almighty God is everywhere and can not be bound in temple or mosque only. However the real Masjid or Temple of God is the heart of human body where HE lives or realised after real worship. But we are breaking the hearts of humanity. The faquir Buleshah has rightly told — Mandir Dah le, Masjid Dah le,Dha le Jo Kuchh Dehnda Hai Per Dil Na Kise Da Dha Buleya, Is Dil wich Pritam Rehnda Hai. It means God lives in the heart of human beings and we must love humanity and must not break the heart by violence etc.

LAL DAS PAHOOJA: If a non hindu wants to turn hindu does relegion allow it?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is a personal matter and everybody is free to decide at his own please.

Shanabhai.K.Patel: Swamiji, sashtaang PrNaam: When english word God is used to denote a divinity which divinity of the Hindu Pantheon we should understand? In Christianity the word is used for various Biblical entities e.g.El: elo,himetc. Biblical elohim-God has two hands and two legs: When it is usued in English writing on Hiduism what kind of divinity we should take: Does it mean Brahma, Brhamaa, Shiva, Bhairav,Indra Varun, etc: I am always puzzled when the word God is used in dealing with Hinduism. I pose a question is it wise to use the Word God in wring on Hinduism because neither the dictionary nor clergy are clear as to what they mean by the word God. I hope you clarify the position.
Swami Ram Swarup: God is one but there are so many holy names of Almighty in the Vedas based on the power and qualities of the God. For example Agni whcih means AGRINI which further means that tha power which was present before this creation and HE is God. So the name of God is Agni also according to Vedas. VISHNU means omnipresent so the name of God is Vishnu also. However Rishis have said the best name of God OM even according to Vedas. OM has several powerful meanings too. God word is from English language whose general meaning is Ishwar, Bhagwan, Khuda etc., therefore when we write in English being international language we will write God to indicate Ishwar, Bhagwan. Yes if our India pass the resolution that we will never say God and will use the name of Almighty power as Ishwar, Bhagwan, Jagdishwar, Narayan etc., then it will become okay. In Vedas Varun, Brahma, Indr, Shiv are also the name of Supreme power God according to HIS eternal qualities.

Farida T. Sherdiwala: Namashkar GURUJI Guruji i have heard that by Mudras we can heal our self .So which are the Vedic way of healing Mudras. Kindly give me the names and method of doing all Mudras by which we can heal one’s body ailments and spirituals ailments. Which mudras are there by which we can heal all diseases and the time of doing it and how much period of time to do each Mudras. Kindly reply
Swami Ram Swarup: There are some Mudras in yoga philosophy i.e., Khechari, Sambhavi etc., which are learnt from a Yogi. I am away and can not teach you. However the sickness is overcome only from yoga asan and pranayam and morning walk. Mudra is the highest stage to realise God.

Swami Ram Swarup: First of all I thank you for sending your valueable question. This is very clear thought that the power who creates, nurses and destroy the universe is one and HE only has given birth to all human beings. Because that power is Supreme called Almighty God is self sufficient, independent, omnipresent, omnicient, beyond calculation and beyond imagination therefore can not be in form. But unfortunately we all human beings agree that God is one but I think nobody try or goes deep to study or to realise the power and thus most of the false prophets have made their own unauthenticated ways of worship. On the top of this web site I have tried to explain in yoga lectures that in the beginning of the creation the knowledge of the four Vedas originated in the four Rishis by the grace of the God. Thus the Vedas are not the sects. So according to the Vedas there is only one God and being Supreme and Almighty, God needs no assistant and cannot be parted in any shape. Our forefathers (Rishis) have also told this fact and stressed that whenever you try to say about good deeds, progress of science, duties or worship etc., then your views must tally with the Vedas. This fact is also told by Patanjali Rishi in Yoga shashtra sutra 1/24 that the God is away from problem, karmas and to bear the consequences of the karmas. In second sutra 1/7 the Rishi says that whatever you say, you will have to give the proof of Ved mantra etc. Due to lack of study of Vedas too the illusion has been spread. I have written a lot about this on web site and would request you to please study the web site on this subject where I have tried my level best to satisfy even my Muslim brothers.

Rekha Verma: My husband’s life is not improving after I have come in his life. Please tell me what should I do in order to improve my life.
Swami Ram Swarup: At this juncture I would advice you to please not to be nervous. Be brave. There are two ways- one to try your level best to serve your husband with all efforts to mold him for a long time and when your soul is satisfied on your faithful services towards your husband but all in vain then shashtras say to forgo. But in that situation the source of living will be a question please.

SURAJ: Please tell me the maran mantra, and Istambhan mantra.
Swami Ram Swarup: Please clear that what is your aim to learn these mantras. Because these mantras have no existence as these are not mentioned in the Vedas.

Mahesh Soni: Dear sir currently i am runing a small Cyber-Cafe in my city now i want to start Stock-Broking Business. please tell it will success ful for me and my wife. will it give us gain and profit?
Swami Ram Swarup: This is your good thinking because one should try to rise in the life as mentioned in the Vedas. Please try to recite Gayatri mantra daily at least 21 times both in the morning and evening. It will be your superb task if you do even havan of gaytri mantra, in addition and you will see the best result thereof in your life.

Varun Sood: I have been passing from many problems these days. Recently I came to know that im mangleek. What difference will it make?
Swami Ram Swarup: If you believe in eternal knowledge of Vedas, shashtras and Geeta then you will see that there is no
mention about this therein. So please do not worry. Remember and recite the holy name of God daily for sometime in morning and evening. Everything will be okay.

GAGAN: Please tell me seriously where is God. Did you get Him and how does He look like?
Swami Ram Swarup: Your question requires a deep study of Vedas, shashtras and preach of a learned saint for a long time. I am away and can not teach you personally. But I here try to throw some light for your general knowledge. If you see all around you then you can guess that the sun, moon, air, and millions of worldly nature articles can not be made by man or scientists. Death and birth is not in the control of man. Therefore HE who controls universe is Almighty God and this universe is HIS living home but HE can only be realised in human body by worship, yajna, ashtang yoga through a real spiritual master and necessity to realise the God is arisen because nobody on the earth wants sorrow and without real worship the sorrows, problems, difficulties even death can not be finished/overcome. Whatever a man earns and if he can carry the same at the time of death, if not then if can be a master of that property in his next birth and thirdly if we have not to meet with the death then there is no necessity of the worship.

Dhananjay: Should one eat non-vegetarian food? Many say that its good for health. There is shortage of land for cultivation these days and people take to seafood.
Swami Ram Swarup: If you will try to learn your dental and intesinal or digestive system then you will find that our system is totally separate and meant for vegetarian food in comparison of lion, tiger, cat, dog etc., who are non-vegetarian. The cow, deer, elephnat, buffalo etc., take the water like us by sipping but non-veg., lick. So the God has made this system and we must obey to only be a vegetarian. As regards power, then one should bind an elephant with rope in front of a house of a non-veg., person telling that this is the most powerful animal in the world and is vegetarian. As regards short of land etc., as you said, it is all from God based on the karmas of the personal of his past lives. But this human life is now blessed by God to discharge our duties faithfully and realise God and to promote international brotherhood by hard efforts then by the blessing of God the problem of short land etc., will be removed automatrically.

Manoj Agarwal: Pranam, what is the proper method of jap of gayatri mantra.
Swami Ram Swarup: This philosphy is told always in presence by a spiritual master. I am away and can not teach you personally. However one should sit on Siddhaasan or Padamaasan and must concentrate on agya chakra i.e., between the point of eyebrows, must close his eyes and must start to repeat the Gayatri mantra in mind. Then the meaning of Gayatri mantra must also be recited in mind. Secondly take a long breath with two nostrils inside and stop breathing and recite the mantra as said. When suffocation just even starts then release the air with the nostril slowly, slowly, slowly. Then stop the breathing outside and repeat the process. But it is not enough because it must be learnt personally. The meaning of gayatri mantra I have already briefed on the web site.

Ram: Swami ji namaskar, Why cows are sacred animal only on hindus. And why hindus take cow’s urine as a purifier in most of their rituals? If cows murder is sin why majority of people in this world kill and eat cow’s meat and still they are not sinner. All the christian, muslims and buddhist eat cows meat, still they are religious and also their religion are expanding all over the world, and Hindus are fourth in large. I’m Hindu believer and my confusion is if cow protection is God’s wish then somehow it should be protected all over the world not only in Hindus. So is there anything mentioned in Vedas about cow protection?
Swami Ram Swarup: If you will study the Vedas then you will find that cow is sacred animal for whole of the world. But due to bad luck the study of Vedas have been made minimised and even it has been a try to finish the knowledge of Vedas completely with the result blind faiths and great illusions in respect of the human beings and animals has arisen. So the protection of cows must be all over in the world. At time of creation the first creation made by God is COW even before us. So it is clear that in case of death of a mother the cow milk is the best and equivalent to the mother, so cow is rightly called mother. Every religion has come into existence within two thousand years but humanity and the Vedas and the rules of the Vedas are right from the beginning of earth. Vedas knowledge are direct from God and eternal. So Vedas are not sects and must be followed by all human beings as were followed by all human beings in Satyug, Treta and Dwapur period. Then only not cow but all animals and the humanity will be escaped and will get permanent peace. There are several mantras in the Vedas about cow and animal protection which can not be mentioned here being lengthy. I was specially called in Delhi to deliver lecture on cow from Vedas where I mentioned the Ved mantras. I can send you CD of my lecture on cow from Vedas if you so desire.

Vivek: I came across your website and I was hoping you would be able to help or guide me. My name is Vivek and I am from London (uk). I have been practising spirituality all my life. I am hoping if you could tell me if there a sadhana i can do, or if there is a tantra, mantra or yantra you can give me which gives siddhis. I want Prapthi Siddhi. The power
to create or obtain any object I desire at that moment in time. I know that this siddhi is difficult to obtain but I am sincere and will work hard to acheive it. In london there no one to teach what I want to learn so I hope that I will find someone over the internet. I am looking forward to your reply as I am sure you’ll be able to guide me.
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually the real guidance on spiritualism is always given in presence being a traditional law. You will have to learn ashtang yoga which can not be taught on web site. Secondly the main object of this human body is to realise God while discharging our duties. So jantra, mantra, tantra have no existence in true spiritualism. You are away and I can not teach you personally for which I am sorry.

shankur: How to get rid of my problem of snoring?
Swami Ram Swarup: Tension, indigestion and over-exertion etc., creates this problem. Please consult physician. In addition please awake early in the morning for morning walk, do light exercises and learn yoga asan, pranayam and meditation.

sathyanarayana: Swamiji, I am facing lot of problems, mentally, financialy etc. Please suggest how can I come over them.
Swami Ram Swarup: Every person has to face the result of his past births deeds and therefore we must not be nervous. Hoever this golden life is meant to burn all bad deeds of the previous life and to get long happy life. So please worship God and learn yoga asan, pranayam and meditsation and sure you will get a long happy life. Please remember GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES and therefore please go ahead for hard working, devotion, dedication to make your future bright.

Ram: I have a question about origin of shree ganesh. most of the article have said that ganesh is a son of siva and parbati, but before ganesh took birth shree mahaganesh has already been in existence. In linga puran, ganesh is said to be an incarnation of shree mahadev. can you please tell me truth about origin of shree mahaganesh before he incarnated as a parbati’s son.
Swami Ram Swarup: I belive on Vedas, shashtras, Geeta, Valmiki Ramayan wherein there is no mention about God Ganesha or his incarnation. So I am sorry I can not tell more about Shree Ganesha.

Gyanendra Gaur: Which yoga aasans are essential for high blood pressure patient?
Swami Ram Swarup: Specially the shavasan helps. But Siddh, padam uttan, bhujang, pawanmukt and gomukh asan give a lot of benefit. Please also do pranayam.

Alexandra Kafka: I am trying to find information about the Goddess Jyoti. According to what is written on sites, things are not clear.
Swami Ram Swarup: On this web site I have never said about Jyoti. There is one Supreme Jyoti i.e., Almighty God who gives Jyoti to sun, moon and planets and even we the human beings to live upon. The whole creation is depend on this Jyoti and we must realise this Jyoti through real worship and yoga practice. The story which you have written does not exist in four Vedas.

rohit: Is it true that there is a great power in bramhanda from which all r contolled? what is the function of it? & do we belive on jyotishvidya?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, the name of that power is Almighty God. HE creates, nurses, destroys and again creates the universe. HE is omnipresent and because of this fact that God is everywhere, the sun, moon, earth, our body, seasons etc., etc., are functioning duly controlled by HIM. The jyotishvidya being observed now a day is not mentioned in four Vedas and thus is not authenticated.

Ikechukwu: What is education all about?
Swami Ram Swarup: If education is based on progress in science as well as progress in spiritualism together then it makes all human beings happy and gives long peaceful life with brotherhood etc., because it maintains the moral character, good behave and thousands of good qualities. But one sided success is always harmful because it can not be considered as success but selfishness, proud, blind faith and the task to break the humanity.

Jim Hyde: This is my first visit here. I am living with HIV’AIDS fro 22 years now and have gone through some very deep pain, physically, mentally and emotionally. Each time my spirit lifted me eventually. I am growing tired of this roller coaster, even with my strong faith. This is an especially troubling time and I wonder if you might suggest a mantra for seeing my way through pain back to light. I am most grateful.
Swami Ram Swarup: At this juncture everybody must maintain courage and must never be nervous. It was better if you could meet me personally to enable me to suggest the mantra and yoga teaching. However it is a truth that at the time of creation the Almighty God originated the knowledge of four Vedas and thus it is not sect. So if you can please recite gayatri mantra with the philosophy of pranayam then I can make you sure that it will give you peace and pain free life. You may send me your postal address also if possible to give you the brief of Gayatri mantra. However I have already breifed it on this web site and you may kindly choose. My all heartiest blessings are always with you for long happy life.

Adwait Kulkarni: Dear Swamiji. Please accept my pranams. I would like to know when I can meet my real Guru? What can I do to bring him to meet me?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is very beautifully said in Saamveda that the thirsty animals themselves search the river to drink the water and in the similar manner the aspirant must himself struggle to search the learned Guru who knows four Vedas and the ashtang yoga traditionally. Everybody must be aware of false prophets who have made our country ruined spreading false talks.

ramesh babu badisa: Pujya Guruji, Pranam, and charan sparsh. Can you please enlighten me on the following, which is from Brahmasutras: Yoginah prati cha smaryate smarte chaite [IV. 2. 21 (517)]. I am grateful for your help. Namaste and charan sparch.
Swami Ram Swarup: This is regarding death. It is clear by Vedas that soul leave the body one day and gets next body according to his good or bad deeds. The soul of a Yogi comes out through sushmana naadi and make contact with rays of sun. See if a Yogi leaves the body in night it does not mean that there are no sun’s ray. The ray of moon are the rays of Sun at the night and untill we are alive the contact with the sun’s ray can’t be broken. Therefore there is no any question or doubt to leave the body in Uttrayan Shukl Paksh to get salvation etc. The salvation or the next pious birth is always based on pious deeds. This is the fundamental law of God and can’t be changed. So no question of Uttrayan or Dakshinayan. The contact of the soul at the time of death with sun’s ray is to be in space and soul has to go to sun, moon, air etc., etc., vide 39th chapter of Yajurveda. The sutra quoted by you clarifies that the said fundamental law is applicable also for a Yogi. Yogeshwar Krishna clarifies this fact in Geeta 8/23,8/24 and 8/25 that the people says the importance of Uttrayan and Dakshinayan but in shalok 8/27 Shri Krishna clarifies that it is based only on self-imagination but the yogi who knows the fundamental of karmas he does not worry about Uttrayan or Dakshinayan. Furhter Shri krishna says that O, Arjuna you must follow the path of Yoga always. If yet it is not clear you may send e-mail again.

ritu: Respected Swamiji, Kindly explain me the Karma theory. Please also illusrtrate actions that constitute good and bad Karma. What is also meant by destiny and the concept of Freewill? Is an action taken by us, clearing our past karmic debt or creating a new karma simultaneously.
Swami Ram Swarup: In 7th chapter of Yajurveda it is clarified that we are free to do good or bad karmas but the result is awarded by God accordingly. So we must do only pious deeds. For this we will have to take knowledge from a learned spiritual master who knows four Vedas. I have already mentioned the theory three karmas——
sanchit, kriyamaan and prarabadh on this web site and would request you to please go through the web site to choose the theory of karma. If not possible, please send me e-mail again.

Varun Valmiki: Is it essential to learn and perform pooja to God almighty in Hinduism?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please. In Valmiki Ramayan too it is mentioned about king Dashratha and Shri Ram that they and their whole kingdom used to perform pooja in the shape of Yajna and used to do ashtang yoga practice and used to listen four Vedas. However, the Hindus are those who live on the bank of Sindhu river keeping aside the sects for which I have mentioned so many times on the web site which may please be looked into and the definition of pooja/worship has been based on four Vedas. But for the last two thousand years the definition has been changed.

Jens: Where is the old scriptures in India? Is there some paper or some story writen on stone or what? What is the Vedas really? Where are they? Or is it just a name for something we have lotes of places, only they are called Vedas in India? Would be very nice if I could get some anwsers from this.
Swami Ram Swarup: Old scriptures which are eternal are four Vedas. Vedas were first originated in the heart of four Rishis about one arab ninety six crore and more than eight lakhs years back i.e., at the time of creation. It had been studying traditionally by mouth and first time wrote by Vyas Muni about five thousand four hundred years back. And accordingly published in Eighteenth century when press came into existence. Secondly the old scriptures are Valmiki Ramayan, Mahabharta, (Geeta in it) Upnishad, Manusmriti,six Shashtras, Shathpath Brahmin, Nighantu etc., aal in Sanskrit. All are available in the market. Vedas being eternal knowledge direct from God are immortal and contains Gyan kaand, Karam kaand and Upasanakaand. I have written a lot on the web site and would request you to please go through the site which will give you more and more knowledge about Vedas, yoga philosophy and other subjects. Yet you are welcome for any problem.

faheem iqbal shayiq: What should one do if unneccessarily evils click to the mind and one feels bored and confused, loses confidence, feels helpless and loses hope?
Swami Ram Swarup: This can be only avioded by real worship and mainly yoga practice. I would request you to please read my 17 lectures on yoga philosophy on the top of this web site and send me e-mail again.

Vinod Soni: Pranam swami ji i am a student and had belief on the God. last year i heard some satsangs and applied those things to my life. I became very happy and everything looked great to me. My belief on God had increased so i started my 2003 by praying to God. But some incidents happened in life due to which I have been in constant stress since last 10 months, I have been praying during this time also. My faith is shaken once again. I am under a psychiatrist care also. Once again, new year has come should I start with prayer this time also. Everything looks hopeless. My career is at stake. Please guide me.

Swami Ram Swarup: The man who never loose heart but always struggles gets success because GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. The difficulties or problems are only due to our past birth’s deeds. By worship and prayer we have to burn all the bad deeds to get peace. It may take time but we are only born to worship God in real method and discharge duties bravely for family and nation. So please continue your prayers but we will have to maintain the traditions in which Shri Ram, Shri Krihna, Mata Sita and countless dignities learnt Vedas and yoga philosophy. They perform holy Yajna and did ashtang yoga practice. So please try to get preach of Vedas, learn yoga philosophy and then discharge your duty. This process will award you long ill free happy life. If possible please study my 17 lectures of yoga philosophy at the top of this web site and send me e-mail.

king-j momodu: I will be obliged if you can guide me to be successful and to be married with a good person.
Swami Ram Swarup: Please worship God daily, do yoga practice and faithfully discharge your duties. God then sure bless you.

Alok Ranjan: Respected Swamiji, Sadar Pranam, recently I came across a concept of active meditation. Meaning thereby one can remain active [as in the work place] and yet remain in state of meditation [by being present mentally or inother words by not allowing one\’s mind to think some thing of past and / or future] . At outset it appears to be a good concept. My querry is that : i) is it possible? if yes ii) has this been practiced in India in any for or at any time? Swami ji please enlighten me on this.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes it is possible if complete eternal knowledge of Ashtang yoga preached in four Vedas is practised in presence of an experienced Yogi which generally does not. Ashtang yoga has eight fold path i.e., Yam, niyam, aasan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharna, dhayan and Samadhi and generally the people do not worry about first two fold paths i.e., yam and niyam. In the absence of which the situation mentioned by you does not gained. It had been practising complete in all respect by our ancient Rishis like Guru Vashisth, Shringi, Sandeepan, the Guru of Yogeshwar Krishna and likewise but I have not seen that tradition as yet. Because mostly the people have been made against the Vedas knowledge by most of the professional false present prophets.

Govind Adki: I want to undergo For yoga classes. So what is the steps or procedure?
Swami Ram Swarup: On the demand of our gentlemen readers of our this web site a ten days yoga shivir from 23rd Dec. 03 to 1st Jan. 04 has successfully been organised with Vedas and yoga practical knowledge and now it will be held again from 25th April 04 to 4th May 04. You are welcome.

Masud: When the Hindu religion, arrived in the indo-pak sub continent?
Swami Ram Swarup: Hindu religion is an eternal religion which is based on four Vedas and the knowledge of four Vedas is right from the beginning of the earth. But after Mahabharta war, it has been a bad luck of our India that the knowledge of the Vedas has been made about to finish and there have been so many shortcomings in this religion. Actually we were used to be called originally Aryans but first time Unanese, Greeks started saying us Indu based on the fact that we live on the bank of Sindhu River. The word Hindu means all the inhabitants who live in India whether Muslim, Sikh, Christian etc.

swarna: Will righteousness really triumph in the end?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please. Because it is said in Shashtra, “SATYMEV JAYATE” means—- Always Truth wins. For example if huge black clouds comes in front of sun then there may be a blackout in day also and day may be turned into night for some moment or the biggest light of the sun has been harmed. In this situation the sun has full energy similarly in the case of the truth that if there has been huge darkness of illusion then it doesnot means that truth has been vanished away. The definition of truth is that the truth which was present in the past,is present now and even after the destruction of the earth it will remain being eternal and the illusion is generated for sometime and finished at one time.

Raj: Why do our politicians have their foolish agenda satisfied? Ultimately it is the innocent public who votes them to power who ends up the loser? Why don’t good people enter politics and thrown the junk of today’s politcians out? WHY WHY WHY? Why can’t India be a developed country?
Swami Ram Swarup: The aim of most of the politicians have become to capture the seat and for this very purpose it is essential to make the innocent people fool and then the politicians rule and spread corruption etc. This is a great surprise that even to appoint a peon or mazdoor the Govt. verify his character and requires education etc.-etc., but in the matter of politician no rule is applicable. How the good people will stand against corrupt politicians? India cannot be developed country untill the corrupt politicians will stop their own development.

Raj from Mauritius Island: Swami ji namaste, why still today, Vedas are not being given importance and only the Purans are being propagated by Purohits and even swami who visits Mauritius from India does so?
Swami Ram Swarup: Everybody knows this is the time of advertisement whether false or truth. Publicity of puran specially Bhagwat puran etc., are being given high publicity at all level and those people even do not hesitate to propagate against eternal knowledge of Vedas. Forexample, it is mostly said that Vedas are just like a mango tree and bhagwat puran katha is like a mango. So when you have got mango then what is the use of tree and why you bother about tree(Vedas). This example is totally baseless and false, and can be given only by those who do not know ABC about Vedas. In Rigveda mantra 1/164/20 God says that there is a tree on which two shining birds live. One bird eats the fruit of the tree and second one does not eat but always see the first bird. The secret of this mantra is that human body is like a tree which is always destroyed because tree is also destroyed. And in this human body soul and God live together. Soul faces/bears the result of his deeds (eats fruit) but God always looks towards soul and gives the result of the deeds good or bad done by soul through HIS awarded human body. So Vedas can not be considered as tree becuase Vedas are never destroyed. It is eternal knowledge comes direct from God and originated in the heart of four Rishis at the time of creation. In this connection Atharvaveda mantra 10/8/32 says PASHYA DEVSYA KAVYAM NA MAMAR NA JIRYATI. IT MEANS that study the Vedas which are never become old and never dead. Everything is destroyed which are built but Vedas are not built. Vedas are before this creation and will remain after this creation when new creation will be made by God.

Aaruni: Respected sir, even after so much debates and thoughts is it still possible to explain that what were the thoughts of God while creating this world.why did he do so and if every thing that begins has a end, will God will also end some day.
Swami Ram Swarup: God has got no thought otherwise he will become a man. Shevtashwaorpnishad says,”SWABHAVIKI GYANAM BALAM KRIYA CH” i.e., knowledge, power and deeds of almighty God are natural i.e., tke place automatically at proper time for which God has not to do nothing. Neither you or any soul of the world nor God become dead. Only bodies and materialistic world are dead at one day and again new creation takes place automatically. Question can be raised but most of the people do not follow the spiritual path in search of real peace by realising God.

peya: Koi agar tabiz-kobiz jisko sereki kehta hain o karre , to uska saza kya hain?
Swami Ram Swarup: Bure kaam ka bura natija hota hai jo bura karta hai use khud parmatma saja deta hai per ek baat sach hai ki tabiz vegehra ya jantr tantr kuch nahin hota. Kabit ne ek jagah bara achha kaha hai JANTR MANTR SAB JHOTH HAIN MAT BHARMA JAG KOYE, SAAR SHABAD JANE BINA KAGA HANS NA HOYE.

Ramesh Babu Badisa: Pujya Guruji, Pranam, and charan sparsh. Can you please enlighten me on the following two doubts. I read that there are two paths for the departed souls. One is path of no returns and the other one is path of returns (to born again). The path of no returns, which is called salvation, is said to be of two types, namely one is immediate salvation, and the other is gradual salvation. With respect to this information on my part, I kindly beg you to enlighten me to which types of salvation does the gita slok 8/24 talk about. What is purush sukta? Does it have any proof from Vedas? I am grateful for you to enlighten me.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes there are two paths one of salvation and second to get birth again according to deeds. The salvation is one whether it is got slowly(slow practice) or early /immediate due to quick and hardest yoga practice. As is also mentioned in sutra 1/22 of yoga shashtra. In a year the sun remains for six months in uttaryan(north) and for six months in dakshnayan(south). It is a belief that if someone is dead in uttaryan he gets salvation and if dead in dakshnayan he does not get salvation. So it is baseless. So many peoples and even a yogi is dead in uttaryan then it does not mean that everybody has got salvation even without worship and yoga practice. Actually salvation is for those who are purified by means of yoga and worship keeping aside the time date etc., because salvation is got while living alive and not after death. Purush means Purn i.e., complete in all respect,i.e., Almighty God. 31 chapter of Yajurveda is of Purush Sukta which tells about Almighty God.

babukrishna: Respected swami, is there any connenction between mind with body? How breathing is connencted with mind? Could you please tell me the exat positions of mind and heart? can we avoid negative state of affairs through proper breathing if so kindly explain.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes when soul desires to talk or to do any tasks then soul first inspire or make contact with mind and then mind make contact with five perceptions or five organs as the case may be. Similarly mind collect all informations from five senses and sends to soul. For example,a snake is coming then first eye see and sends this information to mind, mind sends to soul through Budhi. Then soul sends message to mind at his own accord. For example soul says walk immediately and escape from snake. Then mind send this message to legs and legs start running. If soul sends mesage to mind that kill the snake then mind asks hands to kill the snake by stick or stone. Breathing is connected with mind and whole of body and mind. Mainly five types of breathing—- pran, apaan, vyan, udaan, and samaan are there. Pran works in nostrill, apaan in rectum, vyan in naval , udaan in heart and mind, samaan in whole body. Mind always works inside body. Heart is in the chest cavity little bit shifted towards left side. We can avoid negative state of affairs only by controlling breathing system through pranayam which is learnt from a spirtual master who knows yoga philosophy.

Randhir Narain: Can you please explain to me what is 16 mondays vrath, why and how to perform it?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sorry, becuase it is not mentioned in the Vedas as a proof.

Randhir Narain: Can you give some powerful sadhanas in order to achieve some desires/wishes?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is only one way if a person learn and pratices ashtang yoga from a spiritual master.

Pradip: How do we know when our karmas are totally fulfilled, and we are not born again and again. are obligations to be fulfilled in further lives.
Swami Ram Swarup:
It is known by a ashtang yogi who has practised the same. Please study full web site or 17 yoga lectures at the top of this web site to gain full knowledge of ashtang yoga.

Divya Hegde: Swamiji namaste par puranonke anusaar bhagwan har ek yug me avtaar lekar dharti par aate hai aur bhagwan manav ke roopme hi avtaar lete hai agar aap ke anusaar chennai mein jinhe amma bhagwan aur kalki avtaar kehe rahe hai log agar vein kalki avtaar nahi hai to phir kaun hai unhone to mukti diksha staet bhi kiya hai aur log iska aand utha rahe hai aur all over the world log unhe personally kuldevta ke roopme bhi expirience kar rahe hein aur unka kalki mukti mandir jise goldencity kehete hein yehe mandir varadepalliyam namak gaon me construct ho gaya hai agar ye kalki avtaar nahi hai to phir ye mandir ki jaroorat hi kya hai swamiji jara spashtaase uttar dijiye swamiji plz namaste
Swami Ram Swarup: puranoin ke anusaar kai baatein Ved vidya se mel nahin khati or Vedoin main avtarvaad nahin hai. mane pahle bhi is per bahut likha hai kripya aap puri web site parhin.

Bhupesh Choudhary: Swamiji thankyou for reply of my question, my another question is that moksha is the ultimate goal of the life, but how can we know that particular person have achieved moksha because after death nobody come and tell that he got the moksha. so when we are not confident about retaining the moksha ,why should we strive for it.
Swami Ram Swarup: Moksh is got alive living alive and not after a living yogi has no doubt of moksha.but as Bhisham pitamha says in Mahabharta Shanti Parv 53/20 that he who is perfect in shabad braham (four Vedas) he realises Vedas already describe about God, prakriti, soul,salvation etc., etc., and he who knows Vedas he fully knows about Vedas.Being a lengthy matter I can not describe here.

Kassabouri (IRAN) Internatinal conferende Jammu: How can one be compatible with the ideas of Yoga with this turbulence of mind of this century?
Swami Ram Swarup: When a hungry man takes food then automatically his hunger is over and ther remains no question that by means of food how hunger is over. Similarly the correct definition of yoga is to control five organs, five perceptions and mind. It means that when we practice ashtang yoga that is Yam, niyam, aasan , pranayam, pratyhar dharna, dhayan and Samadhi then our five perceptions etc., are totally controlled and we get peace and salvation. A man eats and his anger is over. When the man was eating he had worldly worries, may be ill, tired, having problems etc., but after taking meal his hunger is over. So while discharging duties, having problems, sickness, worldly problems and affairs, tiredness, troubles, fears, even fear of death etc.etc., i.e., having thousands of problems, but this is the nature of yoga philosophy that when it is learnt faithfully like food then every problem is over. Only there is a necessity first to get knowledge of yoga philosophy based on lectures from a learned YOGI and then to pratice practically. Only one hour morning and one hour in evening or night is sufficient to learn yoga philosophy and to pratice at the beginning. If one would like to learn or practice yoga philosophy having no problems whatsoever then yoga is not needed for him. Similarly if a man is not hungry then food is not needed for him. Actually yoga philosophy only is the path to be free from all problems whatsoever. At this web site in the beginning there are 17 lectures of yoga and I would request you to please study all of them and send me e-mail.Thanks.

Sunil Parmar: Some mantras of guru nank which lays my life good what is nodhrakshare mala what the benifets of it?how many kind of it? slokas of nanak sahib gyatri mantras thanks
Swami Ram Swarup: It is a matter of pleasure that Guru vani of Shri Guru Nanakdev makes your life happy. The mala asked by you ,sorry ,is not known to me as I am a Yogi and have been and had practice ashtang yoga according to the four Vedas wherein mala is not needed. There arer so many shalokas of Guru Nanakdev ji,please tell me which one you want. However see one shaloka—- EK ONKAR SATNAAM KARTA PURUKH NIRBHAU NIRVAIR AKAL MURAT AJUNI SAH BHANG GURU PARSHAD JAP AADH SACH JUGAAD SACH HAI BHI SACH NANAK HO SI BHI SACH. As regards Gayatri Mantra, it has already been briefed on this web site. Please go through the full website to locate the Gayatri Mantra, which is there with full meaning and description.

rajesh nair: pranam swamiji, As i was going thru the question and answer, you said that after death soul remains in the space for 13 days and then enters the body. Then how it explains the dissatisfied soul or spirit.
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul is never dissatisfied but due to past karmas and attraction through senses with Rajo, Tamo and Sato gunas of Prakriti, soul has forgotten his original status of immortal, beyond dissatisfaction, beyond illusion etc. When we start worship, yoga etc., then we the soul realises ourselves.

divya hegde: namaste swamiji kya is kaliyug me shri kalki avtaar ka janam ho chuka hai kuin ki main thode din pehele chennai gayi thi jaha par maine amma bhagwan ka darshan liya aur log unhe kalki kehekar pukar rahe the amma bhagwan manav mukti sankalp se is duniyame avtaar liye hai swamiji aap isbare main kya kehete ho
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedoin ke anusaar avtarvaad nahin ho sakta kyonki Ishwar sarvshakti man hai aur use koim bhi kaam karne ke liye kisi ki bhi sahayta ki jaroort nahin per maine bahut kuchh pahle bhi likha hai aap web site per par lein.

bhupesh choudhary: Swamiji Namaskar, everybody says that a man takes birth after having take birth in about 84 yonies, but now population of human being has been increasing very rapidly so my questions that why only human’s population is increasing not that of every species.
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul remains in germs and bacteria also which are not visible. In one drop of water there are millions of soul in the shape of bacteria. Similarly in the air and space. So increase and decrease always remains constant in the matter of souls.

jatin: Swamiji give me a mantra by which I will be in touch with my studies. My enjoyment should go nicely along with my studies.
Swami Ram Swarup: Study and enjoyment can not go together. Student must always pay full attention and concentration on maintaining good health and hard study. It is his moral duty and must do.

luc lochard: How to neutralize the astral voices?
Swami Ram Swarup: I think nobody has yet listened astral voices and nothing has been disturbed. Yet yoga practice give always peace and long happy life while discharging our duties with family and Nation.

shanker: swami ji namaskar mein kumhar cast ka hoon aur main yeh janna chahta hoon ke main kaun se varan mein aata hoon
Swami Ram Swarup: We all are human first and by doing pious deeds we can choose any varn according to four Vedas.

Gandhi: Can you explain to me who Kalki Avatar is, and why are people comparing him to The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?
Swami Ram Swarup: According to four Vedas avtaar is not possible because God is Almighty i.e., has all powers and does not require any assistant for doing any task.

Ganesh: A simple and practical way to control our mind (Manasu in Tamil) please
Swami Ram Swarup: No simple way please except aasan, pranayam and meditation etc.

rose: CHARANVANDNA MARAJI,SO MUCH THANKS FOR SENDING ANSWER.MARAJI, if to live in garasth to perform our duties in our own intension is useless so how the other people live in garasth? MARAJI DHARAM AND kartav IF DHARAMIS BIGGER THAN kartav WHAT ABOUT THE KARAM to fulfill our desire is not a karam in garasth? WHO INSPIRED THE MIRA AND OTHER? IS THEY INSPIRED OF THERE SUBKARAM?
Swami Ram Swarup: Daram and karam are one and same thing.

Harish: Swamiji why do people feel ashanti in their lives? Also, what are some ways that one can acheive param shanti?
Swami Ram Swarup: Due to lack of knowledge of spiritualism and motto of human body. Most of the people of world are generally after the materialistic articles forgetting spiritual truth and this is main reason of Ashanti. While even residing in family life one should study Vedas and spiritual holy books and must do daily worship, yoga practice etc., by which param shanti is attained by the blessing of a alive spiritual master.

peya: How you think about Pakistan and India?
Swami Ram Swarup: Before 1947, both were one. Must now co-operate each other.

Vikas: Why do we worship God? ok he created ourselves. So? Why we should
worship him. Due to his fear? We can see every human being worship God due to some or other reason. either due to money problems, love and all other worldly problems. Even u saints worship him just because u want to get out this janam maran chakra. Let us suppose God has no powers. He cant help u nor me. Then can u show him ur love. kya hamame se koi bhi aap bhi kya niswarth bhakti karta hai. I never worship God. also dont say we get shaanti. It is more better to devote ur time to help any person who is in need of ur help. See so many persons needs help. so many doesnt get food shelter and die due to it. why u all never go to them. dont u think it will provide shaanti and self satisfaction also. why do u waste ur time in bhajan and keertan.whats the need of it. even beauty of nature gives u shaantido reply
Swami Ram Swarup: We have taken birth from parents and if we do not respect them then we will be thankless. Moreover if someone helps us we must be thankful to him. So God has given us birth and nurses us and even to overcome any fear even of death we worship him. We want peace and without worship no materialistic article can give us peace. We get even get salvation by his worship which is a real motto of human life.

This thinking is wrong that God has no power. If a boy will start thinking that he is a girl then it can not be a true. So almighty God has all powers. Jinhone nis-swarth bhakti kee unhone hee use paya hai. We love him and love is needed not to show him because God knows everything before us. God helps those who help themselves. Everybody has to face the result of his past birth’s deeds. We must help the poor but we can do help in limitation and without worship and knowledge we will feel proud to help others. We can be entangled in bad terms also. So first we must be God fearing and by worshiping we must clear our mind and heart then only we can serve the needy person without selfishness. Beauty of nature etc., gives time being shanti and too of destroyable one day. Bhajan, keertan if it is true and based on traditional knowledge then it gives permanent peace.

Saurabh: What is the future of Indian subcontinent in the next 10 years?
Swami Ram Swarup: Not good please because most of the people are not God fearing.

Atul Sharma: How can I am improve my life?
Swami Ram Swarup: By hard working, gentle thoughts, calm desires, honesty and worship.

Harish Chandera Arya: How should we behave that person who does not behave with good manner with us?
Swami Ram Swarup: At that time one should keep silence if possible.

Swami Ram Swarup: It is political matter. But with clear heart, human feeling, love, brotherhood with formula of live and let live and religious thought, then the talk from both sides will never go in vain.

vinod bhimjyani: Shree Swamiji, Pranam, I am really honored and lucky to get your blessed answer to my question. But this is a common fact and known by everyone who has ever heard gita. Soul is a immortal atum but as I am understanding soul has a definite life cycle journey. Soul does not take birth but soul is only awarded body according to karmas and in each of its life cycle soul needs to get knowledge, experience, rhythm of life as well as capability of controls over indries. It is important to study the identification of soul as it belongs to which planet, who it came in our life, say in my present life and what is its mission in this life cycle. For example, at my birth the sun is in Leo, which means the soul is original atum of sun. I have born when Sagiterious sign rising means it has come to my body from Jupiter. So I know that my original nature is like sun but in this life cycle the soul has come in my life from Guru and its mission to get experience knowledge of religion, spirituality and convey the same to masses.
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul does not actually need knowledge, experience, rhythm of life, capability etc., because these are soul’s own natural qualities which are unchangable. Actually soul has forgotten his qualities that he is pure and have no any illusion etc., and need no knowledge etc., being itself pure and pleasant by nature. It is due to attachment with raj, tam and sat qualities of prakriti. So worship, yoga practice etc., are only to burn the illusion which is due to the said three qualities of prakriti due to which soul thinks that he is in problem, sick has anger, greediness and all types of illusions. For every views the proof is necessary and in Vedas and shastras (yoga shashtra sutra 1/7 refers.) The main proof are four Vedas, wherein it is not mentioned that soul does not belong to any non alive planet being alive itself. Its nature is immortal, pleasant, pure, does not take birth, can not be destroyed, eternal etc. Body is a effected but not soul. However mission mentioned by you is good and actually is of all souls but performs very few due to the effect of illusion/prakriti. You may please consult pandit in this matter. However Vedas, shashtras speaks only for pious deeds and to Bear result of deeds. So hard working, firm decision, pious deeds towards a right path makes future bright because God helps those who help themselves. If we will base on luck then what is the use of worship or hard working in human life.

sanjay: Respected SWAMIJI, I want to know how an “ISHTH DEVTA” be recognised
among “thousands of Almighty” according to Hindu communal. I would also like to know about the chant of my DIVINE. I\’ll be very thankful to you if you could tell me the same.
Swami Ram Swarup: According to Vedas, as a proof, there is only one Isht of all human beings, that is Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe and again creates. You may remember, chant, and repeat the holy name of God “om” as mentioned in all Vedas, shashtras (yajurveda mantra 40/15— “om krito smar” that is o! Man you chant the name of God “om”)

Anonymous: Your opinion about alcoholism. Due to alcoholism, I am unable to perform as well as I can. I am thinking of becoming a sanyasi.
Swami Ram Swarup: You yourself very well know the bad effect of alcohol and I hope you will leave it immediately. It has made ruined millions of families. Shashtra say, “Varjeyt madhmassan ch” that is alcohol and meat is prohibited. Sanyasi has also to perform his religious duties. So better if you carry on your business with whole hearted leaving alcohol etc. Side by side you must continue worship, learn yoga philosophy and must practice aasan, pranayaam and meditation which is the right way to live.

Swami Ram Swarup: Actually full confidence and fearless condition only comes by adopting spiritual path like yoga philosophy, worship etc., Maharana Pratap, Rani Lakshmibai and millions of example says that they were brave and fearless from their childhood but they adopted spiritual path for which only we have been blessed by God with the human body otherwise we could be bird or animal. Actually without spiritual path nobody can attain peace and pleasant which is the requirement of everybody for which everybody earns money, do marriage get family, get building etc., etc., but these materialistic articles have never given peace in the absence of spiritualism like Ravan, Duryodhan, Napoleon, etc. ,etc. Priest are separate and the full true spiritualism is separate one. Can you compare and make sure that a priest of nowadays is equivalent to Vyas Muni, Atrri Rishi, King Harishchandra, Mata Sita and so others. Vedas, shshtras and every holy book say that this earth has its existence only due to the fact that somewhere is still there is a truth/religion.

SONI: Please I really want to know, why people do witchcraft? How people have that much power that they can do witchcraft and change others peoples life. Please tell me does witchcraft works. I am very scared of people.
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually according to the eternal knowledge of Vedas the people have to do deeds good or bad and Almighty God awards the result thereof accordingly (Yajurveda mantra7/48 refers) so there is no any witchcraft except tricks. the life factor is changed by doing hard and pious deeds only that too ourselves and this fundamental law of nature can not be changed.

Rose: CHARANVANDNA MARAJI, MARAJI if karam and dharam are both same so why people are not free from this karam bandan. Our dharam is to doing yag so why we are not doing so why we are not free from this karam bandan. If we are free from this karam bandan so what about the KARTAVIA.MAHARAJ JI SRI RAM can do the shub karam in garast and also obey kartav because there father is gyani in four Ved. They tell him the right way. So MARAJI WHAT ABOUT THESE DAY no body has knowledge of Ved. So what we can do if we can go in the right way then KARTAV can come first. In this atmosphere it is very difficult so what we can do? CHARANVANDANA MARAJI
Swami Ram Swarup: Pious deeds like duties, yajna etc., done according to Vedas, shashtras gives salvation which normally people do not do. Self responsibilities are not shouldered to others. Mira and so many millions were not inspired by their parents. To perform the duties is real worship but when we will try to perform the duties at our own intension or to fulfill our desire against the Vedas then it is of no use.

shveta: I have had a very unpleasant time for various reasons. Now I want to know whether latter part of my life would be happy or not?
Swami Ram Swarup: One should never be nervous but in the absence of guidance it occurs. It is habit of mind not to forget the past but to think and the mind always try to plan about the future. But there are very few who think and use the present by means of hard working to make future bright. Actually past is past which requires no thinking because that has been done and finished and can not be recollected. As regards future, no body knows it. But the present is always in our hand. If we forget the past and leave to make plans for future unnecessarily then we store huge energy for present hard deeds which makes our future bright. So please go ahead and make your future bright. It is all in your hand.

Sugani: I am quite interested in spiritualism. How to approach you to consult with you for becoming a saint?
Swami Ram Swarup: In this line the brahamcharya is the first stage to be obeyed faithfully. Next is truth to be gained by hard yoga practice and study of Veda, shashtras and spiritual books. So I think it can be carried out while staying in family life too. However,with the permission and accompanied by your parents you can come to my ashram for Vedic satsang and yoga knowledge.

Sugani: Doubts on Vedanta
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedanta says that there is only one God and nothing else i.e., sun, moon, mother, father and every worldly article is God. Whereas Vedas says there are three truth i.e., God, Soul and prakriti. Vedanta says that soul and prakriti are also God. So one has to discuss and must get eternal proof on the matter.

gaurav manuja: Namaskar Swami ji! I do a lot of hardwork in business but I don’t succeed and others doing less work are doing well. Why?
Swami Ram Swarup: You believe on God and do hard work. These qualities are great and your future is bright. See Yudhistra, Arjuna i.e., Pandavas were God fearing warriors but had to go to jungle twice and Duryodhan was enjoying with kingdom but at last Duryodhan was destroyed and Pandav got success. Every person actually bears or get good or bad according to his past birth’s deeds. When we worship then those deeds are burnt and we get happiness.Those who get success within limited sources or working it is their past deed’s result and one should not get jealous. Please be happy always. Please carry on your business and you will get success.

subhash: Respected swamiji, thanks for the answers. When jivatma leaves this sthool body, at that time jivatma feels hunger, sukha, dukha,etc. and when jiva gets new body, immediately or after sometime, if after sometime then where jiva resides without sthool body?
Swami Ram Swarup: No when Jivatma goes out from body then she never feel hunger or anything else being unconscious untill she gets new birth. Hunger, tension to see, to smile, to be happy or worried etc., etc., are felt by Jivatma always through body, mind etc. When body is burnt then Jivtama is totally helpless. If one want to see then he should have eye because without eye nobody can see, without foot nobody can walk etc., etc. I have written a lot about new birth etc., on the web site and would request you to go through the full web site to choose your answers which will give you lot of knowledge also.

Rose: Query: charanvandna maraji. DHARAM AND KARAM both are related to each other. We know DHARAM COME first than karam. If DHARAM come first than KARAM and DHARAM SAYS u will find the GOD IN ACCORDING to Vedas by doing YAG, YAM, NIAM, ASHAN, PRANAYAM…..ETC. because its GOD ORDER. So why we not leave this KARAM BANDHAN? WE know we can found GOD IN GARAST BY doing shub KARAM ACCODDING to VEDAS. But in this today atmosphere its very difficult to do this.
Swami Ram Swarup: Dharam and karma are one and the same. Because the definition of Dharam is to do the pious deeds which gives peace, while living and even after death. So to do the pious karma according to the Veda shashtra and religious holy books is true religion.

kamal kalra: My question is that i have seen many swamis ..heard them listened to them but have not found one such who has the superdevine powers …. as i have known in al these years that they know everything about yrself and yr families and withought even asking one question do tell u all …so with due respect i would like to know what do u say about this …. i wud be glad if i cud get the answer fr u .. thankingyou …. kamal kalra
Swami Ram Swarup: Super divine power is not attained merely to study and to deliver the preach. It is attained by control on five senses, five perceptions and mind by listening Vedas and religious preach and practising ashtang yoga, like Vyas Muni, Vashisht Muni etc., etc. Now a days such type of Rishis are very few. To know about yourself and about family and to give answer etc., is based on mostly on information collected by their agents and it is not even spiritualism.

Leena Hamad: How many God in the world?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is only one God who is Almighty, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Immortal, beyond imagination and beyond calculation i.e., having unlimited qualities. HE only creates, nurses and destroys the universe. HE gives birth and awards death and awards the result of karmas (deeds). We have to worship only this one God.

Ashok Desai: I am having kal sarp dosh. What is the solution for this dosh?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, shashtras and religious books there is no kalsarpa dosh. We have to face our previous birth’s deeds good or bad. We can do pious deeds now which burn the previous bad deeds and we get peace always.

Jo Kantola: You had replied: “Universe ends when creator wants to destroy it and at that time whole of the world is emerged in the shape of Prakriti. Because from Prakriti this world is created by God as mentioned in Mandal 10 sukta 129 of Rigveda and Kapil Muni’s Samkhya Shastra sutra 1/26 also refers.” I am wondering how is the end “better” than the start, if it all “goes back to the start. I must say thank to you all.
Swami Ram Swarup: End and start is in the hand of God and occurs naturally at a stipulated time. Keeping aside better etc. Because these happenings takes place sysetematically under control of God. Good or better are always our deed and must even be the best which gives us peace and even salvation. Thanking you please.

Praveen Bhat: Namaskar Swamiji, Swamiji, My ishta devata is Lord Vishnu & I always whenever i feel i start-up with the mantra\”Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya\” no matter where i\’m, I might be travelling or doing any work, I keep on telling this mantra. I never say this because in return i expect something from God but i really like to do so, I wish to know what could be the results of this or which way it should be done ? – Thank you for your time, Praveen.
Swami Ram Swarup: In reality when you serve your parents then automatically they bless and happiness or wealth etc., is awarded by God. It is a Vedic rule. So when you will worship God why HE will not bless you for long happy life etc. This is also a Vedic rule. So we must worship either with good religious desires or without desire, in both cases God gives us. So if you been receiving peace etc., then it is good,otherwise you must go ahead also for aasan, pranayam, meditation etc.Actually we have proof of Vedas, shashtras, Geeta etc., to check our religious path. It means whatever these religious books say all those are authenicated.

vinod bhimjyani: I am looking for the answer to my qtn. “who am I, the soul in present body has come from where and what is the altimate goal/aim of the soul in this life cycle?
Swami Ram Swarup: We are immortal soul and not body, we are living in body. Body has been given by God to do pious deeds, to discharge duties according to Veda, shastras and religious books to get salvation. When anybody is dead it means soul from the body has come out and after certain period in space (more than 13 days minimum), the soul enters in the body through male and female i.e., husband and wife according to the karmas. Body is awarded by the God after pregnancy to the soul. The goal is to get salvation.

manu: Are Aliens superior to God ? Or its God who created Aliens.
Swami Ram Swarup: God is Almighty i.e., has allpowers and HE is not dependent whereas we the soul and whole of the world is depended on God. So the God is one and is the Supreme Divine power who creates, nurses and destroy the universe and again creates. Nobody is neither equivalent nor above the God and again neither was born nor will be born.

Harish Chandera Arya: If i say there is no God and any organism has no soul then what are u thinking about it?
Swami Ram Swarup: You are free to say anything because God has given freedom to everybody to say or to do good or bad but result is in the hand of God please. That is why we see the people sometime happy and sometime worry being the result of good or bad deeds. So one should always be God fearing.

Tejender Singh: Namskar swami ji kya ham 2 religion ko maan sakte hain jasie ji ham gurduware bhi jayen and ham hindu ho. kya je thik hai.. ek insaan ki life main kya responsibilities hoti hai.kya ham apne pichle janam ke baare mai jaan sakte hai. agea hame sirf God ko manage to hamari life main aur koi responsibilities nahi reh jati. why people hurts each other. why they dont understand each other feeling?
Swami Ram Swarup: Kehte hain — EK SAADHE SAB SADHE—SAB SAADHE SAB JAYE.Matlab ki hamin ek Ishwar ki sadhna karni hai jiske liye hamin yeh manushya ka sharir mila hai. isliye us Ishwar ke sachi vachan jahan kahin se bhi sunne ko milen aur jis se atma ko shanti mile, burai door ho aur bhaichara bare to woho sab achha hai. Responsibility janne ke liye satsang main jana, Ved, shahstra aur vanioin ka sunna jaroori hai. Kyonki esa karna bhi sabse bara manushya ka farz hai. Patanjali Rishi ke likhe Yoga shashtra saadhan paad sutra 39 main kaha hai ki yadi ham jaroort se jayda sansari vastuen na rakhein tohamara janam kyoin aur kaise hua, aage kya hoga, pichhle janam main mein kya tha veghera sab jan liya jata hai. Ise yoga vidya ki bhasha main APRIGRAHA kahte hain. YAM, NIYAM, vegehrah yoga ke aath ang hain jis main se ek aprigraha hai jiska varnan meine kae baar web site per kiya hai jise aapko gyan lene ke liye puri web site parni chahiye. God ke manne per har Rishi Muni, Shri Ram, Dasho paadshaioin aur sabhi pahle ki janta aur ab bhi sab ne parivar ke farz pure kiye hain. People hurt each other due to lack of spiritual knowledge and law of God that God is everywhere and looking each and will punish for bad deeds.

sreerag: How many kands in Ramayana?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Valmiki Ramayana there are 6 Kands and Tulsikrit Ramayana, there are 7 Kands and it will really be a blessing of God if someone first read Valmiki Ramayan and then Tulsikrit Ramayan.

bilal mohammed: Thanks for sending a answer. But the concept of hindutva is now put forward in the name of cultural
nationalism by bjp and rss. So I mean by that culture under which hindutva script of savarkar is hidden.
Swami Ram Swarup: India is a secular country and will remain forever by the grace of God.

laldas: How to get rid of misdeeds?
Swami Ram Swarup: From a spiritual preach and by controlling five senses and mind by doing aasan, pranayam and meditation, we can overcome from the habit of doing misdeeds.

shankar arya: It is said, what ever one is suffering it is his KARAM BHOOMI, then what about those who are suffering us, will the get their punishment for what they are doing with us, If it happens so, There is nothing like KARAM BHOOMI
Swami Ram Swarup: In Rigveda mantra 10/135/1-2, says that we are born to bear the result of our past birth’s karmas and to do new karmas also so that we can burn our past baddeeds. Yajurveda mantra 7/48 says that men do karmas and the result is awarded by God.that is why it is said MAN PURPOSES,GOD DISPOSES. I have written alot about karamas philosphy on the web site and would request you to please study full site and oblige me to send your views thereon.

Ramchand arya: Are the Books, bearing the knowledge of VEDAS translated by RISHI DAYA NANAD ARYA, translated correctly? What do you think SWAMI JI.
Swami Ram Swarup: As per his vast knowledge of Vedas, I think Swami Dayanand had thrown good light on Vedas knowledge. However somewhere his words are hard which could be polite.For example Yajurveda mantra 40/5 reveals TAT EJATI TAT NA EJATI.Tat Ejati means the God moves and Tat na Ejati means God does not move.The secret meaning comes out that he who has not studied or has not worshipped has not done yoga practice etc., and thus has not realised God,he can say that God moves because he is ignorant but based on study and worship,meditation,etc., under guidance of a true spiritual master he who has realised Almighty God that HE is omnipresent(everywhere) such saint,faquir,pious propohet,rishi,muni will say that God does not move and does even require to move and even can not move being everywhere. In this meaning Swami Dayanand has written the meaning of Tat Ejati—“in the eyes of foolish God moves”. Though his views are hundred percent correct but could be polite.

Praveen Bhat: Namaskar Swamiji, I wish to know what happens after death. Some says the soul/aatma enters in a different body etc. I also wish to know that what happens for those who are dead before time i.e. in case of sucide or accident etc.
Swami Ram Swarup: In every case of death Jivatma from body is gone out under control of God and after 13 days in space, the soul takes new birth i.e., according to the deeds(karmas). Soul by means of water, fruit, chapati, milk etc., enters in the male body and get birth from husband and wife. In the whole time while roaming in the space the soul remains unconscious and can not become ghost and can not enter in any other’s body and can not remain roaming (in Hindi Bhatkana). It is all according to 39th chapter of Yajurveda.

Jon: IF you said that we are souls then besides soul what is THAT making us to do or tempting us to do papa or sin? – is it Body of Mind. and WHY is that?
Swami Ram Swarup: One will have to understand the creation of the body as said in Rigveda, mandal 10, Yajurveda chapter 31 and Geeta chapter 13. Conclusion of these references is this that body has five senses, five perceptions, mana, budhi, chitta and ahankar by which the soul which is separate from all these perceptions etc., and body takes works. Means soul does deeds from mind,perceptions body etc.Suppose one has to make theft of a thing or ruppee etc., which is being seen on a table or in a almirah etc. In this process eye will see and send the message to the mind (mana), mana will send message to Budhi, if Budhi is not purified by means of good preach and meditation etc., then Budhi will transfer this message to soul and will insist the soul to make theft and when soul is agreed the theft will take place by mind and organs. But before taking action there will be a struggle between soul and Budhi, mana and soul.Soul is always purified and will deny first but mind/Budhi will insist that it is a beneficial task etc.-etc. So in first instance when mana is afraid of theft i.e., a voice of Soul and soul says that if it will be known then there will be very much insult/harm etc., but when mind and budhi overcome the soul by showing greediness etc., and theft takes place then it is the voice of mind. Then only this idea of theft will come and theft takes place. This is spiritualism which is a vast subject and gained only in presence of a spiritual master by a good devotee. Indulgement of paap is due to budhi/mind further due to lack of knowledge/spiritualism. Because at this juncture soul is attached and becomes servant of budhi/mind/five senses being attached with prakriti’s qualities i.e., RAJ,TAM AND SATV.

lucy churm: What town was guru nanak bron in?
Swami Ram Swarup: Guru Nanak was born in Nankana Sahib, now located in Pakistan.

K. P. Agrawal: Pranam Swamiji, What is screat of success. Would you please guide me in seeting up my life goal, how to concentrate on achieving goals. I want to lot of things in life, I want to serve family, society, national, I want to do justice with my life, almighty God has given me human life? I want to fulfil the purpose of being human. Please guide me. I get fluctuated very soon.
Swami Ram Swarup: Secret of success is hard working , honesty,good character, firm decision towards a right path with full devotion, concentration and dedication. Second main thing is that a person must always remember GOD. For this one should do daily worship and meditation to get GOD’s blessing. To concentrate and to achieve target one should be attached with experienced person of the line to get advice and must attached with a true spiritual master also. This all will solve your problem and make your future bright.

Mani: Pranam, when you see God or speak to him tell him that i miss him very much and waiting for him to come…..pls give my lots n lots of love to him…..
Swami Ram Swarup: God is Almighty which means neither HE wants mediator or assistant.HE is in all and everywhere. Whatever you wanted to write on the e-mail, actually God knew before your writing. HE is so empowered, Omnipresent , omniscient, beyond imagination and beyond calculation. So He had known your views already but whether He accepts or not, it all depends according to the karmas.

annie: Pranam babaji, i seek your blessings. babaji i wanted to ask the meaning of –“WAHE GURU JI DA KHALSA, WAHE GURU JI DI FATEH”.. also i want to know what does–“SAT SHRI AKAL and SATNAM WAHEGURU” mean?
Swami Ram Swarup: When a true Sikh learns Guru Granth Sahib, remember God, take the holy name of God (Wahe Guru) and follow the teachings then automatically within heart the thanks to the God (Akal Purush-which is beyond death), is listened in the holy word (Wahe Guru)i.e., Oh! My Guru Maharaj Wha-Wha. Khalsa means pure who has overcome on kaam, krodh, mad ahankar etc. SAT means true,SHRI means who has all pleasures,and AKAL means beyond death and these are the qualities of God only.

Adi: At how much depth man should be believe in fate?
Swami Ram Swarup: Fate is always based on hard working pious deeds, concentration, devotion and dedication towards a right and true path. So fate is changeable by hard deeds as said.

Bilal: One more question i would like to ask is u r opinion about real face of cultural nationalism
Swami Ram Swarup: Nation is always based on culture. When culture is destroyed then Nation is automatically destroyed. As far as our India is concerned,our culture is based on Four Vedas, shashtras, Upnishads, only 10,000 original shalokas of Mahabharta containing Bhagwat Geeta’s shalok and Valmiki Ramayan etc., wherein culture regarding Brahamrishis, warrior and other men and women is fully mentioned and specially based on four Vedas wherein system of food , morning awake, exercises, worship, services of mother, father, acharya and God, yoga practice, meditation, business, politics, agriculutre, animal husbandry Deptt., and thousands other pious deeds have been clearly mentioned to be adopted by human beings.In Manusmariti it is said VEDAHA AKHILA DHARMAM MULAH i.e., every duty is mentioned in Vedas. That is why in Valmiki Ramyan and Tulsi dass in his Ramayan also said about Shri Rama SHRUTI PATH PALAK i.e., Shri Rama used to discharge every duty even of routine according to Vedas and that is why Tulsi again writes DEHIK DEVIK BHAUTIK tAPA RAM RAJY KAHU NA VYAPA i.e., based on the Vedic culutre there was no any problem in Ram rajya. Suppose we start speaking in English, wear European clothes, sing Pop songs in our whole country leaving behind Sanskrit Hindi and our clothes of lady and gentleman then our country name will remain Bharta but we will be considered European and vice versa. This is the real culture.

GOPAL PRASAD: What is SATYUG & how to bring it? Can SATYUG be brought in one day if not then what should be the reason. 3) How to save innocent.(NIRDOSH)?
Swami Ram Swarup: Satyug, treta ,dwapur and kaliyug is the name of some period i.e., years. Yuga does not effect the people but only the karmas effect the people. In Satyug also Hirnyakashyap and others devils were present and in treta Ravana etc, in dwapur Kans, Duryodhan etc., and in kaliyug so many. Therefore if we control ourself from bad evils and build ourselves an honest, hard worker, efficient and religious person too then it does mean that kaliyug will object.

Suraj: I am not in the practice of Saying YES to wrong thing. but in today’s fast life nobody cares about the things wheather the things are right or wrong. Most of us say YES to all these things.(good or bad) All the people saying YES having great success. should i adopt the same way ( Shortcut) or my own way of saying NO to wrong things.
Swami Ram Swarup: If we are on a true path then this pious deed will pay us along happy life. So we must not worry about the world as to what it feels. Because we have to discharge our duties and do pious deeds but without thinking result thereof. The success is not based on false path but it is based on previous good karmas but present hard working too. But the success which is based on false saying or path that never will give peace, like Ravan, Duryodhan etc. So you must go on your true way because GOD is looking everybody for giving result.

Rambo: When will Karma Phala of India finish?In what year?2020?
Swami Ram Swarup: Karam fal is individually and not national.

kavitha prabhuswamy: i have started yogasanas, i do pray for the well being of all the people in the world, i wish all the people will be good in this janama so that next janama they don’t have to face difficulties, what do u say guruji for this once again i thankyou and bless me guriji.
Swami Ram Swarup: We may and must pray GOD for betterment of human beings but still everybody has to face his own deeds. It is only good preach which one should listen and obey. I bless you for your good views.

GAGAN: What is God ? why i am not believeing in God?
Swami Ram Swarup: You believe in GOD that is why you are asking about GOD and you are anxious even to know the qualities of GOD.W ill you not be agree that you, I or any person on the world has not made the Universe. So HE is the GOD who creates, nurses and destroy the universe. Why sun, moon, air etc., is functioning always under firm rules since long otherwise it could be disturbed. Who is giving strength to see, hear, smile, eat etc., or who inspires for love between society. Who inspires for sleep and awakens. Can any scientist make even a leaf of a tree.

deepak rana: I would be very happy if you could send me the further names of the 84 classical yoga.

Swami Ram Swarup: Next asans — Taar, Mayur, Ushtra, Hal, Sarwang, Chakar, Pada-angusht, Brahamcharya, Tiddi, Shirsh.

K. N. Sankara Narayan: As per Hindu Rituals/Sastras, a person is supposed to do Tharpana (every month during Ammavasya and every year according to the ‘Thithi” of the dead persons. I have been doing it for the last 35 yrs to my parents. Now my question is: Assuming that my parents would have taken re-birth again, where is the question of continuing the Tharpana to them. Is there any time calculation involved between man years and spirit years. How long a dead person stays in the spirit world?
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually in accordance with the four Vedas tarpan means to satisfy mother , father , Guru, respected old man and even GOD by offering them food, clothes, money and all other goods like house etc., when they are alive and dead because at the stage of dead the soul goes out from the body and body is burnt then how the soul without mouth, hands etc,. can eat or take something. The soul has to take next birth within 14 days. But in case of GOD nothing can be given except HIS worship and good deeds because GOD is giver.

Jon Cherian: What is Sin? Why we do Sin and how can we overcome sin explain me with some reference. I appreciate if I get a detail answer. Thanks
Swami Ram Swarup: God has given us the human body to do pious deeds only otherwise HE could give us animal or bird’s body. Within the body there is soul. Actually we are soul and not body. So when we do such a deed which soul do not permit
and we are afraid to do the deed that what will happen when somebody will know our deed then really that deed is sin. Secondly the deed done after getting preach according to holy books like Vedas, Shashtras, Bible, etc.-etc., then those works are pious and against this preach the deeds are sins. Daily prayer, listening of good preach of Almighty GOD and to control
and concentrate our five senses and five perceptions and mind through yoga philosophy too, he can overcome sins. A spiritual master i.e. required in this connection please. During the time of Jesus, so many people who did sins came or met with Lord Christ and became pious from preaching and advices. Once some people were throwing stones and beating to a sinner lady.
Lord Christ happened to be there and asked the people told that first stone will be thrown to the sinner lady who has not done single sin in his life. By the internal divine force of the Lord Christ, everyone was forced there to peep within their heart/mind to check themselves and stopped throwing the stones being sinner. In this way Lord Christ preached the world to notice their own sins instead looking or blaming others. This is best way to be pious one. Mahatma Buddha entered a jungle which was prohibited because there lived a dacoit who used to murder man or woman and made garland of the murdered people’s fingers which he wore. When the dacoit saw Mahatma Buddha he rushed to him. Mahatma Buddha slowly smiling and calmly were going but the dacoit could not touch him and after a long running he tired, fell down and shouted, will you not stop, I am angulimar dacoit (ungli means finger). In turn Mahatma Buddha replied, I have made myself stopped since long but O,
dacoit when you will stop. And the dacoit hearing these words became silent threw his sword and bowed with folded hands before Mahatma Buddha. In this way Buddha actually preached that Buddha is already stopped for doing sins and ask the dacoit when he will be stopping doing sins. The preach effected and dacoit became a saint. You are always welcome please.

maya: Swamiji pranamam. recently i went to an astrologer along with my friend. the man said that my friend has a dhosam. The dhosam is called Kala sarpa dhosam. i would like to know more about it. is their any remedy for it. will he get married. Can you please give me an answer/ solution to this?
Swami Ram Swarup: According to four Vedas, Shashtras and other holy books such type of astrology is not mentioned therein and thus is not authenticated please. I have already written about this on the web site and would request you to please go through the web site also.

RAJEEV RAJEEV ASIJA: Swami ji, Namaskar, yes I want to join that camp. What formalities, I have to complete for that?
Swami Ram Swarup: No formalities please and no fee. Only your faith, dedication and devotion is required.

jclekhadia: Respected Swamiji! Pranams at your LOtus Feet. I am puzzled about the old name of Mahabharat. Whether it is (1) Puran (2) Bhrugusanhita (3) Jaysanhita or (4) Muchchhakatikam? I have to seek your blessings for concentrating my mind for Dhyanam. I will do it next time. I again offer Pranams and with all respects desire solution to my present puzzle. With Pranams and Respcts, Jayavadan
Swami Ram Swarup: In mahabharta Vyas himself had written 4400 shalokas only and 5600 shalokas have written by his disciples, so total number of original shalokas of Mahabharta is 10,000 only but now Mahabharta contains about one lakh shalokas which have been added and are not authenticated. During the time of Maharaja Vikramaditya Mahabharta book cotained 20,000 shalokas (10,000 added) Maharaja Bhoj says that during his father’s time it contained 25,000 and during his (Bhoj) 30,000 shalokas. So if it has been increasing in this way then a time will come that Mahabharta book will be of a weight equal to a camel. (This is said by Swami Dayanand in his book Satyarth Prakash 11 Sam ullas) In Yaska’s Nirukta Volume one edited by Shri V. K. Rajvede, M. A., Introduction. L1X it is said that the present Mahabharta is a corrupt and enlarged edition of the ancient Mahabharta, this ancient work has been diluted from time to time with all sorts of additions has grown in proportion on that count. Mahabharta has been named first by Vyas Muni at the time of its writing as JAI, then Vashampayan, his disciple has named Bharta and SAUTI has named it Mahabharta.

muneet: I want to know 1. How to meditate? 2. Suitable place for meditation for me as i am a hosteler.
Swami Ram Swarup: Meditation is actually learnt in presence of an experienced Yogi. Because the disciple has to learn about Yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, etc., first. We are arranging a yoga camp from 23rd Dec. this year for ten days and you can send your willingness if possible. Otherwise inform.

Swami Ram Swarup: There is no worldly difference like water or pani. But description is deep in the Vedas. For example Vedas/Shashtras say that the pious deeds which give peace, pleasure, happy long life, promote co-operation and international brotherhood, etc., in this life and after death too then to do such like pious deeds is religion.

grapes: Where is your ashram located?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is located in India and you can send your postal address if you want to join yoga camp commencing from 23rd Dec. This year for ten days which will give you huge knowledge for getting peace.

grapes: Do people have to be physically fit to do yoga?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please, because yoga makes able to learn yoga philosophy to unfit people too. It is God given philosophy in Vedas.

SILVIYA LEWIS: Can u plz tell me mantras and process of surya namskar. What are the benefits of surya namskar?
Swami Ram Swarup:
Actually it is learnt in presence please. We are arranging a yoga camp here from 23rd Dec. this year for ten days which you can attend if possible otherwise inform.

Rekha Sharma: Respected Swami Ji, I want to know that why I feel unsecure, unhappy, helpless and also I feel my mind full of tension with depression.
Swami Ram Swarup: When anybody looses concentration then it occurs. I have already told on the web site that rays of sun are not so harmful even in the summers which we receive direct on our body or cloth. But when the rays are received through convex lense then those rays burn us being united/conentrated on one point. But in first case the rays were not united. Similarly when our unnecessary desires or various effects on mind are not cocentrated through worship, good preach or yoga philosophy then we have no united power in us to fight or burn the evils, sickness, depression etc.-etc. So one should not be after materialistic articles, world only but we must also worship remember God through meditation etc.

BASAVARAJ.Y.HADIMANI.: ohm gurubbhyonamaha! Vedha mulumguru, shasthra mulumguru, rushi mulumguru , brahma mulumguru,manthramulum guru sarvamulumguru, gurubbhyonamaha! but who are “mulaa” of “guru” guruji.what are realation between the spiritulity and Vedh, spiritulity and shastrha, spiritulity and rushi, spiritulity andbrama, spiritulity and sarvamulum of brahmanda, and spiritulityand veriouse social religion “REFORMERS”founder theveriouse “RELIGION” among the glob. The religions reformmers. Mulaa of thoughts spiritulity or thoughts ! or aathma , bhuddhi, manassu, mulaa of spiritulity thoughts suprime soul of God, who are mulaa of God!, who are mulaa of soual!, but religion reformers are mulaa of God !, and suprime soul are mulaa of God ! God !..the detrmination of benificires thoughts ,philossopy ,among the spiritulity to furification determination benificierias of glob.
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no mula of God and soul and prakriti being eternal and true. That is why God and soula re called SWAYAMBHUHA i.e., nobody has made God or soul or prakriti. The thing which is made is destroyed one day like universe.But God, soul and prakriti are not destroyed being eternal.religion and reformers are mulaa of God i.e., made by God but religion and reformers does not make God. Soul is not made by God(not mulaa)becuase God makes it ,then it will destroy one day which is not in the case. Rest upto glob mentioned by you is mentioned in Vedas and Vedas are originated by God HIMSELF as is also mentioned By Yogeshwar Krishna in Bhagwat Geeta shalok 3/15.

Maria: How old r u?
Swami Ram Swarup: 64 years old please.

Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you for a long happy life and I am sure everybody must try hard to overcome the ill wishes etc., like Shri Ram who overcame on
Ravana.For this purpose we must do true worship of God while discharging family, social and national duties.

pradip: Do you only answer questions to people who give you money?
Swami Ram Swarup: Once I have answered on the web site that I even pay the electric bill and other charges including my services to the human beings. I am a asahtang Yogi and can even not think about it please. I can not sell my God given wisdom.

K. N. Sankara Narayanan: In the Puranas it is said that Rishi Vishwamithra created his own WORLD, “Thrisanga Swargam” with his yogic powers. Is this new world created by him is still there in the milky way? If so, where it is found and what is the scientific name given to it.
Swami Ram Swarup: The fundametal law of God can never be changed.Please see that there is only one Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the Universe and again creates and Vishwamitr ji also studied Vedas, did Yajna and ashtang yoga and worshipped this Almighty God.In Yajurveda eight types of Sidhhi are mentioned and stated that no Yogi can create Universe.

aditya: Why the man doing mistakes? why ? its bcoz of circumtances or some combination of planets ? if he had done it some then wht is the solution for this ?
Swami Ram Swarup: Neither combination nor planets, it is lack of knowledge of wisdom of Vedas that man or woman becomes servant of five senses, five perceptions and mind and do sins. So a spiritual master knowing Vedas must be in the life to give wisdom to avoid personals from sins.

Swami Ram Swarup: Babies pray to parents to fulfill their requirements like food, clothes etc., and etc. God is like Father’s father to whom we must pray to give peace, pleasure and long happy ill free life etc., which everybody want. See that without worship or pray of God nothing can be acheieved.

Noble Paul K: I just read from a book that India’s poverty was due to her karma phala of past 10,000 years. When will this end so I can see my country as a developed country?
Swami Ram Swarup: Every man, woman, animals or birds etc., have to bear the result of their past birth’s deed. See if any country is rich yet mentally it can not getting peace hundred percent, only due to karmas philosophy. So when we see Ramayan there is mentioned that in the kingdom of Dasratha and even before no people were poor or worried from any kind of problems due to the fact that the knowldge of Vedas were spread in every family. So poverty is not the question because poor Kabir or Shabri etc., were happy but richest Ravan, Kans, Duryodhan, Aurangjeb, Napoleon Bonaparte etc., etc., were remained worried with a painful death. So when the eternal philosphy of Vedas like previous three periods (yuga) will be spread then not only India but whole of the world will be really rich.

Nilesh: I am enjoying yoga but i want to improve my concentration .i am concentrating on breath while practising but still i get disturb to concentrate. please suggest me regarding concentration
Swami Ram Swarup: We are arranging a yoga camp for ten days from 23rd December this year, so please try to come here because it is learnt only in presence from a spiritual master who knows Vedas and ashtang yoga.

Manju Upadhayay: When is the jagran?
Swami Ram Swarup: When a man or woman by virtue of worship, pray, yajna, yoga practice etc., controls his five senses, five perceptions and mind and thus does not think even about any ill will then it is his real jagran otherwise everybody is indulged in sins and think that he is doing right and it is his sound sleep.

assam rao: Swamiji, i want to ask a question from u tht when all bhagwaans and devis and devs exist on earth where r they now?if they have died then tell me how a God can die? if u say that ur bhagwaans and their wives give u life then y they all die?how can a died person give bith to others?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no all bhagwans etc. Vedas say “EKO BRAHAM DWITIYO NA ASTI”i.e., there is only one Almighty God who creates,nurses and destroys and again creates the Universe and we all human beings must worship this OMNIPRESENT IMMORTAL and ALMIGHTY God. I have told this fact so many times in brief on the web site and would request you to see the web site.

moushkulino: Dear Swami, I am reading the mahabharata and am puzzeled by the dice game. I feel that this game has many more significance then it seems at first. Could you please enlighten me regarding this kind of game in this book and in the Hindu religionat large. Thank you
much M.
Swami Ram Swarup: The matter is vast and can not be taught untill you meet me personally. However it is for your information that Mahabharta Grantha has been written by Vyas Muni and his disciple Gemini which contains 10,000 shaloka but now it contains more than one lakh which are added and are not true.

peya: assalamualai kum mujhe iakin hai kio hindu dharm zhoot hain.
Swami Ram Swarup: Hindu dharam is actually based on four Vedas, six shashtras, upnishads, Valmiki Ramayan, Mahabharta, Shathpath Brahmin Granth etc., and these holy books have been written by Mantra drishta Rishis who first realised God and truth and then wrote. However Rishis did not wrote Vedas because Vedas are originated direct from God at the time of creation. So to know the Hindu religion the above mentioned holy books are to be studied whcih is impossible at this juncutre, even by Hindus. So your views can not be challanged please. However I would request you to go through full web site to get your answer. I have read pious Quran Sharif and know that it is true. So without studying the culture of Hinduism everybody is free to say his own views.

Samar: Swamiji Namaskar !! I have only in the last few days come to understand that Yoga has somewhat more to do than just Health and Energy. I have learnt that when done properly it can answer a lot of questions that appear in the mind. Also I see that Ashtanga Yoga is the most widely practised Yoga. I wish to practice it as well but do not understand the sequence in which all the modules are to be followed in. I have read that Ashtanga Yoga includes, Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama,
Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. So how many types of Pranayama should be practiced ? Should Dhyana be practiced before or after Pranayama ? Where do the Yogasanas and various Mudras fit in this sequence ? And also, is Ashtanga Yoga to be
practiced all of the Life or does a stage come when it need not be continued ? How is Kundalini yoga different from Ashtanga yoga ? Besides, to a human mind, so many questions keep coming regarding the Unknown and the Spirituality etc… just like many people at this forum who have put such questions. So do you suppose that by practising Ashtanga Yoga or Kundalini Yoga one can know and understand the answers to all such questions ? Thanks !!
Swami Ram Swarup: Ashtang yoga philosophy is to be practised as per sequence under guidance of present spiritual Yogi. The spiritual master will guide as to how many pranayam are to be done. Ashtang yoga is practised untill salvation is attained but these all are to be learnt in presence. We are arranging a camp for ten days from 23rd December and you can send your willingness if you so desire. Kundalini is not yoga but it is awakened while practising ashtang yoga. And all questions are answered.

somshekhar bakshi: Guruji, if the Vedic system has all the answers and techniques for attaining moksha then, why did Gautama Buddha after trying everything possible in the Vedic systems still find it LIMITED and had to rediscover Vipassana meditation on his own to gain nirvana(moksha)? Are you aware of Zen awareness meditation and Vipassana Insight meditation, both Buddhist techniques, which are much more scientific and practical and involve a lot less karmakanda and blind acceptance of rites and rituals as in the Vedic tradition? Would you ever be interested in learning and practicing the kind of pure meditation that Gautama Buddha (who many Hindus believe as Vishnu’s avatar) taught? Pranam.
Swami Ram Swarup: The intial stage of Tapsya according to Vedas starts from SATYA, AHIMSA, ASTYE, BRAHAMCHARYA, PARIGRAHA, SAUCH, SANTOSH, TAPAH, SWADHAYA, ISHWAR PRANIDHANANI. These all are mentioned in Vedas and ashtang yoga and adopted by Mahatma Buddha and Mahavir Swami too. These respected Mahatma also accepted asan, pranayam and dhayan and pratyahar (indri sanyam) and they did in life then it makes no difference that they did not mention the name of Vedas and ashtang yoga practice. Both the saints did hard tapsya and afterwards only they told the people to adopt Ahimsa etc.,i.e., the pious deeds. In Vedas there is no philosophy of Avtar and Mahatma Budhha also did not declare himself as a Avtar but he got Nirvan pad by virtue of doing above said tapsya. He used to sit in a densy cave full of darkness for tapsya. By sitting on meditation his hip became like the camel’s foot sole. Rightly if we do same type of tapsya then we can realise the real meditation of Budhha and Nirvan pad. Without such type of tapsya in which he left his kingdom and remain even hungry for so many times, nobody can, I think, realise truth.

BASAVARAJ. Y. HADIMANI: ohm gurubbhyonamaha! Vedha mulumguru, shasthra mulumguru, rushi mulumguru, brahma mulumguru, manthramulum guru sarvamulumguru, gurubbhyonamaha! but who are” mulaa” of “guru” guruji. what are realation between the spiritulity and Vedh,spiritulity and shastrha,spiritulityand rushi,spiritulity andbrama, spiritulity and sarvamulum of brahmanda, and spiritulityand veriouse social religion “REFORMERS”founder theveriouse “RELIGION” among the glob. thereligions reformmers. mulaa of thoughts spiritulity or thoughts ! or aathma , bhuddhi, manassu, mulaa of spiritulity thoguhts suprime soul of God, who are mulaa of God !, who are mulaa of soual!, but religion reformers are mulaa of God !, and suprime soul are mulaa of God ! God !..the detrmination of benificires thoughts ,philossopy ,among the spiritulity to furification determination benificierias of glob.
Swami Ram Swarup: Gurumulum straight way Almighty God. You see, at the time of unsexual creation at the time beginning of the Earth there remains no any Guru in human body. Then who gives the knowledge to the human beings. There is only God at that time who gives Veda’s knowledge under the process which I have told several times on the web site. That why in Yoga shastra sutra 1/26 Patanjali Rishi says that Almighty God is the first Guru of our forefathers at he time of unsexual cration at the time of beginning of the Earth. Thereafter Rishi Muni uptill now have been our Gurus and Guru is most important dignity in the life. Every spirituality(shashtra,Rishi etc.,) comes out from Vedas. Even knowledge of every deed of the world including science, agriculture, atomic energy etc.,etc., etc., is very well briefed in the Vedas. But this fact can only be realised if one study the Vedas from a spritual master like Shri Ram, Krishna, Sita mata,Ansuiya, Gargi, Yudhistar, Bhisham etc., etc., who studied Vedas from their spirtual master like Guru Vashist, Sandeepan Rishi etc., etc. Today we will have to continue this eternal tradition from present Guru.

Deepak Rana: Swami Ji Dandwat Pranam, It is my dream to come and learn practically under your guidance, but I live and work so far that it is not possible to visit frequently or stay for long time. But there is a saying that WHERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY. And having such a great living yogi who is taking so much worldly trouble to distribute his knowldge and personal expertise, is a once in a life time opportunity. Now a days there is a load of saints and so called rishis and maharishi those who are twisting the authentic traditional knowledge and propagating it as their own invention or under their trade-mark name, which is some time either just the pennies worth or just plain bull or most often the mixture of both. Which have the sole intention of getting the publicity and fortune by any means. And they become successful because they are using the modern techniques of marketing and other reason is the poor general public has no direct access to the authentic knowledge of ancient Vedas because of the policy of different sectarian powers. In such a time I feel obliged to come to you and have DARSHAN of the person who always refers back to the Vedas and other related texts only. So I will definately be coming to you by the beginning of the next year, to pay my respect, and be personally guided by you. By that time if you feel convinient please do send me the names of the 84 classical postures through my email address, so my quench for knowldge could be satisfied for the time being. The names of the postures would be sufficient because of I have come across to the hundreds of postures according to the different teachers of yoga but I want to verify it with you because I have unshakable faith on your CREDIBILITY.
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear son my blessings to you for a long happy life. Human life has been blessed by Almighty God only to realise God or you can say to attain salvation. In this way Vedas preach and ashtang yoga mentioned therein is the way to reach at the goal, as also mentioned in Rigveda mandal 10 sukta 135 mantra 4 & 5. It is too mentioned in mantra 3 that like God soul is also immortal but God is separate Almighty and soul is separate. Soul is awarded this human body to do pious deeds like Yajna, listening of Vedas and Yoga etc., from the body to attend salvation.Otherwise next birth is taken which may be of animal, birds etc., according to good /bad deeds.Soul does not eat, sleep etc., it is requirement of body. To maintain body one must earn money but motto must be salvation. So it is matter of pleasure if you are planning to come here to listen the eternal knowledge of Vedas and yoga. I have several times mentioned Yajurved mantra 31/7 whcih says that Vedas are the knowledge direct from God and originated in the heart of four Rishis i.e., Agni, Vaayu, Aditya and Angira at the time of unsexual creation. Rishi Patanjali throwing light on this mantra very rightly says in Yoga shastra sutra 1/26 that Almighty God is the first Guru of our above said forefathers. So God is the first Guru of the whole universe who always gives the knowledge of four Vedas at the time of every creation. Thereafter Rishi Muni who knows Vedas/yoga have been our spiritual master. This tradition must not be broken and we must always be aware of false prophets, otherwise the life will be ruined. And I hope you also have capability of understanding the truth. Today I will write here only 10 asans and in the batches I will try to intimate the balance. Siddh, Padam, Uttan, Paschimottan, Ardhmatsendrye/Puranmatsendrye, Gomukh, Brahamcharya, Ushtra, Bhujang, Singh. To do pranayam however these ten asans are sufficient even to get salvation, but if you want I shall continue to intimate the balances also.

Krishna: Swamiji, Thanks for sending your answer for my question. After getting this answer I couldn’t under stand the difference between “real spiritualism” and “spiritualism” could you please help me to understand spiritualism (real, un real etc…) And also could you please guide me a pathway for relisation.
Swami Ram Swarup: Spiritualism is one which is eternal and traditional. But when false prophets starts giving their own knowledge against the eternal one then their path can be stated unreal spiritualism etc. For example sun shining in the sky which is one and real but in film the artificial sun is made whcih is unreal and is deemed to be accepted real one. The film’s sun has no qualities of real sun. So it is unreal. The truth is God and therefore truth/spiritualism/religion is originated by God and not men.

kanchan das: I want to know about kundalini yoga.
Swami Ram Swarup: This knowledge is always given by a spiritual master in presence only to those who deserve. Please try to come here personally.

kanchan das: How can one control his mind against sensual pleasures?
Swami Ram Swarup: This is only the way of yoga practice under guidance of a spiritual master.

Kadir: How to get “mukthi” swamiji?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have just answered above and may please read be int web site that human body is blessed by God only for getting Mukti(salvation). And for this a spiritaul master who knos Vedas/yoga is essential. We are arranging a yoga camp from 23rd December for ten days and it will be good if you attend it to know the vast subject of Mukti.

ravi singhal: Pranam Today only I received your letter regarding yoga camp schedule from dec. 21 to 30th for 10 days. Thanks for such an early response. Swamiji you’ve mentioned in your letter that it is a initial stage camp lasting for 7 to 15 days, but as I’ve mentioned you earlier that I am not a beginner in this field , I have done few courses in yoga earlier also i.e a one month total residential course called yoga instructor certificate course from Vivekanand Kendra (Banglore) and another one is of meditation which was a 10 days residential course called vippasana meditation from Nagpur. Swamiji in what I am interested now is some higher techniques of yoga i.e kriya yoga(tri-bandh , khechri mudra etc) as these are not taught institutionally but required personnal guidance. what initially required to learn this higher techniques I am a regular practioner of that. So you please let me know that will I be able to get such guidance of higher techniques or it will just be a basic yoga course.
Swami Ram Swarup: I have understood your views and you will be given knowledge accordingly in the camp.

Joan: I have a very brief knowledge about Vedanta but I have a simple yet complex question. That is: how will the universe end?
Swami Ram Swarup: Universe ends when creator wants to destroy it and at that time whole of the world is emerged in the shape of Prakriti. Because from Prakriti this world is created by God as mentioned in Mandal 10 sukta 129 of Rigveda and Kapil Muni’s Samkhya Shastra sutra 1/26 also refers.

Joan: Why do you think God creates universes, if all they do is become unmanifest again? How does God benefit from the energy changes through each universe (start being different from the end?)
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually God does not want to create but it is natural as also said in SWETASHWAR Upnishada,6/8 “SWBHAVIKI GYANAM BALAM KRIYA CH” i.e., God’s power, knowledge and deeds are automatically. So automatically at the proper time creation, nursing and destruction is happened. Therefore only God is called NIMIT UPADAAN KARAN of the universe. Therefore start being different from the end are all automatically.

Joan: And, is there any other way to be free as a spirit but meditation? I am going to read a more Christian based book on this from Klemp.
Swami Ram Swarup: According to the Vedas there is no any other way except Yajna, pious deeds and ashtang yoga philosophy but you may deal with any path if you are satisfied.

em: What happens during puja/pooja? Please help!
Swami Ram Swarup: Nothing happens but at that time one has a faith on God and perform the religious ceremony. However in yoga spiritual experiences are gained.

Joanna Ragbir: What is the hindu perspective on participating in carnival/revelry?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is based on faith and culture please. And those who celebrate they only know the facts.

Anant Saurabh: Respected pandit ji, i am suffering from Kala-sarpa yoga. Since 3-4years my days are not improving. Please help!
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no kal sarpa yoga in the Vedas, Shastras, geeta, Ramayan etc. We all has to face the result of previous birth’s deeds only. So please do not become nervous. Start worship and learn yoga philosophy. Try to do havan daily from Gaytri mantra. It will all be okay soon.

Deepak Rana: Query: Swami Ji, Dandwat Pranam! I am a yoga teacher from singapore, have studied the darshan shastras, upanishads etc. and \’Satyarth Prakash the best book in modern world about Vedic sciences and attained some inner lights as well during the meditation. I met you personally in singapore when you was visiting for short period.I asked you lots of questions about yoga and Vedic philosophy, and you kindly satiesfied me with your knowledge and willingness to extend your deep knowledge freely to every body.But due to the short period and your infinite knowledge on the given subject, I am looking for the further guidence. Could you please write me the names of orginal 84 classical postures(Asana). And I would like to come to your ashram to further deepen my knowledge about this ancient exercise system (Which is still the best system in the world) And to learn more about the philosophy and science of self realisation.I would feel honoured if you accept me as your life time student.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is not possible to brief the 84 asans here. It is happy news of your coming here in ashram and I traditionally will describe the same practically. If your coming is not possible in near future then I will try to give you knowledge in piece meal.

Ajay Kumar: respected swamiji, i would be very thankful to you , if you could tell me,what are thebenfits of sudarshana kriya a form of meditation ;propogated by the swamiji sri sri ravishankar.what are the spiritual benefits of this transcendental meditation better than this form of meditation, which is propogated by the maharishi mahesh yogi.can you plaese clear my doubts. as to which of of these two are the best form of meditation.i would be very grateful for your kind answer.
Swami Ram Swarup: Please define Sudarshan kriya as it is not mentioned in Vedas and Patanjali Yoga darshan.However I shall describe it on your reciept of your reply.As regards transcendental,it is the last stage of Ashtang yoga called Samadhi i.e., salvation.But to achieve it,Yam, niyam, asan, pranayam,pratyahar, dharna, dhayan,which are to be crossed first to reach at Samadhi.But these are to be learnt in presence.Please learn locally or come to me.

gurpreet: Swamiji hamari life main itne bandhan kyun hote hai…insaan kyun hamesha rishton main ulja rehta hai…aur apne aap ko akela mehsus karta hai…
Swami Ram Swarup: yeh bandhan pichle janam main kiye huye karmoin ke karan hote hain.Insaan karam karta aur Ishwar uska fal deta hai.Isliye hamesha achha hi karam karna chahiye or paap se bachein jis se achha sukhdayak fal mile.insaan rishtoin main moh maya ki vajah se uljha rehta hai aur yeh moh maya bina Ishwar ki sachhi bhakti ke door nahin hoti.

nisha bhatia: Respected swami ji, Pranam Please advise how to obtain peace of mind. You see whole of the world is burning with problem, sickness, terrorism,corruption and war etc. Home to home peace is not being seen.
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually most of the people are after materialistic articles of the world and have forgotten God. Some formality is being seen in worship which is a main reason not to realise peace.Real worship, study of Vedas,shastras, spiritual books and mainly Yajna and yoga practice give peace which everybody must learn and do.

Swami Ram Swarup: Attraction on body only is false love and love with soul to soul is true one.

Krishna: How to link body and mind?
Swami Ram Swarup: He who by means of real spiritualism including yoga practice realises himself i.e., soul, he only controls on mind and body. In this way soul orders and mind and body obey and the person remains always happy beyond any problem otherwise difficulties never leave anybody.

ramesh babu badisa: Pujya Guru ji! Pranam and charan spash. With due respect I would humbly request you to enlighten me on the following doubt. In Gita 8/16, Lord Krishna says that attainment of any lok up to Brahma Lok is subject to return to Earth, while in 8/24 he advises Arjun that attainment of solar path will put an end to born on the Earth forever. It is said that the souls of solar path will also go to Brahma Lok. As per, 8/16, these souls should also return to earth to take birth in some form. But Lord Krishna in 8/24 says that the souls of solar path will never born again. Why there is apparent clash in both these slokas. Pranam and Charan sparsh. Ramesh Babu Badisa
Swami Ram Swarup: Braham lok means to take birth in human body, i.e., men or women where we can get salvation by worship of Braham but if we do not do true Bhakti i.e., Yajna and yoga etc., then we take endless births again.And all other loks means to take body of animals, birds etc. Actually Lord Krishna in shalok 8/24 tells about JYOTIHI and Jyoti means Almighty God and he who worship God (Jyoti) he gets salvation naturally. You also say in daily Yajna– Suryo Jyotirjyotihi Suryha Swaha, here Surya means God , He and Jyoti i.e., God is like more than endless ocean of light,and God too gives light to non-alive sun etc. Here you see that sun gets light from God but God does not take light or anything else from anybody being Almighty. So the meaning of Geeta is always made known by a Yogi who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy because Vyas Muni and Yogeshwar Krishna studied Vedas and Ashtang yoga and produced holy Geeta.

subhas kashyap: Will ram mandir ever be built at ayodhya? What your astrology say?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas there is no astrology education. So I believe only on God and we must pray God only to do the needful to make peace at all level.

Harish Chandra Arya: Some people says about the Sri Krishan that he had stolen the clothes of some girls were taking bath in the river. there he came and stole the clothes. Is it correct? if it is correct then what is the real meaning of this?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is not correct please. To come to the truth yoga shashtra also says about four proofs— Prataksh i.e., judgement of eyes, nose, touchability, taste from tongue, to listen from ear which does not apply in the case of stolen of clothes. Anumaan i.e., guess where eye, etc., are also applied and not possible here too. Agam i.e., Vedas or an alive Yogi who knows full Vedas philosophy and ashtang yoga and got samadhi(salvation). These Yogis are called rahamrishis. Braham means knowledge of four Vedas which is called shabad Braham. And Rishi means in whose heart four Vedas have been originated by virtue of ashtang yoga , Vedas and Yajna.Now you see Agam praman(proof) has two things– alive Yogi and Vedas. Vedas are not stories and have no name (proper noun) of any person. Rest remains Alive Yogi or the holy books of previous Rishis. So the life history of Yogeshwar Krishna is in original Mahabharta wherein such like stories are not entioned. Six shastras, Upnishads and other holy books do not say about Lord Krishna or such like stories. Therefore it is not correct please.A Yogi cannot even do this task.

Bilal: Dear Swamiji.. What is your concept about God because i came to know that through your website U guide to people to follow any religion with whole heartedly.
Swami Ram Swarup: God is one, Almighty i.e., need no help but helps other who worship HIM, omnipresent, omnicient, unchangable, unchallengable,creates universe, nurses and destroy i.e., has endless power beyond imagination and beyond calculation but still remains one and there is no other God above or equal to HIM. Every religion has talked about this God and we must only worship this God who is eternal. I have told about this God in various answers and would request you to please see the full web site.

gautam bhatia: prabhuji hari om , i wanted to know that with yogas will it be possible to control my mind , like many things which i feel for me r not rite but even then i end doing them up and so i feel weak psychologically although i try alot not to do , and the other question was will doing ygas improve my health as i keep falling sick very regularly ? and if yes where and when can i contact u to learn these yogas . with all due respects hari om urs sincerely gautam bhatia
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please,yoga is specially meant for controlling the mind and five perceptions and five organs. Yoga practice will definitely improve your health.We are arranging a camp from Dec.23rd this year onwards and from last week of April 2004.please send your postal address to give the details.

Swami Ram Swarup: Man is non alive element made from Prakriti as also stated by Kapil Muni in his Samkhya Shashtra Sutra 1/26 and works in five folds viz. Dev man, Yaksh man, pragyan man, chetas man and dhriti man wide Yajurved mantra 34/1-6.Jiva and Jivatma are same like water or jal or pani. Jiva is alive and resides in body and face the result of deeds (good or bad). Atma is a word which is used for Jiva as well as for God as the case may be. For example in Sanskrit sendhav means salt and horse too. Now where salt or horse is used it depends on situation. If a man is eating then sendhav means salt and if he is ready for horse riding and asks for sendhav then it means horse. Similarly if creation, nursing or destruction are being narrated then Atma means God and if it is being told that Atma takes body, bears result of deeds etc., etc., then Atma means Jivatma. The body which is being seen is cured by food, water etc., is called sathul sharir. But when Jivatma leaves the body at the time of death then Jivatma takes Sukashm sharir which contains 17 matters like eye, mind chitta, etc. etc. These 17 matters are called Shuksham sharir.

Swami Ram Swarup: Moral duty of a man is to study Vedas and do worship and yoga pratice with services of parents and Guru who knows Veda and Daan which is called Yajna. While doing this he knows his moral duty of family, society and nation. The main motto is to get Arth, Dharm, Kaam and Moksh. Moksh means Salvation while realising Almighty God through Vedas and yoga as stated above. These simple question must be learnt and experienced by hard practice of yoga and not merely by reading. Because to say by reading is an insult of God as stated in Ken Upnishad too. So those Gurus who are lack of knowledge of Vedas and yoga and are against Yajna too and say about Satsang merely based on study does insult of Almighty God. I have written so many spiritual books and have sung spiritual songs too in cassettes. The detailed answer are in my book Patanjali Yoga darshana (in Hindi) and it can be send if you so desire.

Swami Ram Swarup: Alive Jivatma who resides in non alive body feels.

Swami Ram Swarup: I have never said like this that all the experiences are being done by mind. But Jivatama feels it through mind and five senses. You will separate from the mind when you will go to an experienced Yogi to do his services to learn Vedas, Yajna and Ashtang yoga practically. For this experience one has to leave the false prophets who are against eternal knowledge of Veda, Yoga Philosophy and Yajna.

Swami Ram Swarup: We are not part and parcel of God because God cannot be divided in parts being unchanged, unchallangable and immortal, omnipresent and omniscient. And Geeta does not say like this because Geeta contains either the preach of Yogeshwar Krishna or the views of Rishi Vyas and both were highly educated and knower of Four Vedas and Ashtang Yoga wherein God is unchangable and formless which can nor be divided into parts. The wave of ocean is separated from ocean because it has got space for separation but God being omnipresent has got no space for his separation and is needed not to, so we are not the part and parcel of unchanged and Almighty God.

Balasundar Iyer: Adequate material comforts are required for spiritual growth. God cannot be contemplated upon an empty stomach. A couple of astrologers have said that the problems are because of some past curse(s) and some black magic. They say that this will affect the future of the children as well. Do you feel that the above observation is correct? What is the solution to come out of these problems and live a contented, satisfied and peaceful love.

Swami Ram Swarup: You see that Rigveda says that not only empty stomach but those who are the richest like Duryodhan and Ravan, kans also got worries and death. So empty stomach is not a problem, problem is this that we have got empty stomach due to our previous birth’s deeds which has got a lengthy procedure as per Yajurveda mantra 40/3 which requires lengthy description which is not possible here. So rich families are to be alert that they can be made to be born in the next birth with the empty stomach because ultimately the God is our Supreme Judge and he has to do the justice and not favour. So we must never forget God and a spirtual Guru who knows Vedas and ashtang Yoga. Black magic does not exist as per the eternal knowledge of Vedas and other spiritual authenticated spirtiual holy books like Geeta, Shashtras, Upnishads etc. Please try to learn to perform holy Yajna (havan) and meditation. Recite daily Gayatri mantra. I think everything will be okay soon.

Aryan: What happens after death? Is there any world-named as paradise/hell to live in?
Swami Ram Swarup: Separation of alive soul from human body is called death then two stages in respect of soul occurs either soul takes birth i.e., new body of birds, animals or man-woman etc., according to his past deeds or gets salvation according to his worship,yoga command,etc. I have already written a lot about this subject on the web site and would request you to read the full web site. There is no paradise in the Vedas as a proof in token and thus everybody has to face/bear his all deeds here only.

Rajeev Asija: Swami ji , Namaskar, I am a devotee of lord hanuman ji . Now I wish to do sadhana of HIM. Will you please guide me is it would be better to do so?. thanks
Swami Ram Swarup: Human beings has only to worship one Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe as is clear from the Vedas, shashtras, Upnishads and from
other sects also. So I think better if we follow the eternal and traditional path of spiritualism.

Shankar Lal Arya: I am a medical student, being a science-based person I believe in rational science, tell me the way I can get GOD.
Swami Ram Swarup: If we stay under the sunlight openly then even in the summer season the rays are not so harmful because the rays of sun are scattered and not concentrated on one point,but when even in the winter season rays are passed through convex lense to one point of our body, it is burnt. Similarly our thoughts , desires etc., are scattered and not concentrated on one point which is the main cause of problems, illness and tensions etc. By virtue of worship, yoga etc., when we concentrate then we get power and thus our problems are solved. This is the way when we concentrate by special worship to realise God and get salvation. It is all scientifically because there are endless examples of science which are tallied with four Vedas and eternal spiritualism. So Please follow Ashtang yoga, yajna, through a spiritual master to realise God through concentration.

Nirmal: How did the kirshan bhagwan die?
Swami Ram Swarup: Once Shri krishan Maharaj was sitting in his kingdom with ministers, there occurred a large war within the ministers and Krishan Maharaj’s three sons were killed. Lord Krishna in turn fought and sentenced to death all of his ministers who fought. While looking this scene, the elder brother Balram felt sorrow and got out to the jungle. Shri Krishna Maharaj followed Balram and afterwatrds Shri Krishna saw that Balram sat under the tree and by vitue of yoga Balram
got his death. Shri krishan Maharaj was shocked and returned to his kingdom and every assets he
authorised to be got by Arjuna and Shri Krishna again retuned to jungle to the same place where Balram got death. Shri Krishan sat under the tree and started yoga actions to get all out his Pran(breathing system) but suddenly an arrow shot by a hunter erroneously came and sturck on his toe. The hunter ashamed and begged sorry but shri Krishan told him that he should not worry becuase He (Shri Krishan) himself wanted to get the death and Shri Krishan died.

Manish: The thoughts like we being Machines or this Life being illusion scare me. I consider Love & Emotions as main Assets given by God. Dont want to lose them. Please help me.
Swami Ram Swarup: Machines and illusions is due to our own creation because most of the people try to earn money more and more with pump and show but very few try to seek the path of spiritualism from which illuion is over and peace is obtained while discharging family duties. God has asked for love with soul which one is everlasting and not with physical charms and only materialistic articles which are fade and destroyed one day. So please try to be attached with true spiritualism also.

Annie: Babaji pranam.. I seek your blessings.. I wanted to ask ke kya bheekh mangna paap hai? aur kya bheekh dena paap hai? i read kabir ji\’s doha somewhere and i didnot understand its full meaning.. the doha is : \”maangan gaye so mar rahe, mare ju maangan jahi, tintein pehle ve mare, hot karat hai nahi\” pranam babaji.
Swami Ram Swarup: Bheekh shabd urdu ka hai jo jaydater langre, loole, andhe, garib vegerah-vegrah per lagoo hota hai. Us hisabse Kabir Sahib theek keh rahin hain kyonki manushay ko
kisi na kisi tarh mehnat karke paise kamana hi chahiye. Prantu besharoin ki madad karna gunah nahin hai prantu vo beshare jinohone mehnat khoob ki lekin fhir bhi do time ki roti nahin kamasake, vegarah-vegarah.

Raju: Swamji, Is it better to start ur day with gayatri mantra. Can u specify how start ur day?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, starting of a day with Gayatri mantra is eternal, pious and faithful to everybody. I too start with the same from 3’O clock in the morning and thereafter remembrance of Guru Diksha’s name of God, Yoga, pranayam, meditation and Yajna, study and teaching of Vedas and Yoga, teaching of Sanskrit Grammar etc.,etc., etc. I have also given details of Gayatri mantra on the web site. Please study.

skrishnan: I do daily gayatri japam and others like sandyavantanam. But sometimes I fail to perform it. What will be impact I also chant lot of slokas. I take pains to do it daily.
Swami Ram Swarup: We are blessed with unvaluable human body to do hard pious deeds like earning money and discharging duties to look after the family with more importance of worship in addition. As a matter of truth earning etc., is only to continue worship.we can not leave food or
water for a day then why we leave worship or why we forget God for a day. This is only due to lack of firm and faithful decision.So we must leave the food or water or sleep for a day but not God who has provided all these things.

Aswin: I would like to ask you one more question that is ” you have said that through Vedas we know the truth. But I want to ask you that those who are noting reading the Vedas they donnot Know the Truth. This is what you mean. I fully disagree with you.Jesus said I am the Truth. I am the Light. so what about the Christains!. What about Muslims! What is the relationship between “Faith and reason.
Swami Ram Swarup: In this world there are so many combinations of matters like good-bad, true-untrue,justice-unjustice,knowledge-ignorance,worship-atheist ,illusion-reality,purity-impurity,pleasures-sorrows, alive-non alive etc.-etc. So faith is concentrated only on truth, good, alive, pleasure, worship, etc., on right path. The eternal knowledge define the meaning of religion that he who discharges his duties with pious deeds, hard working with faithfulness, knowing the truth and does ever the pious deeds according to the teachings of prophets with the result he gets peace and pleasure i.e., long happy life etc., while living and even after death then this is called religion. To serve the human being, to promote brotherhood internationally are also the true religion. These religions have been made by God. However our holy prophets have also taught us these religions like Hindu, Muslim, Christianity, Sikh, Budhha,Jain etc.-etc., and we must regard them because all the present religions too promote the brotherhood, pious deeds etc.

aswin leo mitrious: Dear Swami, greetings from Aswin Leo. I would like to ask you one more question that is “you have said that through Vedas we know the truth. But I want to ask you that those who are noting reading the Vedas they do not Know the Truth. This is what you mean. I fully disagree with you. Jesus said I am the Truth. I am the Light. so what about the Christains! What about Muslims! What is the relationship between “Faith and reason. Thank you for sending me email. And I am eagerly waiting for your reply. With prayers, Aswin
Swami Ram Swarup: The proof as yet available say that the four Vedas’ knowledge are originated at the time of creation by God Himself. Now a days Vedas, Geeta and Upnishads are all other holy books written before 5000 years back and too before existence of present religions were applicable for whole human beings but have now been made applicable only for Hindus. So I am talking as a Hindu Saint about the Vedas but other sects are too true and they are satisfied at their own.

rajesh t. nair: Pranam Swamji, Is it better to start the day with Gayatri Mantra. Do we face problems if we recite the mantra wrongly.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mantras prounciation must not be wrong and therefore mantras must be learnt through a spiritual master in person otherwise it will not help please. I have described about Gayatri mantra also on the web site and would request you to please study the same also.

Sarosh Butt: In Bhavish Puran a hindu scripture have mentioned some qualities & indication about kalki Avtar who is going to born in future , and hindus are waiting for his coming. If u have some details regarding this please let me know. Thanks
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas there is no provision of avtar please. The God is Almighty i.e., have all powers in full and can do anywhere anything. So for God avtar is needed not.

Anugraha Singh: Swami Ji, pranam: i am an 24 year old MBA studene and i always think that nothing is bad, only the mentality of a person is bad or good. I have done many thing which may be bad for orthers but in my opinion they are not bad. plz guide me that is such type of thinking is write or wrong. plz help me.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mentality of a person must always be good and not bad. In the world good/bad,darkness/light,alive/non-alive,truth/lie etc., are always two types of matter and a learned person by virtue of his good mentality accept only
good and bad. For this purpose one should learn spiritual books,must do worship and must listen preach of a spiritual master with the result he attends good mentality and not bad.

Ravi Singhal: Swamiji pranam! Swamiji i am interested in practicing pranayama with tri-bandh. I would like to know that can i learn it under your personal guidance and if yes then how many days will it take to learn it completely.
Swami Ram Swarup: It will take minimum time of 5 days. But before
learning it at least ten asans are required to be done continously for at least two to three months. Please send your postal address for further guidance.

zeeshan: Sir, plz give me some tips for better life and bright future?sir, plz i want to sucesses in my married life plz. sujjes me some tips?
Swami Ram Swarup: The future is based on pious deeds, honesty, hard working, co-operation, services towards aged person and parents, sweet spoken etc. Always be away from lie and boosting. Always remember that God is everwhere and looking our each action and awards the result thereof, so keep away yourself from sin.

Kadir Selvam: Which is a best Religion?
Swami Ram Swarup: The deeds which awards peace, co-operation, international brotherhood and services of human beings is the best religion,then no matter if one is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Isai or of any other sects.

sharad bhatt: Swami ji pranam. Please tell me, is human life pre destine due to the past karma? Can we attain some material gains by prayers and mantras, which were not supposed to owned by us in this janma?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please. Human life is pre-destined based on previous life karma which we have to face. These karmas are called prarabadh but we are free too to do karmas good or bad in present life whcih are called kriyamaan karma. However if we try to know the true path of spiritualism and follow the same then our present pious kriyamaan karmas burn the bad karmas of prarabadh and make life happy. So prarabadh(luck) can be changed by present kriyamaan karmas. Otherwise there will be no use of present human life if we will have to only face the prarabadh(luck). So motto of the human life is to seek true path to realise God through a real spiritual master who knows Vedas and Yoga. This is possible while discharging our duties in family like Shri Ram, King Janak, King Harischchandra and subject(public). Yes please everbody can change the luck and attain.

rajendra: i want to know about astang yoga?
Swami Ram Swarup: Please first study my 17 lectures at the top of the web site and then you can contact me personally to learn more and in brief practically too. If you are interested I can also send yoga book written by me in Hindi.

amit kumar sarkar: 1. How to get peace, happiness and tranquility?
Swami Ram Swarup: For this an experienced spiritual master’s guidance is needed who knows Veda and yoga practically.

amit kumar sarkar: Can we talk to God or see Him?
Swami Ram Swarup: God is only realised, as God has no structure and is not even realised by our organs.

amit kumar sarkar: How to remain unfazed & unperturbed in any material gain or loss?
Swami Ram Swarup: By practising ashtang yoga please.

amit kumar sarkar: We often try to console others in their difficulty or during their sorrowness but we cannot try to console our self in similar situation when we are sublected to. Why?
Swami Ram Swarup: Because when we try to give peace others at that time we had no any problem and we even did not feel the consequences of the problem and thus in a fresh and concentrated mood we give the lectures to others but if the same situation we have to bear then our heart is broken and we ourself can not teach ourself with a broken heart. So by practising yoga philosophy first we must burn our all previous karmas to be happy for all the time.

amit kumar sarkar: I have read the Times Of India dated 24.8.03 about your teachings on philosophy of Karma. I want to enrich myself with your Yoga teachings as taught by you. Kindly inform when & how can I get it. Kindly reply me at the earliest.
Swami Ram Swarup: You can learn the yoga teachings in my ashram. Please send your postal address.

hema kale: What are gupta-asanas?
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually the asan, pranayam etc., are learnt personally. While sitting easily on the earth by folding our two legs i.e., on Sukhasan, if we enter toe of left side between thigh and lower leg of folded right leg and vice versa then it is called Guptasan which is always learnt in presence.

reenu rawat: swamiji i would like to ask you about meditation. what time is suitable for meditation. and what is the benefits.
Swami Ram Swarup: Before meditation, asan, pranayaam and other guidance of yoga philosophy are needed. I would advice you to please study my 17 lectures on the top of the web site and then send me e-mail please. The pranayaam concentrate our mind, control five organs, five perceptions and mind, makes us able to meditate and at last makes contact with the God i.e., salvation with long ill free happy life. Yes it requires tri-bandh but must be learnt practically in presence of a Yogi who knows Vedas and Yoga.

Ravi Singhal: Swami pranaam, swamiji being a student of yoga i would like to know the real purpose of doing pranayama and it is so that to get ultimate advantage of pranayama you have to practice it along with tri-bandh and if yes then please tell about it in detail. Thanks.
Swami Ram Swarup: The pranayaam concentrate our mind, control five organs, five perceptions and mind,makes us able to meditate and at last makes contact with the God i.e., salvation with long ill free happy life. Yes it requires tri-bandh but must be learnt practically in presence of a Yogi who knows Vedas and Yoga. You can first study my 17 lectures at thew top of web site and then send me e-mail again.

Ravi Singhal: SWAMIJI PRANAM I would like to know that instead of going for practices like tratak, which I
have been for last few months,could i get all the advantages which is possible from tratak, by doing vipassana which right now i am praticing. Eagerly waiting for your reply.
Swami Ram Swarup: Tratak is another philosphy and asan is separate one. Asans only make body able to do pranayaam and
meditation and asans make good health also. But Asan do not makes us able to realise God. Tratak too do not come in ashtang yoga philosophy briefed in Vedas but you can continue tratak as it is beneficial for eyes and concentration.

Swami Ram Swarup: Then please study Vedas and spiritual book, do yoga practice. It will give you concentration physical and mental strength with a long happy life to serve the people.

sachin: Swami Ji Namskar! Swami ji I have problem with concentration and memory. Some one tells me that with the regular pratice of meditation it can be removed.Is it true? And also tell me where I can learn meditations.
Swami Ram Swarup: Meditation is the seventh stage of ashtang yoga philosphy and therefore before meditation the first
six stages are required to be learnt which concentrate mind and make memory sharp and too give physical and mental strength.

rajesh.t.nair: swamji did u have any experience of God?do u believe i babas and all that
Swami Ram Swarup: I only believe on four Vedas and the teachings thereof including ashtang yoga. And he who accept this I too accept him. Because most of the present Babas or sants do not know Vedas and yoga philosohy. So I have never made any contact with such saints or Babas.

Swami Ram Swarup: Temples have been made by us within 2000years whereas worship of God is eternal. I have told a lot
about this on the website and would request you to study the full website please and send me e-mail again. The real temple of the God is human body and by practising ashtang yoga an aspirant realises God within his own heart. This real worship of God through yoga starts from holy Yajna i.e., services of five dignatories i.e., mother,father,atithi,acharya and God. For details you can contact again please.

Vijay: What is best and easy way to do meditation?
Swami Ram Swarup: Best and easy way to do the meditation is to search the best experienced spiritual master who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy practically and under his guidance only an aspirant can learn yoga easily. No alternative please.

r k karthik Is God is true, recently why so many tragedy, calamities happen & innocent people die?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sorrows and death etc., are based on our own good or bad deeds. Only result of deeds is awarded by God. So God is a eternal truth and we are only to realise the God.

J Smith: Please is Sai Baba is real, some people said Sai Baba is not a God, is it true? Is it good to pray to Sai Baba.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is mentioned in Vedas that this universe is created, nurses and destroyed and again is created by one God only who is omnipresent, omnicient, unchangeable and unchallengeable etc. Therefore there is only one God. And no any other person or matter can gain these qualities of God.

Deva:I am going to bed at 12. I wake up in 6 a.m. So I start (yoga) after 6.30am only. This type of yoga will benefit to me or harmful to me?
Swami Ram Swarup: You may continue yoga practice but it must be daily. It is faithful to you. However you can try to go
to bed at least at 11 O’clock.

Muhammad Sarosh: What qualities and indications has been specified and mentioned in the Hindu Scriptures to identify the Kalki Avtar, to whom Hindus are waiting for his coming? Please give some details. Thanks
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas and shashtras there is no provision of Avtar please.

Yasmin: Swamiji, Day by day I am feeling very depressed. There is a change in me. I don’t know why? but I don’t like to do my prayers. Sometimes I feel like killing my self. I feel that I hate the entire world and this entire world has become my enemy. I just don’t understand what to do? Many people say there is something bad (spirit) in my house which stops me worshipping GOD. Please show me some way.
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no any bad spirit as per the eternal knowledge of God. So one should never be afraid of any bad spirit. The problem with you is lack of concentration of mind which can be removed through study of spiritual books, daily prayer with firm mind and by doing yoga asan, pranayaam. Please note that yoga is not a sect. You must also awake early in the morning for a long morning walk and light exercises. This all will give physical and mental strength to overcome the problem.

chandrasekaran: Respected Swamiji, We human beings are chanting manthras, performing poojas, doing all sorts of karmas as stipulated by puranas. Why it is so necessary. because in old age and in the early child hood, the humanbeings do nothing. Whether God requires such gestures or all these gestures are kept in practice to make our society in perfect harmony and within the bondage of social custom and discipline. Without doing any such karmas, whether the soul can get liberation.
Swami Ram Swarup: We are actually born to chant mantras and worship study of Vedas and yoga and not the animals and birds etc. We and even birds, animals etc., want peace and pleasure with long happy life and without pious deeds and worship stated above the same is not possible. The animals and birds etc., eat, sleep and generate generation. But they can not do worship etc., and if we too do not worship then we have only human body but in fact we are animal.

Aswinleo: What is the truth? How can we know the truth?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have written so many times about truth on the web site and would request you to please see the web site and then send me e-mail. However the defination of truth is that the matter which is not born and can not be destroyed or disappeared even for a moment that is called truth which one is eternal, was , is and will always remain in future too. In this category Almighty God, souls and Prakriti is considered. However Vedas are also considered as truth which is a knowledge direct from God. The truth is realised by knowing Vedas and doing ashtang yoga practice and pious deeds only.

Suvitha: How to do meditation& which is the right time to do meditation?
Swami Ram Swarup: Meditation is called dhayan in Sanskrit which one is the seventh stage of ashtang yoga briefed in Vedas and sutra 2/29 of yoga shashtra written by Patanjali Rishi. So to reach at the seventh stage of meditation first we will have to cross sixth stage i.e., YAM, NIYAM, ASAN, PRANAYAM, PRATYAHAR, DHARNA AND THEN DHAYAN(MEDITATION). So basically this all will have to learn from an experienced spiritual master who knows Vedas and ashtang yoga fully.

Abnash: Parnam Guruji, While doing meditation, are we suppose to face the rising sun position? What kind of transformation could we experience in the body while doing regular meditation on a daily basis?
Swami Ram Swarup: Not necessary to face rising sun position but if someone does while rising the sun with closed eyes then it also give benefit to eyes. There are so many experiences mainly to see red, white and black spots, stars, light, listening voice of bell, insturement like mridang, flute etc.

Ravitej: Can you give me a detailed history in sanskrit language. Is it the most ancient language? If not, what is the most ancient one?
Swami Ram Swarup: The Sanskrit is most ancient and eternal language that is why all the ancient holy books are written in Sanskrit only. It is called Dev bhasha. Vedas are the knowledge direct from God and Vedas are in Sanskrit only.

Gursharan: Swami ji i want to learn yoga assans with demonstrations also teach me about praranaum what type of assans we should do for depression?
Swami Ram Swarup: For this purpose you will have to come to me or search any local experienced spiritual master who knows Vedas and yoga.

Jaya Shah: Swami ji, I am interested in taking yoga classes,i.e how to do yoga and meditation on net.I have earlier never tried yoga but Iam desperate to learn it from you. Please help.
Swami Ram Swarup: On net it is not possible. For this purpose you will have to come to me or search any local experienced spiritual master who knows Vedas and yoga.

dibya jyoti: is it essential to practice yoga before doing PRANAYAM?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yoga means samadhi i.e., final mean not doing asan or pranayam etc. Yoga has a eight fold path i.e., YAM, NIYAM, ASAN, PRANAYAM, PRATYAHAR, DHARNA, DHYAN AND SAMADHI. These all are to be learnt.

Swami Ram Swarup: To look inside is called stoppage of various forms of Chitta(mind) which is further actually called ashtang yoga for which an experienced spiritual master who knows Vedas and yoga is required, religion is not obstacle to learn yoga.

shivani: What is the jaap called for making a person stop loving the other person or in hindi as we say \’MOHA HATANA\”and what are it\’s consequences. Please let me know this asap. Thanks shivani
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas or shashtras there is nothing about such jaap so it is not true. But this shows the ravages of hatred, which is not allowed in true love too. So please keep yourself away from such activites.

Ravitej: When were the Vedas written?
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas have not been written. It is eternal knowledge automatically originated in the heart of four Rishis by the power of God at the time of creation. This earth sun or moon etc., was created one arab 96 crore 8lakhs 53 thousands and about two years ago. So Vedas were originated accordingly i.e., at the time of creation as stated. I have told more facts in my yoga lecture printed at the top of this site and in other answers also.please see the web site to know more about Vedas and yoga. So Vedas are not sects and applicable for all human beings because sects have been introduced within two to three thouands years back. Yaurveda mantra 31/1 and Rigveda mantra 10/129/1 to 6 and Samveda mantra 617 and Athrav Veda mantra 8/11/3 to 6 clearly throw the light on the fact that Veda’s knowledge are originated by God Himself and not by any Rishi Muni then what to talk about present saints. This knowledge was heart to heart from Rishis to Rishis and their disciples ( i.e., by mouth) and first time written by Vyas Muni on Bhoj patra about 5000 and some years ago.

Ravitej: Is the Aryan invasion of India theory true?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please this is not true. Authenticated religious book Manu Smariti written by Manu, who was the first King of the world after creation says that the human being first time generated by God in Tibet in Himalaya Mountain where the four Rishis were blessed by God with the knowledge of Vedas. No other place got any human being generation. This generation at Tibet called Aryans. In Vedas Aryans means, “ARYA ISHWARESAY PUTRAH “, i.e., God’s beloved sons are called Aryans who have good character. The opposite word of Aryan is “Anarya” i.e., dacoit or he who has bad character. The people afterwards who became Anarya used to leave the place of Aryans and went away. After thouands of years the Aryans, our forefather came from Tibet and started making place in the densy jungles of Indian land andstarted living here in India. The other races from outside started saying us Hindu because we lived and live at the bank of Sindhu River and thus kept aside our name as Aryan. So we (Aryans )have not come from outside and did not attack anybody but Aryans were attacked by others and our Vedic culture was made ruined.

Ravitej: Where are the “original” Vedas, who wrote them and who recited them?
Swami Ram Swarup: Original Vedas are kept in museum of Great Britain and in India too as I have heard but not sure but are hundred percent available on the earth written by Vyas Muni stated above. But printed books of Vedas are also true.

Ravitej: Can science and archeology prove the 4 yugas, satya, yajur etc.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is not possible hundred percent but to some extent it can be. Because science says the age of earth and sun 60,000 years or more. Where our authenticated religious books prove as I have quoted above i.e., the time of creation. Science invents 200 elements at present whereas Rigveda says 720 elements. Every science is mentioned in Vedas with all karmas etc., which is authenticated.

shetty sudhakar: What is kalyug and when did it start?
Swami Ram Swarup: Kalyug, Satyug, Treta and Dwapur shows the period i.e., counting of time. Kalyug has 4 lakhs 32 thousand years and it was started during Mahabharta time i.e., 5000 and about some years ago. But time i.e., years, months or day etc., has got no bad evil. Suppose sun is rising in winter. And someone is studying religious book, someone is doing pious deeds in its light but someone is playing gambling and someone is doing theft or bad deeds. So sun’s ray all day or time has got no concern with good or bad deeds it is only human being who utilise day and night while doing good or bad deeds and get result thereof accordingly in the shape of sorrows or pleasure. Sorrows etc., of bad deeds and pleasure, happiness, long life etc., for good and pious deeds. In Satyug, Treta, Dwapur Ravna, Kans, Duryodhan etc., i.e., bad evils were there as well as Shri Ram, Krishna, Rishis, Munis the countless supreme dignities were there. So it is 100% wrong and even sin to say that due to effect of Kalyug human beings are involved in bad deeds or sins whereas it is their own creation. If it is due to Kalyug made by God then God is not Supreme Judge because God has involved us even suppressed us to do sins then it becomes not our fault and lies on God which is not possible and is fundamentally dismissed. In reality almighty God has blessed us with the knowledge of four Vedas to obey and to do pious deeds only for a long happy life.

Karthik: Is God is true in this world?
Swami Ram Swarup: World is created, nursed and destroyed by God. But God is immortal and that is why God creates universe again. If God is not true then He could be destroyed which is not possible.

Pramod Hurpade: Can we jap for omkar mantra in House?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please, it can be used in jaap everywhere because God is also everywhere.

Mozzam: Why you want temples and different Gods..when you believe that there is only one God. is it not temples are political and center for collection of money.
Swami Ram Swarup: God is not different. HE is Almighty and one for all human beings. About temple etc., I have already written a lot on this web site and would request to please study the web site and then send me e-mail. However temples, mosques etc., are the holy places adviced by our prophets but God has made his own temple the whole universe being everywhere and specially the human body where he can be realised.

Ved Wati: Please tell me what is my mantra? as a Hindu woman which God should I pray.
Swami Ram Swarup: The best holy name of God is OM to recite and repeatedly recite. And one should worship only oned God who creates, nurses and destroy the universe. But God is never destroyed, HE is omnipresaent, omnicient, immortal, unchallengable and unchangeable etc.

K Sandra: What is Yog-aasans? What is/are it’s purpose? And how do you perform Yog-aasans?
Swami Ram Swarup: To sit or to retain body on a special posture for a certain long time briefed in shashtras and adviced in Vedas which gives peace, pleasure and good health is called Yoga-asan. I learnt yoga asan in a cave of densy jungle from my spiritual master and I perform the same accordingly.

RAKESH J DAVE: What is the meaning of Dharma, Arth, Kam & Moksha ? What are the 7 holy soul are not a dead? alive today? What about the after death?
Swami Ram Swarup: Dharm means the pious deeds done presently which gives peace and pleasure in present life and after death too. These pious deeds are briefed in four Vedas. Arth means the assets, money etc., which gives peace and protects life by using both in daily needs and religious matters. Kaam means desires (but better if it is good desire). Moksha means final liberation or salvation obtained through religious path. Every soul is alive and not becomes dead only body is dead. But the soul attains salvation doesnot takes birth. After death either a salvation is attained by a spiritual yogi or the soul takes new birth i.e., new body according to his good or bad deeds.

Kavi: Pls tell me what is yoga?
Swami Ram Swarup: By whose learning when total creation and creator is known, it is yoga. By the power of yoga when there becomes an end of all-bad evils and untrue knowledge from the mind, then the soul (seer) does realise and think about himself only. Here the soul remains in his own nature. We can say yoga is a union of soul and God i.e., when we practise ashtang yoga (practically) with yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharna, dhyan, Samadhi, we realise God.

Priya: Is there something called ‘fate’? If yes, what is the meaning of it?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no any fate, and it is only based on pious deeds and hard working towards a right path. Because God helps those who helps themselves.

Anonymous: I am 15 years old and converted to islam recently. I regret it and want to become a brahmin again. But the problem is that i dont want everyone to be mad at me, what do i do?
Swami Ram Swarup: This is your personal matter please. If you want to come again in your original religion, it is up to you and you can.

Yogananda Bharadwaj: What are Upanishads? where does it originate from? how does it helps us?
Swami Ram Swarup: Up means near, Ni means conclusion, shad means truth, so the wordly meaning also too of the Upnishad is disciple sat under the pious feet of Rishi, Muni and heard the true knowledge of how to live long, peacefully, what is the motto of human life, what is God and how we can worship etc.-etc. So the Upnishads are full spiritual knowledge given by ancient Rishis, Munis and the knowledge is based totally on four Vedas. So the Upnishads help us to know the spiritual path, worship and to know our motto for peace, brotherhood, to maintain character and to get salvation etc.

Sundar: How can one know my Poorva jenma karumas?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is difficult task but not impossible. By virtue of hard practice of ashtang yoga one can know his previous births.

Parag Joshi: Swamiji, Pranam. Sometime back you mentioned “Suffers are only due to previous births bad deeds (sins) which a devottee could not burn either for not adopting eternal path of worship or has not devoted much time. Otherwise God never gives suffers to any body else unnecessarily. God gives only the result of deeds good or bad.” My too many questions: What is the point in punishing man, when he does not know what is his sin was? Why not punish in this life itself? Why gangsters/terrorists continue to harm society? My 5 year old nephew is fighting blood cancer, hence these questions. Why Kids? They don’t even know what sin is. This cycle of Karma & Punishment just doesn’t make sense. Its punishment for parents by seeing pain of their Kids, what a tragedy of life!! Please explain to my troubled soul.
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually our previuos births and deeds thereof are unlimited and can not be fixed to bear in one birth. Patanjali Rishi In his Yoga Darshan sutra 2/12 says that we have to bear the result of our deeds in present and so many births. In sutra 13 Rishi says that the deeds are borne by getting birth and in the shape of race (man,woman,animals, birds etc.), age and consequences when we do not adopt spiritual and true path. Suppose we do bad deed today so its turn will come after more than thousands years because already the previous deeds are at our balance to be borne. Punishing man at the early stage do not know but we can imagine by looking the sorrows of the world in which justice of the Almighty God is seen. Otherwise God is our Father and HE can not punish anybody else without reason behind. The way of giving punishment even womb is also astonished but yet it is justice by God. Terrorism is also due to lack of knowledge of spiritualism and lack of knowledge of justice by God too. The age is meant for only body and not soul. Soul lives in body. Body is non alive and soul is alive matter. Soul takes body to do pious deeds when soul is failed then the souls to be punished through body. Body is never punished being non alive. So the question of age is not there. Soul is eternal and soul is not baby, young or old etc.

Reena: Pranam Babaji, please tell me why people shouldn’t tell lies, and the importance of telling the truth. Thank you.
Swami Ram Swarup: Lie is a sin and result thereof in the shape of sorrows etc., is to be borne. So by telling lie we are inviting problems. When we tell truth in the matter of God and other aspects then its result is peace, long life and salvation. Patanjali Rishi in Yoga shashtra in sutra 2/36 says that when we are firm in truth then our talk never goes in vain and it is a great achievement.

Kavita Devi: What is the meaning of religion?
Swami Ram Swarup: Meaning of religion is the spiritual path which is made, first by God and second by man. The eternal path that is religion is more appreciated in which the meaning of religion (dharma) is stated that those pious deeds which secure us in this life and after going heavenly abode too is called religion (dharma).

Prafulla Chikerur: I am writing a script for a video programme of conserving nature, and have stated in it that the five elements are nothing but God. This has been refered to the human’s enless search for God, which he does’nt know exixts or not. Instead take care of the exixting God, that is Nature. To give it a background, I want a group to sing the rruchas in Ved relating to the five elements. This is one of my efforts to worship God. Please let me know how will I get those rruchas.

Swami Ram Swarup: The meaning of nothing is that whatever we say it has got no existence but four Vedas, Geeta and Science accept the existence of five elements which are visible and are base for keeping us alive. We can not live without air, water, sun, moon, earth, space etc., too. While giving comments on Patanjali Yoga darshan, Vyas Muni says that if somebody says about a man carrying a bow made of horns of hare then it has got no truth because hare has no horns. So saying that there is nothing except God is not true because every element is being seen and it is utilised too whereas bow made of horn is untrue because nobody can see and utilise the horn of hare as it has got no existence. If we accept that there is nothing except God then we will have to accept that all visible five elements and things made thereof like trees, our body, stone etc., are also God. Secondly we will not be in a position to say that God is everywhere because everywhere words in this case will have no existence.If we will say that everything is a misunderstanding like a misunderstanding of a snake in a rope, then your statement becomes contradictory because when there is nothing except God then he who is seeing the rope and having misunderstanding of a snake, he is himself a God but God can not be misled. If somebody says that for some time illusion captures the God and God gets misunderstanding then it is all against four Vedas, six shashtras, Geeta and Ramayan. In this connection Yajurveda says about God, “ADITYA VARNAH TAMSAH PRASTAT” i.e., God is refulgent like the sun and free from ignorance/illusion. Without knowing this God nobody can overcome the death. For salvation there is no other way except knowing the said God (Yajurveda Mantra 31/18). Search of God is not endless. Because our previous and new Rishi Munis have realised God through Veda knowledge and ashtang yoga. Nature is actually prakriti from which the whole universe is made by God and in YajurVeda mantra 40/9 it is mentioned that he who is only searching nature(prakriti), he goes in darkness/illusion.Further mantra 11 says he who knows prakriti and God both simultaneously, he is wise. In Geeta chapter two shalok 45 Lord Krishna says to overcome the three qualities of prakriti i.e., Raj, Tam and Satv. As regard “Richa”i.e., Veda mantra asked by you about five elements, please send your postal address as it a lengthy and can not be typed here.

Hasnain Imam: Can I have the details historical ofcourse of the period in Indian history when Lord Krishna lived and where he lived. Who was the king of Orissa at that time?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yogeshwar Krishna was born in Mathura where his uncle Kans (mama) ruled. He (Krishna) was nursed in Gokul four kilometres away from Mathura. Mathura and Gokul are on the bank of river Yamuna in UP state of India. But I do not know who was the ruler of Orissa more than 600 or 700 kilometres away from Mathura.

Bhakta: Can someones thoughts about other people influence other peoples fate…i mean..if i think something good or bad will happen to some person..will it really happen because i thought it…does the mind have such powers?
Swami Ram Swarup: No. Only thoughts will not make any influence to anybody else, until the thoughts are utilized in action. Same is case of prayer. If we only pray God and do not work hard for the same then it will not be accepted by God or affect anybody else.

A. Ponmani: Swamiji, i have an sevva dhosam in my birth record, if it is possible to any remedy to comeout from this issue, please tell me your suggestions to me, and what i will do it
Swami Ram Swarup: Human beings do deeds (good or bad) and God awards result thereof accordingly. So, according to Vedas, shastras, Sevva Dosh or any other kind of dosha has got no meaning.

Jagdish: Dear Swamiji, Please help me find the poem written by Saint ‘Kabir’ which has these words in it: Jotniranjan, oankar, rarankar, sohung, satnam. Thank you
Swami Ram Swarup: I have read a lot of culture of Sant Kabirdasji. In one poem Kabir says: ohung sohung baja baje, etc. but the holy name of God quoted by you and given by Radhaswami’s Guru are not found in any of the poem of Sant Kabirdasji.

Rakshay: Pranam! samay ke sath Ved ko badalna chahi ye ya nahi.
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas are the knowledge (that) comes direct within the God. God has also made sun, moon, air, earth, agni (fire), etc. which are unchangable. Almighty God is also unchangable and unchallangable therefore, the knowledge of four Vedas comes direct from God are always unchangable. The air or fire, etc. are same as were before at the time of creation. So how yoga, yajna, bhakti or karmas, etc. mentioned by God in Vedas can be changed? i.e. Vedas can never be changed.

Laksh Devi: Please tell me my aim in direction in life
Swami Ram Swarup: The aim of human life is to get progress in worldly good affairs like science, etc. as well as in spiritualism. So, while discharging our duties mentioned in Vedas and spiritual holy books. We must realize God through worship and pious deeds, etc.

Hasnain Imam: This site seems to be having the patronage of the USA. Tell me when The Us government is threatening the lives of the millions in Asia why is the BJP government bdending overbackwards to help them? The Americans and their allies are responsible for the deaths of millions of infants in Iraq before the ouster of the tyrant Saddam shouldn’t they be brought to justice?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have never favoured any country and being a religious saint my aim is to promote brotherhood internationally and to tell about Almighty God. Yes, war is not a solution and it spreads ravages of hatred and thus must be avoided. We must be afraid of God always. Actually after the war, the problems are raised on humanitarian grounds.

Hasnain Imam: Why is it that nobody is worried about the state and the Sangh parivar sponsored hindu terrorism?
Swami Ram Swarup: Terrorism at any stage is not acceptable because it brokes the heart of innocent people.

Swathi: I fail to concentrate in studies. i never think practically on future but only dream.i didnt score what i was supposed to in my exams,as i didnt sit and study can i improve?hope swamiji will help me to achive my goals
Swami Ram Swarup: In your question there seems to be lack of courage and will-power. So, by experiencing the problems only and not to do hard work, the problem will not only as were but simulatenously it will be increased and will make future dark. And also will encourage laziness which all are sins on part of a student. Being a student, it is your moral duty to study hard and take care of your health. Failing which nobody can get success in life. Please therefore go ahead and start hard-working, study and concentrate your mind. You may take help from an experienced private tutor. But do not make your life ruined.

K. Rajeev: Swamiji how can one find his true guru?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas it is mentioned that he who has studied four Vedas and has practised ashtang yoga has controlled five perceptions, five organs and mind, he is Rishi/Muni/Yogi/true Guru.

Girish: Respected swamyji, please tell me how to contact you and come to your ashram to learn yoga?
Swami Ram Swarup: Please send your postal address to enable us to intimate you the date and time.

Shoipatri Basu: What is the actual process of praying to God?
Swami Ram Swarup: In gaytri mantra this fact has been made understood that if we recite Ved mantra etc., in real praise of Almighty God ( In Veda it is called stuti) secondly we worship God by virtue of yajna/yoga practice(in Veda it bis called Upsana. Thirdly then we pray with Ved mantra etc., (in Veda mantra it is called prarthna i.e., pray) then it is righteous and authenticated pray of God. The meaning and motto of gaytri mantra has been briefed on the site which may please be seen there.

T. Henderson: Do Gurus lead in worship the way protestants have preachers?
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually nowadays the real definition of Guru is oftenly not visible. According to four Vedas he who has full knowledge of Vedas and has practised ashtang yoga in life and has realised God in samadhi, is called Rishi, Muni, Yogi, Tapsavi and with so many other names with qualities. Traditionally in this line Vyas Muni, Vashisht Muni, Vishwamitra Muni, Piplad Rishi, Atri Rishi, Shri Ram and Yogeshwar Krishna and other countless dignities from satyug to dwapur come. So such Gurus led and today also such Gurus lead the eternal worship process mentioned in four Vedas. As regard your other sentence viz., ” the way protestants have preachers ” is not clear to me. Please brief.

Pravin C. Karn: Swamijee pranam, when did a soul take a human body? why all soul take human bodies & help to grow human population.
Swami Ram Swarup: According to 39 chapter of Yajurveda mantra 6, soul after leaving the body goes to surya, agni, vaayu, aaditya, chandrma, ritu, marutah, brihspati, pranah, varunah, indrah and twelfth day the soul attains all divined qualities. After the twelfth day soul wanders for some time and thereafter fromn space comes to the earth and takes birth according to his karma. The human body is blessed by God to the soul to burn all previous karmas (deeds good or bad) by virtue of eternal real worship to kill the uneven births, deaths and sorrows etc., and thus soul realises God. This all happens while discharging duties in family under guidance of a spiritual master who knows Vedas, shashtras etc., and yoga philosophy.

T. Henderson: Do Hindus meet on any specific day of the week to worship in a temple as Christians do?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please on several occasion like puranmashi, amavasya (to do yajna), Ram navami, Krishna janmashtami, Kumbh mela, etc.

rishi aacharya: Swamiji, i m a stu . of bsc maths after compliting this i want to go for Vedic studies like yoga, meditation, heeling mantras vastu, jyotish because i m seeing that now a days many peoples are doing this types of things and earn many ruppes as well as renowned place, peace, so can you suggest me that what type of courses i can do for become a master and from which institutes ? please dont take me wrong but i want to do both things innner peace and outer wealth. please help me
Swami Ram Swarup: You may seek a spiritual master who knows four Vedas and ashtang yoga in practice. You can also go to any gurukul to take advice or you can come to me also. But please be aware of false prophets. This line is not meant for earning the money but to learn knowledge of God, prakriti and soul and after getting knowledge it is to be spread for the beneficial for the human beings.

ramsharan khurana: In present world wrong doing people get all materialistic benefits and name and fame where as honest,sincere,hard working are being ignored.why this? is that song coming true:hanse chunega dana chunaka,kaua moti respond.
Swami Ram Swarup: In kaliyug some how it is true that hans eats dana tinka and kaua (crow) moti. But in case of crow moti is for some time like Ravana, Duryodhan, Kans etc., whereas truth is honoured forever thogh it is minimized na lot due to false prophets, So is the case of wrong people. You see that Ram went to jungle, Pandva went to jungle pleasntly, so hans too take dana, tinka like Shri Ram and Pandva happily to save truth (dharma). But crow inspite of taking hira-moti never takes sound sleep and peace. Crow’s voice and action even distrub the people. Time comes when crows are destroyed even with family like Ravana, Duryodhan and Kans.

Anonymous: I came to know that Gayatri mantra increases memory power. Is IT true? How it RAISES MEMORY POWER OF A PERSON
Swami Ram Swarup: If someone do yoga asan, pranayam and jaap of gaytri mantra then memory is increased. Because concentration gives mental and physical energy which further increases memory too.

Anonymous: How do i perform a hawan prayer?
Swami Ram Swarup: For this a proper guidance is needed in person. But at the beginning anybody can do havan with gaytri mantra only by giving aahuti of ghee in the hawan kund in burning fire.

Anupama: Ayurvedha system of medicine is originated from?
Swami Ram Swarup: Originated from Atharv-veda.

Vijay: Swami ji , GOD is the creator of this world. To thank him for he has given us this Life,is ok. To ask him for favors when we feel helpless is what we all do. I am not against SEWA but the Almighty who is all in all in all the existing worlds, what place has SEWA of the lord has when we mortals can’t do a thing without him. Is he selfish that we should give him something. I do not understand this concept. Secondly do we have a book of general instructions which propogate HINDU religion and how to be one. I want to inculcate the right and clear concepts in my children. Please help.
Swami Ram Swarup: Almighty God does not require anything or any article because HE is self sufficient and being a donor of all goods to us. But God has preached seva of parents, elders and learned Gurujans. In this way when we do worship and discharge our duties mentioned in Vedas and shashtras then we are serving the God.

Swami Ram Swarup: First of all a student must awake early in the morning and must go for a morning walk and light exercise. You must also do some yoga asan and meditation. Then a student must concentrate on his study at his level best. I have already told about this so please sure see the full web site and get details about study and concentration.

Amogha: Swami what is real?
Swami Ram Swarup: Which has not been made and is always present before creation at present and even after destroy of the world that one is real. In this subject God, prakriti and souls are real and in human life we have to realise reality, under guidance of a spiritual master.

K. Rajeev: man has been searching the nature of truth and still continues to do so. Do you think that every thing about truth has been explained in the scriptures? if it has been already explained is there any significance for further philosophical pursuit?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes the reality has been explained in Vedas, shashtras and other holy books. To realise the truth we need a learned spiritual master who furhter explains or preaches to follow the right path like discharging duties, control on organs and perceptions, worship, meditation etc., mere script do not help.

Megha: rev. swamiji, if God is self-sufficient,has no nervous system, does not need any assistance…..(in ref to one of your answers)why do we have to worship him?what is the point in following any religion?should religion exist?
Swami Ram Swarup: Every human being wants peace and happiness. It is fundamental law that permanent peace and happiness in the life is never aciheved untill we worship GOD. You can realise that the richest person like Aurangjeb, Ravana, etc., were not happy. Only Money can save our body i.e., too for some time but can not give peace and happiness to us. The poor Shabri, Kabir were the happiest then rich king Ravana etc. Religions have been made by human beings and not by God at the time of creatrion.

Andre: If there is a God, why does he let his pious devotees/believers/followers suffer so much in this world?
Swami Ram Swarup: Suffers are only due to previous births bad deeds (sins) which a devottee could not burn either for not adopting eternal path of worship or has not devoted much time. Otherwise God never gives suffers to any body else unnecessarily. God gives only the result of deeds good or bad.

Deepti: How to get peace of mind?? i always think negatively though i am a talented person. i feel life is very tough to lead.
Swami Ram Swarup: Life requires worship, meditation etc., along with all duties to be discharged and only this way gives peace. What happens that most of the person leave spiritual path and becomes eager to earn only money and in pomp and show which causes problems.

rezaul haque mandal: assalamwalaykum sir. i want to know that according to VED , a person should worship only one GOD (LORD of the worlds. Then why after this knowledge people are not strictly obeying it, instead they are taking thousands of things calling them their LORD & seeking help from them. The muslims will not object if the HINDU &others not take any LORD besides the ALMIGHTY LORD, THE CREATOR & THE DESTRYOR. that is the soul of ISLAM.
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas are originated in the heart of four Rishis at the time of creation and God has stated His worship and qualities in the Vedas. But unfortunately due to one reason or other this fact and the knowledge of the Vedas have been stopped to be listened to the last five thousand years that is why the worship of only one God who creates, nurses and destroy the universe is not being done. When sun rises then everything is seen, similarly when the knowledge of the Vedas will be made spread then only one God will be worshipped. At the time of creation there were no sects and people were worshipping only one God according to Vedas.

Chahat: How one can remain positive all the time?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is only possible by virtue of ashtang yoga practice and study of Vedas. Because by doing so one will realise himself (soul) which is all time positive.

Bhaskar: Namaskar swamiji, My wife’s kundali say she has Kala-Sarpa Yoga(as defined by astrologer)..realy she suffers lots of up and downs in her life till now and also going on..her age is now 29years..pls tell me the remedies to remove this dosh…so that we should not have any problem in future…i am waiting for ur reply
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no kala sarpa yoga in the Vedas, shashtras, Geeta etc., which are authenticated holy books. Ups and downs come due to our own deeds of past life, but can be finished by real worship.

Anonymous: What is meaning of ramane it is holy book of hindu religion?
Swami Ram Swarup: Shri Ram was son of king Dashratha and his great deeds were mentioned by Valmiki ji in his Valmiki
Ramayan and Tulsi Dass ji also in Tulsi Ramayan.

Siddharth: Respected swamiji can u tell me one thing that if God is one then why there is various religions and caste systems? And who descovered these bad caste systems?
Swami Ram Swarup: At the time of creation God originated the knowledge of four Vedas in four Rishis’ heart wherein only one God is mentioned, no caste system is mentioned in Vedas except humanity. After mahabharta war the knowledge of Vedas did minimize and almost came to an end and therefore so many sects and worship came in existence.

Balasaheb: How to cure completely diabetics?
Swami Ram Swarup: Ashtang yoga practice and regular treatment will sure help.

Ram: Respected swamiji, what is the cure for a brahmins curse whoi is a expert in gayatri sadana?
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually brahmin is he who control his five organs, five perceptions and mind by virtue of studying four Vedas, practice of ashtang yoga, daily Yajna,etc., and not only Gayatri mantra. Secondly such brahmin does not harm anybody else. So no question of cure.

M. Sarosh Butt: Why Hindus make images and idols of their Gods, when Hindu scripture do not allowe image making or idol making, please read the following verses from Hindu Scripture: “They are enveloped in darkness, in other words, are steeped in ignorance and sunk in the greatest depths of misery who worship the uncreated, eternal prakrti — the material cause of the world — in place of the All-pervading God, BUT THOSE WHO WORSHIP VISIBLE THINGS BORN OF THE PRAKRTI, such as the earth, trees, bodies (human and the like) in place of God are enveloped in still greater darkness, in other words, they are extremely foolish, fall into an awful hell of pain and sorrow, and suffer terribly for a long time” — (Yajur Veda 40:9.) This is merely further confirmed in yet another verse: “The Formless Supreme Spirit that pervades the universe can have NO MATERIAL REPRESENTATION, LIKENESS OR IMAGE.” — (Yajur Veda 32:3.)
Swami Ram Swarup: I have already replied a lot about idols and would request you to please see full web site where in so many answers details about idols exist. According to four Vedas Almighty God is mentioned as SWAYAMBHUHU — SWAYAM means self and BHUHU means powers which means the power of Almighty God is due to His own power. God does not take any power from anybody else, in reality it is needed not because HE is Almighty.God creates universe. Before creation there was nothing except God. So God makes sun, air, water, our bodies etc.-etc., so we must worship Almighty God and not His creation. God creates but nobody can create God.(Rigveda Mandal 10 sukta 129) Whatever you have quoted above I have already briefed it even more on the web site and would again request you to please see the full web site, choose the concerned answer and read and send me again e-mail. In the web site you will learn a lot about God, Prakriti and Jeevatma etc.

Deep: You said you have read The holy Quraan as well. There the GOD says getting married is the said path by GOD. What is ur opnion on that ?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes it is true. And is too mentioned in four Vedas.

Ram: respected swamyji, please tell me the complete method or technique for doing “anuloma viloma “pranayama. should it be learnt only under a guide
Swami Ram Swarup: The pranayam is a yoga philosophy and is always learnt under guidance of an experienced Yogi. To take breaths and its stoppage and then release is a process according to ratio and principles so can not be taught here please. You can come to my ashram to learn personally. Or seek a local spiritual master.

Nirmal Anand: There are many types of sins. Let’s take breaking of Yama & Niyams. There are consequences to each one of them. Would you please tell which good deeds can compensate these sins, in particular: Greed, Break of Bramhacharya or Vyabhichar, Insult to elders, Jealousy
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually listening of Vedas from a spiritual master, performing daily yajna and practice of asan and pranayam is only the way to reach the goal.

Prakash: per day meditation should do for how many minutes
Swami Ram Swarup: Not only meditation but at least asan and pranayam must also be included with meditation. At least one and half hour morning and evening must be availed to get good results.

shashikant sharad diwan: Swamiji I want to sidh the mantras when sun eclipses or moon eclipses .So, When and how i can statrt to say mantras and how many times?.What is the yoga for that? When the mantras are become sidha. Please give me detail description upon the sidha mantras in eclipses
Swami Ram Swarup: This is a deep philosophy. Mantra sidhi means whatever Ved mantras we are reciting we must do pious deeds accordingly which the mantras say. Secondly if we do jaap of holy name of God and in this process the jaap starts giving us internal peace, mental and physical strength then it means we have got mantra sidhi. When we do yoga asan and asan have started giving us pleasure then it means we have got asan sidhi otherwise when we will do asan, the asan will give bodily pain etc., in the beginning. In these sidhis sun or moon eclipses have no concern according to the Vedas.

Mahesh: Pranam Swamiji, Earlier I asked about the different kinds of existing today. You replied that there is only ashtanga yoga as per the Vedas. I alsoget the FEELING the only ashtanga is there which is probably divided into different kinds for people of today by the great yogis. Also according to our sad-darsanas, yoga is the fifth view or philosophy expounded by patanjali in his yoga sutras. But there are books on Hatha Yoga like Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita & Siva Samhita. How did these books come if there is only one ashtanga yoga? Also Patanjali says only about the four meditative poses in his sutras, whereas the above mentioned hathayogic texts explains alot in detail about asanas and how to do it. Can you explain this situation and clear my doubts about hatha yoga and ashtanga yoga(raja yoga)?
Swami Ram Swarup: Ashtang is mentioned in four Vedas and from the Vedas Patanjali Rishi briefed in his sutra 2/29 that is — yam niyam asan pranayam pratyahar dharnadhayansamadhi ashtavangani. In shat -darshan six different Rishis have preached mainly on one subject from Vedas. For example Vyas Muni has written Vedanta shashtra mainly on the subject of God, Kapil Muni has preached on the subject Prakriti, similarly Patanjali Rishi has preached only one subject of yoga philosphy in his yog-darshan, and so are the other three. However those all Rishis were having full knowledge of the Vedas but they only wrote only on one subject in their shat-darshan. I have written already on the subject on the web site. But whole of the subject pretaining to the karmas, rain , God, agriculture, politics,dutiesetc., are only in the Vedas. So your fifth view is not understood. As regard Hath yog pradipika, Gheranda Samhita and Shiv Samhita etc., do not fully tally with the four Vedas. Now a days too there are so many books which are against the Vedas having their own views. Please explain meditative pose. Because Patanjali Rishi has not mentioned four meditative pose. You may send me e-mail again please.

NAVROZ BHAGAT: Swamiji can i change my religion muslim to hindu my fiqa is agakhani(ismaili) & yes how can i change?
Swami Ram Swarup: I think it is needed not but it depends upon your own views.

Anil Sharma: Can u tell me the truth of Shia Imam Hazrat ali (brother of prophet)?
Swami Ram Swarup: I only know that Shia Imam Hazrat Ali was also agreat true prophet.

Ram: Respected swamy ji, i fear that some people who r jealous of us are doing black magic against us. Even though we are highly qualified we are living very poor lives. Please tell me the symptoms of the people suffering from black magic. Please also tell me remedies to over come such troubles. thanking you
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually there is no black magic exists in the world. However someone can harm by some chemical or by some tricky actions.

Somnath Pardeshi: How can a married person abstain from sex desires?
Swami Ram Swarup: By doing ashtang yoga practice and firm desire on Brahamcharya. But it requires long preach of Vedas and shashtras.

tripti agrawal: swami ji mujhe aapse baat karke aacha lagta hai. my question is krodh par control kaise kare beena yogh ka upay bataye.
Swami Ram Swarup: bina yog ke control bahut mushkil hai. Haan apko rojana satsang sunna chahiye, rojana 10-15 minute dharm granth parne chahiye. Krodh se hone wale nuksanoin per dhyan dena chahiye aur krodh chorne ki koshish karin. Kyonki krodh hamara chupa hua dhushman hai jo hamari kaioin se dhushmani bhi kara deta hai aur hamin barbad bhi kara deta hai. Ravan, Kans Duryodhan jasie anek prani krodh ke vash main hoker barbad ho gye.

Vishal Mistry: Did Ravana attain Salvation or Moksha? I believe he didn’t as his next birth was Dantavakra. The reason of asking this question is he died by hands of Rama (The God), and hence he should have attained moksha. But if it is true then why the mythology is referring to Shishupala & Dantavakra as re-birth of Ravana & Kumbh Karna. Please explain.
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually birth and death are always in the hand of Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroying the universe and again creates. so everybody gets rebirth according to his pious deeds or sin. Secondly nobody knows the rebirth as to where and in which body one will get rebirth according to his deeds. This fundamental is also applicable for Ravana. Ravana didnot do pious deeds so naturally he took his rebirth according to his deeds. I have already written so many times that Vedas are the knowledge direct from God and Vedas come as an authenticated proof. So to locate the truth our views must tally with the Vedas. Whatever you have written above please, those are not according to the Vedas.

Ananta Rao: How we get knowledge?
Swami Ram Swarup: Knowledge is achieved through a spiritual master regarding spiritualism while listening preaches of Vedas, shashtras and other holy books including worship and yoga practice with meditation etc. as regards materialistic knowledge it also requires study of books under guidance of a learned teacher. In both cases hard study, firm desire and hard working is required.

Neeraj Arora: swami ji radha swami, swami ji krapya batanye ki ek patni ka apnee saas, sasur, nanand or pati ke prati kya kartvya hai.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mata, pita se beta-beti janam letein hain. Jeevatma ko yeh sharir mata, pita ke dwara mata ke garbh main prapt hota hai. Uske bad hi beta-beti bachpan aur jawani ka sukh, indriyoin dwara dekhne, sunne aur khane ityadi ka sukh prapt karta hai. To sabse pahla dharm to bete ka mata-pita ki seva karna. Mata-pita ne bachpan main bachoin ka tatti-peshab khushi se saaf kiya hai, jaroort parne per budrape main bete ko bhi mata-pita ki esi seva karke Ishwar ko prasn karna chahiye. Kyonki mata-pita ki seva Vedoin main Ishwar ki seva kahi hai. Patni pati se dhan aur parivar ka sukh leti hai, suhagin kahlati hai, prantu yeh sab khushiyain patni ko pati ke mata-pita dwara hi milin hain. Isliye patni ka bhi saas, sasur ki seva ka utna hi farz hai jitna uske pati ka.bahan ki raksha karna bhai ka dharm hai aur yehi dharm bhabhi ka bhi hai.

Swami Ram Swarup: You have not quoted the mantras please. Please quote the mantras to which you want clarification. However all Ved mantras are the knowledge to give us long peaceful life and salvation which is our utmost desire.

Swami Ram Swarup: To serve the human being and while discharging duties towards family and nation to realise Almighty God by virtue of God’s worship and yoga practice and meditation. I always try to promote brotherhood internationally.

SAHY TRED Dear SWAMIJI., TELL ME the hindhu concept of GOD ALMIGHTY, certainly HE is not a soonya, HE is something which suits HIS mighty and power. so, how do you define HIM. regarding four Vedas, is there any mention of God by name. then who is siva, visnu and more then thiry three lakh Gods you people worship, whst is their relation with GOD Almighty. by giving the respect which is only due to GOD Almighty, is it not that you peoples are associating some one with THAT MIGHTY LORD, WHO HAS POWER over anything and everthing.
Swami Ram Swarup: The word Hindu used for whole of the citizens live in India across Sindhu River. This word first time used by Greeks and Unanis thereafter Arabian and Farsis used this word so in reality Hindu means all the citizens whether Sikh, Muslim, Christian or others are called Hindus. Just like in America all type of citizens live there but are called citizens of USA. Now a days it is called that Vedas, shashtras, Geeta Ramayan and some other holy books of Sanskrit languages are related to Hindus. Vedas are the ancient holy knowledge of the world given direct from God always at the time of creation. I have written a lot about this and would request you to please read full concerned web site. However, shunya (zero) is created but God is not made by anybody else instead Almighty God creates universe. Shunya is also space, which is also created by God. So God is above space beyond calculation, beyond imagination and beyond description. Yet God has unlimited qualities for example Yajurveda mantra 40/8 says that God is everywhere, He has no shape, no nervous system, nobody can make hole in Him, He is Almighty and does not require any assistance from anybody else. He is eternal, self sufficient, can not be seen with eyes, beyond mind , He creates universe, nurses and destroy and again nurses and again creates, Just a small portoin of His power creates universe and His great quality is also this that the whole universe which is seen by us is nothing because the Almighty God is greater than this creation, He gives birth according to our deeds ( karmas) He is spectator of all karmas being omnipresent and omniscient, etc., etc., etc. that is the God has unlimited qualities and powers.

Yes in the Vedas there is only one God but has so many names according to his qualities. For example His name is OM which means the God is the savior of all. His name is SURYA (sun) i.e., sun has light but sun takes light from God because God has the supreme and Divine light of His own. His name is chandrma (moon). Moon gives peaceful, calm, cold and charming light so the name of God is also chandrma (moon) because God gives peace, calm etc., to those who worship etc., etc. We all people do not worship thirty three Goddesses as briefed above. Shiva means Kalyan i.e., happiness, welfare, good fortune and benediction etc., i.e., He who does welfare to human beings, He is Shiva and He is only one Almighty God said above. Vishnu means He who is everywhere and He is only one Almighty God. Such like questions have been already raised with different types too which I have replied already so please see the full web site.

Gurmeet: swami ji perdnam swami ji apney meyrey preshan ka uter to ada deya ager ensan ko dharm anusar hamin achhi ichha khi karni chahiye buri nahin. ager ensan achi echa bhi kerta hai to vo kafi samey key bad bhi puri na hu to? or bhagwan ager unki prisksha ley rha hu to ensan ko keysey pata cahleyga? or humey keysy peta huga key humari echa puri hugi meyney kafi lug deykhey ager koi buri echa kerta hai to uski echa ek minute mey pori hu jati hai or jo log achi echa mangtey hai bhagwan sey unkey pura hutey hutey kai bar kai sal bet jatey hai esa keo? keya bhagwan borey logo ki pharyad jaldi sunta hia keya ager haan to keo achey logo ki pharayad keo nahi vo jaldi sonta?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yeh sab batein pata karne ke liye hi Ishwar ki pooja aur kisi uch koti ke vidwan Guru ki9 jaroort hoti hai. Apne kabhi pardha hoga man proposes God disposes. Matlab ki insaan ichha karta hai lekin puri karna na karna yeh sab Bhagwan ke hath main hai. Kyonki keval ichha karne se ya prarthna karne se kuch nahin mlita acchi ichha aur prarthna ke anusaar utni hi kari mehnat karne ki jaroort hoti hai tabhi Bhagwan mehnat ka achhca fal deta hai. Isliye hamin aals chodkar acche kamoin per mehnat karni chahiye. Aur wo achhe kam Ishwar bhakti, satsang aur mahan tapsvi vidwanoin ki sangat se prapt hotin hain.

Sangeeta: Dear Swami JI, For past few years I can see in my dreams what is the next step to take or what ever i dream comes true, do you think it’s Gods will?
Swami Ram Swarup: God has no will. If it is so then it may be due to your previous life’s pious deeds.

Muhammad Rehan: Hi swamiji tell my if hindu religion is from Allah, christainity is from Allah, Islam is from Allah then why Bagwan spread christainity after hinduism, if christainity is complete verion of religion then why Allah Almighty Spread Islam after it. Why Almighty Allah not Bestowed any one to prophet hood After Hazrat Muhammad Pease be upon Him, may its the perfect & last version of that religion which had been started since begining of humanity. If we wants Allah’s glory why we do not accept the changed version of the religion which is changed by Allah Almighty along the changed mental conscience of human beings, which was the necessary fact. As a Muslim I believe in all the, Prophets, Angels, Holly Books and the day of Judgement. And I act Upon THe Last version of Religion Because I want to gewt Allah’s Glory Who Is alone Creator & only Worthy for worship.
Swami Ram Swarup: All these religions have been made by our prophets and not by God. In Sikh religion there are only ten respected gurus and Sikh majhab says that thereafter there will bo any other Guru except Shri Guru GranthSahib. So is in Islam majhab which say that the last prophet is Hazrat Mohhamad Sahib. So these are the preaches from religions. The fundamental law of God are never changed. Your views to Islam are appreciated please.

Sachin Billimoria: Sanyas is mental state of renunciation of ego. What is sanyas deeksha then?
Swami Ram Swarup: Deeksha means the sanyas is awarded by a respected sanyasi Guru wherein some preaches are briefed to the disciple to follow. This is called sanyas deeksha. At this time usually hawan is organised also.

Varun: How i got control over my nerves?
Swami Ram Swarup: This is only possible by worship, prayer and yoga practice under guidance of an experienced Vedic Guru.

zubair haqqani: Namaskar Swamiji, My question was what is the name of Almighty God? And Who is he? Your answer was the name of Almighty God is “OM”. Sorry, I am replying very late. Sorry again Swamiji because I think you are wrong. Why? Because in every book which sent by Almighty God there is no name like “OM” or any other but Allah only. Because in that books like “vedhas, Ramayn” or any other except “Quran” so many things was changed by some persons. About “Quran” Almighty “Allah” had
taken the responsibility nobody can change a single word in Quran but meanings can be any thing that’s why the name of Almighty God is only and only “Allah”. From the beginning of universe and it will always remain the one God is only and only Almighty “Allah” for every people like (Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and what ever) and for all living things and for whole universe. That’s why Islam is the true religion.
Swami Ram Swarup: Person can change the things but fundamental law of the God are never changed. Four Vedas are originated direct from God in the heart of four Rishis always at the time of creation. Vedas are also the knowledge direct from God. In chapter 40 of Yajurveda it is mentioned,”OM KRITO SMAR”. i.e., O man you discharge your duties and utter the holy name of God OM. In all Upnishads, Geeta and the ancient holy books on the earth the supreme name of the God is mentioned as OM with other too. Today I have briefed some names of the God also which you may please see on the web site. Every religion is true because in all the religion our prophets have preached us true knowledge.

Anonymous: Do u know the meaning of hindu?
Swami Ram Swarup: Hindu means all the citizens living in India. We are Bhartiya but first ime Greek and unanians called us Hindu describing that all those live across the Sindhu river they are Hindu. I have replied today also on this subject please see also web site.

Thiru: Swami ji, i am short tempered, i want to reduce it what should i do?
Swami Ram Swarup: You need satsang and practice of asan, pranayam and meditation. Please also study always spiritual books and good magazines, it will sure help you.

B. K. Dutta: How long can we indulge some say be brahmchari all life? sex is not that easy to control even narad ji could not control
Swami Ram Swarup: Narad ji controlled but false stories a re being made famous which is destroying our culture. Without studying Vedas and without practising ashtang yoga to maintain Brahamcharya is not an easy task. Due to lack of the same knowledge now everybody feels impossibilty to maintain Brahamcharya.

Swami Ram Swarup: He who discharges duty well, do hard work, respects parents and elders does always pious deeds, and being God fearing does not do sin, knows God and do true worship, he only knows the meaning of life that the life has no problem and is happy one.

Shoipatri Basu: What is the actual process to derive concentration with allsorts of disturbances around?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is only one way to learn ashtang yoga from a learned spiritual master. I have written a lot about yoga philosophy on the web site which may please may be read. And then send me e-mail for further guidance.

Girish: Respected swamy ji, what is the most important quality a sadakshould have to achieve sucess in manytra yoga or sadana. please tell me therules and regulations neeed to be observed by a mantra sadak.
Swami Ram Swarup: First of all Brahamcharya is to be maintained, secondly knowledge of Vedas and ashtang yoga is to be gained from a learned spiritual master. When concentration is controlled by yoga asn and pranayam then only mantra sadhna gives good result. This way is eternal from the Vedas which is not known by everybody. So you may also deny but truth is truth and must be accepted please.

Narender Kumar: Is a true hindu should be voilent. or should he join some one to get the weapons.
Swami Ram Swarup: Nobody shold be violent either Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai but for national security our minister army and police must be alert to discharge their duties. However we must cooperate administration.

Pravin C. Karn: Swami Jee Pranam’We know that we(soul) never born & never die only our body dies & takeanother body then why the population is being higher & higher day by day.
Swami Ram Swarup: Our eyes see the big shape but eyes can not see atomic shape of soul like bacteria, and even can not count, birds, mosquitoes, flies and animals etc., which are decreasing. In one drop of water countless souls in the shape of bacteria, virus, micro organisms which are unseen by eyes. They all take birth according to their karmas and thus the population increases and they decrease because the number of souls are constant in universe.

Tripti Agrawal: Swami ji mannki shanti kaise milti hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: bahari uljhan, sansari baatin, jhooth, lobh, moh aur na jane kitni batoin main fansa man hi ashant aur pareshan rehta hai. Yog sadhna se jab man in sab se nikle aata hai tab hi shanti milti hai. Isliye yog sadhna ki jaroort hai, satsang ki jaroort hai aur hamesha achhe kaamoin main lage rehne ki jaroort hai.

Swami Ram Swarup: Government is doing work to solve the situation please.

Sahy Tred: Does Manusrimthi not say “if a suthra hear Vedas, molten lead should be poured in his ear.”, is it not shiva, hindhu God, asked his devote who is from the untouchables to worship him away from the temple, calling let nandhi move away to show Him clearely to his devote……is it not Knaji sHANKARACHARY told sanadhana dharma is the root of hinduis. i can quote you not one manthra, i can quote you the whole manusrimthi written by Manu as an evidence of my claim.
Swami Ram Swarup: No Manusmriti does not say about Shudras. However our country remained slave and our culture have been mixed with false statement. Manusmriti has also been added with false shalokas. I have both the Manusmritis true and with false statement. Manu’s time was of Satyug where no religion (sects) of now adays were originated. Only Vedas were in force and Manu accepts four Vedas. Vedas does not tell about caste system. I have read full Vedas several times please. About Shiva the concerning story is from Puran. But proof from Vedas are only accepted by learned personal. So the story is not acceptable as it is not according to Vedas. As regards Kanji Shankracharya, he may say whatever he likes so his personal views are not accepted being against the Vedas. Please read true Manusmriti named Vishudh Manusmriti commented by Achrya Rajvir Shashtri and published by Arya Sahitya Prachar Trust, 2F Kamla Nagar Delhi 7. As regards caste system Yajurveda Mantra 31/11 clearly says that there is no caste system except karmas.

Rajesh Kr. Srivastava: I am facing one by one new problem. Is there any problem in my GRAHA?
Swami Ram Swarup: Not graha but problem are always due to result of our previous birth’s deed.

Anonymous: How to get peace?
Swami Ram Swarup: Peace is always within us and not outside. Usually we seek it outside in worldly articles, attachment etc., yet if anybody love with equal heart combined i.e., if anybody loves with soul and not merely physical charm then too he feels peace. You know that unity is strength. For example rays of sun are coming, each ray being separate, rays are not united. Therefore rays do not harm much us and we take sun bath also. But when the rays are united to one point when rays are passed through convex lens then they become strong being united on one point and thus burn our body. So is the case of our concentration. Our concentration has gone outside towards so many worldly articles and attractions and we have become thus weak. If anyone concentrate to one point then he becomes a strong and worldly affair and problems do not harm even burnt. So first of all you must forget everything of the past and you must learn yoga asan and meditation to concentrate. For this you need guidance. I would advice you to please study about yoga philosophy by studying my 17 lectures at the top of this web site.

Vrushik: How can I get God to help me and answer my prayers?
Swami Ram Swarup: To realise God is not an easy task. One must worship God daily and pray HIM to give us long happy life. God will sure listen one day but if anyone really want to realise God then he will have to study Vedas and other spiritual holy books and he will have to practice yoga asan, meditation etc., for which he will require a true spiritual master.

A. Agarwal: How many times should Surya Namaskar be performed & what are its benefits?
Swami Ram Swarup: Once in a day at the time of rising sun. Digestive system is improved, alertness in the body achieved and one becomes from so many illness and controls old age etc.

Avani: How can do yoga at home without classes and which is the books for that?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yoga is actually done alone either in room or in open lonely place but first it is learnt from an experienced spiritual master.

Anna: Swamiji, i believe strongly in the existence of GOD & i practice the teachings of Hinduism…but i accept all other religions and i strongly believe that there’s only one supreme power that create & takes care of us. I do believe that
whenever someone cheats or do something bad to us, GOD will show them one day how cruel they were towards us. I have some bad experience in life, i never think anything bad to them, but i really wish one day they will come seeking our apology and admit their fault. I believe all human wants to be treated nicely, full of love, caring and most importantly do no harm to
others, don’t cheat others & never think bad things about others. Is my point true…or is it until the end of our life we will never realize our mistakes. I do believe in karma. Pls give me some advice.
Swami Ram Swarup: Your views are really appreciated which conclude —
LIVE AND LET LIVE, PROMOTE BROTHERHOOD INTERENATIONALLY. I have briefed karma philosophy so many times on web site and would request you to please see there also. There are three types of karmas, sanchit, prarabdh and kriyamaan which must be known by
all for implementation for happy life. Please sure read this philosophy on web site.

Anshu: Can u send me the main points of geeta updesh. like “Karm karo faal ki chinta mat karo” and others?
Swami Ram Swarup: Geeta teaches three main points 1. Knowledge i.e., knowledge of prakriti , soul and God. 2. Upasana i.e., how to worship God which includes study of Vedas, Yajna and yoga philosophy. 3. karmas i.e., to discharge moral duties and to do pious deeds. these three are to be done for a long happy life and realisation of God which is main motto of human being. But details thereof is not possible to be mentioned here due to shortage of time.

Mohit: Hello swamiji,i want to know about ashtang yoga.can i do this ?and tell me who know this ashtang yoga?
Swami Ram Swarup: I am away and can not teach you because this philosophy can only be taught in person. So please search the learned person locally or you can contact me if possible.

Dibus: How can we really get proper guru?or for whom we can say a nice guru?
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually a true Guru is met by the grace of God with the result of our previous birth’s pious deeds but if we are anxious then we must struggle to search him. According to four Vedas the true Guru is a philosopher of Vedas and ashtang yoga.

Neeta Sood: If we dont do pooja on time and regularly as iam a mother, wife and very busy in househld works i am not able to do on time and ido pooja very little but i remember God throughout the day.beause of this i am very unhappy. iwant to do pooja a lot and also sit in the temple for long
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually we are born only to realise God while discharging family duties too. But worship is only done under the guidance of a real spiritual master who knows four Vedas and ashtang yoga. Till the time the Guru is not met (which must be searched at any cost) one should carry on worship and remember the holy name of God.

Baba: Namashkar swamiji………….. please tell me the activities i have to undertake to raise my kundalini? How will a person behave when he has raised his kundalini?how does he behave and and how will be his mannerism and speech.?What are all the qualities one would develop by achieving this this state? please clear this doubt of mine
Swami Ram Swarup: To raise the kunalini daily asan and different type of pranayam are to be practise daily both times not a single is to be missed. Naam jaap of God is too required both time daily. Brahamcharya is must. These are to learnt from an experienced yogi. Mudras are also necessary. Further answer can not be given being secret.

Ved: I am afraid to think that there was `shunya’ and God created universe and after `prlya’ there would be `shunya’ for sometime. At that time what will be the my existence. If I am a body then where will it be? If i am `aatma’ then too what will be the status? Why God is playing with human beings as he is creating and destroying at will ? Why he cannot provide human beings all the happiness ? Is he really enjoying his creation?
Swami Ram Swarup: At the time of pralya nothing worldly articles remain including bodies. Only God, souls without bodies amnd prakriti exists. At the time souls without bodies can not do nothing and remains in shushupt awastha i.e., like sleep. God does not play from human beings. HE gives body to bear the result of previous birth’s deeds but if we worship properly we attain salvation and feel permanent happiness.

Swami Ram Swarup: God did not appear He remains always before and after creation and in pralya time and after pralya also. So God does not come from anywhere else. HE is immortal. We are not acting but we are facing the result of our previous deeds. God only awards the result of our deeds good or bad in the shape of pious and sin. To face our karmas did in the previous births but we can kill all the karmas by worship too. Under the law of Vedas made by God. God appears in the heart of Yogi only who purifies himself by ashtang yoga. Anybody can be a yogi because everybody is entitled in this life to become a yogi.

Swami Ram Swarup: For kundalini jagran one has to study Vedas and do ashtang yoga practice under guidance of an experienced spiritual master.

Ashna: Namaste swami ram ji is there will friendship between india and pakistan?
Swami Ram Swarup: We must hope for the best though it is tough matter.

Radha Premchand Jagmohan: Pranaam Swamiji, I would like to attend a Ved course at your Ashram. Can you please send me a program of 2004 when this will be held, so that I can plan my holiday to your Ashram.
Swami Ram Swarup: You may come between 1st January to end of August.

Irfan: Swami ji sader pranam? Swami ji i want to know if all the Gods are same then why we fight over religion, and say that Islam or Hinduism is good. Even though Islam is the only religion which back terrorism, but we still stay islam is the best WHY?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is not correct to say all the Gods because God is one for this universe. Fight occurs due to fundamentalism and wrong definition of Almighty God. I have already told that teaching of Islam is Good. Please read full web site also where I heartily have praised the religion.

Sunita: Please explain in some detail, the concept of vastu shastra.
Swami Ram Swarup: As it is not mentioned in eternal knowledge i.e., four Vedas so Vastu shashtra is not acceptable.

Mona: Namastey swami ji, swami ji keya app beta saktey hai key ensan echa purvak bagwan sey fal keo mangta hai? or jub insan ko fal mil bhi jata hai to us ki utsukta or keo bed jati hai? swami ji keya ap meyra bhavisya beta saktey hai key meryi shadi kes sey hugi or kab hugi or mey kha tak pedungi. keya merya jevan sukhi purvak gujreyga yea dukh prvak keya mey apney
jeven sathi key sath khush rahai paungi? keya mujhey achi job meilagi or kab meilagi kerpa kerkey mujhey batye swami ji.
Swami Ram Swarup: Insaan ki hamesha swabhavik ichhain othti rehati hain aur band nahin ho sakti. Jisme ichha nahuin hai use Bhagwan kahte hain. Jab ichha otheingi to usko pura karne ke liye Bhagwan se ashirwad to maangna hi parega. Ab chahe Bhagwan ichha puri kare ya na kare yeh Bhagwan per hi nirbhar karta hai. Lekin dharm anusar hamin achhi ichha khi karni chahiye buri nahin.

Swami Ram Swarup: There is only one God in the universe. I have written a lot about this subject on the web site and would request you to please study the site in full and then e-mail me again.

Rajni Sharma: Respected Sweamiji! Iam facing one problem If u give the solution for that then i will be very thankful to u. Can we surrender our full life to our Sadguru? Kehte hai ki jo uski rah par chal parta hai to bhagawan uska yogkhshem karte hain. Is this a reality.
Swami Ram Swarup: In these days we have to first understand the definition of a true Guru to know the truth. There is anuman pramaan and aagam pramaan and prataksh pramaan but mostly aggam pramaan i.e., proof of four Vedas is essential. So if according to Vedas a guru is a philosopher of four Vedas, ashtang yoga and has realised God in samadhi like Vyas Muni, Vashisht, Kapil Muni etc. then surely we can surrender our life to such a true Guru in absence of which we can be cheated and we can be made fool.

Peya: Hindu dharm kya ek saachi dharmi hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: sabhi dharm sachhe hain. Jaroorat hai sachaai ko samajne ki.

Swami Ram Swarup: He is a human being like others.

Suni: Why are we born? If for some reason then what?
Swami Ram Swarup: We are born for a particular reason. The human body is blessed by God to know moral duties and while discharging the same for family and nation we can realise God to make end of sorrows forever. This act can not be done by animal, birds etc.

Samu A. B.: Dear sir, Why Rama asked Sita to take a dip in fire. if he is GOD he should have known that sitha is chaste ….,
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually reality is not known by everybody. Real life of Shri Rama is mentioned in Valmiki Ramyan and in Valmiki Ramayan Rama did not ask Sita either to go in fire or to go in jungle.

Piyush: Guru ji, can u tell me that a person is brahmin by birth or by KARM?
Swami Ram Swarup: Brahmin is called brahmin by karmas only according to four Vedas.

Sam Nandan: Dear sir, discriminating human beings based on birth and treating them in subhuman condition…do you think GOD likes that. if HE does not like that then how HINDU Vedas presribe this…i can give you Vedic evidences supporting this
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas there is no caste system please. It is only according to the deeds. Please quote any example of any mantra of Vedas if so. But I assure you that there is no any mantra on the subject.

Vrushik Patel: I am a 18 year old student, from England. My parents are hindus, but I am not very religious. My question is, how do I pray to God? And which is the right way to pray to God? Also, how can I be sure that God will help me, if I pray to God? What should I do to keep God Happy? Thank You
Swami Ram Swarup: Worshipping God is our moral duty because we have been blessed this human body only for such purpose
otherwise we could be animals or birds who can not worship. The right way of worship is to repeat the holy name of God, study of spiritual books, yajna and practice of ashtang yoga. Worship gives us long happy life and we can realise God also whereas in absence of worship so many obsacles and sorrows according to previous karmas come to face.

Swami Ram Swarup: You will have to meet me personally. Please send your postal address.

Yasmin: Swamiji Namaste, Swamiji kaha gaya hai ki Bhagwan ki marji bina patta bhi nahi hilta. To har insaan jab apni zindagi mai jo bhi karta hai (accha ya bura), woh bhi to Bhagwan kin marji se hi hota hoga, to phir use reward ya punishment kyon diya jaata hai? Please explain me.
Swami Ram Swarup: Patta na hilne ka matlab hai ki hamare kiye huye karmoin ka fal Bhagwan deta hai. Karaminsaan karta hai aur fal Bhagwan deta hai. Karam karne main insaan azad hai lekin fal pane main azad nahin hai. Agar hum Bhawan ki marji se karam karte hain tab vo hamara koi kassor hi nahin hoga aur fhir vo hamin saza bhi kyon dega.

Mahesh: Swamiji, nowadays we see a lot of kinds of yoga introduced in public, but the Vedas and patanjali yogasutra speak only of ashtanga yoga, but what I can understand is Ashtanga Yoga is split up into two disciplinesas Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga, where hatha yoga deals with physical part (first 4 angas) and raja yoga deals with the meditation part (last 4 angas). Also Bhagavad geetha doesnt mention ashtanga yoga but only raja yoga. Is this way of interpreting the ashtanga yoga correct? Earlier you told me that only 84 asanas are there. Which books should I read to learn more about these 84 asanas, pranayama and dhyana? Do u know any books in English , because Iam little weak in Hindi?
Swami Ram Swarup: To know the truth only four Vedas are considered as a proof. Vedas are swatah pramaan (itself proof) and shashtras, Bhagwat Geeta are partah pramaan so in Vedas and Patanjali yoga darshan only ashtang yoga is mentioned which one is a truth with proof. In fundamental law of God can not be changed therefore other yoga are not authenticated as per Vedas. Because those are not mentioned in Vedas, shashtras, Upnishads and Geeta . In Geeta no Raj yog is mentioned. But asan, pranayam, meditation and samadhi subjects are mentioned which are the parts of ashtang yoga.

kapil: Saadar Pranam! You had said that jeevatma has a gun of “Parishwam” that leads it to attach with prakrati or God. On the other hand, during Bhaj Govindam vyakhya, you had quoted Sankya Muni as: “Asango ayam purusha iti.” What causes jeevatma to become attached to materialistic articles (prakrati)? You had said that “Satsangatwe Nihisangatwam”. What
can be done to cure this attachment if we cannot get Satsang often?
Swami Ram Swarup: The jivatma is attached with its nature of Parishwangdharmi. Without satsang nothing can be achieved.

Mohit: Swamiji pranam,is there any way by which my soul come out from body?
Swami Ram Swarup: Ashtang yoga practice is only the way.

bilal laeeq: Where is heaven?
Swami Ram Swarup: Heaven is on the earth when anyone is satisfied, rich and have all needed articles with ill free life full of pleasure. And this is attained with the result of previous pious deeds.

kapil: Saadar Pranam! In the pravachan on the 1st day of the annual yajna, you had said that God can be realized in 40 days. How is it possible? Can you please bless me with the knowledge?
Swami Ram Swarup: 40 days mean when a jivatma has been practising ashtang yoga for the last so many lives then in one life the time came when samadhi is achieved within 40 days. In one life only an ascetic who surrenders his whole life to a Guru can however achieve samadhi.

Satin: Swamiji, is it wrong to wish for wordly happiness and how does one know whether what one is wishing for is right or wrong for him/her? how does one know that what it is wishing for is there for the person in this birth or not? can one know oneself with astrology? is there any limitation to one’s self relisation?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. It is our right given by God to live in the world with long happy life by virtue of pious deeds and hard working towards a right path. If we worship God daily according to Vedas and shashtras and do yoga practice then we know all happening.

Suraj: Swami, Why everyone afraid from God? Are you afraid from something like God? If not Why? & if yes Then There is also one big…… Why?
Swami Ram Swarup: God is a love, peace and has given every materialistic article to us. God is Almighty and needs nothing. So HE can not give us fear because He needs nothing from anybody else like a dacoit. But He is supreme judge and if we will do any sin then only he will give punishment accordingly. Yet He gives time to repent and wash out the sin by doing pious deeds. HE is our father.

polisetti anil kumar: Is human bound by his karma? can’t he overcome the carmic effects with his will and belief in God?
Swami Ram Swarup: We have done lot of uncounted karmas and we have to face the result thereof in the shape of pleasure and sorrows of good and bad deeds respectively but by real worship the karmas are burnt and one can get salvation. I have written a lot in this subject and would request you to see full web site to know the detailed answer.

Sree: When do we experience perfect happiness and satisfaction or how ?
Swami Ram Swarup: When we realise God then only we get permanent happiness and peace. For this areal worship of God is to be learnt from a spiritual master however yoga philosophy is the main knowledge to get salvation.

Kavita: If we have to take the decision of our life. Then what should we do? What are the points which should be taken in care. Becuse a single wrong step can destroy our life.
Swami Ram Swarup: to take the decision of life one should discuss the matter deeply with a learned experienced spiritual master. He is only authenticated to advice the life target and the pious deeds and hard working to be done. The points are:
1. To be educated and to get progress in science and materialistic world, family’s duty and nationality etc.
2. Spiritual matter.
These two subjects must be progressed together.

Pravin C. Karn: Swami Jee Pranam, In Connection with your valued reply made regarding remembrance of even 15 days meal taken & previous birth. Guruji, Can we compare our daily usage works & major events occurred in life. We cannot remember our daily usage works like meal or so on. But we recall our memory for long time major events. Therefore is it legimate to compare & contrast between the sort term events & past birth. Please guide me very sympathetically.
Swami Ram Swarup: The major or the minor events can be remembered concerning in the present life only and not of the
previous births. So the fundamental laws of God can not be changed. In present life we have effects of the previous birth’s deed and we have to face but we can not remember.

Anirban: I am alone. I am very hopeless. Can you plz help me.
Swami Ram Swarup: The life itself is a hope and everybody is alive on hope. But to fufill our hope or good desires one
should do work hard. Because God helps those who helps themselves. When a baby takes birth she comes alone and when anybody die he goes alone. And we have to settle our problem by doing hard work alone. Nobody will help us untill we help ourself. The human life is God gift and it should not be ruined.please be brave, settle the target of life and do hard work with full
concentration to achieve the target.

SK: How to get God?
Swami Ram Swarup: Firm decision real advice of a spirtiual learned and experienced master and efforts at the level best is the way to realise God. The path, thus, is adviced by a said spiritual master.

Erfana: Why do we kill each other in the name of religion?
Swami Ram Swarup: Because we are not aware of the truth preached in the religion which is humanity, and services to mankind with brotherhood.

Mohit: Hello guruji, is there any way so that we can go in past life? Is there any way by which our soul can go out the body?
Swami Ram Swarup: The soul can go out of the body by practise of ashtang yoga and can come back also in the same body. But we can not go in the past.

dr k. c. khare: What is adawait and dwait and visistaadwait? please explain in detail.
Swami Ram Swarup: Adawait means first — there is only one God and no other God is equivalent to this one God. Second somebody says it means that there is only one God and moon, sun, world etc., are nothing but misunderstanding. It says satyam braham jagat mithya. But Vedas do not agree on this. Dwait means there is one God and other is soul which are separate from each other. Visistaadwait it is originated by Ramanuja Acharya who says that Shankarchari’s adwaitwad is not true. God, soul and world are not one but are three and separate from each other. Soul (alive)and world (non-alive) both are sukshm body of God.

vishal tiwari: Why is it that even after putting in hardwork, committment & heart in your work, still u face failure because of others influence directly or indirectly? any way to clean up ur way without non-violence.
Swami Ram Swarup: Inevery step of our life peace or satisfaction comes only when we are also indulged in spirtiualism as we are indulged in family or worldly affairs. Actually spiritualism solve the whole problems. In this case also the failure inspite of hard work is due to our previous births deeds. When we worship/meditate the influence of previous deeds are finished otherwise one has to face. So in spiritualism we can not blame others and satisfactorily we try again and again to get success.

vanitha devi: I have started chanting the ‘gayathri mantra’ on my daily prayers. I am now keen on meditating as well. How do I go about it. I want to be near to God. Can I do it on my own?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please. Everybody is entitled to worship and realise God by doing yoga practice. Please learn ashtang yoga and then practise it daily. You must also study spiritual literature. In this way you will get peace. Then you again send me e-mail.

Monu: Is jainism originited from hinduism? tell breifely about mahveer swami and his thought?
Swami Ram Swarup: Mahavir Swami was a king and turned into spiritualism. Yes Hindus were converted into Jain dharm. The main teaching of Jain dharm is ahimsa.

Anand: Can you tell me about bhagat singh?
Swami Ram Swarup: Bhagat Singh was a freedom fighter born in Punjab state. He fired a bomb in Britain in their Parliament to attract the whole world towards the fight to free India from British Government. He was sentenced to death by British Government.

Nisha Mehta: Swamiji, when do you get happiness from within?
Swami Ram Swarup: Every time please.

Nisha Mehta: Swamiji, I listen to gyan everyday, but my mind is not still?
Swami Ram Swarup: To listen the gyan is apious deed and please continue it because it will give you good result afterwards. But to make your mind concentrated, please learn yoga asan, pranayam and meditation.

Anonymous: How culd i get God by learning prayer or by true love for God in the heart?
Swami Ram Swarup: To do pious deeds, worship and ashtang yoga is the best method to realise God.

yogesh khullar: Six month ago when i started to watch this site i am happy to see i get all the ans. Those are always pinch my heart & mind but your advices are too good for me. I am a child who is just steap in his first step in this field. i do’nt understand what you said but i like your words like YAJANA OR YOGA i am very unhappy from my life i never expect anything from it but it gives nothing i want to know WHY?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is a fact that life is a struggle due to previous birth deeds and we have to face happily. But present birth is meant for success, happiness, pleasure by virtue of doing pious and hard deeds. Life never gives anything but we are soul within the body (life) and our pious deeds through our body/organs gives us peaceful long life. One should never be nervous and must busy for worship, pious deeds, good earnings, etc., all the time. We must not get time to think unnecessary subject.

Pankaj Raheja: Swami ji, Namastey Swami ji mujhe bataye ki apke vichar se shadi ka kya arth hai or apni family or wife ke sath kesa vyavhar karna chahey. krapya thoda detail me batayege to achcha lagega. me bahoot confuged hoon.
Swami Ram Swarup: Gunwan hoker, gunwati nari se vivah kerke samaj aur desh ko budhiman, educated santan dena, griasth main satya aachran, mata-pita, bujurgoin ki seva, mehnat ki kamai, Vedoin ko sunna, yaj kerna shubh karam kerne paap karm chhordna, ityaadi griasth ashram ke farz hain.

Manoj Soni: Saadr Pranam Swamiji, You say that, when universe is destroyed then only God remains and thereafter soul and prakriti. Body is meant to realise God, it implies that This soul had forgot realization of God, thus it is given this body. Does this soul and body come from inside the GOD.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes when we do not worship to realise God then again we get the body according to our good or bad deeds.

Suhas Koshe: i’m chanting the mantra “AUM” since 5 years….i don’t know why rightnow i’m feeling to do nothing but the chanting only. i’m not able to concentrate on my work..well….i want to learn more about rajyoga & want to devote my whole life…doing that…can u help me out…..can u suggest me any centre..where they need full timers to do social work. i have got an experience to run small schools & hostels in remote villages of meghalaya
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas there is only ashtang yoga which is explained in detail in Patanjal yoga shashtra. I have also explained in 17 lectures on yoga at the top of this web site which may please be studied. Chanting the holy name is the best but it should be learnt properly from a spiritual master. I am away and can not teach you. But if you will try to contact with any Arya Samaj Mandir in your locality then they will guide you properly about yoga and chanting of holy name OM.

Kayla: How did the 2001 Indian Earthquake happen?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is scientifically and in reality it becomes scientifically when we do not perform yajna and yoga and real worship of God.

Pankaj Raheja: Swami ji, mujhe lagta hai mein bahoot kami, krodhi, lobhi, mohi or ahankari purush hoon. krapya koi upaye batayen. vyakti apne papon ka prayshchit kase kare.
Swami Ram Swarup: You must please listen Veda’s preach and must read spiritual books. Then you must learn yoga asan,
pranayam and meditation. Please continue this it will give you peace. Kaam ,krodh aadi vo shatru hain jo parivar sahit samaj tak ko nasht ker dete hain. Isliye jaldi hi yog vidya ki sharan main jana chahiye. Jab insaan apne paapoin ko sachmuch jan jata hai aur dubara use na karne ka majboot sankalp ker leta hai aur Bhagwan ki bhakti main bhi dhyan lagana shuru ker deta hai aur apne kiye per pachtata bhi hai to yehi uska sacha prayschit hai.

Annie Sehgal: pranam babaji. i seek your blessings. babaji , i wanted to know was hanuman ji really a monkey?
Swami Ram Swarup: No Hanuman ji was no monkey. I have already told about this on the web site and would request you to please choose that question and answer. However, in one instance Shri Ram and Lakshman had a talk with Hanumaan ji in a jungle while searching Sita mata. There Valmiki Ramayan says that Shri Ram told to Lakshman between the talks that O Lakshman Hanumaan did no mistake as yet in talking and Hanumaan ji is a learned of Rig, Saam, Yaju and Atharva Vedas. And the philsopher of four Vedas cannot be a monkey. Secondly if Sugriv, Bali, Angad and Hanumaan and their public were monkeys then their wives must be female monkeys but no wife has been stated as female monkey.

Umesh Chawla: swami ji i want to ask only one question, y is God?
Swami Ram Swarup: Similarly anyone can put question why is world, why is soul and why there must be no God. But one thing is clear that God, soul and Prakriti is a truth and are there. So we must accept their existence leaving such question which create tense too but such question must sure put before to understand truth. Secondly every item has its reason behind for example a baby is a reason of husband and wife. The world is a reason of its origin from prakriti and God. A house, motor etc., are made sure by anybody else who is its reason. But no body has made the God so God is without reason. Therefore the question why in respect of Almighty God has no reason and has therefore no reply.

Aroosa: whats the reason why love marriage will not suit people?
Swami Ram Swarup: Mostly the love marriage now adays is based on physical charm and property etc., and when physical charm is finished then love is also finished. If love is based on soul and good qualities equally then it is good. And then only make your parents satisfied and they will agree.

Pravin C. Karn: Swami Jee Pranam, You told me that all we are soul(alive) & We live in body (nonalive), Swami Jee I even dont know what is soul, If any thing which is called soul then why we can not remember our previous life. Pls. try to make me understand & explain about soul. thanking for earlier response.
Swami Ram Swarup: The answer of this question requires big explanation but I will try in short. We say this is our eye, head, leg mouth etc., why we say so? Because relation is made atleast betweeen two. If I say this is my boy then boy is separate and I am too separate from boy. We both can not be one. Similarly this is our body, eye etc., but we are not body or eye etc., otherwise we can say we are body, we are eye but we say this is our body, this is our eye. So eyes, nose, body etc., are separate and we are separate. Who he say that this is our body is called soul (alive) and eye, nose and whole body is non alive matter. When we (soul) so longer are in our body then we see, eat, walk and do work etc., but see when soul is out from body then eye, ear, nose etc., being non alive do not work and are called dead. Then soul when goes out from body takes another body of a baby and takes birth according to previous deeds (karmas). As regards remembrance, when you do not remember what you ate 15 days back then how we can remember our previous births.

Prof. Dr. K. C. Khare: Respected shri Swami ji. Thanks for sending answer.Where Jiwatma reside in our body. I understand in vijanmaya kosha or in vijanmaya+manomaya kosha. I request you to kindly answer this question in detail. What books Should i readto know more detail about pranayama and meditation.
Swami Ram Swarup: While we are awaked the jivatma lives in left eye, when we see dream then in throat and when we are getting souind sleep then jivatma remains in heart. Anmay, pranmay, manomay, vigyanmay and aanadmay these are five koshas. Please send your postal address and I would like to send first of all comments on Patanjal yog darshan (in Hindi) and would also request you to study 17 yoga lectures at the top of this web site.

Gurpreet Singh: Dear swamiji namaskar, My question is that what made you come in this area of life of spirituality and yogas inspite of other so many fields and who is your spiritual teacher?
Swami Ram Swarup: I entered in spiritual life from childhood due to company of saints. My spiritual master is not yet alive who lived in a densy jungle where I learnt complete yoga knowledge practically. I am well educated, did electric engg., too and learnt vocal music also, did service in military engg., department but from childhood I continued my spiritual activites also and at last left the army service and became Sanyasi.

gurpreet singh: Dear sir, All things you told is true.I am not asking about the basic necessaties of life or how to survive even making your spiritual progress. The thing i wanted to know is that when you are on your way to spiritual progress, you possibly start deattaching with worldly things and pursuits which becomes very natural and this is obviously not digestable to other people in your close environment because there is a sudden but gradual change in your behaviour too. Kindly explain how to maintain the worldly life and spiritual progress too in these conditions.
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually world is not false and family or nation is not to be left but we have to discharge our duties together. Only we have to leave the sin and bad activites of the world by virtue of worship qand hard yoga practice which concentrate the mind and control on 5 perceptions, 5 organs and mind. In this condition there is no harm to live with world with spiritualism. But yet I spent more time in jungle or lonely places.

Manish Jain: Swami Ji Namaskar recently i was told by my friend that i should enlighten the deepak in front of ma durga with til ka tel, i used to lighten it with desi ghee which one is better.
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually I have faith on four Vedas, six shashtras, upnishads, Geeta, and other ancient Sanskrit holy granths wherein worship of Durga maa is not mentioned. But if you light desi ghee then it is better for health.

Sharma: namaskar swamy ji, why people r killing other people for religion when u told God is one in early replays to other people i read killing a animal is paap and killing a human for religion is not a paap if they know that is paap then why do they do it
Swami Ram Swarup: Due to lack of knowledge of humanity, mercy and real preach of religion the people kills others.

Mahesh: Swamiji, charan vandana, I have some doubts about 2 yama in ashtang yoga, that is ahimsa, is it possible to practise absolute ahimsa? For example inorder to make water pure we are boiling it thereby killing the bacteria and other germs in it, which is a himsa. Can u throw some light on it?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Ved mantra God preaches that if snake, scorpion, housefly, mosquito and other bacteria are harmful in your residence then to kill them to save human life which is more valueable. So in case we save ahimsa too otherwise bacteria will kill us and we do not do worship.

Kittu: Pandit ji kya God ki puja karna jaroori hota hai
Swami Ram Swarup: Haan kyonki God ki pooja ke bina sukh nahin aur har insaan sukh hi chahta to sukh shanti ke liye pooja jaroori hai.

Mahesh: Swamiji, one more question. Is it true that there are as many yog asanas as there are as many species of life in all universes, ie 840000 asanas. Nowadays about 20 or 30 asanas are practised. Even though it is almost impossible to practise all of those 840000 asanas, will those 30 asanas when practised from a true spiritual master good results
for our body and mind? Swamiji aap ne kitne asanas practise kiya hai, apne guru se, may i know?
Swami Ram Swarup: Life is long and obstacles are more so we have choose only those main pious deeds by which we can maintain peace and realise God. Not 84 lakh asan but only about 84 asanas aree there but if we do only 10 asans daily with pranayam, pratyhar a dharna and dhayan then we can attain the stage of samadhi i.e., final liberation.

nandkumar d jadhav: How to awakening kundli does it harm?
Swami Ram Swarup: To awake kunadli is not harm it give peace but it is not easy task.

goldenlightofeden: hi! what do u mean by a true a true guide who is essential for understand the true teachings of the last Prophet MUHAMMAD Peace Be Upon Him.
Swami Ram Swarup: The true guide in Islaam is he who has studied holy kuran in full and obeys its preach practically like namaj and he is kind hearted, loves the humanity and preaches holy Kuran to others to follow in daily life.

gurpreet singh: How can one maintain the balance between the worldly and spiritual life when yu know that the world you are living in is not the supreme raeality but the worldly pursuits draw you back from your spiritual progress also? Kindly explain
Swami Ram Swarup: Main thing is motto. We have been blessed by GOD with human body to realise God. There are three things — Almighty God, soul (we) and prakriti. With Prakriti God creates this universe including our bodies. Within body the soul (we) live. Soul requires nothing but he has to face the karmas (deeds) of past lives by virtue of the human body. And from present pious deeds worship, yoga etc., one can realise God. Without body soul can do nothing. Soul see with eye, listen with ear etc.-etc., but Almighty God need no assistant being Almighty. So to maintain the body (to live long and do pious deeds etc.) food, water, air, house, clothes, rice,chapati etc., are required for which (to generate) earth, sun (to rain etc.) means every planets are required to maintain the body and not soul. So to live in house, to eat, to study, to take care of family, money is necessary. Otherwise we can not maintain our body by which we can only realise God. So worldly articles are not false. Vedas say that we have to get progress in spiritualism as well as in science etc., to realise God. So if our motto to earn money and to take care of family is to realise God by worship yoga etc., and while discharging our moral duties then there is no problem of worldly articles. But when we are only indulged with materialistic articles for getting spiritualism then naturally the world is problem created by us. Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, all previous Rishis and Guru Nank Dev Sahib are some supreme example to deal with the world and spiritualism together.

Championworld2000: Where is God i want to meet face to face. is that possible?…not to be want image
Swami Ram Swarup: God is everywhere and within you too. In day time too if there are black clouds on sun then day is turned into night. Similarly there are curtain of illusion, anger, proud, greediness, selfishness, etc.-etc., with the reason we are unable to see the God. To remove this illusion etc., spiritual guidance are essential.

Pooja: What should we do when parents are sick at home?
Swami Ram Swarup: Life is a struggle and we have to face happily. We are born to face the karmas and by present pious deeds we can remove all the karmas also. So please carry on your services towards parents and whatever God gives in return we have to accept.

Vijay: What does Hinduism speak about the people now, their bad deeds, the origin of the whole world, and its relevance to the end of the world?
Swami Ram Swarup: Whatever we do good or bad the result thereof is awarded as pleasure or sorrows respectively. So we must always do pious deeds because God is everywhere and HE is looking our each action even of thousand part of a second. The world is created by God from Prakriti, HE nurses and destroy it and again creates. This world’s age is about one arab and more than 86 crore years. And after about one arab years this world will be destroyed automatically.

Pravin Karn: GuruJee Pranam, Pls. Tell Who are We I never solve this question & from where did we control, where can we found our God.
Swami Ram Swarup: We all are soul (alive) and live in body (non alive). This fact is to be realised by worship, study of Vedas and spiritual books and ashtang yoga because this way also make us able to realise God.

Anil Saxena: How can I keep myself happy?
Swami Ram Swarup: By pious deeds, study of spiritual books, good society and ashtang yoga practice control our five perceptions and five organs and mind by which we control our desires. He who has control on perceptions, organs and mind and desires he is the happiest person of the world because he is then satisfied.

Saurabh Mishra: Namaste swami ji, aap kya natho ke barey me janthey ha kya?
Swami Ram Swarup: Nath parmpara is related with shatang yoga. Respected Yogi Dattatrey, Machendra Nath, Minaki Nath, Gorakh Nath, Ek Nath, Baba Balak Nath and other are famous in this parmpara.

Manoj Soni: What is meant by getting brahma-leen? What is moksh? Can a soul which has achieved moksh, again come back and get a body? If yes, what could be the reason. We talk of previous Karmas. Lets consider a time when there were no previous karmas. Then is it that – this soul didnot realise GOD, and was not happy, thus it was awarded this body made by prakiti? One more question comes – The abilities / powers of wishing, deciding and storing data, should be in soul, lets call these as mind functions and mind should be in soul (or say is a power of soul itself), by which soul realises GOD, and this mind is not to be in Prakriti (brain centre in our body). Is this true or not? If this is true then what is happening in brain? God is different than this soul, then how GOD has access to this mind (considering there are infinite number of souls, so infinite number of minds) so how does God know, that this soul has realised GOD or not? I have read that – God lives in our hridya. Is hridya refering to this mind? When there are so many souls, how can God be present in all souls/ their hridyas at the same time? – It is difficult to picturize. Please guide.
Swami Ram Swarup: Thank you for your co-operation please. Braham leen means when an aspirant does practice of ashtang yoga,yajna etc., then he realises God within him. This is called braham leen, moksh, samadhi, kevlya pad or turiyatit stage. Yes soul can come back after availing moksh period of about 31 neel 10 kharb and 40 arab years which is huge time, but some religion say that soul does not come. When there remains no any previous karmas good or bad to face then only soul get moksh. The birth is only meant to face karmas and when by yoga etc., all karmas are burnt then soul get moksh.

Yes every dat is in soul but when soul is attached with worldly articles forgetting spiritualism then the soul obey the order of five gyan indriya, man and budhi and in this stage the soul becomes like a prisoner and becomes in tense etc., facing karmas. Man budhi chitt and ahankar with all organs are made from prakriti. Mind is not in soul. Soul is seprate and organs mind etc., are seprate.soul is alive, prajkriti and its creation is non alive.third is Almighty God who is too alive. Space is everywhere, in space air is everywhere and agni(fire) is also in space, in air and everywhere. So is the God who has created the universe from prakriti and God lives everywhere like air etc., and is called thus omnipresent, and omnicient. God is one but his qualities and powers are unlimited. God is everywhere and therfore God is in evry soul. So God knows whose
soul has achieved samadhi because samadhi stage is given by God himself.

Hridya means heart which pulpitate where the God is realised. God remains everywhere by his power because HE is Almighty

Amar: Dear swamiji What you are think about iraaq and americas war…
Swami Ram Swarup: I think war is not a solution to maintain permanent peace.

Kali: Aap ko apne previous janam ke bare mai kuch pat hai akar pat hai to batne ka kast kare
Swami Ram Swarup: Agar koi yogi janta bhi hai to who pichla janam batyega nahin kyonki is se kisi ko fayda nahin hoga.

surya prakash: What is the right way to pray; how to teach children to pray?
Swami Ram Swarup: When we will ourself do worship, pray and pious deeds then naturally children will follow us if they are under 8 years of age.

Ameer: Dear swami aap islam ke baare me kya kayaal rakthe hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Islam bahut accha aur sacha dharm hai. Agar hum iske updesh jivan main utaR LETE HAIN.

Ameer: Dear respected Swamiji good morning to you.. mera sawal ka aap acche jawab diye is ke liye thanks mera agla question hai ke india me shanthi(peace) kaayam karne ke liye kya step le sakthe hai hum loge….
Swami Ram Swarup: Shanti apne ander hi dhoondani hoti hai. Yeh asal main adhyatmic subject hai. Pichle teen yugoin main hi shanti rahi hai. Satyug main kewal hirnakashyap, fir croroin saal bad treta main Ravan Ram lardai aur fir croroin saal bad Pandav Kaurav yudh bhi shanti sthapana aur burai ke nash ke liye huye hain jisme ek paksh shanti avam bhakti vala hi raha hai aur dusra paksh burai vala. Parntu ab yeh nahin kaha ja sakta ki bhakti karne wale bhi chhal kapat yaa bharshtachar, jhooth, vishya vikar aur swarth lobhi na hoin to shanti kase na hogi. Shanti ke liye Geeta, Ved, Kuran Sharif, Bible, Guru Granth Sahib jasi anek vidyaoin ko sirf pardna sunna hi nahin hai balki uski shikshaoin ko jeevan main utarker her kaum main bhaichara baradna jaroori hai. Dharm ka der matlab Bhagwan-Allah se darna jaroori hai. Yeh der kafi had tak insaanoin se door hota ja raha hai. Guruoin ke bhesh main khud Bhagwan banker jhooth sach kahkar paise batore ja rahe hain. Shanti ke liye school college main moral education tatha ruhaniyat ki shiksha ke sath nationality samajhna bhi jaroori hai. Esi kai aur baatin hain jo ruhaniyat main hain jine thik-thik samjhkar hi shanti sthapit ki ja sakti hai.

V. SURESHKUMAR: I wish to have a guru, will you help me?
Swami Ram Swarup: To adopt a learned Guru is told in Vedas and the Guru should know four Vedas, six shashtras, yajna and ashtang yoga etc., according to four Vedas Geeta and shashtras. Vashith Muni, Guru of Shri Ram, Sandeepan Rishi, Guru of Shri Krishna and other Rishi were having the said knowledge. Please search your Guru immediately accordingly as I am away and can not preach you.

K. C. Khare: Yoga and Upnishad Can be corelated?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please hundred percent. In Upnishad Vedas knowledge has been preached by Rishis and In Vedas there is ashtang yoga to be adopted by all human beings. So Upnishads contain Vedas knowledge and not upnishads knowledge so is the case of Bhagwat Geeta because at that time present religions were not originated but at that time the teachings of only four Vedas used to preach.

Amit Gupta: namaste swamiji.. I would like to know about my life, future and how to achive God’s grace?
Swami Ram Swarup: Future is based on present pious deeds and hard working towards a right path. I appreciate your desire regarding Almighty God for which one should first of all contact with a learned saint/Guru who knows philosophy of four Vedas and ashtang yoga. Under guidance of a learned Guru one can achieve the motto.

waheed kash: What is the meaning of life. Is the war is solution of problem?
Swami Ram Swarup: If we fight in family, with neighbourers or states in a nation or fight with politicians to politicians, really this action increase hate or revenge and peace naturally becomes off. We are human being and our God is one so we are sisters and brothers of each other. We must promote brotherhood internationally but this all requires wisdom moral as well as spiritual which gives human beings to check own fault and thus the heart becomes pure. War is not a solution.

Suraj: swami, do you know anything beyond these Vedas or yoga. I read your ans. regularly, but your all ans. ends
with all these things like Vedas & yoga. If there is nothing beyond this. Pardon for that.
Swami Ram Swarup: I would request you to study full web site wherein I have tried to tell about origin of four Vedas direct from God at the time of creation, no present religion were originated. Please study sure the web site and send me e-mail again. Your question is appreciated and will give you and others a wisdom. You will see from the web site that I heartily respect shashtras, upnishads, Holy Kuran Sharif, Geeta, Ramayan, Shri Guru Granth Sahib, Holy Bible and all religions. And in my spiritual books which are in market I usually quote references from all spiritual books.

Swami Ram Swarup: It can only be solved from spiritual Vedic preach and ashtang yoga practice. Please study 17 lectures at the top of web site pretaining yoga and send me e-mail again.

zubair haqqani: Swamiji namaskar, I have been waiting for a long time for your answers which I asked 2 or 3 months before. That question was “According to your web side there is one almighty God. You did not mention any name of almighty God and who that one Almighty God?”
Swami Ram Swarup: I think I have given answer. At the time of creation the only spirtiual books came into existence were four Vedas and according to Vedas the name of Almighty God is OM. But so many have been mentioned in the Vedas of only one God according to HIS unlimited powers and qualities. Thereafter our Prophets remembered God with so many names which are too pious and accepted.

Rita: Dear Swamiji, marriage is said to be destiny…so where does that leave love? is it also destiny or is love something we as humans choose to be with?
Swami Ram Swarup: Marriage is not destiny but through marriage and love with soul in family life with full faithfulness we do worship, pious deeds etc., to gain knowledge to realise God which is the real destiny of human life.

chirag babriya: aap pandit kaise bane? muje bhi pandit banna hai
Swami Ram Swarup: Hard yoga practice, tapsya, study of Vedas from spiritual master and control on perceptions and organs and killing every desire even desire to become pandit makes man pandit.

Sonia: Why do elders fight with us?
Swami Ram Swarup: Elders usually are seemed to be fighter but in reality they have love in heart and want to give advice to the children for betterment. Please obey the parents and in confusion please discuss with them politely.

Satish Sharma: Swamiji, Your answer to my question on 17/01/2003 cleared many of my doubts but some remained. I also received the books on “Veda” from you. I am very obliged for the affection shown towards me. Humbly , I admit that I have yet to fully go through these books. However, my curiosity again compel me to get more knowledge / clarification on my earlier question from you Swamiji. Swamiji , You said that Atma is not a part of Parmatma because God cannot be fragmented. Then what is “Parmatm Tatv” that Holy Books say that it is within you and you are to seek it? And whether the “Jeev Tatva” in our body and “Atma” are two different things in us or they are one and the same thing? However, my main question is again about the rebirth and consequences of the deeds of this life in our next life. Swamiji , in this life the “Jeev” in me is feeling the
“SUKH/DUKH” on the basis of my “Karma” in my previous life. These SUKH/DUKH are felt by me (the “Jeev”) but as soon as I die, the memory of these SUKH/DUKH will vanish and my next life will again start like a clean slate. Now when memory plays such a large role in one’s life and in every new life a person starts his life and live it with a fresh memory then why not eat
drink and be merry in this life (by good means or by bad means)? and my question remains the same old one that although in next life Mr. B’s life will be filled with SUKH /DUKHS as per the good/bad “Karma” of Mr. A(myself) in this life and the “Jeev” in both of us is the same. But since memory of A will never pass on to B, so for all purposes the pleasures enjoyed by Mr. A will live with him only and die with him. So why to worry about Mr. B of next life whom I will never be able to connect to and who will never come to know about me (Mr.A). Please forgive my continuous harping upon the same question but your guidance clear many of my doubts so I approach you.
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul and God are different from each other. Third matter is prakriti which one is also different. Now a days most of the saints have started preaching without giving any Vedic proof. Vedas even yoga shashtra sutra 1/7 say to give proof on each WORD. Sutra is PRATAKSHANUMAANAGAMAH PRAMANANAI. Means there are prataksh,anumaan and agam pramaan (proof), agam has two — present Rishi who is ashtang yogi and knows all Vedas. His proof or Ved mantra’s proof are required which mostly the present saints do not give. Simply some say that rope is seen as a snake by misunderstanding. Another side they say EKO BRAHAM DWITYA NA ASTI. They clarify it that sun, moon, mother, father, body and every matter of the universe has no existence but God i.e., these articles are God. If all articles are God as per their self rule then the man who is seeing the rope as a snake by misunderstanding that man is also God, then why the God (the man) has got misunderstanding. Then they say for some time maya captures the God which is fundamentally wrong.

Now I give you proof here about soul, God and prakriti. Rigved mantra 1/164/20 says DWA SUPRNA SAKHAYA SAYUJA SAMANM VRIKSHM PARISHASHVA JATE TAYORANYAH PIPPLAM SWADU ATTI ANASHNAN ANAYAH ABHI CHAKSHITI means there is one tree on which two birds
are living. One bird eats the fruit of the tree but another does not eat and only looking towards the first bird who is eating the ripened fruit. The secret of this mantra is that tree and our body etc., are made from non alive prakriti matter (see Rigved mandal ten sukta 129 onwards too) which are always destroyed. So in our body the two birds are soul and God seprately. The soul (jivatma or we) does deeds and face result thereof. To face the result means to eat the ripened fruit . But another alive matter, Almighty God is not involved in any deed or result thereof. God only looks/spectator of all the deeds of the soul and awards result of the deeds. Param tatva is Almighty God. Soul can not be God.

Man, budhi, chitta and ahankar are four which are called antahkaran. Whatever we have done in the past or we are doing in the present the effect of each karmas is inserted on chitta. So when soul leave the body (death)the all deeds effects goes with soul through antahkaran because suksham body of the soul remains with soul while leaving the body. So effect of karmas are not destroyed at that time untill one becomes able for salvation. So the clean slate is not permitted at this juncture. So is with the memory.

prashant kulkarni: namaskar guruji, there is a thought that is ALL PHILOSOPHY OF WORLD AND ALL SHASTRAS CAN BE SEEN IN A MOTHER HEART. why todays some mothers suicides with their children? is it the power of kaliyuga?
Swami Ram Swarup: Due to lack of spiritual knowledge and yoga philosophy no body is able to get peace or happy life. Kaliyug is the calculation of the period only. It can not harm anybody else. It is only our karmas (deeds) good or bad who gives us sorrows and pleasure accordingly.

jagadish kulkarni: swamiji does chanting mantras gives us what we want, say sarwa kary siddhimantra, by chanting this mantra do our karys get siddhi?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. Ved mantras gives us peace or fulfill our good desires only if we do hard struggle, hard working with full concentration to obtain the same. Then only God helps otherwise mere chanting will not serve the purpose.

Bhagwan Das: how can we success full in our religion?
Swami Ram Swarup: We will have to study in deep with spiritual master and will have to gain the teachings practically in life.

Bharani Premkumar: When will india prosper in all aspects?
Swami Ram Swarup: When corruption will be over and nationality will be arisen through ancient and eternal moral education based on Vedic culture.

Jeevan Singh: Swamiji please tell us what is the human destiny? and what exactly Karma do in our daily life?
Swami Ram Swarup: Main motto of human life is only to realise God but to realise God pious deeds, moral duties to family and human beings, worship are so many resposibilites are to be faithfully learnt and done. Future is thus
based on our present pious deeds preached in holy books. About karmas I have already told a lot on the web site. Prarabdh(luck), Sanchit ( total amount of karmas done in previous lives to be faced) Kriyamaan (present deeds). We must not worry for past deeds because they have been done and being faced at present too. We must not worry for the future because future is unknown but this is atrue philosophy that if we are God fearing listen preaches (satsang), do right worship while discharging moral duties and doing pious deeds porweached in religious holy books then we kill all the effect of previous karmas and achieve main motto to realise God.

Gurpreet: Dear Swamiji, Is it predetermind for someone to achieve salvation or self realization or it is purely the grace of our spiritual teacher? Can someone get self realization with one’s own efforts?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is not predetermined otherwise there is no use to take birth. Birth is only to do pious deeds and worship etc., to realise God and it is only possible when we meet a real true spiritual master who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy. One’s own effort without spiritual master becomes useless as per Vedas, shashtras.

Annie Sehgal: Pranam babaji. i wanted to ask that if a person does bad deeds(karma) in his life, will the atma
be given the human body in the next janam?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. Human body is blessed by God if pious and sin are equal while taking birth.

Annie Sehgal: Pranam babaji. i have never met u , nor even seen you. but i read your site regularly and believe
in your teachings i.e. the teaching of Vedas. i wanted to know whether in Vedas there is a mention of tevas, astrology, stars, palmistry etc. if not , then why some people,pandits come to know our past so accurately by seeing our tevas or hands and also tell exactly about our future which comes out to be true.
Swami Ram Swarup: Tevas, astrology,stars,palmistry etc., about which Pandits say are not mentioned in Vedas. It may be their prediction because whatever they say are not hundred percent correct. God only is Supreme judge and gives result of our deeds to face good or bad whatever is done by us.

Pooja: What can i do for the peace of my mind?
Swami Ram Swarup: Pious deeds, good society, spiritual preach and meditation give always peace.

Kavita: Respected swamiji, Charan Sparsh! Thanx for your reply. I am so happy to see your answer that i can`t explain.
But i don`t know the exact meaning of merriment. I want more knowledge on this topic from your beautiful words.
Swami Ram Swarup: Merriment means happiness which we get from pious deeds, worship and meditation etc.

zubair haqqani: Namaskar Swamiji, in your web site you did not mention the name of God? and who is he?
Swami Ram Swarup: Name of God are so many but God is always one who creates, nurses and destroy the universe. HIS holy
names are Allah, Om, etc.

KaviTha: Can we change our destiny if we have strong detrmination & willpower?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please, the destiny can be changed through hard working toward a right path with spiritual knowledge.

Yogesh: Dear Swami If The darkness Is the indication of foolishness, Then how a foolish personthink about the fear of the darkness of the life?
Swami Ram Swarup: Darkness is to a symbol of fear that is why most of the people feel fear in night i.e., darkness. Another darkness is due to uneducation lack of spiritual knowledge,hard working, pious deeds etc. This type of human being also feel fear etc.,in whole life. That is why we pray in Veda TAMSO MA JYOTIRGAMAY I.E., O God take us towards light (wisdom) and not darkness (illiterate/illusion). We are free to think good or bad and accordingly the result of our deeds are awarded by God. So foolish means illiterate i.e., lack of spiritual and education knowledge(darkness) but foolish man too have his own mind to think freely according to his sanskars.

Rohit Juneja: What are your thoughts about suicide and problems that prompt people to commit suicide?
Swami Ram Swarup: No doubt our old karmas of our past lives suppresses us but it is not its solution. The solution is in doing present pious deeds. It is said do not worry about past because it has been passed and has no concern. Do not worry about future because it is not known. Always satisfy with your present pious deeds because by this we kill our past deeds and make our future bright. One should leave always long-long ans false thinking/dreams. We must always do hard working towards right path. Please awake early in the morning for a long morning walk and light exercises. Read spiritual books, daily newspaper and books on culture. Serve the parents and elders. This beautiful life of ours have been blessed by God for happiness and one should not make it worst. One place Mahatma Budha says to his disciple Anand that if you (anand) deliver preach and one or the others abuse you then what you will do. He answered I will thank God that some one abused me but not slapped. If he will slap then he replied, I will thank God he has not beaten me by a stone. If he will beat you by stone then Anand replied he has not sentenced me to death. If he will make your murder then Budha’s disciple Anand replied calmly that he will thank God that the other person has done his murder but he (disciple) has not done suicide which is a great sin. So we must take preach from elders too.

Rahil Alam: How can i become a saint?>
Swami Ram Swarup: It requires study of holy kuran and spiritual books, ibadat,society of sant, faquirs and daily to do pious deeds, help to other, sweet spoken, full faith on Allah. At the last when the desires even of becoming saints are burnt, finished then Allah makes a man saint/faquir. Because it is only in the hand of Allah- Almighty God.

Patti: What is “Holi?”
Swami Ram Swarup: Holi is a Hindu festival and is celebrated with the memory of Holika, the sister of Hirnyaksahyap.

Ameer: Swamiji my samajthaa hoooo ke gujarath ke fasaadh me vhp ka haath hai warna ye loge ithne jaldhi muslim ko thaba nahi karthe is ke baare me aap ka kya kayaal hai….
Swami Ram Swarup: I do not much about politician being a saint but I know that Hindu Muslims and other communities are
brothers and some bad elements to fulfill their self desire, try to make friction and they are not winners as yet and will never be because truth is always truth.

Amar: Swamiji Why ayodhyas problems are not solved………
Swami Ram Swarup: Fundamentalism, selfishness, proud, ravages of hatred etc., are some reasons for not allowing settlement. It is not a political matter as is being treated.
Mohdzaki: kya tumko aaj tat bhagwaan se kuch laab hua. laab hone ki iccha rakhte ho.
Swami Ram Swarup: Iccha hi jaidater insaan ko barbad karti hain. Bhagwan ki sachi bhakti icchaoin per control karna sikhati hai. Pathr pani akash, suraj chand wagehra bananewala Ishwar hai, yeh chijein Ishwar nahin hain.

Ramesh Babu: hello, I need to know about the route cause of gujrat carnage and what about the decision of God by doing by this and also what is the cause for the ongoing gulf war. Is this is due thier karama dosha? Please release the answers for my doubts.
Swami Ram Swarup: About Gujarat I have already answered a lot and would request you to please see full web site to choose the answer clarifying the cause etc., in details. God only awards the result of our good or bad deeds. He has freed the human beings to do any deed right or wrong. God does not give independent decision and HE does award any punishment or happiness forcefully. God only awards us the result of our own deeds. Yes it is due to one or both sided karm dosha or own thinking. Otherwise God never allow man to harm anybody or millitancy.

Rajan: Namasgaram guruji.. how to pray in right way…
Swami Ram Swarup: Holy yajna and reciting of gaytri mantra is the best way to pray God. If any doubt please send me e-mail again.

Gaurav Kale: Will i be able to enter heaven? Why?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no heaven. We have to face the result of our deeds here only. If one does only pious deeds, worship, meditation, spiritual study etc., then the result thereof is awarded by God as salvation and this salvation is called heaven.

Manoj Soni: I understand that We are not this body, but we are soul. Swamiji also said, that soul and God, are two truths. I want to know, is this soul related to God, if yes how? Why is this soul in this prakriti? Why is this prakriti at the first place? Why my body is there? Why I the soul here? There are so many questions. It is holy kindness of Swamiji`s to do such a good job of spreading gyan. The site is good.
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul is not related to God. There are eternal three matters in the world. God, soul, and prakriti and all are different from each other. Soul is awarded human body by God and from prakriti the whole universe including body is made. So prakriti feeds the body wherein soul lives. There is no question of first or second place etc. However first is always God who creates universe and our bodies and soul is awarded this body by God. When universe is destroyed then only God remains and thereafter soul and prakriti. Body is meant to realise God and to be happy always by worshiping and doing moral duites. Soul is here in the body to face his previous karmas good or bad. Your views are good and appreciated to serve the mankind and are kept in our mind to follow in future. Desire is always individually God only awards the result of our deeds/desires, but for good desire God helps. Thanking you.

Jitendra Joshi: Chalisa ka mahatva kyo hay? hanuman chalisa says “jo yaha padhe hanuman chalisa hoi hi sidha sakhi gori sa”. No sidhi to me so far i read forafew years now?exp?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yeh mahatv Mahabali Hanumaan ji ke janam ke bad kisi ne banaya hai parntu Ved, shashtra, upnishad, Geeta aadi sadgranthoin main nahin hai.

Gurpreet: Dear babaji,namaskar, is it totally with the grace of our spiritual teacher that we can experience the inner realms of light and sound or only our own efforts are also counted in our progress?
Swami Ram Swarup: Blessings and teachings of a spiritual master who knows Vedas shashtras ashtang yoga and spiritual granth is must without which nothing can be achieved. But we must always beware of false prophets.

Anonymous: What is bhagwat gita?
Swami Ram Swarup: Bhagwat Geeta is an extract from Bhisham Parv of Mahabhart granth written by Vyas muni ji. In this shri Krishna prteaches to warrior Arjuna who had denied to take part in the Mahabhart war. These teachings have become beneficial ti all concern at world’s level. At the time of this holy book about more than 5000 years back there were no present religions. Only Vedas were in force. So Geeta is a knowledge from Vedas and must be listened from the saint who knows four Vedas and has practiced ashtang yoga.

Ishaq Shah: hi! Swamy Ji! how r u, here is another question who was HANUMAN? why it is worshipped? i have confusion that he is an unexisting person he should not be worshipped. why most of hidus like him bcoz the noble person are known by their personality but he is like a monkey what is truth? what is ur opinion?
Swami Ram Swarup: Hanumaan ji was not unexisting person. He was minister of sugriv. As per authenticated Valmiki Ramayan He was not monkey. If Bali, Sugriv or other personal were monkeys then their wives should have been female monkeys which has not been mentioned anywhere else. Valmiki ji in his Ramayan says when Hanuman ji talked with Shri Ram and Lakshman in jungle while searching mata Sita then between the talks Shri Ram told Lakshman that how brave and learned of Rig, Yajur, Saam and Atharvaveda is this Hanuman. So monkey can not read Vedas.

Swami Ram Swarup: The motto of our life is to realise God while doing moral duties for family and nation.

Jagadish Kulkarni: What is pitru dosha & what is remedi on this? dose kalasarp shanti helps to overcome pitrudosha?
Swami Ram Swarup: Pitridosha is not mentioned in Vedas. Every life has its own karmas bad or good and accordingly result is awarded by God.

Sonali Agarwal: Respected swami ji, what should do for being happy?
Swami Ram Swarup: Pious deeds, hard working towards a right path, services to the parents and elders, study of spiritual books and literature, discharging of moral duties towards family and nation and practice of yoga asan, pranayam and meditation and to awake early in the morning walk and light exercises will give the aspirant permanent peace and long happy life.

Mukesh Sharma: What is aim of our Human life How is it differ than animals?
Swami Ram Swarup: Animals and birds have main qualities– to eat, to sleep, to feel fear and to generate generation. These four qualities we the human being also are having. But fifth quality of the human being is to learn religion from spiritual master and to do pious deeds freely to realise God. This is the aim of our human life which the animals do not have. Thus the difference.

Assam Rao: Why do we celebrate HOLI, DEWALY and RUKSHA BANDHAN? What is the reason behind them?
Swami Ram Swarup: Holi is connected with Holika, the sister of Hirnyakashyap, Diwali is due to the victory by Shri Ram on Ravana and on eve of release of one of our Guru(Sikh) by Mughal emperor, Raksha bandhan is a symbol by sister who expects honours and guard from his brother.

Uma: Dear swamiji thanks for your spritual reply. really i am satisfied your answer. But I want some ideas and instruction from yours. I want some deatils from the yoga lessons and meditation. Please write to me.
Swami Ram Swarup: I would request you to please first study my 17 lectures pretaining to yoga philosophy on web site. And then send me e-mail again. I appreciate your desire to learn yoga science because four Vedas and shashtras have preached it saying that there is no any alternative of this science in the matter of attaining peace and salvation.

Manoj Soni: If we say that, we are a part of all mighty, a part of his body and the almighty is actually cleaning himself, and for this reason this maya / jagat has been created, and all the shastras are directing to clean this soul so that it comes back to its original Godly state. The way is our body is the body of God, and we are actually a small cell of his body, what ever has to be done by the part is decided by the brain of God and so happens. PLease tell me what is wrong in such a thinking.
Swami Ram Swarup: Almighty God does not have any kind of body and thus is not seen by our physical eyes. So we are not a part of Almighty God because God can not be distributed in parts. And our human body is not a body of God. God creates the world from prakriti. And thus this world is not a maya jagat. Our body is also made of prakriti. Soul and God are two different truth and both are pure by nature and thus can not be cleaned. So no Vedas and shashtras say to clean the soul or God. Soul can not be God and God can not be soul. God has no any brain being Almighty and independent by all means. I have already answered such questions in detail and would request you to please study web site from down to up. For any doubt send me e-mail again.

Prabha: Whether yoga asanas really give mental peace if so how? people of can do yoga or not?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yoga asans do not give peace. Yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, gives peace. Please see full web site wherein details are given and then sure send me e-mail again.

Manju: Why are we doing apichakam & thiparathanai to God? why people are in fast during akadasi?
Swami Ram Swarup: Your word apichakam & thiparathanai are not clear. Please brief. However these are not mentioned in four Vedas, six shashtras and Geeta. Ekadasi fast is also not mentioned in the said holy books.

Niraj Mittal: Guruji pranam , i wanty to ask that when i remember my subjects, i forget them after one or two days.Tell me the reason. And i want to discover something new what should i do.
Swami Ram Swarup: Trust on God and worship HIM observe yourself that being a student it is your moral duty only to pay full attention on study and health. A student must awake early in the morning daily for morning walk and light exercises. take plenty of water daily. Do daily yoga asan, pranayam and meditation. This all will give you mental and physical energy a lot and will increase your memory.

Annie: Pranam babaji. I seek your blessings. I wanted to ask whether the study of stars, palmistry, kundalis,etc. is true or not? i mean whether they are mentioned in VEDAS or not? if not, how can the pandits and the palmists sometimes really tell about our past and sometimes even future which comes out to be true?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you for a long happy life. Palmistry of now a days is not mentioned in Vedas. Stars means study of planets scientifically and kundalini in yoga are correct. Pandit and palmists have their own sources.

Kalra Milan: What is the best of being happy?
Swami Ram Swarup: To control the five perceptions, five organs and mind by means of yoga practice sure gives eternal peace and happiness. Thus we are pleased to please the others and help the needy persons. Then their seems no partiality which is the source of happiness.

raja bharadwaj: Namaskar swamiji, can we know the details of our previous births in this life? If yes, what are the sadhanas we have to do? Please explain in detail
Swami Ram Swarup: There is only one way to know the details of previous births if one learns and knows Ved and ashtang yoga philosophy and by doing yam, niyam asan, pranayam, dharna dhayan and samadhi. Aparigrah is mentioned in Patanjal yoga shashtra sutra 2/30 which means when a yogi controls together or manage unnecessary and unwanted materialistic articles like desire to have unlimited money, land, property cars, bungalos, proud etc. Further in sutra 2/39 says that after having full control on aparigrah stated above then the yogi knows then why I am born who am I, what is this birth, how and in which condition I was born and further what I will be and in previous births what I was. The full sutra is APARIGRAHASTHAIRYE JANAM KATHANTA SAMBODHAH. So only a ashtang yogi is empowered to know.

Rohit L. Karia: I do yoga assan nut would like to know from you the best assan or other yoga system for lessening mind tension. Thanks
Swami Ram Swarup: Please devote at least 45 minutes on sidhasan concentrating on agya chakra and at least one hour
continuosly on padamasan. It will sure give you benefit but other at least 8 asans must also be done within 10 to 15 minutes only. On padamasan at least two or three types of pranayam must also be done daily both time it all must be done.

Jeevan: SWAMIJI Sat Sri Akaal. Why are we human so ego? Why do we feel we are so hig and proud of ourself when in the
end we are nothing but a dust.
Swami Ram Swarup: The ego and other bad desires are due to rajo, tamo and sato guna from prakriti by which our human body is made. We are soul and not body. Actually soul is entangled ijn prakritis three guna and thus we have ego, proud, anger and other several bad qualities to go in hell. The proper bhakti and meditation under guidance of a learned Guru can only escape the person.

Nalini: Swamiji Now i am realising what is life? it is temporary on the earth. So I think that I want to help to poor
without parents childrens and handycap childs illam, so i take the decision of my properties ans my saving amount in the bank everything after my death to go to reach on the concern place. But i have no more idea about what can I do it. So please you help me and write to me the concern illam address with respect to Governement authority. Awaitng for your suitable answer.
Swami Ram Swarup: This is your good idea but according to spiritual philosophy it will too not give you 100% peace. Human body is blessed by God to realise soul lives in body and God lives in soul. So it will be the right path if you also pay your attention in worship specially yoga asan, meditation and pranayam. Side by side you can help the poor and actually needed person. Everybody needs a spiritaul master in this connection who throw light on the right path and pious deeds. Because without spiritual master, proper worship, meditation etc., your donation and services will be in vain but by adopting
spiritual path your every action is accepted by God. This is the theory mentioned in four Vedas the eternal knowlegde of God. Please learn yoga philosophy if it is not available there then send me e-mail to enable me to advice you further. The life is short and the obstacles are more so we have to learn the main spritiual points to overcome the problem and death. But we must always be alert from false prophets/saints/sadhus etc., of present time who does not know Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy.

Arun I. B.: How can one build a rigid, profound, immutable faith in God?
Swami Ram Swarup: When we attain spiritual satsang of an alive yogi and follow the path then we have full faith on God. But always we must be alert from false prophets/saints/sadhus etc., of present time.

Sundar: Meditation teaches me becoming a witness to everything in this world including myself. So this means i should not get totally involved in any desire ex: listening to music, enjoying the food, watching movie with involvement…..
But i feel i get some happiness from doing certain things like getting lost while listening to music, watching a movie etc. By becoming just a witness i sometimes feel that i am sacrificing these happy moments. So tell me how to add fragrance to my soul ( witness ) by just being a witness ?
Swami Ram Swarup: If a poor man lives in a hut and when he is given a palace to live then the poor man will live happily leave the hut because he is being given the highest happiness. So in the case of worldly and spiritual desire and its attainment there are two types of desires good and bad. Good are those which are adviced in four Vedas, shashtras, upnishads, Geeta etc. So we have to follow these only from our spiritual master. Please learn yoga philosophy,meditaion and pranayam etc., which will sure help you. You can take advice here also for the same.

Azadsir: Is it true that human being was monkey?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. Monkey have not been changed yet by nature then how we have been changed. And why the monkeys are not been changed into man or woman’s body. Fundamental law of nature are never changed that is why sun, moon, air, earth, system and bodies etc., have not yet been changed right from the beginning of the earth.

Sumanth: Guruji, Are astrological predictions really true?Must we believe great astrologers like Mr.Bejan Daruwala and
Swami Ram Swarup: As there is no mention of such astrology in four Vedas,six shashtras,upnishads and Geeta etc., so being unauthenticated I do not believe please.

Om Prakash: kay ayodaya may ram mandir banay ga yaskay liyaa poltics hona jarori hi.
Swami Ram Swarup: mandir masjid ke liye poltics jaroori nahin hai.

Shashi Bhushan Gupta: What the limitation of Love?
Swami Ram Swarup: If it is true that is based on good qualities and soul then it becomes everlasting and has no limitations but when it is based on physical charms only then when physical charm is destroyed then love is over.

Arun I. B.: Can we say that an educated person is spirutually at ahigher place than the ignorant-with out looking into their characters?
Swami Ram Swarup: Character is main.From spiritualism all the five perceptions, five organs and mind is controlled. Only the worldly education does not serve the purpose though it helps to understand the spiritualism. So illiterate or worldly educated like B.A., M.A.etc., have to learn right from the beginning (abc). Characterless person is not a spiritual person.

Anonymous: Does God exist?
Swami Ram Swarup: Our existance including universal existance is based on God’s existence only. Please study the full web site in this connection wherein valueable ideas are mentioned about existence of Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroy the universe. If any doubt please send me e-mail again.

Alexandra Kafka: Dear Sir, In the book “The Triadic Heart of Siva” by Paul E. Muller-Ortega, I have found this piece of the Gheranda Samhita: (Having closed the eyes), let him contemplate that there is a sea of nectar in his heart; that in the midst of that sea there is an island of precious stones, the very sand of which is pulverized diamonds and rubies. That on all sides of it there are kadamba trees, laden with sweet flowers; that, next to these trees, like a rampart, there is a row of flowering trees, such as maalati, mallikaa, jaatii, kesara, champaka, paarijaata, and padmas, and that the fragrance of these flowers is spread all around, in every quarter. In the middle of this garden, let the yogin imagine that there stands a beautiful kalpa tree, having four branches, representing the four Veda-s, and that it is full of flowers and fruits. Insects are humming there and cuckoos singing. Beneath that tree, let him imagine a rich platform of precious gems, and on that a costly throne inlaid with jewels, and that on that throne sits his particular deity, as taught to him by his guru. Let him contemplate on the appropriate form, ornaments and vehicle of that deity. I would like to know more about the meditation described there. Is there some comment about this kind of meditation or some more instructions for performing it from the view of the Shaiva tradition?
Swami Ram Swarup: But such like preach is not mentioned in four Vedas please. In Vedas there is only yajna and ashtang yoga practice with other worldly knowledge with vast knowledge of jeev (soul), braham and prakriti.

Raja Bharadwaj: swamiji why must we always speak truth only? what happens when we speak a lie as long as there is no harm or pain or inconvenience to others?
Swami Ram Swarup: Telling a lie gives harm to him who is telling lie and not others. Because it is a sin so individual has to bear the problem in future sure.

Swami Ram Swarup: God can not be seen by eyes etc. God is only realised. As we realise headache. Secondly God is only realised by real worship, yoga practice and by controlling five perceptions, five organs and mind which is only possible by a Yogi. But it is a right of all human being. Everybody wants peace without any problem like tension, sickness, poorty etc., these qualities are given only by Almighty God. So we have faith on HIM.

Mayi: If supreme soul is omni present, and is present every where, then why do human beings, very sensible creatures have many bad qualities in them, the God in them can provoke them to go in the righteous way?
Swami Ram Swarup: Supreme soul means Almighty God and yes HE is everywhere. But HIS presence is not realised except a worshipful man or woman. God can not be seen by eyes etc. God is only realised. As we realise headche.Secondly God is only realised by real worship, yoga practice and by controlling five perceptions, five organs and mind which is only possible by a Yogi. But it is a right of all human being. Everybody wants peace without any problem like tension, sickness, poorty etc., these qualities are given only by Almighty God. So we have faith on HIM. But everybody does not realise HIS presence due to lack of said worship but only listen. So most of the people does sin. God has blessed us with the human body and has freed us to do right or wrong and God only gives the award of our deeds accordingly. So HE never inspire us to do right or wrong. But He has sent Yogi or saint for us to preach us right way to get peace and not to do sin. So God helps those only who helps themselves.

Bipokharel: Baba do u eat meat? or lets say momo?
Swami Ram Swarup: Meat, wine, addiction and sins etc., are hundred percent prohibited in Vedas by God himself. So everybody must avoid the same strictly. It is violence too. Therefore I never take meat or any addiction.

Archu Gupta: I also want 2 ask u that if i dont believe in God my sister always say me that if u dont believe in God got will never fulfil ur request is thistrue.. Another question of me is can i believe in God that after having hisname our work goes on right direction is this write or wrong.Swamiji helpme. I want 2 ask u swamiji that my mother always told me 2 take God”s namebefore studying then tell me is this nessary 2 take Gods name coz i cantbelieve.
Swami Ram Swarup: The God has blessed us with a wonderful human body, earth, sun, moon, water, air and other articles to live upon and enjoy. So we must thank him by his worship and remeberance otherwise we will be thankless person. God awards result of our deeds so when we worship God and do pious deeds, HE bless us. So why we should not remember HIM? If you take His holy name it is itself a pious deed but we must never think about result only we must go on doing pious deeds. Yes before study we must remember God’s name because it helps in study.

Faisal Raja:What is love?
Swami Ram Swarup: Love is God and God is love when it is based on soul and not based on physical charm only.

Robin: Inspite of our good habits why do we get day-to-day problems?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sorrows or happiness are the result of our previous birth’s deeds. Pandavs were born as a princes but had to live in jungle too but they were not become nervous they used to worship God daily. So please do not feel worry. Please worship God and I think it all will become okey in the near future. Worship kills the bad result of bad deeds.

Anonymous: What the meaning of guru in fully detail?
Swami Ram Swarup: Acharya means he who is a learned of Vedas, shashtras and yoga philosophy and the preach mentioned therein is in his practical life. So first acharya is God and thereafter Rishis, Munis, Yogis and saints having the same qualities. He who talks by virtue of mere studying is neither acharya nor Guru. Gri shabde= Guru. By GRI SHABDE DHATU THE WORD GURU IS MADE which means HE WHO KNOWS TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF ALL Vedas INCLUDING YOGA PHILOSOPHY AND PREACHES ONLY THE SAME EDUCATION, HE IS CALLED GURU. In yoga shashtra sutra 1/26 it is said that only God is our Guru who gave the knowledge to AGNI, VAAYU, ADITYA AND ANGIRA RISHIS at the time of creation and thereafter our Gurus are Rishi Muni etc. Some says that Gu means darkness and RU means light but there is no any proof in Vedas, shashtras, Geeta etc., of the said meaning.

A. A. King: app nay ik jaga likha kh Soul (aatma), first comes to a mother’s womb, later it gets a body. The body gets destroyed one day, but the soul never dies. Rather, it takes “next birth”. In Islam religion, the soul (rooh) goes to heaven (Jannat) on the time of destruction of universe. Here you tell the ideas of two religions that the soul takes next birth but in hindusim it mean there comes a new form (neya jenum) & in Islam it means they do not die only body die & it raises to heavens. So tell me why there are conflict in two religion as you aften say both are right. Tell me tell & tell again which of them is true becoz only one of the former ideas about soul can be true becoz there is very difference between both. Also tell me what is history of “kali devi” & why it is worshiped?
Swami Ram Swarup: Our pegamber like Rishi Muni and Hazrat Moohamamd Sahib are only empowered to give the Moksha(Janat) to the soul. Rishi munis gives Moksha to the deserving souls and rest of the souls are taking birth. Hazrat Moohammad Sahib had made their views to give Moksha to all which rule can not be objected please because our pegambers are true and Moksha is always in their hands. There is no mention of Kaali Devi in Vedas,shashtras and Geeta holy books etc. So I do not believe please. We must only worship only one Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroy the universe.

Khushi: Whos the first person in world God or oridanary man ?if yes/no how ?
Swami Ram Swarup: The first power is only God then HE creates human body. Because man can not create God only God creates universe.

Amar: Swami Ji what’s hidden in holy Mosque in Mecca/Medinah? Is that SHIV-LING?
Swami Ram Swarup: I think there is no hidden thing in Mecca/Madinah. That is a holy place of worship. If there would have been Shiv-ling which is not applicable in Islam then that could have been destroyed. But there is no reason of being Shiv ling there.

Sonia: Could You tell me suami ji that their will be a war between iraqand America.if yes when it gone be start please answer my question as soonas possible Thanks so much
Swami Ram Swarup: At the moment there will be no war.

Parvathi: happy marrage life or happy single sevice life which is the bestone? Is God like without marrage peoples or maried peoples? is the world give the importance for marrage life or single life? if we are human mean, so is the marrage life compulsory or not? Withoutmarrage life is successful or less?
Swami Ram Swarup: It depends on the knowledge and the views of a person whether he choose marriage or single social
life. Because after all there must be some good aim of the life. It requires long and deep wisdom to decide. God likes both marriage or without marriage people but full of good qualities. Bhisham Pitamah and Gargi were unmarried and Brahamchari who did pious deeds and realised God too while serving the people and on the other hand Shri Krishan, Shri Ram, Hazrat
Mohammad were married and accepted by God due to their pious deeds.

Pawan: I am not able to concentrate on my studies. How can I be successful?
Swami Ram Swarup: Being a student it is your moral duty to study hard. If a hungry man would not take food how he will quench the hunger. Similarly if a student is not studying why he can think to get good percentage or even passing marks. If a married person will not do hard job to earnmoney to look after his family then the family will be ruined. So is the case of a student who has no interest in his study. Please be attentive. Remember your moral duties. Go ahead and start hard study. In this way you will serve the parents also.

Vivek: Do you really think that the ayodhya issue will become an advantage to the isi?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. Because there is no friction between Hindu and Muslim in India.

Dinesh Bhansali: Maharaj,I have a repeated question in my mind that, what will happen to India in the21st Century and how it will lead the family of nations in this world. I heard some where that A young and strong leader from South India will emerge in the 21st century and leads India and makes it a super power in the world. India will be a force of peace on earth. It will be a Ram Raaj. Can you put on some light in this direction? Who is that leader and when this will come true?
Swami Ram Swarup: Individually or nationaly the future is dependent on good or bad deeds and accordingly we will bear the situation. I think it is not true about the leader and Ram Raj. The political leader now will follow the path of previous leader only because it has become traditional. So to control on corruption etc., is not an easy task.

N. Annamalai: Maharaji! Charan Vandan. Is it right or wrong to worship or do Poojas to the elders, who passed away?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. We can follow their good teachings only.

Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas saraswati word is defined as under —
Sarhwati itti saraswati. It means the pious and eternal knowledge of Almighty God is given by preaching and that preach is saraswati. So the knowledge of Vedas, pious Kuran and Geeta etc., is saraswati. So in Vedas that mantra is PAVKA NAHA SARASWATI VAJEBHIR VAJNIWATI YAJAM VASHTU DHIYAVASUHU

Secondly the meaning of Shivay is for he who nurses and does welfare. So in this stage there is only one Almighty God. And everbody can recite this holy name OM NAMAH SHIVAY by keeping in view its real meaning morning and evening.

Ravin: Namaste guruji, what is the best way to pray and how? Please let me know the best way to be near to the God?
Swami Ram Swarup: Your question is not a little one. It requires to preach a long philosophy. However, the best way of worship is only that way which one is eternal and preached by God in four Vedas. I would suggest you to olease first go through the whole web site and then send me e-mail again. It will clear your so many doubts. I am waiting for your next e-mail.

Abnash: Respected Swamiji, Parnam. After attaining Asampragyat Samadhi, will the aspirant still face any kind of worldly problems and how would the public react to the aspirant.
Swami Ram Swarup: This question had also been asked by Arjuna in Geeta shalok 2/54 and Shri Krishan replied in shalok 55 afterwards that such like Yogi has killed all his desires and his source of satisfaction starts coming from inner side i.e., self satisfaction and not from outside from any materialistic articles. He becomes away from sorrows as well as happiness, he has no attachment or proud, anger or any illusion. He has full control on his five organs, five perceptions and mind. But inspite of all these qualities he looks like a ordinary man or woman just like Shri Ram, Shri Krishan and ancient Rishis-Munis. He wait for leaving the body till such time he completes his given age. Thus he has no worldly problem and has no worry how public deal with him i.e., good or bad.

Bijay Kumar Behera: Swamiji, My highest reverence to you. Please remove the illusion from my mind by answering my question. SriKrishna tells in Gita, I am origin of origin. There is no truth superior to me. Srimad Bhagwat puran tells “Iswar Paramam Krishna Sachindand Bigrah” BrahmaSahmita tells “Govinda adi purusham”. In spite of all these evidence, why epople conceive other Gods & demiGods as supreme God. Though other Gods & Goddess are infinte in comparasion to us, but the bliss we can get from SriKrishna, infinite of infinite is highest. Is it so, please answer. If by our righteous work & complete surrenderness to divinity through devotion, we can realize the self then why we are going thorough difficult process of Astang Yoga which detaches ourself performing work? When the inputs air & water has been highly polluted in this age, can we get the highest result from the yoga, pranayam etc.. please answer.
Swami Ram Swarup: We will have to think that before the birth of Shri Krishan which God was worshipped by the public whether there was no any Yogi or no bhakti and no salvation? Actually everybody do not know that four Vedas are always considered as a proof in case of karma(deeds), gyan(knowledge) and upasana/bhakti (worship) and thereafter six shashtras which have come from Vedas are considered as proof for our every views. If our views or any present spiritual book do not tally with Vedas and shashtras then the same can not be accepted as true views. Yoga shashtra says in sutra 1/7 — PRATAKSHA ANUMAAN AGAMA PRAMANANI. Agam means four Vedas and Apta Rishi. So for every views we have to consider four Vedas or ancient Rishis Munis who knew Vedas and ashtang yoga. We can not talk freely which is self made or written in books which do not tally with Vedas. Kapil Muni in Samkhya Shashtra says PRAMAAN DRISHTASYA NA KALPANA VIRODHAH It means when in proof one thing is not treated true then only on the basis of false imagination the truth can not be denied. When there is no incarnation(avtar) in four Vedas, six shashtras and these are the proof then against these proofs avtar can not be accepted. In Geeta the meaning of origin of origin is separate. The truth is immortal, omnipresent, omnicient beyond description and beyond calculation and eternal i.e., before the birth of Yogeshwar krishan. The evidence of Bhagwat Geeta and Braham Samhita do not tally with four Vedas which is eternal and God’s voice and accepted by all. In Vedas karma, bhakti and gyan all these are required to be studied together but now a days only bhakti is being preferred and too against the Vedas which the learned personal do not accept. Geeta has been written by Vyas Muni who was the greatest philosopher of four Vedas and ashtang yoga. Eighteen chapters of Mahabharta’s Bhisham Parv have been produced and named as holy Geeta. But in reality Geeta is a part of Mahabharta Grantha written by Vyas Muni. Suppose Vyas Muni would have not written Geeta, then who could know Yogeshwar Krishna. As regard Bhagwat Puran, All the learned saints who know Vedas and yoga, have some doubt of its authentication because these do not tally with the Vedas in full. Some say that Bhagwat Puran is written by Vyas Muni but all the learned persons deny, because the language and instances quoted therein do not tally with the way of writing and true ideas of Vyas Muni as are of Mahabharta(Geeta too), Vedanta shashtra both written by Vyas Muni. Brahm Samhita is also not like four Vedas, six shastras, upnishads and other ancient holy books like shathpath Brahmin Granth etc., wherein the qualities of Almighty God differ. Shri Krishan too accepts four Vedas and shastras in Bhagwat Geeta and He studied the Vedas with Sudama from Sandeepan Rishi and learnt ashtang yoga and got the highest tittle of yogeshwar then why we should not follow ashtang yoga when there is no any other subsitute. Righteous work and complete surrender is done only by ashtang yoga when we control our five organs, five perceptions and mind through it as said in Geeta chapter two and 6/17 and others. Actually Geeta is not a Geeta it is a preach by Vyas Muni/Yogeshwar Krishan from Vedas. Its binding name is holy Geeta and we all respectfully accept it. During the time of Bhagwat Geeta there was no present religion(majhab) raised. So Geeta can not be compared with the present religions as at that time there was only four Vedas in picture and in Vedas there is no mention of Avtar. So the ashtang yoga preached in Vedas is fundamentally required. You are adviced to take Geeta Rahasya book wherein Vedas truth has been mentioned.

Anu: Pranam Maharajji, I came to listen this from Bible, that those who start trusting people instead of GOD, GOD unke dil se dhoor chale jaata hai. Is it true?
Swami Ram Swarup: We have to trust on truth. So the people whose path is right and truth we have to trust on them. We must trust on parents and elders. Actually meaning of the holy Bible is not to trust on false people or false Prophets because in Bible it is stated that “be aware of false prophets”.

J. N. Gupta: PRANAM SHREE CHARANO MAIN according to VED, what is the future of Hindu and Hindu Bharat.
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas is the knowledge originated at the time of creation in the heart of four Rishis by the power of Almighty God. At that time there was no any majhab. So the knowledge of Vedas is equally applicable on all huaman beings at present too. There is no mention of any majhab in Vedas neither any story(history) is mentioned there. Philosophy of Karam (deeds), upasana(yoga meditation and worship etc.) and gyan(knowledge of all matters including medical and all other science etc., ) is mentioned in Vedas. The result of good or bad deeds is awarded by the God accordingly to us. So we must always do pious deeds.

Yogesh: What is the meaning of the time between Life & death?
Swami Ram Swarup: Time arrange life to meet with death always. The human life is meant to make use of the time to overcome the death through pious deeds and spiritual path.

Vinay: When i will be die?
Swami Ram Swarup: We must please know that birth and death are controlled by God himself according to our deeds(karmas).

Nisheed: Dear swamiji, I am a born hindu and to be frank i dont know much about hinduism, i have friends in all religion, after going through your answers in this website i have pointed out some thing which created some doubts in my
mind ,muslims say that we have to think about the death for a sec everyday. In your answers i found an answer like “we should not think about death instead of that we should think for a happy long life” I will be very happy if you would answer me for my questions.
Swami Ram Swarup: We have to think about death only on the point that nothing is immortal and even one day the whole
universe will be destroyed by God So we must worship and get long happy life while discharging family duties etc., faithfully. The aim of human life is to realise God by discharging moral duties too. By doing pious deeds, yoga practice etc., we can get long happy life free from illusions, problems, sorrows and sickness etc., which is also a desire of man and woman but until we realise God we can not overcome on death which one is a great sorrow for all. So long life is required only for maximum pious deeds, worship, meditation etc., to realise God which is our aim otherwise happiness is nothing.

Riya Gupta: Guruji! what are the right time for marriage
Swami Ram Swarup: For boy it is 25 plus and above if he is good earning hand. For girl it is 19 years.

Prashant Kulkarni: Namaskar swamiji, I am very thankful for your guidance and I am getting very important imformation. Swamiji, you said that shastras have also truth itself. And shastras have its own importance, I can’t proper understood that meaning please give more detailed information on it. Thanking you once more. PAAYLAGU GURUJI.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is a basic principle that unless knowledge is given by somebody it can not be attained. This fact is mostly not known to everybody that at the time of creation when there is no any Guru then who gave the knowledge to the unsexual human being. Yoga shashtra says in sutra 1/26 that Almighty God is the first Guru of our forefathers at the time of creation and God originated the knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis at that time. God is Almighty i.e., HE has all powers and needs no any assistant. We are soul and need eye, ear etc., to assist us to look and hear etc., but it is not applicable in the case of Almighty God. So God took no any assistant to create universe and similarly God took no assistant like pen, ink, paper or mouth to speak etc., to originate the knowlegde of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis. Thereafter the Rishis have been studying the Vedas by mouth-heart to heart and in Dwapur Yuga the Rishis mostly wrote six shashtras —
1. Yoga shastra by Patanjali Rishi
2. Samkhya by Chapel Muni
3. Vaisheshik by Kanaad
4. Mimans by Gemini
5. Vedanta by Vyas Muni
and Nayay Shashtra by Gautam Muni.
These Rishis have preaches in the respective shashtras about one main subject of the Vedas whereas full subjects of the world from bottom to top are still in the Vedas. For example Samkhya Shashtra says only about Prakriti mainly. Yoga shashtra says about yoga philosophy, Vedant Shashtra says about God only and so on. So mostly the saints of now adays says that shastras are opposite from each other which is a blunder false statement as they neither have studied Vedas nor shahtras.So Guru Nanak Dev truly says that Do not say that Vedas are false, false are those who have not studied the Vedas (VED KATEV KAHO MAT JHUTHE,JHUTHA SO JO NA VICHARE–Shri Guru Granth Sahib). The Rishis took only one subject of the Vedas in their shashtras because so have no long life to write full subject of the Vedas, though they know full subject. Now the conclusion
is this that because in shashtras there is the true knowledge of those experienced Rishis only from Vedas therefore the six shashtras are authenticated.

Pankaj Jaju:
1. How exactly to Touch an elderly person’s or our Guru’s feet? (I am not talking of Dandavat Pranam, but the normal Pranam that we do).
Swami Ram Swarup: From right hand we touch right feet and from left hand left feet. It is mentioned in Manu Smriti shalok 2/47.

2. Some say that the person who is seeking blessings, should touch his right hand to the right feet of the elderly person and the left hand to the left feet. Is this right? If so, why?
Swami Ram Swarup: As mentioned above it is traditional and we also shake hand from right hand to right hand. Because there must be no opposite action but must be right action.

3. Besides, what should one touch? The whole feet or just the toes?
Swami Ram Swarup: Touching of whole feet is faithful.

4. Is one reason why we touch feet got something to do with the flow of energy from head to toe and that’s why when we touch the toes/feet of someone, the positive energy emitting from that person comes to us?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, touching of feet is only a symbol of becoming polite, leaving violence, respectful and eager to get blessings and knowledge etc.

Yogesh: Swami ji namaskar how can man be away from various tensions
Swami Ram Swarup: There is only one way to follow the preach of Veda, Shashtra and other holy books through an experienced spiritual master and thereafter by continue practice of asan, pranayam and meditation while discharging family duties faithfully.

Chanthiran: Why hindus must be a vegetarian?
Swami Ram Swarup: Because it is mentioned in four Vedas, Shashtras and other spiritual books. It is traditional. The Structure of human body like teeth, intestines etc., are meant to take vegetarian food and the structure of lion, tiger, dog and cat etc., like their teeth and intestines are meant to eat meat/non veg.

Kavitha: Can we change our destiny if we have strong determination & will power?
Swami Ram Swarup: God awards us the result of our deeds good or bad. So by doing good and pious deeds we can change our luck.

Yogesh: If The darkness Is the indication of foolishness, then how a foolish person think about the fear of the darkness of the life?
Swami Ram Swarup: The fear is always observed in darkness and not in light. And foolishness is only due to not gaining light i.e. wisdom. We have been blessed by God only for the pious and hard deeds for building up a bright future.

Pankaj Jaju: Swamiji, namaste. Please tell me:
1. Why do we touch our elder’s feet? Or our Guru’s feet? Why dont we touch their hands or any other part to seek their blessings?
2. What is the correct way to do it?
3. What is the best time to do so?
Kindly explain in full details as I wish to do it properly and without any error.
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas Namastey(Namaha +Te) means I bow upon you to show respect and since by touching someones feet is a sign to bend to the maximum to show respect to Elders. If anybody has some proud then he is not capable to gain knowledge from the elders. Therefore by touching feet we show that we have no proud and we respect the Elders in this manner we get the Blessings from our Parents , elders and Guru. In Ramayana, therefore, it is very correctly written-
Prta Kal Uth Kar Raghurai
Maat Pita Guru Sheesh Nwaai.
There is another superior method of showing respect in Manu Smiriti, to do Dandwat Parnaam.
The meaning of Dandwat Parnaam is that before our Gurujan, we have fallen on their feet like a Danda:stick ;or a Bamboo. Here you will see that Danda etc. has no soul or any movement like proud, boasting etc. So by bowing on the feet , we show that we have no proud ; anger;greediness or boasting etc. like a Danda. And this as per the traditional Vedic Culture. And the Best time is in the morning and evening before going to bed while staying in the Ashram and at any time when we suddenly meet our elders.

Shehzi: I want to relax my soul.
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul is alive, evergreen, eternal ever fresh, beyond problems and death etc. Yet human beings are desirous of getting peace, prosperity etc., which is possible only by doing worship, pious deeds , yoga practice through a true spiritual master.

A. N. Abdul Mohammed: blessings to your sincere self Swamiji u sound like my guru in many ways i wish we all will realize that we are all above religion and that we are all from the same source tht which is God
Swami Ram Swarup: I appreciate and heartly thank you for your kind views. In this way, really, you have shown your true love to almighty God and human beings.

Prakash: I want to ask that according to our Vedas nothing can be happened without the wish of God. If it is so then how can we be punished for our sins as that is not in our control to do anything.
Swami Ram Swarup: I have written a lot abut this matter on the web site please. I would request you to please see the full web site. Please note that God has no wish at all. His every work is automatically. It is rightly said that man supposes and God disposes. So we do deeds and God only gives us result of our deeds. It is clearly mentioned in the Vedas and Geeta that we have to control our perceptions and organs from bad deeds.

Nikhil: Can I remember the thing by mantra?
Swami Ram Swarup: When you will have to remember mantra too then why not other philosophy. However, mantra gives peace and sharp mind.

Swami Ram Swarup: The ancient rishi munis studied Vedas first and afterwards they quoted their experiences in shashtras. The shashtras are six only. Since the shashtras have come out from Vedas so shashtras have also truth itself. Vedas are self proof and shastras are thereafter are quoted as proof. So shashtras have its own importance.

Ramesh Babu Badisa: Pujya Guruji, Pranam. Under your guidence, I am doing 2nd stage of pranayam as you mentioned in your email. Guruji, I am currently doing it for 15 min. with 18 to 20 complete breaths in the early morning during work days. Sometimes I feel dizziness during this practice. After 10-15 seconds, it becomes normal. I will be very grateful to you if you could help me to clear off some of my doubts. Because I feel dizziness sometimes, am I practicing this pranayam correctly? Do I need to reduce the number of breaths with more and more practice? How much time is ideal to practice per day? and for how long?
Swami Ram Swarup: Eleven pranayams in morning and eleven in the evening are sufficient. You are doing correct procedure. Do not worry for dizziness. It will be okay after some time.

Sumeet: I am not confident about working in any job. Please advice.
Swami Ram Swarup: One must do his job firmly with paying full attention for the bright future. Then only confidence will take place. You must continue with present job until you get the next higher job first. The mind must not be like a flowing water. One must always control and concentrate mind, please. I hope you will concentrate on your present job till you find next. Only concentration gives mental and physical strength.

Gurpreet Singh: How can one maintain the balance between the worldly and spiritual life when yu know that the world yu are living in is not the supreme reality but the worldly pursuits draw you back from your spiritual progress also? Kindly explain
Swami Ram Swarup: We will have to study about the reality of world and spiritualism, By virtue of studying and preaches of Vedas, Shastras and other holy books through a true Yogi, Sants or Advisor. When you too say that world is destroyed one day then reality is only to realise ourself i.e. Soul and God for which, a right path of yoga practice, meditation and Holy names ‘Jap’ of God etc are required, while discharging our daily moral duties. Until and unless we are not able to know the
reality of world (Materialistic and Truth i.e. God. No one can attain peace, because real practice of spiritualism starts only after deciding the difference between the truth and untruth for which a long preach is essential.) When it will be decided that world is not a truth then, if world will be pulling you back then how you will obey the world.

Champion World: Where is God i want to meet face to face? Is that possible…not to be want image
Swami Ram Swarup: I have already written a lot about this question and would also request to Pl see full web site. However God is not a matter of seeing with eyes. God is realised by a Yogi when all perceptions and organ become dead during meditation. One has to control on the preceptions and organ by long hard practice. Regular practice of ‘Ashtang Yoga’ preached in four Vedas. Ultimately goal of all human being is to realise God but due to attraction in materialistic articles of the world it usually become imposible when most of the human beings are indulged in pump and show and illusion then they have no time to even think the reality of the world i.e. almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe one day and again creates.

Swami Ram Swarup: I have realised truth so many times in holy kuran and the same truth I have realised in four Vedas, makes no difference between these holy books. I believe as mentioned in Vedas that every time an alive spiritual master or pious prophet is required presently too to make us understand the reality.

Vijay: Swamiji, u have never answered my questions clearly. what u responded is true that people have to be good and righteous to make the world a better place to live. But what does Hinduism speak about the people now, their bad deeds, the origin of the whole world, the credit cards and its relevance to the end of the world?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have so many times cleared this point and request you to please see the website. In the religious books of Vedas etc. there is no mention of religion. It says about humanity, brotherhood and live and let live. There it is clear mentioned that we have to bear the result of the deeds good or bad in the shape of Pious and Sins, further resulting merriments and sorrows respectively. So we must always do Pious deeds for the benefit of human beings. The origin of the whole world is clearly mentioned in ‘RIG VEDA MANDAL 10, SUKT 129’ that one time there was nothing as is seen now the God created the universe. I can not describe in brief due to short of time but if you are so desire, Pl send me an email again. As science says that the power of Sun, Moon and land etc are being deterioted and one time it will be finished as per entropy law. So is the fact of Vedas that about one Arab years after the world will be destroyed.

Jayanthi: Please explain me how to control my mind?
Swami Ram Swarup: Mind is only controlled first by firm decision and second by practice of yoga asan, pranayam and
meditation and good spiritual society.

Kavita: What will be the feeling after getting self realisation?
Swami Ram Swarup: There arises unlimited merriment all time.

Hina: Sir, kia ko person kase se magic ka sath kase ka kam main obsitcle bana sakta ha, for examaple kase ki marriage main or kase ka busness main
Swami Ram Swarup: Magic is not authenticated to effect the life.

Megha: How can i get out of depression?
Swami Ram Swarup: I would advice you to learn and do yoga asan and pranayam and meditation immediately. Please awake early in the morning to have a long morning walk and light exercises daily. Try to study spiritual books also. It will give you benefit. You are welcome at any time.

Varun Sharma: Kya bina yog ke parmeshwer sakshatkar sambhav hai? Yadi nahi to Geeta ka karmyog kya hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Geeta has been written by Rishi Vyas who was a great learned of four Vedas and yoga philosophy. Similarly Shri Krishna studied four Vedas and yoga philosophy from Rishi Sandeepan and thus Shri Krishna was called Yogeshwar. Geeta is actual having eighteen chapters of Bhisham Parv of Mahabharta epic. So originally its name is not Geeta too. Therefore Geeta is full of Vedic and Yogic culture. Vedas has three knowledge(vidya) first karam kand(deeds) in Yajurveda, Upasana(worship/yoga) in Saamveda and matters(gyan kand) in Rigveda. Similarly Geeta’s first six chapters pretain to karam kand, second six Upasana kand (bhakti) and last six gyan kand. So only karam kand does not give peace. Knowledge of every kand is required. Arjuna was taught all three kands.

Srinath: Sir you have told in the website that draupadi was the wife of only yudhistra. I came 2 about mahabharata thru tv and i read mahabharata by rajagopalacharya and i browsed thru various websites and there is no mention that draupadi was only the wife of yudhistra. Sir can u elaborate on this?
Swami Ram Swarup: Draupadi was only the wife of Yudhishtra. In this connection please see 32 chapter of Aadi Parv of Mahabharta epic written by Swami Jagdishwaranand Sarawati and available with M/S Vijya Kumar Govind Ram Hasanand, Nai Sarak, Delhi, 110006 which one is true. Originally there are only ten thouand true shaloka in Mahbharta but false shaloka had been added now and shalokas are above one Lakh. Other four brothers of Yudhishtra had their own wives seprately and this is also a true traditional truth. For any doubt you are welcome again please.

Vijay: Indeed world is made up of people. But christianity clearly speaks about origin of mankind, the saviour and the latest happenings in the world like the middle east, credit card and so on. What does Hinduism say about this?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas the creator is Almighty God and HE creates universe from Prakriti. Human body is also made by Prakriti’s panch mahabhut and eternal soul lives in bodies. Human body is meant to do pious deeds, live and let live to spread brother hood and top realise Almighty God. This universe is about one arab ninety six crore eight lakhs and some thousand years old and this universe will be destroyed after one arab years and then almighty God will create again the universe like present universe. Man or woman does deed good or bad and God awards result thereof acordingly.

Kavita: What is the meaning of ‘yajna’?
Swami Ram Swarup: Real meaning of Yajna is dev puja, sangtikarn and daan. In dev puja there are five dev—- mother, father, learned atithi, acharya(spritual master) and Almighty God to whom we have to serve including aahuti in the fire from samagri and ghee from Ved mantra. In sangtikarn we have to serve the acharya to listen and learn Ved vidya and yoga philosphy to realise God. And daan means the donation of food, cloth, place or money etc., to the real/true spiritual master who deserve for the same. This is the Vedic meaning of word Yajna.

Simran Kaur: Parnam swami ji, swami ji mai ap se je pushna chahti hun ke sach mai kisi ne bhagwan ko dekha hai. Or je sabhi ka ek vishwash hai. Maloom nahi kabhi2 ye duniya zuthi lagti hai. Sab galat lagta hai. Swami ji ap muje plz bhagwan ke baare main batayie. Kya ap ne kabhi bhagwan se baat ki hai? ja unhe dekha hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Bhagwan aankhoin se dekhne ki chese nahin hai. Pahle ke Rishi jinme Vyas Muni, kapil muni, atri Rishi jaise anginat Rishi muni aate hain unhone Vedoin ka adhyan kiya aur Vedoin me kaha ashtang yoga ka abhyas apne acharyoin ki kripa se kiya aur samadhi main un sabhi ne Ishwar ka darshan kiya hai. Aaj bhi yahi niyam lagoo hai. Jisne bhagwan ko apne man ke ander is kahi vidhi ke anusaar dekha hai who kewal dusre ko Ishwar prapt karne ka rasta batata hai. Aur duniya to ek din khatm ho hi jayegi isliye sab jhoot hai prantu hamara janam shubh karm karte-karte Ishwar ko prapt karne ke liye hua hai.

A. K.: Sir, from where our life starts?
Swami Ram Swarup: It starts presently since the time of birth to be educated afterwards to discharge moral duties towards family and nation etc., and to achieve spiritual knowledge while discharging duties.

Ramesh Babu Badisa: Pujya Guruji, Pranam. Is there any particular sequence for performing meditation, pranyamam and yoga practise. Namaste. Babu

Swami Ram Swarup: The correct sequence as mentioned in yog shashtra sutra 2/29 is yama, niyam, asan, pranayam,pratyahar, dharna, dhayan and Samadhi. Please see the yog shashtra. And write if there is any problem.

Sahil Goel: Can India win world cup?
Swami Ram Swarup: It depends on their hard work and keeping in mind the nationality. Concentration is must. If they will be enjoying their, will be looking heither and theither will take more rest there will be wandering etc., then it is not possible. They must do hard job like a yogi who leave all the world to concentrate in God.

Satish Sharma: 1. Swamiji, Namashkar. Your answer to my question has disturbed me more than satisfying my quest. I will ask some more questions part wise from your reply to my earlier qestion. -Swamiji , you said ‘Atma’ is not part of God. This has shaken most of my convictions that was based on the assumptions on what Lord Krishna said in Bhagwat Gita (Please forgive me in case I mis-quote because of my nonserious type reading of ‘Geeta’ without going in any details) that ‘I am you and you are in me’. Which in my present day belief is that ‘Atma’ is miniscule part of Divine and our quest should be to merge this ‘Atma’ with ‘Paramatma’. Please elaborate as to why you have quoted it to be not a part of God.
Swami Ram Swarup: God can not be parted i.e., God is one Supreme power and HE can not be made in pieces. Suppose you have made burfi in a pot then you can cut a piece of burfi from the whole quantity but no piece can be seprated from one God which can be treated as a soul. Secondly the quality of the piece of burfi will ever be same as is of the whole quantity of burfi kept in the pot. But this is not applicable in the case of Almighty God. Though some qualities will be found same but not hundred percent. We utter Sachidanand, a name of God. Here are three words sat, chetan and anand. Which are applicable fully for God i.e., God is sat, sat means God was in the past, is in present and will remain in future for ever (eternal) so is the case of soul. Chetan means alive so is the case of soul. Anand means merriment so God is ocean of merriment but soul feels sorrows, sickness, problems, etc., soul does deeds and God gives results thereof to the soul in the
shape of sin and pious but God never bears the result of deeds. HE is only spectator of our deeds but He is not involved in deeds. Soul takes birth means takes human or animal’s body etc., but God never takes birth.

God is everywhere but soul is not everywhere. By taking birth soul has parents but God has no any parents. That is why in Vedas God is called swayam bhuhu. In Rigved Mantra 1/164/20 it is clearly stated that in human body there live two alive powers in it one is God and second is soul. In shatpath Brahmin Granth Yask Muni says that soul is like a body in which God lives. Therefore God is seprate and soul is seprate. God commands on souls and universe. You have quoted Bhagwat Geeta shalok but you have not quoted its number. To enable me to give you explanation in brief please quote its number. However when Yogeshwar Krishna says two words you and I then it clarifies sepration. When electric is in wire it means current is seprate and steel wire is seprate by qualites.

Thirst remains in human being and it is quenched by other matter i.e., water. So soul (atma) is thirsty and the other matter is God by realising which the soul’s thirst is over. Your questions are interested and I appreciate you. Please quote Bhagwat Geeta shalok and send e-mail for further guidance.

2. Swamiji, the second part of your reply that Body does not feel pleasure, agony, pain is also complex answer. When
I, (‘Mr.A’of my previous question) am feeling some head-ache/fever/pain from some cut on my body or enjoying taste of some sweet fruit or ecstasy of sexual pleasure – if that is being felt by my ‘Atma’ and not my body then why in all
our Scriptures it is
said that you leave all your bodily pleasures and turn your Atma towards ‘Paramatma’. Moreover, Lord Krishna says in Geeta that “Atma ko Aag Jala Nahin sakati….Is ko koi shoke santap nahin hota etc.etc.” Swamiji
, right now I am unable to accept this fact that my body is not feeling the pain and pleasures but Atma is feeling this. When I am typing this question, my fingers are feeling the pressure on its tips on striking the keyboard through
the nervous system/brain. How do you mention and allot this feeling to ‘Atma’?
Swami Ram Swarup: Body is non alive and soul is alive. Soul experiences headche etc., through body.When soul
comes out from the body and death is declared then body is before us but why body is not looking, hearing, walking, smelling, touching, laughing or eating etc., and what was the power in the body which was feeling the same. In Bhagwat Geeta too Shri Krishana says O Arjuna the soul (atma) can not be killed by weapons etc., (shalok 2/23) there are five senses that is eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin which gives message to mind (through mana) and mind further gives to soul to realise. That is why these are called indriya sukh that is bodily sukh which take us into sin etc. When soul manages to control on five senses and five perceptions and mana/mind. By means of yoga practice then soul realises himself as said in yog shashtra sutra 1/2 and 1/3. Atma ko aag nahin jala sakti (shalok 2/23) etc., is correct but when this atma comes in a body then atma has to bear the result of his previous deeds in the shape of good and bad- pleasures and sorrows. The original shape of atma is pure and is out of dirt but atma has forgotten his original shape/qualities due to attachment of rajo, tamo and sato gunas of Prakriti. When you take birth the soul by virtue of its attachment he is attached either with the God or with Prakriti’s guna according to the situation. Mostly soul is attached with prakriti and bears the consequences of feeling headache, problem, sorrows, death and birth etc., by studies of Vedas and pratice of ashtang yoga soul (atma) controls on senses and feels his origianl shape and then realises God. Your fingers are non alive matter then how your finger can feel anything and when soul goes out from body how fingers are able to type.

3. Swamiji, now the third point ‘attachment of soul with Prakriti i.e. Rajogun, Tamogun ‘I am unable to understand as to what
contest you have explained? Please describe in some detail.
Swami Ram Swarup: Prakriti is non alive matter just like soil. Potter makes pot from soil. Soil can not convert himself in pot without potter. Similarly God makes universe like earth sun, moon and bodies etc., from prakriti. Prakriti has three qualities (gunas) that is rajo (sexual qualities etc.,), tamo (laziness quality etc,) and sato (proudness
quality etc.,) from these three gunas the whole universe including our bodies are made. This subject is vast. I have written a book about this. Please send your postal address to enable me to send the said book for your study (free of cost).

4. Swamiji, now the fourth part of your answer, in which answer to my abovesaid 2nd part also lies, says that ‘Atma feels
through the media of body’ but my notions that I have mentioned above may please first be cleared. Please convince me that soul suffers or enjoys the worldly sorrows or pleasures through the media of body negating my views formed through
Geetaor other such books & lectures.
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul feels cold through body. But body does not feel. When soul goes out from body
then dead body is provided with large bundle of ice then why the body does not feel cold.

5. My last question is on the part of your answer that mentions-“souls being alive & bodies being nonalive”. Swamiji what do you mean by this I am not able to understand. My conviction or opinion is that the thing that niether takes birth nor dies can not be termed as alive. A thing that is an iota part of that Almighty God, I mean ‘Atma’ should not be termed as
alive because alive or dead is that thing which has taken birth whereas ‘Atma’ is amar or ajanma. This conviction is also based on my reading of Geeta where Lord Krishna talks to Arjuna on his “Karma”during the start of Mahabharat war. Although there are lot of questions that are boiling in me but at least please reply first to my abovesaid doubts so that I can feel some satisfaction from your words . Please take as much space as you like to give answer or prescribe me some book from where I can get more clarity to my queries. I shall wait eagerly for your guidance.(08/01/2003)
Swami Ram Swarup: Prakriti is non alive. Non alive means dead like stone and can not do any deed at his own
accord. Alive means chetan and can think and do at his own accord. Prakriti is non alive. Our body is made from prakriti. Therefore our body is non alive. If table is made of wooden then table has quality of wood of burning. If hammer is
made of iron then hammer has the quality of iron of melting and not burning so our body is made of prakriti which is non alive so our body has the same quality of the prakriti of non alive i.e., dead like stone. The soul never takes birth
being eternal and alive but due to past deeds to be faced soul take body. And body takes birth from parents. God can not be made in pieces. God is one, bodiless beyond calculation, beyond imagination so one God can not be broken into pieces and even it is not necessary.

Prashant Kulkarni: Namakar swamiji, i get answer from you. but i am yet confused. As per your answer there is no need to worship grahas. But we offen see during the time of eclipses some people are chanting mantras to get more power from mantras. If the ultimate God is so strong then why in these days people doing this work. And some of the old peoples are telling their experiences of that grahas power and why the horoscope sides are so popular in these IT world’s days? Please give reasons i know you will never deny my que.s when i asks these que.s no body has given exact answer that I can satisfy.
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually everything is to be proved in spiritualism. The authenticated holy books are four Vedas which are eternal and knowledge given by God himself. In this connection please read full web site too. Because grahas and horoscope etc., are not mentioned in Vedas so are not accepted please. Moreover scientifically the grahas are non alive matters and can not give harm to human life. You are welcome again please.

Golden Light of Eden: SIR web site COULD NOT END MY THIRST THEIR I FOUND SOME CONFLICT THAT U SAY “ALLAH ALMIGHTY does nottake birth. Being Almighty HE does not take help. The world is HIS creation but HE can not be created”, INSPITE OF THIS you say at some other place “HE is the father of all the man kind” (Nouzubillah, Ustugferullah min zilik) I want to say that HE is not our father but our creater, as in QURAN He says “SAY ALLAH IS ONE, HE IS INDEPENDENT, NEITHER HE IS FATHER OF ANY ONE, NOR THE SON, AND NO ONE IS EQUALTO HIM” (surah IKHLAS). I shall wait for your reply about this fact, because we have to learnby sharing out thinkings & emotions.
Swami Ram Swarup: My dear you are quite right, website and sentences are non alive elements and can not quench the soul’s (alive) thirst. Personal loving meeting is only a solution in the matter of spiritualism which is also not possible due to one or the other reasons. Allah actually is not a father like our parents. But Allah or God nurses the universe, provides food, clothes and every needed item to live upon. So HE is just like our father but not father to get us birth and to nurse like our alive parents. In Rig Veda it is said -“SAH (HE i.e. God) NAH (our) PITEVA-PITA AVA i.e. like our father” so some time if we call him our father then it does not mean that HE is our father like our parents. Generally we says our elder too that he is like our father. Our parents look after us, similarly Allah Or God looks after the universe. In this manner Allaha or God is also like our father but HE is always formless and has no need to take birth. It is only souls(we) who take birth under control of Allah.

In holy Kuran 6 sur: anuaam 55 it is truly mentioned that there is one KHUDA only in earth and sky,knows your open and hidden
matters and whatever you do HE knows all. And I always respect Holy Kuran and has studied too. If in loving mood we say that God is our father and mother both because HE is one then it does mean that God is our worldly father. World is HIS creation and therefore neither God can be a worldly father mother, brother or sister etc., because it is not needed and not applicable for HIM.

Sumit Gogia: I want to grow spiritually more & more. Also at the same time continue & enhance my career. Can it happen the same time alltogether?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas and Geeta etc., it is clear mentioned that an aspirant must worship do yajna, practice of yoga asan, pranayam and meditation in early in the morning and evening as time permits while discharging our daily
family duties and earning money also. Our forefathers Rishis, Munis, Shri Rama, Shri Krishna, Arjuna etc., have done and we must follow them.

vissy reddi olupuIn scripts it is said that God will reveal himself, if anybody likes to know him. Actually Iam trying for this for 5 yrs. Still I am in the same position where I was. Almighty means no assitantship. then Why he always acts thru agents such as Prophets, though none understoodtheir messaz?
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually in real Prophets HE himself gives the knowledge to spread to make people educated and pleasant. So real Prophet is necessary. Be aware of false Prophets of now a days please. God has unlimited qualities like omnipresent, omnicient, Almighty not able to be known by five perceptiopns, five organs and mind etc. Then he who always try to realise God by controlling mind etc., he will never be successful. I would request you to please full web site in this connection and send me e-mail again. It is only hard practice of ashtang yoga when our organs are become dead including mind and then a yoga realises God.

Seema Jha: Adarniya Swami Ram Swarup ji, please if you can enlighten my mind about the people who commit suicide. What happens to their soul? Kya woh atma bhatakti rahati hai? How can close relatives help in salvation for the person who does so? I shall always be very greatful to you.
Swami Ram Swarup: Suicide even to think about it is great sin and punishment is awarded by God accordingly. The human body is meant for hard working, services to the parents and elders, discharging duties, worshipping, yoga practice with pranayam/meditation etc. He who is not able to do struggle on such said pious deeds due to his laziness, he thinks about suicide, a sin. Nobody can help such souls because it remains under the control of God and nobody can fight against the God. Such souls take birth in the body of snake, birds or animals etc. Bhatkane ka koi matlab nahin hota.

Prashant: Namaskar swamiji i am very confused to faith on a God. That is on which God is very powerful and according to janmakundali is it needed to devote for a grahadasha and worship for a graha. To overcome his dasha? Please answer me?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, Bhagwat Geeta and other eternal spiritual holy Granthas there is no mention of grahadash or tipra etc. Grah are non alive elements and are not worshipable. Only one Almighty God is worshipable who has created the universe including sun,moon,etc. So sun and moon are the creation of the God.

chandan kumar mittal: Whether each and every act of human beings are pre determined by God or some acts are done by human beings themselves without any predetermined by God. if everything is confirmed or predetermined by God then why is there the cycle of fate and karma? please clarify this notion.
Swami Ram Swarup: In Yajur Veda Mantra 7/48 it is stated and proved too that soul (human being) has desire and does deeds accordingly(Good or bad)and God awards the result pious or sin which further give result pleasure (of good deeds) ans sorrows etc., of bad deeds. So God is only Supreme judge. However God has preached and inspired us in Vedas to do only pious deeds. In Geeta shalok 2/47 that is why Yogeshwar Krishna says, O Arjun you have to discharge only your moral duties but you must not waste your power to think about result because result is only in the hand of God. So each and every act of human beings are not predetermined by God and I have already written a lot about this in detail on the web site. So I would request you to also please study the full web site.

Thendral: Why are people born with handicaps?
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually at the time of creation of the universe God blessed us also with the knowledge of four Vedas to do the deeds preached in the Vedas which enable us a long happy life. After Mahabharat war we have been forgetting the Vedas with the result human beings are in great problem like worries, tensions, sickness, war, corruption etc.-etc. In Vedas and in all other spiritual books like Geeta, shashtras, Kuran Sharif, Bible etc., it is mentioned that at present we are facing sorrows or happiness due to the result of previous birth deeds. Otherwise why abortion is done when there is no its desire. What fault did the soul in the stomach of mother while pregnancy? So we must bear and to kill the bad effect really we must remember the God while doing worship, pranayam and meditation and Yajna etc.

Sardar Jaimal Singh: Swamiji pliase responce looking mantar japa for kundalini meditation for healing thank you sardar
jaimal singh
Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection I have already stated on the website and would request you to please study the
full web site and put question again. Because kundalini is awakened by hard practice of Ashtang yoga only and mantra help a little.

Kavita: How can we get the grace of God?
Swami Ram Swarup: We must thank the God by yajna, yoga asan, pranayam and meditation while discharging our moral duties daily. We have not to dislinked our family life in this regard.

Satish Sharma: Swami ji, I read your answers with interest, which clear many doubts in my mind. One thing that you rely on is Vedas, but we ordinary people can neither study Vedas nor can fully understand them even if we go read them. However, when spiritual people quote Vedas, it comes to my mind that had they been written in Hindi or elaborated in Hindi, we could also get benefit of them. Please inform whether these are available? If yes then where ? (24/12/2002) My question/doubt is – You say that ‘Atma’ is a part of ‘Parmatma’. It does not die. It can not be destroyed. No nothing can affect it in any form. It does not feel any grief, any happiness, any agony, any pain. It is only the body(‘sthool sharir’) that is affected by the abovesaid things. You also say that when a person dies, he carries with him only the deeds that he has performed in this life good or bad and these deeds of his determine his next birth as well as happiness & sorrows that he will have to bear in his new birth. Now my actual question is that I, say ‘Mr. A’does a lot of dishonest deeds and earn a lot of money and spends a lavish & comfortable life-wine, woman & all pleasures. The body of ‘Mr. A ‘ enjoys all these pleasures and then it dies. Now it takes a rebirth in human form as ‘Mr. B’ . As per your sayings this Mr.B’s body(sthool Sharir) will have to suffer for the dishonest deeds of Mr. A. Mr.A’s body enjoyed the fruits of dishonesty & Mr. B’s body is suffering the karmas of A. Soul(‘Atma’) of both was/is the same but since it is not affected by anything so both in case of life of A as well as B the soul was unaffected. Now what is so wrong for the body of Mr. A to earn money out of dishonest means and satisfies itself ? The memory of Mr. B will never recall that he was Mr. A. That is one body enjoyed & the other body suffered but both these bodies didn’t know each other nor will they ever know so why to do ‘Satkarma’ in this life and to put the present body in hardship for a future body whome I will never know or! remember. I hope I am able to convey my question
properly . This dilemma haunts me and no I have not become dishonest but I feel that by the abovesaid logic what’s the harm in it. Please guide.
Swami Ram Swarup: I have faith on Vedas because it is knowlegde direct from God originated in the heart of four Rishis at the time of creation. God is truth So knowledge came from the God in the shape of four Vedas undoubtfully is as true as God. Actually we are born to listen the Vedas but after Mahabharat war we have forgotten. I would request you to please again see the web site regarding origin of Vedas and yoga and send e-mail sure. Yes Vedas are avilable in Hindi that is with Hindi description.

Actually atma is not a part of God because God can not be deshaped and can not be made in parts like stone etc. So our soul is separate and our body is separate due to qualities yet some qualities are same like aliveness and immortal. Body does not feel pleasure, sorrows ,agony, pain etc., as you said because body is non alive, it is soul who bears being not knowing his own quality of evergreen due to covered with illusion and illusion is due to attachment of soul with prakriti that is rajo guna, tamo guna and sato guna i.e., worldly articles and affairs. Whereas real status of soul is of always merriment and not to become worried,sick etc. But soul has forgotten its real staus due to the attachment as stated. So soul feel agony, pain etc. as stated above through the media of body whereas it is not soul’s subject. Yes when person gets death (bodily only and not death of soul) he carries his good or bad deeds with him. But we can burn all the deeds by meditation
etc., to get final liberation for which only we have taken human body. Mr. A is enjoying the result of his past deeds and present efforts too towards materialisrtic task only which are destroyed one day and are of no use if Mr. A is not getting spiritual preach and obeying thereof for which he was blessed with human body. Therefore his present deeds will be carried forward in his next life to give birth either in poorest family to bear sorrows etc., or in animal etc., according to karmas by God. Please amend here that the body of Mr. A is not enjoying but Mr. A himself( soul) is enjoying materialistic, temporary and destroyable facilites. So this is Mr. A who will suffer in his next birth. Soul being same but bodies being different and feeling will be of souls being alive and not of bodies being non alive and it will be according to karmas.
Soul is always effected either in the body of A or B and bodies are not effected. Please contact again after studying full web site. Your questions are interested and beneficial for all concerned.

Arora Hemant: Whom do you find in comparision with Father? If There is someone, as great as the father is? how do we can recognise him.
Swami Ram Swarup: Our great father is only God. Next our father and mother are those who give us birth and third and final our father is our spiritual master who is truly a philosopher of Vedas other spiritual books and ashtang yoga. But it depends whether anybody accepts or not.

Swami Ram Swarup: Man gets inspiration of doing bad deeds from five perceptions i.e., eye, ear, nose tongue and skin. Here man means soul. Soul loves in body. Soul is separate and alive one and body is separate non alive one. Five perceptions get the knowledge from worldly articles and happenings and send it to mind and mind further sends to soul. For example one first time has a taste of wine, rasgulla, chat pakori etc., then tongue sends it to mind and mind sends to soul (man) and soul again wants to taste etc. Soul at this stage always forgets its real shape of purity etc., and is involved in illusion and soul in so many cases thus does not deny the bad deeds. It is a vast knowledge and I have also written on web site previously too and would request you to study full web site please. To overcome man has to do worship, yajna, yoga asan, pranayam and meditation etc., to control and overcome the greediness of the five perceptions and to realise himself. It is done under the guidance of a learned spiritual master who knows philosophy of Vedas and ashtang yoga.

Truth Seeker: Pranam guruji, I saw in the Q & A section, you have continually said that in the Vedas God is Only One and he is formless. But in Srimad Mahabhagavatam it is said that Brahmam, which is the aspect of God not bound by space and time is formless. The other two aspects of God – paramatma signifying localized form of God inliving beings and finally Bhagawan or Ishwara which refers to GOD in hisspiritual realm (Vaikuntha). These 2 aspects signifies that he has a form which is said as Sat-chit-ananda vigraha in scriptures. Are you saying thatBhagavatam is not authentic? I agree with what Vedas say “Ekam Brahmamdvitiya nasti”. But does that mean that he hasnt got a personal form? If youfind anything wrong with my question, pls forgive me. Please explain? Thank you
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no any aspect of God as God is Almighty and needs no any assistance. So Braham is only one who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. Braham means Supreme so there is only one Supreme power which is called almighty God. Living being and Bhagwan can be considered almighty God. Similarly water, pani, jal or aab or aapah etc., are the name of water and there is no any other water. However these names are mentioned in Bhagwat puran and not in Vedas and six shashtras. If God will reside only in Vaikuntha then HIS quality of omnipresent will be no more and there is no mention of Vaikuntha in the Vedas too. Sat means was, is and will remain in future always, chit means alive (chetan) and anand means God has not to bear any kind of result of deed and is therefore always an unlimited ocean of merriment i.e., anandswarup.

So this quality is of only one Almighty God who has no form. Actually there is no any reason of becoming form. If you see that HE will kill Ravan so question arises that God has not come in form to create universe or to destroy the same being Almighty and empowered to do anything without any assistance then what is the necessity of having form. The learned Rishi
Muni accepted four Vedas as proof (swatah praman) and shashtras as proof (partah praman) and no other. EKO BRAHAM DWITYA NASTI means there is only one God and equivalent to this one God there is no any other God. Your questions are interested and good one. You are most welcome again. I have written about this on web site too. I would request you to please study full web
site and please send me e-mail again.

Parth: When will I die?
It is all in the hands of God according to our deeds(karmas). In human life we must think for long happy life and merriment by virtue of worship and meditation while discharging our moral duties. We must not think about death please. Because death is natural and can not be stopped.

Srinivasan S. Swamiji,Suppose a person is having a problem (may be financially, health etc) He is a religious person & prays every day but whenever he prays he could not concentrate and his thoughts keeps on wondering thinking about the problem. I wanted to know why is that so? Is it because of fear but he very well knows GOD is the ultimate who can show him the way. Pls suggest how a person with his mind and heart should just think about God whenever he sits for prayer may be for 10 mts / 1/2 hr or 1 hour etc.
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually first of all we have to define what is real God and the real/authenticated method of worship, meditation etc. I would request you to please study full web site and send me e-mail again. It will give you some clearance. Our concentration requires hard practice of pranayam and meditation etc. Only a spiritual master who knows philosophy of Vedas and ashtang yoga can show the right way.

Alisha: Masjid ki jagga mandir nahin ban saktawright or wrong?
Swami Ram Swarup: As regards mandir and masjid in both Khuda, Bhagwan or God (one and the same) live therein. These are pious places and our elders must solve the problems by joyful meetings.

Vijay: What does Hinduism say about the future of this world? Christianity speaks about the nation of Israel and even the coming of Creditcards. But what about Hinduism? Is it just a myth or a reality?
Swami Ram Swarup: Future of the world is according to the personal good or bad deeds. World or country is build from the people and by the people. In Hinduism God has not fixed the future but future is based on present pious deeds.

dskingin: How to get shanti?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is only yoga which minimise the desires, control on five perceptions and gives peace. Materialistic articles can never give the peace.

Vikash Agarwal: Who enjoys sukh? Aatma, this body, mun.
Swami Ram Swarup: Sukh, peace or sorrows etc., are beared by soul only being alive one and not body, mana (mind) etc., being non alive.

Vici: Who is the creator?Is he personal or Impersonal, I mean why he created if it is destroyed.
Swami Ram Swarup: God is Almighty who is the creator, personally. Almighty means HE who does not require any assistant.Creation and destruction is natural and under the law of God.

qasir abbas naqvi: What is your thinking about hz mohamad (pbuh) and hazrat ali (as)?
Swami Ram Swarup: Respected Hazrat Muhammad Sahib has been a great Prophet and so is Hazrat Ali who sacrified his life for Islam and humanity.

M. Khan: Hindus give a credit to cow as it is like their mother and said it “gaoo maata” but ”MILK MEN” blow its milk as the first task of the day after prayer. What is your opinion about this?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas first creation of the universe is cow then horse and then human body. God gives feed to a baby with mother first then baby is born. It is fundamental. Similarly in case of death of any mother the milk of cow only is as faithful as mother. In Veda it is said “GAVAH VISHVASY MATREHA’ that is cow is the mother of all human being. Vedas are the most ancient eternal knowledge originated in the heart of the four Rishis at the time of creation. As it is God’s voice, it is to be obeyed by all but unfortunately now a days it is said that Vedas shashtras and Geeta are only for Hindus. Any how Hindu accepts cow as mother as stated in four holy Vedas that is the voice of God. As muslim has to obey holy Kuran Sharif, Christian obey holy Bible, Hindu obeys holy Vedas.

Anonymous: Is there any true friend?
Swami Ram Swarup: He who loves soul, humanity and God selflessly, he is naturally a true friend.

Anu: this is difficult for me to express even though I was well into VIPASSANA Meditation. Why is my soul limited
within this body and feel like everything thats happening around me is make-belief?
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul remains in body due to previous birth’s karmas (deeds) philosophy. Soul has to face the result of the every deeds already done in the past lives. That is why soul takes soul takes body by God. If we do worship,
meditation and pious deeds etc., in the present life then we attain final liberation.

Rajeshkumar Thirukkonda Devadoss: Swamiji, Can you tell me the literal meaning of ‘Akshardham’?
Swami Ram Swarup: Shar means destroy, akshar means which is not destoyed dham means place. It is only Almighty God.

CNR Pillai: What is meant by Kaam Gayatri Mantra or Krishna Gayatri Mantra and what is the mantra? What is meant by Kundalinirasa? What is Vaishnav version of Vibhas to Villas by Mukundadas Go Swami?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas there is only Gayatri mantra and is Holy name of God OM. So we must follow the same as authenticated. In Vedas, shashtras,Geeta etc., there is no kaam Gayatri or Krishna Gayatri mantra. Mantra means to discuss after deep study. Our ancient Rishis used to study and discussed Ved mantras and they preached us their experiences of their Tapsya, Yajna and yoga philosophy accordingly for giving us peace and long life etc. But now a days most of the people/saints are not studying and discussing Vedas and not doing ashtang yoga practice. Because we have broken the said eternal knowledge so we have become miserable yet we are doing pooja path etc. Kundalini is awaken only by doing hard practice of ashtang yoga preached in Vedas which is authenticated. I would request you to please study full yoga lecture and web site in this connection. It is concerning to Vaishnav samprday but not mentioned in Vedas and shashtras or Geeta.

Masood Ahmed: Dear swami ji, First i want to express my sincere thanks to you for answering about my question on prophet muhammad I have two questions:
1) The holy quran tells that your God and my God is only one God, there is no God but he, the most gracious and most merciful. what do the Vedas tell about God. Is there more than one God. Does God have wife and children like us.
2) Do the Vedas advocate idol worship. why give forms to God whom neither of us have seen. Because by giving forms to God and worshipping them, we commit the cardinal sin of adding partners to him, the one who is most pure and one who is eternal and free from all needs.

If we all worship one God with no forms, wont the world be rid of all problems that it is facing today?
Swami Ram Swarup: You are quite right that your, our and all human being’s God is one as preached in Holy Kuran and four Vedas. And we must all worship only one God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe, gives every benefit to live upon and has no birth and body. HE is omnicient,omnipresent and beyond imagination and calculation. Vedas too say “EKO BRAHAM DWITYA NA ASTI” that is there is only one God on the earth and there is no other one equivalent to HIM. Vedas further say “NA JAATAH NA JANISHYATI” that is no one was born, is born or will be born like God so there is only one God. Vedas further say “ETAVAN ASAY MAHIMA JAYAAN PURUSHAH PADAH ASAY PUNAH AWHAWAT TRIPAAD AMRITAM DIVI” that is this is the shortest description of the Almighty God that HE has created the universe, in reality this creation is nothing to compare HIS qualities. HE is Superb and above, that is why HE is beyond imagination and calculation. The creation is destroyed and built again but Almighty God is never destroyed and is above all.

Actually the qualities of Almighty God and HIS powers are unlimited whereas we all human beings are in limit. We are dependent but God is always independent that is why HE is Almighty. We the souls require organ like eye, ear, nose, etc., to
see hear and smell respectively but God does not require any assistant. He who takes birth will die. This quality is of human being’s body which take birth. So Vedas already say above that God does not take birth so there is no question of HIS body, marriage or children etc. Accordingly there is no question of HIS statue/idol etc. In this connection Vedas too say NA TASYA PRATIMA ASTI YASY NAAM MAHAD YASHAH that is God can not be measured in foot,inches, kilometres etc., because HE is everywhere and thus there is no idol of HIM. Vedas say NA ENAT DEVAH AAPNUVAN that is no any organ like eyes etc., can see, hear,touch, smell or taste HIM. HE does not go from here to there being omnipresent. So HE has no form.

In reality the Vedas are the knowledge originated in the heart of four Rishis at the time of creation by the power of God
approximately one arab ninety six crore and eight lakhs ago, to educate us. So these are the ancient wisdom. It requires deep study. So Vedas are not majhab it was and is applicable for all human beings, so if we obey the Vedas and holy Kuran Sharif on this matter and worship Almighty God accordingly then surely we will be able to attain peace, to promote brotherhood internationally and to get rid of ravages of hatred among all. I have already written about this before too and would request you to please study the full web site.I hope you will please. Thank you for your valuable question please. You are welcome.

Dibya Gyan Murti: What is the cause of not concentrating? What about to do it well?
Swami Ram Swarup: We have concentrated already on materialistic articles with pomp amd show that is why when we sit to concentrate, our mind start thinking about the materialistic articles and happenings. Truly there is only one way to concentrate which is hard practice of yoga asan, pranayam and meditation to be learnt from a spiritual master who knows Vedas and full knowledge of ashtang yoga.

Mukund: Pranam guruji! What is kundalini jagruti? What happens when it takes place? What physical changes take place after kundalini jagruti? What are the ways to do it except yogas?
Swami Ram Swarup: Except yoga the kundalini can not be awakened. Many people/saints of present time say to awake without yoga philosophy but it is not authenticated as it is not mentioned in four Vedas,six shastras and Geeta etc. I have already written about kundalini on web site and would request you to please see the web site and put question again if any.

Prashant: Swamiji why there are many panths if the God is one. why we need to do worship to God if we have to get good results.? and why God is giving the permissin to the terrorists to do that types work to influence on society? if God is the “nirmata”.
Swami Ram Swarup: Panth have been made by many Gurus. But God has made only one panth i.e., Vedas preach and yoga philosophy etc. Worship of God is necessary to kill the sorrows, sickness, to overcome death and to attain merriment and final liberation which is basic need of human being. God is above the sin and any kind of dirt of illusion. So God can never gives such like orders but it is man’s own desire. Actually God inspires for good deeds in Vedas and alarms not to do bad deeds. But God never stop man or woman to do good or bad. God only gives the result of the deeds as pious or sin done by human beings.

Mukund: What is astasatwik bhav explained in dyaneshwari ? what r its effects? Does really “kundalini jagruti” takes place? What is “brahmanam”?
Swami Ram Swarup: I think,This is sort of blessing to be of satvik vritti. Means a man must be vegetarian, must do worship and should be learned having all pleasure etc., with long life. It is a blessing and has good effect if is given by a saint. Yes kundalini jagriti takes place by doing ashtang yogs preached in four Vedas. Brahmanam means God, Ved mantras and also he who is a Brahamrishi who knows four Vedas and yoga philosophy.

Mahesh: Pranam Swamiji… May name is mahesh and a software professional.. I would like to ask a question regarding a child’s birth. When a child takes birth, to denote or to seggregate him as human being human kind preferes their own method of seggregation. If the child is of Christian community they have to undergo baptism to become a christian and to become a muslim, he undergo some skin removal but hindu doesnot insist any type of mthods to become a hindu. So can we arrive on such conclusion that all the new born babies are “Hindus” by birth? or in the category what is the identification or conversion procedure for girl child to become a muslim? Thnx.
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually at the time of creation God has blessed human being with four Vedas to be learned. In Vedas we all human beings have been called aryans. Hindu, Muslim, Christian are the community made by our respected Prophets. AS regards Hindu we aryans live on the bank of river Sindhu and by this word Sindhu we were called Hindu. In this regard I have written a lot on web site and would request you to please see web site also. So by birth we all human beings are aryans. And now have been converted in majhab.

Vikas: I came across a book which had a brief mention about Sage Kapila and one of his views were confusing to me. Whether or not the views were really said by Sage Kapila or not is not my concern but I wanted to be clear on that. He said-“If God exists, there are two possibilities: Either he is bound or he is free. If he is bound he COULD not create the
universe simply because he himself is bound. If he is free, he WOULD not create simply because he is free and being free means there are no desires and no rajas or tamas , but only sattva or peace and calmness!!” Would you please comment on this?
Swami Ram Swarup: These comments are wrong. Sage Kapila (Kapila Muni) has written Samkhya shashtra in which he has briefed about Prakriti and soul. We human beings are actually souls and not body. Body and whole universe is made of prakriti. Prakriti has rajo, tamo and sato gunas. God has no desire only we the human beings has the desires. Prakriti is non alive matter and can not make world etc., himself. The mud can not make pitcher himself being non alive, the alive potter has to make. Similarly Vedas and shashtras says rightly that God is nimit upadan karan of creation i.e., nimit upadan karan are Vedic word and not English which means like electric invertor automatically one time the world is destroyed and automatically power from God works in Praktrit and the world is created. So the creation is not the desire of God but it is done automatically. Secondly powers from God works in Prakriti and not God. This is accepted by all Rishis including Kapila. For any doubt you are welcome again.

Breana: What is the religion of black muslims?
Swami Ram Swarup: Hindu, Muslim, Christian all are human beings and their religion is said to love each other and live and let live.

C. V. Prakash: Pranam Guruji, Why most of the places we do not refer the atharva Veda? I mean it is being neglected by most of acharyas also.
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually there are three subjects karam kand (type of deed) in Yajurveda, Upasana (worship) in Saamveda and gyan kand (matter knowledge etc.,) in Rigveda and mostly Atharvaveda says and authenticates about these three Vedas including medicines etc.But still Atharvaveda gives knowledge about Braham(God) too that is it is called alaso Braham Veda. It also repeats the knowledge of three Vedas but still it is mentioned everywhere. I have written books wherein I have refered atharva Veda respectfully.

Devi: Even Gurus lie.They tell one thing to oneperson and otherthing to other person to keep faith onthem. Is it not true? Eating non-vegetarian is not a sin. The cow doesn’t give milk for us. It’s for her kid. For our benefit, we stealing and giving it grass. Even the plants have life and feel pain. Since these Gurus don’t like non-vegetarian, they telling eating non-vegetarian is a sin.
Swami Ram Swarup: You are misleaded and you mislead yourself too as a person who does not know about a true Guru and knows his worldly affairs, attachment etc., he can only give false statement because he has not studied spiritual books and has not carried out a long hard practice of ashtang yoga etc. But even a true Guru has no meaning of such views. That is why I am telling when a ordinary person has not seen spiritual books wherein non-veg. is prohibited and declared sin then what to say. They should carry on their lives as they wish but result is always awarded by God as God deems fit. Cow gives milk to whom for this refer four Vedas the voice of God. If not possible, carry on as you wish. If you do not want to hurt plants then fruits and vegetables should not be taken. You, I and nobody on the earth is to decide pious deeds or sin. It is decided and mentioned in four Vedas by Almighty God and there are very few to have the time to go to Guru to listen Vedas.

Jeevan Singh: Swamiji. Sat Sri Akaalji. Swamiji i was just wondering what is the fact of life? Some says that the fact of life is death but i guess it is more than just death. Please kindly answer me this question
Swami Ram Swarup: The fact of life is to control the death by realising God for which worship, yoga practice and other spiritual requirements are needed. But now a days most of the people are after materialistic articles and so not able to understand the truth.

C V Prakash: Pranam Guruji, I wish to seek your blessings first. My question is why Mantra/Slokas being chanted? and we do it with purpose. For ex. we perform Yagna parying rain God for rains and it rains. How does this happen?
Swami Ram Swarup: If mantra will not be chanted then this knowledge can not be spread. Rigveda Mantra says thast wiser chants follower listen and follower thus beome wiser. Purpose means good desires. Actually while doing yajna automatically from ghee and other goods it become chemical action in the sky with the result it rains. Rain is important for animals, birds and human beings to live upon. So we must pray God for good desires for the benefit of human being. Yajna simply is not only meant for rain, it is a worship of God with thousands of benefits which I can not describe here. My blessings to you for a bright future. You may put question again if any.

manoj kanji channa rana raghuvanshi: kyaa bhagwan hain. aur achay log aur sachaay log is duniyaa main hain.
Swami Ram Swarup: Achha aur sacha khud ko banna chahiye jis se khud main shanti aaygi. Agar koi achha hai bhi to vo apne liye hi hai aur bura hai to bhi apne liye kyonki karni ka achha bura natija to khud ko hi bhugtna parta hai. Dusra, aasman, suraj chand, hawa, pani aur inka thik tarhe se rojana ka kam dekhkar hamin samaj lena chahiye ki yeh sab admi ne nahin balki Bhagwan ne banye hain. Is bare main main pahle bhi likh chuka hoon,kripya aap puri web site dekhin.

Dr. S. Narayanan: Pranaam Swamiji, pls let me know:
1) if one has to learn Veda, is there any way (such as with cassettes and text)
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually Vedas are learnt traditionally from aspiritual master that is philosopher of four Vedas in person. Cassette may help you at some extent and it will also cost little more. I have not made any cassette on Vedas, but I can prepare and send you. But it will take some time too. So first of all you try if any learned person meets you locally because I am away and can not teach personally. Text books can also help you.

2) i heard there is a book called swaramanjari which explains about how to chant. Do u have info and possess such book or any similar ones
Swami Ram Swarup: Swarmanjari can not help you until you read varno ucharan shiksaha and some Sanskrit grammar at least for 3 to 4 months continuosly from a learned teacher. However you can purchase this book but it is tough and guidance in person is required.

Srinu: Swami ji , Mera Naam Srinu Hai. Mera Sawal Hai Ki Kya Aap ISWAR Ko Dekhe Hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Ishwar ko ankh, kan, nak, jaban, aur twacha (skin) in se dekha suna vagera nahin kiya ja sakta. Ishwar kewal ashtang yoga ke abhyas se dil main mehsoos kiya jata hai aur jo mehsoos karta hai vo bata nahin hai, bas jara sa ishara karta hai.

Jitendra Joshi: Sir what was the reason behind hanuman bringing the whole parvat i.e. while bringing the sangivani buti aseh considered so intelligent?
Swami Ram Swarup: As far as sanjivani buti is concerned Shri hanuman brought the same to save Lakshman’s life but he brought no any parvat which is even not possible, as per Valmiki Ramayan also.

Jitendra Joshi: In hanuman chalisa tulsi ji says “bhim rup dhari” why bhim?
Swami Ram Swarup: Bhim means bigger and heavy. This is possible by an ashtang yogi.

Jagdish: Can one attain optimum satisfaction of life through Vedas?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes hundred percent please because Vedas are the authenticated knowledge direct from God. But it can only be realised after study from a philosopher of Vedas.

Kamlesh: Respected Sir, I am 24 years old and I am a Non Brahmin, my mother was a Brahmin who married a Khastriya. I am a very religious person and try to lead my life as far as possible as given by our SACRED VEDAS. I do the pujas everday, go to temples and I am a strict vegetarian. My questions to you are As my thread ceremony cannot be done (as i am a non Brahmin) can I recite the holy Gayathri Manthram without sinning? Can I perform the Shandhyavandamam? Will it be ok to have my thread ceremony done, even if I am NOT aBrahmin? Will you have bad karma if you unknowingly commit mistakes while performing the pujas? Please guide me. Thanking you. Sincerely
Swami Ram Swarup: The authenticated holy knowledge direct from God is infour Vedas .And as per Vedas everybody is entitled for thread ceremony (yajopavit) and reciting Gayatri Mantra with all Vedas Mantras. You can carry also sandhya. Unknown must be known by awiser as early as possible. To be unknown due to lack of knowledge is itself a sin. So one must be hard worker and learner.

Umar: y u trust in bahgwan
Swami Ram Swarup: Bhagwan has created Universe and has provided us with all worldly articles and has blessed us with human body to realise him and even unlimited facilities like organs, family HE has given. Should we not thank for the same in the manner of HIS worship.

Patel: I have everything in life but I am not happy why is that?
Swami Ram Swarup: This is the most important question of whole of the world that there are the richest people, medium and lower too but there is no any satisfaction in their life due to lack of true spiritual knowledge. Please try to gain it and you will be the happiest man of the world. Actually we all are feeding our body by means of worldly articles food and assets etc. and not soul because the said articles are not the requirement of the soul. Soul’s requirement is spiritual, knowledge by which only the soul is satisfied.

Mukesh: What is Yoga?
Swami Ram Swarup: I would request you to please see start of this website where the answer is there in full details. However Yoga means to control the various effects of form on mind incoming and out going both to realise God. But full answer in detail is on web site please. Kindly see there sure.

Shriniwas Damle: Swamiji! Are the hindus justified in demanding the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya? Will the Catholics allow a hindu temple to be built in Vatican city ? Will the Muslims allow Hindu temple adjoining Mecca Shrine ? So Why should hindus allow the construction of mosques just besides the most sacred places viz. Ayodhya,Kashi,Mathura,etc.. Whether Hindus only are suppose to show religious tolerance ?? In spite of this tolerance shown for thousands of years,why are they termed as extremists now ? Could you please throw some light on this ?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have already written on this subject on web site and would request you to see full web site. No religion says about hate and war. We must follow the good teachings of all religions. God is everywhere, so we must all sit together to solve the problem. Tolerance is a quality in all the religions which finish the ravages of hatred. Terrorist may be anybody but no religion on the earth is terrorist.

Piyush: What will happpen, when we broke any promise which we made to God?
Swami Ram Swarup: The concerned fellow is punished. So we must never break the promise with God and there is only one main promise with the God that we will ever remember him, worship him and obey him for the assets HE has given us in the life.

Jitendra Joshi: 1) Sir kya shadikarna jaruri ha? maine suna he ke harvyakti ke putrarina.etc hote ha?
Swami Ram Swarup: If one is totally ascetic like Bhisham Pitamaha who realised God then marriage is not necessary.

2) How many rina does a man have, explain?
Swami Ram Swarup: Pitri rin, Rishi rin, Van rin, Matri rin.

3)i do not like studies and like ramcharimanas i am fed-up of studies. How can i do both?
Swami Ram Swarup: Shri Ram, Mata Sita and others dignities of Ramayan and too Tulsidas studied well and they were learned. So please study hard and side by side read Ramayan but better listen Ramayan from a holy person who knows

Rajendra Kasyap: Is Astrology a true science? How can you prove/disprove it?how it works(if true)and what is the implication of it to ordinary man.
Swami Ram Swarup: Everything is to be proved from four Vedas, Six shashtras, and Bhagwat Geeta wherein astrology is not mentioned. So it can not be considered authenticated.

Harish Naresh: I am confused when ramayan is preached adhyatmic way. Is ramayan the true katha that really happened?
Swami Ram Swarup: Originally the Ramayan has been written by Valmikiji who was a great Mantra Drishta Rishi and a Rishi can not tell lie.

Vaibhav Wasnik: Swamiji i would like to know why are human beings on this earth. What would have happened if we
would have not been on this earth? How can we overcome all the tensions and worries which we face in our life? How can we live peacefully without any anger hatred etc?
Swami Ram Swarup: The birth, death and creation are in the hand of God. However if anybody wants to realise this philosophy he must be an ascetic, follower of a Yogi and must do worship and meditation etc., without which nobody can make understand anybody else. We have to follow the wisdom given by God in Vedas. However the human body blessed by the God is meant for worship etc., to realise God. We are always in the atmosphere because we are eternal soul and not body and there is no question of not being. So are always on the earth and in the atmosphere. Only bodies are changed according to the deeds. Tensions and worries are only controlled by good preach of Vedas and practice of Ashtang Yoga. And this is the only way to live without anger or hatred.

Marleena Lutchman: Who was Augustya Rishi,can you tell me about him? And i would also like to know about the Kumbhaja concept I think it translates as to be born of a kumbha or vessel or container.
Swami Ram Swarup: Augustya Rishi was present during Treta Yug at the time of Shri Ram. When Shri Ram went to the jungle he met with the Rishi and the Rishi adviced Shri Ram to reside in Dandak Van. Nobody can take birth from Kumbh(pitcher). Kumbh means pitcher and Ja means janam. But mother’s stomach at the time of giving birth becomes like Kumbh.

Tahir: Your service is not working in PAKISTAN, why?
Swami Ram Swarup: I serve the human being. I am a simple saint and has no lot of money. I myself give the answer on a donated computer. Likewise there are so many reasons that I have only one small residence here only and no any other residence or building or contact I have. This is also due to the fact that I meditate, do Yoga and holy Yajna daily both time and write spiritual article in magazine and newspaper and I have written four spiritual books and still trying to write more with the result I have no time to go heither and theither.

Richi: I always get dreams of krishna bhagwan. Sometime i see krishna bhagwan is playing flute near me & sometime i see he is getting marry to someone in front of me. What does this symbolize? Is it good?
Swami Ram Swarup: Whatever anybody think it is always converted in dreams. Atharvaveda says clearly that dreams are false.

Amardeep: How to attract people towards yourself?
Swami Ram Swarup: Be selfless, serve the parents and elders and whatever you think, speak you must do the same. But always think good and not bad. Do hard working towards a right path. Take care of you health.

Jitendra Joshi:
1) What is meant by the title goswami?
Swami Ram Swarup: Goswami is a caste of Brahmin. The wordly meaning is Go=Cow and Swami=Master. Another wordly meaning of Go is earth and Vedas Mantra. So he who worship God serve the cows and knows Vedas is Goswami on the earth.

2) In valmiki ramyan there is lav -kush kand having he sita’s tyaga. Tell me the rahasya behind it?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sita was never sent to jungle by Shri Ram. I have already told about it on the web site, which may please be seen. The real Valmiki Ramayan has no such evidence. It is additional false statement, which has been added in Valmiki Ramyan.

3) Why is much preference is given to modern education when it is of notmuch use to man?
Swami Ram Swarup: False preference is always given due to lack of true knowledge. Where modern education satisfy physical charms immediately there the traditional education strict on false physical charms of the student and gives long satisfied life.

Radhika Aurora: Swami ji should i leave all material activities like studies, job, entertainment etc. to achieve God? b’coz i can not do simultanusly
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. The activities mentioned by you are relating to the pious deeds and which one is a part of God’s worship. We have to worship God under guidance of a spiritual preacher who knows all about the Vedas and holy books And yoga philosophy. The spiritual master preaches the right way of worship while discharging our family, social and national duties too.

Shriniwas Damle: Swamiji !! Is it a sin for a man to marry more than 1 girls ? Most of our ancientkings and mahabharata characters have more than 1 wives. Moreover in Mahabharat Draupadi had 5 husbands.. This all sounds very weird to me. Can u explain it?
Swami Ram Swarup: First of all you must know that Draupadi was only the wife of King Yudhistra. This truth has also been mentioned by Vyas Muni in Mahabharta. And rest four his brothers had their own wives. Secondly the ancient time relates to the eternal knowledge of Vedas whose preaches were given in Gurukul by Rishis. At that time Brahamcharya was a diamond of the life and the people has to spend only 25 years in family, thereafter they had to go to the jungle being Vanprasthy or Sanyasi. Now the modern education and environments do not permit second marriage which one is a real sin.

Rajendra W. What happens to a person when he dies?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have already told in detail on web site. I would request you to see the full web site. However on death the soul goes in space and after 14 days onwards soul is mixed in vegetables on earth at that place where soul has to take birth according to the previous deeds. The male member takes that vegetable And soul gets birth through husband -wife.

Gaurav: Agar hum pap karte hain to us ki saga hamare pariwar walon ko mil sakti hai kya
Swami Ram Swarup: Nahin, paap aur punya ka fal usi ko milta hai jo paap aur punya kartein hain, kisi dusre ko nahin milta, yahi Ishwar ka nayay hai

Durgesh Kulkarni: I don’t belive in God. But many people tell me that I should. Why?
Swami Ram Swarup: I thank you to put this question because this type of question has slightly thinking in your mind that whether there is God or not. If it could not be then you could not put this question. I have already told about this matter in brief on web site. Would you please try to see the web site. You get up in the morning but who awaked you. If you will not clean your clothes, bed, bathroom or room etc., and nobody do not clean also then it will be dirty. Then who cleans the atmosphere. The seasons are changed timely, sun rises and sets timely. It can not be at their own. Then who control on sun, moon and earth etc. Who maintains the body temprature 98 degree of all human beings. Everybody wants pleasure and peace but it is not possible. Who makes obstacle in pleasure and peace. This is only the God who controls the universe.

Mahesh: Pranam acharya,charan vandana I read most of the answers you have given to the questions by people where you have said that GOD is ONE and he is “OM” and rest are all his powers and opulence as per the Vedas. But Puranas also describe
about much about the Vedas and its philosophy in a much most interesting and story like way which most people like as well. Are all the events and characters described in these puranas and ithihasas, true OR is it a work based on imagination superimposed on the reality. Also Iam a devotee of Lord Krishna. Is he the true lord depicted as OM in the Vedas? Is he the God in his full opulence? (Purna avatara) I want to learn about these things. So please enlighten me!
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually most of the people of the world are not in touch with the Vedas philosophy. They mostly read word Veda in Puran,Geeta,etc., and little bit about its Mantra. It never solve the purpose instead it gives darkness. For example the philosophy of Puran and Vedas both are contradictory,do not tally. Similarly is the case of Lord Krishna. Because In Vedas there is no mention of avtar or statue. So Purans do not describe much philosophy of Vedas. Vedas gives fundamental knowledge and have no story and Itihas (history). Vedas give vast knowledge on main three points that is knowledge of matters, electronic, medical, surgical, about sun, moon and earth, creation and unlimited matters in Rigveda. Knowledge about karmas(deeds) in Yajurveda. Knowledge about worship that is Yajna, Ashtang Yoga and including vast knowledge about Prakriti, soul and Almighty God in Saamveda that is why Yogeshwar Krishna says in Geeta that in Four Vedas Krishna is Saamveda means if anybody else want to know God and reality of Shri Krishna he must study Saamveda and thereafter Geeta. Whether Puran’s story is based on imagination or not it can only be understood after study of Vedas and too from a Yogi only. Vedas clear say that there can be no any avtar. Please study Vedas to clear the points. I am away and can not teach you Vedas from here.

Ashlesha: How to prepare properly for exams?
Swami Ram Swarup: One must study hard daily but whatever a student study he must write it time and again. Then he will get good marks. Never think that without writing power a student is capable to give the exam.

Kamran: What is concept of GOD in hinduism?
Swami Ram Swarup: Religious concept can not change the fundamental about God. God is God. HE is immortal, omnipresent, omnicient, Almighty-need no assistant even in creation, in nursing and destroying the creation etc. HE is beyond calculation and beyond imagination. These are few qualities of Almighty God amongest HIS countless, unlimited, infinity qualities.

Meetu: When is the good time to open a business?
Swami Ram Swarup: The time has been made by God. God is pure, so everytime is good.

Anupama Goyal: What is the reality about ‘Pret atmas'(ghosts)? I visited the Balaji Mandir at Mendipur in Rajasthan. There poor young women were swirling there heads hysterically and people out there claim it is because some Pretatmas have effected them and they are being punished for that. What is the truth?
Swami Ram Swarup: Pret atma is nothing in accordance with the Vedas. I have written on website about it, pleaee see full web site and choose the article, then you may put question again. This is all due to blind faith.

Raees Ahmed Dawood: Thanking you your Reply Swami Ji. No doubt kh Allah Ahad(ek) hey us ka ilm unlimited hey hamarey akl us ka adrak nahi kr sakti. Tamam kainat ko us ney takhlek kia. Her cheez ka bananey wala hey us ki zat(Personality) azl sey abad tak qaim hey. As a Muslim Allah per eman mera basic element hey. Magar swami ji ek baat ki piyas abhi baqi hey kh Allah aur Baghwan men Kia farak hey aur dono ka Giyan kia hey Insano ki personl life men aur society men. Allah ka Giyan hey to maloom krna hey kh Muslim and Non-muslim konsey ek Giyan per Chal saktey hen.
Swami Ram Swarup: Allah or Bhagwan usi ek God ke naam hain jisne yeh sansar banaya hai bus yeh naam majhab ke tarike per hain per matlab dono ka ek hi hai. Isliye dono ka gyan ek hi hai kyonki dono ek hi hain. Jaise pani water jal aab vaghera ek himatter ke naam hain or ek sa gyan aur aser rakhte hain. Muslim or non muslim jab kuran sharif or Veda dekhinge to usme jo-jo gyan unki roohoin ko achha lagege use khud apna leinge kyonki who sachha hai aur ek hi Allah ya kaho Bhagwan ka banaya hua hai. Iske liye apas pyar jaroori hai.

Ragu: We are doing meditation but I dont have that much concentration. How to get it?
Swami Ram Swarup: Meditation starts from yam niyam asan and pranayam. So please learn all these before doing meditation.

Katie: Dear Swami…Thank you so much for your answer to my question. Should I seek a new guru, or keep up with the mantra taught by mine, and go ahead and have Jesus as my Ishta Deva even though that is not part of my guru’s teachings? I am getting very interested in the teachings of Vedanta. Do I need a new guru of that lineage? I love my present guru (actually he has passed away, and there is a successor) even though I don’t like all the teachings of his path. Thank you.
Swami Ram Swarup: An alive spiritual master is necessary. He must be a learned dignity. You may put question if any.

Jasmeet Geetika: Remembering God every time is the way to achieve him, is it true?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. One has to do moral duties and has to discharge responsibilties daily of family life. In Vedas morning and evening worship has been advised, but to realise God it is too not enough. One has to learn yoga philosophy to control desires and chitta Vritti. This is long process but has to be learnt under guidance of a spiritual master who knows four Vedas and about Ashtang Yoga.

Katie: The guru who initiated me teaches that his path (Sant Mat) is the only one that leads one to the highest plane of existence. All other religions only take you to the third plane. He teaches that if one does not find the perfect living master of this age, one must go back on the wheel of reincarnation. Although I love my guru, I no longer believe these
teachings, and I have rekindled my love for Jesus, and contrary to my guru’s teachings, have taken him as my Ishta Deva. What should I do?
Swami Ram Swarup: The Sant Mat has been organised by present Gurus. But before three thousand years back there was only Yoga philosophy with the knowledge of four Vedas. The past Rishis-Munis taught us the same. However good saints came like Guru Nanak Dev, Kabir, Tulsi, Meera etc-etc., who gave very good knowledge to the people. I think those saints were practically in routine life whereas nowadays most of the saints are deleivering lectures merely by studying, learning and remembering and it has been made a business. I think initiation by a present saint has not made anybody else who can sit in the category of Vyas Muni, Vashisth Muni, Rishi Shringi etc., who knew Vedas and yoga instead most of the present Guru oppose the Vedas and yoga. And they do not know they are against Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Hanuman and all Rishis Munis who had a family life and did study of Vedas and practice of Ashtang yoga. Because this knowledge is eternal/traditional which can not be removed. Highest, lower, and third plane may be the views of present saints, but do not exist in Vedas and in Shashtras where there is only one way. Perfect living master who was present in the past, is present now and will present even after the world is Almighty God, as said in yoga shashtra by Rishi Patanjali in sutra1/26 (sah purvesham api guruh kalenanvachhedat) i.e., God is our first Guru of forefathers i.e., of the Rishis at the time of creation. Vyas Muni clarifies on this sutra that every present Guru is dead and all the gurus when this universe will be destroyed those gurus (true or liar) will leave their bodies then who will give the knowledge at the time of new creation. See that HE is only Almighty God who is never dead. So we must obey the line of our Guru that is Almighty God who preaches at the time of creation about four Vedas and yoga. But we have forgotten these preaches,which is sin. So HE is the perfect Guru and secondly the Rishis Munis who gained God’s preaching and no other. Reincarnation is thus controlled by God’s preaching. Present Gurus are baselessly threatening the innocent people.

Anonymous: How can i relive frm all of my worries and my relationship and all mental burdons?
Swami Ram Swarup: You need to learn full yoga philosophy and practice thereof. Good teaching, worship and study of spiritual books must also be taken into account.

Jeevan Singh: Swamiji Sat Sri Akaal ji. Swamiji please tell me the power of prayer. I often see many people praying in different ways. Every religion has it’s way of praying. In today world it seem that prayers has become a traditional and we human forget what power can a prayer brings into one life. In Islam they do five prayers per day but when ask what are they praying the only answer is “I don’t know i am doin because my religion tell me to pray 5 time per day” In Sikh we have five prayers per day and all we do is to open up Holy do our prayers and that’s it. Not just in Islam or sikh but in all religion i see we do our daily prayes because we were been told by our elder. Swamiji today the question that i have asked is not just for myself but for all readers who have come into this website to learn the Truth knowledge….This Question are on behalf of those who in their free time put their effort to search a true knowledge for themself and others. Swamiji please bless us all and do let us know the true knowledge of prayers.
Swami Ram Swarup: There is power of prayer but simple prayers have no effect. Suppose I pray God to give me wealth. Then I will have to work hard accordingly to achieve the target and so on. Secondly prayer must be selfless because we can do work and we can do prayer still the result is in the hand of Almighty God. HE has to see our previous deeds, present too and then accordingly to HIS system HE has to award the result of our prayer. It is not possible that whatever we want, it will be given. So we must never be annoyed. We have to clean our heart, residence, clothes, surroundings by virtue of worship etc., which is counted to accept the prayer. Only eternal knowledge saves us. Pray is not worship. However while doing worship we pray God. So every religion has their own method of worship wherein they pray God.

Still we have to find the way by which God is realised. Because whether prayer is accepted or not, they will fulfill our worldly requirements, wealth, marriage, children etc., it will never give us peace, instead it will increase our desires, which is actually harmful in the matter of peace. So we have to choose two paths— one which enable us to realise God in this life, after which nothing is required like past Rishi-Munis, Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Hanuman, Guru Nanak Dev, Kabir etc-etc. But till such time we do not realise God. We have to pray in worship for our family wealth etc., to fulfill the
requirements of the human body by which we (soul) have to do religious task, pious deeds, yoga practice, services to the parents and country etc.

However this is the question that what is the path by which one can realise God. By prayer we demand something and the true worship/Bhakti restricts demand and at last when every desire every demand and the various forms of the previous and present deeds are burnt by virtue of true knowledge and true path then eternal peace/realisation of God is experienced which
is only a motto of this human life. In every religion the preach of such a true knowledge/true path is given but when our eyes are only on destroyable materialistic articles and physical charm and untill we are guided by those who have done or have been doing the practice of true knowledge/true path in action in life, nobody can change his views about materialistic world or from prayers which are only meant for physical charm and physical requirements. Rest is in next issue.

Vinay: What is the truth abt destiny?
Swami Ram Swarup: Destiny is always in our hand. Present pious deeds and hard working towards a right path, like worship, meditation, services to mankind, respect to parents and elders and selfless services makes future bright.

Manoj Soni: I want to know about the birth OF MAGAYATRI and of GAYATRI MANTRA
Swami Ram Swarup: Ma gaytri and gayatri Mantra are one and it is in three Vedas i.e., Rig, Saam, and YajurVeda. Vedas are the knowledge which are directly from God. So Gaytri Mantra is originated direct from God.

Raees Ahmed Dawood: Hamarey pass to God ka dia huwa Giyan hey jo pegember ko God ki taraf seymila. But Kia aap key pass jo giyan hey woh sacha hey ya merey pass jo giyanhey Woh sacha hey. I am a Muslim to men to Quran ko sahi manta hon aur usper Eman lata hon aur aap Hindu hen to aap Geeta aur deger books per Emanlatey hey Men yeah pochahna chahta hon kh Giyan ki ksoti kia hey kh Mereypass ya App key pass jo Giyan hey of Absolutely Complet aur Truth perhey.Her mazhab insaniyat ka sabak deta hey, kh chori na kro, Jhoot na bolo,Zina na kro,Kisi insan ka dil na dukhao.Yeah to Universal Truth fromthe begining Mazhab se hi Related hen.Woh konsa Giyan hey jo God ki Tarafsey hamen mila QURAN, GEETA, BIBLE & Others. Aap key jawab ka intazar raheyga
Swami Ram Swarup: Aap God ke gyan main itna pyar karte ho iski mujhe bahut khushi hai. Jahan tak mujhe pata hai God ne
duniya kaise bani aur kis se bani iska gyan aadmi ka sharir kya hai iska gyan sharir main ankh ke jariye dekhne wala, kan se sunne wala, nak ke jariye sunghne wala, khal ke jariye mahsoos karne wala, jaban ke jariye chakhne wala kaun hai, aur akhri vakt yeh jism se niklker kahan jata hai, iska gyan,kaun se kaam achhe hain aur kaun se bure hain en sab ka gyan jamin ke har
jare ka gyan aur whe kaun sa rasta hai, ibadat ahi jis par chalkar Khuda Khush hota hai aur Khuda ka gyan hota hai, in sab ka khas gyan God, Allah, Bhagwan,jo ek hi takat ke naam hain, usne hamare pir pegamberoin, sadhu santoin ko diya. Isi main bhai
chara, apas main milkar ek sath khana pina sab aa jata hai. Isi main samjhaya ki God ek hai jiska statue nahin hota jo ankh, kan waghera se dekha, pakra nahin ja sakta, who sab jagh hai sabko dekh raha hai, whohi sab kyanat ka ek hi data hai. Isi ko sab ko janna hota hai.

Samy: Hello swami ram ji my name is samy my question is to u how to get out from depression.
Swami Ram Swarup: He who will learn yoga philosophy and obeying the same will start doing asan, pranayam and meditation both times, he will be out from this disease. He should awake early in the morning for a long morning walk.

Sulaiman: Is there any mention about Prophet Mohammed in Rig Veda? If so, what is mentioned about him?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas there is no mention of any names who takes birth. In Vedas there are only fundamental laws about karmas(deeds), knowledge/wisdom and worship. Vedas contains description about creation, nursing and destroying the universe.

Gopal Pai: Javab ke liye dahnywad. To kya aap mante hain ke osama bin laden ya phir jinhone sansed per attakkiya wo galat thekyonki mera asia manna nahin hai. Ager wo car us din explode hojati to bhi desh ko asie netaon se chhutkara mil jata or amreica ki jo dadagiri hum jan bujh kerlad rehe hain wo bhi hat hati, diwali appko mangal may ho jab bhi prbhu ka adesh hoga aap se judunga danyawad swamiji.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mujhe khush hai ki aap prabhu ke aadesh ko mante hain. Hamin yeh gyan charoin Ved aur shashtra dete hain ki jeevan aur mrityu sirf Ishwar ke haath main hai aur Ishwar jeev ke karam ke anusaar deta hai. Karam karna hamare haath hai lekin fal Ishwar ke haath hai. Ved hamin shubh karam ki hi prerna dete hain paap karam ki nahin. Isliye kisi ki bhi maut Ishwar ke haath main hi hai. Bina karn kisi ka dil bhi na dukhayin chahe who Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai koi bhi ho kyonki pahele sab insaan hain. Ugrvad bekasooroin ki bhi jaan leta hai aur uske baad unke parivar wale rote hain aur bahut dukhi hote hain isliye yeh khatrnak khel hai. Aap ko Diwali bahut-bahut mubark aur meri shubh kamnayin.

Jason DiNicola: Why do so many people abandon God and religion feeling that they have been cheated and deceived by it when they find scientific enlightenment?
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually most of the people worship God but they do not know what is God. Their blind faith make them upset. There is only one God of the world and human being which is omnipresent, omnicient,immortal beyond calculation and imagination. Before worship we must gather the knowledge through preach about the qualities of the God then no body will be upset. God and religion do not cheat anybody else. It is only we who are cheated by our own bad deeds.

Sahiti: Why God is invisible?
Swami Ram Swarup:
Invisibility is the quality of the God which is eternal. We take birth and reason is our parents the whole world is created and reason behind is prakriti and God but there is no any reason for God. That is why HE is called swayambhu also. So about invisibility also there is no reason.

Vikas: Swamiji, please tell me how could i control my heart? Because my heart looks after any type of girls.
Swami Ram Swarup: He who does not have control on him is doing sin breaking the law of nature and he can not be able to
get peace in whole of the life. This kind of result of such a bad deed one must control otherwise he must face the consequences.

Sumithra: How can we meditate?
Swami Ram Swarup: Please learn full Ashtang yoga philosophy from a learned where you will learn the right process of

Pradip Bhowmick: What is the meaning of om?
Swami Ram Swarup: OM is built by “av” dhatu which means care and protection. Om has so many meanings it is the best and pious name of Almighty God in Vedas. “aa, uu, ma” means sthul, sukshm and karan. These are the qualities of the universe which also exist in OM. When we chant it, it protect us cares by all means. It is omnipresent.

Rao Kamran Ahmed: I know how to face my own created problems but please can tell me how can i avoid problems. Infact
I believe in God so please dont tell me things which I already know like do keep praying etc.
Swami Ram Swarup: Prayer is only effected when we do hard work accordingly to achieve desires. Problems are avoided first by minimising the desires and stopping bad deeds and bad society. However yoga asan also helps and religions give us good teachings which effects when we do action on the teaching. To awake early in the morning for a long morning walk and light exercise and daily routine of hard working towards a right target are also beneficial. One should take interest to discharge moral duties of the family happily and must serve the parents and elders.

Rohit Juneja: Mujhe ponnarjanam(rebirth)kee theroy parr vishawaas nahi hai kissne dekha hai kee rebirth hota hai. Krishan bhawaga bhi too wrong work kerrte thai aaj taak oonke temple banne hai. Plz reply
Swami Ram Swarup: Krishan Bhagwan ne kabhi koi galat kaam nahin kiya tabhi to unhoin ne bhagwat Geeta main gyan diya hai jo aaj sare sansar main parhi jati hai ya aap batayin unhoin ne kya galat kaam kiya lekin pahle Geeta aur Mahabhart parh lena aur koi kitab nahin. Aadmi bhagwan ka gulam hi nahin balki uske samne mitti ka ek jarra ya kan bhi nahin hai. Usi ne sansar banaya hamin janam diya, khane -peene ko sab kuchh diya jo yeh sab kuchh ham nahin kar sakte. Baki insaan karam karne main azaad hai lekin karam ka fal pane main Ishwar ke aadhin hai.

Pabitra: What is yoga?
Swami Ram Swarup: To control on five organs, five perceptions and mind is called Yoga which enable us to realize God.

Rishi Acharya: Swamiji, app ye betaye ki kya ISLAM and HINDUISM (VEDIC) meain koi similerity hain metleb kya ye
do mezheb kebhi ekk ho sekange..? yedi ha to vo kon kon se basic aadhar hian jo hum ko ekk er sektain hain
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes there are similarity in Islam and Hinduism (Vedic) so we must love each other. In Islam there is one Allah who does not take birth and who has no statue. Similarly is the preach of Vedas. But it is very difficult that both will become one. Because Hindu do not read Kuran and Muslims do not read Vedas.

Raees Ahmed Dawood: Thanking your Answer. Swamiji aap ka jawab parh kr to aesa lagta hey kh aap ka kisi dharam sey koi nata nahi. Because aap kehty hen kh mazhab insan ney banaya hey agar mazhab insan ney banaya hey to GOD ka concept kahan sey mila. God ki pechan kesey hui. Yeah sab to God key messengers ney hi to bataya hey kh GOD kon hey Kia hey aur us ka kanoon kia hey. Aur yahi kanoon Quran men moujod hey aur baqi books men magar un men sacha kanoon kis book men hey is ki khooj lagani hey. Becausse in books key manney waley apni apni book ko sacha kehty hen. Iesey Hindu dharam aur muslim or others. please is ka jawab dejey thanking you
Swami Ram Swarup: Yeh baat sach hai ki God ka gyan pir pegamber hi dete ayein hain parntu jyadater insaano ne us pegaam ko khudgarji main tod marod kar pesh kiya hai jise aap bhi mante hain. Isliye mainne kaha tha ki dharm ki pavitr kitabin kewal ase vidwan se sune jo kisi ki favour na karta ho sach bolta ho aur jise insaanyet se pyar ho. Kyonki majhab galat nahin hain par majhaboin main aya aaj ka katterwad galat hai. Surj chand sitre hawa pani jase sab majhaboin, insaanoin aur janwaroin tak par ek sath lagoo hote hain, isi tarh sacha gyan insaanoin par ek sath lagoo hota hai. Pir pegamber hamin gyan dete ayin hain parntu yeh bhi sach hai ki unhoin ne God se hi yeh gyan liya. Ab sochna yeh hai ki Ishwar ne unko kis halat main kis surat main aur kase yeh gyan diya. Jo gyan sab insaanoin par ek sath lagoo hota hai.

Raees Ahmed Dawood: kh mazhab to God ki taraf sey dia giya hey kisi insan ka banaya huwa nahi hey. Aur God ki baat to from begining sey present and forever ek hi hoti hey us me koi tabdeli nahi hoti aur mazhab bhi koi ek hi sacha ho ga kyun kh insanon ne God ki baat men changing ki to bohat sey mazhab ban gai hen sachi kis mazhab men hey aur us ko kis tarah parkha jai. agar Bible ko dekha jai to us men bohat tazad (contradiction) hey. God key kol men to koi tazad nahi hota hey isi taraha Geeta men bhi tazad hey jahn tak Quran ki baat hey is men translate men tazad hey but Arabi text men koi tazad nahi hey aur woh apni asli halat men moujod hey. kuch is key barey men bataye. thanking you
Swami Ram Swarup: God sirf duniya banne ke vakt gyan deta hai aur is duniya ko bane karib ek arab 96 crore saaloin se jyada vakt ho gaya hai. Us gyan ko pichhle do -teen hajar saaloin main hamare pir pegamber sant faquiroin mahapurushoin ne apne-apne majhaboin main apne -apne tarike se diya hai. Majhab God ne nahin banaye. Duniya ke sabse purane sadgrath char Ved hain uske bad upnishad, shashtra, Valmiki Ramayan, Geeta, jinme majhab ka jikr nahin hai sirf duniya ke ek God ki baat kahi hai jo janam -maran main nahin atta. Uske baad holy Kuran, Bible,Guru Granth Sahib, etc.,Granthoin ki rachna hui hai.inme bhi sirf ek hi God ki baat kahi hai. Is ek God jisne duniya banai aur sab kuch deta hai usko chhordkar kai God ki pooja kyon aur kase ho rahi hai, yeh meri samaj se bahar hai.agar aap Ved dekhoge to usmain God ki baat sab insaanoin main ek saath lagoo hoti hai. God ki baat change karne se God ka kanoon kabhi nahin badlta. Haan God ke khilaf jane se insaan khud dukhi ho jata hai.usme bimarian, pareshanian, chintain,choti-choti umer main mot, insanyeet ki seva main fark, mohabbat main fark, nafrat, jalan sardan aadi bahut si khamian aa jaati hain is par bhi who yehi jor dekar kahta hai ki main sacha insaan hoon aur God ki sach pooja karta hoon.Hamin God ke hukuam ko janna hai, pahchanna aur fhir manna hai,aadmi ke galat hukuam ko jo God ka hukum nahin hai use ham kabhi na mane nahin to pareshani khud ko hi uthani pardti hai.hamin sab holy books ko srishti ki rachna aur kewal ek God ko janne wale aur apne tajurbe se sari duniya ke bashindoin ko apni atma(ruhu) ki tarh jannewale faquiroin se pardne ki jarurt ahi jo kisi se lagav ya favour na karta ho.

Suman: Hello Swamiji main Suman bool rahi hoon. I got your mail today,i am very grate ful to if you give any kind of mantra or doing something else, because I feel not soo good. Even I couldnt sleep in night properly, even my home is built in the base of vastu shastra. I couldnt find peace anywhere in my life.
Swami Ram Swarup: You must please recite in mind Gayatri Mantra daily with its meaning morning and evening while sitting on asan with closed eyes for eleven times, it will give you peace. It will be more beneficial if you do hawan both times from this Gayatri Mantra. Vastu shashtra philosophy is not mentioned in Vedas, Shashtras, Upnishads and Geeta, so it can not be considered authenticated. God is everywhere and HE helps those who helps themselves. Mere prayer has got no effect. We will have to hard job according to the prayer rot achieve the target. It is very good that you do not fight with the woman. Please do Gayatri Mantra and everything will be ok.

Rohit: Respected Swamiji, Mein aapni zindaggi se unhappy hoon. Mujhe success nahi miltee. Chye kitnaa bhi accha kaam kyo na karoo? Saab aur courruption aur bad peole ne jittne ke hood lagga raakhi hai. Bahout tension hoti hai. Soccchata hoon Bhawagaan ne mujhe Earth pe born kyo karrya? Woh mujhse kya chaata hai?Merri bhi kucch dreams hai but hamesha luck saath nahi deeta hai.Aur bad person too happy hai.Mujhe woh old answer maat dena ki “previous deeds” aare kya jaab mein iss birth mein accha kaarm karrta hoon too meine old birth mein bhi accha karaam hi kya honge.hai na. Aur kissne dekaha hai ki rebirth hota hai .Muslim & Christan too nahi maante. Kya bhawagan bad person kaa saatha deta hai?aagr bhawaagan koo previous deeds kaa phaal dena hii hai too oosi jaanam mein kyo nahi deta jaab oosne bad work kya?patta too laage ke borre kaaam kaa boora natteja. Mein aapne life se bahoot unhappy hoon sochaata hoon bad person baan jaao.taab God mera saath dega. Ram bhi
jaab taak bad nahi banniye taab taak saree onnhe dabaate rahee. Ravaan jaab taak jindaa raha 80% happy rahaa. Ittne ranniya aur na jaane kya kya. Bhawaagan aasa kyo kartaa hai?Aagar Bhawaagan donniya mein hota too saree people happy hote. Bhawaagan hame dikhataa kyo nahi ?Woh hai bhi kee nahi? Mujhe aagar jaalde hii aapne good deeds and hard work kaa phaal naa milaa too
mein yaa too bad man baan jaayonga yaa succide karr loonga. Players joo Flesh khatee hai wohi games mein jeete hai aur joo daal roooti khate hai woh hartta hai.kya flesh khaane se Insaan pe Bhawaagan jaada meharrban hota hai? Kya whisky peene walle hi rich hote hai?I am tired of my life. My age is 18 years.Plz reply fast.
Swami Ram Swarup: Jo kuchh apne likha who aapke apne vichar hain. Ishwar ne duniya banai hai aur us duniya main Ishwar ke niyam hi lagoo hote hain, un niyamoin ko tordne wala dukh pata hai. Jo aaj sukhi ahin aur Ishwar ko bhulein hain, dhan ki hoor main hain, paap karam karte hain, unehin ek din pachhtana hi hot ahai, unka aaj ka sukh pichhle achhe karmoin ka natija hai. Jab sukh bhog lengin tab achhe karm bhi khatam ho jayegein aur dukh ka time shuru ho jayega. Yeh Ishwar ka niyam hai. Kisi ke suhk ko dekhkar hamin dukh kabhi nahin hona chahiye. Is se sukh milta hai. Aap ka kaha Ravan ka 80% sukh baad main uske pure pariwar ko uski aankhoin ke samne hi khatam kar gaya. Agar Ravan ko pata hota to whe kabhi 80% sukh na uthata. Aaj koi kahe ki le ek crore rupya aur 5 saal baad tera sara pariwar mar jayega to koi bhi esa paisa nahin lega parntu lete isliye hain ki unehin anjaam ka pata nahin. Ishwar ke niyam main sab baatein secret hain lekin whe secret unhi ke samne khulta hai jo Ishwar par vishwas karke Ishwar ki pooja kartein hain aur shanti pate hain. Bhagwan har kan-kan main hai jise dekhne ke liye yog drishrti chahiye parntu duniya ke bhog padarthoin main fansa jeev ab ruhaniyat main lagne main nakaam sa ho gaya hai.

Aapne suna hoga man proposes and man disposes. Shubh karam ham karne ke liye aajad hain parntu fal kab milega yeh Ishwar ke hath hai. Khabhi bhi kisi ko jeevan se nervous nahin hona chahiye yeh paap hai. Umeed rakho ek din achhe din jarur aate hain. Bad man banna aur suicide ki sochna yeh bure vichar hi dukhdai hain, inhe dimag se hamesha ke liye nikal do. Kisi Mahapurush ka sahara lo, meditation karo, morning walk aur exercise daily karo. Vegetarian bhojan ki hi Ishwar ne Vedoin main aaqgya ki hai.

Dilesh Chikhale: What is meditation? How can we achive a level where Buddha was? How to enjoy divine happiness?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have explained about meditation in detail. Please go through the full web site. One thing more meditation is the 7th stage of yoga philosophy and before it yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharna are to be
learnt properly which is work of only an ascetic aspirant and not for anybody else. You can check from Buddha also that He left the post of king and who is trying Buddha.

Pyria: Hello swami ji: my question to you is how does yoga help you in anyway?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yoga helps in me in every step of daily routine life. I am about 65years but by the grace of God and yoga I have not fallen sick as yet. I have ben working daily for more than 15 hours and even more for the last 40 years. I have realised peace of mind. I think it is sufficient to understand the benefit of yoga philosophy.

M. B. Jayaraman: We are the only Hindu Country apart from Nepal. Although being called Hindu country, we do have Muslims in Large number and Christians who are in rage to spread their religion. 99% of the country in world is having Christianity in them. We Hindus are not allowed any religious or political rights in other countries then why we should be mute spectator for all those happening in our India. We need to respect other religions but tolerating each and every act of Christianity or Muslims are just needless act of ours. Will we be called Hindu country? Will be emerge again as great country with great background?
Swami Ram Swarup: In true dharma the Ahimsa (non-violence) is the greatest dharma. God is one who nurses the universe and mankind. We all are children of Almighty God. God has not made so called religions. These are man made. So it makes no difference for the human being that what number of man and woman of all religions are because in the court of Almighty God the numbers are constant.

For peace human beings are depended on pious deeds and not only religion. If a man of any religion has proud of being connected with a special religion and hates other religion, make quarry for other religions spread ravages of hatred in humanity then he has to face the result of the said deeds and religion. So we must pray, worship God and must do pious deeds to promote brotherhood internationally leaving worry of small number. One day the universe has to be destroyed and before this happening we have to realise Almighty God while living in any religion. Forcefully no religion can be imposed. If any body will try to do so then he will have to do lie, greediness and violence type sin which God does not permit being sin. The result of the said sins has to be experienced one day.

However we have forgotten mostly our eternal and traditional wisdom preached by God in the four Vedas. Yet if we can observe it then surely one day the India can achieve again the target of Golden bird and world’s spiritual master. But I think it is not possible due to preach false prophets against the Vedas.

Gopal: How we know that yog helping us after start the yog?
Swami Ram Swarup: Please start the yoga you will realise within three months.

Swami Ram Swarup: Shri Krishna was a Yogeshwar. His preach is in Bhagwat Geeta. He who study Bhagwat Geeta according to Vedic philosophy and does the pious deeds of Geeta in daily life then Shri Krishna is pleased. The Almighty God creates universe at proper time automatically at HIS own accord.

Amrit Randhawa: What is the difference between moksha and dharma?
Swami Ram Swarup: To adopt the dharma(discharging moral duties and doing pious deeds and worship meditation etc.) Moksha (spiritual and unbreakable merriment) is attained.

Ishan: Leave ISLAM alone ok it has nothin to do with terrorism if u wanan catch some one catch you’r own people u people r discarin such a beautiful religion all for what?
Swami Ram Swarup: I think no body says that Islam is terrorism, specially I have told personally so many times on web site. Please see the full web site also. I never wanted to catch any body else being a Saint/Faquir but I always prayed for love and brotherhood.

Pakistani Muslim: Swami main ye poochna chahtaa hooh ki wo tumhare khudaa jin ko khud apni khabar nahin wo tumhari mudud kese kerte hain tum un khudaon ki puja kyun kerte ho jo agar gir jaayin tu khud uth bhee nahin sukte ye tu bejan hain sirf bejan agar meree baat buri lagey tu beshak jawab mut dena lekin apne dil main aik bar ye baat zaroor sochna
Swami Ram Swarup: Mujhe afsosh hai ki apne mere sawal jawab web site per nahin pardeh. Please is bare main pardehin aur phir muhje jaroor e-mail karin. Dusra koi bhi majhab insaneeyat ka dil nahin dukhta. Dil dukhana Khuda ki Ibadat main nahin atta. Ek ghar main bhi kitne hi insan rehte hain, to who sab bhi apne- apne acche bure karmoin ke jimewar hain. Aap unhein prem se samjha to sakte hain lekin karve bol bolker kisi majhab ya insan ki toheen karne ki ijjajat Khuda kabhi nahin deta. Buleshah Faquir ka kahena hai—– Mandir dhale Masjid dhale,dhale jo kuch dandha hai Par dil na kisi da dha Buleya is dil wich Pritam Rehanda hai.

Saare majhab meethe bol bolne ka updesh dete hain. Karve bol ka nahin. Ved to yahen tak kahte hain Sach bol wh hai jo meetha hai. Jaise andhe ko — abe o andhe kahna sach to hai lekin bada hi karva sach. Kisi Faquir ne bada sach kaha aur meetha kaha hai— jhuka do sar usi ke samne, aa jye jo koi ki jab sajda hi karna hai to Allah sab main rehta hai. Meri hamesha dua rahi hai ki sab jagah bhaichara bade.

Rohit Kumar: Respected swamiji Kya chicken khaana paap hai? J.C Bose kahte the kee plants are also living creatures. What is the difference between vegeteraion and Non Vegeteraion? Yours faithfully, Rohit kumar
Swami Ram Swarup: Hain pura paap hai. Kyonki bina janwar ko mare aur satye who nahin khaya ja sakta aur kisi bhi jeev ko marna ya satna maha paap hai. Dusra sher, billi bheria vagehra ke daant aur pet ki antria Bhagwan ne chicken khane wali banai hain aur who paani ko bhi jeebh se chat-chat ker pite hain parntu aadmi, cow, bher, bakri jo vegetarian hain unke daantoin ki aur antrioin ki banawat vegetarian hai aur sab lip se sip karke paani peete hain, to hamin is Ishwar ke kanoon ko torne ki ijjajat nahin hai.

J. C. Bose science ke bina par bolte hain jab ki khan peen ka aadhar ruhaniyat aur pavitr granth ahin aur yeh ruhaniyat aur pavitr granth bhi pure science se milte hain.

Umesh Shetty: Swamiji, u told me that one should minimise his needs, what abt the needs of my family members how should i tell them about the same. thank u
Swami Ram Swarup: To see pictures, TV, telephone, electric bills, unneccssary engagement, market foods, meat, wine, cigarette if used, unneccessary purchases of clothes etc., frequent contact with friends and family and expense thereon etc.-etc., can be avoided.

Anonymous: Why r u dislike islam?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have never told like this. Please see the full web site. And then do e-mail. I am waiting for your e-mail. I have just also given one answer about this. No Religion is a matter of disliking as these are pious. I am astonished about your word dislike. I would again request to please see the full web site and sent e-mail.

Saikat: Pranam sawamiji. I cant able to concentrate in one God. When i meditate i do meditate for one month to one God, then again i change my mind and meditate on another God. but not able to concetrate for long time. How should i able to
solve my problem? is God is one and only one? if one why are we praying to so many God? why are we offering puja to so many God and Goddess?
Swami Ram Swarup: Please note that there is only one God of the universe who creates, nurses, and destroys it. You must please study the Vedas and then concentrate by learning yoga philosophy.

Anonymous: What happens about soul when man dies?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have already answered in detail about this. I would request to please choose the answer from full website because it is a lengthy one. Otherwise you may put this question again. However Soul is eternal and immortal. Body is not eternal and immortal. Body is destroyed always that is why it is burnt at the time of death. The soul comes out from the body when anybody is dead. It goes in space and after some time soul takes next birth according to the karmas(deeds).

Sharma: I want to know how to be good human being in life and also how to start praying from beginning (i mean where to start)..Thankyou
Swami Ram Swarup: To be good human being one must do always pious deeds. And what is pious deeds for this one will have to listen Vedas and thereafter holy books preach because no body is able to decide wrong and right without getting spiritual education. Then Second step is to discharge family duties faithfully like service towards parents, elders and love to children. One must awake early in the morning to have long morning walk and to do light exercises. Yoga asan and meditation is always faithful. Daily worship like Yajna,Gayatri Jaap is essential. Then one must do always hard working to earn for family for whole of the day.

Nishe: Can one predicit by the reading of our thumb impression?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is matter of astrology which I and Vedas do not believe because one has to face always the result of his own deeds right or wrong in the form of pleasure and sorrows repectively. And the sorrows are burnt always by worship and yoga practice and by discharging moral duties towards family, Nation and Humanity. So I do not think thumb impression will do anything in this matter.

Amar Singh: Does Every AATMA has to face DHARAM RAAJ? If so Why Do WE induldge in SINS?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas Dharmraj means Almighty God. Every atma has to face only the result of his deeds good or bad. Soul does deed while in body and God awards result. The human being is totally free to do good or bad but the result is not in their hand. It is with God only. That is why a learned does only pious deeds. We are indulged in sins due to indulgement of soul with five organs five perceptions and mind and it is further due to lack of knowledge of spiritualism.

Pooja: How can one maintain balanace between inlaws and their own parents
Swami Ram Swarup: With firm mind it is possible and firm mind is obtained by yoga asan and meditation and preach of Vedas/Shastras otherwise there becomes always problems.

Raees Ahmed Dawood: Swamiji aap kehtey hen kh “Truth is only which is direct from the Almighty God”. Aur Religion insan key banay huwey hen to TRUTH ki kia ksoti hey kh hum us ko prakhen.aur her insan ka TRUTH apna ek concept hey koi DOMAIN to hona chahye jis per aap apni sachi ko parakh len. Aap sey mazeed istafada kren gey. Thanking you.
Swami Ram Swarup: Truth ki kasoti yeh hai ki who sab sansar ki janta par sab time sab par ekmsaman laagoo hoti hai. Usmey pakshpat(favour) nahin hota.Her majhab main is truth ke bare main bataya gaya hai jise samaj ker hi insan insan ko gale lagayega.

Sitaram: Although i am feeling, that God is around me always, but then i want to hear his/her response to my prayers tangibly. how can i know about my past karma that stops it?
Swami Ram Swarup: To realise the God we will have to work hard accordingly whatever we pray. Secondly yoga asan and
pranayaam and meditation is the best way to realise God.

Rajnish: How will i get peace of mind?
Swami Ram Swarup: By yoga asan and meditation the desires are controlled, pious deeds are opened and we get peace.

Amit: Pranam swamiji. How should i meditate?
Swami Ram Swarup: You will have to please learn yoga philosophy from a spiritual master first in which asan pranayam and meditation are the main educations.

Hareesh Ramachandran P. V.: Dear swamiji I was a pleasent surprise to see ur mail in my mailbox.Thanks for taking the pains to send me a reply.It gives me added pleasure to hear u welcome my questions too. Swamiji i would like to let u know that i am an initiated devotee of the ramakrishna vivekananda order.But as u know i am put up in kerala state and my
guruji is in belur matt.So only i am not able to correspond effectively with my guru about the doubts i have in mind.I donno whether it would be ethically fair to correspond with some one else when i have a guru.But still i dont mind because i cant wait for long to make a progress in spirituality.I would certainly use all the available resourses to equip myselves.
Swamiji may i use this opportunity to clear one of my doubts. After receiving mantra deeksha from the guru we were all presented with a small booklet which gives us instructions on meditation.Swamiji,, in this booklet it is said that we should meditate the form of our deity in our HRIDAYAM. My doubt is also upon this wording.Is it the left side of the chest where
medically our physical heart is present? OR is it the middle portion of the chest ( the point equidistant form the collar bone and naval,,The region of anahata chakram)?.Swamiji please be kind enough to clear my doubt so that i can carry on my meditation without any doubt. Love Hareesh
Swami Ram Swarup: It is the heart which has space automatically and it is also called hridya chakra according to the medical theory where you have to meditate. Because every peace is experienced in the heart and God is also realised in the heart in the form of light eternal peace and eternal divine pleasure.

Zulakha Imran: I am studying far eastern art at the northern virginia community college… i have a few questions in regards to some terms referring to different parts of th Nagara style mandirs jagamohana, duel, sahasra linga, yoni linga, karttikeya, yama, nirritim jkubera, ishanu… pls help me
Swami Ram Swarup: These all mandirs are not mentioned in the eternal knowledge of Vedas.

Sumanga Bhowmick: Truely, Is there any God or it is a superstition.
Swami Ram Swarup: Questions are arised for those who has existance. Your question is also a answer that there is God. Sun rises from East and sets in the West. This is not automatically such a big movement and too from millions of years is not a matter of occuring itself. HE who controls it is called God. This is only one power but God has unlimited power by which God creates, nurses and destroys the universe. That is why we trust on God for getting HIS blessings for our long happy life in absence of which no body is able to escape himself from sorrows, worries and mishappenings, etc.

Sashi Sekaran: Namaste swami ji! what do we mean by yajna bhav? does yagya has a strong spiritual meaning?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yagya and Yajna has one and the same meaning. In general Hindi and Sanskrit language it is pronounced
as Yagya and superb Sanskrit Vedas language it is pronounced Yajna. Real meaning of Yajna or Yagya in Vedas is DEV POOJA,SANGTIKARAN AND DAAN. In DEV POOJA five alive Dev are there for whom we have to serve mother, father, atithi, Acharya and Almighty God, SANGTIKARAN means to please the Acharya to get knowledge of Vedas and yoga philosophy, Third is DAAN that is donation to right true realiable Guru. It includes the Aahuti in the hawan kund by Ved Mantras which is called Dev yag.

Dharmabir Mehta: Namashte, Swami Ji Swami ji ak bat puchhana chahata hu ki ap log ashe o3m kiyo lekhte hy
Swami Ram Swarup: This involves Sanskrit grammar sutra which is ACHONTYADITI it means the last ACH has TI sangya(name)
which will be further plut. Plut has three timers the HARSVA so to show the three times the OM is written as O3M.

Anonymous: Swami ji. Parnam maine pehle bhi aapko ek mail likha lekin koi jawab nahi aaya. kirpa karke is baar muje jawab jarur dijiye. swami ji main apni zindgi se bahut tang aa chuki hun. muje jine keliye koi maksad dikhyai nahi deta. mera sucide karne ko mann karta hai. koi rasta nahi dikhai deta. jaise bhagwan se bhi vishwash sa uthta ja raha hai. plz muje jaldi koi solution bataye.
Swami Ram Swarup: The human life is blessed by God and the God given gift is not even a matter of thinking for suicide and is a drastic sin. Jine ka maksad Ishwar prapti hai jo ghar ke acche kaam karte-karte prapt karni hoti hai. Acchein kaam karne ki education spiritual books pardehne aur acche santoin se sunne per milti hai. Aap ko satsang main jana chahiye yoga asan aur meditation bhi sikhna chahiye. Sab thik hoga.

Sharwan Kumar: When i will improove my luck and business?
Swami Ram Swarup: By doing hard working.

Gurpreet: Do you agree with the recent statement made by mr balthackrey that hindus should also make suicide squads?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. Because then there will be no end of ravages of hatred. And therfore no suicide squads must be arisen anywhere else in the world because it is not permitted by Almighty God. However war are always allowed to estabilsh the peace and justice. That is why the warriors are generated. And Ram Ravna and Pandva Kaurav war took place. Similar pious deed was done by Pancham Paadshahi Shri Guru Arjun Dev ji, Rani Jhansi Lakshmi bai, Maharana pratap etc.

Elisa: Why exists so much hate and wars? God is one and love all his creatures – why people are not able simply to love? Why exists so many religions? i have asked my rabbi but he has no answers – and tell when peace will come to my country – Israel? and finally can a jew be a hindu?
Swami Ram Swarup: Hate and war is due to lack of knowledge of true spiritualism where both are condemned. That is why the facts are not understood that God is love and love is God and we have to love God’s creature. We must increase the knowledge of true spiritualism. May be reason of selfishness and suitability for so many religions. For peace in your country I too pray to Almightgy God because peace must be in whole of the universe. Everywhere fundamentalism is teasing the humanity and in this process I do not think that Jew can be a Hindu. We must always promote international brotherhood.

Shihab: What are diffrences between hinduism and islam. Please give me simple answer
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no difference between humanity because we all are the generation of One Almighty God. But still there is a difference of Majhab which is not created by God. So we must learn the education of the respective majhab truly and we must promote and love brotherhood all around which is real worship of Allah.

Rupa: is yog useful for internal problems. like headache, growth development …..
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please. Yoga is faithful to overcome any kind of sickness and mental disturbances and gives physical and mental powers. Please read benefit of yoga on web site.

Omer: Hello swarupji my question is to u i am felling nervous during any ocassion what will i do.
Swami Ram Swarup: Nervousness is not fruitful to anybody else. See if you will see the life of our forefathers i.e., prophets they never lost heart even at the nick of time of death and they got victory. You must please develop stability and energy both physical and mental. Please awake early in the morning for a long morning walk and do exercise too. Serve the parents and elders. Do always pious deeds and hard working to get success. Be pleasant and discuss spiritual as well as worldly affairs with family and friends. For this read daily newspapers and magazines and general knowledge books. In addition learn yoga asan and meditation. I think this is enough for your victory. Your firm decision and hard working without any kind of laziness will sure serve the purpose.

Anil Parashar: Pranam Swami Ji. How do we know that we are not creating new karma in this life time. We are here supposedly to finish our karma form previous life, right?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is a fundamental law that soul has desire, proud,attachment etc., by which no body can sit without doing deeds. However deeds may be good or bad but we must always do pious deeds. The human body is awarded to worship and to do pious deeds to burn the previous karmas. I have already replied such like questions in detail, so I would request you to see the full web site.

Susant: Have u ever seen the God? If no,then how will u answar my question?
Swami Ram Swarup: God is not a matter to be seen. It is always realised. You can not see ache in head but you can realise it. God is beyond caculation, imagination and description. Actually the aspirants are on the tips who even study the qualities of God etc., from Vedas and spiritual books but everybody is intersted to put the question about the God. It is right to put the question of everybody but the aspirant and an ascetic are different who only put the question to clear their ideas only because they are already doing Tapsya and struggle to realise the God which one is only a motto of human being and due to indulging in materialistic articles and false pump ands show most of the people have forgotten their motto of being human being. That is why friction, doubt and spending funs are arising which is a sin and has to be beared in future.

Zahid Khan: Swami ji, hi my name is zahid khan & i m student of law, i have some questions
1. Would u like to define “terrorism”?
Swami Ram Swarup: I think terrorism is due to fundamentalism at all level. Every religion say that God is one and we are children of God but very few spread brotherhood. The preach of our forefathers (Prophets of all religions) regarding humanity, mercy and to live and let live etc., due to fundamentalism are not properly being adhered to because I have studied all the religious and holy books mostly of all religions wherein I have found no such type of terrorism which is happening in the world. Religons do not spread terrorism. We are all brother and sister being human first and must live and respect each other. We must die while promoting brotherhood and serving human being but we must never take life of anybody else at any cost. This is I think fair religion. Now a days the terrorism must be solved politically by the world’s leaders with full faith.

2. Can a Muslim be terrorist?
Swami Ram Swarup: Because Muslim religion is not a terrorist religion so every Muslim likewise Hindu and others can not be terrorist.

3. Can Islamic country are part of terrorism?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please, it is totally not in my view.

4. Is it terrorism to fight for right?
Swami Ram Swarup: To serve the humanity, to worship the Almighty God who is one and has created this universe and thus to promote brotherhood internationally must be our first right being human being. Secondly we must learn as to what is our right. For this the whole religious books and the learned person who always say truth without parciality must be considered. If there is partiality in the matter of humanity then automatically terrorism arises failing the preach of the Prophets (Forefathers).

Shadab Ahmed Siddiqui: Who is the best personality of the world?
Swami Ram Swarup: The superb pious deeds in accordance with the eternal knowledge of the spiritualism within the man or woman are the best personality of the world but above all is Allah or Almighty God who creates this universe.

Raees Ahmed Dawood: Hinduism kia sach hey? Aur sachai ki koi daleel hey? Hindu ism key code of life kia hen?
Swami Ram Swarup: Hinduism and others are the name of a community awarded by the people. Truth is only which is direct from the Almighty God. However the qualities or fundamentals relating to the truth may be true. If my name is Swami Ram Swarup it is name of my body and both are destroyable but within the body there is soul which is eternal. Friction generates hate which is not taught in any religion.I have already told about this matter that from where Hinduism, Islam, Christanity and other religions originated. I would request you to see the full web site. And choose your answer therein. Yet there is any question, you are welcomed again.

Swami Ram Swarup:The problem is only due to fundamentalism otherwise preach in the religions are to co-operate to live together and to promote brotherhood.

Jeevan Singh: Swamiji.Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate the answer that i have got from you. Swamiji one thing that u said and it really went right into myheart and that is “yourself is not the body. Body is being destroyed” I think is this a real Truth for Humanity. Swamiji i will try to go more intosat-sangat and listen to Guruji vani. But the another problem arises is that when in Gurudwara even my mind runs around and not in my control. Not that I have never tried, i did but in the end i end up in loosing my mind again. Swamiji in this one month in front of me i have seen many people that i know died. Some of them i met yesterday and today the news came that he/she passaway last night. Swaniji soon it will be my turn. Just like we never knew our birth so we wont know when will that time come. Sometime i feel scare thinking about all the deeds that i have done. I really can’t go and changemy pass but i am sure future is in my hand but everytime i want to dosomething good i turn out doing wrong deeds. Swaniji i am sure sooner orlater my time will me over and i want to go into my Guru home with a gooddeeds but i don’t have them. Swaniji this is my main problem. Many peopleasked thousand of things from God. I do have a desire to ask too but someonehas taught me that “Jeevan asked what will go with u in next world not whatu will have to leave here in this world. Swamiji please tell me what do iasked from God that will change me and will help me to be with my Guruji forever. Swamiji thank you for giving me a chance of listening to your cassettes, i would really appreciate if you could really sent me yourcassettes, in a way i am sure while listening to your voice i might be ableto reach some conclution of my life. Thank you Swaniji for helping me out i hope to live up a good Gursikh lifeand meet my Guru one day. Swaniji if possible do share with me the knowledge of what exactly Sewa is. i would like to go more into the detail of the word”Sewa”
Swami Ram Swarup: Actualy real bhakti is the path by which we realise ourself because we are soul. Eye see, ear listen, tongue tastes, skin touches, nose smells. Only when soul is in the body. It means soul see from eye, eye does not see, similarly is the action of other organs because when dead body is left on earth it contains all organs but no organ is able to do anything, so the body is only the appratus and always separate from soul. But without body soul can not do anything, that is why soul is dependent and depends on body. However God is Almighty and needs no organs. Therefore God is independent.

At the time of birth soul has two ways to select. Truth and untruth soul has quality of attachment. So generally soul is attached with untruth and becomes unable to realise himself. Soul thus is entangled with materialistic articles and anger, proud, unfair means etc. We are blessed by God to realise ourself and within us there is God. If we follow this path while discharging moral duties of family then at one stage we become able to realise ourselves and God. Actually this is the moto of human life by which the death is overcome. I think you have pious deeds of previous life by which you think about death. Mahatma Buddha too saw a dead body in his childhood and became ascetic and overcame death. Once Guru Nanak Dev ji gave one needle to a rich man and asked him to return the needle after death in the court of God. The rich man answered that how can he carry needle with him at the time of death while leaving body. Guru Nanak Dev ji then preached that if you are not able to carry one needle then what is ths use of crores and crores of amount you have.

So no doubt everything will be here and the time of death only the soul alone will leave the body. Yet the wealth is required to care the body but the care is only for doing bhakti by which we realise ourself and God. So you must too listen Guru Vani and other Saints if possible which establish firm mind towards God. It can only be done with your firm decision. Our body eats but soul never eats, so we arrange first class food, clothes and ornaments etc., which are only for the body and that is why all this worldly articles never satisfy the soul. So we must take care of our body but we will have to feed our soul also and the food of the soul is satsang, worship, pious deeds and meditation etc. Everybody must try to feed the soul too.then only the peace is realised. From God only one thing is to be begged that is a pious mind because this mind never does wrong.

The true seva is to serve the parents, elders and Shri Guru Maharaj. These dignities are served by means of food, clothes, sweet talk, respect and money etc. Secondly the services towards God is essential which can not be done by said means like food, clothes etc., because God has no body. So when we remember the holy name of God (jaap) and study spiritual books which contains the knowledge of Almighty God and internal peace then it is a seva of God. Secondly to promote brotherhood internationally to serve and love the humanity is also a seva of God.

Saswati: How can I know when will I die?I want to die before my husband how this is possible?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is not a easy task to know the date and time of death. This is known by a Yogi only. However your wish is appreciated because it is pious one.

Tejash Patel: How are you how can to you see in navratri?
Swami Ram Swarup: I am quite well, thank you. Navratre give alarm to start hard yoga practice, study of spiritual books and yajna.

Jeevan Singh: Swamiji.I have once asked a question but left unanswered. I would like to repeatedthe question again. Why is it that we human knows what r the wrong things but still we do it? We do know in the end we all will die,none of us willsurvive, but still we r doing the wrong deeds. Why is it so? We learn from the History that everyone who came into this world will leave one day, be it anyone, still we choose the wrong path. Why?
Swami Ram Swarup: The human beings does the wrong due to attachment with the scene or article or will. We do not know its reaction being involved in enjoyment of organs and mind. Thus if we say we know the bad thing actually it is wrong actually we do not know. Suppose one say that take bribe of one crore rupees and eat poison. Then it is not possible because we know the reaction of poison. That is why we do not know the reaction of bad deeds and we therefore do. A vast knowledge is needed in this matter. This is the top most wonder of the world that everybody say about death and death are being seen even yet most of the people are entangled in wrong deeds because in reality they do not know about death being entangled with the organ’s enjoyment.

Namrata Gaikwad: How yog-aasans improved our life?
Swami Ram Swarup: Asan makes human body free from sickness yet brahamcharya is still essential without which asan will not serve the purpose. But body can not be retained for a long period. So spiritual knowledge is actual required for a long happy life.

Rajnish: What is sanyas?
Swami Ram Swarup: To control the five organs, five perceptions and mind by virtue of Vedas knowledge and long ashtang yoga practice is called sanyas in which a sanyasi is only meant for preach to all human beings which a family holder or a student or a vanprasti can not do.

Raj: Hindus are on truth or muslims?
Swami Ram Swarup: If both are able to understand humanity and truth then both are true. Because both are first human beings and brothers.

Ajay Paudyal: Mai sidhi karana chahata hu muche kuch mantra dijiy kindly
Swami Ram Swarup: As mentioned in four Vedas there is no sidhi on the earth except anima etc., eight sidhis which are
attained only by a ashtang yogi. Please try to be a ashtang yogi.

Raman: Are u married?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes I am married and having sons, daughters, grandsons and grand daughters. But now I am a Yogi (SANYASI).

Veejay: Swamiji,I am working as a software engineer. Nowadays i am unable to concentrate on my work and my mind is going in bad things.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is not good that you are not paying attention to your work. There must be no excuse in this matter. Because without money nothing can be done. Whatever you have mentioned these are bad habits concerning sins. A gentleman never destroy himself instead he build up. Please therefore control yourself immediately for yourself and your family. Because bad habits always results in defame. Please try to awake early in the morning to have a long morning walk and to do exercises. Please do yoga asan and pranayam daily. Avoid tea, fried food and market confectionary etc. This will give mental peace and physical energy to live long and to do work hard.

Kajal: I am worried about my problems. When will they solve?
Swami Ram Swarup: One thing is clear that worry creates problem. So we must face happily. Secondly you must do daily worship, meditation and yoga asan which will make your task easier. Hawan is most beneficial to you all. Chant Gayatri Mantra and do hawan of it daily.

Rohan Taneja: Swami ji sadar pranaam, mujhe aap yeh bataien ki shadi kab karni chahiye agar aap bataein to kripahogi.
Swami Ram Swarup: Boy must be 25 years plus age, good health, earning hand, educated who can support and nurse the family then the marriage must be arranged.

Jeevan Singh: Dear Swami ji when i look at myself i see myself being a sikh, when I look inside myself I don’t even see a humanity in me. Full of sin and trouble that I have set for myself. Everytime I say I will make myself better but I loose. I believed that death is very next to me and anytime I may die, but even knowing this is still sin. Swamiji i may not be able to show myself to my Guru but still a part of me want to change. What am I? I am really scared. Swamiji i am sure whatever religion we belong to we all have our destiny, those who look down on other religion are really are as death as they are living. With God grace I love taking Ram naam, Waheguru Naam, Allah naam cause for me these are all One name in different timing, and different languages. But Swamiji my only problem is that I don’t understand myself, and I am scared that I will lose this life in vain. Swamiji please don’t look at me as which religion I belong to but look at me in a mercy way and bless me, so that I may seek the right path for His name sake.
Swami Ram Swarup: Sikh majhab is a brave majhab who saved even Hinduism under the Pancham Padshahi Guru Arjun Dev Sahib. So you must be proud of Sikhism and must be of good qualities. Please control yourself immediately. I too sing shabd kirtan and respect Shri Guru Granth Sahib. You can only make yourself better by your firm oath like Panch Payare. So take firm decision please and avoid totally bad deeds. You must also do asan and meditation. Death is sure for whole of universe and we are blessed by God to award human body to overcome the death by doing worship and pious deeds including discharging moral duties of family etc. So I think you will change yourself because there is such desire within you. Please listen Guru Vani daily and chant name of God within heart sitting alone. Try to listen preach of Guru Vani and others good saints and gain it in daily routine life because mere listening is nothing untill it is observed and experienced.

You are right that Wahe Guru, Ram Nam, Allah or God are the name of only one superb power i.e., Almighty God who creates, nurses and one time destroy the universe. Yourself is not a body. Body is destroyed being non-alive matter. But you, I and everybody live within the body and that is why we are called soul and soul is alive. So we have to realise ourself that is
soul by means of Bhakti. Please take good preach from anywhere of such kind, remember the name of holy God/Wahe Guru then everything will be okay. You may put any problem to me at any time in this regard. I appreciate your views and advice you to go ahead for spiritualism.

C V Prakash: Pranam Guruji, I have following questions:
1. How the Soul enters the body?
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul first enters in male body by any kind of food and water and then it takes pregnancy by husband and wife according to Karmas. It is a vast philosophy which can not be described here.

2. Where does it reside?
Swami Ram Swarup: After leaving the human body at the time of death the soul resides in space under the control of Sutratma air and while pregnancy resides in mothers bomb.

3. What is the shape?
Swami Ram Swarup: Shape described in Vedas is like thousandth part of a tip of hair even less i.e., soul is always invisible.

4. What is the color?

Swami Ram Swarup: Without colour like God.

5. What all the characteristics?
Swami Ram Swarup: It never takes birth, it is immortal can not be destroyed and eternal etc.-etc.

6. What is the main purpose of atma?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is always pleasant evergreen everlasting full of enjoyment but is bounded under the result of pious and bad deeds and that is why soul takes birth to bear the consequences. We have to realize the soul that is why
we are human being but we have been entangled in worldly false affairs and experiencing sorrows etc. However The main object of the soul after entering the body while pregnancy is to maintain the body and realize God.

7. How does it exit? And finally, when we believe reincarnation/rebirth, is it not unfair toconduct rituals like death annevarsary (Shradh) when the soul might havealready taken rebirth?
Swami Ram Swarup: It exit from Brahamrandhar if HE is Yogi otherwise from nine dwar(hole) of human body. Shradh is not
accepted by eternal knowledge of four Vedas or by God. I have answered this type of question 2 or 3 days back in detail. I would request you to see the full web site of please.

Manish Lath: Swamiji, jab sarir koi galat kaam karta hei, to uska phal next janam mein bhi atma kohi chukana padta hei, to phir ham is sarir to atma se alag kaise mane,gitamein to kaha gaya hei ki stma ki sudhi karo, sarir ki nahin, lekin man jabsarir se galat kaam karwata hei , to phir atma ko uska phal kyon bhognapadta hei
Swami Ram Swarup: Atma se alag sharir ese hai jese tar main current tar se alag hai aur foolon main khushbu fool se alag ahi aur metal main garmi metal se alag hai aur raat main kamre main bulb ki roshani bulb se alag ahi etc. Geeta main atma ki shudhi ke liye kahin nahin kaha kyonki atma hamesha se sudh hai. Geeta ke shalokoin per vyakhya badi galat chhap rahi hai. Aap geeta ka koi esa shalok likhin, main samjhane ki koshish karoonga. Man tabhi atma se galat kaam karvata hai jab atma apna shudh swarup bhulkar man ki gulam ho jati hai.

Swami Ram Swarup: First of all please note that dream must be based on truth and then if anybody else do hard working with full consideration then reward is awarded. Mere dreams can do nothing. Struggle, braveness and firm decision makes man healthy and wealthy. One should fix the true target and must go ahead accordingly. Problems are always due to our own previous birth deeds and similarly is the happinesss. But sorrows can be burnt by doing present pious deeds. A spiritual master is needed in this case who knows Vedas/Yoga philosophy etc.

Puneet Monty: What is good point of brahamcharya?
Swami Ram Swarup: Good point of Brahamcharya is to be happy always with long life without sickness and realising God.

Kala: What is indias relation to the rest of the world?
Swami Ram Swarup: India’s relation with rest of world are based on political matter. It is not conducted with spiritual matters. When both matters will be combined then sure our India will again be a golden bird and spiritual master. However except Pakistan India’s relation are mostly good from rest of the coutries. We always want to make good relation with Pakistan too.

Sonu: Whatever i think it should happen i pray also lot but no reply now i am tried of all this i want to see the result.
Swami Ram Swarup: Result is always in the hand of God. Man proposes God disposes.

Umesh: hello babbaji since last year or two i have lot of financial problems let me know how u face all the problems
Swami Ram Swarup: I always minimise my requirements and never desires baselessly so problems are automatically finished. Please follow this path if possible to be happy.

Rhythm Maniar: Swamiji, I want to know wats the right age to get married?plz doreply my question
Swami Ram Swarup: In case of boy it is 25th plus and in girl’s 18 minimum.

Imsa: How can we born seven time in one world?
Swami Ram Swarup: Because world life is more than two and half arab years in one creation.

Mohit Goyal: You are thinking as negative that terrorism can not destroy. Think as positive and tell me what should i do?
Swami Ram Swarup: God has made some law and orders in four Vedas in which to finish the terrorism is the duty of a king i.e., political leaders who are ruling. However we can assist them only. If you want to end the terrorism you must sure contest a election to become a true leader. So please try this first.

Pickle: Whats the name of the buddism holy book?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is Kanjur.

Swami Ram Swarup: Science is itself is a gift to human being by Almighty God. If a newly borne baby is shifted to a cave and if provided with all facilities in that jungle but no one talks to him. Then even after 25 year too he will not be able to know any thing because he was not made educated. He will not know any language even. So it is fundamental that the knowledge is always given by anybody else then it is gained. So at the time of beginning of the earth the knowledge in the form of four Vedas is given by God. This deep philosophy has now been made unknown. Science is a part of knowledge of the Vedas because what ever you see and know about the science it is in the Vedas but yet most of the knowledge is hidden in Vedas which is to be invented. It is only possible if human being listen Vedas from a philosopher. Being a vast subject I cannot brief here.

About God I have already mentioned a lot in the previous answers. I would request to please go through full web site and put me question again. Yet a simple example I would quote here. Sun rises in the east and sets in west. This fundamental is being established for the last l arab and about more than 96 crore years smoothly. This control is not automatically. The definition of dharma are two. One is man made and other is God made. The God made dharma is to discharge the moral duties by human being preached in Vedas about family, nation, jungle, animals etc. and to do ashtang yoga and yajna etc. And to do the pious deeds which result in our life to be long and happy while alive and after death too. So this eternal dharma is not being adopted due to loss of knowledge of Vedas. Vedas are not sects, being originated in the heart of four rishis at the time of creation by God Himself. This deep philosophy requires to be known while long study of Vedas. Realisation of God is only possible through Vedas and ashtang yoga practice.

Raghavendra: Swamiji Sadar Namaskar! I wanted to know about my problems. I can’t concentrate my mind in Sadhana or in God. I am overloaded at anywhere. Due to this I can’t make myself growing,charming,progressive,religious Because presently only the need is Money, If I will be sound in Money I can support my family,my parents I can overcome my problems, So swamiji please give me some mantra to get success in my JOB and the assignments. So I can be progressive and I will be near about God.
Swami Ram Swarup: Rig Veda 1st mantra says that all assets are given by God only. This is also a result of of previous birth deeds and present too. So you are advised to worship God for assets and peace etc. For this the best way is to do yajna by chanting Gayatri mantra at least 11 time morning and 11 times evening pouring ghee in burning fire in hawan kund. This will give you immediate result.

Vikas: I am not able to clear one subject in my Graduation exams. Will I be able to clear this year?
Swami Ram Swarup: You are a student. Your moral duty is to pay full attention on study. This is only your religion. This will only make your future happy. There is nothing impossible. Please start hard study without wasting a second and get sure success.

Srinath: Is there any other manta powerful than gayatri mantra?
Swami Ram Swarup: Every Veda mantra is powerfull as Gayatri mantra because all mantra are the knowledge direct from God. Yet gayatri mantra has some special quality which I have mentioned in previous article. Please go through the full web site and see the meaning of gayatri mantra.

R. Datta: what is the literal meaning of the Gayatri mantra ?
Swami Ram Swarup: O God we sit for meditation and you please enlight our mind with wisdom to enable us to know about right and wrong. However I have already given its vast meaning. Please see the web site.

Vinita: I don’t get much time to spend with parents. Due to this, there is a big gap of understanding between me and my parents. How can we solve it?
Swami Ram Swarup: The parents are always worshipable because they have given us birth. See Shri Rama who served the parents. So I think you must please surrender before your parents and your parents definitely then will surrender before you.

Swami Ram Swarup: I have already answered such like questions. Actually Hindu , Muslim, Sikh, Christians are sects made by our fore fathers. Vedas is the knowledge by God where there is only one God who creates, nurses and destroy the universe. We have to worship Him only. I would request you to please see the web site also.

Shujath: Is Terrorism Islamic?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. Terrorism is not Islamic.

Swami Ram Swarup: Kisi baat ko kahane se pahle us ko sochna and majboot irade se kahane chahiye nahien to wo hamesha jhoot sidh hone lagegi. Yeh tumahre haat men hi hai ki jhoot bolo ya sat. Hamesha insaan ko satya hi bolna chahiye.

Uchiapi: I am very much fed up with this life. I can’t enjoy freely and remain mentally disturbs all the time. I am always in tension. I know this life is valuable and am thanful to God for his blessings that am here in this beautiful
world. How can i improve? I am a beleiver of God and do prayer daily for half an hour. I am a buddhist.
so pliz i would be grateful to ur advice.
Swami Ram Swarup: I appreciate that you believe on God. This human life is a God gift so first of all I would advise you not to be fed up. Actually question is this that why we are born in human life. It is for serving parents,elders,pious deeds and after fixing a good target of life to do hard working. Please fix up your life target then you will get no time to think baselessly. We try to have enjoyment from friends,worldly articles etc which can satisfy us temporarily. You must still study hard,must awake early in the morning,should have a long morning walk and should do exercise. Meditation and yoga asan will solve your problem immediately. Do hard work in daily routine. Please write again if any problem arises. It is to be remembered and experienced deeply that Mahatma Buddha left all worldly attachments for searching peace.

Reshma: Namaskar swamiji.. i am quite young, but I am afraid of Death. Its silly really, but with everything going on in this world. I get terrible nightmares, and I want to know how I can learn more about my religion (hindusim) to help me over come these fears?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is natural that every body is afraid of death but you think it deeply which are the good signs. Actually this life if only meant for overcoming the death. Death is fifth sorrow amongst five in yoga shashtra. We have to overcome all. It is only possible by learning of Vedas and doing ashtang yoga. It will be better for you to seek a philosopher of Vedas, Gita, Shashtras. It is not hard job as usually say every saint of now a days. Otherwise you can chant gayatri mantra and do hawan daily of gayatri mantra eleven times daily morning and evening. Secondly immediately learn at least ten asan and pranayam and do daily morning and evening. The meaning of gayatri mantra is on Ved mandir web site,please learn from web site. When you will start all this then please ask me again. However, no parents and family duties must be disturbed otherwise there will be no meaning of worship. When you will start chanting gaytri mantra then fear will automatically will be over.

Sugarlips: Well,what is brahamcharya asan? and how will that help me get pregnant? and when will i no if this work’s?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sit on blanket. Sit on hip and join both ankle and foot fingers closly. Then keep your hip on closed ankle. But sorry this is not the way of learning any asan. It is learnt in person. So please seek a spiritual master who knows yoga philosophy and learn at least bajra, uttanpad, sidh, padam, bhujang asans and this brahamcharya asan. These all are benefical for you. You can write me for any guidance at any time please.I am away and cannot give you yoga education

Kavita: What is life?
Swami Ram Swarup: Life is a struggle we have to face it. Secondly human life is meant to worship God and to discharge moral duties equally. One must learn about life from a spiritual master. You can again write me please. One should never be nervous in life.

Sanjeev: Why I am facing problem from my own family? pranam
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually this is generally due to the previous birth deeds which must be faced faithfully and peacefully. Now because we have been awarded with a human life then we must do only pious deeds to burn our previous deeds which give sorrows then peace will come. About pious deeds one will have to learn from a spiritual master who knows Vedas and yoga. Secondly youngsters must always surrender before the parents. It is pious deed and gives peace.

Hareesh: Do u have any centers in Thiruvananthapuram? It is the capital city of kerala state.
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. From the very beginning I have been in lonely places and now this place is also lonely at Himachal state. My mission has never been to spread ashram or to make disciples. Yet any devotee comes to me, I by the blessing of God if feel good then only I accept him otherwise I advice mostly to go to other preachers or Guru. Yet I always give every body the preaches of Vedas, Shashtras, Gita, Ramayana and specially about ashtang yoga philosophy practically. I never think that he is my disciple or not. I love all. I never prefer money etc. Though many people donated land etc but I have never accepted. You are always welcomed for any type of question.

Sachdeva: Dear sir, I have read in many of our hindu books that but i am not finding the an answer to my one question that there is an action & reaction law but in my child hood I have no mistake but still am facing very high punishment of it till today why?
Swami Ram Swarup: If you throw a ball or any thing to a wall there will be action and reaction alike. Similarly if you do yoga practice this will be your action and in reaction you will one time get peace and other good experiences. In Vedas, Shashtras, Upnishad, Gita, Ramayana, etc. everywhere it is preached if you do pious deed you will get result ie good result in reaction. Please clear your question again and I shall try to explain in details. Why you are punished please clear it.

Afrah: Why do people do not believe that their is no God only allah?
Swami Ram Swarup: Because Allaha, God, Ishwar etc. are all pious name of one supreme power who creates, nurses and destroy the universe. It has got language differences and not truth.

Harsha Dureja: Swami ji pranam, please tell me how i concentrate on my studies. I am not able to manage my time well. I am a very confused person & not able to take my decions. Please solve my problem. pranam
Swami Ram Swarup: First of all a firm decision is to be made firmly. Secondly a student must be aware of his responsibility and moral duties that he is only meant for doing hard study with full attention and concentration. For this a student must always awake early in the morning and must have a long morning walk. Secondly he must do daily excercises and asans and pranayam which give him moral, mental and physical strength. This increases his memory also.

Venugopal: Is it necessary to take bath before performing any pooja? because our soul is already holy and pure. When we pray we pray soul but not with body?
Swami Ram Swarup: No doubt soul is pious and holy but soul lives in body. You live in your house and house must be cleaned daily. So bath must be taken daily. Except in exceptional circumstances like sickness etc.

Mohit Chaturvedi: Swamiji Maharaj. Jai Shri Krishna I would just like mentioned that I was really moved by the selfless volunteers that were helping out during the Akshardham Terrorist Massacre, in hospitals and at the temple complex. I was really moved how they were helping remove bodies, removing the injured and taking them to the hospital while risking their own lives in the process. I saw a person on TV, who said that he was part of a group of people who had come all the way from Ahmedabad to help in whatever manner that was needed, in terms of treatment, medicines, food etc. I was really moved. God bless all those people who were selflessly helping others there on that fateful evening. Gujarat and its people have faced a lot. God forgive them and Bless them all. I pray to God that good sense prevail in those few people who have chosen the path of terrorism and show them what they are doing to the lives of these innocent men, women and children. God Saves Us All. God Bless Everybody.
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear Mohit I heartly appreciate your views which are full of humanity. I too pray Almighty God to shower blessing to all for peace.

Rabel: I want to know my life time i want to be very famous how can i?
Swami Ram Swarup: Please fix your right target, do hard working and serve the humanity. Daily worship ie true worship is a must in this way.

Latha: Swamiji, My dog who was with us for 13 years died two days ago. It is very miserable without him around. I want to understand the cycle in which athma travels. Once athma leaves the dog’s body what would be its next destiny? will it have another birth?? is human form the last in the birth cycle? please direct me to any book or web site where i can get more information on this.
Swami Ram Swarup: According to four Vedas, shashtras and upnishad and Gita the atma goes in space then accordingly to the karmas philosophy soul takes next birth. Attachment is not good for us. Our forefather have left already but we never think about their soul. Death is sure but must not be early and baseless. Therefore only we must do pious deeds. I appreciate your love with your loving dog. But he has gone now under the law of God which every body must faithfully accept. About death 39 chapter of Yajur Veda must be studied.

Malang Suryavanshi: Sir in my work life I am having many problems day by day. I am really frustrated. I have lost interest from my life. Is it because of my rashi or God is taking my test?
Swami Ram Swarup: Life specially human life is blessed by God in which we must never be nervous. We must bravely face the problem to overcome. God never take test. God always gives the result of our previous birth deeds. If we now do pious deed then previous deeds which give sorrows are burnt. I have already written about this a lot. Please see full web site. Honesty is the best policy. Please awake early in the morning, do long morning walk daily. Do some exercise too and asan and pranayam. This will give you mental and physical strength to fight with the problems. Everything will be then okay.

Suresh: my name is suresh and iam having 30 years still i can not get marrie will u please give me suggestion
Swami Ram Swarup: Please give advertisement in famous news papers and also in relations you and your parents must try. You will get good result now.

Himanshu: Swami ji manki ashanti aur chitt ki asanti ko kaise door kar sakte hain
Swami Ram Swarup: It requires concentration on right path. The peace is not attained from materialiastic articles etc. One must study spiritual books specially Vedas and do asan pranayam and meditation while discharging family moral duties. Actually most of the people are after assets, money etc only and not includes spiritual path in life which results loss of peace.

Mansi Thanki: Namaste Swamiji, is there any yoga exercise on net that we can see and do practice?
Swami Ram Swarup: Your views are appreciated about learning Yoga. But yoga philosophy is always taught in person. You will have to learn yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharna, dhayan and samadhi which requires a spiritual master in person please. You must do asan, pranayam and meditation daily. A long morning walk is also faithful to you. Daily study of spiritual books is very must essential. Please do not sleep in the day which is harmful to everybody. You must learn yoga philosophy immediately. I am away and cannot teach but can suggest you always.

Shabnam: My daughter (d.o.b 13-01-1990). Can you tell me about her future(married life and career)?
Swami Ram Swarup: Future is always in our hand to built. Specially mother builds the future of their children. Please arrange good education for your daughter and try to escape her from bad societies. Spiritual education must also be given to her. Everybody must awake early in the morning and must do worship and daily exercises. This all will future of your daughter bright.

Imran: Hi! Sir muje koi aise chez batho ke jo mere dil ke kouish hai pori ho.
Swami Ram Swarup: You must pray Allaha daily.

Puneet Mehta: What does brahamcharya mean?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Brahcharya there are two words. Brahm and acharaya. Brahm has got further two meanings. In shanti prava of mahabharat Bhism says there are two Brahm. Shabd brahm and par Brahm. Shabd Brahm means Veda mantras and par brahm means realisation of God. So Ist meaning of Brahamcharya is to study Vedas in deep and follow the preaches therein to realise God. Because Acharya means to follow and to get experience. And not mere study and speaking. To do the same our five organs, five perceptions and one mind must be controlled. So second meaning of Brahm charya is to control the organs etc. by means of ashtang yoga.

Anonymous: What is the place of women in India?
Swami Ram Swarup: Not alone in India, but according to the traditional knowledge of Vedas the place of woman is like God which has been destroyed due to lack of knowledge. Atharva Veda says Istri hee Brahm Babhuvitha ie woman is Brahm. In Rigveda it is mentioned O God you are more than my father and brother but equal to my mother. But sorry to say that this position of women has been made ruined due to lack of knowledge of Vedas land spiritulism. However, in India it is far better.

Swami Ram Swarup: To do the deeds according to the four Vedas is pious(Punya) and to do against Vedas and shashtras is sin(paap). We will have to study or listen the preaches a lot. Actually now a days the facts of traditional knowledge of Vedas and six shashtras are not being followed and not being listened. Therefore, the problems arise to determine that what is right and what is wrong. If only listening of Geeta or Ramayana by present sadhus could spread the peace then It could be before. Most of the sadhus saint are against the Vedas and Shashtra and this is also a sin.

Chandni: When ever we feel very bad and we are thinking there is nothing good in this world what to do to be happy?
Swami Ram Swarup: In this case a deed preach and study of Vedas and shashtra and doing asans and pranayam will ever be faithful which is I think a hard job at present. But it is every one right. Please start from yoga practice and study of any spiritual books which tell about human body and soul. A spiritual master who knows Vedas is essential to give preach.

Vatsal Vora: NAMASTE SWAMIJI, I WANT TO know that someone who will never ruin anybody, he do all good works in life then why he is suffering bad life ?
Swami Ram Swarup: Bad life or Good life is not the result of our present deeds but it is the result given by God based on past deeds. When we do pious deed at present then its result of pleasure will be awarded in future births. I have already said about karamas philosophy in details before. Please see full web site.

Aasheesh: Swamiji Charan Sparsh! How can I get rid of my hassitations? Many times I know I should do this thing but then kept on ignoring it though it is a must. looking for your blessings
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul lives in our body. Body is separate and soul is separate. We are soul and not body. Soul is eternal. So you are also a soul. Hesitation is always because of human body. Soul is so strong that she cannot hesitate. Plese get preach from a spiritual master who knows Vedas about soul ie yourself. You must be brave and must do hard working always to get life success. My blessings are with you for long happy brave life. Please also go through the full website where in you get a wisdom to get rid of hesitation etc. Then write me again.

Vatsal Vora: Pranam! What should we do for saving our old unique culture?
Swami Ram Swarup: We must observe and must follow the old culture in daily life.

Saurabh: Sadar Pranam Guru Ji.. Iam saurabh . iam not good in studies. suggest me something so that i can do better for my future… and i cannot control onmy anger. so please help me out
Swami Ram Swarup: A student must awake early in the morning daily. Must go for a morning walk and do exercise. He has to take care of his health because it is his moral duties. By doing such practice he will be able to study hard and will never fell exertion or laziness. Then he must also do some asans and pranayam. He must sit on padam asan daily to increase his memory. He must pay regards to parents. Please do the same and you will see that you will study hard and you control anger etc.

Naqib Khan: Would u like to say some thing about gujrat crises.
Swami Ram Swarup: I have already said a lot. Plese go through the web site and put question if any. However, fundamentalism is never faithful for the human being.

Mary Dahlstrand: We moved our bedroom around and find we aren’t sleeping as well. What direction should our headboard be facing please?
Swami Ram Swarup: Head must be towards east i.e. sun.

Rohit Kumar: Dear Swamiji, I wanna ask you a question. Aasa kyo hota hai ke hammesha accha insaan dookh oathaa hai? Aur boarra insaan hamesha sookhi rehata hai. Mein hamesha yehi dekhaa hoo ke” bad person always enjoys and good person always cries” Why?Aagar insaan iss jannam mein acche kraam kartaa hai to jaroor wooh pechle jannam mein bhi acche krraam kartta hooga. Mein kyse maan loo ke poonarjanaam hota hai? Shri Ram nee hamesha dookh utthaye phir bhi woh Bhawaagan hai? Kyo? Shri Krishan ki bhi too 3 raniya thi na. Tho woh bhawaggan kyse hai?Indian country mein kya killers ko bhawaagan manna jaata hai? Aagar mein boore kaam shooro karr doo too kya merri jindgi bhi sukkhi hoo jayyegi? Mein acche karramo koo and Bhawwaga mein kaaafi belive kaarta hoo. Plz i don’t wanna forget God and good works and also wanna enjoying in my life?what can i do?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sukh dush apne kiye karmon ka phal hai. Aj ke kiye karamon ka phal agle kae janamon ke pana hota hai abhi nahien. Yeh jankari ne hone se pareshani hoti hai. Bura insan apne pichhle kiye karamon ke karan sukhi hota hai jaise Rawan pahle sukhi tha jab punya khatam ho gae ktab dukhi ho gaya. Ab koi achhe karam karta hai to is ka matlab ye kabhi nahi hai ke wo pichhle janam men sab achhe karam karta hogo.. I have alrady said about karam philosophy. Please see full website also.

Aj ka paida hua kisi janwar tak ka bacha janam lete hi death se darta hai jab ki usne ise janam main abhi tak death ka experience nahi kiya tha. Is se sidh hota hai ki us to pichhle janamon se death ka experience hai. Bhagwan janam maran maen nahi atta. So God does not take birth. It is not even necessay for God being Almighty. Please see the full web site where
I have explained about God.

If a justice king or administrator kill the bad elements then He is pious not killer. Ap ko bahut gaharai se janana hoga ki kiya bura hai aur kiya achha hai. Is ke leye kisi paigambar ke updesh ki jarurat hai kuen ki achhe kam ka achha and bure kaam ka bura natija jagat mein jahir hai. You must study Vedas and do yoga practice.

Swami Ram Swarup: Kali yuga is a calculation of time or period.It has no concerned with sin because time has been made by God, When God is pious then time is also pious. However when we do deeds good or bad at a particular time then time comes when we experiences accordingly. Secondly God is almighty, so He need not to take birth. Please also see the full web site wherein I have already given details.

Gopal Pai: kya appko lagat hai ki swawamivad se bharat ka kuch bhi bhala ho sakta hai, wo chhahe kisi bhi dharam ko mante hon pere sabe ne hi iss desh ka beda gerg kiya hai chahey wo immam ho pandit ya phir sardar ho, isse to hota ki aap log jivan darshan, jine ki kala, baghwan ke parti lagav na ki der peida kerte jisse jayada se jayada log aap se bhi jude rehete or baghwan se bhi jude rehete per kalyug ki is antim prehere mai koi bhi satguru nahin deka jo aisa kere kya aap ker sekete hain jawab dejiye danyawad appka gopal
Swami Ram Swarup: Swamivaad se bharat hi kiya kisi desh ka bhi bhala ab nahi hai kuyuen ki desh eternal matlab sanatan shashwat giyan Veda ko bhul gaya hai. Agar hona hota to abhi tak ho jata because aj anginat swami haien jo pichhle 55 saal se bharat ko bhagti sikha rahe hain jis se bharat kka bahut bura hua hai. Pichhle jamane ki tarah aaj bhi hamen rishi muni chahien. Bhagwan ke prati lagao ka matlab khud par control aur bhai chara badane aur desh ko majboot karana hai jo aaj nahen hai. Yeh karamat jayadatar judne ke liye dar nahien swami aur aise swami ke paas jane wale netaon ki hai. Desh bilkul barbad ho chuka hai.

Jayadatar Bhagwan aur vidwan se judne ke liye dar nahien piyar chahiye whoh bhi atmic piyar. Apne apne kartawaya ko Vedon se janna aur us par amal karne ka naam iswhar bhagti hai jo aaj nahi hai. Main satguru nahien. Yes, maine Vedas, Shashtras, etc. ka adhyan kiya hai kathor yoga abhyas kiya hai jis ke bare main web site par likh chuka hun. Aap web site please dekh len. Muj se ab jitna bhi sat giyan philaya ja sakta hai main apna pharj ada kar raha hun.

Rajesh Kumar: Swamiji what is fear? What is obstacle?
If our soul while doing any deed feel guilty that one is fear. Fear is darkness where there is no knowledge or wisdom. Obstacle are always removed by firm decision and hard working.

Ameer Sameer Khan: What do you think about jinn?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is only one almighty God ie Allaha. Eternal knowledge of four Vedas which is not sect do not say about jinn or bhoot etc.

Rajesh Kudiwal: Koi bhi vastu pane ke liye pahale maan mein phal kyon aata hai?
Gian naa hone ke karan phal ki ichha ho jati hai. Phir bhi pahle pahle koi bhi kaam karne se pahle phal par soochna vicharna to padta hi hai. Jab nischye ho jaye ki yeh karam achha hai bura nahen tab karam karna men hi takat lagae phal ki ichha jiada na soche.

Michael Plaumann: I am suffring from high blood pressure. What can I do?
Swami Ram Swarup: You must please learn asan , pranayam. Lay down for more than twenty minu tes on shava asan. Take one or two glass of water early in the morning empty stomach. Control anger and take regular medicines.

R. K. Khurana:Swamiji, pranam,from childhood i am facing difficulties,definately with grace of i am able overcome many of them and i become ambitious but now i relised that these ambitions can not fulfilled without sacrifycing the honesty,straitforwardness. So how to manage such situations.
Swami Ram Swarup: Difficulties comes in life due to deeds of previous birth. One should not be nervous because due to present pious deed the difficulties will be over. Do not think to loose honesty. God will help you. Do not loose honesty but kill your unnecessary ambitions. Then one day you will be a great man.

Diwan Thakur: Swami ji man ki shanti ke liye kuch bataiye
Swami Ram Swarup: Man ki shanti hi jaruri hai jo sansar men dekhne men nahi aati. Is ke liye ek spiritual master chahiye aur phir us se yoga abhyas sikh kar yoga ka abhyas karna sab se achha hai. Aap dubara likhen lekin likhne se
pahile puri web site ko pad len.

Anonymous: What happens when at a Sikh funeral?
Swami Ram Swarup: Your question is not clear please. Funeral is done always of a human body not of a sects. It is always under control of almighty God.

Babli: Pranam babaji,i am not your good daughter.Please tell me how can i become your lovable child?pranam.
Swami Ram Swarup: I accept you my good daughter.

Raghavendra: Swamiji Sadar Namaskar, I wanted to know that How I overcome my bad habits , How I can start meditation , How I can control my mind which is totally busy in physical world, How can I divert
it,How Can I overcome my problems
Swami Ram Swarup: This is actually a big problem for all human beings. However if anybody wish to overcome bad habits he will have to listen Vedas, shashtras and holy books’s preachfrom a true spiritual master which one is a basic requirement. After along preach then starts jaap of holy name of God when it is completed then by the blressing of the spiritual master aasan pranayam and meditation etc., are learnt and are even practised automatically. The result of this process enable the aspirant automatically to control bad habits, organs perceptions and mind.To continue the same a firm desire is essential.

Pritha: how can i improve my study?
Swami Ram Swarup: You must have morning walk, must do asan and meditation daily which will improve your study. Every student must remember that he must take care of his health first then there will be no problem in study. Take daily plenty of boiled water. Avoid bad society TV etc., and must control organs perceptions and mind through yoga practice. This all gives real strength to a student which he uses in study. Shashtras say if a student wants to attain knowledge through his studies then he must leave all the enjoyment of the organs otherwise he must leave the study.

Sapna: Swami Ji, Charn Vandana(Parnam), Swami ji I want to know when i will get happiness in
my life. I feel whole life i will quarel with strugles and all. Please let me know .
Swami Ram Swarup: Real happinessis always within us and it is never obtained from materialistic articles. Though money, property , house, and assets are essential for our bodies which must be earned by hard working but we see neither rich nor poors are seemed to be happy and who are seemed happy by means of materialistic articles their happiness is time being and not permanent and thus is false . So to be happy permanently one should worship God and should do yoga practice too for real happiness and it is to be done while discharging our daily moral duties towards family and human beings.

S R Joshi: Why india got Nuclear bomb? Why we are spending more money on our defence?
Swami Ram Swarup: To maintain peace strength this required by a nation without power, strength no peace can be maintained.

H: When people feel let down by the world they take refuge in spirituality. Where shall one who has been let down by God take refuge
Swami Ram Swarup:
Actually in the absence of knowledge of spiritualism the reality of world can not be understood secondly
human being have taken birth only to realise the God and in addition to make long life of the body
everybody must do hard working to earn money. So we must get progress in both sides. Now mostly the people have forgotten the spiritualism and are after materialistic articles. That is why the problem of
dissatisfaction etc., have arisen. So this is not the actually matter that when people feel let down by the
world then they only remember God because in this condition the man is so much worried that he will
never be able to concentrate. Because he has no power to forget the mishappenings of the past or he will
become a false prophet. And God never let down anybody. Actually either a man will not worship or his
worship may be false and in both the conditions God never helps him.

Swami Ram Swarup:
Yes the mantras can be chanted by mind and not by tongue but Yajna can not be done in this condition.
Because the God is pious and holy and in the situation of bearing the shoes etc., can not make God impure.
Just as a ray of light of sun when touches with shoes, urine, stools etc., then the ray of sun does not
become impure. So how God Almighty who has made the sun even can be made impure.

Avinash: what is God? have u seen God?
Swami Ram Swarup: God is not a matter to see with eyes. It is realized when all organs and senses and mind become dead of a Yogi. God is the power who creates nurses and destroys the universe. It is deep subject and one should always listen preach from a spiritual master to know about the God.

Jitendra Joshi: what is meant by sachidanand?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have already told the meaning of Sachidanand i.e., sat + Chetan+ anand which are the three qualities of Almighty God. Sat means which remains forever i.e., in past, present and future and can not be destroyed. Chetan means alive and dead like stone. And anand means whose feature is of merriment. These are only three qualities of God among unlimited qualities. So Sachidanand is also a name of God.

Raj Aboti: According to old Vedic and history how many hours sleep do a man requires and how many hours should he work ?
Swami Ram Swarup: For sleep minimum 6 hrs (upto the age of 50) and for hard working rest of the time. But this is only possible for a person who worship daily and do ashtang yoga practice.

Jitendra Joshi: what is meaning of ram the meaning of the name?
Guru Vashisht ji performed the naamkaran Sanskar of Shri Ram and his brothers. The meaning of word Ram is who lives in every matter. Second meaning of Ram is who looks pleasant.

Eshika M. Arora: Hi! My question is somewhat foolish but i donot believe in God and i want to know that keeping belief in God will change my life?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sure life is changed when we faith on God. I have already replied such like questions before. You are requested to see the full web site please and put question if problem arises. You are again welcomed.

Jitendra Joshi: sir what is the main aim of the God creating life on earth? why is he taking so much pains in making people
birth and die? what is whole concept behind it? I am 18 yrs old i want to leave study and go to a ashram to study Vedas etc. Is it right?
I am in 12th class. Where should i go?
Swami Ram Swarup: Aim always exists before human being and not God. Pain also is realized by human being and not God. So
there is no concept of God. It is but natural. However I have already replied such like question. Please see the web site for details. However you can put question
again also. In Vedas God says that we must get progress in both ways in study as well as in spiritualism. So please continue your study and side by
side pay your some time for studying Vedas daily and doing yoga too. You must seek philosopher of yoga, I am away I can only advise and cannot help you in
person. You are always welcomed for any problem. Your interest in Vedas is highly appreciated please.

Kessy: Hi i`m Kessy from Germany! How longs does Yoga exist?
Swami Ram Swarup: Real meaning of yoga is SAMADHI. Samadhi means realization of almighty God who creates the universe. So Yoga exist forever. It was before the creation, it is alive at present and when the universe will be destroyed yoga philosophy will remain then also. Yoga is therefore, ever lasting. Yoga knowledge is given direct by God so it is everlasting like God. You may please put question again if any. You are most welcome.

Anil: Swami Ji,I am a reasearch scolar. I am researching more about Christ,Islam and Hinduism. I want to be a Hindu I am a freelance journalist and have a vast links in different places and diffrent society.
Please help me and told what can you help me?
Swami Ram Swarup: I appreciate that you are a research scholar. Actually sects have been made by our fore fathers within three thousand years. Sects have not been made by God. God creates universe and human being/mankind only. We have to worship the God who creates the universe, nurses and destroy it. So in any capacity one can worship the almighty God. Yet you want to be Hindu, then I will advise you to contact only a learned spiritual master who knows four Vedas and yoga practice because Vedas are not sects. I have told more about the four Vedas and would request you to please see the full site where Vedas and yoga philosophy has been mentioned while giving answers. After studying the question and answers I would request you to please
again contact me and I shall try to advice you more.

Anonymous: What should i do for to become a confident girl?
Swami Ram Swarup: You must obey and serve the parents, do daily worship and do daily yoga practice like asan and pranayam. Avoid bad society, control organs and perception and mind. Do hard working in pious deeds. And please again put problems if any.

Vimal: swami ji i’m a very spiritual person but at times get very materialistic although i know it cannot hold me for long but then comes the practical problems
like parents,relatives expectations,peer pressure etc.. I don’t feel comfortable with all that dishonesty and cruelty done in the name of practicality. Please
suggest me the ways to cope with the practical world and also maintain my spiritual feelings. I’m keen reader of religious and spiritual books, please tell me from where do i can get the four Vedas
to read in simple english? thank you
Swami Ram Swarup: I appreciate that you are a spiritual person and please remain forever because this life is only meant
for the spiritualism. I will advise you to do daily asan and pranayam after learning properly from a spiritual master who know four Vedas and yoga
properly. You may contact with M/s Govind Ram Hasanand, Nai Sarak near Chandni chowk Delhi to purchase Vedas.

Swati Sharma: What is the dhyan? how we can do it?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have already given answers of such like question before. Also see the full web site. In sankh shashtra
it is mentioned that Nirvishya manah iti dhayanam it means when an aspirant has not any views in his mind then this stage is called dhyan. dHyan(meditation) is
the seventh stage of ashtang yoga. Most people say about dhyan which is fundamentally wrong. Before dhyan 6 stages are required to be crossed. Please read yoga
lectures on the web site also and then put problem if any.

Devendra Gautam: I am chanting the Mahamantra “Hare Krishna- Hare Ram” (16AKSHRI) when will my KALMASH be clean?
Swami Ram Swarup: Shri Rama was born in treta yuga and Shri Krishna born in Duwapar yuga. We will have to think that what mantra was being remembered by Rama’s and Shri Krishna’s fore fathers. The eternal and traditional
name of God right from the beginning of earth is more valuable please, which will sure burn the Kalmash. However you may continue, as you desire please.

Rounak: What is yoga? What are yamas and niyams? What are the different types of yoga? Can you give me some
information on yoga asans?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yoga means samadhi and samadhi is attained by doing hard practice of ashtang yoga viz. 8 path of ashtang yoga which are yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahar,
dharna, dhayan and last is Samadhi. When an aspirant attains the stage of samadhi then only he realizes God. I have already given brief of ashtang yoga
previously and therefore I would request you to please see the full web site and study the ashtang yoga philosophy. However you can put question again also

Manpreet: My God is not hearing me and is very far from me,my mind is also wandering in search of him and is also not at one place for a long time,dhayan
nahi lagta easily .Please guide me the proper way?

Swami Ram Swarup: God is everywhere and sees and listens everybody. He is only away for those who are away from Him. He too listens you but to have the blessing of God a true
worship from a experienced true spiritual master is most essential. Kind seek the true master, learn yoga and then after a long practice of yoga, preaches and
pious deed you will definitely realize God. Dhayan is the 7th stage of ashtang yoga, which means the aspirant has no sankalp and vikalp. So this stage is
attain by ashtang yoga practice and not mere Dhayan practice. Your interest is yoga philosophy is appreciated and please learn full yoga.

Mahariwal: Swamiji,Dhantwat Pranam Sweekar kare. Today,on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi,luckly with sake of
almighty God and with thanks to scientist of todays technology throught which I am nearer to your soul to get some knowledge for satisfaction and a peacefull
life for which all are not eager in this modern YUG only but always RAHA HAI OR RAHEGA JAB TAK GURU KI SARAN ME NAHI JAYEHA SWAMIJI. sINCE THE DAY OF BIRTH I

Swami Ram Swarup: To get peaceful life during these materialistic worlds is not an easy task. But I appreciate that you are a God fearing person. Hanumanji served Shri Rama. Now a
days the qualities of Shri Rama and Hanuman ji are to be observed in us. But these processes are not being adopted. You are advised to worship the one Almighty
God who creates nurses and destroy the universe. For this purpose you please learn Ashtang yoga and too listen Vedas and shashtra and spiritual books from a
learned person. First of all you please start asan and pranayam after learning from a spiritual master. I am away from you that is why I can only guide you but can
not help you personally. Daily worship, yoga practice, discharging of family moral duties are enough to overcome the problems. You are again welcome please.

Abhishek Verma: What is the bestway to solve the ayodhya tangle?
Swami Ram Swarup: If the fundamentalisms of both sides are controlled by way of loving views and meetings again and again then
this problem will sure be over. I think this problem is neither political nor is a case of court’s advise. We all will have to think deeply on this truth that
Hindu and Muslim are brother and are the children of one God. One brother when with clear heart will beg a piece of land the another will never refuse.

Chowdhery Surendra Kumar: on the one hand it is said that every thing in ur life is preordained & nothing can be done
without His will & on other hand it is said that u get the rewards ofvyour actions. I one has done what is preorgained for one, how his karma is then relevant?
Swami Ram Swarup: The fundamental of Vedas Shashtras, Geeta and other spiritual books accepts only the result given by God based on our previous Karmas. That is why you can say that nothing can be done without God, everything is done by God which means God gives result of our own Karmas only. It does not mean that HE himself award any sorrow or happiness. However it is also HIS law that by our present worship, pious deeds and Yoga practice our all-previous Karmas which a can give
sorrows in future can be burnt in all. That is why worship is required.

Anita: Dear swamiji, Aap ke charanome Sadar Pranam. People say God exists in temples, in heaven etc etc. I believe that God exists inside my soul. He is in all the good things in my or any soul like calmness, peacefulness, forgiveness, acceptance, kindness, forgiveness , love and the list is endless. and does not reside in anything thst’s bad in my soul. swamiji am I wrong If I feel that God does not exists in heaven or in temples but exists inside my soul. is it
o.k if the God I believe in does not have a name,shape, form or a face. Am progressing in the right direction.?Please guide me
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually heaven does not exist also. Heaven or hell is the result of our previous and present deeds, which are awarded by omnipresent and Almighty God. God is everywhere i.e., in every atom of the Universe either it is pious or it is bad. But God is realized always by an aspirant in his heart i.e., God is everywhere but realized only in human body. I think temple is man made and human body is God made, so God has made HIS temple – human body. Yask Muni says ASYA ATMA SHARIRAM i.e., the every soul is resident of God. Soul is always pious but being attached with the worldly article soul it seemed to be unpious and sinner. Real worship and mediation etc., enable soul to realize himself and God within him. God has His several names in the Vedas but the best name is OM. But God does not have any shape and form.

Jitendra Joshi: sir why have we adopted to themodern education so much because only to a extent this educationis good. Why dont we in india folow the Vedic studies that makes an man better because “education is one that makes the person muktha”
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually God has preached human being to follow spiritualism & study of Science etc., equally. Present atmospheres of false pomp and show and attraction towards materialistic articles have made the person ruined. Due to following only one path i.e., worldly study etc., there is no time left to think over the study of Vedas, Yajna or Yoga practice and most of the people are living like animals due to lack of knowledge of spiritualism.

Parag Bangad: Swamiji Pranam, Shayad muze aapse mere sawal ka jawab mil jayega… Kya Ved bhi fear psycosis par work karta hai, Baki dharmo ki tarah?
Swami Ram Swarup: Almighty God has got no fear instead we must afraid of God. There are four Vedas, Rig, Yaju, Sam and Atherv Veda. Vedas are knowledge land not book. At the time of creation automatically this knowledge is originated in the heart of four Rishis at that time. God wanted that this knowledge should be learnt by heart with meanings etc and it is happened. The Rishis chants and by listening other remembers and become philosophers of Vedas traditionally. So as the Vedas are the knowledge separated from God, so being God’s knowledge there is no fear in the Vedas.

Sappidi Venkatesh: swami ram swarup ji. PRANAM athma ki mathlab kya hota hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Meaning of atma is based on situation. Yask Muni in his holy book says asya atma shariram.H ere the meaning of atma is God. Because asya atma shariram means this human body is the residence of God. In Yajurveda it is mentioned “Surya atma jagatastasthusaschaya” it means that Atma (God) is giving light to sun. So here also atma means God because no other can give light to sun except Almighty God. In atrayo upnishad it is mentioned that Atma wa idmek avagra aaseet it means that before creation there was only atma (God) nothing else so here also atma means God. In Veda mantra it is
said Brihasptir mein atma nrimna naam hridyaha it means that lives in heart that is body is separate and soul(Atma) is separate. So here atma means soul and not God.

Jeewan Karan: I think love is worship? What are your views about love?
Swami Ram Swarup: You are right worship is nothing without love. No body see God first, I mean a Yogi first an aspirant and start worship, Yajna, study of Vedas and spiritual books and hard practice of Ashtang Yoga. All this he does this to realize God. But uptill he did not see God. But his devotion, dedication and faith produce firm love with unseen God by virtue of which power he continues his Tapsya, worship etc., and finally the Yogi realizes God. So true love is always based on unseen power. However nowadays the physical charm is called love, which is not everlasting.

Karan Aulakh: What is God? What is differance between Love and God?
Swami Ram Swarup: The power that creates nurses and destroys the universe and again creates and so on he is called God. These and only three qualities of almighty God yet the qualities and God are beyond calculation, imagination and beyond descriptions. God has created the universe and HE has blessed the souls a human body. God loves us being unselfishness and has provided every facility in the world whereas most of the man and women helps or love selfishnessly. This is the difference between human and God. When anyone omits this difference then he realizes God. So God is love and love is God. He who loves the human beings then he loves God and God bless accordingly.

Apurba Sengupta: What is the difference between religion & dharma?
Swami Ram Swarup: Religion is an English word and dharma is Hindi word. But yet in Vedas and Shashtra dharma means to
discharge the duties toward parents nation etc and to do pious deed only.

Uroosa: What is a pandit swami etc i dont like this i like allah muhammad.
Swami Ram Swarup: Pandit is a Sanskrit word. It means he who has a vast knowledge of God as well as educational and science etc. In Arabian you say fakir etc. However, every body cannot be a pandit or fakir. No one can study a lot and no one can worship God and even every one can not realize God or Allah. So this is the correct definition of pandit. In Vedas also pandu means brilliant mind. So everybody is not having brilliant mind. Nowadays every body has started saying himself
pandit or fakir etc which is mostly false. Qualities earmark the word pandit. As regards swami it is also a Sanskrit word, which mean master or owner and a wise person who knows Vedas and spiritual knowledge. Here swami means the soul has a human body and swami means that soul is the master or owner of the body. But usually a man and men or women do not understand the
difference between soul and idle body so everybody cannot be a swami. And even most of the swami are seemed to be false, Swami means he who has studied Vedas Shashastras, and spiritual books and has hold on his organs, perceptions and mind by means of hard long worship and hard yoga practice and has started loving human being. Such like persons promote brotherhood
internationally and never tell lie and never take meat wine etc. As regards God or Allah, these are the pious names of one supreme power that creates nurses and destroy the whole world.

Habeeb Ibrahim: Swamiji, i’m a muslim. can you please tell me the way of controlling our inner mind?
Swami Ram Swarup: To listen daily preach of holy Kuran remembrance of Allah to minimize the unnecessary requirements and to control organs perception and mind from bad deeds and sins. To help the poor, services to parents and elders and in addition to do daily yoga like asan, pranayam and meditation is the true way to control the inner mind. Inner mind means mana (mind),dimaak, chitta and ahankar. We have to control this, which further burns our anger, kam, proud, back biting and ravages of hatred. Then it promotes brotherhood internationally.

Naser Ahmed: Mr. Swamy ji today i saw your replies to question and they touched to my heart.but to be frank i was very much disturbed to hear from u saying hindus,muslims all the time,a person like you having so much knoledge on religions u must not seprate the man kind by saying HINDU/MUSLIM I am a muslim but i try to absorb the facts of life from the nature thats why i have attracted to send u a message thiugh i am a very small compared to u and ur knowledge so please dont mention the HINDU/MUSLIM when we r one family of earth. if not immediatly slowly u can put this message in front of the mankind,i would be very glad if u correct my views and highlight my ideology.egarly waiting to hear from you.
Swami Ram Swarup: When God creates the Earth, at that time there was no mention of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian etc.
Therefore correctly there is no mention of these religions in four Vedas Shashtras, which are not sects. There is only one human being on the Earth created by Allah, God. Thus we all are human being and relation is brothers and sisters our Father being Almighty God. The sects have been originated within three thousands years. In a family we have to name every person, similarly our forefather made Hindu, Muslim, Christianity etc., So I consider these as a name of a unbroken family our father being Allah or Almighty God one and the same power. Without name nothing can be done at this stage. Yet I am sorry if
you felt the pious word Muslim/Hindu. Name can not separate humanity. If you please read one answer to the question where some Muslim brother said that population of Christianity and Muslims is very much larger than Hindus there I replied that in the court of Allah the whole population remain constant because HE is our Father and we all are HIS children.

Kewin: dear sir, they have always said that the Veda says that there is only one God and why have the hindus made the fool of themselves saying that there are so many Gods and Goddess. when the hindu Gods can have two wife,s why does the hindu law does not allow the normal hindu to have two wifes legally,doesnt this show that the religion itself is a myth.
Swami Ram Swarup: Truly there is one God as preached in Vedas, Shashtras and Geeta. Problem is this that at present there are very few who study Vedas. So in the absence of study of Vedas no reality can be made known. Within two
thousand years so many Gods have been created which does God, Vedas or a learned person not accept. There is one Earth, one type of air one sky, one fundamental law to live upon, one water etc., these all are made by one God for us. If there will be different type of God then they must build different type of man Earth, sun and moon etc., for their different type of state.
Now nation are different but fundamental of bodies like 98 degree C temperature and other living aspects are seen for all human beings. Because this creation is of only one God. The almighty God has no any wife and this is the sign of HIS Almighty power because HE is not dependent to anybody else for creation or anything else. So Hindu God and Muslim God are not
separate. And this reality is to be realized. So marriage is a matter of human being and not Hindu God etc.

Jitendra Joshi: sir i asked how could in ramcharita manas shiva listen to ram katha even when ram’s chritra was vartaman?
Swami Ram Swarup: I already told that in Valmiki Ramayan Shiva did not listen Ram katha. A learned person who knows Vedas, Shashtras philosophy accepts contents of Valmiki Ramayan only. However in Balkand of Tulsi Ramayan Shivji is describing Ram katha to Parvati.

Lovehuntel: dear sir, you have preached about humanity but why doesnt the worshiper of ganesha dont understand this,they are always bent upon creating problem every year by sticking and purposely carrying their processions over
other religious places with a planned intention to create problems.then where is the humanity in the hindus.
Swami Ram Swarup: Long Tapsya/Yoga- meditation and hard study of Vedas and spiritual books know truth. When there is one God who has no statue then against this fundamental no peace can be achieved. Within three thousand years
only sects have come into existence and so many type of worship of different type of Goddess have been originated. As regard Ganesh worship they do not create problem intentionally but still there is a problem that they do not worship omnipresent God and when omnipresent God is not worshiped then thousand of problems are arised. Presently Bhakti is more and more
in the world but peace is not there, love and co-operation is not there. Fight between priest, siya, sunni, and fight between Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian are going on which must be not there as we all are brother and sister. So this not the time to
create problem in the religion because every religion is firm and adorable. Now is the time to educate the people who are in blind faiths.

Jitendra Joshi: how could one be free from all” the malinta in the maan”?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is only possible by doing Tapsya, study of Vedas, shashtras and spiritual books and by doing worship/ashtang Yoga hard practice. This is possible only when an aspirant get spiritual master of such kind. This is vast subject and can not be explained fully here. However you can put question again and again.

Kalyaani: I need peace,tried to find it within myself,but failed. help
Swami Ram Swarup: Peace is obtained within us, it is true, but to obtain the peace a peace realizing spiritual master, Yogi, Tapsvi, Fakir or an Acharya is the first essential requirement. It is traditional requirement. Please do the needful now.

Shriniwas Damle: Pujjya Swamiji,I know u have studied lot of holy scriptures.Could u tell me something about Kundalini energy.I have just heard of it.What is it and could it be awakened ?

Swami Ram Swarup: Mere study is not faithfully untill we observe its preaching in daily life. And realisation is only
possible after tpasya like yajna, daily worship,brahmcharya and daily hard yoga practice, etc. I thank you for your kind considration. As far as kundalani is concerned , actually I think it has been a professional based on mostly false statement by false saint/prohets etc. According to the four Vedas and patanjal yogaq shashtra and based on my personal experiences, it is not an easy task to awaken the kundalani. I cannot give brief here being secret one but I can only tell here that kundalani is a part of body and it reaches at Murdha to open the path of brahmrandra where a yogi realises God. Murdha is a
point at forehead kbetween two eye brow whrere Ida and Pingla Nadi meats. Kundalani is awakened after long ashtan yoga practice. Some says that it is a matter of three months. See that God is called atithi also in Vedas. Athithi means He has no date means you cannot fix date for the appointment. If we say for three months or so it means we have ordered the God to be present before us within three months which is sin and even not possible as no one can give order to God. Geeta holy book says Bahunam janaman ante means after so many births. So yoga should be learnt and be practised faithfully. It is upto God and Guru ji when kundalani is awakened. Because awakened means realisation of God.

Swami Ram Swarup: Please try to achieve good preaching and contain the good preaching in routine life. Serve the parents elders pay regards to them. Do hard working always. Cooperate, be firm on your words, love to poor and
help them. Never tell lie, control your organs, perception and mind, avoid bad societies always and for this purposes get preaching from a spiritual masters and continue daily worship and yoga practice. So there are hundred of even millions of kind of pious deed but discharging the duties and to know the duties to go to a true spiritual master is enough.

Jawed: Please Say me What is spiritual differences between the hinduism and islam and christianiti? I am a research scholar and want to be a hindu my background is from muslim.
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no difference in Hindu and Islam religion or Christianity except that we now a days are totally depend mostly on false prophets who are only after the money etc. However, a traditional knowledge of Vedas
kand Yoga practice that is right from the time of beginning of the earth and equally still applicable for all human being is essential for all to adopt for eternal peace. In my opinion Vedas and preach of yoga in Vedas are not sects. For any doubt you are again most welcome please.

Jignesh C. Pandya: Give me answer about dhyan. i want to get read from tension from daily work & to become cool & get a relief from town life.
Swami Ram Swarup: Dhayan is the seventh stage of Ashtang yoga. When an aspirant does practice of yam, niyam, aasan, pranayam, pratyahar and dharna then he achieve the stage of Dhayan (meditation) and then he attains Samadhi. So mostly nowadays false prophets have opened their business to give knowledge of Dhayan (meditation) but not right from the beginning of yam niyam etc as mentioned above. This is all false and not possible to concentrate as per Shashtras and four Vedas. So he who is desirous of doing Dhayan he must learn basic fundamentals of yoga which starts from yam etc. To sit simply on an aasan with closed eyes is not Dhayan. We will have to go in deep and will have to get the fundamental knowledge from a learned yogi who knows Vedas and Shashtras and practical yoga practice. To be free from tension one should do Yoga practice daily. It contains aasan pranayam and so on. We must serve the parents and regards to elders and love to children. Daily worship by remembering the holy name of God is too essential. For this purpose advice of a perfect spiritual master is surely necessary.

Lakshmi: Swamiji, I am a non vegeterian, would like to find out what is a pious food means and what are those?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas and Shashtras it is clearly mentioned that human being must take vegetarian food only because it only make the body durable and stop sickness etc. Vegetables are only use full for worship and yoga
practice. So wine, meat and any food, which effects the mind like giddiness etc, are prohibited. So excluding the said food remaining is vegetarian food. We must also avoid fried vegetarian food also.

Jitendra Joshi: how can one develop gopi bhav towards God?
Swami Ram Swarup: According to four Vedas, six shashtras, Bhagwat Geeta, Upnishads and all spiritual books written before five thousands years ago it is not possible to have Gopi bhav towards God.

Bandiganesh: How to do Yoga?
Swami Ram Swarup: There are eight fold paths of Ashtang yoga in Vedas and in Patanjal yoga Shashtra. These paths are to be learnt from an experienced Yogi. These are the 8th paths yama, niyam, aasan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharna, Dhayan and Samadhi.

Shruti Jain: how to get peace of mind?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is only one way to get peace of mind that there must be no any problem left in mind and this may be achieved only by Ashtang yoga practice and learning of spiritual holy books. It needs a holy spiritual master.

Soorbeer: how will be my rest of life,sir?
Swami Ram Swarup: Please serve the parents and elders, do daily worship and yoga practice, discharge your duties faithfully in family and for the nation too, love to children and help the poor. Be firm on your words, ready holy books
too. And you will see that your future is full from pomp and show with long happy life.

Devendra: What is the meaning of om?
Swami Ram Swarup: Om, Om is the best name of Almighty God to be remembered and to be chanted as stated in four Vedas.
This requires vast preach. Today I am busy and you may please put this holy name with mark of interrogation again. When mark of interrogation is omitted then soul is fully indulged in OM. From ava rakshane dhatu the holy word OM is produced and OM
thus always protect and care to those who remember daily the pious word OM.

Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas the worship is stated to be performed early in the morning & at evening & naturally these times we don’t take food. Secondly empty stomach does not warrant a man to be lazy whereas stomach full of food gives natural laziness. And in case of yoga aasan & pranayam food is strictly probhited. This is traditional knowledge. After taking food we can also pass the gas whereas in empty stomach it is not possible oftenly.

Vijay Rajpoot: Swami ji, hum logoo ne kya paya insan hokar isse too janver he ache hote hai koi tenssion nahi kissi se koi matlab nahi.
Swami Ram Swarup: Animals always fights like dog, cat,lion etc., you can see this truth in dicovery Channel also but yet there is limitation & law that they atack only when they feel danger to the life or to take food & they are not guilty even. But in the case of mankind when we become lazy, proudy, greedy , take anger,sinner in case of sex etc.,theft, corruption etc., then we become guilty & sinner & are punished badly in the court of God. But mostly we become sinner when our soul adopt the path of organs , perception & mind being illiterate & uneducated in case of spiritualism. That is why educated people from school,college etc., also oftenly are indulged in crime. Because they are not educated in spiritualism/true religion. Vedas & holy books says to get progress in both way equally i.e., spiritualism as well as in materialistic education means science etc. When we are not according to this philosophy then naturally we become worst than animal, as you said. So human life is not only to enjoy materialistic world but also to take spiritual knowledge fully & materialistic knowledge according to the spiritualism.

Alishan: how i find the God and a peaceful and happy life.
Swami Ram Swarup: Allah or God is always within us to be realized. You must study the holy Kuran & adopt the preach thereof. One day you will be kind hearted man for the Universe. This is the way to realize Allah/God.

Sharad Sharma: Swami ji, doesn’t belief in Vedas, make one fatalistic, doesn’t one tend to forget his karma b’coz of this???
Swami Ram Swarup: dear Sharmaji actually I have not understood the sense of your question. If you please don’t mind then again clear it. However whatever I have understood I explain here but I maybe wrong also to understand your question So my answer may also be wrong. Maths, Science, English can only be understood & can be made easy also when we start its study with full devotion & dedication so is the case of four Vedas. Anybody can put the questions on Vedas but there are very fem & even on the tips who study Vedas & then put the questions like a student who study Science, English etc., & then put the question in the class to the teacher.

The first fundamental knowledge about the Vedas is this that it is eternal knowledge direct from God originated in the heart of four Rishis in unsexual world. This time before about one Arab 97 crore years back. At that time the present sects were not come in to existance & all human beings like King Dashratha, ShriRama, Krishna, public & Rishis Munis up to 5000 years back adopted only Vedas preach. Vedas are not sects. These are yet applicable for whole world. However this is another matter that very few are adopting the Vedas at present. But this can not change the truth. Secondly Vedas contains knowledge about
karmas(deeds),upasana(worship), gyan(knowledge about matter , soul & God & Science etc. Thirdly some knowledge of the Vedas have been placed by our Rishis Munis in Upanishads, Mahabharta (Bhagwat Geeta),Shashtras & Ramayan etc.

So by studying Vedas we get full knowledge & we perform our duties & pious deeds. How we can leave the karmas. And how we can be fatalistic. However you are most welcome to put questions again. Recently I have also answered about Vedas & I would request you to see the web site also please.

Vedas are not tough as is usually being said. To seek a philosopher of Vedas is however a tough task as in the case of Science, Maths good professor.

Karthik: Can you tell something about my future?
Swami Ram Swarup: Future is based only on hard work paying full attention towards pious deeds & keeping only good society. Please do the same & make your future bright. Daily worship will be benefited in the life also. Please do the same & make your future bright.

You may guess that when Shri Rama was awarded kingdom he did not know his future that he will have to go the jungle. He also did not know about theft of his wife Mata Sita & war against Ravan. Dhrishrashtra did not know about his future & being greedy he unjustly gave kingdom to his son Druyodhan & all his hundred sons were finished. Both the true stories conclude that due to pious deeds by Shri Rama he got both his wife & kingdom. Whereas due to bad deeds this Dhrishrashtra lost everything. So future is based on present pious deeds & hard working.

Dilip Bansode: namaskar Swamiji, what are the benefits of yoga? how is meditation different from yoga? what is the best exercise to train your memory and increase your power or concentration? can a person be selfless yet not believe in God or should i say is it more important to believe in God to live for others and help the needy.
Swami Ram Swarup: To kill the sickness, to obtain long happy life, to overcome any kind of diseases, to increase memory, to be happy all time & to control 5 organs , 5 perception & mind(mana) & finally discharging our moral duties to attain the salvation are some benefits of Yoga. But this is not the end even.

In this connection I would also request you to please go through Yoga lecture (benefit, already placed on web site.) there is a vast difference between Yoga & meditation. Please see site also wherein you will find that there are 8 fold paths of Ashtang Yoga i.e., Yama, niyam, aasan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharna, Dhayan (mediation) & 8th
is Samadhi. Samadhi means the stage where an aspirant practicing rest of the seven fold paths seriously then attains salvation. So Samadhi is salvation & yoga also means salvation. Yoga is the 8th stage whereas Dhayan/meditation is the 7th stage of Ashtang Yoga. So meditation should not be there until if we are fully perfect in practicing rest of the 6 stages (yama, niyam, aasan, pranayam, pratyahar & dharna) from a spiritual master. So it looks no nice to say that we are doing Yoga whereas mostly we are simply doing aasan Or pranayam or meditation etc. This is due to lack of full knowledge of Vedas & Yoga Shashtras. We are loosing our traditional knowledge of Vedas at this juncture. We don’t know what we are doing, but we are

The best method to increase the memory is to learn yama & niyam & follow them wherein Brahamcharya is preached. If we are lack of Brahamcharya & doing aasan etc., it means cheating God & ourselves. If we are doing aasan etc., to maintain & built good health & body then Ravana, Duryodhan & Kans etc., have built their bodies strong without Yoga & have created problem to the family even. We must be alert from false prophets who are lack of knowledge of Vedas & teaches Yoga. One thing more we have to understand that if we love our children & do not care about the parents from where we have taken birth then it is not our so called duties. Similarly we have been talking now about Yoga, God, worship & Geeta Ramayan etc., but we are not looking towards Vedas (our father giving birth to Shashtras, Geeta, Ramayan etc.) then it is sin as in the case of parents & children.

Ganga holy river have been made polluted throwing in it the garbage, sewerage etc., but the generated point of Ganga i.e., Gangotri & jamnotri can not be made polluted or unpurified. Similarly the comments & explanation on our holy book like Shashtras, Geeta, Ramayan etc., are not now mostly according to the Vedas & have been mixed from stories on views & but still Vedas remains pure like the point of Ganga’s origin. Can a person take birth without parents if it is not possible then
to become a selfless person is not possible without having faith on Almighty God who has preached the way of living happily & becoming selfless in four Vedas & Shri Rama Shri Krishna, King Dashratha, King Harishchandra his wife & children & Sita , Madalsa, Ganga & so many more than countless man & woman of previous three Yugas and all Rishis & Munis who did Yajna & adopted Vedas did services to human being totally selfless. So it is not only important but fundamentally we have taken birth in mankind to believe on God & HIS Vedas to obtain true knowledge & to serve the humanity & to promote the brotherhood

Mohsin: Hello Dear Swami ji, You are a great man who is trying to publish brotherhood among hindus and muslims in these tough days.I know you are a very busy man but you answer to almost everybody who questions about anything from you.
Dear Swami Ji, i have three questions.
Q.NO1. Have you learnt any other spiritual powers except yoga? I mean do you know any special exercises from which one can capture a spirit(it may have a very limited power)I think you have been given powers by God so that you can tell future?Is it true?If you have powers of capturing a spirit, can you tell me a simple one with which I can get it without yoga?
Q.NO.2 Where do you live?Dehradun or Hardwar?Is there any way of finding how was your early life and how much have you learnt and from where have you learnt yoga.Afterall it is a very tough thing to learn yoga?
Q.NO.3 Why is there cast system in Hindu religion?What is the sin of a person who is born in a Dalit house?why don’t the society behaves with him as a normal person?
Swami Ram Swarup: Thank you please for kind consideration otherwise I am nothing but a servant of God & servant of humanity. Whatever I give it is due to only the blessings of Almighty God & my spiritual master & I feel personal pleasure if anybody gets some peace from my services. I am trying my level best to serve the human being & promote brotherhood internationally yet I pray Allah/God to shower co-operation & love on me from all communities.
1. I have been practicing Ashtang Yoga for the last 55 years even more & every blessing of God & power I have realized through it only. So I needed not to anything else instead Yoga. I did Yoga too in densy jungle, cave under guidance of my spiritual master who used to be in the cave of densy jungle continuously for more than 50 years. Yet I studied up to 12th
Science, Electric Eng., BA in classical music, & studied 4Vedas Shashtras pious Kuran Geeta & a huge Sanskrit literature & this was possible only due to the blessing of my spiritual master & Almighty God who blessed me to practice Ashtang Yoga. A little bit information I have also been given yesterday in reply to one gentleman’s question on web site. I would
request you to see there also please. I continuously write for newspapers about spiritual articles etc., & editor of some magazine & writer of 5 spiritual books, my spiritual song’s cassettes with preach are also in market. I am married & have children also. I think to capture a spirit is not services of human being & yet there is a question mark about its truth. Whatever power is there it is all within us blessed by God, which we have to realize practically by worshiping, by
Yoga, & while following true path to love & serve human being. Whatever I tell, yes, it is due to the blessings of Almighty God but it happens only when we follow true path & struggle, do hard working, pay full attention with devotion & dedication towards God’s worship & too without leaving or oversighting moral duties towards family & nation & human being otherwise
it is impossible to cheat the Almighty Allah/ God who knows & lives every moment being omnipresent.

2. I did Yoga in densy jungle of Rishikesh. & Now live there & Himachal. There was no word impossible in the dictionary of napoleon Bonapart who even did not accept Yoga so the spiritual & gentleman should be brave & yoga/spiritual paths should not be considered a tough path yet it is the path which give the peace & ill- free long life with a blessing of final
liberation too.

3. There is no caste system in Hindu religion because Hinduism is based on philosophy of 4 Vedas geeta & Valmiki Ramayan & Upanishads where is no mention of caste system instead of pious deeds. Secondly the birth in mankind is according to the deeds of past birth i.e., of previous life So rich/Dalit house is only due to the own results of our previous deeds
awarded by God. It is very simple that why a man take birth in a king’s house & why other in a dalit house whereas nobody wants to take birth in Dalit house. Every body wants pleasure & not sorrows but it is not possible. Sorrows & pleasure both have to be faced to be happy in all time without sickness, problems etc., is not in man’s hand & neither it is in the hands of God due to the principle of God that HE has to award the result of our deeds (good or bad) to everyone
which further results in pleasures & sorrows etc., time & again. Due to this philosophy which is unchanged at all time s. One should do pious deeds & not sin. If anybody else do not behave good manners with dalit, it means he is lack of knowledge of
traditional spiritualism & fundamental law of God of similarity & love to each other. He will punished under the law by God. As he did hate the creation.

Om Prakash: can i attain salvation?
Swami Ram Swarup: This is the motto & right of all mankind to attain salvation. But problem is this that before following the true path its base is controlling the organ, perception & mind for which a firm determination & guidance of a real spiritual master is required. After overcoming the organs & bad society etc., then starts study of spiritual book, worship & practice of Ashtang yoga etc., which is seemed to be tough task in these hard days where spiritualism, religion & politics even oftenly are seemed to be professional & full of selfishness.

Syed Naveed Akhtar: hello mr swami ji, i m pakistani i want to ask that is india interested to solve the problem of
kashmir or not? I did not think that hindus are too much fierce but now i m agree with my elders that hindus are really hated nation.& very fearful from muslim. i pray to my Allah that bharat should be break as russia or more than so.
i m waiting for your reply
Swami Ram Swarup: When India has not created the problem then why India is not interested to solve. This should have been the political problem whereas it has been turned in to community problem. Nobody wants unpeace. But problem arises when some selfish leaders do not want to solve the problem. There is no question of Hindu or Muslim in India too because all are the creation of Almighty Allah / God so we are brothers & sisters in the matter of all communities. But in all communities nowadays it is not possible to say that everyone is a God fearing person & understand humanity. This is the problem at
all level in the world. So all community can not be abused. Hindu love Muslim & Muslim too love Hindu which I usually see everywhere. It is preach of Allah/God & I earned the same from my spiritual master too & that is why I heartily love Muslim & all community equally. We are looking break in humanity a lot but I do not think that this is the curse of God but it is only due to the sin of some selfish people. So breaking will take place always at any part of the world with the result of crime/sins on parts of the people & it is settled by Allah /God.

Swami Ram Swarup: To eradicate the problem the perfect Spiritual knowledge of pious Kuran & Vedas/Geeta is required to
be in action in daily routine wherein it is preached that one should finish the anger, proud, ravages of hatred & instead one should promote to love to each other, co-operation & brotherhood. To achieve the target daily worship, preach, discharging the moral duties, hard working etc., is essential. Mostly we are not able to study ourselves but we are mostly after
the voice from the leaders either spiritual or political without considering right or wrong. This creates the problem. In humanity there is no place of selfishness. But unluckily in politics & spiritualism mostly the selfishness has taken place, which is destroying humanity.

Now this is the time to study the spiritual path by every man & woman door to door at international level, which will enable the people to be kept away from selfishness & greediness. Then sure the peace will be maintained. Due to being away from this spiritualism we are mostly not respecting the humanity & this is cause of our fighting each other though we are Indians. When real spirituality by means of self-study of spiritualism with the blessing of true spiritual master by practising worship or yoga practice & discharging moral duties all in action towards family & nation will be adhered to practically
then only it will be realized that Mosque & Temple are one & same thing & then automatically in even in dream the attack on these religious place will be stopped. &and violence will be finished with its roots. So we will have to be careful from false Prophet & political leaders through our self study as already stated. There is only One God of the Universe & we all are HIS sons & daughters.

Venugopalaswamy: IS there is life after death? or we just born again as any other living creature?
Swami Ram Swarup: The soul is eternal & immortal. We are soul & not body. Death means the soul has come out from body &
after some interval the soul has taken new body through pregnancy according to the karmas (pious or bad deeds)

Mohsin Ali Khan Leghari Baloch: hello swami ji, i want to know what is your opinion about kashmir problem. What will happen to sub-continent in the forward five years? Will kashmir problem be solved?
Swami Ram Swarup: My dear Khan your question is deep one. Actually in my opinion when both the country will start thinking to solve the Kashmir problem then it will be solved immediately. However it is not possible to solve within 5 years. There will remain fear, struggle, death, unpeace, theft, and insult of woman, danger to life, & so many other problems. I think nowadays most of the leaders are not looking towards humanity but instead they are after dignity which causes the problem. If a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian or any other person is dead due to this whole problem then it means a mother, sister, brother, uncle etc., have lost their family members & they will weep for whole of the life.

Secondly all these are son or daughter of one Allah/God so humanity has being cursed in this way & because we all are brother & sister we have lost our family. When this type of thinking will come in the mind of leaders, then Kashmir problem will be solved immediately. Because leaders generally have become habitual to be fixed on chair, habitual to give command, gathering money, enjoyment of ruling, giving lecture in crowd, attending big & big parties wandering in good planes in whole of the world etc. So naturally they have no time to worship God properly & he who have no time for worship or studying spiritual philosophy like King Akbar, King Ram etc., then he will not be able kind hearted king to look after sick public. So Kashmir problem will remain unsolved. And other countries will be benefited at this juncture.

Jim: What is the name of the religion you follow?
Swami Ram Swarup: I follow good preach of every religion & therefore I have studied pious four Vedas, Shashtras, Upnishads, Kuran, Bible, Guru Granth Sahib, Valmiki Ramayan, Tulsi Ramayan, Shatpath Brahmin Granth, Nigantu, Mahabharta, & all Saints literature, Shiv Samhita, Hath Yog Pradipika, Vichaar Saagar, 18 Purans etc-etc-etc.

In childhood I learnt vocal music & Tabla vadan, harmonium, Banjo & did BA Still I sing only spiritual songs & some cassettes about spiritual songs & spiritual speeches are in the market. Yet I believe hundred percent on Ashtang Yoga & for the last 55 years I have been doing Yoga practice. Whatever I have achieved in Spiritualism & other fields it is all due to result of Vedas & Yoga practice. And I believe that mere studying & talking on religion without worshiping is an insult of Almighty God.

Bhinda: Gujarat is burning. What are your views about God in this case. Where is God now?
Swami Ram Swarup: God has blessed us all with human body to live & let live & to spread co-operation & love each other. But side by side HE has freed us to do, right or wrong. Then He give justice accordingly. His justice comes after long interval not immediately. God gives result of deeds either pious or sin to whole of the world in His justice. So in the case of Gujrat too whosoever is culprit he will never be escaped by anybody else.

Jaishankar: Pujya Swamiji, I would like to know the value of marriage, why one should get married. Disadvantages of remaining single.
Swami Ram Swarup: Marriage life is only for having true love equally which give peace of mind & thus mainly to give brilliant, brave & gentle generation for society & Nation. In this process daily worship /yoga is too essential, life is not meant for sex. To live single with gentle thoughts & doing worship/yoga & discharging duty also like Bhisham & Hanumaan & Gargi the Guru of King Janak is too equal pious deed. But for both the purposes a true spiritual master, philosopher of Vedas/yoga like Guru Vashisht is required.

Dimpu: Sir, how can a person get mental peace
Swami Ram Swarup: For mental peace full concentration is required which is only possible by Ashtang Yoga, deep study of Vedas, Shashtras & Holy books & preach of a real spiritual master.

Hadi Baba: Im involved in draw. It needs four lucky numbers twice every month my star is aries like 8082. I need no for my this 1st august plz send me lucky No.
Swami Ram Swarup: This has been the history of the world that Gambling has destroyed the life. So I would advice you to please stop this type of game.

Kewin: Dear swamiji, it was nice to get your reasonable reply from a good human being but some politicians and organizations cannot be considered as humans because inspite of such a big disaster in gujarat modi has still not gone it is
very clear that the govt is in his favour, and other who give open speaches that minorities should obey them other wise the whole of india will become gujarat, dont you think the govt it self is against the minorities and the gujarat victims will not be punished by govt because they are their associates but the creator of the universe will destroy them which they will never know by themselves. You have said abt thousands of years before Hinduism was there, then why the Hindu religion did not spread throughout the world?
Swami Ram Swarup: We all are human beings but who has humanity that is another thing. To gain the humanity in heart a real Bhakti ,continuous preach, to understand duties towards humanity etc., are required. As far as politics
is concerned mostly it is away from Bhakti.

But our forefathers who were the best politicians like King Dasratha, Shri Ram, Harishchandra, Akbar, Razia Begum etc., served the people through spiritualism. Now adays we must follow them to serve the human being. Hinduism means all the races live in India. I try to clear it in previous questions/answers & I would like to request to you see full web site. Thanking you.

Moon: kya suicide karna pap hai? suicide karnese dusre janamme kya aur bhi dukh milte hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes definitely suicide ek gambhir pap hai jiska fal agle janam main kathore dukh deta hai.

Sharan: how can we do uttanpad asan?
Swami Ram Swarup: Lie on floor on some blanket, close your arms touching your thighs slowly-slowly get up your closed both legs upto the height of at least one feet. Stop them in the as long as you can and then slowly & slowly
carefully get your both feet down on the blanket but it will be better to learn in person.

Bilal: i want to ask you that what pervaiz mushraf want……..
Swami Ram Swarup: He wants nothing but to linger on the cases to kill the time.

kalyanaraman.s: is life predictable? dose the people are acting under written document? what is God’s aim?
how many God’s are there,they are fight them,atlest they are move frindly? what is your aim and how your aim is usefull in this world,are you usefull? what is good & bab exactly you know,suppose good person will be success,what is success?
Swami Ram Swarup: Future is always based in our present deeds good or bad. We can change our future happening by virtue of our present pious deeds & worship & by adopting true path under guidance of a real Yogi/Saint/Faquir. Thus life is not predictable. There are 3 types of karmas(deeds). Sanchit,kriyaman and prarabdha. Sanchit karamas are those which are total numbers of karamas we have done in previous births etc. From these karmas our prarabdha is made. Present karamas burns all the prarabdha and sanchit if these karamas are pious and according to Vedas,shashstras and holy books. So no need of prediction.

Yes, people works under prarabdha karamas which you can say written documents. But present pious deeds enable us to change the written documents otherwise what is the necessity of worship, yoga etc. God has got no aim but He has produced before us aim of getting final liberation etc. God has blessed us with human body to do duties as well as to do worship and pious deed to be happy all times. But when we forget then God punish us with sorrows etc. There is only one Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroy and again creates the universe. And we must seriously think over this truth. Are we able to built sun, moon, land, tree or baby in stomach etc. If not then we must think that there is sure a power which make all this otherwise it is not possible that things are built automatically. No one can keep his tooth, body or house cleaned automatically. Then it is not possible that sun rises and sets automatically. There is a power who controls the universe and that power is called Almighty God. We must think seriously on this matter and put questions to the learned to clear the doubts or misunderstandings. The aim of human being is to worship God, spreading brotherhood, love humanity, spreading cooperation discharging duties doing pious deeds and finally getting final liberation etc. The said aim is evergreen and useful to humanity.

I do not know that I am useful. If anybody say it then I thank. If we do deeds according to traditional knowledge of Vedas, shashtras, holy books etc under guidance of holy person then it is good and when we do against this traditional philosophy then it is bad. Success is always to get final liberation otherwise success to get money etc will be like Rawan etc the Rakshash. And he is only the good person who adopts the spiritual path said above.

kalyanaraman.s: how to help other’s,mostly people are searching mony,if relise our mony to other is it help? is u.s(or)u.k dog better then poor country who are under poor? dose indian’s mostly think’s,his nibber? is tenction bad,why dose people like success(mony) only? is accepting fail a bad? what is human work,what they doing in this world? where is soule,is it immortale?
Swami Ram Swarup: Money is not a matter of helping because if mind is not pure then money can be used for wine addiction or in other bad ways.. Then spreading of good views, spiritualism help in getting knowledge, study etc. is the right way of helping the humanity. When people will be getting good education and will be wise then a strong nation will be built. Sorry we can not address any nation as dog. Because in the nation there live population who are human being. Nation is built strong by hard working and keeping away the corruption, bad views, evils etc. for which every nation men must work hard. Poorness is not a curse. It can be removed with hard working and good views, etc.

India is a peace loving country and always thinks good for all. Tension is oftenly due to hate, jealously, anger etc. which is naturally bad. Due to lack of knowledge of spiritualism and due to not afraiding God and not knowing the bad end of materialistic world and due to at once pleasure of money, the people love money. Ravan, Druyodhan, Kans and so many other people loved money and destroyed accordingly. Money is always faithful if it is connected with spiritualism.

No. Please do not feel if some one is failed. Try Try Try again is a fomula to get success. Human aim has since been clarified please as above. Soul is in your body and is immortal. You and we are soul and not body. Body is one time destroyed but soul remains immortal and get next birth and new body according to the men karamas(deeds).

Swami Ram Swarup: My dear, there is no doubt that there is only one God who is beyond imagination, calculation & is not able to see with eyes & realize with any organs or perception or etc. God is only realized when an aspirant by virtue of meditation etc., goes beyond organs & perceptions. God is always without shape. Shape is first made & then destroyed but God is neither made nor destroyed. He is omnipresent & immortal.

Shri Ram has never created hate. He studied 4 Vedas & did complete Yoga practice & looked after whole of the world carefully with justice & love as a king of the world about 9 crores years back, he loved everybody. In his golden time not a single sect was originated so question of hatred is not arisen. He performed his family duties as well as duties towards public faithfully & with utmost love. In his there is no caste system etc. Once his beloved friend Vibhishan errornously touched a Rishi with his feet so he was sentenced to death by Shri Ram as a king in token of a justice. But after giving this order he requested Rishis to transfer this punishment to him (Shri Ram).

But I am sorry that now Shri Ram is not present & whatever wrong is being done with his pious name is totally sin. He was the Supreme Being & his pious deeds towards parents, public & worship to God are always acceptable. He is also a Paigamber of Hindus who preached about God a lot in Valmiki Ramayan like Shri Krishna in Bhagwat Geeta.

Gujrat problem is a heart broken incident for all learned persons who are God fearing and is always condemned because such like incidents destroy humanity. I have already told that the pin point responsibility must be shouldered right from the beginning between & ending & the culprit must be punished in justice.Why it arisen & why it spread who was beginner & who spread it & why? These questions are to be answered by the Govt., to give the justice to the humanity.

However Muslims in India are safe & we all live together as brother & sister. Rape & killing of children men or women, young or old who are innocent, is a case where God never forgive but most of the people are not afraid of God whosoever is.
Actually deep preach about qualities, justice & worship is required to be spread in common personals to avoid sins because killing & rape cases are all over the world as are seen in newspaper & T.V’s. We must afraid of God always. Teaching of a Saint is always for whole of the world & not for a sect, or a party alone. And as you tell about rape or killing our women or murder etc., then I will say personally that it is always in the hand of Almighty God who nurses the Universe & not it is in the hand of a man or woman. World can say about sect, society or party etc., but saint will say always about humanity.
Paigamber of all sects have always sacrify their pleasure & even life to serve the humanity & to promote the brotherhood internationally. A saint always think good & do good in the pressent but never think of the future. In whole of the world the sins are being done before Almighty God who is everywhere, so what is wrong & what is right is a matter of GOD’s thinking also & justice from God comes always sooner or later. You are again welcome to put such nice question.

Sunny: hello swamijee i wanan to know if every creature is created by go then y there so much jealosuy war men are killing each other when we think that in every heart go lives &as u say love is God
Swami Ram Swarup: Due to lack of devotion, dedication & even due to lack of real preach & its actual understanding & then on that understanding if we do not work hard & we donot obey then only the problems arise. For example everybody say that God is everywhere but very few try to realize this truth. If God is everywhere then why the sins are being done. Because we only can say that God is everywhere but we will hardly do right worship, meditation , control on all organs & perceptions , control on back biting abuses etc. to realize God everywhere. And whosoever has realized God’s presence everywhere by doing Tapsya then where he will seek a lonely place to do sin. So mere talking has nothing to do but creates problems in religions.

A Disiciple: Respected Swamiji, Pranam! I am a regular surfer of this site. I shall feel highly obliged if u kindly enlighten me about what a disciple can do to ensure good health &long life of his guru. Secondly how a disciple can rectify the sins done with his guru. Pranam A Disciple.
Swami Ram Swarup: A true Guru is actually self competent to make his life long and happy by means of his own Tapsya and A Guru gives blessings to his disciples for their long happy life. However it is a fact in Vedas & Shashtras that total, surrender for a true Guru ,a Tapsvi ,a Yogi and always services towards such like Guru with devotion and dedication keeping aside selfishness and only for the purpose to give him pleasure will be a cause for maintaining his pleasant and life’s security.

If a Guru is Yogi and knows Vedas philosophy then according to the Vedas and Shashtras there is no way to excuse sins.

Boney Moorjani: How to make concentration and how to keep one decision? Please solve this problem.
Swami Ram Swarup: We mostly think over about so many materialistic plans which decreases our force of concentration. See that ray of sunlight are spreaded so have no power as if these are concentrated on one point by using convex mirror. So we must control our desires and thinking to get force, and this is only possible by learning and doing
proper Yoga practice and listening to preaches from a learned Guru.

Sanjeew Kumar: How does God see people suffer? I mean he can stop the sufferings of people. Why he is not stopping?
Swami Ram Swarup: God is everywhere and sees all. He looks after every good and bad deeds and give the results thereof
accordingly. Actually when anybody does sins or bad deeds he does not know that God is looking to him & He will give the result.

Sins are always done to get enjoyment. When a sinner does not see the God while doing sins then how God will see towards sufferrer and how the God will stop giving suffer to the sinner. So we must know the philosophy of God and must stop bad deeds and must do always pious deeds to avoid further suffers in the future. However a true worship can burn all the suffering immediately too. This is the philosophy of karmas(deeds) which requires more clarification. You may put question again if required.

Moon: kya Sani puja karna thik hai? Bcz kisine kaha hai sani dev God nehi hai. plz tell me is it true?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas and Shashtras ‘shani’ is a planet and comes in non-alive matter. God has created sun, moon, and planets, air, water etc., for the benefit of human being. So we must worship Almighty God, the creator and not creation.

soniachoudhary: tterrorism is not islamic !its jehad !of which allah give muslims permission to perform when
the enemies of islam arises to finish islam !why should u call it terrorism?
Swami Ram Swarup: Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christanity, and all religions also teach about mercy and love each other. I have also studied Holy Kuran where it is mentioned if someone attack on Mosque baselessly then use Holy word Jehad. So now a days I personally feel that every should go through Holy Kuran and must use the Holy word Jehad properly as adviced in Holy Kuran. Yet forgiveness and mercy is also a supreme preach of Holy Kuran. I have already said in so many answers that if anybody does murder, theft etc., so he must be pin-pointed and punished, everybody can not be treated as terrorist.

We all are human beings and must love each other first. Dignity, kingdom, property, proud, our bodies, etc., one time will be left here only & we will have to answer to the Allah /God as how much services we did for all human being including animal and birds even. This is the time to get rid of ravages of hatred. So everybody is not terrorist. Terrorist may be Hindu, and of any religion also. Islam due to his own good qualities has been adopted by most of the people of the world. So how anybody can tell Islam a terrorism. Even it is a sin to tell like this.

Sadam: How can we help poor and bring peace in kashmir?
Swami Ram Swarup: A true and unselfish sympathy and timely help if possible is a real help of poors. We will have to mix with the poor’s problem without selfishness. Kashmir problem is a political problem. If we can separate this problem from religion and think it properly politically to serve the humanity then only it can be solved. Land and money, dignity and even our human bodies will be left here and we will have to give the answer to Allah/God that how much impartially we or our political leaders served the humanity who are son and daughter of the Almighty Allah/God.

Aibak Hafeez: What type of questions do u answer?
Swami Ram Swarup: I mostly prefer spiritual, social, political, and question based on humanity. But every type of question I have to answer even to serve the people who are generation of only one Supreme power called Allah, God, Ishwar etc. I feel personal pleasure to serve humanity if my answer give even a little bit peacefulness to all.

Sunil Yadav: How we can know or by which book of Veda that hindu relegion is formed when? and who was the first massanger of hindu religion? who came to earth first? do any law of God is mentioned in any book?
Swami Ram Swarup: Hindu religion formed about more than two thousand years ago. This name has been given by foreigners and specially first time by Greek and Unanis. We live on the bank of Sindh river. They used to call us as
Indu thereafter Sindhu and thereafter Hindu. Originally in Vedas we are Aryans. This requires more explanation, please put question again if you need explanation more. Yet you may please study Manu Smiriti and you may put question again for clarification etc. After creation of earth, moon, water and sun jungle etc then first came the body of cow then horse and then the body of man and so on. It is in Rig Veda mandal ten sukt l29 and ateriopnishad. God’s law are in all four Vedas being His own creation. It is mentioned in the same Rig Veda and Yasurveda mantra seven chapter 31.

Suman: Swamiji, could you explain to me what Yama and Niyma mean? I know they are the Ten Commandments of Hinduism. But still, I want specific information
Swami Ram Swarup: It requires study and yoga philosophy wherein there are eightfold path of ashtang yoga. Your question is nice. There are five yama ie satya.ahinsa.astaya,aprigaraha,brahmcharya. And five niyaqma ie shouch,santosh,tpaha,swadhyaya and ishwar pranidhanani. Yama – totell and listen always truth is sataya. Not to harm anybody is ahinsa. Not to theft is astaya, not to gether more than the actual requirement is aparigaraya. To control five organs and five perception and mind is called Brahmmcharaya. Niyama – to make body and mind pure is shouch. To be satisfied with our earning is santosh. To listen Vedas,shashtras,gita etc , toworship etc is tapaha. To study the Vedas shshtra and holy books who give us knowledge for getting salvation is called swadhyaya. And to leave all result of your deeds to God is Ishwar pranadhani. But for deep information please wait our next yoga lecture on Ved mandir web site.

Sameer: Swami ji now in this modern world everybody is in trap of money i want to know that money is the only way to peace or there is some other way. No one believes in God only money matters. Please tell?
Swami Ram Swarup: Money matter suits only those who are away from God and real worship , yoga practice etc. You may see the past history where Kabir, Shabri etc were not rich and are being counted the most richest in the matter of spiritualism. Mira bai left the rich stage and become saint and got peace. Shri Ram too left the kingdom for moral duties and got the highest stage of Godess. Rawan , Kans and Duryodhan etc were rich for some time but lost full family and ruined. So truth,worship, good preach and the right path make man happy. If some one do not faith on God, it makes no difference to God and spiritual path as was in the case of Rawan etc. It is only personal matter to think that why we have been born and blessed by God with the pious human body. We have always to bear the result of good or bad deeds accordingly. It is always in the hand of God.

Upendra Nath: who is ram and how he looks like?
Swami Ram Swarup: All hindu pay heartiest regard to Shri Ram son of Shri Dashratha as a God. Some hindus pay regards as a outstanding figure related to spiritual outstanding figure of India now. He was a karam yogi, knew four Veda’s knowledge, did ashtang yoga , attained samadhi stage as said in Balmiki Ramayana. Shri Rama served his parents, loved family, discharged his moral duties to family as well as public. We must follow his path. He used to listen daily Vedas from Guru vashishta and used to perform daily havan as said by Tulsi Das ji in uttrakand . (Ramayana).

Goutham: Pranam swamiji,how to manage the situation when we are frustated by some people who are troubling? *touch feet*
Swami Ram Swarup: At that time peace of mind, to neglect the words of others, and encouragement help. But this power always comes through worship and yoga practice and good preach. There is no insult if we bear faithfully with peace of mind. This teaches gita and Vedas. Once one man came to Mahatama Budha and started abusing. After some time when the man started to go, then Mahatama Budha told that please get all your material as I have not taken the same. The man was surprised and bowed. This story now cannot be repeated but we can take knowledge of keeping silence.

Pradeep Chaudhary: How to be a tension free?
Swami Ram Swarup: It depends on far thinking, to make busy mind in discharging duties and in pious deeds and too one must do yoga practice for hundred percent.

Sajid Shah:
hi swami ram!i,m asking y indian media spreading dis information against muslims?all indian media and film industry spreading hindu believes to inspire others..and show muslim the
terrorissts..exp in a film they show a police man coming out from mosque and then take
money from smuglers.. if u watch films of 80,s in that age muslims were shown pollide and
trustworthy…y this change come?because hindu ism come in extreem maner..they want no 1 should inspire from islam ..they now hate islam and mulims..if hindu extreemists kill innocent people
they dont call them terrorist and when muslim walk on their actual religion they r
terrorists..i don’t wanna protect those muslim groups..who r voilating islam and doing terrorism..i ,m telling u about a common muslim..who life is now very dificult due to islam every 1 consider him
terr,,…y it,s so..?y ..u show muslim a cruel nation.. y u don’t condemn hindu extreemists..?
Swami Ram Swarup: Every terrorists is against humanity and their deed is condemned by all learned personnel keeping aside the religion. It is philosophy of holy Kuran, Vedas, Gita and all holy books and we accept it respectfully. When one man do murder or theft or bad deeds then he must be pin pointed and he only must be punished. If some few people do this bad deed, they must be punished but now a days most of the people are not afraid of God and starts militancy for the innocent people also. We must love humanity and promote international brotherhoods. some people are having lack of thinking towards the truth mostly perhaps due to fundamentlism. This is going on at world level which should be stopped. All religions must be given respect. Because they teach us about one God and therefore, we all become brother and sister keeping aside the religions. Religion may be so many but humanity is only one and also there is only one God who nurses us all on only one earth with only one sun air moon water etc. However, every hindu/muslim cannot be blamed and even religions can never be blamed.

Ajit: Every step i take is facing a boulder and decisions taken at such times always happen to be wrong. The never-die spirit in me is not letting me to admit my failures and i assure myself that failures are the stepping stones for success. Why this is happening and what is the remedy?
Swami Ram Swarup: Every happening in the life is always based on our previous deeds which we did in the previous so many births which is called prarabdh(luck) whatever we do in present these days are called Kiryamaan Karams. Our present Kiryamaan Karam can only change the luck if we do hard work with dedication, devotion and paying full attention day and night. However in this case also spiritualism involved. Everybody must get blessing from God. By this true worship then always success is in hand. Luck is nothing and luck is in our hand by hard working & worshipping both. Now a days you are facing a trouble with the result of the past deeds (luck). I hope a man like you who believe in never-die spirit, will get success sure. Please go ahead bravely success is in your hand.

Padma Rao: Swamiji, People say that women should not chant Gayathri manta. Is that true?? If not, what is the procedure one should follow in chanting this.
Swami Ram Swarup: People say not to chant gayatri mantra it is their self made views. Whatever I, you or saint, sanyasi or anybody say has got no meaning because we have to see the Vedas, shashtras, geeta and other holy books. We have to judge what these holy books say, I can give you the true guarantee of four Vedas, six shashtra, all upnishad, geeta, ramayana which are authenticated holy books wherein ther is no mention that female should not chant the gayatri mantra. Instead in Vedas specially it is mentioned that whole of the mantras of Vedas and knowledge of the Vedas are meant for male and female equally. If I will give you the reference of the Ved mantras it will be lengthy one . Still if you want the reference you may write again.

However rig Veda 6/47/18 clearly says that there is no difference of the soul of man or woman or of animals or of birds etc. We have to see the soul and not body. So according to the matra there is no diference between male and female. Actually due to lack of deep study of Vedas and spiritual books from a highly leaned spiritual master who speaks truth and do not favour, it is not possible to know the facts. In shankhya shashtra sutra says that if an alive yogi/philosopher of Vedas is not present on the earth then a blind community will be functioning to spread darkness/illusion.

The chanting system of any Ved mantra like gayatri is preached in person only. Please search locally a learned person of Veda and get knowledge. However yogashashtra sutra l/28 says tat japah tadarth bhawanam, means every mantra should be remembered
(jap) with its meaning and conclusion so I have already sent the meaning of gayatri mantra which may be seen on website of and you will get meaning there. And answer to same question also already exist in same web site.

munim: Why is Gujrat burning?
Swami Ram Swarup: Gujrat is burning due to ravages of hatred and due to lack of knowledge of God who is father of all human beings. Today it is not understood what kind of preaches are being given which has no effect to promote peace & brotherhood. All sects says there is one God but when fundamentalism rises God knows where those preaches of one God are disappeared. The real understanding of the preaches that love is God & God is love & live & let live are required to be understood amd followed. You are again welcome. Pin point responsibilty are been shouldered which can also stop this burning.

Navi: Swamji (head in your feets), Swamji tell me how to come out of a bad patch of our life? Why don’t we feel bad before doing wrong?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is really a good sign when an individual has accepted the bad patch of life then second stage is to come out from same for which there is only one way that forget the pasts, do not care about future but only concentrate for the present time, which is in our hand. So always must do pious deeds in the present. God then forgives when we can never repeat the bad deeds and have repented. When you think that you are going to do bad work then to avoid it Bhisham Pitamaha in
Mahabharta says that when bad thinking has just started to think in mind then immediately without wasting a seconds time cancel the bad thinking and turn your mind in good deeds like studying book, singing pious songs, listening Bhajan, good songs or talking good ideas to anybody else and remember God etc., that is the mind should be turned immediately from that bad thinking. See if you will start thinking of the bad evils even for a minute or less, then that bad deeds can be repeated turning into sin. This is only the way to control bad evils. A student should concentrate on his studies and maintain good character which is his moral duties, otherwise it will be a sin. Carry on Yoga practice/meditation under guidance. Please be brave, be alert And think good forever to avoid further sins. You may ask problem again if any.

Ramesh Babu B: Pujya Guruji, Pranam. In the 21st sloka in vibudhi yogam (10th chapter) of Gita, Lord Krishna mentioned to Arjuna that “I am Vistnu among Adityas, sun among the shining things, Maruchi among marutganas, and moon among the suns. My question is: In the last verse of this sloka, Lord said that I am the moon among stars. Here, what is the exact meaning of this comparison. We know that all stars are self luminous (in the physical world), but moon is not. Stars are many times bigger than moon. Moon looks brighter than any other stars in the sky because Moon is closer to us. We generally compare the related things to say which is the best among the group or which is the biggest among the group or which is the greatest among the group etc. But in the above comparison, lord compared moon with stars. Does it not indicate that Lord lowering his vibushis by comparing a very small moon with very big suns? Please forgive me for ignorance. Sincerely, Babu
Swami Ram Swarup: God is supreme so in this 10th chapter Shri Krishna wants to tell the supreme stage of God. So moon is supreme in stars. Vishnu is supreme among Adityas, sun is supreme in all the shining things etc. So God is not moon but moon is supreme in stars so God is supreme in the universe. Gita relates to Vedas. So to choose the true answer of Gita, Vedas superb knowledge is essential. Please read Gita written by me by the blessings of my Guru Maharaj & Supreme God in which I had written that Gita has been written by Vyas Muni, the philosopher of Vedas. Actually you usually read the description of those Sadhus who mostly do not know about Vedas. Moon can be compared with stars and sun can be compared with lights only. Therefore, God is compared with Universe. But see that these views of comparing God are of Vyas Muni & not of Vedas.

Mamchand: How do we get peace?
Swami Ram Swarup: Peace is attained only by worship and Yoga practice which minimize the wishes and requirements.

Felecia Leavers: Where is God? some time I wonder where He is? Because when ever I pray to Him my paryers are not
been heard. That why I stop praying if you think God is there that tell Him to grant my prayers.
Swami Ram Swarup: God is everywhere. God creates universe & nurses it. God looks after all of us. This is deep theory. We pray or we do not pray He listens. This is however another thing that He accepts the prayer or not. Fundamentally we must do pious deeds, do prayer above all yoga practice is required to control our sense organs and perceptions etc., in this stage, then God listens & showers blessings. A vast knowledge & preach in this connection is required, which you may get slowly-slowly. Marriage depends on luck and luck is made by hard working & struggle. This is law of God in Vedas and in all spiritual holy books. Please go ahead & you will get success. Please see that every will is not fulfilled because of the results of the previous birth’s deeds. Otherwise everybody can be a rich or minister or Prime minister or President. So we must follow the rules and regulations of the God which only make us happy.

Nasrulla Idrees, H.Andharusava: Where is God?
Swami Ram Swarup: God is everywhere but is experienced by a Yogi/Saint/Faquir in his heart only. God is one but His names can be so many like God ,Ishwar,Allah etc., but God is not seen by eyes. He creates the universe and nurses it. He has countless power & qualities.

Archit Gupta: I want to ask you that on sunday the program come like shri krishna.mahabharata,shri ganesh etc programs is true or made for to fool us?
Swami Ram Swarup: Some stories are true which are scientifically. But some are untrue which are against the Vedas. You may please ask about particular story which I can explain you its truth and false. No doubt lord Krishna was born but unscientifically stories related to Him are not true. Similartly is the casewith Shri Ganesh.

Shyam: Sir can i know the meaning of God and love?
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually God is love & love is God. See God loves the universe. God creates & nurses it beautifully. In return we love only materialistic articles/pump & show where as love is not based on physical charm it is based onsoul. So love based on soul is everlasting he who loves the God, he loves the universe but he does not know ABC about God he loves only materialistic articles/physical charm which are destroyed one day. So such kind of love is baseless. But love with soul to soul/truth is everlasting because soul is neither become old nor is destroyed.

Imran: swami jee i m a muslim and i want too know that every non muslim says that muslims r
terrorist but can u tell me that whats going on in kashmier by inidan army whats going on in
phalastein if u can proove that inidan and israil army not tarrist then proove u will see
islam will spread over the world beacuse islam is a true raligon beacuse in thsi raligon
God is one but in other raligon there r many Gods they can not help man.i have written my email
give me the answer of these qustion but i know u will give opposite and wrong answer.i belive
on allah and affraid from allah but not from any other .
Swami Ram Swarup: Right from beginning of the earth, there was no sects but there was only one God who creates & nurses
the universe. The most ancient holy books are Vedas which say ‘eko Brahm dwitya na asti’ means there is only one God. Further it is said in Vedas ‘na jatah na janishyati’ i.e., the second God equivalent to only one
God is neither born nor will born in future. Thirdly it is said in Vedas that ‘na tasya pratima asti’ i.e. there
is no statue of God or God can not be measured.

So see that when this philosophy of Vedas was in existance since the time of creation & till about 5000 years
back means for the last one arab & 97 crore years then even Ram- Ravan, Pandav-Kaurav & Krishna-Kans war took place. So this is materialistic period so it is not possible that ravages of hatred can be removed from humanity when you also say that there are so many Gods but the people who worship only one God must love the humanity and promote brotherhood internationally. This I think will be real worship of God/Allah/Bhagwan.

Now the sects have come into existance but there is no preach in the religions which creates war or hate in
humanity if there is so then we are failed to understand the preaches of all the religions & our adorable Prophets. May be some wrong people attached in different kinds of religions to create problem to
humanity but it does not mean that in this case the religion is involved. I think the world council & every
country must try its level best to pin point the responsibilty for those who harms the humanity keeping
aside the matter of religion.

Now a days it is also very difficult to have the good qualites of the religion in action in our daily routine. For example every religion says to control organs and perceptions to further control anger, proud illegal sex, back-biting etc. But very few are of such nature who controls so definitely the theft, dacoit, misbehave, and violence, etc.,may be a personal matter. Whole of the community can not be blamed.

We must always try to love each other & we must worship only one God/Allah/Bhagwan. So you please can not blame every non muslim. One thing more that fundamental law of nature (God) can never be changed. If we make so many God yet the Only God who creates nurses the universe only help the man
and woman who worship Him traditionally.

Vandana Mohata: I am very confused on the issue of destiny Vs. free will. What makes our fate? Is everything predestined? and to what extent do we
make our own lives?
Swami Ram Swarup: In reality our present effort, right guidance and right path makes our life happy. Because present holy deeds
always burns the previous karmas which creates problem.

Aarti Gandhi: Namaste panditji i wanted to know is it possible that a man is really able to see God if he does real good deeds. I mean if a man has done no sin in his life will God really appear in front of him?
Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection a true spiritual master who knows philosophy of Vedas 7 other holy books & who has done hard Yoga practice in his life is required. Because it is not a matter that someone does not do sins in present life but more than this, it is essential that by yoga practice we burns all our deeds of the past uncounted birth. Those karmas are called Sanchit karam. That is why a true spiritual master is required. However God can not be seen by eyes. A true Yogi realizes God within his body/heart.

Asad Ali: Respected Swamiji, Thanks for your kind reply, but I dont know about the
paranayaam, I shall be grateful if you kindly inform me in detail about this so that i could solve my
problem. With regards, asad
Swami Ram Swarup: There are 8 fold path of yoga & pranayaam is one of them. First of all atleast 8 to 10 aasans are to be learnt before learning pranayaam. This is vast subject and I am sorry that I am unable to preach such a vast subject on Internet. However you can see a suitable guide locally.

Pooja: Why [should] I believe in God? How I know he is in this world? I never see Him. What I want I have to get it myself. First I believed but now I’m not going to believe in God. And how you says he is between us?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no way not to believe the God because we talk, eat or get pleasure from His blessings only. We get birth from mother and father and if we do not serve them then it is thanklessness of a person. God has created universe and nurses it, and if we do not believe or thank God for His this act of kindness then naturally we are thankless, which is great sin. This subject requires deep discussion & description.

To prove the presence of God first of all Vedas, Shastras, Geeta, Shri Gurubani, Kuran Sharif, Bible and so many other books
are the holy authenticated preach. We are human beings and we must study them and believe. Second thing in this connection is to guess from seeing the sun, moon, sky, our bodies, trees, etc., that these have not been made by man. So the power who has made all these is called God. Can a scientist even make the natural leaf of a mango tree or any tree? You see, it is not possible. The sun rises in the morning well in time and sets accordingly in the evening, the wind is blowing, days and nights occur in time. We must learn that as a bell never rings without a peon etc., so the above happenings like rising the sun etc., does not occur in absence of commanding power. So one should ever remember also that nobody can get whatever he desires. These all are under Almighty God. We must faith on our holy books and preaches of Rishis & Munis but please also
see that if I, you or anybody else do not believe in God, then it makes no difference for God. Yet it is bad happening automatically with us developing our bad luck getting birth as a man or woman.

Please remember Shri Ram, Sita, Shri Krishan, Vyas Muni, Vashist, Rani Meera & so many Rishis Munis who surrendered their lives in worship of God and also remember Ravan, Kansa, Duryodhan and so many others who did not believe God and destroyed
with their whole family. God is not a matter of seeing with eyes or realizing from any organs or perceptions. God is always realized by Yogi within His heart. God is realized in the similar way as a mother meets her lost son and she gets pleasure in her heart. So happiness or pleasure is not a matter of seeing by our eyes so is the case of God. Now a days nobody has
seen Lanka or palace of Shri Ram because it is a past history but everybody believes both the facts from Ramayan. So is the case of God. I have never seen you and you have also not seen me yet we both know each other by means of having some ideas or views through internet. I think you have not seen Subhash Chandra Bose but you know him and may know more about him from history book. So is the case of God. Please note that you are wrong that you may get whatever you want. This is not fundamentally correct. However man supposes and God disposes, this is correct otherwise everyone can be a Prime Minister, rich man or a honourable man. However hard working and blessing of God by His worship gives us peace and right path. So I think you may recollect that God is within our heart as the happiness and pleasure remains in our heart but happiness and pleasure is not a matter of seeing with eyes. He is omnipresent I think uptill now you would have beared headache but headache can never be seen by you so is the case of God.

Kalyani: Nowadays I am not able to concentrate on my studies..
Swami Ram Swarup: If a family man does not discharge duties & earns money to look after his family then naturally it is a sin. If a politician does not look after the Nation it is also a sin on his part. Similarly if a student does not work hard & does not pay full attention toawards his studies which is his moral duty then naturally it looks no nice & rather it is also a sin. Please pay your full attention in study & be successful to have a bright future. One should not be nervous. Be brave and remember your duties as a student. In Shastras it is said if a student likes pleasure of spending funs and tries to get pleasure from materialistic articles or from organs etc., then he should leave study (Vidya) and if he wants Vidya (study) then he should leave such like pleasure.

Mangla Thapar: How can we feel peace im our mind and life?
Swami Ram Swarup: If we minimize our worldly desires & work hard daily with pious deeds & continue our right path of our worship under guidance of a learned Saint/Yogi then all these pious deeds enable us to feel permanent peace in our mind.

Rajan: Is there any possibility of war between India and Pakistan?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, I have so many times declared in newspapers, in preach publicly & interviewed by magazines for the last 2 years that war between India & Pakistan is not possible. During the Kargil’s time I declared its impossibility.

Babu: Pujya Guruji, Pranam. In Gita, Lord Krishna mentioned three types of Yagnas (Havans) (17/11-13). An yajnam done without expectation of its fruits is said to be of satvik type. The Yagnam done for getting the fruits of action, and done for pride are termed as Rajasa Yagnam. Similarly, any yagnam done without respect to scriptures, without distribution of Anna Danam (Is it also called distribution of Prasadam ?), without chanting any Vedic hymns, without giving donations to poor people, or priests etc is called tamasik type.
After the completion of havan at our home or at Promod’s home, we do not donate anything to anybody. We take the prasad and go homes.
1. Then according to Gita’s standard, our havans come under Tamasik type? Please enlighten our minds, and please forgive me for my ignorance.
2. In Gita, 17/14, “Sharirik Thapas” (physical austry) was defined by Lord Krishna. In this sloka, there is one term, called “Brahmacharya” is used by Lord Krishna. Would you please enlighten me what is the exact meaning of this term in relation to family life, especially after having children? The reason for this question is that I understood this term as that any person who is physically and mentally clean of bad things, and who remembers “brahman” always is called a brahmachari. Please enlighten me if my understanding is wrong. Pranam. Babu
Swami Ram Swarup:
1. There are three types of prakriti’s gunas (qualities)—– raj, tam & satv. Raj indicates sensuality, Tam laziness & having no craze of doing hard work either spiritual or materialistic, Sato guna is indication of proud. When we do any pious
deeds these three gunas work, if we have no control on these gunas. So Lord Krishna here says in Shalok 17/11 that is this is Satvik Yajna without having any result. But too it is not good because it may create proud that we are doing a very good pious Yajna & we do not want any result thereof.

Actually the real meaning of Yajna is in Vedas that is Dev puja, Sangtikaran & Daan all towards parents and mostly to
a learned Rishi. So always consider the meaning of Yajna as Devpuja, Sangtikaran & Daan, then there will be no problem. Even a Yajna is not completed in absence of a Rishi (Guru). So you do agnihotra & not Yajna. But here Lord Krishna is telling about Yajna & not agnihotra so while doing a Satvik Yajna there may be proud & you are well conversant & even my most of
the disciples who have attended so many Yajnas in my presence/pronounciation of Mantras they have not been yet able to control proudness while doing or thinking of doing Satvik Yajna. So what to talk about next two Rajas or Tamas Yajnas.

As regards Dakishna mentioned in chapter 17 Shalok 13 Dakshina(Daan) of Yajna is given to Rishi only as being very clearly
mentioned in all four Vedas. So when you or anybody has attended Yajna, you & everybody always denote money & other fruits etc., if it is not denoted then the Yajna is not completed & even it is not called Yajna in absence of Dakishna. However Satvik Yajna is considered good because when such type of Yajna are progressed then preach in Yajna by Rishi (Guru)
makes everybody able to leave proud etc. So one should always try to attend more & more Yajnas & do agnihotra in the home. In agnihotra there is no need of any kind of Daan/Donation but distribution of Prasad is good.

2. Sharirik Tapa in Vedas is to listen preach to do Yajna ,to listen Vedas,Shastras,to control mind from bad habits, to bear all consequences while servicing of a Rishi (Guru) etc. You must carefully think that you always read the views of some so called Sadhus who write their self made views in Geeta & not according to Vedas as they do not know Vedas. Whereas Geeta is
an extact of Bhisham Parv of world famous Mahabharta Epic written by renowned philosopher of Vedas & a Yogi/Rishi Vyas. So every word in Bhagwat Geeta is based on Four Vedas & therefore Geeta’s description can not be self made description. It will always require Vedas Philosophy because at the time of Bhagwat Geeta there was no sects of now a days. So in this shalok 17/14, Dev means not Devta as mentioned therein. Dev means he who knows Vedas. Dwij means who has taken diksha from Rishi & is learning Vedas. Guru means he who only preaches. Praag means Yogi, who has attained final liberation. Brahamcharya means
first to control senses & perceptions before or after marriage. Second Brahamcharya means concentration in Braham & Braham means Shabad Braham i.e.,Vedas.

Pooja: I don’t believe in God because what I want I never get it. Is there realy any God?
Swami Ram Swarup: In nervousness everybody looses temper or faith & in such cases they start unbelievingness on parents as well as God, but parents & God both are there. How a man speaks, eats or gets birth if there is no God? How this wind will blow & sun shine in absence of God. How the Earth revolves around the sun if it is not controlled by Almighty
God? These all functions are not based on human beings except only & only God but these things want proofs which requires further more description. You may put this question about God again.

However please note that everyone is bearing the result of their deeds good or bad which are done in his previous unaccounted births. That is why no one can get his desired articles because we get only those which are the result of our
previous deeds. Yes the result can be changed by virtue of worship which is a law in Vedas, Shastras & in all the spiritual paths which require guidance. So please do not be nervous if you do not get your desired article.

Aarti Gandhi: Where do human beings go after death is it true that they really go to heaven or hell? I mean where is this place really is it a way to reach to God?
Swami Ram Swarup: After death the soul gets rebirth & body is cremated. There is no heaven or hell but everything is on this earth. Our pious deeds, worship & meditation etc., gives us peace, happiness, long life & finally we thus realize God but it requires preach, guidance from a learned Yogi.

Jasbir: Why I got so angry very easily & LOSE CONTROL OVER MY MIND?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is due to lack of firm decision not to be angry. Secondly we must know the harmness to be
experienced after anger. Mostly when we do not get what we desire then anger arises. If we control it & think the bad result of anger then it can be controlled.

Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please because God has created universe for us & He nurses too.

Jenny: u said islam is true relegion and to practice it u r telling to go to hindu?? well how is this possible that to practice islam which is totally opposite relegion of hinduism we have to go to any hindu??
Swami Ram Swarup: Please note that I have never told a muslim to worship under guidance of hindu spiritual master. There is no need of change any religion because religions have come into existance byour adorable prophets & they have taught good teachings for the humanity. But everybody can take the good preaching from any religion if the same suit him. Therefore I respect all the religions.& I have learnt a lot

Pooja: I’m very upset from my life. Sometimes I think like to die. I lost my all confidence. What i have to do in this situation?
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear daughter Pooja this life is blessed by God which is a valuable one. One should never be nervous. Happily we must face the problem bravely. See the past history of Sita, Jhansi ki Rani, Razia Begum, Ganga (the mother of Bhimsam Pitamah), Meera & so many other brave souls. You are one of them. See that even to think over about death is a great sin. Bravely face the problem. Do hard work & you will get success. So in this situation you should not beg from anybody but first of all get self confidence then you may get help from parents & if possible you may send your personal problem to me also which will be kept secret & you will get proper guidance acoording to Vedas, Shastras & spiritualism. I think now you will not be feeling nervous & will go ahead bravely.

Sapna: What are the signs of a good human being? I want to become one.
Swami Ram Swarup: Good are those who helps & love others & wish happiness for others as they wish for themselves. But it is not easy in practical life untill we have some spiritual power. So please do meditation also.

Archit Gupta: Do you see God in thoughts?
Swami Ram Swarup: God is not known by means of organs or perceptions.Nor the God can be brought in thinking by means of the words. However God is everywhere, He creates & nurses the universe. He is always realized in the heart of a Ashtang Yogi. It requires brief description.

Akshay Juneja: Respected swamiji-Thank you for answering my questions.I want to ask you reborn
theory tell by HINDU religion is right or wrong?what happen to everyone after death.If reborn is possible
then what can we do to maintain our upcoming lifes of new borns.I saw that truth people always lose in
life and dishonest people win in their life.What is this?I saw that some people born in rich famlies and
some born in poor famlies.Why? Thank you. Yours faithfully, Akshay Juneja.
Swami Ram Swarup: To be born in poor or rich family is the result of previous result of bad or good deeds.The next birth is sure depending upon the present & past deeds. One should do pious deeds. Vedas say “punha manah dadatuetc”, means O God give me rebirth in human body. So rebirth is authenticated. When somebody is dead the soul from body goes out & takes rebirth. This subject requires more description which is not possible here. Please put question again if it is not clear to you .

Meghal: How do i enhance conctrating power in my life because i think the one who
can concetrate on his works achieves success?
Swami Ram Swarup: Please start practising meditation at least half an hour daily both time & then take keen interest in your job. Definitely you will get good result.

Rajesh: Shriji i am rajesh nameste i want sencisen of God
Swami Ram Swarup: It is only possible one by discharing duties faithfully,working hard honestly & to do all these pious deeds study of Vedas, spiritual books & at last practising Ashtang Yoga under guidance of a learned Yogi.

Grisha: hum jo kuch karna chahtey hain wo zindagi main nahin kar patey humarey under slackness kiyoon aanati hai
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul is always bounded by previous birth karmas & is not free to get whatever wishes. So we should work hard for the best,but we must not pay more attention to get result is always in the hands of God. When we will be working hard to reach the target without the thinking over the result & instead we will be satisfied whatever result may be & again & again we will be trying doing hard work then we will not be nervous & one day we will achieve the goal.

Ayushi Gandhi: NAMASTE PANDITJI. It was very kind of you to give prompt reply of my questions i am highly obliged thanks a lot anyways one thing i wanted to ow normally when you have the persons date of birth or the time of birth then only
pandits can tell their future but here i never mentioned my date of birth or the time of my birth then how did u predict my future. I would really like to know about this so pl. Do reply to my question. Thanking you
Swami Ram Swarup: This has got the spiritual concern & not connected with the theory of pandit.

Moon: Swamiji, I am alone in this world. I have no Family Members including my parents. I am not married. I want to leave my house & everything. I want to do something for those people who have nothing in this world outside from west bengal. Kuinki main sab se dur jana chahati huin. Agra Hrishikeshme rehe kar kuch karna mere liye possible hai to plz help me.
Swami Ram Swarup: There is only one way for everybody to get peace by worshiping God & specially after learning one should meditation(Yoga in full). I do not think that you may get any chance in Rishikesh because I know all about this. A true learned Yogi is only helpful in this way & he is not available, I think so. So pl.never try to leave the home. You may learn & search a good spiritual master in your area. However you may send any problem in spiritualism here & you will get help from here also.

Moon: Swamiji, jindegine mujhe bahut dukh diya. Aisa kuch karneke liye advise kijiye jisse mujhe shanti mele.
Swami Ram Swarup: Jindegi dukh nahin deti.balki hamare khud ke kai janmoin ke karam aur unke fal dukhoin ka karan bante
hain. Nishcaam shubh karam karna jo apne liye sochna vohi dusroin ke liye bhi sukh ki sochna aur Bhagwan per bhrosa karne se shanti milti hai.

Sana: hello birthday is on 27/12/84.i am suffering from sinus. i get headaches,cold almost everyday. is there any yoga asan or natural medicatiion for this problem?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes pl. there is Yoga practice in this matter. Pranayaam & daily jal neti is most beneficial
for you. Pl. learn somewhere.

Sunil Rana: Swami ji charnvandana. How can i improve my memory with yoga. Please tell me some tips.
Swami Ram Swarup: You may do practice of at least uttanpad aasan, bhujang aasan, sidha aasan & sit daily on padam aasan concentrating on one point between eyebrows. Learn also pranayaam. This will help you.

Rajan: Swami ji namaste,I am suffering from ROSAIDORFMAN. In this disease somany limphs node created automatically on completebody and because of this i suffer from sver pain andweekness even my eyesight decreases. No bloodformation.My date of birth is 7-3-1968time 7:00 AM
Swami Ram Swarup: This disease is really a serious one. Yet one should not be nervous. Please be brave & continue your treatment. In addition if you please learn to do pranayaam. It will help you to overcome the disease. My blessings are with you for early recovery.

Shobana: I am shobana. I have completed my 12th standard.i got only 73%.will i get seat in a nice college.i am very worried about that.i am crying everyday.please i want to know if i would get admitted in a nice college.please swamiji help me out of this problem.i have got admission in a college but i dont like that please swamiji say if i would get admission in a nice college or not.swamiji i am physically handicapped.i once beleived in God.but after seeing all this i lost hope in him. i want to die now please say if i would get admitted in a nice college or not?
Swami Ram Swarup: God gifted human life is invaluable. Handicap is no problem, actually we are soul & live in human body. Body is separate & the soul is separate. The body is left at last for funeral so one should not think over the body. This requires more preach & meditation. You see Ashtravakra Muni was handicap had 8 parts of the body deformed & with black colour too. Once he entered the palace of king Janak then everybody who were learned of Vedas they started laughing on him. The Muni asked king that who are these people, The king replied that they are philosophers of Vedas but Ashtravakra Muni told they are only cobbler because the cobbler knows best about the skin & body. So they are not philosopher of Vedas & learned. If they would have been learned they could well know my soul & not body. Ashtravaker Muni was the Guru of King Janak & his
handicap made no problem in his way of study & the highest stage of a learned spiritual master. So I would advice you not to think over about suicide which one also is a great sin. One must discharge our duties at our level best & the result should leave in the hand of God. This is only the right way to live upon.So pl. try either to remain in the present situation or to
get admission in another nice college which you may get sure.

Siya: Who is the brave Human in world?
Swami Ram Swarup: He is the brave human in world who is not coward & is never disheartened to face any difficulty in the life.

Karan Singh: Hello Guru Ji, Kya mughe bata sakte hai ki mere jeewan mein aage chalke kya hoga?
Swami Ram Swarup: jo kuchh jivan main hota hai vah hamare khud ke kiye karmoin ka fal hee hota hai aur yeh fal keval Bhagwan deta hai.Lekin Bhagwan ne yeh bhi kaha hai ki agar insaan bhakti,gyan aur shubh karam dharam es jivan main karta hai to veh insaan aane vale dukhoin ko khatm ker deta hai aur sada sukhi rehta hai.

Ramesh Babu Badisa: Pujya Guruji, Pranam. In Gita, chapter 14, sloka 26, Lord Krishna said that the devotees who worship him everytime and continuously, willcross the tri gunas and become brahman (the supreme Lord).
Does it mean that all living beings (without any karma left on them) are nothing but supreme Gods? If it is true, this indicates the presence of large number of Gods. Then how can we explain that there is only one God who exists?
Please forgive me for my ignorance. Sincerely Babu
Swami Ram Swarup: There is only one God who creates & nurses the Universe .this shaloka itself says that a devotee means Jivatma so the God is separate & soul(Jivatma) is separate. everytime & continuosly means while discharging duties he should worship/meditate both time daily & not full day or full night.While doing such a proper worship the soul will realize God butsoul will never become God.Fundamentally it is not possible.Moksh(final liberation) is attained by soul & not by God.So always soul is separate & God is separate.

Sunil Rana: I want help for others and also make a temple in Himachal Pradesh. I want to know I will do this or not. How can I control my man.
Swami Ram Swarup: Please pay your full attention, with sweet voice, hard working, love to each other and with dedication and hard working in religious side.

Vijay: Duniya main log ek-dusre se nafrat kyu karte hai
Swami Ram Swarup: Because most of the people jo apne liye chahaten haien wo dusron ko dena nahien chahatre ulta dusroen se sab khuchh lena hi pasand karte haen. ek baat aur ki ishwar ki bhakti aur apne duities ko bhi puri taraha se nahen nibhate. yahi sab kuchh raag dues hai.

Ajay Paudel: me kucha sidhi prapt karna chahatahu
Swami Ram Swarup: You are advised to learn yoga under guidance of learned yogi.

Sonal: I want to know about my future?
Swami Ram Swarup: Future depend in hard and right working and too under guidance with settling the target.

Moon: How could i know if God has or not?
Swami Ram Swarup: First that earth, moon,our births etc have not been made by human beings. He is only almighty God who has been nursing the universe. Secondly, a best experience yogi, saint is needed to have the preach and practice of ashtang yoga ie worship of God to realise God by practising yoga traditionally.

Rajesh Khanna: I am ill, my treatment is going on since 1992 at PGI,Chandigarh. I want to know whether I recover or not?
Swami Ram Swarup: Please intimate your disease and yet i hope you will be okay.

Balmeet: I want a best freind. I like someone as i want him to be me best freind. How can i make him my best freind?
Swami Ram Swarup: Best friend are those who are always helpful with clean heart so if you will be having this quality then I am sure you will get a good friend.

Pushpanjali Sinha Will I be a successful person in my life in all spheres of life like finance, happiness, love, satisfied with my job and life?
Swami Ram Swarup: Hard working, firm decision, good path & your faithfulness will make you able to get the goal.

Rinoa: I`m so saaaaaad. I loose so many good people. Its not that I have been bad, its that they move and I am a traveller. I dont know what to do anymore. Once, I lived in Italy, I was very little and my mum and dad escaped from the Sovjet in Estonia to Olevano Romano. There was a women, named Francesca, and she took care of me, now I live in Estonia, and I havent seen her for 12 years, can I ever meet her again? I am practicing karate, its the only thing which keeps me up and healthy, I want an italian friend, who is too a karateka, but I dont know how. I try to read karate philosophy, and it helps a lot. I hope that you can make me feel better somehow, just say something good, and I would feel better, because I know, you`re good. Please, answer me, Rinoa
Swami Ram Swarup: You are hard working person. It is a good quality. Please help the poor & as before remain faithful to everybody. Wait for sometime you will get your desire fulfilled.

Avneet Chawla: What according to u is life….how should a man live his life to be successful in everything he desire?
Swami Ram Swarup: Life is a strugle & we must face it. This God gifted life is actually meant to get peace & to progress simultaneously in spiritulism as well as in pious materialistic progress. In the human life we are only able to finish the sorrows by spiritiualism & even discharing the family duties for this purpose. A learned saint is required for giving advice in every step of life.The desires are not fulfilled instead our life is finished. However every body has desires with the hope of peace but the peace is always in finishing the bad desires & do pious deeds for success. This is deep subject & requires more discription. You may put question again after 10th June.

Rahul: Hello sir my name is rahul i have lots of problem and it is not possible for me to work hard and to become rich my big brother has the problem of back so he thinks that he cannot help our family and father to thinks that
Swami Ram Swarup: The problems are always removed with hard working by firm mind. You see God helps them who helps themselves. Be brave & start hard working & one day you will become a rich person. Please also devote sometime daily to worship God.

Reetika Jain: Who is God? where He is? How can one see and meet him?
Swami Ram Swarup: God is He who creates Universe. Because it is very much clear that the creation is not a job of human being. God is everywhere but cannot be seen by human eyes. Only Ashtang Yogi who attains Samadhi is able to realize God, but every person is entitled to worship God & realize Him.This is deep subject & requires more description. You may put any question again on this subject. The meditation & worship of God makes man able to realize God but it should be under guidance of a learned Saint.

Swami Ram Swarup: Agar dono rajaamand hoin to ker sakte hain.

Peya: Muslim dharm kya saach hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Muslim dharm saach hai lakin eskee gahrai main utrne aur pura sakoon pane ke liye kisi achhe vidwan se eskee shiksha paker usko amal main lane kee jarrurt hai.aur vah shiksha bhaichaara, khuda ki ibadat aur Allaha se milne ka bahut hee umda raasta bataati hai.

Balmeet Singh: Will I be ever happy in my life if not?
Swami Ram Swarup: Happiness depend on previous birth’s deeds. Everybody wants happiness but very few get because no body is free to get whatever he wants but there is away of right worship & to do pious deeds which gives happiness.

Amar Singh: How do we get Moksha or Mukti?
Swami Ram Swarup: Under the guidance of a ashtang yogi and he should know Vedas knowledge, then it is easy to get moksh. You may please clarify this again because it is a lengthy answer and being busy i am not able to explain now.

Samir Bose: Respected Swamiji , first of all i must thank you for the reply u have given me …..i have read many books pertaining to after death (philosphy) and every author says , in Hindu Mythology the process of reincarnation exists ….i have also read that , the first year (after death ) soul sleeps , the second year it started assessing what he has done in terms of KARMA (good or bad ) and from the third year he is looking for a right mother womb …mean to say the same soul starts looking to take birth in the same family where he was earlier , if their he does not find any chance then his next move is to look and search for a neighbour or a very good friend of his family …ultiamtely he then come back once again to the earth via this media …u must be aware of PLANCHET where people call their near and dear ones through deep meditation …is it possible ??????? Also need to know why every mythology is differenct we Hindu’s believe in reincarnation where as Muslim do not believe in this , same the case with Christian ….do u feel that it is really nothing but a BELIEF of Hindu’s ????? Regrds ,Samir
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas preach rebirth. Actually we are souls & not body that is why everybody says that this is my hand, eye or nose etc. When we are not nose,eye & we are not body then who are we? This is to be known. It is deep subject to learn & worship & meditate. Please leave it here. We are souls. Soul is eternal & can go everywhere but it is always under the control of law & order of God. As you are saying in your question that soul decides her birth & in 1st year,2nd year &3rd year etc., in his family or neighbour, this is all, against the Vedas. You casn well know that we all human beings whatever decide is not fulfilled otherwise everybody can be rich, minister, actor, singer & so on. Similarly the soul separated from body is not free to do anything. Sher takes birth only according to his karmas. Planchet is totally against the Vedas & spiritualism. I am busy upto 9th June because the annual religious function is going on from April to 9th June, 2002. After 9th June you may put the question again & I will brief it with Proof. I pray God for your long, happy life.

Mohammed Ikramuddin: Why india is suffering with roits? Why all indus all beting to muslim, this is the correct way?
Swami Ram Swarup: Riots are all over the world I feel that now a days most of the human have failed the fundamental teaching of our religions where ther is no any space for revages of hatred. There is only love with each other. I will advice you to see the answer which I have sent one or two days back in internet which relates to your question.

Noorul Ameen Masood Ali: Dear Swamiji, Peace be with you!! I never knew about you. But i read ur answers to many questions. I am a sincere monotheist, i believe that there is one God and we call Him Allah.Even the word Allah means “the God”.Well if you know the Islam religion in full, then Islam is strictly against idol worship and saint worship.May be u r a great saint. But when u die they may make u God.they may come to your idol or grave and pray to u like they should pray God. do u think this is fair.There is nothing like God.and no equal to God.So do u not think this Islamic religion is the only existing religion that has its facts unaltered.Every religion was true when it came.But alterations made it impure.Dont u feel so.
Swami Ram Swarup: Everybody accepts this reality that Vedas are the ancient holy book. Actually this is the knowledge from God originated in the heart of 4 Rishis before about one Arab & more than 96 crore years back at the time of creation. At that time there was no sect & therefore it is equally applicable for all human beings but at present generally it has been made to be related for only Hindus. Hindu word came into existence when Greek & Unanis started saying all the inhabitants who lived across the Sindhu, Indus, they used to say these people Hindu. It means Hindu word represents all the citizens living in India.

Before this word we were called Bhartiya or Aryans. So this word is not actually related with the spiritualism. Any way in Hinduism, Vedas are Supreme. There are 4 Vedas–Rigveda pretaining mostly to science, Yajurveda gives knowledge in brief about Karmas, Saamveda teaches how to worship & Atharvaveda speaks about medical science & medicines etc. All the 4 Vedas say about the God —Na tasya pratima asti(Yajurveda chapter 32/3) means that the God cannot be measured in feet,yards,kilometres etc., because He is everywhere & beyond imagination,calculation & description. So there is no His statue. I accept this & whole of my life period has done worship on this truth. Secondly Rigveda says that there must be an experienced alive Yogi
having Vedas knowledge who has done Ashtang Yoga to give the preach. I always preach my disciples that till I am alive I can preach & thereafter there must not be my statue to worship because it would be totally against the voice of God of Vedas.

I am busy in annual religious function startedfrom last week of April & will remain upto 9th June. I am dealing with thousands of people. So kindly send this question again then I will, in detail try to brief it

Kriti: Swamiji i am always tensed about my future i am in 12th now dont know what to do i feel that i
should do all the things what to do??
Swami Ram Swarup: For the future one should not have the tension because future becomes always happy by hard working.

Peya: Who is truth allah or vogoban?
Swami Ram Swarup: In farsi aab means water and in sanskrit or in hindi jal means water also, so there is no any difference between aab or jal qualities being of the water same. So there is only one power who commands on the universe whose names may be different. So Allaha, Bhagwan, God etc., are the name of the one Supreme Power who creates the Universe & nurses it. Our forefathers & prophets who realized the Supreme power have given these all adorable names of Almighty God & these all names have reality, spiritualism & power & he who remembers God by reciting or remembering from these any pious names he will get peace & will be nearer to the supreme power.

NAHEED AKHTER: swamee jii… my name is NAHEED AKHTER. from Pakistan..(karachi) meree sis ke age 23 saal hogayee hai app batien uska achaa rishta kab ayee ga plzzz aur koi hal bheee hum uskee kahin achee jaga shadee karna chahteen hain..plz reply jaldee dejhjega.
Swami Ram Swarup: Main dil se khuda se dua karta huun ki aap kee bahan ka jaldee hee ek rista aayega.

Abdullah Ch: i am v happy to read ur wonderull answer, ok, in pakistan there is no Vedas at all, and i can not read hindi. but i will try to locate this book from sindh. u says in ur answer ” We are human beings and must love each others. ” then why hindus are killing muslims in india ( gujrat, kshmir, ahmedabad etc… ) if ur gitta , vidass and other holly books teaches ” shntii” then why hindus are not ready to adopt shanti in this reaogn ?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have felt a personal pleasure from your loving views. Secondly this is a basic problem in the human
being that we at present have become mostly unable to follow the preach of our prophets which they showered. If a robber kills anybody else so he must be punished by court of law etc. But I say with broken heart now-a-days by misleading the pin-point responsibility is not being carried and the innocent people who are not involved and even do not know ABC about the cases are being murdered. Yeh kattarpathinyoin ka bina socha samaja ek janoon ha jo es samey puri duniya main mahsoos kia ja sakta ha. Bulleshas fakir ne kabile tareef baat kahee ha —-
Mandir dhale masjid dhale,dhale jo kuchh dhainda ha,
Per dil na kise da dha bulia, es dil vich pritam rehinda ha.
Therefore in the total universe there is one Allaha/Bhagwan who lives in every heart of human being. When we harm anybody else it means we are insulting the Supreme power. And Supreme power gives justice & punish accordingly, but no doubt at present the human beings are experiencing difficulties & a learned person who loves allaha/Bhagwan or God always condemns this mishappenings. I am always against these cruel actions against innocent people.In the end I can only say the eternal truth—–
Jhuka do sur usi ke samne,aa jay jo koi,
Ki jab sajda hee karna ha,to Allaha sab main rehta ha.

Nikunj Jaswani: When did Vedmandir establish?
Swami Ram Swarup: It was estabilished in 1979.

Shekhar: Swamiji mein bahut tensane mein raheta hu aur mein jo bhi kaam karta hu usmein fasta raheta hu fincial postion bhi bahut kharab hai kiya hoga swamiji mere life mein paise kamana likha hai bhi yeah nahi ple reply
Swami Ram Swarup: You are advised to learn aasan & pranayaam & daily sit to Jaap (recite, remember) the holy name of God too in morning & evening daily. Please minimise your requirements & one must do the hard job & earn the money. This will help you to give calm & increase the money in your life.

Peya: hindu dharm kya saach hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: We indians live on the bank of the sindhu (Indus so long -2 ago sometimes the european countries started saying us, the people who live across the Indus are sindhu &later on we have become hindu. But our culture has been coming right from the beginning of the earth in the shape of 4 Vedas wherein there is worship of God by Yajna, practice of yoga, services towards parents & old persons etc. There after in our culture, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna & Valmiki Ramayan & Mahabharta originated & at that time we were called Aryans. So in reality the Vedas are the knowledge originated in the heart of Rishis at the time of beginning of the creation which pne is true. Therefore the Hindu religion is true.

Vijay Dambale: Swamiji muze smoking kee aadat ho gai hai our kabhi kabhi drink bhhi leta hoon maine apne aap ko bahot rokne kee koshish kee lekin oh aadat chhut ti nahi plz swamiji upay batayiye or mere ghar me shanti nahi hai sukh nahi hai paise purte nahi kripaya marg batayiye.
Swami Ram Swarup: insaan ka dridr nischay hee usey burai se hata sakta hai. hamain insaan ka sharir mila hai to usey achhey kam men lagaien jis se bhagwan aur family members khus hoen, yadi aap pure viswas aur drad nishchaye se pratigya kar len todrinking aur sigrate chhut jaengi.

Swami Ram Swarup: You will have to go under guidance of a experienced saint who knows Vedas, Yoga. Please put this question again if not clear.

Muhammad Aasim: I really respect swami jee, thousands of regards for you. Its very nice to see your mail, I’ve been waiting for very long time but its my good luck that I found your mail. Thank you and one thing a asked to build up my spritual powers,what should i do? I really respect ur views and thinking. Hope you welcome me as always.

Swami Ram Swarup: One should get up early in the morning at about 4 O’clock & after going to bathroom etc., he must obey his religious path like sitting on ground on some good aasan. One should do pious Namaz daily. Secondly I can advice you to sit on a aasan, close your eyes and calmly recite the holy name of Allaha in mind only at least for ten minutes. When you will breathe inner side then you recite in mind Al and when you release your breath out side then recite in your mind laha.
Now it will be complete name of holy Allaha. While doing this you concentrate whole attention one point between two eye brows. Always try to control anger and speak sweetly to everybody. And if you are interested then too you may learn anywhere yoga asan and pranayam which will also help to increase spiritual as well as physical power. Please do not forget to study even one page of holy Kuran Shariff which is full of secret of spiritulism and help everybody. My prayer to Almighty Allaha to give you success. You are always welcome.

Peya: hum kya kabhibi sukhi ho payege?
Swami Ram Swarup: Your hard working, calm desires & minimum desires too with worship of God & good society always make life happy.

Gaurav Girish Nagar: i failed in 11, mai nai app sai pahelai bhi question pucha tha, mai madical line mai successful hounga yaa nahi. my date of birth is 26 july. abhi mujhe mari mahnet ka phal bilkul nahi mil raha hai please give me the the right way to getting success. I am ready to do hard work kya mai 12 mai pass ho jaunga? I am a private student now.
Swami Ram Swarup: As per Shastras a student should get up early in the morning at about 4.30 & after going to bath you should recite the holy name of God which is OM or as you wish sitting on a aasan for at least 10 minutes. You should also learn some Yoga aasan & pranayaam from a learned teacher. Secondly you must study at least 10 hrs., daily with break & whole of the practice must by writing that is whatever you learn it must be written & your writing power must be strong. This way of hard working will give you a wonderful success.

Peya: Who is God?
Swami Ram Swarup: The creator & who nurses the Universe is called Almighty God. It requires lengthy explanation which will follow & also please read the answers likewise in the viz., how can one see God and bhagwan kiya hai ?

Lalit Kundra: Kindly let me know about SEVEN Chakras in the human body.
Swami Ram Swarup: The requisite chakras are mooladhar (guda), swadhishthan (pedu), manipur (nabhi), anahadh (heart), vishudha (kanth), agaya (bhrumadhaya) and sahastrasar (kapal).

Sameera: When will I get married & how is my future?
Swami Ram Swarup: Future is in your hand by doing hard practice and hard practice or working and hope for marriage in the near future.

Rohit Gupta: Swami ji mujhe raat to bechaini si rehti hain and also i feel cactus everywhere whether lying on bed and also even in clothes such as jeans and t-shirt. What should i do? Can u tell plz tell the solution of it?
Swami Ram Swarup: Aap jiada sochte hain and taraha taraha ke khiyaloen main khoye rahate hain. Lagata hai ki aap ka stomach bhi is vajaha se kharab ho. Pipal ke tane se gude sahit chhal kat kar use khub ubaloo aur uska ek gilas pani kapade se chhan kar thanda kar ke prataha khali pet piyen.

Jab gahan vichar man men uthata hai tab use dabayen aur kisi achi book ko padana shuru karen. Aap ke liye dhian men bathqana aur paranayam karana ati uttam hai. Parantu yeh pahale kisi vidvan se sikhna jaruri hai.

Sony Vinod Jethani: My husband drinks and does not listen to me. My two children are there. If I tell him anything,
he beats me and his business is also not doing well. Please tell me how he will get rid of drinking? pls help me..
Swami Ram Swarup: There is only way to give more love to husband and side by side explain the position to the old members of the family and to consult doctor for medical treatment to stop drinking. Because this is a serious matter and involves the future of the

Gaurav: My name is gaurav. I want to know that how will be my future. What I should do in present?
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas say never think about past because past has gone & don’t worry about future because nobody knows about it. So we have got only present to do. We should select the target of life & work hard in the present to make future happy. This is only the way.

Muhammad Abdullah Chaudhary: You know every thing, in your Geeta, there is everything about Islam and the last prophet, then why you are not adobting the right path, Islam?
Swami Ram Swarup: When you say there is every thing in Geeta about Islam then it is good and acceptable and I read Geeta and I know about Islam also from geeta, So I think to change the relgion is not required at this stage.

If you will try to study Vedas then you will find that the good and pious preaching of Islam, Geeta, Ramayan and Christ are also there in Vedas. So he who study Vedas he knows about all the religions and respects them all. Then again nobody will feel to change the religion.

We are human beings and must love each others. So the right path is to study Vedas and all spiritual/holy books keeping
aside the matter of changing the religions.

Sunny: Respected Swami Ji, Charan Vandna! Swami Ji mere stomach me bahut dard rahta hai. Doctor bolte hai alsar hai. Lekin mujhe lagta hai nabhi “Dharan” hai. Bahut treatment ke bad bhi koi asar nahi hai kaya karu plz help me.
Swami Ram Swarup: With my blessings you are advised to consult an experienced doctor. For nabhi/dharan please do uttanpad asan.

Manash: Prannam Swamiji. My name is manash,and i am from India. My problem is that I cannot concentrate on my studies. It’s been 7 years that i am being unsucccessful to clear any exams. I am fedup with life but donot want to end it. Plz help me to get through this time! Plz let me know as to how can i gain back my confidence. With all my faith on you, pranam.
Swami Ram Swarup: Please do not fed up with life because it is God-gifted. Even to think about its end is a great sin. However you are advised to devote more and more time for the study and make practice by writing all the subjects. You should increase writing power and you should know that the real student does not indulge in any materialistic means. Shastras says that the student
who gets such enjoyment like TV etc he cannot study well. So concentration with the motto to keep your future happy and serve the parent which everyone’s duty.

Amar Singh: When AATMA leaves physical body, how long it takes it to reach DHARAM RAJ’s darbaar?
Swami Ram Swarup: Actually in Vedas and shastras, geeta and ancient holy culture there is no any dharamraj. God is Almighty and everything is going in the universe automatically, naturally by the power of God. However when atma leaves the body it remains in the sapce for thirteen days and then comes on the earth to take the next birth according to his karama philosophy. This is also in accordance with 39 chapter of Yajurveda.

Pramod Rathi: I believe in Life after death. Humans who do Bad Karma’s get new birth as an animal or whatever according to his/her karma’s. Do his/her bad karma decide the new birth form? If so, whether the same soul is aware of the fact that since he/she did bad things in his /her earler life he /she has got that new birth to suffer and realise? Considering and accepting the fact that a human birth for a soul is the most superior to all others and humans are given a
chance to attain “MOKSHA” in this human birth since a free will has been gifted to them.

Swami Ram Swarup: The most ancient authenticated holy knowledge has been blessed by the God in shape of four Vedas which say about next birth and your views are thus true and are according to the Vedas. Even new born baby of human being or animal etc feel fear from death, why? Because the baby has experiences of the previous deaths whose sankars are on his mind. This clearly says about next birth. Next births always based on sanchit karamas and every gets next birth according to the result of his good or bad deeds of his countless previous births but the soul does not know about the previous births or deeds just as you do not know.

Swami Ram Swarup: Gussa jis ka mitra hai us ko kisi dusman banane ki jarurat nahien hai, us ke dushman apne aap ban jaten hain. Islieye sab kogussa contgrol karana chahiye, gusse se stomach bhikharab rahata hai aur blood pressure jaise bimari ka bhi khatra hota hai. Gussa khud apna dushman hai. Aise sab parkar ke bhi vichar karke gussa rokana chahiye. Parantu asal men gussa yoga practice se hi rukta hai. Good deeds and hard working makes every one future happy.

Samir Bose: Respected Swamiji, my question is as per Hindu Mythology after death we funeral our body but our inner soul vanishesh and go to Paramatma. Could you pls. tell me something about reincarnation, is it believable? If yes then quote me example and how this process begins?
Swami Ram Swarup: Reincarnation is not true as per Vedas and shastras. Ved shastra says that when soul leaves the body it goes to the space under control of sutratma air. Because every soul is not free to do any thing because of his karama, so it cannot make harm.

After thirteen days the soul takes next birth, it may take more time also but it is not free to give harm to any body.

Haseeb: Simi agents are been arrested for spreading terrorism but RSS & Shiv Sena are continuosly doing this. Why they are not being arrested?
Swami Ram Swarup: I think in Govt views the RSS and Shiv sena are not terrorist.

Moiz: kiya kps gill wahan(gujrat)main fasad kam karayenge?
Swami Ram Swarup: Fasad khatam to asal men dharam par chal kar hi hota hai. Jabarjasti hota hai lekin kewal kuchh samaye ke liye. Sab ko dharam ka palan kar ke Govt ki madad karni chahiye.

Linda Dias: I get severe pain in my right shoulder especially when I write for a long time or do some work for long hours. This work could be washing utensils or clothes. The pain is again more when I sit or ride my bike. Why does this happen? Please give me some treatment. This pain is just killing me at times.
Swami Ram Swarup: You must learn some yoga aasan and also consult doctor.

Gufran: Dear sir, What is the ayodha solution according to you?
Swami Ram Swarup: God is one, we are human being are His children and are brother and sister together. Spiritualism does not teach hate. Spiritual master of all the religion must teach love and leave pride etc. which is base of spiritualism.

Then spiritual master must sit together to have loving talk of surrenders. This will give good result.

avishek: How should a person control his anger?
Swami Ram Swarup: One should know about the bad result of anger and thus should leave the anger. But only Yoga practice and good society of good saints help in this matter.

Ravindra Shukla: I am suffering from certain service and monetory problems when will it solve and how have I to do any thing?
Swami Ram Swarup: Try hard to overcome the problems. Try to minimize the expenditure and try to do overtime to increase the income. The society of good saints will help you. You can also send your problem again here as today I have little time to answer.

Ravindra Shukla: I am suffering from mentaly upset I have so many things but I feel I have nothing why?
Swami Ram Swarup: You are in depression. Try to learn Yoga which help you a lot. Also please consult a doctor.

Swami Ram Swarup: You must learn some aasan specially pashichmottan & taadasan if you are under 24 then your height will be increased also you must do race(running in the morning). Bhisham (male) & Gargi (female) & Satyawati(female) were so many diginities even adorable too who were only the children of their parents but by hard working, good society of Rishis & worship like Yoga & Yajna they became adorable dignities so you must have the target of the life & continue hard working to achieve the same Success will kiss your feet. Please do not be lazy at any moment & leave all materilistic idea.

Amit Jha: What is the right age of getting married?
Swami Ram Swarup: In case of a girl it is 18 & boy it is 25th in accordance with the shastras.

Laeeque: kaya aap mere bare me kuch bata sakte hai kay mai jeewan mai safal hoo paoonga kay mai exam mai pass ho paonga plz respons to my question. my date of birth is 15 jan 1982 (friday)
Swami Ram Swarup: In Geeta it is stated that men or women must achieve the life target through hard & hard struggle but we must never think about the result. So please do hard work without wasting time to think the future. Your hard working will make your future automatically happy.

Nitin: I am a slave of my moods & it is seriously affecting my studies & personal life. I also can’t seem to get over a girl. What should i do?
Swami Ram Swarup: You know that a slave cannot enjoy freely. So always try to overcome the organs &senses. Vedas teach that we are souls & not body. The mood is made of Prakriti which contains mind Chitta & Ahankar etc. To overcome it Yoga Practice & worship to God under supervision of a learned saint will help you.

An unmarried student should not think over about girl instead he must study hard to make the future happy first like our ancient Rishis Munis or family member. We must try to maintain the culture.

Sunil Kapilavayi: Where is God and what is he doing?
Swami Ram Swarup: God is every where. He has first created the Universe & now he is nursing it. That is why He is called our Father. Always remeber God if He would not has given eye, ear, nose, mouth, feet, leg etc.,what could be our position. We are soul we depend on the organs to do any kind of deed.

Vandana: Mujhe padhai me safalta kase milage?
Swami Ram Swarup: To achieve the target there is only one way that we should do harder & hardest work.

Aditi: I believe in Gods and I feel they fulfil most of my desires. Do they really do so?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is only one who creates Universe & nurses desires. Desires are not full filled otherwise everybody can be a President, Prime-minister or rich man. We are feeling good or bad with the result of our deeds of past birth, the result of which is given by God. Good desires must also be there but actually when that derires are controlled through worship, yoga practice then only we feel utmost pleasure.

A learner: Pranam! Tell me about yoga that we should do daily and how?
Swami Ram Swarup: You should do first basically aasan & then pranayaam but it must be under supervision of a learned Yogi. You may send your further problem to me for which you are welcome.

A learner: Pranam! Can u name some holy temples in india? What is spirituality? Can u tell me about Vedas?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas there is only a great temple which is called human body. This temple is made by God & God lives within it. When an aspirant stop all various effects on Chitta by virtue of practice of Yoga then he is able to realize God within heart.

There are four Vedas named Rig, Yajyu, Saam & Atharv. In the beginning of creation the knowlege of Vedas originates in the
heart of four rishis. This is automatically. In Rig Vedas, there is vast science, in yajurveda there is karama philosophy, in saam Veda there is method of worship. Every human being must study Veda from a spiritual master. Vedas are not sects. This knowledge was applicable for human beings in the begginning and applies at present also.

It is vast knowledge, you may put again question on Veda and I will feel pleasure to reply again in detail. It is not out of
mention that with the grace of Almighty God and my spiritual master I am a philosopher of Vedas and Yoga.

Khushi: humara yaha khushiya kab ayagi?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sab manushy sada sukh chahte hain.Dukh koi nahin chahta.Lekin insaan aazad nahin ha ki jab jo chahe usey mil jay.Insaan purv janm ke kiye huye karam bandhano main bandha ha.Haan yeh avashye ha ki kabhi karamonusaar sukh aata ha aur kabhi dukh.Aap ko bhi jaldi hee sukh prapt hoga.Parntu hamesha khushi paane ke liye Ishwar kee upasna aavashyak ha.

Parijat: Guruji, actually I was in great distress. I have just given my 12 board exams. I want to do something in life and get name and fame and everyone says I have the power to influence people and I can do if I want to but that willingness is not coming in me though I want success but I can’t. Why? What should I do? I am in great problem.
Swami Ram Swarup: You require concentration in your target leaving behind distress. A brave aspirant works hard with full strength to achieve the target. Concentrate on your target & do hard work & you will get the success without fail.

Muhammad Aasim: I respect you but I’m Muslim and proud to be a Muslim. I only believe in our holy book and in my ALLAH and our prophet. Well I know that you are experienced and more although thousand times more knowledge holder then me, I believe in spiritual education, many times I try it at my own, sometimes I get success. I didn’t believe in Hinduism, do you agree with me that if you have conscious and optimistic approach its all fake? What do u think? I really apologize if I hurt you.
Swami Ram Swarup: If a beautiful lady has her name as black cat, then it makes no difference for her beauty. So every sect has its good qualities and it has got no concerned with the name.

So Hinduism has also its culture like Holy Vedas, Shastras, Geeta, & the pious person like Lord Manu, Rama, Krishna, Harishchandra, Vyas Muni & so many Rishis etc., who served the humanity(and not sects only) because at that time sects were not originated.

Similarly Islam and Christianity has got its pious and worthy adorable culture. But first of all we are human beings & must love each other & we must all try to promote international brotherhood. I appreciate, you love your Islam religion.

As far as you do not believe in Hinduism I think it may be a reason for not studying Holy Vedas, Shastras, Geeta etc., but I assure you that I respect Islam religion. I have Holy Kuran Sharif & studied it & scholar should choose every good preach from every religion. The starting of Holy Kuran Sharif is beyond description where it is mentioned that without Allah there is nothing in the world, so Allah, God or Ishwar are the Supreme names of Almighty. Similarly Vedas says 1. ‘Eko Brahm dwitya na asti.’ 2. ‘na jaatah na janishyati’ means there is only one God & there is no other God similar to this one God. Secondly neither other God is born nor will be borne in future. He is father of all human beings & we have to realize by means of the sources ,the path preached by our forefathers. We have been born for this purpose in human life. I love you & I assure you that you have not hurt me with your words because everybody has got freedom to speak his views.

Sundeep Aggarwal: Dear Swamiji! Parnam! I am currently a student at college. People in college are very forward, in return they gain many friends and recognition in the college. I am drawn back, things I have been told from my Guruji and my parents prevent me from behaving in the same manner as them. I am worried this will affect the amount of friends and support I have in college. Is there a way around keeping my faith and friends? Thank you for taking the time to read this email. ***Touch feet***
Swami Ram Swarup: To have good friends is always good for happiness but always avoid bad society.

Ajay Srivastava: bhagvan kya hai ?kripya yah mujhe vistar se hindi me bataea?
Swami Ram Swarup: Suraj ,chand,sitare,hawa,pani,hamare,pashu,pakshi ke sharir kisi bhi insaan ne nahin banaaye.Jisne yeh saara sansar banaaya usey Bhagwan kahte hain.Iska vistar se utar samay kee kamee ke karan abhi nahin kuch din baad aapko mil jayega .Prantu main “How one can see God” prashn ka uttar avshya parehain.

Lokesh Shetty: How do I become a successful person?
Swami Ram Swarup: By hard practice to achieve your selected target.

Mamta Gupta: Swamiji, can you tell me why my every dreams comes true? Future happening I used to see in dream.

Swami Ram Swarup: If it is so then you are having God gift based on your previous pious deeds.

Piyush Srivastava: Guru Ji !!! How can I make Lord Shiva happy? I mean what’s method of SHIV PUJA?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas the meaning of Shiva is Almighty God who nurses the Universe but now-a-days mostly the Lord Shiva means Shankar who has got snake in his neck. But still you can make Shiva happy by means of your worship by sitting in a lonely place or room and reciting the Mantra “Om Namah Shivaya ” in mind that you are worshipping Almighty God. For more explanation you can put more questions.

Swami Ram Swarup: Ishwar ne jagat bana kar char Vedoin ka gyan diya uske baadsansar main 6 shastra,Valmiki Ramayan,Upnishad aur Geeta jaise Granth aaye jinme es tone naam kee koi jagah nahin ha esliye yeh satya ha ki jadu-tone naam ki koi baat sansar main na thi ,na ha aur na aage hogi.Manushya apne kiye huye karamoin ka fal sukh-dukh ke rup main bhogta ha.

Razman: panditji kya hamare andar bhi atma hoti hai.or kya woh kisi ko pareshan bhi kar sakti hai, kya hum usse dekh sakte hain!
Swami Ram Swarup: First of all, the meaning of soul (Aatma) should be understood. There are three things, a) God (Parmatma); b) Soul (Jivatma) and c) Sun, Moon, Air, Water and Our body etc.. There is no breath (pran) in this sun, moon etc., that is why it is immobile (jadd), which does not survive and cannot be harmful to anyone. God gives result for our deeds. Good result for good deeds and bad result for bad deeds, there is no exception for anyone. Therefore, Faquirs have also preached in religious books (something everyone should agree with) love everyone and do good deeds. Third is Soul, which is called aatma or jivatma in Vedas/Shastras etc. Soul (aatma), first comes to a mother’s womb, later it gets a body. The body gets destroyed one day, but the soul never dies. Rather, it takes next birth. In Islam religion, the soul (rooh) goes to heaven (Jannat) on the time of destruction of universe. Everybody’s actual self is soul. In other words, we are all souls, not the body. The body dies, we (souls) don’t die. In world’s library, the oldest Holy books are Four Vedas. At that time there were no sects of now a days. Vedas say “There is a tree and two birds live over there. One eats the fruits of the tree while the other only see”. Here, the tree means the body; the bird eating the fruit is soul (Jivatma) and the bird seeing everything is God. It means that the soul living in the body does the deed and accordingly faces the consequences in the shape of good and bad, sorrow or happiness. Whereas the God only see the deeds done by the soul (man or woman) and gives result thereof being a supreme judge. This also tells us that the soul exists. No one says that I’m eye or hand or leg etc. Eye is separate and we are separate. In other words, it is our body we (souls) are not body. We are the soul living in a body. Every body has its own soul. Therefore the number of souls and bodies are same. That is why, if one man is sleeping, the other may be awake/laughing etc. Everyone’s deeds are different and they get gifted or punished, accordingly. The soul cannot, therefore, do anything without the body. When a body dies, the soul just leaves the body and the body starts to deteriorate. That is why the soul cannot trouble anybody without the body. According to Hindu religion and based on Vedic philosophy too, the soul takes rebirth and the question of it wondering does not arise. According to Islam religion, soul waits till kayamat, and so, cannot trouble anybody. Soul is very very tiny (sooksham). In Vedas, it has been compared to the size of thousandth (1/1000) part of the tiny end of a hair. That’s why it is invisible.

ravi: How could I get God?
Swami Ram Swarup:
In reality the fundamentals to realise God are
preached in Vedas /shastras.But the first step is to
seek the preach /blessings ofa true spiritual master
who must be a Yogi and who has knowledge of
Vedas/shastras by virtue of practising Aasan,
Pranayaam etc.One must realise that God has created
Universe, but nobody is fully able to know the
sun,earth ,moon or about Universe.So when the creation
is not fully known then to know the God ,the Creator
is not so easy.But still Vedas/Shastras say when there
is will then there is way.And to make this path easy a
spiritual master is required.the shelter of a
spiritual Master as cited above basically
required.Then everything will be cleared day by day
,because the long & hard practise to get money etc.,
is done the sooner it can be obtained.Similarly when
the long continous hard practice by an aspirant
preached by spiritual masterwill make realisation to
the aspirant soon.

Satyam Gandhi: How to meditate? How to Learn More About YOGA ?
Swami Ram Swarup:
Right from the beginning of the earth ,the meditation has/had been leaning from an alive Yogi & this fact is still mentioned in four Vedas. Meditation is the seventh stage of Ashtang yoga. The first is Yama then Niyma ,Asan Pranayaam, Pratyahar,Dharna & then Dhyan is called meditation.8th & final stage is Yoga. Yoga means final liberation/salvation. But now a days yoga is called Asan which is wrong. However in the next lecture it will be tried to explain more about how to do Yoga & how to learn more about Yoga. Before putting up the next question please see web site indoindians .com then lifestyle &then click Lecture on Yoga.

Major Prasanna: how to control desire for money and other pleasures?
Swami Ram Swarup:
Actually there remains some reasons for happenings
.For example Almighty God is the reason for the
creation .Mothers/fathers are the reason to give birth
to the child.similarly there is a reason for the
desire & the reason to fulfill the desire is
greediness to have pleasure.There are two kinds of
desires good/bad. To know the same a long preach is
essential.Further this is due to lack of knowledge
truth.The money/pleasures is not the only path to get
peace because it is only meant for our body & not
soul.You see that Ravana,Kansa,Nepolian etc.who were
the richest of the time could not get peace from money
only due to lack of spiritualism whereas Shri
Rama/Sita &Krishna etc. who knew about the non
stability of materialistic articles,did get money
&peace both.Sant Kabir,Shabri did not have money but
knew the truththereof ,so they got peace. The purpose
of hman being is to get peace.Mostly people seek peace
in money only for filling desires etc.But peace is
only in controlling the desire.Now how it will be
controlled.It requires constant/regular preach.I shall
continue it again.

deepti: how can one see God ? can we see him in some form or is he wihout any form? how can we reach God, doing our normal duty too?
Swami Ram Swarup: As said in Geeta shaloka 11/8 where Yogeshwar Krishna says,”O! Arjun, you cannot see me with your eyes.”So in reality the God has no form.Yajurveda Mantra 40/8 & 32/3 too says that there is no any statue of God .Secondly God is realised first by virtue of preach of Vedas by a spiritual Master secondly by hard practice of Ashtang Yoga which too requires long preach.Because God is realised by soul within body &Yoga practice enables an aspirant to stop various forms of Chitta/mind which helps to realise God within the human body .As Lord Rama,Krishna ,Vyas Muni& other family holders realised God while discharging the family duties but in accordance with the preach of Vedas so God is realised mostly in family life.However it requires spiritual guidance from Vedas of pious deeds &Yoga practice.So one should first approach to a Yogi as mentioned above like Rama,Krishna,Meera who bowed before their Gurus Muni Vashitha, Rishi Sandeepan,Ravidass & Chatpat Nath Yogi.
You may ask the doubt, if any, further.

Jitendra Joshi: Sir you said that tulsi did not write lav kush kand but I have that kand written by tulsi beacuse lav -kush were born in jungle only? tell me proff that tusi did not write lavkushkand swamiji. How can shiva listen to ram’s katha even when his life is going on?explain in detail?
Swami Ram Swarup: All Tulsi Ramayan ends with Uttar Kand only. If you have got Tulsi Ramayan with Lav Kush Kand please intimate the name of publisher with full address. Because Lav Kush Kand can be added by anybody else but Tulsi has not written in his Ramayan. I have Tulsi Ramayan published by Gita Press Gorakhpur and comments by Hanuman prasad poddar ji wherein no Lav Kush Kand is mentioned.

deepti what is the significance of gayathri mantra? can women recite it? plz let me know. how is it done?
Swami Ram Swarup:
The importance of Gayatri Mantra is well mentioned in the three Vedas.Kindly see web site under heading Gayatri Mantra.After going through the same kindly put your question, if any .As regards use by women thereof the knowledge of the Vedas is generated from God Himself & thereafter is originated in the heart of the four Rishis named Angira,Aaditya,Vaayu& Agni ,first time while creation.So this knowledge is meant for all human beings keeping aside the gender.So it is equally applicable for daughters&women.Secondly Vedas /Shastras says that Soul lives in human body.We are Soul & not body.Vedas further states the Soul is neither men,women birds elephants etc.,nor non-living .And the peace &God is realised by Soul & not body that is why the knowledge of Vedas including Gayatri Mantra is meant for all human beings .When the Soul takes birth in body ,is is seemed likewise i.e. ,if it takes birth in bird,elephant ,lion ant ,man,woman it seems likewise but in reality it is unchanged.Body is non-living &Soul is living.You may put your any doubt again.

Surendra Kumar: Swami ji, I am suffering from stomatch problems like pain(everytime)digestion problem, gas and acidity. Can I overcome from all these by yoga. If yes please tell me how. If there is some yoga to solve these problems please tell me.
Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection you may take medicine as follows —–
Chiretta-Kiretta 1gm
Gyol 4gm
Azwain 6gm
Meethi Sounf 6gm
Chhoti Peepal 6gm
Neem leaves 25-30 leaves
Make the powder of all above items & take one Kadchi(i.e. Kadchi used to prepare dal, vegetables etc.)& boil it in one and half litres of water for five minutes .then let it be cool & afterwards sieve it. Now take half cup of this medicine & mix it with another half cup of fresh water. Take one cup of this medicine in the morning empty stomach.It must be continued for three months. You can also do Kunjal Kriya but it will have to be learnt by an expert. You can also do Uttanpadasan,bhujang asan,Tiddi asan ,Padam asan to overcome the problem. Pranayaam will also help you .But all this Yoga path will have to be learnt by an expert Yogi in presence.

Anoop: tell me that when should i do shirsasan in morning & when can u tell me full process of doing shirshashan(Ashan)?
Swami Ram Swarup: The best way of shirsasan or any other asan is four to
6 o’clock in the morning and 5to 7 in the evening.It
should be done in clean place with peace of mind and
empty stomach.Any asan or pranayam should be learnt
under the guidance of a perfect Yogi(Guru).You can
learn it from me by fixing date & time suitable to

Suresh Kumar: Respeted Swamiji,

I am a keen devotee of Lord Shri Sai Baba. Recently I alongwith my wife had gone to Shirdi also. I write and compose many songs of Sai Baba. Many atimes baba comes in my dream also. In my office i have built one small temple cabinet, where i have placed my baba. Daily I light incense sticks. On Monday and Thursday I garland baba and read Sai Amritvani, Sai Mahima (Composed by Panvel Narayan baba) , Sai Chalisa and Saisacharitra.

But in my life I have lot of difficulties. Till date my problem has not been solved guruji. I had a desire to become Singer / Composer and also Actor (Any one of them ). But till date my wishes are not fulfilled. Now I am married and my age is 30. At present my interest is totally lost. Can I regain my Interest ?

Can you please advise me ? why this has happned to me. Is Baba Angry / or not close to me.

Swami Ram Swarup:

There are three kinds of deeds in Vedas/shastras. Deeds done in the past
uncounted births are called Sanchit Karmas. On the basis of these Karmas a
person takes birth for a definite period in which he has to bear the result
of the deeds which are called Prarabdh Karmas. These Prarabdh Karmas are
taken from Sanchit Karmas the balance remains always in Sanchit Karmas.
Third is Kriyamaan Karmas for which we are free to do either good or bad the
result of which wee have to face in future in the shape of happiness or
sorrows accordingly.

By the grace of God yourself was inspired with the result of the pious deeds
and you had to go to take shelter of a Guru Maharajs. Now it is up to the
Guru Maharaj’s blessings based on his tapasya to look after his disciple.
Still it is said that Guru is one but a person should serve Rishis, Munis,
philosopher of Vedas/Yogas etc in accordance with the tradition right from
the begining of the earth, Every one says that Lord Krishna and Shri Ram had
his Gurus but very few know that their Gurus were philosopher of Vedas and
Yoga, and their holy names were Sandeepan Rishi and Vashisht Muni. Rishi is
called who has realised and seen Ved mantras by virtue of hard yoga practice
and muni is called who is a philosopher of Vedas and yoga after acute study
of four Vedas. So our countrymen should keep this fact in view too because
is traditional. So the first thing is that by virtue of your past instigated
deeds your soul was inspired to seek a guru maharaj, as far as dreams are
concerned the Vedas and shashtra say that it has got no more good result in
the life.

When Lord Krishna says that O Arjun you cannot see me with you eyes than
dreams are not of more values but you should try to see you Guru Maharaj in
presence and too alive and take good education for a happy life, ask said in
Vedas. You have made a temple it may be good, but the best temple of worship
is a human body made by God Himself and details of which may be asked from
Guru maharaj and philosopher of Vedas/yoga. Incense sticks is the shortest
form of holy yajna. Our fore fathers/rishis/Shri Ram/Shri Krishna etc. used
to perform holy yajna. We must also continue it, in addition, and should
make it possible. You are doing worship accordingly to the path whatever you
have listened from anywhere else. You may carry it on at your own but I
would also like to mention here about traditional path of Vedas wherein it
is mentioned Devaha yajain yajjam ajayant means that the Devaha (rishi/muni)
use to do worship of God by doing holy yajna and by listening Vedas and
practice of yoga too. (Yajurveda Mantra 31/16). Please see in Tulsi
Ramayana also- Ved purana vashisht bakhanahien, sunahu Ram yadaypi sab
janahien, means that Shri Ram used to listen Vedas from a spiritual master
Vashisht Muni, a philosopher of Vedas/ yogas. Secondly , koti vaja medh
praphu kine daan aneka duvija kah dine, means Shri Rama persormed more than
krore holy yajnas and donated/respected rishi/munis, philosopher of

So please try to add it also in your life. Because some holy books are
written by now a days men/women/any religious men who have studies only
but not have practised yoga or guru mantras etc.But Vedas are theknowledge
originated in he heart of four rishis direct by God fundamentally in the
beginning of the earth. That is why in Yoga Shashtra sutra Rishi Patanjali
has said that Sah esha purvesham api guruhu means that the God is our
spiritual master (Guru) of our past/anccient rishis. So everybody also try
to listen the God*s voice of Vedas from a philosopher of Vedas.

Here I would like to tell you the meaning of Amrit Vani. In Vedas mrit means
dead and Amrit means everlasting/immortal. God is immortal that is why His
knowledge in the shape of four Vedas is immortal too. And that is why He is
the first spiritual Guru of our past Rishis and all of us also. We all must
follow it traditionally. Nobody wants sorrows right from an ant uptill
humanbeings. Men and women always desirous of having pleasures not sorrows.
Happiness is always the result of our past/present deeds in births but final
everlasting happiness is always achieved after having births in human body.
We can destroy all our previous births,sins or deeds by virture of following
a traditional spiritual path of listening Vedas, doing yoga,yajna as
mentioned in Vedas and shashtras. We must also recite and practise the holy
name kof Almighty God in heart as is rightly preached by a spiritual master.
The problem will automatically be solved. This yoga /yajna/guru
mantra/preaches of Vedas are always done in family life and need not to take
any kind of sanyas. Your desires are good it requires still continuous hard
practice, devotion, dedication and reality concentration of mind with
worship of God. Please carry on and God will definately help you. You can
regain because to achieve the target age and married life is not a problem
as mentioned all happennings are based on the result of previous deeds but
those can be removed, so do not demoralise yourself.

The best spiritual master and even God do not become angry but forgive the
aspirants and help them too. You and everybody is always welcome and it has
no concern of being anybody’s devotee. Guru May be one but sevices of rishis
munis must be done by everybody. Shri Ram’sGuru was Vashisht Muni but He too
served and took education from Vishwamitra, Augustya, Atri and Shringya
rishis etc. Those past days are always to be remembered in the history of
our nation which must the repeated and maintained to get rid of ravages of
hatred and to be happy and gay.



Swami Ram Swarup: As regards “HANS” an aspirant may continue practice as follows-
When we breathe inside(inhale) then we must recite “SA” in our mind & not by tongue.And when we breathe outside we must recite the word “HA” .Actually this is only practised in presence of spiritual master.It is better if you remember “O” in mind while breathing inside &”M” while breathing outside.This is the name of Holy God.It is remembered early in the morning & secondly before going to the bed in the night.From 15 minutes to hour or so on as is suitable .Secondly in Lom &Vilom one should learn Pranayaam properly from a spiritual master.In this condition one hole of nostril is kept closed & from other the outer air is taken inside & vice versa etc.It requires presence of spiritual master.

It is mentioned in four Vedas that whose Chitta (Mind) is not capable to learn Yoga or practise Yoga then he is not able to keep similarity in intellect,i.e.,dealing with human beings.”Similarity in mind “means he cannot love humanity and cannot promote even brotherhood at national or international level because Vedas says that only Yoga Practice controls the ill. It is also mentioned in Upnishad that when man/woman will try to realise God through his organs then is failed and when he will try to a virtue of controlling the breathing then he will be able to overcome the breathing then he will be able to overcome the Chitta’s Vritti and will realise God .Please see heading “SEE MAHABHARTA: FOR DESCRIPTION ABOUT YOGA

Where it is mentioned in Mahabharta in in Shanti Parva Chapter 57 Shalok 8 that whose Chitta is not united with Yoga education he does not get Similarity in Intellect.Here Similarity in Mind or Intellect means he will favour the person whereas there must be no difference between poor,rich and even in birds and animals etc.,while dealing with humanity.

Question: What is Yoga?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is a learning
which enlighten us of creation and the creator himself. Why should
we not devote some time to learn Yoga. Let us now go in depth and
see what yoga actually is: The Patnjali Yoga Darshan says :

Meaning : Yogah=Yoga
chitta = Combination of intellect,Egotism and Mana, i.e. faculty
which receives knowledge from five senses and passes the same to
intellect. Vriti = effect of Various forms, Nirodhah = stoppage.

In whole of 195
Sutras of Yoga Darshahana “Chitta ” has been used for a
combination of intellect ( Budhi ), Ahankar (Ego) and Mana (Mind)

Total stoppage of various forms of ‘Chitta’ is called Yoga
.(we can also say stoppage of total activity of Chittah.
Study of word Chittah Vriti and Nirodhah etc will be defined
and clarified in respective lessons.

Question: What is Swar Yoga?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is a well known fact on the Earth that the most ancient holy Books viz., four Vedas/six Shashtras are quoted as proof by the wisers .So in Vedas there is no Swar Yoga.But nin Vedas there is a description of surya Naadi(vein) a nd Chander Naadi(vein).For example, Atharva Veda Mantra 2/15/3 states that the left hole of nostril is called Chander Swar and right is Surya Swar (warm).Surya (Sun) is an indicator of fire/hotness whereas Chander (moon) is an indicator of Som matter Cold/Peace.
The breathe (Pran & Apan) is moving through both holes of the nostril in two main veins , Ida vein and Pingla
vein. Left nostril contains Ida vein and right contains Pingla vein. Between both eyebrows where these two veins(Naadi) are connected that point is called Murdha from where third Naadi(vein) Shushumna starts.Shushumna is Shiva and Shiva is
Hans. When we breathe inside then the Swar is Sa and when we breathe outside then the Swar is Ha ,i.e.,Hans.
Gayatri Mantra or Guru Mantra is practised by knowing this Swar
knowledge. Secondly, Lom and Vilom practice of Pranayam is also done.But all this knowledge must be fully taken by a wiser Yogi first.So Swar Yoga can also be considered a part of Ashtang Yoga which is faithful to all .This is a vast knowledge and requires brief description which is not possible
here. It is to be learnt from an experienced Yogi. However, if required this knowledge containing 10 lectures can be delivered on this subject of Swar Yoga. Please confirm. Any question on Yoga or spiritualism by readers or anybody else is highly appreciated and I shall feel personal pleasure to reply.