M N Roy: Revered Swamijee, Where in Vedas GOD’s attributes is described ” neti-neti”? With regards.

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The word “net” is mentioned in Rigveda Mantra 10/16/7, Atharvaveda mantra 18/2/58. “Neti” pad is also produced by net.

Rashmi: How and when to perform mahamritunjay jaap?
Swami Ram Swarup: Mahamrityunjaya mantra

Mahamrityunjaya name has been originated by we people, otherwise it is Yajurveda mantra 3/60. So we must say that we are reciting Yajurveda mantra but it has been a tendency to say it as mahamrityunjaya mantra. It can never be started with any other shloka or mantra etc., because Ved mantras emanate direct from God at the beginning of the earth. So Ved mantras have not been written by a Rishi-Muni, man, woman etc., as Almighty, Omnipresent, Formless God is unchangeable. So are the mantras. The Knowledge of Ved mantras is eternal, immortal and unchangeable.

In the said mantra, we pray to God that Oh God! I perform your Yajyen, may my life be long i.e., 100 years or upto 400 years as the Vedas say. However, no one can cross the age of 400 years please. So, everybody must recite and do Yajyen from the said mantras himself because in the mantra we are praying to God that Oh God! I am myself doing your worship by Yajyen and no one else on my behalf.


(Rigveda mantra 7/59/12)

“TRIYAMBAKAM YAJAMAHE” is the Rigveda Mantra number 7/59/12. Its meaning is (TRIYAMBAKAM) whose knowledge remains constant in past, present and future. Actually “AMBAKAM” means eyes, TRI means three i.e., He who has three eyes. Here three eyes means past, present and future, the three phrases of time i.e., whose knowledge remains unchangeable in past, present , future times and who is present and sees past, present and future.

(YAJAMAHE) do daily worship ((SUGANDHIM), who makes us the best and the purest (PUSHTIVARDHANAM) who increases the strength of our body and soul.

Meaning:- We must daily worship the God whose knowledge remains unchangeable in past, present and future and who is present and sees the past, present and future. He makes us the best and the purest and increases the strength of our body and soul.

Idea:- Yajyen and Ashtang Yoga Practice is the best worship of God. So, we must daily do Yajyen and Ashtang Yoga Practice.

(BANDHANAAT) connected to (LATAA) creeper (URVARUKMIV) like a ripened cucumber (MRITYOHO) from death (MUKSHEEYA) get liberated.

Meaning:- With the grace of God, may I get liberated from death like a ripened cucumber which gets released from the creeper.

Idea:- The cucumber automatically gets separated from the creeper when it gets fully ripened. It becomes tasty even. Similarly, by the worship of God i.e., while performing Yajyen and Practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, I may also attain full disease free age i.e., hundred years or more and get free from the death automatically.

(MA MUKSHIMAHEE) may we never be separated from faith, belief (AMRITAM) from supreme, divine pleasure of final liberation.

Idea:- This human body is blessed by God to do daily Yajyen wherein knowledge of Vedas is also listened from Brahma i.e., learned acharya who is a philosopher of four Vedas and Ashtang Yoga . Our faith and belief must never diminish from following the said path of worship to get final liberation.

Main Idea:- In the above mantra , we pray to God. There are two types of prayers-
1. Prayer emanates direct from God in the shape of Ved mantras like above mantra which are eternal, true and the best.

2. Prayers which are man-made in the shape of so many shlokas etc., written by human-beings i.e., saints etc.

No doubt that the prayers which emanate from God are the best. So, the human being must know the deep philosophy of the Vedas and must worship God and must do prayer of God as mentioned in Vedas which will ever be beneficial for all mankind, we must only worship the God whose description has been given in the Vedas by God Himself. Who can know God as God knows Himself? So, description of God in Vedas is eternal, true and the best.

Secondly, prayer is not enough. God states in Vedas (Refer Rigveda mantra 1/10/5) that one must also do hard, pious deeds to fulfil one’s prayer otherwise prayer will not help the person. Based on the Philosophy of Vedas, nowadays the true phrase is famous-“God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”. So we must ourselves do hard, pious deeds according to our prayer. Worship for the God/Gods against the Vedas are always sorrowful.

So the idea of the above mantra is clear wherein it is mentioned “TRIYAMBAKAM YAJAMAHE” i.e., Oh! God, we do Yajyen (worship) ourselves. So we can never depute any other person to perform the Yajyen from the above Ved mantra because mantra states to perform the Yajyen ourselves. Mostly, due to lack of knowledge of Ved mantras, we engage some other person to perform Yajyen which according to Vedas, can never be beneficial.

Because “YAJAMAHE” is “ATMANEPAD DHATU”. Dhatu means root word. It means YAJAMAHE word is applicable to personal matter. So we will have to perform Yajyen, personally. In Vedas its name has not been mentioned as “Mahamritynjaye mantra”.

However, if somebody has stated its name as Mahamritynjaye jaap then it makes no difference if we are aware of the truth-

That it is Rigveda mantra 7/59/12 (quoted above) and also Yajurveda mantra 3/60. So the study of Vedas and above quoted mantras reveals –“TRIYAMBAKAM YAJAMAHE” i.e., we must perform Yajyen with Ved mantras ourselves and do hard pious deeds i.e., listening of Vedas , performing of Yajyen and practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy daily to fulfil the prayer mentioned in above mantras i.e., Oh! God may I be liberated from death and get divine pleasure of final liberation. The hard, pious deed must be carried out while discharging all our moral duties as mentioned in Yajurveda mantra 40/2.

Alvin Lal: Pranaam Guruji, I need your clarification on science questions, please.
Scientists are just finding out, what they class as “Dark Matter”. It has the following explanation in brief :-
In astronomy and cosmology, dark matter is hypothetical matter that is not detectable by its emitted radiation, but whose presence can be felt from its gravitational effects on visible matter. Dark matter is assumed to partially account for evidence of “missing mass” in the universe. Dark matter is believed to play a central role in structure formation and galaxy evolution.

A)Is this “Dark Matter” what Vedas have always stated to be prakirti?
B)Is prakirti made up of atoms or something else not known to man yet?
C)Vedas have stated and yourself have clearly said many times, that when creation starts and small part of god’s power acts upon prakirti, the three gunas of prakirti (Raj, Tam and Sat) combine (Pradhan) to start shristi creation.
i) Scientifically, how can invisible matter (prakirti) have qualities of lust, pride, ego? What is prakirti lusting for? What is it proud about? What gives it such an ego?
ii) How can prakirti which is not tangible, have qualities(raj, tam, sat) that are tangible?
D) First creation is Buddhi (intellect), followed by ahankar (ego). Is this statement, conceptual, or a metaphor or is it a physical creation? If physical, then whose intellect, or ego are we talking about? Bahaut Dhanaywaad Guruji… Alvin

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
(A.) Dark matter is a research of science and is related to the materialistic matter whereas prakriti is ever unseen/invisible and even dark matter is made of prakriti because every matter of universe whether visible or invisible is made of prakriti.

(B) Prakriti is not made from any matter. It is eternal and everlasting like Almighty God and souls and during final destruction every matter including dark matter is converted into the shape of prakriti.

(C) The eternal qualities of prakriti, souls and Almighty God are always unchangeable and are known from a spiritual master of vedas’ philosophy. When a chitta is attached with Rajo gunn then it always remains attached with worldly matters only and feels worried. It has bad quality of sensuality. That is why, Rajo gunn has quality of action (movement). Tamo gunn has quality of stability (laziness).

Sato gunn is related to light and is meant for getting knowledge.

So, rajo, tamo and satto gunn have concern with stability, light and movement which are subjects of science and one must always knew that science emanates from Vedas.

Is there any person available on the earth who can touch the God or soul then what to talk about prakriti. Further is there any person available on earth who can touch headache, tension, pleasure etc. So, is the prakriti. So, the qualities i.e., Rajo, Tamo and satva are not tangible.

You can say they are unseen physical creations being made of prakriti. There are several scooters, cars, etc., of a model belonging to a company. Its spare parts are made for all scooters/cars.

In the end, I would advice you the preach of Piplad Rishi where five aspirants who were learned of Vedas and maintained hard celibacy in jungle and had put forth their question before Piplad Rishi. Piplad Rishi refused to give answer, instead he advised them to reside in his (Rishi’s) ashram continuously for one year, maintaining complete celibacy and studying Vedas. The Rishi added that after one year you may put your question and if still Rishi thought that they would become deserving aspirants to put forth their question for the purpose alone of destroying their illusion then he would answer otherwise not. I mean to say, the questions and answers would be of no use if the aspirant is not able to reside in the residence of Rishi with complete celibacy and daily study of Vedas. Then only he may be able to realise the truth and not by seeking literal knowledge only.