Sagar Anmalla: Swamiji pranam. I have read in one of the answers that there will be a massive loss of human life like Hiroshima. Could be please give a period when it will occur and in what context? Is it relating to Iran, North Korea’s nuclear ambitions? Could we do anything to avoid such a loss like big Yajyen/havan?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. If we consider the period of about fifty years till date, we would find that we’ve experienced a great loss of lives of human beings especially due to baseless wars all over the world. The loss is still continuing. You see, most of the wars have taken place due to enemity, ego, fear and baseless prides etc., between human-beings and several countries. The said faults can never be rectified using power of army, weapons, atomic energy etc. It means there are chances of its increase. With the result war, ravages of hatred, murder, corruption, rape cases, sensuality which are reasons of destruction of humanity, can’t be overcome.

Law and orders are made by Government of each country which are really good and are meant to maintain the peace in the country but crime rate in most of the country is increasing. I mean to say, the law and order has not achieved fruitful result. Because law and orders are made by men, to be obeyed by men. So, man’s management/administration is easily violated by man.

On the other hand if we study the ancient granths like Valmiki Ramayan, Mahabharat then we would find that the kings of those times were God fearing and therefore their subjects (public) were also God fearing. Their thoughts of being God fearing was only based on eternal knowledge of four Vedas which emanates direct from God. All the public of ancient times obeyed the Vedas’ preach until five thousand three hundred years ago.

In the said preach there is no scope of hatred not only among human beings but also among all living beings.

Now, no country hesitates to go for nuclear experiments/explosions in sea etc., due to which several living beings meet with unnatural deaths and this also causes death of several useful bacteria in air. In Vedas there is no scope of such experiments.

Everybody knows such weapons are kept reserved to be used in future against mankind only.

In view of the above, within twenty years the time will come that there will be great loss of humanity and the protection of woman and even humanity will be a great problem, due to uncontrolled baseless wars within countries along with use of atomic energy in the war. Reason behind is that control of such weapons and atomic energy is in the hands of those who usually say that they are God fearing but do not obey the preach of Almighty God mentioned in Vedas and several holy granths of the world that God is one and we need to stop the wars to protect the humanity and never kill animals, birds, etc.

You see, no body can restrict violence of lions, tigers etc., because they are aggressive non-vegetarians resulting in their violent nature.

But cows, buffaloes, goats etc., who are herbivores have opposite nature to carnivores. So, those who think to eat, drink and to be merry; can never be trusted to possess the mentality of stopping the war and hence the problem. Definite period cannot be given but the coming twenty years are not good for humanity.

Yes, if people start Yajyen/hawan, naturally the destruction can be minimized and even finished because to do Yajyen is the order given directly by Almighty God which unites the human-beings, finishing the ravages of hatred.

Fire, floods, earthquakes which never occurred in the reign of ancient kings like Manu, Dashrath, Sri Ram, Sagar, Yayati, Harishchandra etc., who were the learned of vedas all over India. You know India was ruled by monarch whose reign extended over entire world and no other country existed. at that time, no one was poor, unsatisfied, suffering fear, no theft, robbery took place at that time etc. reason behind was that there was no household which did not perform daily havan/Yajyen. As a result, they were united, had no ravages of hatred. No family saw the early deaths and members attained at least hundred years of age that also filled with all pleasures, all diseases were overcome, there was no pollution, nobody suffered any injustice in public. So, I would say that it is unfortunate that after Mahabharat war, vedas’ sun showering light of wisdom on the earth has set down and illusion has spread all over the world. Earth has been fragmented (divided) and baseless wars have taken place destroying the humanity. So, until we follow the eternal knowledge of vedas which emanates direct from God , harm to the atmosphere, living beings will increase day by day, yet the final destruction of the earth has a long time period to come i.e., about one arab years. But what is the fun of having human life if we are living like just carrying our dead bodies on our shoulders.

Dinesh: What will happen in 2012?
Swami Ram Swarup: Nothing worse would happen in 2012.

Anonymous: I was not born alive. I was dead and I am not good in anything not in studies will I do something in life or I will die without doing anything?
Swami Ram Swarup: Dead body never functions. Body requires alive soul within it, perhaps your parents and other relatives etc., had misconception of your death on the basis of non-movement of your body. Yet, soul was within body and hence the body started functioning later. Your thoughts are not appreciated my son. It is within the power of each student to be hard worker, giving full attention on his studies and health. Those students who fail to study hard and normally remain lazy, they only say that they are weak in studies. So, don’t be lazy and work hard to study daily taking help of teachers and others even. This is your moral duty. You are empowered to do everything good in your life. Your bright future lies in your hands alone. So, go ahead bravely.