Aishwarya: Parnam Guruji. What is law of gratitude and how our thoughts gets connected with the universe and what is the effect of that on our life? Please give us some practical examples. Dhanyawad guruji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you my daughter. Law of getting the gratitude is this that one should always discharge his duties and do the pious deeds to other without selfishness. When the word gratitude is used it means that said person does not require gratitude on his pious acts. If anybody requires gratitude then automatically he becomes selfish. The thoughts are connected with the universe first by uttering the speech and the word used in the speech is spread scientifically in the universe several times in a second. And now a days received by wireless, radio, television etc. Secondly, when a person delivers his thoughts to family, friends or in a function/society etc., and the public listens his talk. Nowadays magazines, newspapers are also spreading the thoughts all over the world.

Rashmi: Please send me the book of Geeta part IV.
Swami Ram Swarup: My daughter Rashi, my blessings to you all. Book has been sent to you.

Jyoti: Is there any tapaswi, rishi-muni is present in this world like Mahabharat & old time rishi who can give us a proper direction of life & give vardan or powerful mantra?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no shortage of Rishi-Muni and Tapasvi who are learned of Vedas and practiced Ashtang Yog philosophy and attained Samadhi wide Yog Shastra sutra 4/29,30,31. But they themselves never claim it, being satisfied and being ascetic. A person who desires to meet such Yogi, Rishi-Muni etc., he himself should search him. Swami Dayanand Maharishi searched such Rishi by wandering several places of India even forests and mountains also. Similarly, I also searched. However, first of all such person must make contact with Arya Samaj Muni to listen eternal knowledge of Vedas.