Aashish Singh: Swamiji Dhandvarth pranam, Dhanyawad for answering my previous questions on divine weapons etc.. Please answer the following as well?
(1) The central theme of Sanatan Dharma is attainment of “Moksha”. Till then the soul keeps changing the body. Once the soul attains Moksha and becomes free where does it go?
(2) Reading some of the enlightening answers to other people questions i have understood that our Vedic literature does not talk about idol worship.
But on the other interesting side archeologist over the period of time have unearthed several artifacts where the picture of ‘Krishna’, ‘Rama’, ‘Shiva’ etc. have been depectied over seals, coins etc. as in the case of Indus valley civilization. So this points to the direction that people of Bhartivarsha have been performing idol worship for a long long time, may be since 3000-4000 years and possibly even farther back in time.

Corroborating the idea of idol worship are the following facts that we hear day in day out, like we have over 33,000 crore devi devtas. We do not worship all but have many popular Gods and Goddesses that we worship like Ganesh, Shiva, Vishnu, Durga, Kali, Parvathi, Lakshmi, etc. etc. and with each one we have some related stories that has been passed from generations to generations. Like how Ganeshaji got his elephant head. Paravathji is the bharya of Shivji, Vishnuji sits on the seshnag. Ganeshji sits over mushaka. Shivji over Nandi, etc.

So if i infer correctly there are two parallel running practices amongst the followers of Sanatan Dharma (people of Bhartvarsha). And both practices have evidences to support them. So saying that one is right and the other is wrong is unjust isn’t it? Further, those who do idol worships and go to temples they do bhajans, Yajyen and read holy scriptures as well.

So I think its wise enough to let continue the practice of idol worship and temple visiting and at the same time enforce the learning of vedas, upanishads, and other holy scriptures Ashtange yoga, meditation, Aurveda etc. What’s your opinion, swamiji? please, comment. Dhanyavad
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
1. Soul after attaining salvation remains always with God and enjoys the divine pleasure of salvation with his minutest natural organs. Divine pleasure of the salvation is the supreme pleasure in the universe.

2. The creator of the universe is Almighty God . After final destruction, God creates the universe. Yajurveda chapter 31 gives the education of creation wherein the mantra no 7 states that knowledge of vedas emanates directly from God and is originated in the heart of four rishis. Hence, this falls with in the tradition of process of creation. In the said process, Yajurveda mantra, “ Na Tasya pratima asti” i.e. , the God is formless and away from the measurement. Yajurveda mantra 40/8 states that the God is Swayambhu i.e., neither God has been made by any matter nor any matter can be made from the God He being eternal and formless.Rigveda mantra 3/56/1 states that the process as well as fundamental laws of creation remain ever unchangeable. In Yajurveda mantra 1/5 a devotee prays to God that, “Oh! God You framed the fundamental laws of the nature and I would ever obey your laws. Yajurvaveda mantra 40/8 states that God is Akaya Asnaviram Avranaam i.e. God is without body, without nervous system and no hole can made within Him. Idea of the above quoted mantras is that the process of creation is eternal and everlasting. Its rules are always unchangeable. so, the qualities of the formless God mentioned above and in all Vedas are eternal, everlasting and remain always unchangeable as is also quoted in above stated Rigveda mantra. However, if someone has reposed his faith on idol worship then he should go ahead, please. The knowledge of Vedas never condemns any path or anything else but it gives the fundamental unchangeable laws and states the truth.

Bipin Badheka: Pranam, Swamiji. Charan Sparsh. As we know this is Kaliyug. Today kind of sins are unbelievable like mother killing her child, child killing parents, father doing sin with his own daughter etc. As stated this is just beginning of Kaliyug (only 5300 years have passed) and approx 4 lac years are still remaining. So sins will further go up? Whether Vedas state this? Whether yogis like you will be there till end of Kaliyug. I have read in your books that name of yugas are just a matter and sins were also there in Satyug. But swamiji, whether the kind of sins as mentioned above did exist at that time also? It is stated that in Satyug almost everybody possessed the knowledge of Vedas and followed it but which is rare in this kaliyug. So there seems lot of difference between these 2 yugs. So whether in Satyug, Satya prevails and in Kaliyug it is very less? If there are such differences in quality of yugas then how gradually satyug gets later converted till kaliyug. Whether prakriti plays vital role in mind of human beings? But prakriti being non-alive matter it seems difficult. Then only it is left in the hands of God but he is desire less and rewards soul on basis of his deeds only. So can’t God reduce three gunas of Prakriti (raj, tam & satav) so that mind of humans are less affected and they do not have such culprit minds and indulge in such low level sins as mentioned above. Since in beginning of creation God uses prakriti to create mind, can’t he change its quality so that sins are at lower level. So Swamiji I am not able to clearly understand this matter and kindly request you to please guide us on this. Please forgive me if I have not put this question properly. Pranam.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son . yes, please Atharvaveda kand 12 states that if knowledge of Vedas will be suppressed by any means then baseless wars, insult of women, blind faith, poverty, injustice etc., will increase. You know, in the absence of sunlight naturally darkness rules over the earth. Similarly in the absence of knowledge (light of wisdom) the illusion would naturally rule over the earth. if the yogi is served well by devotees, he can retain his body till the age of 400 years only and not more than that, otherwise, yogi has also to go early. Kind of sins mentioned by you have not been mentioned in either Mahabharata epic or Valmiki Ramayan, which are the most authentic holy books, written by rishis. I have clarified in several articles about the time period of kalyug, satyug etc., that all yugas contain certain time span of years. But they have no relation with pious deeds or sins. Now, satyug will automatically come after the expiry of
stipulated period of kalyug whether sins remain or not.

No please, it is not left in the hands of God but every pious deed and sins are done by the soul independently through mind, intellect and organs. Actually, the effect of deeds is imprinted on the chitta and on the particular day, the soul has to face the result thereof same as a person writes something good or bad on a paper. So, it doesn’t matter that paper, pen, hand or intellect are non alive matters. Yes, by virtue of hard Vedic Tapasya, at last the effect of three gunas in case of liberated soul, as is also mentioned in yog shastra sutras 4/30,31,32 , gets over. The rules and regulations of the vedas are eternal and unchangeable, please. So one has to face the result of his own deeds. God does not show any kind of mercy in this matter. Again, my blessings to you.

Ghanshyan: Please send me the book and cds along with 10 sets of gayatri mantra with meaning in Hindi 5 cassettes and 5 in English meaning. Pranam Ghanshyam.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you for a long, happy life. You’re welcome, please.
Gayatri cassette will be prepared after Diwali festival. Please send this question after Diwali, if it is prepared before Diwali, then it will be sent accordingly.

Priya: What is the name of parents of Shravan Kumar?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sorry, the names of the parents of Shravan Kumar is not known, please.