Kiran: Namaste yoga acharya charna sparsh. Veda respected women as matri devo bhavo but why so many difference at present sub sections of all India & all over the world, many women get lower wages in agriculture, civil work, software etc.., for doing similar work. Many women touch feet of their husband. many women observe certain ritualistic fast for long life for husband. At present millions of girl are missing, owing to abortions etc . Some districts in India have less than 800 female against 1000 males?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. As you have already quoted that Vedas praise the women. So, it is automatic that due to lack of knowledge of Vedas, the teachings of Vedas relating to every matter are not being followed. So, we all must immediately make-up our minds to listen and follow the Vedas, then there will be no problem all over the world and automatically the problem quoted by you in respect of women will be over.

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P M: Namaskar Swamiji.
1) what is understanding of “vasudev katumbkum”
2)in manu simriti manu says a brahmin women marrying a shudra will give birth to chandal. what is the actual meaning of that verse.
3)how humans have evolved in to races as we are different say kashmiris , south indians, persians. they all are genetically different.
4)our community kashmiri hindus is coming to an end as we are outside kashmir and we are different people from rest of people and have own identity. but in our communty many people have married outside. now there is a discussion in our community if to take them as kashmiri or not. what kind of stand we should take.

I believe our kashmiri race is coming to an end.

Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskarji.

1. The meaning of the shloka is that entire human-race of the world is like one family. Idea is this that God creates the universe and nurses it. So, automatically, he is our lord and is like our father and we all are His children. So, whole world is like a family but in the absence of the knowledge of the Vedas, the problem has been raised at present to promote international brotherhood and treat the whole world as one family.

Manusmriti does not say that Brahmin women marrying a shudra will give birth to chandal. Manusmriti promoted the Vedic tenets/principles and Vedas say that caste-system based on the qualities and not on birth. However, if husband or wife is not learned and not capable to nurse the children then keeping aside the caste-system, any child may get the traits of devils.

Humans have evolved into different communities on their own otherwise Vedas do not advocate it.
To call Kashmiri pandits, South pandits, U.P pandits etc., involves a global matter made by human-beings at their own. Otherwise, God creates the universe of two types-

a).Non-alive like sun, moon, air, earth, bodies of living-beings etc.

b). Alive souls- who are provided with bodies of living beings based on their own previous lives’ deeds. So, either we will have to believe in Vedic path that all human-beings are brothers and sisters, being children of Almighty God or anyone can believe in his community and try to conserve it further.

Indu: Maharaj Namaskar Daily I start my prayer with the guru shlok ‘Dhyan mulam gurur murthi……’ I know the meaning of the shlok, but do not know how it was originated and who has written. Kindly explain. Thanks
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskarji. The Guru Shloka quoted by you is not a Vedic mantra, so I can only say that Vedas’ knowledge emanates direct from God, does not accept it. But those who still have belief in it, they may go ahead at their own. I think the shloka is from Guru Geeta written by some saint.