Rakesh: Pranam swamiji. humai death se dar kyu lagta hai? Kya upnayan sanskar 8 saal kay baad kiya ja sakta hai? God nay insaan kyu banaya?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Sansar ki rachna (jismein manushya ka shareer bhi hai) palna, aur sanhaar etc., natural, eternal and everlasting (anadi aur kabhi na khatam hone wala) silsila hai. Isee prakar janam aur mrityu bhi kabhi na tootne wala silsila hai.

Why God Creates Man?

First of all we will have to understand that who am I ? The knowledge of Vedas and experiences of ancient and present learned acharya say that to know the same “I” the creation of human/living beings’ body is known. I have described this matter in detail on this web site and have also written Hindi/English books which conclude that “we/I” am not body. Body is created by God from three gunnas of prakriti. “we/I” reside within body and are called “souls”. Body is destructible but soul can never be destroyed. Body is non-alive but souls are alive. Souls i.e., we are not made by God. Secondly nobody has made God as well. Thirdly, nobody has made prakriti also. So due to lack of knowledge of Vedas, some doubts arise, it does not matter. It is good that doubts like that of Arjuna, are placed before any learned acharya. God, as said in Rig-Veda mantra 10/129/7, may or may not create world including our human bodies, to make the soul to live in those bodies for the purpose of making soul face his good/bad karmas. In case God doesn’t create bodies then the soul will remain in SUSHUPT stage (i.e., in stage like/ sound sleep). Would it be good if any person sleeps for many thousand years and does nothing? However, it is not in anyone’s hand that God creates or does not create the universe. Secondly it is eternal law that the universe has been created, nursed destroyed and again created. This law is unchangeable. People may or may not raise doubt in not even God can change His eternal laws as is also said in Rig-Veda mantra 2/38/9.

Anonymous: This is anyaay that Vedas came Sanskrit only…okay Sanskrit is first language but when language started corrupt and new languages was born then it is responsibility o n lord to send teachings in that languages because lord is great in every character of HIM. Why only in India gurus like Krishan or Ram came and India is not middle land according to earth land parts and India is covered by mountains and oceans but the middle east have coal most in land it means in some time there was a place with jungle?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sanskrit used in Vedas is not worldly Sanskrit but it is divine Sanskrit which emanates directly from Almighty, Omnipresent God. Process of emanating Vedas knowledge from God is eternal, natural and everlasting. Natural phenomenon always remains unchallengeable and unchangeable. If anybody wants to know and realize the fact of divine Sanskrit language and ved mantras, he will have to make contact with a learned acharya to learn eternal Vedic philosophy. Otherwise he’ll have to accept the views of learned acharya/Rishi-munis which are mentioned in six shastras, upnishads , Valmiki Ramayan , Mahabharat epic, Shatpath Brahmin Granth etc. In this connection, I would also paste my articles below:-


It is the essence of Vedic spiritualism that whenever an aspirant enters into it then learned acharya preaches him that Vedas are the divine voice of God, which by the power of God, are originated in the heart of four Rishis, at the beginning of each creation. Learneds who indulge in deep study of Vedas know that Vedas are alive knowledge which emanate directly from God and hence they have not been written by anyone on the earth, in the shape of a book. Since, the said knowledge is applicable to all humans right from the beginning of earth hence Vedas are not sects.

Infact, Kapil Muni, after traditionally studying Vedas and realising the truth after hard practice of Ashtang Yog, also states the said truth in his Sankhya shastra sutra 5/51 that Vedas are alive knowledge hence ved mantras wield the power and self-capability to make such faithful aspirants, who are involved in deep and sincere study of Vedas, to understand the meaning and idea of ved mantras. This is the reason that Kapil Muni states that Vedas are self-proof to justify the truth. To elaborate, knowledge given in ved mantra or any fact stated through ved mantras does not require to be validated/authenticated by other shastras or any other book [but like our Rishi-Munis, Rajrishis
and their public used to study Vedas traditionally with faith and sincere efforts, process being the Vedic order of Almighty God, for all human-beings, the said practice is not in vogue at present
times].God knows when inhabitants of India would be able to adopt the said moral duties, entrusted by God, of studying and following the Vedas, which destroys all the effects of sorrows and makes our future bright with long life and also spreads international brotherhood along with other unlimited benefits.

Secondly, universe has been created about one Arab, ninety six crore, eight lakhs, fifty three thousand and one hundred and thirteen years ago.

So, logically, Vedas have also been created at this time-period. Rishi-Munis acquired Vedas’ knowledge by listening to Vedas traditionally from acharya and did agnihotra/yajyen, name jaap of God and Ashtang yog practice as preached in Vedas. In turn, they realised God and got the knowledge by doing pious deeds while leading the family life, making their future happy and bright, according to Vedas. Then they further educated people about the same because it has been
the benevolent nature of every learned person, who gains Vedic knowledge and experiences, divine pleasure, to share it with others. About five-six thousand years ago, Rishis wrote six shastras,
upnishads, Mahabharat (including Bhagwad Geeta) and Valmiki Ramayan much before all these books, based on the knowledge of Vedas. All these great writers – the Rishis, have eulogised Vedas in their literary works and based on their experience have admitted that Vedas are the divine voice of God.

That is why, Kapil Muni in his Sankhya shastra sutra 1/66 and Patanjali Rishi in his Yog shastra sutra 1/7 have shared their experience to educate us that the preach of any Rishi (Mantradrishta
Rishi) is also considered as a proof to reach at truth. And also the holy books written by the Rishis based on Vedic culture are also considered as proof called ‘Partah Pramann’, Vedas being Swatah
Pramann. Is it not our bad luck that the said secrets of Vedas are now mostly unknown to people and at this juncture, so called preach of any modern saint (sant who is against the Vedas) which does not tally with Vedic culture and which is definitely considered by learned of Vedas as totally false/unauthentic, is being accepted happily by the innocent public? If we consider impartially then we would find that the said matter is definitely harmful to the society, being against the Vedas because it does not come within the parameter of Vedic authenticity. Now, question is that who will bell the cat?

Duly indulged in illusion and mostly intention being after the materialistic articles etc., hardly anybody spares the time to study the literary works of Rishis like Upnishads, Shastras, Nighantu,
Ashtadhyayee, Shatpath Brahmin Granth and above quoted holy books which contain abundant proofs of ved mantras. Hence, when one will fail to study these great literary works of Rishis, under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedas. Then naturally anyone will cast doubt over the Vedas which implies non-awareness of Vedic knowledge. Nowadays, people study the so-called spiritual books written by ordinary people but not those written by Rishis. It shall not out of place to mention here that Atharvaveda mantra 7/105/1 preaches us to study Vedas or to study the spiritual books written by Rishi-Munis. The mantra strongly stresses not to study such books which are written by ordinary people. This secret has been made unknown to the public by several saints, that Vedas, Yajyen and yogabhyas are difficult and need not to be studied/performed. People do not know that God states to study Vedas and perform daily agnihotra/Yajyen, name jaap of God and practice of Ashtang yog under the expert guidance of learned acharya.

Due to ignorance of the same, people are not able to understand that they are doing sins by not obeying the God’s order of studying Vedas and doing yajyen etc. On the other hand, they are accepting the juicy lecture of saints, who are against the Vedas and who are mostly professional. Moreover, all the present sects along with their pious books have emerged about two thousand to two thousand and five hundred years ago. As compared to this, Vedas have been on this earth since
One Arab, ninety six crore, eight lakhs, fifty three thousand and one hundred and thirteen years ago. As mentioned above, Vedas are not a book. That is why, it has become difficult to repose faith in Vedas, in the absence of deep study under guidance of learned acharya of Vedas and Ashtang Yog.

Yet, it is a well-known fact spread by the tapasvis, Rishis-Munis by their preach and above quoted spiritual books that Vedas are eternal and immortal knowledge which emanate directly from God. This fact is even supported by renowned scientists like Maxmuller and many others who believe in authenticity of Vedas. It is further a well-known fact that Vedas have been preserved in world libraries with respect and honour, accepting Vedas as first and the most ancient literature. I mean to say that Vedas are the first knowledge which came on the earth. It was spread orally through the tradition of acharya and disciple, right from the beginning of the earth, as mentioned above.

So, Vedas were remembered by heart by everyone. About five thousand three hundred years ago, for the first time, Vyas Muniji, who himself remembered the Vedas by heart traditionally, wrote them on Bhojpatra for the benefit of mankind. He completed the said pious task on the day of poornnima, about five thousand three hundred years ago. Since, then the poornnima has been named and remembered as Vyas Poornnima. Further, when printing press came into existence in sixteenth century, the Vedas written on Bhoj patra by Vyas Muniji were printed in the form of book which is called “Samhita” and not ved. Samhita means collection of ved mantras which has been printed. Half of the intellectuals of the world believe Vedas to be the divine voice of God and yet half of the intellectuals believe that Vedas have been written by some great scientist who has no parallel to himself in the entire world. But learned of Vedas know that God is the scientist of all scientists and no one is born even equivalent to such God nor shall be born in future. Then what to talk about being above the God. It is also pertinent to mention here that eighteen chapters of Bheeshma parv of Mahabharat have been secluded, named and printed as Bhagwad Geeta. Infact, Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj has praised and eulogised Vedas in Bhagwad Geeta. The above stated facts are known only to learned of Vedas. The saints who are ignorant of the knowledge of Vedas are naturally ignorant of the Vedas’ knowledge contained in Bhagwad Geeta and are therefore compelled not to explain the shloka of Bhagwad Geeta, briefly and truly wherein the reference and truth of Ved mantras exists. Why? Because they have not studied Vedas.

However, most of the present literary works and most of the saints are reiterating the fact that Vedas are divine voice of God. In this connection, Almighty, omnipresent, formless God has already stated in Atharvaveda mantra 12/5/40 that those who do not study Vedas but take a piecemeal (portion) of Ved mantras, only which suits them, by means of studying other books etc., or listening from anywhere else [not based on traditional study of Vedas] will be punished by me (God). Isn’t it surprising that yet no one is taking the initiative to study Vedas. On the contrary, those deeds which are against the Vedas and promote blind faith are being done on large scale. To experience the truth, we will have to revert back to Vedas.

“Sanskrit language is invaluable treasure of India”

The language which is adorned/ornamented and is the purest is called Sanskrit language. All the scholars/learneds like Vyas Muniji, Valmikiji, Kapil Muni, Agastya Rishi etc., used it as the language for communication. Ancient Rishi-Munis have written several spiritual books in Sanskrit, so the Sanskrit language is also called “Dev Bhasha” and “Dev Vanni” (language of learned/scholars). This language is most invaluable, incomparable and excellent treasure of India. Those who are learned of Vedas know that the divine Sanskrit language, containing the eternal knowledge of Vedas, emanates directly from Almighty God in the beginning of each creation. When Almighty God begins creation, that creation is called non-sexual creation because no living being takes birth from parents. Why? Because the creation begins after completion of the period of final destruction of previous universe. So, at that time no parent exists. I mean to say, human-beings of non-sexual creation are completely ignorant as no learned acharya etc., exists at that point of time to give them knowledge.

So, for the first time, the said invaluable, divine language emanates from the Almighty God, giving the knowledge of four Vedas on the earth. Rishis of non-sexual creation acquire the same and spread it amongst others. In this way, when several Rishis became learned of Vedas and the said divine language i.e., Sanskrit, they further wrote several spiritual granths in Sanskrit.

In view of the above facts, we will reach at the truth that all the ancient, divine, treasure of the knowledge of India is still kept protected/conserved in this language.

I would like to add here that if our present generation would not take interest in learning divine language Sanskrit, the said culture shall be of no use and tradition of becoming learned and spreading Vedas’ knowledge throughout the country will go in vain.

Based on the knowledge of divine Sanskrit and its culture i.e., Vedas-Shastras etc., our loving country India, used to be called as “Vishwaguru”. We will have to think deeply that a country is always destroyed when its culture is destroyed.

So, we the children of our motherland will have to maintain and spread the knowledge of divine Sanskrit and its culture to prove that Yes! We are really the worthy children of our loving country.
A few people of our country have a misunderstanding that Sanskrit language relates only to Sanskrit granths and it is used to teach and learn only. That is why, nowadays, Hindi language is being used mostly in daily life. Here, we must know that in the ancient times, uptil Mahabharat war i.e., five thousand three hundred years ago, only the use of Sanskrit language in daily life was in vogue, since no other language existed at that time. Very few know that base of originating several languages like Hindi etc., is only “Sanskrit language”. So, all the worldly languages are respectable for us however, in addition we will have to learn Sanskrit to know several worldly and spiritual matters to gain progress and maintain peace all over the world as was in ancient times.

Almighty God is Almighty i.e., has all unlimited powers. He has unlimited names, based on His divine qualities. One name is – “Prajyen” i.e., He knows everybody and views of everybody, He is omnipresent. His creation is also unchangeable and unchallengeable. Being Almighty He does not need any assistance or advise etc. His creation is complete in all respects.

Again death and birth is controlled by Almighty God, so nobody can put any comments in this matter that is why somebody takes birth at a particulars place. Kapil Muni states in Sankhya Shastra –

“Karma vaichitryat Srishti Vaichitriyam”
Actually, the deeds of the persons are surprising, based on which the earth and happenings on it seems to be astonishing. So, I will advise you to make contact with learned acharya of Vedas personally and devote some valuable time, days and month with him to learn the secret of Vedas and Almighty God because I’m helpless to brief such a lengthy Vedic spiritual matter in short time, here.