Navin: Pranam Swamiji Jay Shree Krishna. Hinduism is a part of Ved or Ved is a part of Hinduism? I presume Hinduism is a part of Ved, if it is part of Ved then we have so many mythological characters and several puranic stories which does not telly with the Vedic theory. I think Ved has got nothing to do with religion. Aryan were Hindus or Hindus were Aryan again matter of discussion. Ved and religion differ from each other although we know Ved came directly from our God where as rest has come from human sources here we wish to know which one is correct and better source for improving our life style. Ved says soul is neither purush nor stree where as we live as a couple with parents and children how to analyse that I have parents and children Ved is the basic structure of our life where we have to find ourselves as who we are religion is a theory for knowing God if we follow Ved strictly then can we live our lives as we are living entire Mahabharat granth characters were brought from venkuth which means mahabharat drama was organised in vankuth. what is the deep meaning for this character? I shall be pleased if you will reply me in detail as I have raised philosophical question this time.Once again pranam.
Many Thanks for your such a nice reply. Swamiji you retired from MES and now dedicated to spreading and awakening souls from deep sleep, no word to express my feeling to this matter, some soul are born for this noble cause and you are one of them and now I feel aim happy to call you Swamiji. Swamiji I wrote article on SADHUS someten years back after looking the character of sadhus, I visited several renowned personality and discussed sadhu charactor but to my painful shock I could not get the answer, I was expecting. Let me inform in short, If some body takes sanyas to become sadhu, means his desire to now about god has MORE and he wish to devote all his energy for knowing about god and to devote time in bhakti or otherwise it is not [possible for him to keep his body, mind away from god/ You can say this is one wish to become sadhu
In human life we have several problems, if we sort out one the other will come hence there is no charm in living this life, troubled souls are too much puzzled and do not find how to come out from this troubles, here soul is helpless and there is no other alternate but to become sadhu
There are some educated personality, they have accrued knowledge of karmakand, niti shastra and jyotisshastra, as he being business person and banya can not sell this philosophy to public, so he takes sanyas and become sadhu and now he has asharam and all other required devotes to spread his chamatkar and knowledge and people in large are facing several problems, visit this sadhu and pay huge fund for such chamatkar, This type of sadhu we will find 99% I have been told that grashthi are the best sadhu then what we call present day sadhu. Any living person has to give available food to stomach, no one can delay for longer period, so after taking sanyash, this soul has to come to other human beings for two piece of bread and if it is not served then he will be just guest FOR few days in this prithvi, I call most of them as bagger

Aim associated with several such asharam and I know what is the purpose of this asharam. they will speak very good with me when aim opposite to him ,but the moment I leave his site they will speak all dirty things, I know they are afraid for my search for truth and they are very far from any truth. Dharm is now days very big industry only for earning.
They are preching karma and doing what type of karma, they are not affraid of their deeds?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In Vedas, the name of human beings has been stated as “arya’ and not “ Hindus”. For example Rigveda mantra 9/63/5 states “Krinnvantaha Vishawam Aryam” i.e., make all the human beings Arya. Regards Aryas and Anaryas I paste my articles below (refer Rigveda mantra 1/51/8) –


The Vedas’ knowledge is generated in the heart of four Rishis about one arab, ninety six crore, eight lakh, fifty three thousand years ago. Uptil Mahabharat war, i.e., before 5,300 years ago, the said knowledge was obtained traditionally, heart to heart. That is by listening from an acharya and was memorized by heart as well. That is why, Vedas are called ‘Shruti’ also. ‘Shruti’ means the knowledge was listened from the mouth of the said four Rishis by disciples, then disciples became Rishis and they spread the knowledge of Vedas and so on. So, uptil Mahabhart war, the said knowledge of Vedas spread heart to heart, by listening method and no book was published. Now, a great Rishi named Vyas Muniji, who also listened to four Vedas from his acharya and remembered it by heart, decided for the first time to write the knowledge of Vedas on Bhoj patra. Finally, he wrote the four Vedas on Bhoj patra, in his hand-writing. In sixteen century, the printing press came into existence and four Vedas were printed and produced in the shape of four samhitas.

So, he who studies Vedas has control on senses, mind and intellect, does daily yajyen and practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy keeps himself away from sins, is called “Arya” otherwise “Anarya i.e., devil. So, Arya did not come from outside. They were living right from the beginning of the earth. And Vedic period starts at the time of beginning of each creation. Now, most of the saints lack the knowledge of Vedas and have made their own path of worship that is mostly against the Vedas. So, how can they oppose the illusion. Only, Arya samaj has been trying but their efforts are like cumin seeds in the mouth of camel because rest of the saints and public do not know about Vedas.

Instead, they promote the foreign spiritualism and culture. They visit abroad and thus collect huge amount from there i.e., Indian future has been made miserable. I am not against to promote foreign culture but not at the expense of our own Indian culture.

Aryans, as I have stated above, never came from outside. As regards, the oldest book, most of the people are in dark (ignorant). As stated above, the knowledge of Vedas originated in the heart of four Rishis, but the sequence was first Rigveda in the heart of Agni Rishi, second Yajurveda in Vayu Rishi, Third Samveda in Aditya Rishi and fourth Atharvaveda in Angira Rishi.

Manusmriti shloka 1/23 And Rigveda Mantra 10/181/1,2 states that there was an aspirant who obtained the knowledge of four Vedas from the above quoted four Rishis and is called “Brahma”. Vedas state that he who has knowledge of four Vedas is always called ‘Brahma’. That is, the same law is applicable in the present also. Now, you please think that Brahma got the knowledge from the above four Rishis, it means the Four Rishis were alive at the same time, then it is baseless to say that most ancient book is Rigveda, infact we should state that four Vedas belong to the same time period. For example- Twins take birth and their time of birth can differ for about few minutes but it cannot be told that the first born baby was more ancient than the second one. Vedas are not book, it is a formless knowledge like God. The handwritten books by Vyas muni were also written in same time period, because writer was one i.e., Vyas muniji. So, the four Vedas written by Vyas muni and the printed books of Vedas at present also, are not called Vedas but are called “Samhitas”. ‘Samhita’ means collection of ved mantras which have been printed in the shape of a book. Vedas are the preach which comes out from the mouth of learned acharya of four Vedas. The preach (voice) of the learned acharya is also formless and unseen.

Before Mahabharat, Manu Smriti (in Satyug) and thereafter Valmiki Ramayan (in Treta) had been written by Manu Bhagwan and Valmiki Rishi ji respectively wherein great events have been mentioned.

Study of Valmiki Ramayan reveals that those days, the science was at much advanced stage then that of today.

I mean to say Vedas’ knowledge has been preached by God for the benefit of all human beings and in vedas there is no sect or caste system. The said knowledge, as you know is given in the beginning of the non-sexual creation. Therefore, it is still universally applicable for whole mankind. As regards Hinduism, the said name has been given to us by Greeks, Arabs etc.

So, we happily accept Hinduism now but originally we are Aryans and have not come from outside India. We i.e., Aryans (hindu) had been following only eternal Vedas’ path uptil Mahabharat war. In this regard, I paste my article –

Reason not to follow

Reason not to follow the eternal path of Vedas (voice of Almighty God) is that after Mahabharat war i.e., about 5,300 years ago innumerable warrior of both sides i.e., Pandavas and Kauravas died and remaining elders, mothers, sisters and babies were so shocked that they could not continue vedas’ study, yajyen and Yogabhyas etc., as a result, public has became ignorant of the knowledge of vedas. God has given us five senses including ears. Whatever, we listen, we follow the same. The proof to decide about the difference between falsehood and truth is only Vedas, the eternal knowledge which emanates direct from God in the beginning of the earth. Suppose, Sun does not rise then only darkness will cover the world. Similarly when the light of wisdom i.e., Vedas are hidden then only self made path/illusion will exist and in the absence of vedas’ knowledge , people would not know the difference between truth and falsehood , the people will indulge in illusion and thus falsehood will be treated as truth which is called Avidya in yog Shastra sutra 2/5.

As regards God, He being omnipresent already resides within all living-bodies also but due to involvement in illusion mostly people can’t realise Him. So, no question of coming from outside and entering the human-body by God.

From the above, it is revealed that Mythological characters, purannic stories etc., are man-made, made by those who did not know the Vedas and its followers are now mostly against the Vedas.

Without Vedas, the religion (dharma) does not exist, please. I would advise you to read my book “Vedic Pravachan Sangrah part I worth Rs.51/- excluding postal charges. It may be sent to you at your postal address, if you desire.

For example based on Vedas the definition of eternal religion has been given by Rishi Kannada in Vaisheshik Shastra Sutra 1/2 as under:-

“ Yataha Abhyudayaneheshreyashsiddhihi Saha Dharmaha.”

The Vedic pious deeds which are performed here and the result of which gives peace, happiness and pleasure in present life as well as after death are called “Religion”(dharma).

Vedas tell, you will read in my above quoted book that religion (dharma) is not made by man but is made by God in eternal knowledge of Vedas.

Similarly, based on Vedas, Rishi Jemini states in Mimansa shastra sutra 1/2 –

“Nodanahalakshannaha arthaha dharmaha”

i.e., the trait of the eternal religion (dharma) is inspiration and the meaning of arthaha is that which contains pleasure and not sorrows.

So, the deeds done based on inspirations from Vedas, result of which is attained in the form of pleasure and peace are called dhrama.

Yes, Aryas as quoted above, have been called Hindus, so Arya and Hindus are one and the same.

Difference between Vedas and religion is natural due to lack of eternal knowledge of Vedas. Yet, in the religion wherever the truth has been mentioned, the same tallies with Vedas. Therefore I would like to say here that knowledge is attained when knowledge is given by anybody. Knowledge came in the shape of Vedas and those who studied it, they became learned and in turn spread it. That is why, in the religion where truth is reflected, the same has been taken from Vedas. So, the man-made religion/holy books cannot be compared to Vedas, the source of vedas being Almighty God.

The mind of man can commit mistakes but it can’t be imagined even that any mistake be committed by God.

Naturally, Vedas are complete knowledge. Our ancient as well as present Rishis, have also written granths but their scriptures are totally based on Vedas because Rishis are those who after studying Vedas and practicing Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, have realised God/truth. So, their scriptures which tally with vedas are totally true and authentic. Yes, please, Soul is not masculine, famine or eunuch. Based on previous lives’ karmas, the God gives the body of human beings or of other living beings. when soul enters in female body then he is called “female” when in male body then soul is called male and when he enters in the body of eunuch then he is called “eunuch”. When soul enters in the body of elephant, he is called elephant and so on. So, soul himself is alive, the purest and the learned matter but due to the bindings of result of good and bad deeds, soul has forgotten himself. When, soul in human body starts Vedic worship then he knows himself and Almighty God and then attains salvation.

Ved is not only basic but Vedas knowledge is complete in all respects. As you know, Vedas have three educations-


There are three educations/preach about

(i) knowledge – science etc(Gyan) in Rigveda,

At the time of every creation, knowledge of four Vedas emanates direct from God and is originated in the heart of four Rishis in non-sexual creation. In the said process, first of all, the knowledge of Rigveda advents and originates in the heart of Rishi Agni. In this veda though the description of every worldly matter right from straw to God has been mentioned but it speaks especially about matters concerning science of the world. God has described qualities/nature of all materialistic articles of the universe. Therefore, the entire mankind must get the benefit of eternal knowledge of Vedas by knowing about right from straw to Brahma i.e., God. The meaning of “Ric” is that wherein the qualities and nature of all matters have been described and the meaning of veda is knowledge i.e., true knowledge. These words are used in making the pious word “Rigveda”.

(ii) In Yajurveda, the form of true, pious deeds have been preached . So, in the absence of listening of Yajurveda, we can’t know about real moral duties of students, married persons, vanprasthis and sanyasis. Even the moral and social obligations of King, parents, children etc., can’t be known.

(iii) In Samveda there is preach about eternal true worship of God like yajyen, name jaap, practice of ashtang yoga by following which an aspirant realises God/attains salvation.

(iv) Atharvaveda authenticates the above three vedas’ preach. It also contains comprehensive knowledge of medical science.

So, Almighty God who is formless, creates, nurses, destroys and again creates universe. This process is eternal and everlasting. So, at the time of beginning of each non-sexual creation, the knowledge of above four Vedas emanates direct from God and is originated in the heart of four Rishis. The knowledge is given by the God to the human-beings for their welfare/benefit because until the knowledge is given by somebody, no one can attain the knowledge. In the beginning of the creation, no preacher, guru, acharya, teacher is present there to teach. So, God gives the knowledge.

And in the man written books, the above complete knowledge would not be there because Atharvaveda mantra 10/8/29 clearly states.

“Poornnaatpoornmudchati Poornnam Poornnen Sichyate

Uto Tadadaya Vidayaam Yatastatparishichyate.”

The idea of the mantra is that Almighty God and His knowledge in the shape of Vedas is complete in all respects. Therefore the creation of the God and Vedas’ knowledge are also complete in all respects.

Atharvaveda Mantra 10/8/32 also states that

“Pashya Devasya Kavyam Na Mamaar Na Jeeryati”

i.e., “Oh! aspirant listen to Vedas which neither become old not die away.”

Whereas the man-written scriptures are not eternal and everlasting.

Vankuth and narak etc., do not exist anywhere say Vedas. In this connection, I paste my relevant articles-


No, please. There is no swarg or narak after death. However, the meaning of swarg is-Swa= merriment (anand) Ga= gamma i.e., realization. So, swarg means realise merriment by worshipping God. Atharvaveda mantra 6/122/2 too states that when a person along with family does daily havan, always remains in contact with learned acharya of Vedas and Ashtang yoga philosophy, does name jaap of holy name of Almighty God adopts religious path only, does pious deeds only, discharges moral duties towards family, society and nation, donates the money in yajyen to the acharya who is learned of Vedas and yoga philosophy, he too donates to the needy then mantra says “Sah Swargaha Evaha”- this is the swarg ;.e., his life enjoys swarg i.e., merriment. He with his family, in return, experiences merriment.

Such family always remains happy with long life. This is called swarg and when anyone does sins and in return faces sorrows, tensions, long sickness, problems etc., etc. then he is experiencing narak (hell).

So, all Vedas state about swarg which is here on the earth only. Please, see that earth, sun, moon, air, food grains, greeneries, vegetables, death and birth etc., etc., are occurring since the time of creation but Devi, Devtas, Swarg-Narak always remain in puraan and are not being seen now. Secondly, such happenings i.e., Swarg, Narak are in heaven etc., have not been mentioned by any Rishi- Muni, so are unauthentic.

According to Rigveda mantra 10/135/1-4 soul faces result of bad karmas in the shape of sorrows, tension, illness etc., etc. by attaining the human body made of five matters (Panch bhautik sharer and not suksham) please.

Swarg Narak

Swarg and narak are on earth only based on the deeds of previous lives’ please, because the deeds of present life will be borne in the future life. Punishment is given to bear the result of past deeds only without considering that individual repents or not. If one has to repent then while experiencing enjoyment of worldly articles, he always sees the other poor, defaulters, orphans, lame, leprosy patients and moreover several deaths which cause sorrows, as the result of previous deeds. But very few repent and become ascetic. In this connection Rig-Veda mantra 10/135/2 says that God has given the human body to face the result of the past sins. And whatever sins the individual does in the present life he will face the same in the next births. But those who go to a learned Acharya and follow the true path while discharging family duties, they kill the previous sins in this life and have no sin to bear in the next life because such persons always do pious deeds under the guidance of a learned Acharya who knows Vedas.

The person is given punishment in another life because he has to face the result of the deeds of past lives’ in the present birth and thus no scope of bearing the sins in the present life of deeds (sinful) done in the present life. This is a fundamental law of Vedas which I have written so many times stating three types of karmas and would request you to please see also in this connection. This human life is only blessed to go to a learned Acharya, to understand philosophy of good and bad deeds, sins, philosophy of worship, aim of life, duties etc., as is also said in Rig-Veda mantra 10/135/3.

So, Mahabharat epic has not been organized in any Vaikunth. This epic is written by Muni Vedvyasji.

You are always welcome, please.

Your views are highly appreciated regarding writing of article on sadhus. In this regard, I also paste my article for your information, please.

About Gurus

There is only one God who creates universe, nurses and destroys and again creates. Yajurveda mantra 31/7 and several other Ved mantras say that God has preached His worship in Vedas. But now a day’s most of the worships are against Vedas, as also said by Tulsidasji in his Ramayana couplet 99 (b). In the ancient times up to Mahabharat period too there were only Vedas to be adopted and worship in the form of prayer, Yajna and Ashtang yoga etc., was being practised. The ancient Rishis Munis used to give Vedas knowledge only. They lived in Gurukul in a very simple life holding unlimited knowledge of Vedas and yoga philosophy and by their Tapsya they used to give equal blessings to the world.

These Rishis Munis used to sit on one platform with whole hearted happiness. For example in Valmiki Ramayana when Rishi Vishwamitr went to King Dashrath to take Shri Ram to kill the demons to protect his holy Yajna. Then Dashrath immediately refused but Dashrath’s Guru Vashisth Muni interrupted, explained and gave order to king Dashrath to give Shri Ram to Rishi Vishwamitr. I am not giving the detailed story here. So what was the reason behind? The reason behind was only this, that Rishi Vishwamitr as well as Guru Vashisth both were philosophers of Vedas, Yajna and Yoga philosophy. So there was no friction within their hearts. A mother and father both, without any friction, love their newly born baby. So when all Rishis loved only one Almighty God, from whom Vedas are originated and again the Rishis loved Vedas, so no question of friction. The Rishis used to bless all people and even kings with the result everybody was happy at that time and everybody was rich with the blessings. Now it is reverse.

The so-called Gurus are rich and most of the people are poor. In Hinduism too there are so many Devtas and thus the different types of worship. Now whatever one Guru says another one criticizes because ways are different and in reality the religion has been made profession by most of the so-called Gurus at present. When target is not true and good then how the above story of donating Shri Ram can be repeated and how all Gurus can sit on one platform. When the target is profession and not services of people through Vedas then it is impossible that so called Gurus can sit on one platform. The so-called Gurus can say at their own that their target is one but on ground it seems not to be a true. All the so-called Gurus have made their own several ashrams to command etc.

God has made universe and blessed us human body to do pious deeds only. He has not made any heaven or hell. All have to face the result of their deeds good or bad here only, even by taking rebirth. God has not only made universe but has also given knowledge of four Vedas.

True Saints

In Shatpath Brahmin Granth 3/7/3/10, written by Yask Muni it is said, “VIDWANS HI DEVAHA” i.e., he who is learned of Vedas, he is called Dev. Yajurveda mantra 40/3 says, “ASURYA NAAM TE LOKAHA ANDHEN TAMSA VRITAHA___”means on taking birth a child is called “Manushya” i.e., mankind. If he learns Vedas, does pious deeds and discharges his moral duties well, according to Vedas then he becomes Dev. Otherwise Asur i.e., devil (demon) , one who kills the pure voice of soul and does sins. In Van Parv of Mahabharat Yaksh asked question to Yudhisthar, “KAH NASTIKAH” i.e., who is called atheist? Yudhisthar answers, he who is against and insults Vedas he is atheist (Manusmriti 2/11 also refers). So there are two kinds of men/women according to Yajurveda mantra quoted above. One, “DEV” and second “DEVIL”. So our birth is to become Dev.

Rig-Veda mantra 10/181/1 says that in the beginning of the creation, God always originates the knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis, then the said four Rishis spread it further and until now the eternal knowledge of Vedas is being received traditionally. The names of those four Rishis are — Agni, Vaayu, Aditya, Angira, as also mentioned in Rig Veda mantra 10/109/1 and Manusmriti shlok 1/23. This truth is also mentioned in Bhagwad Geeta wherein shlok 3/15 says that Vedas emanate from Almighty God and in shlok 13/4 Shri Krishna says that the knowledge of soul and body is very well mentioned in four Vedas and the Rishis have described the same by many methods. In Atharvaveda mantra 2/35/1& 4 it is preached that Rishis spread the knowledge of holy Yagya (Yajna) to the people to kill their sorrows and Rishis are those, “MANTRADRISHTA ITI RISHIHI” i.e., those who have studied Vedas and Ashtang Yog practice and then realized Almighty God and seen Ved mantras in their heart, they are called Rishis. So the knowledge of the Vedas, as per Rig-Veda mantras quoted above, is given by God Himself to the Rishis and it is eternal truth and cannot be changed that is why in Yog shastra sutra, Rishi Patanjali says, “SA ESH PURVESAHM API GURUHU”. So, next to God is Rishi.

God did not give the knowledge to the present saints. In Vedas, the name of the learned are mentioned as Rishis, Muni, Vipra, Dwij, Agni etc., and not saints. To be next to God it is necessary to have full knowledge of Vedas and Ashtang yoga, as per the rules quoted above.

To know that what is true and what is false, proof is required. Yog shastra in sutra 1/7 says about four proofs within which proof of Vedas to determine the truth is compulsory. However, it makes no difference that if a present saint has learnt four Vedas, done ashtang yoga practice mentioned in Vedas and realized Vedas and God, then he is also next to God. If one declares his name Rishi or Brahamchari and does not know Vedas and yoga philosophy, then he is liar and cheating the public because in Shanti Parv of Mahabharat also Bhisham Pitamaha says to Yudhisthar that there are two kinds of Braham (though God is one). First, “Shabad Braham” i.e., knowledge of four Vedas, second “Par Braham” the realization of formless God Who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. So he who does not know Braham even Shabad Braham – Vedas, then how can he write himself as brahamrishi? Naturally he is cheating the public because most of the public does not know about Vedas and the arrogant (the saints who are against Vedas) have spread false knowledge about Vedas, Yajna and yoga philosophy.

That is why, Manusmriti 2/168 says that the saint/Guru/Dwij who does not know Vedas but studies false books, he, in his present life goes downwards i.e., experiences sorrows, sufferings etc, etc., with his followers, i.e., their followers also go down and experience the said difficulties etc., but nowadays it is also spread that God takes examination of a worshipper but such type of examinations have not been mentioned in Vedas. And Ramayana also says about such false saints – VARAN DHARAM NAHIN ASHRAMCHARI, SHRUTI VIRODH RAT SAB NAR NARI. Tulsidasji says that at present men and women here have become against the eternal knowledge of Vedas. Again Tulsidasji says in Uttrakand DWIJ SHRUTI BECHAK BHOOP PRAJSAN, KAU NAHIN MAN NIGAM ANUSASAN, i.e., at present mostly the people do not accept the knowledge of Vedas, present saints Gurus have sold the Vedas i.e., they do not know the ABCD about the Vedas.

Again in Nirukta 7/3, it is said that he who studies complete knowledge of Vedas and holy books, puts the preachings thereof into action/conduct and there after preaches others, he is called a Rishi. It is a well-known fact that ancient Rishis used to live in a lonely place/jungle in Gurukuls/Ashram where the students used to get knowledge traditionally, the same process too was adopted by Shri Krishna, Sudama, Shri Ram and their public. It was the effect of Ved mantras on them and the effect of practising Ashtang yoga philosophy, that they used to lead simple way of life without any luxury etc. Whereas nowadays the current saints (against the Vedas) mostly live in bigger cities where way of earning is obtained. The Rishis used to bless the people according to Ved mantra to be the richest and having all comforts in the family etc., whereas now most of the present saints say that money will do nothing, family will do nothing, house will do nothing, cars and clothes will do nothing and they themselves take lot of money and enjoy luxuries.

The Rishis were free from illness/tension etc., Shwetashwaropnishad 2/12 and 13 says about this fact. So is it not clear that keeping the fact and proof of ved mantra and the said upnishad in mind, those are not rishi-muni etc., who are suffering from multi-farious diseases, tension etc., and too lack the knowledge of four Vedas and Ashtang yoga philosophy mentioned in Vedas.

Study of Mahabharat, holy granth and Valmiki Ramayan reveals that usually the ancient Rishis, who lived in gurukul or in jungle used to go to the kingdom on invitation only. (Valmiki Ramayan Bal Kand sarg 7 also refers). So it is not fair to send disciples door to door to collect money and to arrange maximum gathering/crowd. The Rishis like Vyas Muni etc., used to go mostly on foot and alone to anywhere (Mahabharat says) but now the present saints/Gurus go in a fleet of cars/groups with body guards etc., etc.

The Rishis themselves had simple living without luxury etc., but with their blessings they made people the richest whereas most of the present saints have become the richest with all luxury, gathering money/donation etc., from even poor people and public seems to be poor.

In Brihadarnayk Upnishad there is a debate (shastrarth) between Bal Brahamcharini Gargi and Rishi Yagvalkya. This debate was organized by King Janak. The winner of debate was to be given 500 cows, gold-plated on horns. When Rishi Yagvalkya ordered his disciples to take the cows then King Janak interrupted and requested the Rishi that these cows are meant for him who will win the debate with my supreme Acharya Gargi. King asked the Rishi whether he (Rishi) is Brahamrishi. Yagvalkya Rishi answered, O! King there was shortage of milk in my Gurukul to my students and that is why I wanted to take the cows. But if you want to ask something I am ready. There was a debate and Rishi won and got cows. This story tells that all Rishis used to ask for donation when they needed whereas present saints even having become multimillionaires through donation, ask for more money.

In Upnishad king Janshruti met with Rishi Rakya in lonely place sitting on sand under the shadow of Bullock cart. Whereas present saints meet people sitting on highly decorated and valuable throne. Rishi Jadbharat was sitting alone in a jungle on the earth. When he was asked to carry the palanquin (palki) putting one side on his shoulder, then he immediately became ready without any pride and walked on foot. Mostly now this cannot be repeated.

There are maximum examples of the ancient Rishis who were Tapsvi, lovers of truth, who are adorable.


Flood is a common natural catastrophe. Be it flood of water or flood of variety of fatal diseases like AIDS, mental tensions, drug addiction, terrorism, corruption, disgrace and all sorts of humiliations inflicted on women, corruption infested politics etc. Just as trees get laiden with new flowers every spring similarly flood of new social organizations and new politics leaders with newly floated political parties can be seen every season. Country is flooded by smuggling, crimes committed through sophisticated techniques, pollution, commercialization of cultivable land by building hotels, plazas, commercial buildings on it, foreign outfits, foreign language and foreign culture, religious faiths, casteism, poverty, pop music, vulgar movies and serials on T.V.

In addition to variety of these floods, one cannot help witnessing emergence of the grave flood of religious gurus who are posing serious threat to the country nowadays. For the last 62 years, there have been several derelictions/delineations from Gurugaddis or the self made empires of most of the Gurus and their figures, branches and sub-branches are quite alarming.

Flood of any nature is fatal and leaves behind a heart rendering tale of devastation and destruction. Reconstruction of society becomes quite difficult later on, the loss caused being irreparable. Science and mathematics create hypothesis on some definite fundamentals which leads to further progress but floods violate all principles, trespass all boundaries and where ever they proceed, they are accompanied by devastation. Floods are difficult to be controlled.

It is an open fact that mostly the present saints indulge in misleading public, imposing their will on them and propounding hollow concept of deeds, blind faith, ostentatious attitude and under the garb of this illusion pursue the business of extracting money from public. Just like advocates and doctors, most of the religious gurus charge high fees for their religious discourse whereas study of Mahabharat, Valmiki Ramayan and Vedic culture proves that Rishi-munis did farming, reared cows and accepted “Bhiksha” from just three houses, which was collected by Brahmacharis and these meagre/humble means were used to maintain themselves as well as members of Gurukul including children of king and public. Study of Vedic culture also depicts that Rishi-munis of ancient times preferred to live in seclusion, wearing simplest clothes, eating simplest food with limited resources of life, following the principle-

“Simple living- High thinking”

These Rishi-Munis had complete knowledge of vedas and yoga philosophy. Though they appeared poor or fakeers yet their divine blessings cured public of so many ills and removed their sufferings, elevated people to gain riches of life with all happiness. The humility of Rishis is evident by a true story from Chchandogya-Upnishad. When King Gyanshruti came to know that his kingdom harboured the learned of vedas- Rakya muni, who had attained Samadhi and his whereabouts were not known. King deployed his whole army to find out Rakya muni. After months of labour, he was located in a secluded place, near a carpenter’s shop, under the shade of a bullock cart, who after hard persuasion, agreed to come to king’s palace for giving the king Vedic knowledge.

Contrary to Vedic culture, one can seldom witness today any saint so engrossed in divine bliss of contentment and seated on sand. It is the ill effect of kalyug that vedic culture jewelled with high values like contentment, meditation, Ashtang Yoga practice, simplicity, celibacy etc., can seldom be seen today. Unfortunately, most of the present saints or self-proclaimed satgurus are completely devoid of such high qualities/values but feel proud to be owners of gold, silver, cars, Bungalows and number of assets.

Chchandogya-Upnishad relates another story that a king searched for Ushasti Rishi who had complete knowledge of vedas, did hard practice of Yoga and lived a secluded life; for the performance of King’s Yajyen. But of no avail. On the other hand, there in jungle, despite repeated warnings by his wife, Rishi was so much engrossed in Samadhi and eternal bliss that he could not provide for food in the Ashram and ultimately the food stock got exhausted. Hunger forced the Rishi to move out of Ashram to ask for food from the king.

Both the stories highlight the important part of Ashtang Yoga i.e., “Aparigraha” under “Yama” i.e., to gather only that much money and food as is required to sustain oneself. Ironically in kalyug where vedic culture is ignored, one does not need to search for Rakya muni or Ushasti Rishi. Gurus are not uncommon today. There is infact a flood of gurus. Without commencing the search of Gurus, the agents of most of the present Gurus reach you at homes to force you to attend the satsang of their respective Gurus and try to lure you with false blessings etc. Further, newspapers, T.V. and magazines have also projected them high in their spheres.

However, it is important to mention Atharvaveda mantra 18/4/1,2 where there are clear, cut instructions that he who is having knowledge of four vedas and has realised God through Ashtang Yoga, he is the only person who is industrious, kind, religious and deserves to be placed on highest pedestal with respect. Third example too can be traced in the same upnishad where King Janak kept Five hundred cows having horns coated with gold to be gifted to Brahmarishi within his kingdom. (It shall not be out of place to mention that vedas define Brahmarishi as the one who has realised God within himself).

On hearing about such gift of cows having gold plated horns, there too emerged a flood of persons proclaiming themselves as Brahmarishis. The far sightedness of the then Kings is worth being praised, it was their faith in Vedic tradition in adherence to which they took care of their subjects just like their own children. King Janak, harbouring divine qualities mentioned in vedas, of a King, asked all those persons, who claimed themselves to be Brahmarishis, to enter into Shastrarth (a religious discussion or debate to reach at the truth) with his acharya, wielding knowledge of all four vedas, having accomplished herself in Ashtang Yoga, a strict Brahmacharini since childhood- the learned Gargi. It was decided that one who lost the religious debate to other, was to be put behind the bars, to restrict the spread of corruption and false religious practice in the society.

It is unfortunate that country lacks such kings like Janak and most of the political leaders today are more antagonistic to Vedic tradition and do not work to advocate it.

However, in the end Rishi Yagyavalkya came. King Janak asked him “Are you a Brahmarishi?” Rishi humbly replied- “I pay my respect to all Brahmarishis. If you wish you can ask any question. I have come to take the cows only to make arrangement for providing milk for the disciples in my ashram who are engrossed in the study of vedas and Yog Vidya”.

Rishi Yagyavalkya entered into religious discussion with the learned Gargi and was declared as Brahmarishi by her. He was given the cows respectfully.

Yajurveda mantra 18/56 also declares that only Brahmarishis are entitled to accept gifts of clothes, food, money, cows etc. This was followed by ancient Kings.

Now self -impostors need not to worry because the principle of religious debate, acquisition of Vedic knowledge, Tapasya, hard practice of Ashtang Yoga, performance of Yajyen have all drained in the flood. The stark reality is that winters, summers, spring are all lovely. Most of the so called saints/ satgurus now do not ask for money as per requirement. Now, their ashrams are the storehouses of money, food, most sophisticated modern gadgets meant for luxurious style of living. They also own huge bank deposits in the country and overseas. In addition, they have opened gift-boxes (daan-patras) which are filled with huge amount of donations and yet they remain empty.

Atharvaveda mantra 18/4/2 states that the learned of vedas should perform Yajyen in every season and this most sacred karma is not only done by learned but they make the public also to perform the same.

Tulsi declares- “Kotivaaj Megh Prabhu Keenhe”

“Shruti Path Palak”

i.e., Sri Ram had performed number of Yajyen during his life time and he was the follower of Vedic Path.

In accordance with Yajurveda mantra 18/57 , today there is a great need of learned who donate Vedas and yoga knowledge to the society and not only perform Yajyen themselves but make others also to perform it, for building a strong nation.

We seriously need to reckon the fact that we will have to adopt Yajyen for liberating earth from pollution and for harnessing innumerable material and health gains associated with Yajyen. Otherwise, for how long the society already struck by a series of earthquakes , flood of poverty , diseases etc. will sustain itself on false assurances given by most of the political leaders or self-proclaimed Satgurus?

Those who take sanyas, are only meant for spreading the knowledge of Vedas, shastras and ashtang yoga philosophy including educating the people about their moral duties and to discharge them faithfully.

No doubt, the main purpose of the sanyasi is to realise God but Atharvaveda mantra 19/41/1also tells that the pious desire of welfare of people made the Rishis to do Tapasya on this earth in the form of study of vedas, strict control over senses and perceptions, observance of pure code of conduct. The energy and strength acquired through this Tapasya enabled them to accomplish the strength of nation and valour. The austerity (Tapasya) of a sanyasi is meant to make the nation strong by spreading the true knowledge and educating people which is normally not being done by most of the sanyasis. The sanyasi must completely be ascetic.

To make the human life the happiest Vedas tell to follow the Vedic teachings in three forms.

(i) From Rigveda, one should know about every matter of universe. This is called science.

(ii) From Yajurveda, to know the form of deeds i.e., moral duties of human life.

(iii) From Samveda, to know how to worship God.

I mean to say that the said three educations should not be man-made but be based on eternal knowledge of Vedas. The result will be then that our requirement will be minimized and we shall always remain happy in all circumstances. Based on above three educations and on their adoption practically, we’ll be able to control our five senses, five perceptions and mind(mann) thus our intellect (buddhi) will be the purest and would never indulge in any sin etc. then nobody will even think that there is no charm in living this life etc.

You see, Mirabai, king Bhartari, five Pandavas and several Kings and the richest persons left their kingdoms for going to secluded places for Tapasya because they were learned of Vedas and discharged their family duties faithfully and completely. Now, it is a matter of sorrow that most of the saints take sanyas to earn the money because originally they were poor and those who are not poor, they take sanyas to become richer because such sanyasi/saints do not have the base of studying Vedas or practicing Ashtang yoga philosophy. I’m astonished as to how do they claim that they’ve realised Almighty God. That is why, several persons who are educated, have become sadhus, sanyasis etc., for the said reason only.

You see, Manusmriti shloka 2/168 states:-

“Yo Andhitye Dwijo Vedam-Yatra Kurutey Shramam

Sa Jeevannev Shudratvamashu Gachchanti Sanvayaha.”

Meaning- Those who do not study the vedas traditionally, but does hard struggle in studying other man-made granths etc., he along with his followers, sons and grandsons etc., attains shudratva stage i.e., mean/inferior thoughts immediately. Thus, his downfall starts and soon he will be liable to face the sorrows, tensions, problems, diseases etc., along with his family and followers. So, vedic path is very sharp and vedic knowledge is first required to be listened from an acharya, it should not be studied alone. A study of the above would reveal that misinterpretation and cutpiece knowledge of Ved mantras is a great sin and Almighty God punishes such defaulters.

i.e., those who have not studied the eternal knowledge of Vedas they are called uneducated. As a result, they indulged in illusion and sorrows in the present life as well as after death. The Yajurveda mantra 40/14 is the base of the said Manusmriti shloka 2/168. The said Yajurveda mantra states that one should attain progress both in worldly affairs and spiritualism, simultaneously.

Vedas never tell about any chamatkar etc. therefore I’ve quoted above chamatkar, present tantarik vidya and astrology, teva , mangalik, kaal sarp dosh, vastukala etc., are totally against Vedas knowledge and learned always condemn the same, being unauthentic.

Authentic views are those which tally with Vedas. Nowadays most of the holders of grihasth ashram are not happy. Early deaths, tensions, sickness, problems, property disputes, bloody strifes, lies etc., are seen in poors, middle class as well as rich class people. Whereas, in Manusmriti, it is mentioned that if a family follows the Vedic path then the grihasth ashram is the best ashram. Grihasth ashram is far better than fraud sadhus. Because still grihasthis feed rest of the three ashrams i.e., Brahamcharya Ashram, Vanprastha Ashram and sanyas Ashram because all sanyasis take food and money from Grihasth ashram only. I remember a happening of my life here.

I used to practise Ashtang Yoga in dense jungles of Rishikesh under the guidance of my learned acharya in a cave. Once my acharya put forth question to me –Oh! Pandit, do you know why do sanyasis/sadhus fall sick? I submitted- Maharajji I do not know. Then, my acharya replied that sanyasis and sadhus take money and food etc., from Grihasthis but mostly they (sanyasis/sadhus) do not do Tapasya. As a result, the money and the food does not get digested by them and causes fatal diseases, tensions etc., in them.

Here, I would also like to mention the references of Rigveda mantra 10/117/6 and Samveda mantra 594.

The idea of both the mantras is that those who gather or get money, wealth, assets, property, food, luxurious cars, comforts etc., but do not donate (sadhus/sanyasis should follow Vedic path and should practise yoga philosophy and then should donate its eternal true knowledge to the people.)

It means in return they have acquired tensions, problems and death etc. so, sadhu, sanyasi means one who have attained full Vedic education and have practised Ashtang Yoga Philosophy. As a result, he has become impartial, has controlled five senses, five perceptions, mind, has become sweet spoken, does always justice, is hard worker, daily studies Vedas and true holy granths and practices Ashtang Yoga etc.

So, as you told, there are two types of beggars- first type includes those whose requirements are in thousands, lakhs and crores.

Second type includes those whose requirements are unlimited. Thus our country has been ruined by such sadhus because they neither they slog themselves nor they inspire people to be hard workers so as to strengthen our nation. You are telling truth that after your leaving, from ashram the sadhus, your back biting begins because the same fact has been encountered by me as well.

Present deshaped dharma has become a very big industry to earn money but the eternal dharma which I explained above, gives peace, pleasure and salvation and does not promote corruption, gathering, injustice, tensions, problems, sickness etc.

There is a false story that there was Ratnakar (not valia lootera) robber who became Rishi named Valmiki. In fact, Valmikiji was not a robber-daku. He was a great philosopher of Vedas and ashtang Yoga. In Valmiki Ramayana, it is clearly mentioned that when Valmikiji met Sri Ram then Valmikji told him that – he has never committed any sin since childhood. So, he was not a robber, he was a respected Rishi.

Actually Valmiki Ramayana states the fact again that once Rishi Narad visited the ashram of Valmikiji (I’ve also made a ACD in this regard, sung by me) and after taking food and rest Valmikiji asked Narad about a contemporary dignitary who wielded pious qualities and was leading an exemplary life. Then, Naradji explained the qualities of Sri Ram and also explained the history of Sri Ram since birth till the end of Lanka victory and his coronation as a king. Then after being inspired by Brahmaji (a dignitary), Valmikiji wrote Valmiki Ramayan . So, no question of Valmikiji being robber or being preached by Narad.

Again, My blessings to you and you are most welcome, please.

S V: Please send me the Geeta book and Vedas a Divine Light.
Swami Ram Swarup: The books are being sent to you, please.