Shivanshu: Pranam Swamiji, Swamiji can we say that pap (sin) are deeds which bring sorrow to atma and punya (pious deeds) are deeds which bring joy to atma? Swamiji , does every Rishi have different personality ? Why don’t we call Shri Krishna maryada purshottam ? Why didn’t Shri Krishna become emperor of whole earth and instead asked Dharmraj Yudhishtira to do so?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Regarding sorrows and joy, these are experienced by the soul in the present life time due to the result of previous lives sins and pious deeds respectively. Every Rishi followed/follows the vedic path and does the worship i.e., study of vedas deeply, holds the preach both times, agnihotra/yajyen daily both times, hard practice of Ashtang Yog daily both times. As a result, controls his five senses, remain impartial, does justice, is sweet spoken, is away from all kinds of sins, takes simple vegetarian food to live upon, donates vedic knowledge to the aspirants, always tries to make the nation strong and several other divine qualities which he possesses after daily above quoted worship. Always maintain brahmacharya etc. So, above qualities are attained by all Rishis and all Rishis follow only vedic path as told above. Maryada purushottam means to spend whole of life as per the education and preach of the four vedas. They used to hold all the order of Almighty God mentioned in vedas, at that time only vedas were in vogue. No other sect and present sant mat existed. So, they were followers of vedas only, where there no way of doing any crime etc. they used to maintain Brahmacharya. So, several other qualities were also maintained by Sri Krishna Maharaj. Therefore it makes no difference that people do not call him Maryada purushottam but Shri Krishna Maharaj was a maryada purushottam purush.

Secondly, his real picture is mentioned by Mahrishi in his Mahabharat epic because mashrishi Vyas needed not to mention Sri Krishna Maharaj as Maryada purshottam. So accordingly public is not aware of the same.

Perhaps Shri Krishna Maharaj followed vedic path only wherein it is mentioned that a Kshatriya who knows vedas should be the emperor.