Kajod: Guruji namskar;mera name kajod meena hai.me yeh jan na chata hu ki meri shadi kis saal hogi our wo kis name ya kis rashi ki hogi? Our uske aacharn ya gun kese hoge? Ok guru ji. Jarur answar dena guru ji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Marriage is arranged after verifying the family, circumstances, qualities etc. So, it is the duty of your parents and you also to seek the match according to your wishes because God helps those who help themselves. We should also remember that the good qualities must be attained by both i.e., boy and girl.

Nirmala: Namaste Swamiji,I would be grateful and request you to reply to this..
Suppose the daughter has good qualities, chants gayatri mantra, fulfills commitment towards her mother (89) sincerely, no addiction like smoke, alcohol, always trying to do pious deeds etc. Her brother is careless and doesn’t respect his parents and is always busy with doing bad deeds. Can the daughter perform ANTYESHTI SANSKAAR (cremation) for her mother, instead of the son. Please quide me in this regard. Can the cremation process (havan Yajen) be performed by only Gayatri Mantra while offering aahutis in burning fire in havan kund?
Where does sutratma come from. Where does it stay before entering the body?
What is the meaning of Deepawli. What does the Vedas say about Deepawli?
If the father died than can the mother at the time of marriage donates her daughter, (kanya daan)?
Who is Vyassa Brighu?
What is your upion about Max Muller?
What does my name (Nirmala) mean?
What is the meaning of Aditya, marutah and varunah, (soul goes after dead to this places).
Dhanyavad, Namaste guriji
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Yes, my daughter. Antyeshti deed can be performed by the daughter. However, it is sad that your son is denying you and has followed the wrong path with the result, he is destroying his human-life and has become liable to face the anger of God who awards the result of pious deeds in the shape of happiness and long life etc., and awards sorrows, problems, tensions etc., to them who are guilty and do bad deeds against the preach of Vedas. Actually, cremation is performed by doing agnihotra and offering the aahutis of ved mantras mentioned in 39th chapter of Yajurved. But nowadays, it has become difficult because most of the people are ignorant of the vedic knowledge which emanates direct from God. Sutratma always remains in the space.

Deepawali, Holi, Dusshera etc., are festivals which have been made by human-beings. So, such events do not exist in Vedas.

Yes, mother can donate her daughter in the marriage function.

Vyas and Bhrigu both were the respectable Rishis.

Maxmueller has written the comments on Vedas which are not accepted by Rishi Dayanand Saraswati and others

The meaning of Nirmala is pure.

Marutah means manushya. Aditya means Sun and the matter which is not destroyed.

Varunah means acceptable.