Sagar: PRANAM SWAMIJI!!!..I hope you are recovering good health.MY POORNA AHUTI IS ALWAYS FOR YOUR OPTIMUM HEALTH. Swamiji we have a group online on WhatsApp where all your disciples are registered members its like one Vedic family of Ved Mandir. We all discuss Vedic topics and share knowledge about Veda’s and your bhajans and one of the discussion a topic came up where we couldn’t come to a conclusion.

It was about the giving of knowledge of 4 vedas at the time of creation …the question is was the knowledge of 4 Vedas given on the 1st day of creation to the 4 rishis or after 5 years .? …in one of your bhajans of amritwani” shrishti rachna ka nikla tha pehla jab prabhat “the word pehla prabhat is saying about the first day of creation and also says about giving the knowledge of 4 Vedas to the 4 rishis. my understanding of the song and the mantra “tadh shrista tadhanupravishadh”in this bhajan is ishwar shristi rachkar shristhi mein sama jaata hai.agar ishwar sama jaata hai toh 4 veda ka gyaan bhi ussi waqt 4 rishioan ke hriday mein prakat ho jaate hai and not after 5 years .if not then yeh shristi 5 saal tak avidya aur aghyaan se chali hogi..

2.question is there is video which is viral on internet claiming that NASA has recorded the vibrational frequency of suns sound and this sound is actually chanting or sounding ohm(gods name).swamiji is this true? Sun is a matter jaddh padarth how can it recite .. .or is the vibrational sound a pure coincidence?

If we try to apply all three pramaans …here pratakshya and …anumaan pramaan is impossible only shabd or rishi pramaan can clear this doubt swamiji pls enlighten your disciples..
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you, my son. I thank you and appreciate your views, please. I’m recovering now. The Almighty God gave the Vedic knowledge to the four Rishis who were born first in the beginning of creation, then and there.

No doubt, that all Ved mantras including pious word- OM exist in space but until any mantra/OM is recited by an alive human being, the same cannot be heard. Certainly the claim that the voice of Om is being received from Sun is not justified because how it can be believed that the same is voice of Om because voice of Om, if recited by human-being will always differ. So, who will judge that the voice coming from sun is of Om. Scientists who are claiming the same made up their mind first about voice of Om in a fixed musical form or in other form and coincidentally if some voice from Sun tallies with voice of Om, which has already been kept in mind by scientist, then nothing can be told. But it is sure that particular voice do not relate to Om. Because then Om cannot be recited by any living-being other than human-being then how can it be recited by non-alive matter Sun.

Pawan: Please send me “Vedo ke jarey mrit atma ka rahesy jano”
Swami Ram Swarup: Book is being sent to you, please.