Shashikant Pandey: Swamiji saadar pranaam, I want to know that what is more important in life earning money or earning name?
Swami Ram Swarup: Neither earning money nor earning name is important. We are away from the knowledge of Vedas and worship of God accordingly. We must remember that “Brahma Vibhinnam Sarvam Mithya” i.e., if we are away from the worship of the God then everything of materialistic world becomes illusion for us as became illusion for Ravanna, Kansa, Duryodhan and see that when we worship the God regularly according to Vedas than both matters i.e., earning money and earning name becomes important in the life as both i.e., money and name will never give us harm by indulging us in greed, pride, ego and other sins as happened in the life of Sri Ram, Yudhishthir, their public etc. that is why, God in chapter 40 of Yajurveda states that human-beings must attain progress in both ways-simultaneously i.e., in earning money(materialistic) and spiritualism. Progress in one matter/field alone will prove to be fatal for us, say Vedas.

Anonymous: Pranaam and Bahaut Dhanaywaad guruji, I have reached home safely from Vedmandir and would like to extend a sincere hearty thanks to you for running the yoga and Ved knowledge classes, during my stay at the aashram. All the uncles and aunties Ji’s at the aashram made my stay so great that, I did not feel like leaving Vedmandir at all. After doing all the hawan’s and Aasan’s I felt in that one week, like I had never felt in my life before… totally cleansed.
Me and my family wish to thank you so much and all disciples, that you took your time out to explain everything so clearly. I look forward with great enthusiasm to seeing you again next year (with family). Possibly in the June puranahotti of 4 Vedas, or in April at start of 4 Vedas hawans. Thank you so much.. Pranaam.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you and your family for a long, happy life. You all are always welcome here.

Deepak: How can I prevent my office & home from buri nazar? Please give methods.
Swami Ram Swarup: Though there is no kind of buri nazar yet individual gets peace and long life if he chants Gayatri mantra both times and does hawan from it, both times. It is an eternal worship of God. A book of hawan of Ved mantras explaining word meanings and ideas of each mantra has been very well explained in my book “Yajyen Karma Sarvashreshtha Ishwar Pooja” (in Hindi) worth Rs. 65/- which can be sent on receipt of your postal address , if you desire. A VCD regarding process of doing hawan is also being prepared.

Anoop: Respected Swamiji, Namasthe. Thank you answering my previous two questions submitted to you. I read your questions & answers section regularly. I have three questions today.
1) According to jyothish shastra, Sun,Moon, Rahu, Ketu are treated as planets. But in Science sun is light & energy provider for Planets. Moon is a satellite of earth. Rahu/ketu are not in Science. Should we believe jyotish shastra or science? Will rahu/ketu affect our life?
2) I was told that Shani dasa runs for 19 years in a person life time. The person will have most difficult times during that and shani dev would ruin the life of the person during that period. is it true?
3) Planet Saturn and Mars are far away from Earth and they don’t have power as per scientific research. But in Vedic astrology Saturn (shani) and Mars (kuja/mangal) are harmful to human beings. What is your opinion on it? Please reply. Thanking you.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You are most welcome, please.
(i) Yes, in science also there are nine planets in solar system including Rahu and Ketu but their names are being recited in English. God has created the universe and every matter has been made for the benefit of human-beings. Naturally, all the planets are of use for all living beings. There is not even a minutest matter of the universe which is useless. So, we must believe in science which also emanates from vedas. Rahu and Ketu being non-alive cannot give bad effect on our lives but a person’s deeds (good or bad) affects his life accordingly.

(ii) No, please. It does not seem to be true that shani dev runs for 19 years in a person’s life creating difficulties in his life and ruining it. You know, like earth, all planets are non-alive and can never be harmful for living beings, on their own.

(iii) I‘ve told you that every planet has been created by God for the benefit of human-beings. However, Sun gives us life and energy because without sun-rays crops can’t grow/ripen. On the other hand, several people die due to sunstroke. Reason behind that God tells all human-beings in Vedas to perform Yajyen/hawan daily to get timely rains. Samveda states that pious smoke of hawan reaches outer layers of atmosphere uptil sun and then the sun-rays prove beneficial to everyone and do not cause any harm.

Nowadays, the problem is that people do not listen to Vedas and do not get to know about the real worship and the eternal path of the Vedas like Yajyen/hawan name jaap of God etc., which gives innumerable benefits to the living beings including planets, trees, human beings.