Raja: Pranam Swamiji…

I am living for Strong Hindhu Dharma Establishment. Swamiji what mistakes I had I don’t know. But please please give me the complete solution. Recently I got married, now am going to be a father. If I go with suicide decision, my entire family(my mother, father, grand father and my sisters
) will get suicide. I am unable to bear when Crows are shouting when they look at me.
please tell me the complete solution. swamiji save my life.
thank you………………
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Married life is a life to discharge all moral duties towards family faithfully. Now, you are going to be a father. So, naturally, it is your duty to nurse and take care of your wife continuously so that the baby is born healthy and wise. Otherwise a bad result can be seen. It is surprising that how and why you have written about suicide which is a heinous sin and God never excuses for the same. He punishes. In this connection, I also paste my article as under-


Suicide occurs in respect of those who indulge in illusion. Due to illusion, they are demoralised, lose patience. When the creation starts then at the beginning of every creation, God gives the knowledge of four Vedas to Rishis/human beings, to become learned by destroying the illusion. But those who due to one or the other reason, do not listen Vedas, they become unable to understand the motto of the human life and therefore the illusion effects them. As a result, they lose heart and commit suicide which is the greatest sin of human life. They even do not understand that due to their said act of sin, they will have to face more and more sorrows in the next birth. Even they are devoid of best human body which is meant to achieve salvation while doing all moral duties under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedic philosophy.

So, I hope a responsible person like you will discharge his duties faithfully and a responsible person like you will turn his mind into religious matter and not into sins and would become capable to discharge his family duties faithfully.

Anandarajan: Thank you Swamiji, Thank you very much.
Swami Ram Swarup: You are welcome, please.

Umesh: What is difference between chit and chetana. As per my small study of Advait Vedanta (mandukya upanishad), chit is pure consciousness. This consciousness (me) is took form of mind and body and experiencing prakruti in jagrut sthiti. What is chetana ? what is difference and co-relation between two?
Swami Ram Swarup: There are only two chetans in the universe- Almighty God and all souls which reside in the bodies of all living beings. The third matter of universe is Prakriti which is non-alive matter from which all the matters of universe are created. So, one of the non-alive matter of universe is chitta. So, chitta is non-alive matter and souls and God are alive matters.

Mandukya Upnishad does not relate to the present advaitwad i.e., Vedanta. Please quote any shloka of Mandukya upnishad which relates to advaitwad. Actually, there will be no shloka. Mandukya Upanishad is written by a Rishi who followed Vedas first, did hard practice of Ashtang Yog philosophy, used to perform daily Yajyen with ved mantras and name jaap of God with the result he attained Samadhi and realized God and saw ved mantras within himself. So, no Rishi can go against the Vedas because Vedas do not promote Avtarwad, idol worship and Advaitwad (present Vedanta) etc.

Prakriti cannot be experienced without following eternal Vedic path as quoted above. I paste my article in this regard as under-


There are three matters in the Vedas which is called “Traitwad” first Almighty God , second – souls , third – Prakriti.

Almighty God and souls are alive whereas Prakriti is non-alive from which God creates universe. So, there is not only atma (souls) but Almighty God and Prakriti are also there.

Souls (Atma) are several but God is one. Soul takes living being’s body based on his previous lives’ Karmas – good or bad so human being’s bodies , animals and birds’ body etc., are taken by souls.

So, God states in Vedas that services to mother, father , learned atithi, learned acharya of Vedas and Yoga philosophy are required to be rendered when they are alive only and not after death.

I would also advice you to read my book named –


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