Anu: Guruji.. I would like to know how do they come into the bodies of human beings occasionally when we call them…and sometimes even if we do not call them they come to bless us on some grand occasions and they even tell the future. How is that possible?
Swami Ram Swarup: As per eternal Vedic law, nothing can enter the body to tell future etc. otherwise all world would have been attracted to get blessings and know the future etc. there is some trick which is played. We must not be entangled in the same. Yet, if somebody is interested, he may go ahead at his own. Blessings are only obtained from Almighty God, parents, learned persons, acharya who is learned of Vedas and yoga philosophy and that to when we really respect and serve them to obey their pious instructions and eternal worship otherwise we all have to face the result of our previous lives’ deeds –good or bad, in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively.

Bharat: Namaste swamiji. Could you please briefly explain the meaning of purusha sukta? If it is not possible to explain word by word I kindly request you to show your grace by explaining overall meaning of each sloka and hence the overall sukta present in the Vedas. I know it is a bit lengthy but I cannot find resources which unambiguously say that the God is one. I have seen the attributes of purusha as male and nature as female which didn’t really touch my heart. If you can permit I would like to discuss in more depth and doubts arising reading the upanishads. Thank You very much for all your previous answers which increase the clarity of understanding and realizing the supreme. Thank You once again
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaste, please. Yes, please. I’ve started explaining the meaning and idea of all mantras of Purush – sukta i.e., Yajurveda chapter 31. It will take about one week’s time. Please, send your question again after one week. My blessings to you.

Anonymous: Dear Guru ji maharaj, Charan sparsh and pranaam from all of us. Guru ji maharaj all the yogis who had achieved nirvikalpa samadhi have spoken only of study of Vedas to dispel illusion. Like one saint has said that knowledge of Vedas is for salvation of human beings and not for business. Another saint has said that man should give up down ward path of worshipping idols. Another saint has said that What is visible is transient. It is perishable. When the mind is merged in “Bindu” and “Nada,” Nirvikalpa Samadhi is attained. Our attention is then entirely towards Ananda (eternal joy). Fixing the attention between the eyebrows, the Prana should enter the holy Brahmarandhra. Here the light of lights becomes visible to the divine eye. This is Mukti. This is eternally supreme joy. This is the place where the Manas ought to dwell. This is the eternal being whence the Vedas have sprung. This is seeing Paramatman in all. This is the real place of Jivatman.
Guru ji maharaj to know Vedas from a rishi like you is a joy. Further I feel we Indians do not read and search. But guru ji maharaj all yogi including you have done intense yoga sadhna under Gurus in intense jungles and more than 18 hours they used to meditate, they all were nesthik brahmachari. So at times I feel a householder women like me how will attain moksha by doing sadhna for one hours a day while carrying out all duties. This thought sometimes saddens me. Please enlighten.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my daughter. Yes, during Samadhi the feeling of supreme light is observed by divine eye. But when a Yogi still continues his yoga practice then he again goes ahead where he attains Dharammegh Samadhi where Yogi forgets his body as well as himself i.e., soul and at that time, he is totally indulged in formless, omnipresent God and forgets everything. This is the stage where the Yogi attains salvation. He at that time becomes like God but not God as mentioned in Atharvaveda mantra 4/11/7 (Rupeinn Indra) i.e., like God.

Rest of the comments given by saints, as quoted by you are correct but people hardly follow it. As regards your personal case, one must never feel demoralized. The sadhna for one hour in the morning and for one hour in evening /night while discharging all family duties is enough at present. It should be increased after attaining fifty years of age. My blessings are always with you all.

Akash: I wanted information on Naagmani.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is stated that old naag (snake) has a Manni which gives rays of light in the night and the naag searches for food in its light in night. But I think nobody has seen that Manni.