U T Anandarajan: Swamiji Namaskaram. I am doing Gayathri Homam daily for last 1 year as per your instruction given in your book. I want the following detail. Please answer me that will great help to me.
1. Are all the things put in the Homam going to Devas as food? or submitted to Devas?
2. The karma particularly Sabam given by somebody will affect the hole family and their son, grand son etc.,?
3. How rectify the Sabam given by a lady to my grand father? (grand father is no more now)
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskarji.
1.) All the matters like ghee etc., are taken by the souls who reside in space when God Himself orders us to perform Yajyen then automatically God is pleased and in return He blesses us because Yajyen is the best pious deed and the worship of God.

2.) No, please. Karma is an individual matter. Its result cannot be divided.

3.) As regards Sabam, (I think its meaning is shaap/shraap) it does not effect anybody except if it is given by Rishi-Muni, Tapasvi, who always speaks truth.

Shishaya: Pranam Guruji I have another question. I wanted to know, u mentioned in bhramcharya book that a rishi had said that son should not be even alone in a room with his mother. I wanted to know that it could be a statement of rishi but cannot be a rule of God. As in a family and even in life there is no relation as loveable and respectable and honorable than of mother. So rishis statement may be an extreme level of bhramcharya but not a rule for all . I ask because after reading it I felt as if I am doing some sin if me and my mother are in a room. I mean mother son relation is a pious relation and we have to serve our mother father and elders too. Plz clarify my doubt.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, a statement of a Rishi is always accepted as evidence. This is also mentioned in Patanjal Yog Darshan sutra 1/7. Lovable, respectable and honorable pious words are only related to a learned person who has followed the Vedic path and thus has controlled his senses, intellect and mind but you see, in the present time, due to the lack of knowledge of Vedas most of the people have no control on their senses etc. So, the preach of a Rishi cannot be oversighted, this can also be seen that several cases briefed in newspapers are seen in negative manner. So, better if we follow the preach of Rishi-Muni who followed Vedas and realized Almighty God otherwise everybody is nowadays free to follow any path. Rishis who controlled their senses as quoted above and realized God, preach their experiences for the benefit of all mankind otherwise suppose if a Rishi has maintained his Brahmacharya and has controlled his senses etc., then he should have no business to preach others. Infact, the experiences of all Rishi-Munis as mentioned in Samved mantras 1298, 1299 is meant for all mankind and mantras state that if any aspirant/devotee listens and follows his experiences, he attains peace and gets several benefits. And no doubt, relation between mother and son is the most pious relation but you see, in the present times, due to not following the Vedic path such relations are mostly not being seen fruitful due to which elders homage have been opened where the old men and women tortured by their sons and daughter-in law get shelter. This is very sad.

You are always welcome to rewrite any query, if any.