भूपेंद्र सेन: Is there any thing spoken about dinosaur in veda. Do veda accept existence of lord hanumaan.if yes Then could it be possible a man like monkey? Do veda accept existence of lord shiva. If a small amount of urenium could destroy a whole city Then can it be possible that a small amount of virya (sperm)can transform into large amount of energy and power in human body?
Swami Ram Swarup: Dinosaur is an English name. So, it does not appear in vedas. Hanumanji took birth in Treta so Hanumanji’s life is an event/history. History –event does not exist in vedas. I mean to say proper noun has not been used in vedas. Vedas being eternal and everlasting. Not possible man to be like monkey. This situation is not possible. Just as a bird cannot be like an elephant etc. because creation by God is immortal, unchangeable and unchallengeable.

As quoted above in respect of Hanumanji. Every matter above in respect of blade of grass to sun, moon etc., has been made by God for a special purpose which can never be changed. So, use of sperm is also unchangeable.

MK: Dear Guruji, I am writing to seek your advice on a decision. For family and career development, should my family continue staying in India or to settle down in another country? Thanks!
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my daughter. Beti, it is upto you that where you want to be settled. If you like India and you think that future of your sons will be bright here then you can settle here otherwise you can seek other sources.