S C: licentionsness’=नियम का उल्लंधन,स्वच्छंदता – why do people have this tendency?
Swami Ram Swarup: God has created the universe and to control and command over it, he has made his own constitution in the shape of four Vedas. I mean to say, fundamental law in all the matters like politics, nation, death and birth, duties towards family, society and human-beings regarding science, pious deeds and worship, has been mentioned in Vedas. As you know, every country has its own constitution. Lawyers study it deeply and after passing the LLB exam they are called advocates etc. Similarly, those who learn Vedas deeply, they only know about the duties, deeds and worship etc., and those who do not know constitution of any country or of Vedas. They usually break the laws in return face the consequences. Here question arises that several; learned persons also break the rules and regulations but they are the person who read laws/Vedas etc., but have not studied and considered it deeply, so as to obey them. But those who have achieved perfection in the same, they never break the rule. Here, I would also like to paste my article in this connection-

Reason not to follow

Reason not to follow the eternal path of Vedas (voice of Almighty God) is that after Mahabharat war i.e., about 5,300 years ago innumerable warrior of both sides i.e., Pandavas and Kauravas died and remaining elders, mothers, sisters and babies were so shocked that they could not continue vedas’ study, yajyen and Yogabhyas etc., as a result, public has became ignorant of the knowledge of vedas. God has given us five senses including ears. Whatever, we listen, we follow the same. The proof to decide about the difference between falsehood and truth is only Vedas, the eternal knowledge which emanates direct from God in the beginning of the earth. Suppose, Sun does not rise then only darkness will cover the world. Similarly when the light of wisdom i.e., Vedas are hidden then only self made path/illusion will exist and in the absence of vedas’ knowledge , people would not know the difference between truth and falsehood , the people will indulge in illusion and thus falsehood will be treated as truth which is called Avidya in yog Shastra sutra 2/5.

S B: Swamiji I was down with disease according to wish of Almighty for last four months. I have been involved in a World Bank project about a natural disaster in a river in Himalayas. I am trying to do which can be done depending upon my limited knowledge regarding locality and local persons as this is also sent by the Almighty and seeking your guidance, advice and blessings for the local people there within the river basin. I am trying to be active depending upon cognitive engineering practices of both Indian and Western origin. Am I choosing the course of action going beyond the Vedic course of serving the victims of the disasters through out the globe? Please enlighten me with the Vedic texts. Pranama to you and to all of you.
Swami Ram Swarup: God, being our father, has no wish to inflict any harm or trouble to anyone. But, fundamental laws of universe mentioned in Vedas are that we have been blessed by God with human body to face the result of our own deeds of previous lives- pious and sins, in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively.

God inspires to listen Vedas from a learned acharya wherein every course of action is mentioned. For example- In case of disease, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda direct to make contact immediately with a good doctor. God helps those who help themselves.

Otherwise, He will not disclose any course of action accept as said above. Your views to serve the people struck with disaster are really highly appreciated. So, your action for the same is in accordance with the Vedas. I would like to add that if you do daily havan with Gayatri mantra both times shall really help you a lot to give you mental as well as physical strength along with blessings to get success in your present service to the people. My heartiest blessings to you, to achieve success.

B: We will like to promote your books.
Swami Ram Swarup: I am thankful to you, for having my publications being sold to prospective clients. Really, it will be a pious task as well as service of Almighty God to spread the knowledge of Vedas, as stated in Vedas. Details are being sent to you, please.