Anonymous: I have reached home. Now I feel Ved Mandir as my home and feeling homesick after coming back from Ved Mandir. We convey thanks to all at Ved Mandir for their affection and taking care of us. We again thank you for giving your precious time to us in person. Stay at Ved Mandir and having your darshan, Vedas preach/guidance shall forever remain as precious memories for me and I will utilize the same as motivation in following Vedic path. Guruji, as informed I will come to Ved Mandir with my wife and two daughters and will inform the dates at the earliest. I have started doing dhyan as suggested you and able to it but will try hard to improve it to the extent possible. Please tell me how can I know that I am doing dhyan correctly or not. Please suggest. Further, as suggested now I am doing normal pranayam 21 & stambak 31 (I have started with 11 and will increase it by one daily to reach 31). So please suggest whether this is okay. I think I have to learn third pranayam so please suggest when it can be started. For the time being I will continue this present worship and then seek your advice when I will come to Ved Mandir. With Charan Sparsh.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you, my son for a long, happy life.

Your keen interest to know Vedic knowledge, daily havan, name jaap and practice of Ashtang Yoga is really appreciated and God is pleased for such pious deeds, say Vedas. I hope that a person of your calibre would get success in your family as well as spiritual life. My blessings to each member of your family.

You are doing dhyan better and when you would come during March, it shall improve more because dhyan improves by daily practice keeping in view the advice given by an acharya. After continuing the prannayam for further one month, then you may make telephonic conversation with me for the further guidance. Again, my blessings to you.

Navin: Pranam Swamiji. Jai Shree Krishna, What a brief description about soul for shrads, your knowledge of vedas has really touch my heart, still why such karm kand about shrads, why so many books and gaya, patan are famous for performing sharads. at least i meet most of the people they are aware that soul is individual and soul take rebirth after 13 days, still they perform shrads ceremony, is it because this is coming from generation to generation and this generation do not wish to stop. we have kriya karm for dead person from 10 to 13 days, why such kriya karm is to be performed. Soul is independent than what is his relation with his children, parents and relatives when he was in the body, is that maya only There were four rishi and now so called we have rishis in every corner of every street. your definition of rishi is very much interesting. Varn pratha is not vads creation then who introduce, we know very well that varn is based on karmas but large part is called as brahamins, rajput etc, even called as brahimans came from the mouth of god, vanik from hand d so on. Your detailed description of varns is as per vedas but present word differ, so why?
I have noted that in dravpati sayamvar karn was objected as he is not c shatri, what is your reaction
I know that every dark night has sun shine next day but now it is very long time and danav has taken ride for longer period so it is high time for god to take another birth. Once again Pranam and Jai Shree Krishna.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. So many books and gaya, patan etc., are there due to lack of knowledge of Vedas. Vedas are eternal and everlasting knowledge which emanates direct from God. Whereas, several books including quoted above, have been written by human-beings. It is a fundamental law that the views which tally with Vedas, those are true/authentic otherwise not. In this connection, Yog shastra sutra 1/7 written by Patanjal Rishi says ““PRATYAKSHANUMANAAGAMAHA PRAMANNANI”.

i.e., to determine the truth, the proof of Vedas is indispensable and all the ancient and the present wiser know it very well and those who have not studied Vedas and not practised Yoga Philosophy are against these fundamental laws.

As regards Kriya karam for thirteen days, Yajurveda mantra 40/15 says


The mantra indicates that at last the cremation of the human body is performed.

Those who since the childhood remember the God by listening to Vedas, performing Yajyen and name jaap then the soul automatically at the time of death also remembers God. So a person must obey the preach/order of the God in Vedas and must do worship accordingly. We have sure to face the result of all deeds so we must be careful to do only pious deeds and to follow eternal, religious path of Vedas and must ever leave the sins. So, it will be better if we perform daily havan even with Gayatri Mantra. Please, also chant the name of God, Om, daily and both times and study Vedic books. One must overcome the death but never be afraid of it. Based on his deeds one has to take rebirth, so the cremation will be of destructive human body and not of soul. Please, remember, everyone is soul and not body.

I.e., when a person dies, his body is burnt on pyre and thereafter no any deed remains to be done in future. So, we have to follow the Vedas and just after burning the dead body on pyre no deed remains left to be done. Soul is dependent and not independent please, because in the absence of eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin he can’t see, listen, smell, taste and touch, without intellect and mind can’t think and decide matter to send to soul. And similarly without legs, hands, mouth, rectum and urinary organ can’t do any deed. So soul is dependent and Almighty God is independent. But Soul has been blessed by God with human-body to face the result of previous lives’ deed good or bad in the shape of pleasure and sorrows respectively and the present deeds done here will be faced in the future births. And in the present life especially Yajurveda preaches to discharge duties faithfully including pious deeds to be done. I mean to say that relation of the dependent soul with family, society, nation and all human-beings is to cooperate, to get success together to promote international brotherhood, to serve parents, elders etc., etc., failing which the person is considered to be against the Vedas and God awards punishment accordingly. Also, if a person follows Vedas properly i.e., gets three education from the Vedas i.e., gyan kand (science, worldly knowledge), karam kand (shape of deeds) and upasana kand (real, eternal, everlasting worship) then he attains salvation. So, the relation of immortal soul as said above relates to Vedic theory then its okay otherwise it is illusion/maya.

Difference of Brahmin, tirth, devi-devta, etc., etc., in comparison with Vedas is only due to lack of knowledge of Vedas.

Draupadi Swayamvar was not held based on any caste or varnna system. Four varnns were there but not caste system. Even the varnna system as you have known was based according to the karmas (deeds). That is why, in Draupadi swayamvar varnna system was never considered, only karam system was considered. In the swayamvar, it was announced that he who would be able to pierce the eye of moving fish, he will be declared as bridegroom. And you see Pandavas have changed themselves from kshatriya to Brahmins by wearing Brahmins clothes and the fact was unknown by all.

When as a Brahmin Arjun pierced the eye of fish he was accepted as the bridegroom of Draupadi in the shape of Brahmin and not kshatriya. However, in Mahabharat (Aadi parv) it is stated that Karann and other warriors were also given the chance to pierce the eye of moving fish but their efforts were gone in vain. In this connection, I would also like to tell that in Mahabharat epic, there are only ten thousand original/true shlokas which have been written by Vyas Muni ji, but about one lakh, ten thousand false shlokas have been added.

Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj in Bhagwad Geeta shloka 7/19 says that Oh! Arjun, it is a very difficult task that even after continuing worship of God for several births, a devotee realises God everywhere. But, it also does not mean that God cannot be realised in this life. Yog shastra sutra 1/21 states “Teevrasamvegaanaamaasannah” that the efforts of an aspirant regarding his worship if are fast, the God is realized early otherwise slowly. Main problem that has arisen at present is that people are not following the eternal knowledge of Vedas wherein control of senses, perceptions and mind is the base to realise God. I mean to say, the aspirant should do hard practice of Ashtang Yoga and study the Vedas, hard to achieve the target of an ascetic, first.

My blessings to you.