Pooja: Respected Swamiji, Jab hum hawan karte hai to kabi kabi hawan ki agni shant ho jati hai usko fir se prajwalit karna parta hai. Is se koi ashob to nahi hai kripiya muje bataiy Merei beti b bahut chintit ho rahi thi.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Jalte-jalte agar hawan ki agni shant ho jaati hai to uske liye yeh provision hai ki usey dobaara jalaa liya jayee. Issey koi haani nahin hai aur zarra bhi chinta ki baat nahin hai. Kai to hawan ke shuru hotey hi paas mein ek diya jalaa kar rakh laitey hain aur agar beech mein agni shaant ho jaati hai to usey diye se dobaara jalaa laitey hain. Yeh Ishwar ki kirpa hai ki aap shradha se rozaana hawan karte hain.

Bipin: I am grateful for your blessings and speaking with me. With reference to trailing mail I kindly request to please do the needful to send me CD and books which I have not yet received.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. Books and some CDs have already been sent from here to your postal address on the next day of our telephonic conversation. I think, it may take 7-8 days to reach you. On receipt, please confirm.

Kiran Das: Namaste vedanti panditji Why do bible tells holy ghost is there? Does ghost really exist? As per you sir, not for Vedas. I have very confused if ghost is there why it comes on human body?
Swami Ram Swarup: As per Vedas, there is no existence of Ghost. When soul leaves the body then according to Yajurveda chapter 39, it remains in space for thirteen days. Thereafter, it goes to the next mother’s womb, based on his past lives’ deeds- good or bad. It is fundamental law of Almighty God. Then there is no scope of spirit or soul to wander in absence of birth.

Secondly, the five senses and five organs which were assisting the soul within body to see, listen, smell, taste and touching, to do deeds by hands and move on legs etc., are burnt on pyre and soul after leaving the body is therefore not able to see, to listen and to walk etc. Then, there remains no scope of existence of ghost. Then automatically, there is also no scope of entering of ghost in a body. Yet, somebody believes then he should go ahead.

My dear daughter, I know lit bit about Vedas, by the grace of Almighty God and my Guru Maharaj. I am also a sanyasi. If you want to address me then you may address me as a learned of Vedas but not vedanti, please. Actually, vedantis are those who believe that soul is God itself whereas the learned of Vedas do not accept the said vedanti tenets.

Dinesh: What should I do on Diwali? Something special.
Swami Ram Swarup: One must avoid to play with crackers in excess. Better if you completely avoid so as to avoid further pollution and accidents etc. Secondly, everybody must perform havan/Yajyen on this good occasion which is a real worship of Almighty God who blesses us with all amenities. Everybody must meet together with love and affection.

Anonymous: I have a marriage proposal from someone who has shani mangal yog. According to astrology, will she leave me?
Swami Ram Swarup: Shani mangal yoga sade-sari, kaal sarp dosh, mangal dosh etc., are not believable because such matters have not been mentioned by God in Vedas, shastras and other holy granths like Bhagwad Geeta, Upnishads and any granth written by ancient Rishis. The only way to remove the effect of previous lives’ bad deeds is to worship God as told in Vedas. So, I would advise you to please chant Gayatri mantra and do havan.

Marriage is in the hand of Almighty God. However, God helps those who help themselves. You must also do daily hawan with Gayatri mantra both times. In the end of hawan, you must pray to God daily for His blessings for the same. It will be much better if you also, chant the Gayatri mantra in heart without speaking it, sitting on any asan, along with its meaning.

For marriage, birth kundli match is not necessary because such procedure has not been mentioned in Vedas, shastras, Bhagwad Geeta, Valmiki Ramayana etc. Vedas state that marriage should be performed based on good qualities of both sides. For example- Boy must be earning well to support his wife and wife must know the way of creating and maintaining good atmosphere of family. I have mentioned such good qualities of both husband and wife in my book- Vedas- A Divine Light (III) in English worth Rs.100/- which can be sent to you on receipt of your demand and postal address.

Lalit: Swamiji are the mantras given below Vedic mantras and can they be used while doing havan?
1.Om vishvani deva savitur duri taani paraa suva
2.Om praaja pate na tva detaa nya nyo vish vaa jaa taani pari taa ba bhoova.
Yat kaamaa ste juhu mast anno astu va yam syaa ma pata yo rayee naam.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, please. Both the mantras are from vedas. First mantra is incomplete. Therefore, please add
Yes, these mantras can be used while doing havan.

I would also advise you to study my book “Yajyen Karma Sarvashreshth Ishwar Pooja” in Hindi, wherein every Ved mantra recited in havan/yajyen with its detailed explanation in Hindi has been given, worth Rs.65/- excluding postal charges which can be sent to you on receipt of your postal address, if you desire.