R S: GURUJI maharaja. Pranaam n. Charansparsh. GURUJI maharaaj I have desire to come and meet you henceforth every year n listen to your discourses, n by your blessings try to implement in my life n family. Please bless me for this pious desire to get fulfilled. Guruji maharaaj two years back as per the. Desire the charan paduka of your size was made by my father on my request. We have been worshiping it on guru poornima for last two years. Somehow I wanted to come down and personally hand it over to you and request you to use it for the time as desired by you and bless that your n Gods live presence will always be felt there. I wanted to install the padukas in my pooja grah. But it was not possible as I could not come and meet you. The desire laid burried in heart only. So I request you how to go about it it will take some time to visit the ashram. But this wait has become too much. Pl guide me how to fulfill this desire. With prannams n regards from all of us.
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear daughter, you are welcome here anytime but probably, I would advise you to attend annual yajyen which commences during May-June every year. As regards Charanpaduka made by your father also shows your faith in God, Vedas and gurubhakti, so you can bring the paduka at the time you come here. Dear daughter, such spiritual waiting also develop more and more remembrance and faith because at that time, the heart feelings are connected with the memory of Guruji. It gives lots of benefit to the devotee so do not worry my daughter. Wait and time will come soon to come here. Again, my blessings to whole family.

Srikumar: Namaskaram, I will be attending my friend’s mother’s kanakabishekam. Request you to let me know what kind of tradition gift I can give.
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear son Sri Kumar, my blessings to you. To perform the Kanakanhishekam in respect of your friend’s mother is your own choice and therefore, tradition gift should also be presented at your own wish.

Nihal: Dear swamiji, I want to learn Vedas. I dont know how to get contact with vedamandir.
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear son Nihal, my blessings to you. I appreciate your views to learn the eternal Vedic philosophy, which emanates direct from Almighty, Formless God. For this purpose, you are welcome here anytime but due to my busy schedule, I will meet you during specified period.