Anonymous: Shastang Pranam Swami RamSwaroopJi Maharaj. Recd. your answer on 23 Sept.09 Now I decided strongly we never consume non-Veg in our life. Now, I am interested to attend Veda & Yoga Classes. Please let me intimate as per your next schedule.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. I appreciate your views for not consuming the non-vegetarian. It is mentioned in Atharvaveda that God forgives those who leave non-vegetarian for ever. So you have also pleased the Almighty God by obeying His rules framed in Vedas of not taking non-vegetarian.Yes, you may come here on next Sunday, the 11th October, 2009. However, I inform you that yoga shiver from 4th October, to 9th October, 2009 is being organized here.
Nirmaljit Kalia: What is the meaning of Hindi Word Hans is used in Hindu Granths?
I want study in Meditation “swas up and down” How many available in available Hindi editions.
Swami Ram Swarup: The meaning of Hindi word ‘Hans’ is soul, sun. In Hindi, Hans is a bird. In Rigveda mantra 4/40/5, its meaning is “destroyer of sin/enemies”. Study in meditation is learnt personally from an acharya who is learned of yoga philosophy. I am away and can’t teach you, so please seek a perfect yoga teacher locally.

Anonymous: I am married but not happy with my present life. I think that my life is with another life i.e Presently I am facing my past life husband, but not able to handle the situation with this. But definitely want to speak with him. I want the answer whether it is true according to birth. What will happen next?
Swami Ram Swarup: A married intelligent women always tries to make family life happy. Your cooperation, showering your love to your husband, hard working and concentration in household duties will sure enable you to give you a long, happy life. Please do not try to think other matters otherwise life will be ruined. As regards your past life husband, it seems not to be true. Because past life is known either by a almighty God or a learned yogi who has studied Vedas, did hard practice of ashtang yoga philosophy and attained asampragyat Samadhi. Secondly, if somebody says to other that the other man was a monkey in his previous life then do you mean that other man should destroy his present life which is a special blessing of almighty God. so, I would advise you to forget such feelings and pay your attention to your present family.

Otherwise, I again tell you that future may be ruined. Please, be brave and save yourself as well as your husband to attain peace of mind. You’re advised to adopt following ways as given under-

Shubh Karma

Hard working, devotion, dedication, honesty, services to the parents and elders to follow eternal religion mentioned in Vedas, practice of Ashtang Yoga, discharging moral duties to get progress in education, science simultaneously with spiritualism like, daily havan, to be in contact with the learned Acharya, to get his advice, are some of the pious deeds which make the future bright and obliterate the sorrows, problems, diseases, etc.

One must wake up early in the morning for early morning walk and exercises, must sit on meditation and chant holy name of God, must be away from any addiction and non-vegetarian. Such pious actions lead to long, happy life and bright future.

How to do havan

Please sit in the morning to perform havan. Havan must be in sunlight then it is more beneficial. Then half a bowl of fresh water with a tablespoon must be with you with small twigs especially of mango tree if possible, havan samagri, ghee, camphor and match box must be there with you. Please sit on sukh asan on four times folded blanket and blanket must be on mat.

Sukh asan i.e., sit on duly folded feet in comfortable position. Then first close your eyes and concentrate between two eyebrows and chant Gaytri mantra three times within heart and not by mouth. Then open your eyes.

Take one spoon of water in right palm. Chant this mantra, OM AMRTO UPASTRANMASI SWAHA and drink the water which you have put in your palm. Then again take the spoon of water in right palm then chant the next mantra, OM AMRITA APIDHANMASI SWAHA, and drink the water. Then again take the water in right palm and chant the mantra, OM SATYAM YASHAH SHRI MAYI SHRI SHRAYTAAM SWAHA, and drink the water. Then wash the right palm while sitting, with the same water kept in bowl.

Then put the twigs into havan kund with one piece of camphor and burn it. During this process chant the Gaytri mantra again and again till such time the fire is lighted sufficiently. Then chant the Gaytri mantra and at the last add the word Swaha and offer ghee with tablespoon, quantity equivalent to 4 to 5 drops. And if you are alone then also offer in fire pinch of havan samagri from your right hand’s finger and thumb avoiding forefinger. So this offering may be of 11 times, 21 times or 51 times as the time suits. It is the simplest way and I have not quoted the complete method of Yajna. The havan with Ved mantras are always offered as the best worship of God only please. Do havan daily and both times.

Please, start the day by chanting Gayatri mantra in the early morning sitting on suitable asan like Sukhasan, Siddhasan or Padmasan etc. concentrate on the point between two eyebrows which is called “Agyachakra”. The Gayatri mantra should be chanted along with its meaning both times. Also, please try to perform daily hawan even with Gayatri mantra. Then try to study any of my books daily and put up question if any.

After 15 days chant the Gayatri mantra only thrice thereafter do the name jaap of Almighty God-“Om”. The jaap must be done daily by heart and not orally.

The Gayatri mantra is as follows —


Meaning — “We meditate the God who is the base of lives’ of universe, totally free from any sorrow, omnipresent, creates the universe, gives all pleasure/merriment,most supreme and acceptable, purest entity; May the God enlighten our minds with wisdom by His inspiration”.

Bhuhu, Bhuvaha, Swaha, Savituhu, Bhargaha, Devsya are some qualities amongst unlimited qualities of God. These are called Stuti i.e., to say about God with His real qualities and not self made etc.

Secondly Dhimahi means meditation i.e., one should always sit in meditation and do hard and pious deeds for which he will have to study Vedas in full, while discharging moral duties towards family and nation.

Third and last is DHIYO YO NAHA PRACHODYAT. It is a prayer to God explanation of which is cited above.

In the above mantra we pray to God but mere prayer does not solve the purpose until we do hard work according to the prayer.