Dwivendra: Namaste Guruji , What is difference between bhagwan, prabhu, ishwar, parmatma and devta?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. All these are the names of Almighty God.

Dwivendra: Namaste Gurji . 1) Why Shri Ram left Sita for a Frivolous reason ?

2) Why Shri Ram made Sita go to Agnipariksha.

Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji.

1.) No, please. The great dignitary Sri Ram who was learned of vedas and Ashtang Yog vidya did not leave Sitaji. After winning over Lanka, he brought Sitaji with him in an aeroplane at Ayodhya and lov-kush took birth in Ayodhya. This truth is very well briefed by Rishi Valmiki ji in his Valmiki Ramayan but it is sad that due to false propaganda people have forgotten the Valmiki’s Ramayan and hence the problem. Valmikiji was a Rishi and he himself told Sri Ram –

Prachetasah aham dashmah putro raghvanandan.

Mansa karmanna vacha bhootpurvam na kilbisham.

Meaning- Oh! Sri Ram, I am tenth son of Rishi Prachetas and since past and uptil now, I have never done any sin.

So, such a great Rishi-Bhagwan Valmikiji who had never done any sin in his whole life, how could he be a dacoit. Secondly, he was son of a Rishi.

2.) If you study Valmiki Ramayan which is an authentic religious book. You will find that after winning over Lanka, in a crowd of soldiers and civil public, Sri Ram asked Sita to enter the pyre of fire (chita). When Sitaji started moving towards the pyre of fire and was about to enter, immediately Sri Ram caught her hand and made her to come back. So, Sitaji did not enter in pyre. Thereafter, Sri Ram, who is a great dignitary of India, told Sitaji that Oh! Sita, I alone know that your character is pure but people donot know. So, in the crowd of people, I told you to enter the pyre. So, by this examination, you have proved your purity before the public also. So, this truth is made to be known in whole of our India and in this truth, the authentic supporting evidence is Valmiiki Ramayan.