Anonymous: Respected Guruji Maharaaj, Pranaam and Charan sparsh, I pray to God for your good health. Maharaaj ji recently my father had suffered a paralytic attack called bells parsy. I went to see him. I requested him to sit with me for havan twice, in that havan at the end before sarvam ve poornam i used to put ahutis of saamveda and yajuveda recorded in your voice of yagya conducted by you. I generally record it and myself play this recording regularly and put the ahutis with this. Because you have explained that only vedmantra uttered by yogis are chetan brahma. Will it help? Can we do like this? We are not able to visit you frequently and arpit our seva, So i do this for the welfare of family and self. At times advait and jay also do this. Please kindly guide me in this regard. Thanks and regards.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you all, beti. Sorry to know about the paralytic attack of your father. My blessings to him for attaining good health. Yes, carry on my daughter to perform agnihotra with your father, it shall sure be fruitful to you all. My blessings are with you all. Do not worry about coming frequently here. Whatever you are doing there is really enough and beneficial for you and your family and even you are doing social service by spreading vedic knowledge. But one must always remember that after1-2 years, time should be spend to attend Yajyen even for one day. Yajyen is really important as preached by God in all vedas.