Aakash: Pranam Guruji, Guruji aapka bhaut bhaut dhanayad. The answer you gave me for my previous question has given me a sigh of relief. I also wanted to thank you for allowing me to put across my doubts to you. Guruji I am now following what you have said me to do- trying to focus on my studies along with mild practice of dhayan, havan etc. Guruji while reading the article about student life, you have mentioned that a student must write what he learns. But
1. My style of studying has been different as I have to read a number of books and then extract points suiting to my requirement. Since last week when ever I read I get doubt that I need to write what I read and only then I will remember things. But till then I have been good at what I did but now again this self created doubt doesn’t let me study well and disturbs my peace of mind and is affecting my studies.
Guruji though I write answers of the questions but I cannt write all that I read and I again need to be confident that I will remember/recall necessary things at the exam time as it used to happen.
Please Guruji rid me of this self-created doubt.
Guruji isn’t it that I should only do my hard work in studies as it suits me and my type of examination after learning from the experts of this field and leave rest to God as gita says. Please put some light
Aapke charnoon main mera shat shat pranam.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You are most welcome my dear son. Yes, my dear son, a student must first read the book as many times as he wants, after reading the book whatever he has remembered he must write on paper then he should tally from the book whether he has written the correct answer or not. If he finds some mistake then he should again read out the chapter to remember correctly and after remembrance he must write without seeing the book or note book. However, if he feels it difficult then adopt your procedure to learn. You see that God helps those who help themselves. You should do hard study to get success in life. God will sure help you.

Raavi: Sat sat pernam guruji, egg is vegiterian or not. Someone consider it a vegeterian.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
Is egg vegetarian?

No, please. Because egg grows when soul enters in it so without life, growth and eggs remaining flesh is not possible.