Deepak:Swamiji, charan sparsh. Swamiji, I heard that when we do havan or Yajyen then Hanumanji others may come in that havan. Is that true? Your loving son, Deepak.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In this matter, Vedas state that if Yajyen is organized well according to Vedas philosophy then the liberated souls come there.

Sonu: Why khoota pujan is practiced in Indian custom,after some days of birth of child?
Swami Ram Swarup: Khoota pujan matter is man-made custom. It is not mentioned in
Vedas-shastras, so those who perform it, may perform. But nothing more can be told about it.

R: How I can take vrat on ever consecutive monday. as every lady, monthly I also will lose one?
Swami Ram Swarup: ‘Vrat’ etc., are not mentioned in Vedas. So, I would advise you to take decision from any local pandit.

Anonymous: Swamiji, Thank you so much for the reply. Actually, this mail went to my spam folder so I missed it. I understand all the points you are saying. Now his marriage is over, he is staying with his wife. After all these factors even if it is true that he cheated me, I am ready to forgive him. Because, in my mind there is no difference between we two. There wont be a marriage in my life as I cant be the wife of anybody else. I will wait till the end of this life with all the purity, because I believe this will help me in the next janma to be with him, to live together. I am sorry Swamiji, I love this man that much. There have not been any physical contact till date, he haven’t
called me after his marriage. But still I can feel his love and those memories are enough for me.
But I would like to know something. Could you please help me to find that? Horoscope is wrong? If so I want to know? Please tell me.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. You are welcome, please. My daughter, you are still favouring him. I understand that you, being emotionally are doing the same but the fundamental law of Almighty God is very clear that present human life is not meant to be ruined. Suppose, the same happening occurs in your family, with your parents, then could you take the decision to marry others. So, this does not show the true love.

My blessings are with you, my daughter and I advise you based on eternal vedic philosophy to forget him forever because don’t mind, being selfish, he married other woman. You being a lady and having soft corner and even lack of knowledge of Vedas, are not able to understand this philosophy. Be brave, my daughter and ask your parents to arrange your marriage as early as possible, otherwise one sided being indulged in
misunderstanding, you are cursing yourself and on the other hand, if you don’t marry, you will break the heart of your parents and relatives.

If the person tried to make the relatives and your parents agree and if he failed then this is no excuse that he should marry other lady. He with all his powers could satisfy his parents instead doing marriage. His parents did not like you and love does not base on parents but is based individually (being personal matter).

On the other hand, he used to come to your parents who had agreed. Suddenly, case arises about cardiac arrest of her mother. Now, he favoured his mother and showed himself before your parents to favour him to marry other girl. True love does not like such decision etc. If painfully, he went for marriage then he should remain whole of life with broken heart filled with pain, why he smiled with you? And secondly, if he made hard decision then he could do the same hard decision with your marriage leaving all good or bad results/outcome. This hard decision is less painful than the decision to marry another girl.

You are not alone, my daughter. Parents, Almighty God and other relatives, other well-wishers are always with you, even I am with you, my daughter, then why you say that you are alone. This is a sign of your broken heart and one-sided love which is not accepted by God.

Your man has not suffered, he is enjoying and in future, he may also try to be with you in addition. That is why, I advise you to marry immediately because Vedas permit it. Please tell me, my daughter, Chakor loves moon (chandrama) and his love being one- sided results in his death.

Secondly, you read it carefully that a person who does not worship God according to Vedas-Shastras and has no control on his senses and perceptions, never gets next birth in human life. So, nobody should hope that he/she will get married in next life with lover. In this connection, Yajurveda mantra 7/48 and Rigveda mantra 10/135/1, 2 refer.

Horoscope, kaal sarp dosh, pitra dosh, Navgrah pooja, mangalik, ghost worship, Tantrikism, Vaastu kala etc.,are not mentioned in eternal knowledge of Vedas and true granths like six shastras, Upnishads, Valmiki Ramayan, Bhagwad Geeta etc. So, learned of Vedas do not accept the same being unauthentic, against the Vedas and man-made matter.

Sweety: Dear Swami ji, please confirm that I have a sukhan for vaishno devi with my family so can i go in shradhs if I want. Will this complete my journey?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sukhna matter or devi-devta worship etc., is not mentioned in
Vedas. Vedas tell only to worship a Formless, Omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. So, you may take advice from any local pandit, please.