Dr. Harish Arya: When become bored from studies, we gossip uselessly with friends, is it good or bad habit? What dharam says about this?
Swami Ram Swarup: Gossip is not good. It is harmful always. The time which is spent in gossip can be utilized in pious deeds but it becomes difficult for those who are not able to control their mind. Mind is controlled by doing pious deeds, listening to preach, meditating, doing hawan etc.

Anonymous: I have been encountering a problem now…I would like to marry a person who is physically handicapped( in other peoples eye) but logically I think he suits me very well .I have an intuition that God’s decision is to unite (I am a devotee of Lord Krishna and Kalidurga).But horoscope predictions says longevity of this marriage life is too short since that guy will leave me and go. I so far don’t have any proof to believe or not believe astrology, but from life experience I can believe in God. I have done a search on this matter and read article written by Swami Vivekanada and saints saying people should not believe in astrology but should believe in oneself. What is Swamijis opinion on this?
Swami Ram Swarup: Present astrology does not tally with eternal knowledge of Vedas, to learned never accept it. To get long, happy life, one should always worship eternal Almighty, formless God, Who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. I would advise you to read some of my Vedic books which will give you immense knowledge. Books are in both in English and Hindi I also paste my article on the subject.

The Vedas do not mention about present astrology. Yajurveda mantra 7/48 states that we do deeds and result is awarded by God. Whatever result is awarded by Almighty God can never be changed by human-beings, however, Vedas state that yajyen, name jaap and practice of Yoga philosophy changes the future by annihilating all previous lives’ deeds. If present astrology had been true then Rishi Durvasa saw the future of Kunti with the power of Yoga but there was no solution to destroy her problem. That is why, he gave his powerful blessings that she will be able to call/invite any learned yogi whenever she wished. With the blessings of the Rishi, Kunti got sons- Yudhishthir, Bheem and Arjun. Yes, astronomy in the form of study of non-alive celestial bodies including planets, sun, moon etc., exists in the Vedas. There are four Vedas and six vedangs which do not include astrology.

It is not true that astrological compatibility of partners should be matched before marriage. Vedas state that marriage should be performed based on good qualities of both sides. For example- Boy must be earning well to support his wife and wife must know the way of creating and maintaining good atmosphere of family. I have mentioned such good qualities of both husband and wife in my book- Vedas- A Divine Light (III) in English worth Rs.100/- which can be sent to you on receipt of your demand and postal address.

No, please one should not give up his/her love just because astrological profiles do not meet. Vedas state that opposite sex must not give their heart to each other before marriage. There are several examples like that of Sri Ram, Sri Krishna Maharaj, Arjun, King Dushyant etc., where no astrological compatibility was matched before solemnizing marriage and yet they were successful marriages. Example of such astrological compatibility is not seen in ancient times when only the knowledge of Vedas was in vogue.