Sunny: Namaste guruji !!!!! Aarogya gyaan kitne prakaar k hai..
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Aarogya gyan to kai prakar ka hota hai. Jaise subah jaldi uthna, manjan karna, bathroom aadi jaakar, Ishwar ke naam ka jaap aur yogabhyas karna, jab suryodaye hota hai tab subah ka havan karna, suryast se pehle sham ka, ved-mantron se havan karna, subah ke rozana sair, execise karna, kewal satvik bhojan hee karna ityadi ityadi.

Ismein sabse mukhya baat yeh hai ki jeev ko Brahmcharya ka palan karna chahiye. Is vishaye mein main aapko yeh advice karoonga ki aap mere dwara likhee pustak “Brahmacharya- Ek dukh nivarak divya manni”(in Hindi) worth Rs.100/-, excluding postal charges avashya padein.

Aneel: Namaskar I read your new article duties of husband and wife as per vedas. Bit, I’m not clear. I’ve a question hope you’ll reply me. Wife can’t do job outside? Like in any financial company or she can’t be dominate?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskarji. Your question that a wife cannot do job outside like in any financial company or she cannot be dominated is good. Actually, to serve, to get a job by a lady is internal matter of the family. For example- if husband and wife and other family members realize that job is necessary to get financial aid etc., then the lady can do job otherwise not. So, it is totally a family matter.

Nishant: Are vedas true? How should I medidate?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, Vedas are eternal knowledge which emanates direct by Almighty God. As God is the purest and is a truth so are the Vedas. In this connection, I paste an article….

Vedas’ Philosophy

God has made universe and blessed us with human body to do pious deeds to attain salvation only. He has not made any heaven or hell. All have to face the result of their deeds, good or bad here only, even by taking rebirth. (Rigveda mantras 10/135/1,2 refer).

God has not only made universe but has also given knowledge of four Vedas where answers to your and everyone’s questions have been given. There are four Vedas:

1. Rig Veda – gives knowledge of science, matter of the universe like sun, moon, air, body etc., etc.

2. Yajurveda – gives knowledge of all the deeds and duties to be performed by men, women, students, leaders, king, agriculturist etc., etc., etc.

3. Samveda – gives knowledge how to worship God who gives peace and long happy life etc. In this way, details of Yoga philosophy, qualities, supreme deeds and nature of the God are also given.

4. Atharvaveda – gives details of God, medical science and details of medicine etc.

Actually in four Vedas there is unlimited knowledge. Yajurveda mantra 40/8 says that God is everywhere, is Almighty, formless, devoid of nervous system, purest, away from sins and does not have to face any result of any karmas (deeds), knows every soul, knows what is in everyone’s mind, no body has made God, but God creates universe, has given the eternal knowledge of four Vedas and always gives the said knowledge at the beginning of every universe to know the science and deeds to all concern. Similarly four Vedas say about God that God is an omnipresent, omniscient, formless, beyond imagination and beyond calculation. Actually God has unlimited qualities. There is only one God who creates, nurses, destroys the universe and recreates. Atharvaveda mantra 4/1/1 also says that God gives the knowledge of Vedas at the beginning of the earth to four Rishis of non-sexual creation. And thereafter only public listens Vedas through Rishis Munis as yet and become learned. Rig-Veda gives knowledge of Almighty, Yajurveda gives knowledge of karmas (deeds), Samveda tells about worship-Yoga philosophy and Atharvaveda about medicines and God. Actually all Vedas commonly says about God also, so this is about Vedas in short. But the knowledge of Vedas is endless.

It is a fundamental law that knowledge is always given by somebody. Otherwise knowledge can’t be gained at any cost. If a new born baby is nursed well in a dense jungle and is not educated then he will not be able to gain any knowledge even if he becomes young or old. So we have to think about the origin of the knowledge prevalent in the world today. In this connection the Vedas themselves say that God gives this knowledge to four Rishis. As said by Rishi Patanjali in Yoga shastra sutra 1/26, God is the first Guru of the four Rishis. Yajurveda mantra 31/7 also refers. This is all in short about Vedas.

The Vedas are not a book, rather it is a knowledge originated in the heart of Rishis. At the time of beginning of the earth those Rishis preached Vedas by mouth and all others remembered the same orally. At that time there was no pen, pencil, paper, etc. This process of studying Vedas orally remained till Mahabharata time. Muni Vyas too remembered Vedas traditionally by heart. Then Muni Vyas for the first time wrote the Vedas on Bhoj patra about 5300 years ago. In 16th century when printing press came into existence then the Vedas were printed. Still Vedas are not those which have been printed but those which are preached by mouth by an Acharya/yogi and the printed Vedas are called Sanhita.

Now if somebody worships a statue etc., then it is their own creation please but Vedas deny. According to Vedas the best worship of the God is Yajyen for which all Vedas are self-proof. Yajurveda mantra 31/16 says that the learned persons worship God by Yajyen.

So many people have asked me that most of the scholars/preachers of different religion state that their religion incorporates all matters of the world including science. What about Vedas? I wrote so many Ved Mantras describing science matters therein. For example, Yajurveda Mantra 3/6 states “Ayam Gauhu Swaha Pitram Puraha Prayan Mataram Prishnihi Aakrameet Asadat”.

This earth revolves around the Sun in the space and it also rotates on its own axis. Vedas are eternal like God because Vedas emanate from God. Now, according to Vedas, this present creation is about 1 Arab, 96 crores, 8 lakh 53,111 years old. So are the Vedas but as said in Rigveda Mantra 10/191/3 the present creation is same as was the previous one and this process of creation is eternal. So are the Vedas which emanate from eternal God. This all concludes that Vedas are the oldest in this creation also and no other book of science, maths or pertaining to spiritualism is written before Vedas.

Like the above example of rotation and revolution of earth, the significance of whole present science is mentioned in Vedas. We can see that whatever is happening in the universe, is all according to the Vedas. For example, occurance of six seasons, actions of Sun, moon, process of death, birth, worship, yoga philosophy, atomic energy, agriculture, animal husbandry, knowledge of politics, administration, architecture, solar energy, knowledge of home appliances like mixer, grinder, business rules, about men, women, children, marriage, Brahamcharya, education, clothes etc., etc., i.e., knowledge right from a straw to Brahma is all in Vedas. God is Almighty and has unlimited powers. So through His power He is able to originate the knowledge of Vedas in the heart of four Rishis without pencil, paper, help of mouth or any other worldly assistance.

We, i.e., the whole world depends on Almighty God but God is forever independent. That is why, He is God. We are the souls who reside in human bodies. We need assistance of senses, perceptions, mind and body to do deeds but not God.

Nowadays, so many saints are writing books. What is the background to write their books? Background is clear that they have first studied or listened the preach from their Gurus, keeping aside the matter of truth or falsehood. And after studying or listening the same, they became able to write the books. So this is also fundamental law, based on which, the ancient Rishis first listened Vedas and when they became learned then only they wrote the Vedic books like Valmiki Ramayana, six shastras, Mahabharat (Bhagwad Geeta), Upanishads, etc., etc. So, first the knowledge of Vedas is initiated in the universe and afterwards other books come into existence.

Somebody may say that human beings have knowledge by their nature to create anything like books etc., but we see that the newly born baby who is nursed in a jungle, in the absence of knowledge of a learned person, he becomes incapable to do anything. Thus, he can’t be M.A, M.Sc, doctor etc. So there are two types of the words and meanings. First, eternal which are from Almighty God and second, natural made by human beings. Eternal word meanings are always from Vedas i.e., from God. After listening/studying Vedas, human beings become learned and then too based on their own natural knowledge, they make their own words and meanings, literature etc. But it is very much clear that in the absence of knowledge of Vedas, no one can become learned. Nowadays, also people live in dense jungle and do not lead a civilized life because they are not learned as cited above. Vedas are not sects because they emanate direct from God and God is one for all human beings. God creates sun, moon, air, water, food etc., which are meant for the best use of all human beings for their long, happy life. So are the Vedas. So all human beings must accept Vedas as an eternal knowledge from God, for the benefit of whole creation.

Hence, the study of four Vedas reveals that innumerable benefits have been contained in the Cow by God for the human-beings. The study of Ved-shastras, Upnishads, Valmiki Ramayan, Bhagwad Geeta, Mahabharat reveals that non-vegetarian food and addiction by human-beings, has strictly been prohibited by Almighty God. Why the views of the said books are true. In this connection I would like to mention that the knowledge is only obtained when it is given by someone else. Otherwise, the people would remain ignorant, indulged in illusion. So a deep consideration would force us to think that the first holy book named Valmiki Ramayan written by Valmikiji about one crore eighty-one lakh years ago could be written when Valimkiji had studied Vedas first. Otherwise, ignorant person would not be able to write such a great epic. So is the case of writing Mahabharat epic, six shastras, Upnishads and other ancient and present holy books. Therefore the said holy books written by Rishis totally based on Vedas are considered authentic by the learneds. Yog Shastra sutra 1/7 educates the human-beings by saying that to come to a conclusion/truth. The views must tally with Vedas first then the above said books. It is sad that most of the saints who are preaching and writing the books never produce proof of Vedas supporting their respective views.

Sins are committed due to ignorance. Nowadays Vedas are not been listened properly, hence ignorance prevails. Therefore the grave sin of consumption of non-vegetarian food is increasing day by day. It has led to cause of number of diseases and laws of nature then we will find that carnivorous animals like lions, leopards, tigers etc., hunt the herbivorous animals. But herbivores like deer, rabbits, elephants never take non-vegetarian food.

Similarly, God has created bodies of human-beings to take only vegetarian food but it is sad that several human-beings are in the habit of taking non-vegetarian food and thus break the laws of universe made by God Himself in the Vedas. You see defaulter of such laws is always punished and God has also stated in several mantras to award punishment to people who take non-vegetarian food.

This habit as quoted above in due to ignorance/illusion. If our Government draws its attention towards the eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanate direct from God, then no doubt the people will gain long, happy life with all assets, say the Vedas.

As regards meditation, it requires personal contact with any learned acharya of Vedas and Yoga philosophy. So, you are advised to make contact with any learned acharya and learn.

Khan: What is the purn jagran kaal?
Swami Ram Swarup: As far as spiritualism is concerned, when an aspirant learns Vedas and starts daily havan/yajyen and practice of Ashtang Yoga philosophy, he, after a long time, feels that the entire creation including his body will be destroyed one day. He feels that he cannot be owner of any materialistic article of universe including his body. He feels that only Almighty God is eternal, everlasting matter. He feels that aim of human life is to worship God based on eternal knowledge of Vedas. He also feels that main aim of human-life is to realize God so as to attain salvation. Then,
he is indulged in ascetism. This stage is called Poornna Jagran kaal (Complete awakening time).

A: I am unable to keep friends. Its my karma that despite best efforts, it doesn’t happen. Is it because of my horoscope? I am trying to change my name and I believe it will help. What should I start it with? Which one of the names is better? (options provided)
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no enemy of a person except his own self. When a person starts doing sins and has no control over vices like anger, greed, ego etc., then it becomes difficult that a good person will be his friend. His bad company will be his own hidden foe. Whatever the problems/sorrows we face in this life, is the result of our previous lives’ bad deeds. Saturn, sun and other planets are non-alive matters and how can a non-alive matter harm us. There is no brick or stone (non-alive matter) which will strike you without the external help of any alive person. Change of name will not be a solution. A person is required to change his bad habits, if any, or is required to control his unnecessary desires. But it requires daily worship based on Vedas’ knowledge otherwise the good qualities cannot be achieved. Present astrology is also not mentioned in Vedas. So, learned do not accept it, being against the Vedas. Numbers either of rooms or on shirt etc., cannot solve the problem. Change of name would not change the luck and effect of previous lives’ bad deeds. However, you can change your name to “Linna”.

Rajesh: Namaste. Detailed questions on Bramhcharya and Kundalini.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namsteji. No doubt, inspired words make courage to take us challenge to find out secret of life. That is why, Almighty God inspires us to follow the eternal Vedic path. Similarly, our ancient Rishi-Munis, as well present ones, have been inspiring us to follow vedic path and accordingly to do pious deeds always, services towards parents, elders, learned acharya, to speak truth and sweetly. To do daily worship according to Vedas to control five senses, further to control vices like anger, pride, sensuality, ego etc.,to know unknown/hidden secrets of the life as well as of creation. A learned acharya is needed who knows the said unknown secrets because knowledge is only attained when it is given by other learned otherwise no one can be a learned person.

Maya is actually- Raj, Tam, Satva gunnas (qualities). The whole world has been created by the God’s power from the non-alive matter Prakriti which has three said qualities. So, all the materialistic articles of the world made of prakriti, which are being seen by us, is Maya. So, when we start learning of Vedas then the learned acharya will teach about the creator and His Creation. Otherwise, we will be totally indulging ourselves in illusion.

Yes, death is sure but we must also understand that we never meet with death because we all are immortal, eternal and everlasting souls, we reside within prakriti made body. So, body is separate distinctly from us (souls). Body is burnt on the pyre and not us.

Temporary pleasure of human-beings either in childhood or in old age is due to the effect of illusion (Maya), due to being away from spiritual knowledge. For the remaining answers, you are advised to read my book- Brahmachrya- Ek dukh Nivarak Divya Manni (in Hindi) worth Rs.100/-, excluding postal charges. It can be sent on receipt of your postal address, if you desire.

As regards Kundalini, I paste my article as under-

Kunadlini activation

Mere study of Vedas and other holy Granths does not help in attaining the purpose until we put into practice the preach given therein, in daily life. Realization is only possible after tapsya like Yajyen, daily worship, brahmacharya and daily hard yoga practice etc. According to four Vedas and Patanjal Yoga Darshan and also based on my personal experiences, it is not an easy task to awaken the kundalni. I cannot give brief here, being secret one but I can only tell here that kundalni is a part of body and it reaches at murdha to open the path of brahmrandra , where a yogi realizes God. Murdha is a point at forehead, between two eyebrows , where ida and pingla nadi meet. Kundalni is awakened after long Ashtang yoga practice. Some say that it is a matter of three months. See that God is called Atithi in Vedas. Atithi means He who has no date of His visit i.e., you can not fix date for appointment. If we say for three months or so, it means we have ordered God to be present before us within three months where as Atharvaveda mantra 4/30/3 states that after seeing the good quality and tapsya etc., of an aspirant God Himself makes the aspirant able to realize Him at any date which is fixed by God and not by man.

Hence, time bound Kundalni Jagran is not possible as no one can give order to God. Geeta book says, “BAHUNAAM JANAMNA ANTE” means after so many births aspirants realizes God. So yoga should be learnt and practised faithfully. It is up to God and Guru jee when kundalini is
awakened. Because awakened means realization of God.

Shashi: Please send Vedas-Divine Light part 1 and2
Swami Ram Swarup: The books are being sent to you, please.

Chand: What is kuldeep yog in a kundli?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no kuldeep yog, mentioned in Vedas. So, learned do not accept it, being against the Vedas, please.