D: I was studying under a purohit. He claims to have studied under various masters and is an expert in Ayurvedic medicine. He gave me a medicinal product which made me very ill. He has also asked me 11,000 Euros to perform Yagya claiming that he is a Vedic astrologer. I also got my chart done by another person who said I don’t need Yagya. Is there any way to check the purohit’s claims of studying under various masters? Any help you can provide is most welcome.
Swami Ram Swarup:When you have got experience of facing problem(to be ill) and against your soul’s voice he asked for 11,000 euros, then please do not believe on him. Actually, in the spiritual line money should not be involved. Secondly, when the matter of spiritualism is involved then it would be told that eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanates direct from God is real eternal spiritualism. Again, the present sects also do not tell to hurt/violence or greed etc. All tell to love human-beings.

Nowadays, all must be conscious about falsehood. As regards Yajyen, it is eternal worship. Benefit of Yajyen can not be described being lengthy. All four Vedas preach about the divine benefit or glory/praise of Yajyen from Ved mantras only. Our ancient Rishi-Munis like Sri Ram, Shri Krishna, Vyas Muni etc., used to do daily Yajyen from Ved mantras.

So, we all must do it under guidance of a spiritual master who is learned of yoga and vedas’ philosophy. I have written a book “Vedic satsang sangrah” in Hindi. Some of the benefits are mentioned there also along with other articles.

Some English books have been written on Vedic culture. You are advised to read Vedic satsang sangrah to know Vedic culture and benefit of Yajyen.

God states that a person must do Yajyen whereas at present several men state not to do Yajyen. So, we have to decide ourselves that whether we obey Almighty God who nurses us or we should obey men. Some benefits of Yajyen are below-

Benefits of Yajyen

Yajurveda gives knowledge to do pious deeds. The first mantra of Yajurveda (1/1) says that human beings must perform Yajyen in which offerings are put in burning fire with Ved mantras. Then mantra says it will prevent the infectious disease and will give constant pleasure. Samveda mantra 534 says that the matters like ghee and samagri when poured in fire while performing Yajyen, then these matters go in sky and cause rain and make the atmosphere pure.

Samveda mantra 536 says that in YAJYEN, the matters (aahuti/offerings) go up to sun and give strength to sun to cause rain. Samveda mantra 537 tells the offerings in a Yajyen must touch the ray of light of sun. Samveda mantra 539 says that the offerings in a Yajyen, go to the sky to create rain so that the animal, birds etc., are increased in number. Samveda mantra 1379 says that Yajyen must be performed while chanting Ved mantras and mantra 1380 says that age is increased by Yajyen.

Samveda mantra 1363 says that one who loves Yajyen, he only concentrates/meditates. Samveda mantra 1270 says that the offerings in Yajyen go in the sky through ray of light of sun. Yajurveda mantra 1/2 says that Yajyen purifies the earth. It reaches to ray of light of sun and goes to sky and sun through air. Yajyen purifies the air and holds the universe spreading pleasure all over. When Yajyen is performed then air touches the burning fire and scientifically is purified just as water is boiled on fire and becomes purified. Then the pure air goes up (on being heated) and the impure air starts touching the fire and after becoming purified goes to sky and this procedure is continued till the end of Yajyen.

Yajyen is basically performed by using a stick of mango tree. A scientist named Trelle of France did experiments on Yajyen. He found that Yajyen is mainly performed by using mango tree. When the wood is burnt then a gas, “formic aldehyde” comes out which destroys the harmful bacteria and makes the atmosphere pure. Then only, the scientists made “formalin” from “formic aldehyde” gas. He also did experiment on jaggery Gur (in Hindi raw sugar) and found that on burning the jaggery, jaggery also generates “formic aldehyde” gas.

A scientist named Tautlik came to know that if we stay in a Yajyen and its smoke for half an hour then the germs of typhoid are destroyed and all these matters are used in Yajyen.

Yajurveda says that four types of things mainly used to prepare offerings for a Yajyen:
1. Sweet Like honey, jaggery, raw sugar etc.,
2. Antibiotic herbs like gyol, etc.,
3. Nutrition like pure ghee, dry fruits etc.,
4. Fragrant materials like elaichi (cardamom) dried petals flowers etc.

When all these are offered then it happens that just as a household lady in her kitchen fries chilli in ghee then you know the effect of the chilli through air even goes to a far distance like drawing room and other rooms too. So is the case of Yajyen and similarly the offerings of all the things goes to the sky and to sun making contact with air and ray of light of sun.

Chilli leaves its bad effect to the nose whereas the above said things used in Yajyen leave the best affect in atmosphere according to the qualities of each thing. That is why Samveda mantra 3 says that burning fire is like messenger/ambassador which does work to carry the effect of all above things to the sky i.e., spreads them in atmosphere. Everybody knows that things/matters are never destroyed but change their shape only. There is also a misunderstanding that in a Yajyen/havan, carbon dioxide gas is generated. Carbon dioxide is available in whole of universe. Its huge quantity is harmful but when carbon dioxide comes out from havan, duly mixed with ghee and other things it becomes beneficial to all human beings. Secondly, burning of mango twigs does not liberate much of carbon-dioxide. Scientists also say that carbon dioxide is taken by human beings in soda lemonade which becomes digestible. Therefore the holy Yajyen in addition is a scientific
action which is beneficial to the whole universe.

Dr. Kundanlal (M.D.) was an allopathic doctor, he took twelve test tubes made of glass, duly purified scientifically, six sets of two test tubes each made and each set was filled with milk and food i.e., six were filled with milk and six were filled with food. In six test tubes, there was air of
Yajyen/havan. In other six test tubes there was only ordinary air of garden filled. Now Dr. Kundanlal started regular watch on each set of test tubes. He found the result that the food which was filled by ordinary air of garden started decaying and giving bad smell quickly whereas the food with air of Yajyen/havan started decaying slowly. This experiment was based while performing a single havan but a spiritual havan containing all things (minimum 21 herbs) will give the best result.

Therefore there are unlimited benefits of Yajyen which cannot be explained in full, being very lengthy. I have forgotten about an article I read in a leading newspaper of India about ten years back, in which it was mentioned that in a country, a jungle up to the area of 30 miles started getting dried up due to a disease in herbs and trees. The Govt. tried level best to nurse the jungles but all in vain. The country came to know from somewhere about Yajyen and not Yajyen but a simple havan without Ved mantras was started there and slowly, the whole jungle was recovered and became green, duly free from disease. Yajyen in the night will contain only spiritual effect but the physical effect for causing rain and purification of atmosphere will be decreased as all the things used in Yajyen/havan will be unable to go to sky and even to sun in the absence of ray of light of sun as mentioned in above mantras.

Anonymous: I have a good marriage prospect but parents are refusing marriage due to mismatch in astrology.
Swami Ram Swarup: I would advise you to obey your parents. Though, Vedas do not tell about horoscope. So, horoscope should always be neglected, as per Vedas. But, parents should be obeyed. The true love has relation with soul and not physical charm. First of all, Vedas tell do not give heart to opposite sex before marriage. Yet, you may check yourself that you both should not touch the physic of each other before marriage. Before marriage, also be kept in mind whether you will be independent or earning hand to feed your wife and family members.
Secondly, marriage is based on good qualities from both sides.

Anita: Pranam Swamiji. swamiji what are the important rituals of Hindu Bramhin vivaha? what is vaidik vivaha? Which vivaha padhati is suitable in modern terms? Expecting your reply and blessing. pranam.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. eternal law of the Vedas made by God is not changeable and challengeable, please. So, Modern terms should not be involved. Vedic Marriage is a sanskar and is thirteenth sanskar. In this connection, I paste my article on marriage, please as below:-
After studying the article you may send your query again, if any.

Types of marriages

Marriage period can be divided into three parts— child marriage, adolescent marriage and marriage at mature age. Child marriage which relates to marriage at the age earlier to the age of adolescence and should never be performed.

Hindu religion is based on eternal philosophy of Vedas and this philosophy is well briefed in six shastras and Manusmirti etc., written by this rishis who were philosophers of Vedas, did practice of ashtang yoga, realized God and Ved mantras within their heart. Those ancient rishis were like Manu, Atri, Matang, Patanjali, Vasishth Vyas Muni, and dignitaries like Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mata Sita, brahamcharini Gargi who was Guru of king Janak and so many other ancient rishis and Raj rishis.

In between there came a time, i.e., about 5,000 years ago and thereafter started following smritis and shastras and now a days India mostly depends on the present saints and present holy books written between 3000 years time. So there are three types of periods— eternal– based on Vedas, middle period– based on smritis and shastras/karam kand and present period– which we are observing, whatsoever is going on, i.e., mostly against the Vedas and smritis. However, according to the eternal philosophy of Vedas, child marriage is not permitted. The age of marriage of boy is plus 25, 33 and 44 years up to which one has to be complete in Brahmacharya and of girl’s the age is above 18 years. In middle period and present period, the custom of child marriage against Vedas started. Reason may be any, which has created a huge loss of humanity. In Manusmriti shlok 3/21, eight types of marriages have been stated, but of eight last two are prohibited:
1. Brahm Vivah (marriage) — it is self decided marriage by girl. In this girl is married while performing holy Yajyen with the best learned boy searched by parents or herself and no dowry is given.

2. Dev Vivah — in this marriage holy Yajyen is performed and to perform the Yajyen, number of learned boys are also invited. And in this marriage some good articles, clothes etc., are donated whereas in above stated Braham marriage nothing is donated.

3. Aarsh Vivah — in this marriage the father of bridegroom takes nothing and marriage is performed in holy Yajyen.

4. Prajapatya Vivah — in a holy Yajyen, learned person and parents do marriage and advice both (boy and the girl) to continue their family life religiously. In this marriage all the married learned persons give blessings to newly married couple.

5. Asur Vivah — while performing holy Yajyen marriage is performed and the parents of girl give some dowry to bridegroom. It is not blessed by learned persons due to the involvement of dowry system, etc.

6. Gandharv Vivah — where there is no Yaj and presence of any other person except girl and the boy. Both agreed to marry and continue family life.

7. Rakshas Vivah — when a girl is forcefully taken and marriage is done, it is also not admitted by learned persons and is not religious.

8. Paishach Vivah — in a lonely place if a girl is met while sleeping or she is mad etc., and someone outrages her modesty. It is also not admitted by learned persons and is not religious.

These marriages are according to Manusmriti shlok 3/21.

Marriage is a religious function. In this religious function, the holy Yajyen with Ved mantras is performed. The Ved mantras are also recited concerning the future family life of couple which makes pious effects on both hearts. It is performed by a learned person who knows Vedas.
The following custom is performed – The welcome of whole barat and especially of bridegroom in mandap. The best seat is offered to bridegroom by bride, water is given to wash the hands, mouth and feet and to do achmann. System of donation of cow is followed. Bridegroom also gives heartily respect to the bride. The Yajyen in full respect is performed. Pannigrahn custom is performed when bridegroom takes hand of bride, while reciting Ved mantras.