M. Rampersad: Swamijee, preanaam! Thank uou very must for the logical explanations to my previous question, except two points are not clear.
1. If the soul is born into a lower animal then what can that animal do to move towards moksha. Fleas, beetles, snakes, dogs, lion and tiger – what can they do because they do not possess the power of reason and cannot move away from their very nature of creatures and animals.
2. The soul is referred to as air in the vedans then how will this should travel to the sun, moon, air and fine air etc. as stated in your response to my previous question?
This does not seem logical. What is the soul? Where in the body does it exist? When it leaves the body what is it’s nature? M. Rampersad.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
(i) You see, only human body has been blessed by God to worship Him. So, we are categorized in doing karma (deed) and bhog (to face previous lives’ deeds).

Whereas other yonis like birds, animals etc., are called bhog Yonis only. I mean to say, we are free to do pious deeds to burn the previous lives’ deeds and present as well and to attain salvation. Whereas, animals etc., have only to face the result of previous lives’ deeds and can’t do any new deed, at their own.

(ii) Soul resides in the body. That is why, the body acts. Body is destroyed but soul does not get destroyed. Soul is immortal and alive matter. As also stated in Bhagwad Geeta 2/23 that air, fire , weapon etc., have no effect on it and cannot kill soul, so when soul goes to sun etc., the fire of sun does not harm soul or you can say the sun heat has no effect on it.

When we are awakened then soul resides in left eye, while in dreams, it is in throat and while a person is having sound sleep then soul resides in heart.

Anonymous: I lost my parents sometime back and I lost my brother recently. Can I do any pooja by which they attain peace and salvation? That is for their sukh shanti and also that they should forgive my mistakes and give blessings.
Swami Ram Swarup: I am sorry to listen about your parent’s demise my daughter. I pray to God to give them peace. It is again sorrowful to listen about your brother’s demise. You see, my daughter that salvation is attained by a person by doing real worship of God when he (person) is alive. He has to do worship himself. But I am sorry to state that your beloved parents and brother have already gone to heavenly abode. However, Vedas state that one should do daily havan and name jaap of God with pray to God that may the separated souls get peace. So, you are advised to do name jaap of God- that is “OM” daily both times and to do daily havan with Gayatri mantra in the beginning and thereafter try to learn following Ved mantras. Book containing all the Ved mantras along with method to perform hawan and video and audio CD wherein process of forming hawan has been preached, while chanting Ved mantras can be sent from here, on receipt of your postal addresses, if you desire