Amit: When will I get a promotion in my job?
Swami Ram Swarup: It depends upon your hard work, devotion and dedication for your duties.

Neha: Guruji ko mera pranam. Aapeke ashirwad se sbe acha chl rha hai. Guruji aap se ek cheze ke anumati leni thi. Aapeki aur god kripa se mera restaurant ka opening hai kuch dino me. Aap bhut dur ho gye. Aana ne ho paa rha. Please aap bura mat manena mujhe lge rha hai puchena chiye ke ni but aapko pita mana hai. Isliye me puch rahi hoon. Guruji kya me aapeko sweet ya fir dry fruit send kar skti hu? Aaap please mana mt krena.. ek beti ke request please accept kar lena.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Neha beti mera bahut bahut ashirwad, aapka restaurant adhik se adhik aapko dhan ka labh de aur meri beti sadaa sukhi rahey.

P M: While handling my wife’s mobile I notice she chats daily with her male friend since morning till late night. She is also working women. I just check some text sent by her not much harm full but I am afraid that chatting may go to wrong direction. I asked her and she says he is old friend and nothing wrong in that. We married 20 years back and her chatting I thing happening from last 4 months. How I should react and what I should do? Please advice.
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear PMji, there must be some reason for any kind of happening/task. So if your wife is chatting then it is not without any reason. You should be a learned husband to destroy the reason without harming anybody. I mean to say, with your love, you must directly advise your wife that your chatting may destroy her family. So, she should stop chatting immediately. Otherwise, this may convert into unavoidable cancer. No doubt, you have checked but I have told that there is some dangerous reason of her chatting. You see, Yajurved states that the lady should not make contact with the opposite sex. So, is in the case of husband. You must note that your wife has become fond of long chatting and this long chatting has created relations between the both. Now, if you will advise your wife, to break chatting, I will tell you, she would become angry and not agree with you. Now, open case is with you to handle it patiently and wisely.