Anonymous: Swamiji charan sparsh. Swamiji I want to know that before start vedic path like havan and guru mantra I used to follow one guruji who told always to do pranayam and dhyaan only, which is enough for daily puja according him. Then I came to you. I tried few times to go to meet my old guruji but I couldn’t go and today also I was almost ready to go to him in few hours suddenly my father got sick and I couldnt go,, in family they were saying me may be God doesn’t want you to go to that guru. Is it true that sometimes god decide for us in these kind of situations? Thanks Swamiji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In Vedas, Ashtang Yoga Philosophy has been mentioned to be done. In Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, Yam, Niyam, asan, prannayam, pratyahaar, dharnna, dhyan and samadhi are to be practiced. If someone tells only to do prannayam and dhyan it means he is not aware of yam, niyam, asan, pratyahaar, dharnna and Samadhi, then how a learned will accept it. Secondly, yoga philosophy has been mentioned in Vedas, so, if we accept only prannayam and dhyan but neglect listening of Vedas then also the worship will always remain incomplete. On the other hand, it will be thanklessness of a person that Yoga Philosophy emanates from Vedas but we don’t want to listen Vedas/tell Vedas’ philosophy. As regards to go to your first guruji, you are always free to take decision of going or not going to him. My blessings to you.

Eshita: Swamiji, why is 101 or 501 given during Pujas? What is the significance of that? i will be blessed if you give a detailed explanation of these! Waiting for your soon – n – quick reply!!
Swami Ram Swarup: 101 or 501 is self-made please because it is not mentioned in Vedas. But one thing is clear that as much time as you devote for worship, benefit shall be awarded by God accordingly i.e., less or more.

Anonymous: I am in love with a person of different religion. I am a student and facing problems in education. He wants to marry me. I am very worried about my future job and problems at home.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Ishwar ne hamein yeh jeevan char steps mein poora karne ke liye diya hai. Pehla Brahmacharya ashram, jo janam se lekar kam se kam twenty five varsh tak rehta hai. Ismein ladka ladki poore saiyam se rahein aur opposite sex se koi contact na rakhein nahin to jeevan barbad hokar rahega aur aagey honey wali santanein bhi kamzor dimaag ki aur kam umar mein mrityu ko prapt hone wali hongee. Doosra- Grihasth ashram hai jo twenty five se fifty varsh tak chalta hai. Teesra ashram- vanprasth hai jo fifty se sevethy five
varsh tak aur chautha ashram sanyas ka hai jo sevethy five years se hundred varsh tak ki aayu ka hota hai. Hamein ye bhi yaad rakhna hoga ki Yajurveda mein Ishwar kehta hai ki Twenty five varsh aur jab tak education pooree na ho tab tak shadi se pehle koi bhi ladka ladki ek doosre ko kabhi bhi dil na dein aur na hee touch karein. Ab yeh sochna hai ki ab hum Brahmacharya ashram mein koi
paap karte hain to Ishwar ne hamein aagey chalkar bahut badi sazaa deikar dukh mein dhakelna hota hai. Isliye, my daughter, mein tumhein yeh advise deita hoon aur yeh advise ved-shastron ki hai ki jab tak aap ki education pooree na ho aap opposite sex se pyaar aadi ki baat karke paap mat mole lo, tabhi aapke jeevan mein education bhi hogee aur job bhi hoga nahin to barbadi ke seway kuch bhi na hoga. Peace of mind ke liye aap Gayatri mantra se havan karo aur Om ka jaap karo.

Havan karne ki vidhee is prakaar hai-

How to do havan

Please sit in the morning to perform havan. Havan must be in sunlight then it is more beneficial. Then half a bowl of fresh water with a tablespoon must be with you with small twigs especially of mango tree if possible, havan samagri, ghee, camphor and match box must be there with you. Please sit on sukh asan on four times folded blanket and blanket must be on mat.

Sukh asan i.e., sit on duly folded feet in comfortable position. Then first close your eyes and concentrate between two eyebrows and chant Gayatri mantra three times within heart and not by mouth. Then open your eyes.

Take one spoon of water in right palm. Chant this mantra, OM AMRITO UPASTRANMASI SWAHA and drink the water which you have put in your palm. Then again take the spoon of water in right palm then chant the next mantra, OM AMRITA APIDHANMASI SWAHA, and drink the water. Then again take the water in right palm and chant the mantra, OM SATYAM YASHAH SHRI MAYI SHRI SHRAYTAAM SWAHA, and drink the water. Then wash the right palm while
sitting, with the same water kept in bowl.

Then put the twigs into havan kund with one piece of camphor and burn it. During this process chant the Gayatri mantra again and again till such time the fire is lighted sufficiently.

Then chant the Gayatri mantra and at the last add the word Swaha and offer ghee with tablespoon, quantity equivalent to 4 to 5 drops. And if you are alone then also offer in fire pinch of havan samagri from your right hand’s finger and thumb avoiding forefinger. So this offering may be of 11 times, 21 times or 51 times as the time suits. It is the simplest way and I have not quoted the
complete method of Yajna. The havan with Ved mantras are always offered as the best worship of God only please. Do havan daily and both times.

Procedure of Chanting

Please, start the day by chanting Gayatri mantra in the early morning sitting on suitable asan like Sukhasan, Siddhasan or Padmasan etc. concentrate on the point between two eyebrows which is called “Agyachakra”. The Gayatri mantra should be chanted along with its meaning both
times. Try to study any of my books daily and put up question if any. After 15 days chant the Gayatri mantra only thrice thereafter do the name jaap of Almighty God-“Om”. The jaap must be done daily by heart and not orally.

Dil lagaa kar padai shuru kar dein.