Amit Kumar: I am trying my best to arrange a camp here. Was Shri Ram real? What about Ram Setu? Was it made by Shri Ram by monkey army? What do Vedas say about it?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, no proper noun of any human being is mentioned. Vedas contain knowledge-science, education etc., upasana (worship), karma(deeds) i.e., form of pious deeds to be adopted and not sins.

Amit Kumar: I am trying my best to arrange a camp here. Was Shri Ram real? What about Ram Setu? Was it made by Shri Ram by monkey army? What do Vedas say about it?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, no proper noun of any human being is mentioned. Vedas contain knowledge-science, education etc., upasana (worship), karma(deeds) i.e., form of pious deeds to be adopted and not sins.

Yes, Sri Ram and Sri Krishna are still the two eyes of mother India and will remain so
till the final destruction of universe. Their births are true. If you arrange the religious function there in Delhi, I will sure preach on this point also. I have recently written detailed commentary on first six chapters of Bhagwad Geeta with original shloka along with meaning of each word in Hindi. The book will also be delivered in function if you arrange. There are other helpers as well, available in Delhi to organize function who will sure help you by all means. If function is not possible then please leave it and when there will be function in Delhi, I will intimate you to attend.

Bhagwad Geeta is an extract of 18 chapter of Shanti Parv of Mahabahrat. Original and real shlokas of Mahabharat are only 10,000 but up-till now about 1 lakh 10,000 shlokas have been added falsely.

Ram Setu was made by Sri Ram with the help of Nal and Neel who were engineers in his army vaanar army). Vaanar has been a tribe and not monkeys. Monkeys are not married to woman. It is common sense that Hanumanji , Angad, Sugreev, Bali and their army has been shown as monkeys but their wives have not been shaped as female monkeys. So they were not monkeys.

Dilip Apte: After reading your reply , you have gone up very high in my esteem. Not that it would matter to a highly holy person like you as I think you are beyond all the worldly things. My quest for knowledge will continue till I die and I would never even imagine to throw anything in the wastepaper basket. I am awaiting your reply by post as you have suggested and will not only acknowledge it but certainly read it thoroughly and again come back to you with more questions till I am fully satisfied. You have to just tolerate my indulgences. I do not mean any disrespect to you but genuflection and sycophancy, hypocrisy and pseudoism is what I am unable live with. And if you agree there are more such people in this world . Hence my cynicism. No offence meant. Sorry if I have sounded arrogant and insolent

Swami Ram Swarup: My dear Dilip Apte, my blessings to you, really I have not gone up high. I have never been a businessman up-till now and pray to God to maintain the same tendency forever.

By the grace of God , I have written about eighteen spiritual books and many spiritual preach and songs-VCD’s , Cds and cassettes. But more than 70% of the same are distributed free of cost and rest on 50% or more rebate. Hardly, some aspirants purchase at right cost. Therefore I usually write that study my books if possible and I have never forced anybody to purchase. In foreign countries even, the books are sent free of cost and postal charges are also borne by me. So, please do not mind I have only clarified my position to you that I never force anybody to purchase my book. I am always debtor in this matter, please and too with pleasure because it helps me to serve the humanity. I have already dispatched the Geeta shlokas to you except 17/6.

You must be rest assured that tolerance is in my nature but here I would say that you have done nothing wrong with me therefore I again bless you for a long, happy life. I am alone here to do everything with my hands, no office , no staff, no funds, no pomp and show etc., even my rooms are of old type where I preach daily in Ved Mandir, the place is like a place of ordinary man and cows and cow-dung, woods for havan, havan-kund with black roofs due to the smoke of havan and rough floor is called Ved Mandir. Many disciples, followers request to make the place attractive but I never assent because attraction must be of inner side with divine qualities gained by study of Vedas, name jaap of God, daily havan/Yajyen and hard practice of ashtang yoga philosophy which controls and stops the vrittis of chitta.

It is my personal view that every human being must follow the Vedic path stated above. Then the time comes when the aspirant becomes ascetic and gains victory on his five senses, five perceptions and mind. I hope you will please excuse me if I have hurt you, in my reply. You are always welcome at this website, please.

Sundar Dev: Dear Swamiji, my obeisance and thanks to you. This your answer is undoubtedly true. But the way we can see with more possible branches. Like Arjuna in Mahabharat, he was following the way you described, and for the purpose, Vyasa sended him to worship Indra, in one case, and the result Arjun offered. My question followed this way of thinking.
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear Sunderji, My blessings to you for a long, happy life. Previously you sent the question about worshipping of Goddess Saraswati. I replied that in Vedas, Saraswati is ved vanni i.e., Ved mantras and when we worship God according to the preach of Ved mantras and, then really God showers all kinds of His divine blessings on us.

No doubt, nowadays, people are worshipping Goddess Saraswati who holds veena in her hands but the eternal knowledge of the Vedas which emanates direct from God always state to worship a formless, omnipresent and Almighty God, who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. The said worship helps to control senses, perceptions and minds that is why when Arjuna was offered Urvashi, he immediately denied and told Urvashi as his mother. It was the influence of worship of God based on Ved mantras. Here I would like to mention that Vedas tell only one way of worship i.e., worship of one eternal, formless, omnipresent God who is unchangeable, unchallengeable. However, you are again welcome in case of any doubt please.

Ravneet Singh: Shall I say “atma” is alive if we see in living and the most upper form of living as humans. But dead can not experience or comprehend it. Only man has got the power to express. He can visualise the person at physical/ chemical/ molecular / atomic level depending on the level of spirit. Otherwise “atma” is omnipresent in dead/ alive. Is it atomic mass and “mass can neither be created
nor be destroyed” The shapes at times were unable to be visualised by a common man vision. How ‘atma” can be experienced. Many truths have been experienced,
want to have experience of “atma” Respected Swami Ji I have asked about “Atma” and “Atoms” I have got your reply. Thanks for replying my foolishness. Still I would like to know that reply is based on study or experience. If it is based on experience. CAN I MYSELF EXPERIENCE AND HOW?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, please. Atma (soul) is an alive matter who is immortal and eternal. Human beings are due to the existence of atma (soul) within bodies. If atma leaves body then the body becomes dead and people say that so
and so is dead. So body is separate and atma (soul) is separate. Dead means dead body and not atma because atma never dies. When atma lives in the body then only senses, organs and mind function and Soul experiences everything like listening, tasting, smelling, touching, looking. You see human or any body is already dead. So dead body cannot experience. Even soul remains within it. It is only who experiences
through senses.

You are writing that only man has got the power to express etc., but here man means atma(soul) because only soul experiences not body. So combination of body and soul can be told man, woman, boy or girl, animal, birds etc.

Atma is never omnipresent only God is omnipresent. God is one whereas atma(soul) are many and countless. Every atma (soul) has his body- like that of man, woman, animal, birds, mosquitoes, flies etc. In Vedas, atma(soul) is also called “SWAYAMBHU” I.e., it is neither created nor destroyed. Actually there are three matters which are called swayambhu- ALMIGHTY GOD, SOULS AND PRAKRITI and each matter is separate from other.

Soul cannot be compared to atomic mass. To realise atma (soul) one has to seek the guidance of learned acharya of Vedas to listen Vedas, to do Yajyen/havan daily, to do name jaap, to do hard practice of ashtang yoga, to control five senses, five perceptions and mind to realise atma (soul) as well as Almighty God. Experiences count please, otherwise teaching is baseless being theoretical only.

Deeno: How can you make money to keep this site going? You have no fees for your advice. Folks would ask more relevant questions if they paid for this service. I wouldn’t work unless someone paid me!
Swami Ram Swarup: If a person controls his desires then everything goes smother with the feelings of Almighty God. Not only this site but I distribute my books mostly free of cost or 50% discount of real investment. Because with the blessings of Almighty God and my Guru Maharaj, I never think to hoard money or to increase Bank balance unnecessarily. I am a retired defence employee. I get pension also and whosoever voluntarily donates here in Yajyen, the same money, I try my level best to invest in Yajyen and spiritual tasks. I have never printed any donation chits etc. I never send any of my disciples to gather any money from anywhere
else. So I live simple life, eat simple food and remain simple.

Subby Subramanyam: When we cremate a Hindu, in Texas, USA, at a place where there are priests available, what chants and Mantras are appropriate and essential to be chanted at the time of cremation, and during Pre-cremation proceedings like the Arathi, and such? Please guide us.
Swami Ram Swarup: The best way of chanting is to chant Ved mantras.
Cremation is the 16th and last sanskar (pious deed). If Ved mantras are not known then Gayatri mantra sure be chanted. But real procedure is to start havan from Sandhya mantras when anyone is declared dead. So havan is started in home when dead body is placed on the earth. At the place of funeral (cemetery) when the dead body is placed on pyre then again prarthana (prayer), upasana(worship) and stuti(praise) Ved mantras for God must be chanted and on the burning pyre the aahuti of 39th chapter of Yajurveda must also be offered with pure ghee and havan samagri. The ghee, which is used to offer aahuti, must be equivalent to
the weight of dead body. You are advised to study my book in Hindi- “YAJYA KARMA SARVASHRESHTH ISHWAR POOJA” WORTH Rs. 65/- excluding postal charges, if possible. In the book Ved mantras along with detailed description of each Ved mantras in Hindi to perform havan has been mentioned.

Cremation is mentioned in Yajurveda mantra 40/15 and also in Yajurveda chapter 39th. Aryans always follow the preach of Vedas being eternal and emanates direct from God. Secondly cremation kills all the germs of dead body which are harmful to the public. Soul goes out from the body then only body is declared dead. Soul is eternal and immortal and takes next birth according to deeds. Also, please read the article ‘After death’ on this website.

Shyam: I am fifty. How can I increase strength without going in for ayurvedic and herbal medicine?
Swami Ram Swarup: Medicines are required when a person is sick, otherwise balanced diet, to wake-up early in the morning before sunrise and to take sound sleep too in the night, daily morning walk, light exercises, control on five senses and mind, Brahamcharya, to always be in good society and to escape from sins and daily worship makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Nikhil Shah: Which pranayam is concrete solution for perform bhramcharya?
Swami Ram Swarup: All types of prannayam are beneficial, please. If possible, please try to study my book in Hindi, named “BRAHAMCHARYA— EK DUKH NIVARAK DIVYA MANNI”, worth Rs. 100.00, excluding postal charges.

Rekha Nautiyal: What is the significance of donating eye or blood in point of Ved?
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas tell that immediately the dead body must be burnt. However, there is a chapter of donation also in Vedas. So donation word is there and donation of wealth, earth, cow, gold, food grains, clothes to a learned acharya of Vedas is mentioned there. As far as eye, blood donation is concerned, it is an act of humanity which must also be done by a person and I am sure it is counted in donation because it gives a new life to needy person.

Dr. Harish Arya: It is said that while cutting plants, they feel pain then what do you that should we eat vegetables and fruits? And why?
Swami Ram Swarup: We have to obey the preach of Vedas which emanates direct from God at the beginning of the earth. For carnivorous animals like lion, tiger,
wolves, cat, dog etc., God allows to take non-vegetarian food. So the said act to take
non-vegetarian food is not their sin. Similarly in Vedas for human beings, God states to take vegetarian food which is not a sin. Secondly, for human beings, Vedas strictly prohibit non-vegetarian food. That is why, we must take vegetables, food-grains etc., when they are fully ripe.

Jalpa: We are suppose to respect our parents. What if the parent is abusive? How does this play into the relationship?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, no doubt to abuse others is a sin and such abuse, as said in Atharvaveda, goes back to the person who abuses. The said law of God is unchangeable, please. So better if one listens the abuses and does not retaliate. Any how one must avoid to insult the parents in such a matter. So, please give them respect. So, it will be your greatness if you bear the abuses and still respect parents. You will get this reward direct from God.

Shiv Sharma: I have been reading the Shiv Puran and I came across the Shivji has 5 avtar, but I hear from various learned people that Shivji’s 11th avtar is Sri Hanumanji. If that is true then can u please tell me the names of all the 11 Avtars and why all thse avtars has been taken place?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is up to you to study Shiv Purann. But as far as Vedas are concerned avtar is not possible, please. Learned of Vedas accept only that those views which tally with the Vedas.

Vedas tell to worship only one formless Almighty God and God never takes any Avtar. Please read the articles on Vedas philosophy.

Shiv Sharma: Can you tell me the most efficient reasons as to why Most of Hindus left studying the Veds and instead they are with Ramayan, Mahabrharat, B/Gita, etc.
Swami Ram Swarup: About 5300 years ago. Mahabharata war took place. In the war most of the warriors died and old, young ladies, children were left. The remaining ladies were so shocked on the unlimited deaths of the warriors of both sides, i.e., Pandavas and Kauravas. The earth was turned into bloody sight with the result remaining people did not continue daily havan/Yajyen and listening of Vedas’ preach from learned rishi-munis/acharyas. So in the following time, the study of Vedas, daily havan i.e., worship of formless God including ashtang yoga practice would not be continued. You see, when the crop is not looked after properly then useless grass/pants etc., are grown and thus the crops one day gets hidden by growth of weeds etc. Similarly, when the listening of Vedas, Yajyen etc., did not continue then the arrogant started their own made false path of worship and thus the shining sun containing the knowledge of four Vedas was set down and I feel the good luck of India thus went down. During the time of Vedas unto Mahabharata war, the present facts also had not originated. In the Vedas there is no history of anyone. Vedas contain subject of knowledge form of pious deeds and worship. Vedas tell about the creation and the matters of universe right from straw to Brahma. On the other hand man made worship tells charming stories music dance etc., etc., which was liked by the public . Now the problem is that total desire to listen the Vedas wherein no charming story etc., exists has been turned in listening of stories etc., as quoted above. Knowledge of Vedas emanates direct from God which has left by the people and thus the corruption, injustice, early death, unnecessary war, bribery, diseases etc., are there.

It is also astonishing that in our country Geeta, Ramayana, Mahabharata tell to study Vedas but most of the saints never tell this truth while speaking the stories etc. Those saints say only to listen katha and not Vedas. So, a big group of saints is also involved to make the eternal, true and immortal knowledge of Vedas to vanish away from India. Those saints usually misled the public and scare them that Vedas are difficult and havan will give you only swarg whereas the said views are totally false. Please read answers to other questions given on the site.

Kripa: Only Hinduism talks about another life after death? There are religions which say there is only one life on earth after which there is hell or heaven destined for each one of on earth? Which is right and can you please prove it from quotations from Vedas and other scriptures?
Swami Ram Swarup: Hell or heaven are not anywhere else except in the present life where we bear the result of our bad and pious deeds respectively and as far as another life i.e., rebirth, it is a fact and is also mentioned in Vedas. In this connection, Rigveda mantra 1/24/1,2 refers which I have described a number of times in this web site in brief. I would advise you to please see the web site to see the description of above quoted Ved mantra. Otherwise, write to me again. You will see that a newly born of human beings, animals, birds etc., is always afraid of death. Why? The fear must be reason of experienced by the newly born baby before. But he is newly born baby and in his present life he has not experienced the death. It means the baby has the effect on his chitta of the death which he has experienced earlier i.e., in previous lives. Please read the article ‘After Death’.

Arpita: Could you please tell me being a Hindu we can follow the method of worship of other religion. Is it fine if read Bible and worship Jesus?
Swami Ram Swarup: Though the matter of creation has been mentioned in all four Vedas but especially in Rigveda Mandal 10, Sukta 129 it has been described in detail. In short, after creating the universe from Prakriti it happens that knowledge of four Vedas, automatically emanates direct from God and is originated in the heart of four Rishis of the non-sexual creation.

At several places it is mentioned especially in Rigveda mantra 10/129/6 – Kaha Addha Ved” i.e. who knows about the creation and Vedas because at the time when the Almighty God was creating the universe, no one was alive there and no one was thus seeing the creation. Everybody was born afterwards. Then in the following mantras of the said Rigveda, the God has described about the Ved mantras and about Yajyen and meditation etc. In Ved mantras, 10/131/3 it is mentioned that the permanent pious pleasure attained is attained only when people worship Almighty God according to Vedas and exercise control over perceptions, senses and mind through Vedas’ knowledge. It is further mentioned as chariot does not move without horses and we cannot thus go to our destination. So is the case of attaining everlasting, pious, divine pleasure/salvation which is not attained without knowledge of Vedas through a learned acharya. Actually the study of four Vedas concludes that we have to worship the formless God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe and from whom the knowledge of four Vedas always emanates at the time of every creation. However, we can study all religious books. Please read the article on Vedas on the website.

Rashmi Sahu: Swamiji, Lord Krishna has told in yoga four paths about Yoga astanga yoga, bhakti yoga, Karma yoga and Gyan yoga. Can explain these four on the basis of Vedas with mantras Astanga yoga you have explained but other three on the basis of Vedas. Please explain this to us.
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear daughter, my blessings to you. I was abroad (U.S.A) and after a long interval I have today only reached Ved Mandir. So I am looking after the pending jobs of Ved Mandir, so I will tell you in short only. Rigveda mantra 1/24/13 states- “Shunaha shepaha trishu” i.e., learned acharya mentioned in previous mantra, “Trishu” means in “karma kand, upasana kand, and gyan kand” realizes the Almighty God. Bhakti yog is the said upasana kand. Ashtang yoga is also an Upasana Kand.

Deeno Sharma: The Future – 2 simple matters to Change and protect an
Return to The RIG VEDA it clear and does not focus on trivial issues. This must become our Central Book of Faith. All others to be supportive matters 2) EMPOWER THE PEOPLE – REMOVE THEIR SHACKLES If our Aryawarth find their faith Free in the most basic issues then we will have solidarity. The Freedoms of others will not seem enticing nor will our been seen as restrictive. The Greatest shackles WE have placed on this the faith of the Aryawarth is food for consumption. AT Least FOUR times a day we legislate or make guilty our own flock through (religion) – eg. Sattivic, Tamsic, Rajsic . These matters are not contained in the RV. They are trivial. The RV focuses on Soma and the Gods being one with us. Not restricting consumption. Let them be free to consume. STOP Restricting – it causes siezure, it causes fractional issues when solidarity is paramount it causes the Arya glow to fall from the hearts of our
Own it causes guilt etc. FREE THEM. It Brings Solidarity. It brings feasting and camaraderie. It builds an unbridled freedom Chain this onto a body of literature that is Second to None and you have a Wall of Granite! WHY THIS WAY? a) It does not need politicians (flaccid, communist ideologists – Hindu Parliament) b) Change rests in the hands of the masses – Empowerment! c) Its Free d) It does not affect Non-Hindus therfore NO CONFLICT! e) Its Fun. Its a celebration. f) It creates employment. Farmers are now free to raise a host of new livestock for food. I trust that all will see the beauty of this. Veda Shakti!
Swami Ram Swarup: Future is not a matter but our present time is a valuable time wherein if we do pious deeds, worship etc., according to Vedas/holy granths under guidance of learned acharya then we can change our future to make the same bright.

Yes, common platform has also been called by Rigveda mantra 1/191/2,3 which says if people obey the path of Vedas then in the whole universe, there will be unity, love and justice etc., but who will make it?

Rigveda gives knowledge of all kinds of matter including God, prakriti and souls please, as is also clarified in 1/24/13. What happens that mostly the people see a very small part of the Vedas and that too in short time and without guidance of the learned acharya.

Consumption of soma is a divine matter and if it is not mentioned in any Veda then
what will be the use of studying Vedas because you see, the main motto of human life is to realize God/consume soma. Soma means experiences of realizing God which produces indefinite definite merriment in the heart of a Yogi. As regards other consumptions, all Vedas state to be a pure vegetarian please.

If there will not be restriction then there will be no difference between Arya (learned, true people) and anarya (thieves, dacoits etc.) and we must know that according to Yajurveda mantra 7/48, we all are free (without any restriction) to do pious deeds or sins but result is awarded by God in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively.

So freedom is always from almighty God’s side, please which may be good while doing pious deeds and which may be worst while doing sins.

Politics is to rule the country which is a necessity as mentioned in Vedas but politics must be based on Vedas.

Vasudev Rao: Please clarify whether there was an idol worship during the Ramayana period. I hold the view it is not but a friend of mine suggests that Ram chanted Aditya Hridaya a sort of sun worship. This he claims as found in Valmiki Ramayana. I am confused.
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no mention about idol worship in Valmikee Ramayana, please because the present sects had not originated at that time and only Vedas’ knowledge was there.

Jignesh Pandya: I often see Sanskar, Astha, Jagran TV, etc. I love to see the program related with yog. I always observe yog program of baba Ramdev. and I follow everyday. If you advice me through yog & ashan for routine life please.
Swami Ram Swarup: Before I advise you about you asan, I advise you first to study detailed comments on every yog shastra sutra written by me in book named “PATANJAL YOG DARSHNAM-PART 1, 2” in Hindi. This will give you a detailed knowledge about ashtang yoga philosophy and Vedas too. Then you will surely be able to practice ashtang yoga philosophy well.

Dilip Apte: Taking my query ref. Chapter 8 Verse 17/18, it is said in the 18th shlok that all. ‘Pranis’ are born at the beginning of Brahma’s day and all die during Brahma’s night. We are all aware here that every second some one is born and someone dies. Then where Brahma’s day and night come into question. But except my country’s flag I do not bow before anybody unless I am truely convinced
that the person before me is worthy of my respect and I have no illusions of grandeur as I am fully convinced that I am the most ordinary person ever to be born. I don’t want to buy books.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, I agree, you must not bow before anybody but it is not the matter to write or to say to anybody. Secondly, learned acharya always tries to preach the devotees to bow before almighty God. Acharya is not interested to make them bow before him. As regards books, books are of two types- containing false statements and true statements. But both books increase knowledge of illusion as well as light. So study of books does not go in vain if reader is aspirant Please. But you are right , and I have now realised your views of not reading the book and you will never be advised for the same, please. Your concepts will only be cleared by e-mail.

Sri Ram, Sri Krishna too bowed before national flag and also before almighty God, mother father and acharya.

Brahma din means when almighty God starts creation and brahma night means when final destruction is done by God. I have not suggested to you to purchase any book. I have only advised to purchase if you so desire. Second I have added that if you do not purchase , I will then clear your concept by E-mail which I am clearing now, please. I have never forced anybody to purchase book in my life and will ever do the same. I only tell if you so desire because most of the people desire to study and very few deny. That is why, I use the words “if you so desire” which had been
used for you also, please.
I have cleared the concept in Bhagwad shloka 8/17, 9/4,5 a copy of which is being sent to you by post free of cost, as usual. Please, confirm on receipt. You can send your query yet, if it remains after studying description of above quoted shloka.

Your description about bowing before anyone and being convinced about the worth of other person is your personal matter which could be avoided to be mentioned here in your question. Yet I respect your personal matter.

Your views in previous question that Bhagwad Geeta is absolutely beyond comments bounds me to offer my comments, on Bhagwad Geeta. I have also given detailed
comments on Bhagwad Geeta and the book is in the hands of readers. But I will not suggest you to purchase please. I will try to send the comments in the book of the concerned shloka by E-mail.

So by doing extra ordinary labour , the comments on shloka 4/13, 8/17,18 9/4,5 have been prepared and have been sent to you by post, please. Yet, as per your views, Geeta is exempted to comments. So if you are not interested to study then the same may please be sent in waste paper basket.

And if you study the comments sent by me then you may put your query if any which I shall try to clarify, please.

I have not yet reached explaining chapter 17. So my comments on shloka 17/6 will be sent when written. I have reached only up to chapter 9/9 . Explanation requires full day and due to shortage of time, sorry, I cannot explain shloka 17/6 at this juncture.

Dhruv:Mr. Swamy, if you say Ramayana exist where can I go and see the physical evidence of the existence of the book?
Swami Ram Swarup: You’re advised to first read Valmikee Ramayana
translated by Paramhans Jagdishwranand Saraswati, which is published by M/S Govindram Hasanand, Arya Sahitya Bhavan, Nai sarak, Delhi. After studying the book please send your query if any.

Sharad Pandit: I want to know that , what is the mantra of “Astavasu” means eight vasu. Becuase I have Dhanishtha nakshatra and its deity are astavasus. If you have this mantra, please guide me.
Swami Ram Swarup: There are eight vasus in Vedas which are non-alive matters. The vasus are- Agni (fire), Prithivi(earth), Vaayu(air), Antriksh (space), Dyuhu ( light emitting heavenly bodies), Aditya (sun), Nakshtr ( planetary world) and Chandrma. These are not to be worshipped being non-alive matters.

Shiv Sharma: According to yajurveda mantra 40/15 the last religious deed is daah. If daah is last deed then why one has to throw ashes in the flowing water and read Gita for 13 days and perform bhajans and kirtans and finally on the 13th day Bharam Bhoj pooja.
Swami Ram Swarup: Ashes are to be thrown in flowing water to avoid
gathering of ashes otherwise unlimited quantity of ashes will be gathered. Bhajan-kirtan, Ved paath, gives pious blessings etc., to those who do the same, it is not connected with departed soul.

Shiv Sharma: You earlier said that the soul has mouth, ears, eyes etc, can u please prove that?
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul has been given human or animal/bird body
with five senses, perceptions and mind. So when soul wants to see then eyes are used to, wants to eat mouth is used, wants to listen ears are used, wants to move
then feet are used, etc.

Shiv Sharma: In Gita chapter 4 verse 13 Lord has divided people in 4 castes namely Brahmins, kshatriyas, Vaishya, and shudras, but in todays socity the preachers, saints, gurus, etc say that all are equal. If we all are equal then what reason you would provide for Lord Rama and Krishna who were born in Kshtriyas family.
Swami Ram Swarup: Geeta has not divided please. The correct explanation according to Vedas of Bhagwad Geeta shloka 4/13 will be sent to you on receipt of your postal address. However, if you desire, you can send order of Geeta containing explanation of first six chapters written by me. The said Geeta contains 739 pages,
costing Rs. 300.00. Explanation of each shloka is as per Ved mantras and Ved mantras have been mentioned with each shloka. But it is not necessary to purchase,
if you desire then you can purchase, please. My blessings to you.

Satish Bijapur: I dont know i feel that I know God is there and somebody is following me. I speak truth when I am angry and predict the future.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is good that you believe in God and one must
always speak truth. Please try to leave the anger because anger ruins the person.

Sundar Dev: I like to ask the question about any home worshipping of goddess Saraswati, please. I know there is existing somethink like around one year of home worshipping, but I dont know any more close information. Can you
help me please?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Ved mantra, the meaning of saraswati is
eternal, divine voice of Vedas(Ved vanni). Ved mantra states-“PAVAKA NAHA SARASWATI”. i.e., May Saraswati (Ved vanni) purify me. Mostly, the people who do not worship God are indulged in illusion. When we listen Ved vanni and its meaning and thus perform Yajyen, do name jaap and practice of Ashtang yoga as mentioned in Saraswati (Ved vanni) then illusion is over, then aspirant gets long, happy life.

Amit Kumar: Are Pandavs are also non sexual creation and what is the
difference behind sexual and non-sexual creation why there were two why to create world and actully I was looking hear some Vedic knowledge I want to come over there but when can I come there or swamiji can you come here Delhi to have full class in delhi so that other pepole who want hear Veda but cant go anywhere?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. Pandavas were not of non-sexual creation. They had their parents. Non-sexual creation starts when God starts creation of universe. At that time nothing exists-neither man or woman or any matter of universe like sun, moon, air, water, trees, animals etc. In this universe, non-sexual creation started before about one Arab, 96 Crore, 8 Lakh, 53,000 years. So when divine deed non-sexual creation is finished, then only children get birth from parents till final destruction of universe. So non-sexual creation is required, because at the time creation, no one exists. Your views are appreciated to come here. However, if you firmly intimate me about class or devotees who want to listen to eternal knowledge of Vedas then sure I will come to Delhi, if you can arrange the place and said class then I will come for 2-3 days. However, you need not to arrange boarding and lodging which I shall arrange myself. If you arrange such pious camp of devotees then sure knowledge of Vedas will spread. Recently, six of my spiritual VCDS on Vedas were shown by sanskar T.V. Perhaps you could not see otherwise you could have mentioned the same. I will also bring the said CDs’ and my spiritual Vedic books for the aspirants.

Deeno Sharma:Priya Swamiji I thank you for your answer. It has not helped. It is some glacial non-committed (Puranic?) issuance. However, I am thankful that you have replied, I accept this as Noble (Arya) in, deed. I will retain my
position as necessary to Empower this nation. Tonight I have one question:
What is the Soma? From which plant is extracted?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is not a purannic issuance please. Vedas
emanate from God whereas Puranns have been written by somebody. In Vedas, Soma means divine pleasure. It is experienced when a yogi after studying Vedas and doing hard ashtang yoga practice realises God. So realisation of God in Samadhi, a divine pleasure is generated, experience of which is called Soma.

Mawaram Supan: Why did Kaikeyi requested that Shree Rama should be banished for 14 years and not 8 or 10 or 11 or 12 years? Need your answer plus quotes from relative book/books and kanda and page numbers and etc.
Swami Ram Swarup: Ram was sent to exile and story is written in
Valmiki Ramayana, Ayodhya kand, sarg 10. Kekaiyee requested Sri Ram to be sent to exile due to attachment to his son Bharat. She wanted to give the throne of Ayodhya to her son Bharat.

Why kekaiyee asked for 14 years was her own discretion. Perhaps she thought enough to strengthen bharat’s control over throne and to gain the sympathy of the public.

Mawaram Supan: Raja Janaka being a king of Mithila with servants, workers who are employed in his kingdom and Ministers to assist the running of his kingdom. Why had he to plough his fields and he was a king and had so many servants/workers in his employment? Being a king, ploughing his fields is not his job.
Swami Ram Swarup: Ploughing the field is the personal matter of the king. King janak while discharging all his duties towards his kingdom faithfully used to give time to his family and to plough his fields on his own. His said act gives message to all India leaders to earn livelihood by doing their own hard work and not by corruption, etc. However, the story to plough the field by king Janak is not mentioned in authentic Valmiki Ramayana.

Mawaram Supan: Bharat was at his grandparents when received the news of the death of his father, Raja Dasaratha, How many days did he ride a horse to reach at Ayodhya from his grandparents residence?
Swami Ram Swarup: Time is not mentioned in Valimiki Ramayana, please but he reached Ayodhya quickly.

Ravneet Singh: Shall we treat “Atman” as “Atom” of modern science. All universe contains it.
Swami Ram Swarup: No please, atom is non-alive matter whereas soul
is alive matter. So soul cannot be considered atom.

Yogesh: I appreciate your honest efforts and dedication to true Vaidic philosophy. I live in sydney, observe agnihotra everyday. I want to conduct some package course on DHARM SHIKSHA for children of Indian origin here in Australia. I have come up with certain topics but I want some learned person to give me some direction to shape that course. I was trying to seek some help from search engine and endup with your website. I am impressed and request you to suggest me about the contents and their sequence. I am hoping to get some positive help from
Swami Ram Swarup: My dear Yogesh, I thank you and my blessings to
you for a long happy life. It is a pleasure for me that you perform daily agnihotr, which is a great worship of almighty God and I hope you’ll continue it, please. Further your idea to conduct package course for children on DHARM SHIKSHA is also highly appreciated. If you please know Hindi, then I will suggest you to get some tips for children from my book —- “BRAHAMCHARYA EK DUKH NIVARAK DIVYA MANNI” , the book can be sent to you even free of cost on receipt of your postal address. Till such time, I will try to make sequence and contents of the package. The most important thing for children according to Vedas is to perform their sanskar which gives mental and physical strength to the children. The sixteen sanskars are performed under guidance of a learned Guru who knows Vedas because in every sanskar the havan is performed with Vedic mantras. These all were performed in Satyug, Dwapur, treta yuga and too by Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, etc.

1. Garbhdhan Sanskar — which is performed just after marriage and before pregnancy to have a good baby.
2. Punsvan sanskar —which is performed just after pregnancy of second or third month.
3. Seemantonnayan sanskar —in 4th, 6th or in 8th month of pregnancy.
4. Jaatkaram Sanskar —just after birth of a baby i.e., the same day.
5. Naamkaran sanskar —after 101 days of birth in which name of the baby is announced.
6. Nishkraman sanskar— when the mother and baby comes out of the house. In the 3rd or 4th month to travel or to go anywhere.
7. Annprasahn sanskar— in the 6th month of the baby after birth on the same day of birth. In this sanskarthe baby is allowed to take solid food because up to 5th month baby had been taking milk/water only.
8. Churakaram sanskar i.e., Mundan sanskar—in the first or third year.
9. Karanvedh sanskar— ear piercing ceremony.
10. Upnayan sanskar i.e., allowing baby to go school first time.
11. Vedaarambh sanskar i.e., to start study of Vedas in 6 to 8 years.
12. Samavartan sanskar— i.e., the baby has attained the knowledge of Vedas. It is performed in the age of fourteen years.
13. Vivah sanskar i.e., marriage ceremony.
14. Vanprasth sanskar— in the age of 51 plus.
15. Sanyas sanskar — in the age of 75 plus or at any age when anyone becomes ascetic.
16. then the last, Anteshti sanskar when death comes. This sanskar is of dead body i.e., cremation.

Deen: Was Karan son of Kunti before marriage with Pandu? Why did
she hide his birth?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, Karan was the son of Kunti but not from Pandu.

Amit Dua: Swami Dayanand wrote that the meaning of Uksha is Sun according to Sanskrit, quoted “Uksha Dadhar Prithvimut dyam, meaning: Sun has supported the earth through its gravitational force.” Now some people are telling it a misinterpretation. Can you tell me the evidence from Sanskrit Granmmer or
scripures. Please tell me, it is urgent.
Swami Ram Swarup: The correct Ved mantra is- “SA DADHAR PRITHIVEEM UT DYAM” i.e., He (the God) holds the earth and heavenly bodies emitting light.

So, there is no word “uksha” in the above mantra. Please quote ved mantra wherein you have read word “uksha” to clarify the query.

Pradeep: Is it true that the Vedas do have animal sacrifices and are non vegetarian? There is a site run by Christian missionary to start the fruitful dialouge between Hindu and Christians But main aim I found is to convert the HINDUS by giving them spritual misinformation. Can you answer the above please?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please, it is not true, Vedas strictly prohibit non-vegetarian food and I have several times clarified the fact on this website. Please see other answers on this website. Non-vegetarian food is prohibited as per Vedas,
shastras, Upnishads and all the ancient holy books. In vegetarian food an ocean of calories and vitamins is available by the mercy of God. Please check from a
dietician about the same. Because it is lengthy one and I cannot explain here. For example dal, is full of proteins, soybean has more protein than any non-vegetarian food, which has ability to inhibit cancer also where as non-vegetarian doesnot. Green
vegetables like palak, methi, etc., are the richest source of iron and vitamin A. So is the case of milk, curd, rice, fruit, etc., -etc.

Actually to destroy the eternal culture of Vedas, some bad elements without studying Vedas start saying falsehood. Vedas are eternal knowledge which emanates direct from God and God can never permit unnecessary violence on animals or human beings.

I really feel that conversion from Hindus to other sects is only due to false propaganda and lack of study of Vedas. Mostly our Hindus, Brahmins, Pandit, Priests, Saints do not study Vedas and therefore cannot give a strong true message to the public to fight against the falsehood. We all must study Vedas for the betterment of not Hindus but all human-beings.

Pradeep: A saint made God appear formless. His disciple also felt it. Is it contradicting Vedas?
Swami Ram Swarup: So there is no power in the universe who can
contradict Vedas which is an eternal knowledge direct from God.

Pradeep: What about Guru Govind Singh?
Swami Ram Swarup: Guru Govind Singh jee Maharaj was a great warrior and great saint, so whatever he did, he did pious deeds always for the benefit of the nation. Shri Guru Granth Sahib always speaks worship of formless God.

Pradeep: Do any saints realize God in a form?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yajurveda mantra 32/3 states, “NA TASYA PRATIMA
ASTI” i.e., Almighty, Formless God is never turned into a shape. Vedas emanate direct from God and the rishi who had practised ashtang yoga philosophy and
has learnt Vedas traditionally, utter the Ved mantras only and the rest of the public listen the Vedas and then start pronunciation as per Rigveda mantra 8/100/11.

Harish Arya: I am a medical student. How much times should I eat meal? And what is the beneficial to eat for my study?
Swami Ram Swarup: You must, please take milk and fruit or dalia in
breakfast. In lunch rice, chapatti, vegetables, dal and curd, in dinner light food quoted in lunch. Must take plenty of water, daily morning walk and light exercises are necessary for you daily. I have written a Brahamcharya book in which such subjects are briefed in Hindi. The book can be sent to you, if you so desire. If you’re not able to pay the cost, book will be sent to you free of cost, please.

Prem: Is that possible becuase of pure love and devotion the SUPREME ONE CAN TAKE THE FORM FOR HIS devotee?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please, the rules and the regulations of
Almighty God are ever unchangeable as stated in Rigveda mantra 3/56/1, so God will ever remain formless, please. He is almighty, so He does not need any help from eyes, ears, nose etc., to do His divine deeds. Soul is dependent and needs the said senses and organs.

Prem: How many year will it take to make you one good HINDU MISSIONARY who can debate win and spread the glory of VEDAS AND SHASTRA TO whole world? If we provide by the grace of supreme one some monetery assistance.
I appreciate your loving, heart felt views, please. And my blessings to you for long happy life. Up-till now I have not requested any monetary help/donations etc. No doubt, due to the said reason the pious deed of spreading knowledge of Vedas and to spread love in universe is slow. But still it is spreading gradually with the Grace of Almighty God. First time I realized that if the devotees like you are in our nation, then the pious deed will gain momentum. So let the time come please. I have written about 17 books on eternal Vedas’ philosophy. If the books can be distributed even on 50% or 60% discount or free of cost to the aspirants, then the said pious
work will also get spread. Recently people forced me with love to make spiritual Vedic VCD’ s which have been prepared and are being shown (6 episodes) on Sanskar channel and last episode was shown on 11th November, 2007. My last Vcd will be telecasted by sanskar channel on coming Sunday the 18th nov, 2007 at 6.45 p.m. You, your friends, aspirants and your family will sure listen the eternal Vedas voice on sanskar channel. This has also inspired the public a lot. For the said purpose I had also to pay huge amount and some devotees also contributed. The VCD’ s
are really liked by me also as well as by public. It’s six episodes (each of 18 minutes) are also available and can be sent on demand as quoted above in case of books, to spread the Vedic knowledge. In VCD’s spiritual songs keeping in view the Vedas preach have also been sung by me, in which two spiritual songs are written by me which are:

Prem: I am loosing my faith in Hindu dharma. Should I convert to some other religion? Advice which is the good one.
Swami Ram Swarup: I mean to say that there are two types of worship nowadays— first which is based on Vedas and knowledge of Vedas emanates direct from Almighty God. Secondly, self-made/man-made as quoted by Tulsi in my article below. Hinduism is based on four Vedas. So those who have left study of Vedas have become either atheists or try to convert themselves from Hinduism which is an act of soul’s suicide because such persons shirking away themselves from eternal knowledge of God is the shape of four Vedas which always gives firm divine pleasure after destroying all the sorrows.

If you had studied Vedas, listened to Vedas then the situation of your life quoted by you in your question could never arise. Please try to understand the Vedas. Vedas are not sects.

Vedas tell strictly to do Yajyen. The special meaning of Yajyen in Vedas is to serve the father, mother, atithi learned acharya of Vedas and thereafter real worship of God.

Nowadays we see that several kinds of worship including kathas, Ramleela, Rasleela etc., are organized but mostly the main teaching of the Vedas as quoted above and described in Bhagwad Geeta and Valmiki Ramayana is not in action in life. Main motto of the rishis who wrote such pious and holy books was to follow the eternal teaching of the Vedas mentioned therein which has been over-sighted.

Vedas knowledge emanates from God, which we have to follow being direct creation of God. Due to lack of knowledge of Vedas nowadays, the teachings of Vedas has been oversighted and the worship of formless, omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe has also been oversighted. In this connection, Tulsi too says—-


So when the teachings of the Vedas are not put into practice in life and self-made teachings or the teachings of religious Gurus who are against the Vedas are being forced to be obeyed then the eternal truth and the divine merriment of the eternal worship is being put to an end.

The learned generation has been taking no interest which is further loss to the spiritualism as well as to the nation. In the ancient times, the Vedic teachings was part and parcel of education and hence atheism and disregard of the religion was not there. For example– Shri Ram, Shri Krishana listened to Vedas in the ashram of Vasisth Muni and Rishi Sandeepan respectively. They were the princes and therefore they ruled over their kingdom so well that the public was in peace and contented. They further managed to spread the preach of Vedas all over the earth. But nowadays, our leaders are not interested in Vedas.

As are the rulers, so are the subjects. It is a fundamental law of even God that blind faith, pomp and show, unnecessary spending fun and laughing, telling the baseless stories against logics of science, in the so-called satsang will not make good result to our new generation. In addition the modern Gurus who are against the Vedas have been spending luxurious life and give teaching that money, assets and family are of no use which is totally against the Vedas.

For example— I quote here a true incident: There was a saint, who used to go to a village and used to deliver his lectures in a big gathering. The saint was telling that there was no need of maya, assets, money in following the spiritualism and there was no need to perform havan, Yajyen as the Yajyen is only meant for the fulfillment of desire. Then my disciple put a question to the saint that Shri Gur Maharaj jee, isn’t it that you come here under the pressure of your desire to gather the money and isn’t it your desire to deliver lecture in a big crowd to become a public figure, be in limelight etc. Then why the pious desire of performing Yajyen which is even an order of Almighty God in Vedas, is being degraded?

On this question, the saint shouted badly and told his mother that keep your son quiet and he should not make interference in religious matters. Vedas permit to put several questions to clear the doubts and even God Himself has put questions in Vedas and has given the answers Himself to clear the doubts and promote the knowledge through questions. Its example is Bhagwad Geeta where Arjuna is putting questions and Shri Krishna Maharaj following the eternal Vedas’ path is not feeling any exertion or problem to answer his questions, whereas the above quoted example of the saint who became angry and tried to suppress my disciple, is totally against the Vedas. Rigveda clearly states that truth comes out after studying Vedas and its discussion.

So there are examples of our country that our present generation has drifted away from spiritualism.

On the other hand, Vedas do not contain any fictitious stories etc., instead every Ved mantra contains knowledge and is scientifically sound.

If the generation will listen to the Vedas, they will get immense knowledge with interest because the Vedas also contain the knowledge which they have been studying in their classes. Vedas have both types of knowledge —- worldly i.e., science, mathematics and everything taking place since the time of creation even nowadays in universe and spiritualism.

Vedas tell to get progress in both ways i.e., materialism (science, politics, agriculture, education, medical science, architecture, electronics etc.) spiritualism. Shri Ram, Shri Krishna and all ancient Raj-rishis and their public got both the knowledge because at that time there was only Vedas’ preach and the present sects did not exist.

On the contrary, mostly the present preach tells one sided story that public must leave everything and should do name-jaap or should do God’s worship otherwise nothing will be carried along-with you at the time of death etc., which is against the Vedas.

Suppose, Taj-Mahal and several good building and flyovers of present times, bridges etc., are being built, no doubt, these will not be carried along with anybody at the time of death but shouldn’t the same be built? Vedas tell— Yes, must be built, it is your moral duty to do so. Most of the saints say that science is nothing but they are enjoying the benefits of science. They possess luxury cars, travel by aeroplanes, speak on mikes, live in luxuries houses having all electronics gadgets and facilities— like A.C., fridge, etc.

Vedas tell that Rishis-Munis do tapasya to build a strong nation whereas mostly present saints say that they have renounced the world and are only indulged in worship and at the same time they gather lot of money etc.

Vedas tell that there must be progress in science. So we will have to return towards Vedas again to build a strong nation. Then our coming generation will happily accept the science of Vedas.

Prem: When Hindu community of INDIA AND REST OF THE WORLD will get enlighten and stand up for themselves?
Swami Ram Swarup: As I told above, the Hinduism is situated on the building of four pillars and the four pillars are —-Rigveda, Samveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda. The pillars are eternal and immortal. When Hindus will shift from the said building definitely they will lose eternal and immortal base and will get self-made/man-made and destructible base with the result will be finished one day. Bhagwan Ram and Krishna too, adopted the Vedic path inspite of several attacks and dangerous plans, to ruin us, Hinduism is still alive. So as soon as we will start listening, studying and adopting the preach of Vedas, we will be enlightened again and stand up for themselves. This will also serve the humanity and promote International brotherhood because Vedas are the knowledge direct from God. So as every matter of the world is meant for human-beings, so is the case of Vedas i.e., Vedas are impartially applicable for the universe.

Prem: Karunanidhi is abusing and questioning the existence of Rama. Can you please meet him & impart satbuddi to him?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, if any Minister or any gentleman arranges my meeting with Shri Karunaniddhi jee, sure I will exchange my views with him, which will be beneficial for the country even.

Pradeep: Is Hinduism is too lenient that why our politicians, Christian missionaries, Islamist mulla abuse this religion to score the goal and convert?
How I can change their behaviour towards Hindus?
Swami Ram Swarup: Everybody know that Hindus never try to convert
anyone. This is due to the effect of eternal knowledge of Vedas. Conversion has not been promoted in any religious book. However, why Hindus accept conversion because they themselves do not know about Hinduism, which is based on four Vedas. Those who listen to Vedas, they never believe in conversion. One should follow the holy path to gain peace and long happy life. If we will follow the right path and we will do real worship then no time will be left to think about any conversion etc.

Suppose, I try to convert any person of any sect to Hindu then mainly there will be two points— first , I have to praise my religion only and will have to degrade the other which is wrong/sin. Secondly, my said talks will promote ravages of hatred in society which will be another great sin. Why don’t we respect all the religions? Please read a response to a question on Hindu religion which is 2-3 questions above you.

Pradeep: Is there is no CHANCE OF HINDU REVILISM as it was started by the ARYA SAMAJ but later stopped because the murder of SWAMI SHRADHHANAND?
Swami Ram Swarup: Why not? We all must do hard job to spread the eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanates direct from God. Intimate me what type of services can you render to spread the knowledge of Vedas.

Pradeep: Bless my family that I can have such children who are dhramavijayee & can do great service for MOTHER INDIA, HINDU RELIGION propagation and world peace.
Swami Ram Swarup: You must also listen Vedas and perform daily havan and must chant Gayatri mantra with its meaning. You must also learn and do practice of ashtang yoga daily while discharging all your moral duties. Then my blessings are also with you and your family to fulfill your pious said desires.

From All of Us: Bless all my Hindu brothers that they cultivate a sense of unity within themselves and with the world. Help the saints to establish the true glory of India and its original golden past.
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas it is preached that mere blessings will do nothing until a person does hard deeds to fulfill his desires. So we all must try to listen Vedas and do havan daily. In the end we must pray to God then sure God will listen.

Narender Reddy: Shri Krishna Maharaj has followed Vedas and done pious deeds all his life, but in his court when everyone fought each other, his all 3 sons
died and he went to jungle and left his body. Swamiji, as per your opinion, the one who follows Vedas will never face a problems, than what about Shri Krishna, all his family was ruined and he died in horrible way by an arrow hitting him?
Swami Ram Swarup: I explained already that destruction of family of Shri Krishna Maharaj was a curse by Gandhari and Shri Krishna already knew about it. Secondly Shri Krishna left his pious body at his own. When he was about to leave his body, at the same moment erroneously, the arrow of hunter hit his toe. The hunter begged excuse from Shri Krishna but in turn Shri Krishna told him that he (Shri Krishna) himself was leaving his body.

Anonymous: I am not serious about my future. I want to make more friends.
Swami Ram Swarup: Why are not serious, please? You must be serious about your future. Life is short i.e., hardly up to 100 years. But problems are more. So please take guidance from anywhere else and settle yourself immediately. Your ambition to make friends does not look nice at this juncture, please. So first of all you should work hard to settle yourself then you may think other matters please.

A: You have mentioned something about the authenticity of the pitri shraadh. Upon reading your comments I believe you are saying that the shraadh and pitrapaksh rituals are wrong. Is my understanding correct? If it is then I am very confused because my younger brother passed away three years back and we did not perform any shraadh rituals or any of the ptripaksh rituals for the last 3 years. During this period, I used to get nightmares about him. Once I saw him burning and crying to me for help. This year I saw another nightmare wherein he was in extreme pain as all the bones in his body were slowly dissolving away. Incidentally, I always got these dreams during the month of shradh or pitrapaksha as it is called. I got helpless and finally conducted all his shradh rites at my father’s hand on mahalaya shradh this year. Can you explain this? Thanks in advance.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, pitri dosh, Shradh, kaal sarp yog, navgrah pooja, present astrology etc., have not been mentioned in Vedas. So are not authentic as per learned acharya, please. The dreams are mostly false. However, Vedas tell that one should do havan, listen to Vedas and chant Gayatri mantra while discharging moral duties. On this act, God is pleased and dreams get over. Otherwise feelings of the dreams start several tensions, sickness etc. One should never be worried about dreams.

It is a fundamental law of nature that death sooner or later is inevitable and we have to accept this bitter truth. It is good that one does not see the departed in dreams. According to the Atharvaeda to see the dead person in dreams, is not good. Every good deeds or services to the elderly are counted when they are alive. And not after death please. One can, however, perform holy Yajyen with Ved mantras. After leaving the dead body here, the soul takes next birth according to his deeds because the soul gets new body and under the law of God, The soul forgets his previous life so your dreams have no meaning, please i.e. the departed soul has not been feeling any trouble.

Alvin Lal:What do Vedas say about Shikar/shikari? Raja Dashrath who was considered a learned of the 4 Vedas, was a major shikari. That’s how he accidentally killed Sharwan Kumar, with a shabd bhedi baand. Is Shikar permitted as per the Vedas?
Swami Ram Swarup: Unnecessary hunting is a sin in Vedas. Even non-vegetarian is strictly prohibited. But when a lion, tiger becomes man- eaters or any animal destroyed the crops of a farmer then in the ancients time the kings used to hunt the animal which is totally according to Vedas i.e. why, Dashrath etc. used to hunt.

Prahlad:Havan at the time of entering new home..
Swami Ram Swarup: There are unlimited names of Almighty God in Vedas based on His unlimited divine qualities. Amongst those one name of God is also agni. From “AG” dhatu agni word is made meaning of which is first and foremost. Accordingly, the universe is created afterwards but first of all God is there. So, we must always remember God by doing havan before starting any pious deed. This eternal pious act enables us to seek the blessings of Almighty God for a long, happy life. So everybody must also do havan before entering new house.

Sweta: I would like to know about the treatment of renal cyst through yoga. Can you suggest me particular yoga for the same?
Swami Ram Swarup: This is totally medical case. All the medical treatment etc., originates from Vedas. Vedas tell to take medicine to treat the diseases. So please take medical advice in this matter. However, daily havan and prayer to God will sure help you to be cured at the earliest. Havan also kills number of diseases and keeps the atmosphere purified. In this matter, yoga philosophy will do nothing.

Amit Kumar: What is matter? Where did the 5 elements come from?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, five matters are as mentioned by you. These matters are made from non-alive prakriti by the power of Almighty God from prakriti – mahat (mind) from mahat – ahankar, from ahankar – panch tanmatrayein and from panch tan matrayein- five matters i.e., air, water etc., are made and from five matters entire world including human bodies is made..

Poonam Mahadev: A small Peepal tree has started growing from a hole in the wall outside my bedroom. Is it good luck? Should I replant it somewhere? Can I throw it away? What does it indicate?
Swami Ram Swarup: Good luck or bad luck are made by good or bad deeds and not by any other source. So immediately uproot the tree, otherwise it may be harmful to the wall. If it can be replanted on land then it will be better.

MT: I have been sick for last three years with my legs not working. I have prayed and my wife has fasted for me. We have done Mahamrityunjay jaap of 125,000 plus daan and all. We are both religious peaceful people. Some mataji who gets devi has said that it is black magic done on him and we should go to Sarangpur Mandir in Gujarat to get rid of it. Can it be so? What more can we do to come out of this situation?
Swami Ram Swarup: Mahmritunjaya jaap and daan at this juncture will not be fruitful please. However, you should do havan daily from the said mantra. It is the Yajurveda mantra 3/60 which has been named mahmritunjaya. So you may offer aahuti of the said mantra also. So, please take medical advice. Havan is worship of God and purifies the atmosphere also to destroy the previous lives’ bad deeds and sins by which person feels pleasure.

Black magic, kaal sarp yog, present astrology, navgraha poojan have not been mentioned in Vedas, please. So learned acharya and their followers do not accept the same. As regard Mata, her advice is also not according to Vedas, please.

Anonymous: I am facing problems in married life. Should I go in for divorce?
Swami Ram Swarup: Divorce is not good please. So, one should always try, at his level to cooperate, to settle the problems by discussion to avoid divorce. However, at a critical condition, divorce becomes necessary. So if possible you may explain the reason to get divorce, so that I can advise you properly. If it is not possible then please first try your level best to cooperate with each other to avoid divorce.

M: I am suffering from various skin problems. I have heard many times that Veda Mantras cure a disease completely without even medications. Can you please tell me some effective mantras for obtaining a flawless skin and curing all skin diseases? Also, please tell me where would I get just right original matter to read Vedas. I want to know about Vedas. But these days books have been written so any
times that original text is almost found missing in every edition. What are Ved Mantras? Is Durga Beeja Mantra a Ved mantra and Mahamritunjay Mantra also a Ved Mantra? What is the difference between a Ved mantra and a normal Mantra?
Several Books says that people get salvation by reading those mantras so many times. Like in Durga Saptshati, it is mentioned that if we read durga sapshati every day, we get salvation. Is it true?
Swami Ram Swarup: One should do havan/Yajyen daily under guidance of a learned acharya. Several disease are cured by performing havan. However there is no mantra which cures the diseases without medicines. Vedas tell to take proper medicine under advice of medical practitioner.

I have written some Vedic books, list of which is available on the website. You are advised to read the book to enter the Vedas study.

Mahamritunjay mantra has been named of a Yajurveda mantra 3/60. Durga beej mantra is not a Ved mantra please. Ved mantras emanate direct from God at the beginning of the earth. Other than Ved mantras, the books are written by Rishi-munis, men or women or saints etc.

People may say what they want, please. However, Yog shastra sukta 1/7 states that whatever we say, it must tally with Ved mantras.

Skin diseases are generally cured through medicines, please. Atharavaveda also states some medicines but its preparation is not possible. For example the correct utilization of moonja, cow milk, to sit under sunrays and moonlight, to take sufficient water daily, use of rama, Krishna and asikni shyama herbs application of earthen clay like a paste on the body are the medicines to treat serious skin problems which restore original colour of the skin. But its preparation as well as identification of herbs in jungle is not possible nowadays. However, you can try one formula if it may be fruitful to you.

Neem powder ka formula
GYOL = 40gm
AZWAIN = 6gm
NEEM-leaves =25-30 leaves.

Make the powder of all above items and take one kadchi (i.e., kadchi used to prepare dal, vegetables etc.) and boil it in one and half litres of water for five minutes. Then let it be cool and afterwards sieve it. Now take half cup of this medicine and mix it with another half cup of fresh water. Take one cup of this medicine in the morning empty stomach. It must be continued for three months. You can also do kunjal kriya but it will have to be learnt by an expert. You can also do Uttanpada asan, bhujang asan, tiddi asan. Padam asan to overcome the problem. Prannayam will also help you. But yoga path will have to be learnt by an expert yogi in presence.

Arvind: If the soul is not born then how does it come into existence? How many souls are there on this planet? Does the number of souls remain same for all time?
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul, God and Prakriti are not made by anyone. These are eternal. The matter which is made is destroyed one day but God, Prakriti and souls being eternal truth, are not destroyed, but are immortal. Their existence is eternal and immortal that is why, in Vedas, these are called “SWAYAMBHU”. Swayambhu means which is not made. Souls are constant in number but it’s number are only known to God. You see, even in a drop of water millions of bacteria are there which are souls. In air, there are unlimited bacteria, so are in blood etc., etc. All ants, birds, animals, human-beings, mosquitoes, flies etc., cannot be counted. So counting of souls by man is not possible.

Santosh: Practising holding breath takes our soul above the AGYA chakra and helps us to know about the universe? I do meditation in the morning as long as I can do but sometimes my body starts so get heat and in my eyes I feel like the rays of sun. Briefly explain about it please.
Swami Ram Swarup: Not soul but we (souls) concentrate on agya chakra. If you are meditating under the guidance of an acharya then it’s ok. If heat is bearable and gives pleasure then it is also o.k. and overall then observation of light is also good.

Narender Reddy: If Kunti didn’t have 4 husbands than as per history, it is been told that Karann is son of Surya, Yudishtir is son of Yama, Bheem is son of
Vayu, Arjun is son of Indra and Nakul & Sahadev are sons of Madri, the second wife of Pandu. Please brief me clearly.
Swami Ram Swarup: Karann was the son of a dev. In Veda, Dev is a learned Rishi-Muni, Tapasvi, learned of Vedas and yoga philosophy. Surya was a tapasvi, yogi, while Kunti was not married then she got Karann at her own will from the yogi named Surya. So, Surya cannot be considered her husband because she was not married to Surya.

Yudhishthir, Arjun, Bheem, Nakul, Sehdev were the sons of king Pandu. Kunti was married to Pandu.

Second wife of Pandu was Madri. Yudhishthir, Bheem and Arjun were the sons of of Kunti whereas Nakul and Sehdev were the sons of Madri.

Sidhinath: Who were the mother & father of shravan kumar in Satyug?
Swami Ram Swarup: Parents of Shravann kumar were blind but their names are not known, please.

Raghav: I want to ask you that weather white shivling worship in home is legal, and if yes then what are the rules for worship?
Swami Ram Swarup: You are free to worship please. But according to Vedas, we have to worship only one formless God. He is formless, Almighty and omnipresent. He creates, nurses and destroys the universe. He is the only lord of universe.

Dharmendra: Please tell me meaning of Shwetashwetar Upnishad 6.7-8 and tell me which mantra in Ved says God is formless?
Swami Ram Swarup: Shwetashwropnishad 6/7,8 :-
(TAM) the (ISHWARANAM) glorious (PARAMAM) greater (MAHESHWARAM) most glorious i.e., the God is most glorious amongst all glorious (In Hindi = VEH ISHWARON KA PARAM MAHESHWAR HAI i.e., AISHWARYASHALIYON MEIN PARAM AISHWARYASHALI HAI) [TAM] he (DEVTANAM) amongst all dev i.e., learned of Vedas (PARAMAM) supreme (CHA) and (DAIVTAM) Dev. Supreme i.e., God is the supreme Dev amongst all devtas. Dev means he who is learned of Vedas but knowledge of all four Vedas is already within God, automatically. So, God is the supreme learned of Vedas amongst the human beings. He is (PATIM) protector and lord. (PATINAAM) amongst all protectors in human beings i.e., kings are protector
of public but God is protector of kings as well. So He is protector amongst all protectors of human beings i.e., God is supreme protector. He is (PARAMAM PARASTAT) greatest (VIDAAM) know -it is to be known. [in Hindi= VEH PAREY SE PAREY HAI AISA, JANO] (DEVAM) the said God who is (BHUVAN + ISHAM) lord of all lokas (EEDDYAM) is to be praised/worshipped.

(NA TASYA KARYAM) neither deed/matter is made from God (KARNNAM CHA VIDYATE) nor God is made from any matter etc., that is why, God is eternal truth (NA TAT SAMAH) neither anybody is equivalent (CHA) and nor (ABHYADHIKAHA CHA DRISHYATE) is greater than God, is seen.

Idea: Neither deed/matter is made from God nor God is made from any matter etc., that is why, God is eternal truth. Secondly nobody is either equivalent or greater than God. (SHRUYATE) it is heard that (PARA ASYE SHAKTIHI VIVIDHA EV) His power is supreme, unlimited i.e., He is Almighty. (CHA) and (SWABHAVIKI) natural/automatic (GYAN BAL KRIYA CHA) knowledge, power and deeds i.e., divine knowledge, power and the deeds of the Almighty God are natural/automatic i.e., take place at a stipulated time automatically.

As regards, Formless God, several Ved mantras of all four Vedas describe that God is formless. I quote here only Yajurveda mantra 40/8 as under:-
(SAH) He (PARYAGAAT) everywhere (SHUKRAM) Almighty (AKAYA) i.e., He has no body and thus He is formless. (ASNAVIRAM) He is devoid of nervous system. (AVRANNAM) no hole can be made into Him.

Gowhar: Who is the ultimate supreme power whom we need to worship? I am confused which book is from God? I don’t want to worship those who are themselves dependents. So what is the clear picture of god and what to follow with guarantee?
Swami Ram Swarup: Knowledge of four Vedas emanates direct from God at the beginning of the earth. In Vedas, Gayatri mantra and name of God OM, have been told to be chanted. Havan from Ved mantras should also be done. Please read the articles: God is Formless and Vedas philosophy. In Vedas, there is only one formless, almighty, omnipresent, eternal God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe.

Raashee: Can u please tell if this mantra is written properly and the meaning om gang rang reeng hang shankh shivay al ravi lal?

Swami Ram Swarup: It is a tantrik mantra and not Ved mantra. Present tantrik system is against the Vedas, please.

Shiv Sharma: Q1. According to our Sanatan Dharam Religion when people dies why do we perform varsi pooja every year for pitra, when we know that according to our deeds we move on and on and on and on for charasi lakh yoni. At what stage our loved ones turn into pitra yoni?
Q2. For how many days we have to provide water, til, etc. to pitra and then perform the pooja?
Q3. And in the pitra pooja why do we put out many different types of food and leave them under a tree or any other clean place for dogs or cats or birds to feed on them Please provide logistical answers.
Swami Ram Swarup: (1) My blessings to you. I have several times clarified on this site that according to Yajurveda mantra 40/15, the last religious deed is daah
karma (cremation) i.e., when dead body has been placed on pyre and burnt thereafter only the ashes are to be thrown in a flowing water. After that no deed is left to be done. However, Vedas tell that one should perform Yajyen. So, for the departed soul, we can only perform Yajyen every year which gives pious result and which is even the best worship of God. Next birth is totally based on our good or bad deeds as is also stated in Rigveda mantra 10/135/1 to 6. We are free to do good or bad deeds but the result is awarded by God as per Yajurveda mantra 7/48.

(2) Water, til, food etc., are not provided to the departed souls as per Vedas. You see soul is totally dependent. Soul eats with mouth, sees with eyes, listen with ears, etc., and when whole body of the departed soul has been burnt on pyre and soul has taken next birth according to deeds then how the water, til or food can be taken by the departed soul? As stated above, after cremation, no deed is left to be done.

(3) So pitr pooja is not according to Vedas. However, amongst five Yajyen -a daily Yajyen named Balivaishvadev Yajyen is performed in married life by the family. In the said Yajyen, a small portion of prepared food is placed on paper and is placed in open space where any bird/animal takes the same easily.

Dilip Apte: 1. In chapter 2 verse 20, Lord Krishna says that The Atma(Soul) is never born or dies but when comes into Existence never ceases to exist. What is the difference between being born and coming into existence?
2. According to the Hindus the Bhagwat Geeta is the holiest of all books and whatever is written in it is absolutely beyond comments. In Chapter 4 verse 13, the Lord says that he has divided the Brahmins, Kshatriyas ,Vaishyas & the Shudras according to their Virtues and Karma. Now in today’s society we say that all humans are equal and nobody is above anybody, even according to the Law. Please explain the anomaly.

3. In chapter 8 verse 17 Brahmadevas day and night are quantified. How much is one thousand chaturyug in today’s parlance?
4. In Chapter 9 Verse 4 &5 the Lord says that all that He has created is there within Him but he is not there in them. While in the chapter 17 verse 6, the Lord while describing the Shraddha of different personas says that the people with Asuri Buddhi who undertake penance not only give trouble to themselves but also to Him, who stays in the Antakaran of a person.
Swami Ram Swarup: (1) Here atma means jeevatma i.e., soul, who faces the result of previous lives’ deeds. The jeevatma (soul), is the minutest. It can be imagined that take a part of top of hair and break it into 100 parts. Then take 1 part of the 100 parts and then again break the piece into 100 parts and when one part of 100 parts is taken yet it is not equivalent to jeevatma (soul). Therefore, the soul is so minute that it can never be seen. When soul takes any body example:- human, animal or bird then symbolically it is said that the soul has come into existence. But in fact, the body comes into existence which is awarded by God to the soul according to his deeds.

Soul resides within the body as is also clear vide Rigveda mantra 1/164/20. The idea of the mantra is that within human body, both soul and God reside when soul takes body then soul becomes able to do deeds i.e., eating, smiling, going, doing Yajyen, studying to earn etc. in this way generally people say that the man is doing such work whereas soul is doing work taking assistance of organs, bodies, etc. This working of the soul is called that soul has come into existence and soul has been born or soul has taken birth. So there is no difference between being born or coming into existence. Both are one and the same thing.

(2) I have described this shloka 4/13 in my book- SHRIMAD BHAGWAD GEETA-EK VEDIC RAHASYA (in Hindi, pages 739 worth Rs. 300/-excluding postal charges ) in the book 1-6 chapters have been described in detail with proof from ved mantras. On receipt of your postal address, the book can be sent to you if you so desire.
Otherwise send the E-mail, I shall explain the shloka.

Similarly, I have explained shloka 8/17 (in Hindi) 9/4,5 (in Hindi), 17/6(in Hindi) which will also be sent along with the book.

Shama: I want to know that when the soul leave the body ? After or before the dead body burnt.
Swami Ram Swarup: Soul leaves the body first and then only body becomes dead.

Rajinder Chaudhry: When people make sacrifices, they seem to select a male animal/bird and not the female. Any reason for that please?
Swami Ram Swarup: Opposite sex is usually regarded. Secondly, such false and sinful sacrification mostly is done by male members who favour the opposite sex by nature. Otherwise no sacrification is recommended and accepted by God in Vedas.

Rajinder Chaudhry: What is the significance of the long nose of Ganesh? Why people worship Ganesh before embarking upon a project? How could a human being can have the head of a Ganesh?
Swami Ram Swarup: Such stories have been mentioned in Puranns but
Vedas do not tell about the same. Vedas only tell to worship a formless God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe.

Savitri Lakhan: What is Pranic Healing? Is it a Vedic kryia?
Swami Ram Swarup: Prannic healing may be described as Prannayam.
There are eight parts of Ashtang yoga philosophy MENTIONED IN VEDAS which are yam, niyam, asan, prannayam, pratyahar, dharna, dhyan, Samadhi. Out of which one part is prannayam. So practice of Ashtang yoga philosophy including prannayam is meant for realization of God. However, practice of prannayam also makes health good automatically. But I do not recommend that prannayam is useful for healing the wounds etc. Vedas tell that diseases are cured from medical advices and utilization of medicines accordingly.

Pankaj Bakhru: I have several times written many unresolved problems to you and you given me lot of guidance. We face problems in life. I remember I have never done any bad deed in my life but why do problems occur?. You are requested to advise what we have to do. As I use to do havan every Sunday with gaytri mantra and whenever I got time i use to chant gaytri mantra. Please suggest any remedies regarding above problem.
Swami Ram Swarup: Problems are not due to our present deeds. These are the result of our previous lives’ deeds. However, real worship of God according to Vedas kills the problems. You are chanting gayatri mantra, it is very good. But you should also do havan daily both times, even with gayatri mantra. You should also do name jaap of God-OM both times. You should also try to learn yoga philosophy and do practice of asan, prannayam and meditation daily. The said worship of God will sure give you happy life. You may write to me continuously about your problems, please.

Pitr means those who look after us to educate, to nurse, and to protect us etc. So the said dignitaries are mother, father, grandfather, elders, acharya, etc.

Vedas are eternal and knowledge direct from God wherein such Pitr dosh, kaal sarp yog, Grah maitri dosh, nadi dosh teva etc., are not mentioned, please. So you need not to worry. Please try to do havan daily even from gayatri mantra, which is a great worship of God and will give you benefit. The meaning of kaal is also time. So death comes according to time for which the God has given life to us. This is all based on our previous lives’ pious deeds and sins. So there is no effect of kaal sarp yog etc., in the life, but effect of deeds (karmas) only. So, one must do always pious deeds to be happy. Present pious deeds can burn our previous deeds also and life’s time can also be extended wide Yajurveda mantra 3/62.